Thursday, March 17, 2011

Kernal Konfused

If you had the power to expose the truth would you? Yes Kal you bloated hog we do it here at this blog every day by exposing the truth about you. For example here Kal you claim to be some sort of computer expert and claim that KAL IS AN IDIOT is a website. If you are such a computer expert Kal how is it that you cannot tell the difference between a blog and a website????  This is a BLOG you IDIOT! Kal cannot tell the difference between a blog and a website! ahahahahahahahhhaaa!!! Kal you stupid twat. No wonder your "career" in computers never went anywhere.  Brain tumor at Claris. Telephone support at Apple. Lowest bid contract worker for LLNL doing basic computer tech work. There are kids in grade school who know more about computers than your silly ass.

And I did suffer through that bumbling piece of shit video where Kal is walking around wearing women's sunglasses trying to do some sort of show. For fuck's sake Kal you have NO TALENT or SKILL where it comes to doing this sort of stuff. Just stop making us suffer and stop making such an arse out of yourself with this pathetic kiddie video making. It is just rather sad and pathetic much like like you. are you really THIS fucking stupid Kal????? ahahhhhaaaa At least you didn't release more of those less than dazzling pictures of you in the shower trying to bait some poor girl into your twisted little web. What are you Kal 50 years old now? What sort of 50 year old man does this sort of bollocks???? A bit creepy if you ask me.

And I received this bit from an anonymous source who worked with Kal at one point and said "Korff tried for years and years to replicate all of the Meier photos and video without success, only showing his best photo replications in his book.  Korff actually never revealed most of his attempts to the public because they were so laughable.  Instead of Korff doing the hard work and getting it done right, Korff had to wait for Phil Langdon to come and ride on Langdon's coattails.  It was just like Korff's disastrous bigfoot recreation attempt.  Korff always waits for someone else to do the work, then Korff jumps on the wagon for a free ride.  He's been doing this for decades now." No surprise here lads.

And by the way Kal the OFFICIAL Kal Is An IDIOT youtube channel has blown through any of your pathetic shitty little videos and has hit NUMBER 1 MOST SUBSCRIBED TO BY THE CZECH MEDIA! So Kal if you and your pretend colonel status and all of thes rest of that nonsense is so real and you are so connected to the media in the Czech Republic how is it that you have NEVER reached number 1????  ahahahahahahaha!!!  Chubby little loser.  National joke. Put that in your super silly secret pipe and shove it up your arse Kal! ahahahaha!!


Jimmy_D said...

Looks like the Czech press's interest is perking up, Karlton - and about time too.

But as we keep telling you, "KalIsrael", there's an easy way out of this. Close down your web presence - YouTube, website, FB account - and slip quietly away into the night.

Then we'd have nothing to write about, and we too would fall silent.

Anonymous said...

He looks one of those South-East Asian dictators like Pol Pot or Ferdinand Marcos.

Or the baddy in one of those B-Movie, sub-Flash Gordon sci-fi flicks.

You're a piece of dung, Korff.

Anonymous said...

Damn! Kal, you need to lay off those burgers. Has he ever been so bloated?

Anonymous said...

Still, nothing.

Anonymous said...

Look what I found.

Looks like Korff wants to "broadcast" live at some point.

Brit_in_Prague said...

Excellent Korffing, Anonymous.

But Karlton - just because the letters "tv" are in that URL, it doesn't mean to say that using it to perpetrate your lies constitutes a "TV show".

Anonymous said...

kind of interesting how anybody who used to work with or regard kal korff as a legit researcher have all fallen off his wagon and are now regarded as hostile critics who must be exposed for speaking out about the questionable encounters they had with him. is there anybody (besides the martina/avram sect of invented non-entities, that is) who has been "with" korff for more than maybe five years and still has a favorable opinion of him? no.

kal preys on people who are not well versed in the subjects he obsesses over. newbies. because once they have learned anything of value they realize he is just a wannabe con and jump ship to ride with those who are either genuine professionals (don ecker, kevin randle, stan friedman) or at least have something in mind other than their own personal glorification (dave biedney, paul kimball, the bigfoot people).

i'm hoping that the survivors of his india gig surface to tell us what REALLY happened when kal korff went to india without his spin put on things. somehow i doubt it all went well.

