Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Kal K. Korff is living in the past

Kal loves to brag and it matters not how old the brag is. Fleeting fame that came to Kal as fast at it went 18 YEARS AGO on CNN. The fact that it is 18 YEARS OLD stops not our very own Kernal Krackpot from boasting of an appearance on Larry King Live. In the picture of Kal from that time he actually looks half sane compared to the raving lunatic now aimlessly roaming the streets of Prague and stalking people on the worldwide web.  since Kal likes to live in the past how about we revisit something else from kal's past?  Shall we lads?  Yes we shall.

San Jose Mercury News
January 23, 1994
JEFF GOTTLIEB, Mercury News Staff Writer

Kal Korff aims to solve some of the world's great enigmas such as Kennedy's assassination, Noah's boat ride and UFO appearances.

Palo Alto computer nerd Kal Korff appeared on Larry King's television show in November to prove that Lee Harvey Oswald alone killed President John F. Kennedy. He's developed software that allows you to test your very own conspiracy theory and fire at the president's motorcade.

The JFK assassination is the least of the mysteries Korff says his organization, Total Research, plans to solve. Try UFOs, the Loch Ness monster and the truth about Exodus, Sodom and Gomorrah, Noah's Ark, Jesus Christ and the Shroud of Turin for starters.

There are limits, though. "We will not investigate Elvis sightings," Korff said. "We are not lunatics."

Clearly, though, Kal Korff is different from other tech heads who come home or work to play computer games or watch reruns of "Star Trek." Korff, a college dropout whose job is solving customer software problems at Apple's Claris Corp. software subsidiary in Santa Clara, says he has spent $100,000 of his own money in the past five or six years to finance his quests for "The Truth." And he has big plans -- for books, videos and computer software documenting the results.

Total Research describes itself as a think tank composed of "a select group of scientists, technical experts, historians, philosophers and theologians who use their skills to help solve challenging problems, the results of which have positive benefits for humankind."

A gathering of Nobel Prize winners it isn't. Among its members are a director of videos for local rock groups, a self-trained historian who sells real estate in Sonora, a manager of rock groups, a special effects expert and a graphic artist. About half are people Korff said he met through his UFO research.

''I'm out there to find the truth," Korff repeats over and over like a mantra, pointing to the evolution of his views of the JFK murder from conspiracy to the work of a lone nut.

But that's a tall order when investigating mysteries quite literally of biblical proportions: Does the the Shroud of Turin show the image of Jesus? Exactly where and when did the Exodus take place? And did Noah really take that boat ride?

Korff, 31, says he seeks only the truth, wherever the truth may lead.

But the head of his group's archaeology and history division, Brad Sparks, who has written a 600-page manuscript on the Exodus, describes himself as "a conservative evangelical Christian" who believes in a literal interpretation of the Bible and is scientific assistant to the president of the fundamentalist Christian Research Institute in Orange County.

It might follow that he would have a particular slant when trying to prove or disprove parts of the Bible. Korff doesn't think so. "The fact is this man has found stuff no one else has," said Korff.

Sparks said Korff has the same religious views as his, but "it's not a label he wants to advertise."

Korff said he is a Christian but rejects further labels.

Experts asked about Korff and company's biblical research said many of his facts were wrong and found some of his statements to be downright goofy.

Take his plan to ask the Vatican to allow him to test the Shroud of Turin.

''That's like saying, 'I'll have breakfast with the president. I'll call him at 10,' " said Brent Walters, an instructor of western religion at San Jose State University.

But Korff shrugs off the experts' criticism, saying they are biased. Almost all thinkers who are ahead of their time suffer ridicule or worse, Korff explains.

He forges ahead with his myriad schemes, hatching plans to help the homeless, advance animal rights and rebuild Solomon's temple in Jerusalem.

Korff's quest for truth started when he became interested in flying saucers at age 11. While still in high school, he lectured and wrote a book on the subject.

His interest in flying saucers has stayed with him. Although he says he is neither a debunker nor a believer, his search for the truth about UFOs gives a glimpse into the fervor of his efforts.

He remains obsessed with a Swiss UFO group centered around a one-armed farmer who claims beings from a far-off planet visit him and take him back in time and into the future.

In 1991, Korff let his brown hair grow, adopted a pseudonym and infiltrated the Billy Meier UFO group at its Swiss headquarters while toting a hidden video camera. He says a video of his expose will be released soon.

Korff's greatest talent may be his ability to garner publicity. He talked his way onto Larry King's CNN show in November, at a time when a score of JFK assassination buffs who had written books were dying for the chance.

Korff says King told him during a commercial break that he wanted to bring him back for a one-hour, one-man special on the JFK assassination. He also was hoping King would write the introduction to his assassination book.

King's publicist asked the talk show host about those plans. "He's not aware of this at all," she said. 

 I think Larry King is a good judge of character and obviously saw what an attention whore and moron Korff is. Good choice not allowing this nut and his collocks on the program again. I'm sure Kernal Kolon salivates at the mere thought of a return to big time television. Perhaps if Jerry Springer does a show on stalkers or delusional fools in silly cowboy hats then I think Kal has a pretty fair chance of making it back on television.


Jimmy_D said...

Kalvin Karlton Korff - the man who rose without trace.


Anonymous said...

As we keep telling you, Karlton:

Cease your online activities (delete your various sites and accounts) and we'll cease ours.


Anonymous said...

Posting Obama, war and Apple links like a mad man on Flake Book this morning, or evening, in the CZ.

Nothing new and NO reference to any legal actions against Don Ecker or anyone else.

F1, JimmyD, Don Ecker... No one has been served.

Kalvin Korff... ass has been served.

What goes around comes around...


Anonymous said...

San Jose Mercury News
January 23, 1994
JEFF GOTTLIEB, Mercury News Staff Writer

There are plans in the works regarding this article.....


Anonymous said...

"Korff said he is a Christian but rejects further labels."

Christian? Christian? I thought Kolonel Klown was a "JEW"! Like, WTF is going on here?

Anonymous said...

"Although he says he is neither a debunker nor a believer, his search for the truth about UFOs gives a glimpse into the fervor of his efforts."

I thought he said that a debunker was a good thing. I thought that he was condemning all those flying saucer guys for misusing the word.

Seems to me that he is using it just as those flying saucer guys use it, which means that Kal is being two faced once again.

Geez, Kal, can't you keep anything straight?

Don Ecker said...

Good day fellow Korffer's. As I jot this small note the date is March 23rd, 2011. The reason I mentioned this? No court documents served, no "missives" from the Village Idiot's vast army of Indian lawyers, no asset searchs and that smelly little ol' turd has STILL failed to contact me directly to appear on DMR to answer the allegations of David Biedny, Kevin Randle, FN, myself, Tina or a host of others. korff, you TURD, your time is wayyyyyyyyy past. Don't you think it might be time to KOWBOY up once in your miserable and useless life?


Don Ecker

Anonymous said...

Posting like a mad man of Flake Book today. Zero about Ecker, legal threats,. etc.


Anonymous said...

Best video yet has been posted just now!

Anonymous said...

Kettle, black...

Kal Korff: Yet another lie by Chris Brown. He has serious "anger management" problems. Smashing a window just because he couldn't handle being asked about something he did years ago, which was nearly kill his ex-girlfriend Rihana, is no excuse. I'll never buy anything nor any product this hater ever makes nor creates. I'm glad his emotional outburst outed this fraud.

Anonymous said...

You mean anger management like "Fuck you Milos Bartus"? Or Kal raging over Paul Kimball exposing Kal's OJ Simpson claim as fake? Someone needs to do a highlight reel of all of Kal's anger outbursts on Youtube.

Anonymous said...

computer nerd ... college dropout ... christian ... talked his way onto larry king ... "total research", wasn't that just two guys and kal in an apartment kal's mom paid the rent on ... they had like 2 computers and tons of skin mags. lots to be proud of kal.

Anonymous said...

It's too bad that Kal couldn't have done something better with his life rather than pretending to be everything to everybody and a know-it-all expert, mostly on matters that he didn't know all that much about to start with.
For comparison, his original UFO mentor Stan Friedman will be winging his way tomorrow to Kroclaw Poland by special invitation. All expenses paid, plus a tidy fee of course!
Sure beats a trip to India and the Pakistan border to sprinkle some nanobot dust.


Anonymous said...

Kal Korff: This is courtesy of Jeffery Pritchett, don't "blame" me! :-) It should be "color coded" - not coats - perhaps the author of this article (a woman) was distracted? You can use the map to see whether you are below average, average, or above average. Isn't science and the use of statistics great?
Penis sizes worldwide: Yeah, there's a map for that

Anonymous said...

>>> sprinkle some nanobot dust <<<

Ha, ha, ha!


Art Bell's Microphone said...

Kal Korff, the oldest twelve-year-old in ufology.

Anonymous said...

I've seen his and it is below average, well below average, that's why he was hidin it in the shower scene! Look at his tiny little man hands, there lies the truth. Ewwwwww !

Anonymous said...

korff is peter pain, the douchebag who never grew up

Anonymous said...

Pure evil.

Pure scum.

Anonymous said...

Kettle, black....

Kal Korff: Here's another gem: Barack Obama in 2003, talking to the AFL/CIO: “I happen to be a proponent of single-payer universal healthcare coverage. That’s what I’d like to see.” In Jan, 2008, Obama claimed in a nationally televised debate: ”I never said that we should try to go ahead and get single-payer.” "Never" means something different here, obviously :-)

Anonymous said...