Anonymous said...

For God's Sake, Kal, sue somebody. File papers somewhere. Report someone to the police. Stop telling us you're going to do it because no one believes that. Your deadlines come and go but nothing happens to anyone.

You are a joke whose "lawyer" said stupid things like Don Ecker never ate with the troops. Of course he did you idiot... He ate meal after meal with them as he served in Vietnam.

BTW, what happened to that lawyer? He tell you to stop using his name?

We're tired of hearing about your great Xposes which appear on YouTube only to disappear when you're called out on them. We're tired of hearing that papers will be filed, people will be served, things will be happening. Wait until you file a paper, serve a paper or something happens.

BTW, you can't have someone looking into Ecker's finances until you accurately WIN the suit. If you were awarded anything, and Ecker paid up, you would have no right to search for his assets, you dim bulb. It is only after you win and the defendent does not have the apparent ability to pay that you behind to search... not before you even filed suit.

Besides, Ecker would win because you are not a colonel in anything other than your own mind. You don't have nanodust. You don't fight terrorism. You don't have a 500 book deal. You aren't paid more than a million a year. You don't have a 25 million TV reporting budget. You can't even finish one book...

Ecker wins because you are a liar. All he did was report the truth.

Don Ecker said...

Well KIAIblog-site, I took a several day break from this lunacy but I had to comment on something.

Let us say, simply for the sake of argument, the Village Idiot was telling the truth about legal suits, asset searches .. etc. (I realize Gang that this is a huge stretch but hang in there.)

Now, in the "REAL WORLD" if the pudgy assed Village Idiot really was being represented by legal counsel would that lawyer want the bloated Village Idiot talking publicly about asset searches? (and this is prior to any type of legal proceedings anyways.) Hell, lets say once again for the sake of argument, I was vastly wealthy and knew fat ass was looking for my assets, what would I do ... once again in the real world? Well Bunky, I would hide my shit! But then the fat assed Village Idiot would also have to think about who would be there to meet him in court ... process servers just waiting to serve his pudgy, flabby ass with all kinds of court docs. Even Mommy, who has experience paying out her rear-end for the Village Idiots dirt-bag brother (in court settings)would be hard pressed to come up with all the dollars the moron would need to try to save his ass. But we all know that the moron CAN'T keep his Pie-Hole shut, it just isn't in him. This moron is so far gone he won't EVER come back again.

Anonymous said...

whats up with those kim jong il sunglasses

Anonymous said...

Kal can best be described as an internet 'Flamer'. He uses a technique called 'Flamebait'.
Wikipedia explains the terms.
Of course other definitions would also fit - cyberbullying, cyberharassment, cyberthreats, etc. A troll is a troll is a troll by any other name.
Stay with it Kal, after all you're only 49 years old and have a long way to go yet.

Anonymous said...

Korff: KalKorffShow2.0v1.mp4


Kalvin Korff - Nunquam Transporto
Tergum Super Penitus



Anonymous said...

Just like a traffic accident, no matter how bad it gets people will always look and see what that fucking lunatic Kal K. Korff is getting his panties in a bunch over.

Brit_in_Prague said...

My loathing for Kalvin Karlton Korff is like a permenant, dull ache that regularly flares up into a stabbing pain.

I will not rest until he is destroyed.

You are scum, Korff. Apologise publicly to Mr S*dl*c*k for your theft of his honour.

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff conned Vojtek Sadlacek, and then used Vojtek Sadlacek's name to defraud Milos Bartu.

Kal has never shown any remorse for having done it, but deeply regrets having been caught and is bitterly opposed to anyone bringing it up.

Anonymous said...

You're a disgrace, Korff.

Anonymous said...


New "video". Poached... maybe I'll mess with it? Maybe not.

Anonymous said...

Bloated Kalvin is very quiet on Face Book.

He's "breaking" news about Libya and such, many hours AFTER the media already broke that very same news on the TV and internet.


No legal action, no law suits, no lawyers, no nothing.

Now, one might say, “Hey, it's the weekend!”

No way asshole. You have a long history of contacting lawyers and offices of all sorts; 24-7, 365.