Until recently, Korff claimed he could speak "fluenet" German. Mike Hesemann busted him on that LIE last century.

Kal Korff: Obama says he speaks "Indonesian" and became fluent. That's news to every one of his teachers. He never learned the language, period, except for a few phrases. I challenge the media to ask Obama to say several paragraphs from his teleprompter in Indonesian. He won't be able to, because he cannot, unless it is translated by someone else and written down for him. Why he lied like this, ask Obamaheads.

Don Ecker said...

Today is Friday March 25th. No court documents served, no "missives" from the Village Idiot's vast army of Indian lawyers, no asset searchs and that smelly little ol' turd has STILL failed to contact me directly to appear on DMR to answer the allegations of David Biedny, Kevin Randle, FN, myself, Tina or a host of others. korff, you TURD, your time is wayyyyyyyyy past. Don't you think it might be time to KOWBOY up once in your miserable and useless life?


Don Ecker

Anonymous said...

If it's good enough for Korff, not to use:

It's good enough for Korffers to use:

Bookmark, there will be videos very soon.....

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post Don.

Face Book Korffing:

ZERO posts regarding Ecker, Meier, threats, law suits.

Posting like a mad man about Obama.

Anonymous said...

First of many to come.

As Anonymous As You Are said...

That was funny and informative, "Dave," but I found the characterization of the unfortunate woman Korff tricked into marrying him to be offensive. I am sure she has suffered much grief from the union and surely does not need more. Why stoop to Kal's level? There is no need of it. Describe her as a victim, which is no doubt accurate.

Anonymous said...

Dave understands and Dave will keep that in mind and keep his focus next time out.

Dave is sorry.

Anonymous said...

Dave posted a couple more videos on the ustream thing and he's sending them over to that youtube channel as well.

It looks like this Dave may heat up after he gets a little more at ease with the technology.

Anonymous said...

Quick question for 'Dave' and anyone else.
What is the original source of the information that Kal was once married and had a son?
None other than Kal himself, right? Just another one of his 'whopper' lies. His reason? Just to try and show that he is a normal person doing what everyone else does. Never happened.
A little research via, People Finder,Korff family history, vital statistics for ALL States in the USA and other sources, including members of his family, comes up with an absolute zero.
As the famous P.T.Barnum said:
'You can fool some of the people some of the time, some of the people all the time, but you can't fool ALL the people ALL the time!.


As Anonymous As Ever said...

Thanks for the reality check, Digger. Does Kommandant Klinker ever tell the truth about anything? Is that even possible?

Anonymous said...

On old kalvin ......

"When you find a find a big kettle of crazy, it's best not to stir it."


korffing since 2006!

Anonymous said...

korff's "married with a son" lie was partially concocted to explain why he had so suddenly became involved with counter-terrorism in or around 1999-2000. The story detailed how the korffling had booked his lust-thang and their love child for new year's eve 2000 at the space needle in seattle. upon learning of the aborted millennium bombing plot korff claimed to have been so shaken at the prospect of harm coming to his family that he instantly dedicated himself to eradicating terrorism - this pre-dating his alleged involvement in counter-terrorism to before the September 11 2001 attacks. he was trying to "prove" that he was concerned about terrorism long before 9/11 (he was actually floundering about with his Bigfoot book at the time) and relocated to europe to confront terrorism directly.

but starting in 2009 korff began retconning his involvement in the super duper services to the 1980s when he volunteered to be a lieutenant, bypassing the family in the space needle scare and dropping the reference to being shocked into action by the aborted plot. now he maintains that he has always been a sapstoe since finishing high school, including infiltrating east german student groups and playing an active role in the fall of communism.

or at least that was the story the last time he ran it by anybody on his website. he hasn't tried any of those stories out on his flake book people (publicly at any rate) maintaining instead that he volunteered at an early age - maybe when he was ceo of total research? - and has been tirelessly + secretly "fighting the good fight" all along while his classmates got cushy jobs doing nothing with their lives except settling down with their real families to become dullard indulgent americans.

so there's no mrs. korff somewhere and there's no genius son any more than there is no super duper services, sapstoes, psych ops, nanodust or israeli combat training. just the sad, pathetic fantasies of a LOSER who is trying to welch positive vibes from people & not look like a complete failure to his high school acquaintances on flake book. just like kal himself it is really that simple.

Anonymous said...

Copy and paste....

Kal Korff: I'm now finishing the final candidate submission for my new 2,400 page book series on Islamofascism, haters, extremists and the delusional insanity of CONspiracy types. When this all comes out, many of you will recognize many famous names who all get Xposed. It feels weird after eight years of laboring away to be finishing it. I also reveal how I was recruited into the Israeli group I do work for, and I name names.

Anonymous said...

Okay so here's the real story. I went to see Kal in Renton, Washington on my Spring Break in 1999.I had just met my husband and we had one date. I went to Kals and we had a little fling, and when I say little I mean little! When I got back after a month or so I thought I could possibly be pregnant. I thought that would be the worst thing possible since by the time I left Washington I was sure he was the most boring human on Earth with absolutely no sense of humor! So I took the morning after pill as soon as I got home and called my Ob-Gyn when I started my cycle. I think I may have mentioned to Kal I Thought I might be pregnant and it would be weird to usher in a new life around the new Millinieum. Thankfully I chose to pursue the relationship I had begun with my now current husband. We do have a ten year old child, born in February 2001. Strangely about a month ago I intercepted a letter meant for my hubby telling him I was up to no good and to "do the math" implying that thus beautiful boy of ours was Kals? WTF!!! yeah If I had a 23 month pregnancy! So who's the stupid one? Unless he had an alien injected me with his alien sperm not to hard to figure out.Anyhow the letter came from an apt. Building in Fremont, our old stalking ground. I think it was from him or someone close to him. I'd never want to be stuck with his "love turd" or a life filled with his lies. Btw, my hubby knows all about my Korffing and said just based on a few of Kal's entries that he seriously needs his ass kicked!

Anonymous said...

So there we have it ladies and gentlemen and fellow Korffers.
Proof positive that Kal is just one big fat LIAR.

The Unknown Korffer said...

Awesome! Thanks for sharing and stop by often.

Anonymous said...

I wonder when KAL will be hauled off by the secret service for his threats against Obama?

still not served

Anonymous said...

Lying liar.....

Kal Korff: Here's arguably one of the greatest voices of all time, Luciano Pavarotti, performing Puccini's Nessun Dorma as only he can. I remember some young American kids laughing at me when I showed this video. I challenged them to sing along with it. They shut up after one one try :-)

The Unknown Korffer said...

I remember some young American kids laughing at me when I showed this video.

WHEN? He's lived in fucking Czech Republic since before YOUTUBE existed. Where is he showing American kids anything except possibly exposing himself in front of the US Embassy? Then they'd laugh for sure.

Fuck Kal Korff, exploiting our soldiers for propz and then dissing everything American he can find, yet bragging about being American. The guy needs to be fucked in the ass with a splintered broomstick handle until he starts calling it Mary.

The Unknown Korffer said...

And just to clarify for those who lack a basic college education & the reasoning skills that come with it, that wasn't a threat it was a wish. I wish Kalvin Korff great physical misery for stealing valor from the men & women of all nations who actually have devoted their lives to fighting terrorism around the world. They get a free meal anytime I'm around, a handshake & best wishes for getting back home safely to their loved ones. I am in awe of their sacrifice and moved to tears by their dedication.

But Korff can fuck off & die for victimizing those fine men and women. The world would be better off without him. He is a scumsucking leach and deserves nothing but misery and shame.

Anonymous said...

Oh hell why not vent a little --


Duhhhhhhhh! College dropout & computer nerd. Only unlike most nerds he never learned anything.

Anonymous said...

we should make one of those Google bombs that links any search for KAL KORFF with a definition for INEPT FAILURE or INEPT LOSER. just as long as the terms INEPT and LOSER or FAILURE appear i'm good with it.

Stop_LYING_Korff!!! said...

Lie after lie after lie after lie after lie after lie after lie after lie after lie after lie after lie after lie after lie after lie after lie after lie after lie after lie after lie after lie after lie after lie after lie after lie after lie after lie after lie after lie after lie after lie after lie after lie after lie after lie after lie after lie after lie after lie after lie after lie after lie after lie after lie after lie after lie after lie after lie after lie after lie after lie after lie after lie after lie after lie after lie after lie after lie after lie after lie after lie after lie after lie.

When will you STOP LYING, Korff????

Brit_in_Prague said...

Very interesting, Michele (I’m assuming this is you). Could you pls clear up a couple of inconsistencies in your narrative:

How can you tell if a letter “came from an apt. Building in Fremont”?

“When I got back after a month or so ... I took the morning after pill.”

Anonymous said...

Flake Book Korffing Update.

Over the last week or so:

Nothing posted about threats, police action, lawyers, nothing, ZERO.

Korff is posting poached news links abouit Obama, the war(s), Apple, etc.

Also, no mention of his last three youtube Meier videos....




Epic Failure.

Anonymous said...

Look what Korff's Secret Wars Yuotube channel has on it:

#74 - Most Viewed (This Week) - Reporters - Czech Republic

Attention for all the wrong reasons....

WINNING... not!

Anonymous said...

I remember reading that Kal admitted that his Total Research organization was, in fact, just him.