More Kalvin information to be released soon.

More fodder for the CZ reporters.


Tick tock.

Anonymous said...

Kalvin Korff, "I have so many haters..."

Youtube video interaction options:

Adding comments has been disabled for this video.

Pretty much sums it up.

What about a free and open media, Korff?

Good with the bad....?

Some "reporter".


Anonymous said...

Look at me, look at me!

Kal Korff: In my new six book series on Islamofascism, I show how we ALLOWED Gadaffi's henchmen into GITMO to HELP INTERROGATE prisoners there. We then turned over opponents of the regime, in exchange for Gadaffi giving us al-Qaeda operatives. Our policies have been hypocritical to put it politely. History will rightfully condemn us, the book series contains many shockers.

Jonathan Werstein: You seem to have a lot of criticism about the American government. But, in all of that do you have present a solution of how to fix the problems in the government? Or do you just comment on how bad and corrupt it is instead of seeing the flaws and trying to get them fix.

Kal Korff: I point out problems that need fixing, hypocrisy being one of them. I have already advocated a manor solution. Do not vote and return to power those elements which have caused the problems. Be consistent, walk our talk. If we did not have serious problems I would not be engaged in serious criticisms. We are not being defeated, we are defeating ourselves. The truth is, I LOVE MY COUNTRY, so much that I have spent most of my last 11 years overseas trying to fight the good fight, but refusing to go along with our double standards, like torturing other human beings. I go into all of this in the new book series which covers the history and rise of Islamofascism dating from the time of Hitler, you see in it images of both Arafat's mentors and bin Laden's mentors with Hitler and his Nazis, up to the present day. The bottom line is that this century is now the century of Asia, and it's rise. America is losing it because we have lost or refuse to enforce and stand up for some of the things which have made us truly great. I can't summarize nor prove it all here, but I do so over the 2,400 pages which comprise the new book series I have spent the last nearly eight years of my life focused on.

The Unknown Korffer said...


The truth is, I LOVE MY COUNTRY, so much that I have spent most of my last 11 years overseas

Pretty much sums it up with nothing more needed to be said since his whole "fighting the good fight" bullshit is a fraud. Xcellent Korffing!

Anonymous said...

There's a new video up at the youtube channel.

Michael Horn smacked down Korff bigtime. I didn't know any of this?

Korff's deluded.

Anonymous said...

Empty vial of "nanobots":


Cranking about hypocrisy while living a ridiculous lie 24-7:


Anonymous said...

Another new video at:

That channel stays very busy banging away at poor old Kalvin.

Keep it up!


Anonymous said...

Still a fake site for a fake cause:

Anonymous said...

still not served!!!!


Anonymous said...

"And my short for KalIsrael. There you go."

Someone with interweb skills could do a funny little viral remix starting from 3min41 on 'Kalvin Korff - Fake Interview - 2009'.

"..I'm gonna ask my father about that one day an'.."

Oh, KalIsrael - you sad, sad, bug eyed little man. We can see you making it up as you go along!

The Unknown Korffer said...

This is really potent stuff! Nonstop threads from a pathetic little man living a completely fabricated life. Not only does it paint KALVIN once again as a raving drooling maniac, it must have taken him a good hour or two to compose such a message and it was even edited down for brevity's sake. All of it untrue, all of it made up, and all of it presented in a manner that presumes anyone would care. Undeniable demonstration that the guy is totally fucking psycho. I hope Tina and her daughter never have to come face to face with this maniac. Scary, creepy, nightmare-inducing psychopath.

Anonymous said...

Nonstop THREATS that is. All he can do is threaten these women with lies. Kalvin's pain at not being able to control Tina is obvious, and he resents being so completely demasculated that he cannot even force her to listen/read his delusions. So he decided to try and intimidate her sister with veiled threats at having her employers harassed. Pathetic small time psycho cracker from the sticks. Congratulations to Tina for having ditched this creep and propz to her sister & daughter for their bravery in supporting her.

You are a bad, wicked man Korff, and you need psychiatric help.

Anonymous said...

the kiaiblog videos are also better made & more entertaining than the korfflings. what a total loser, he really can't do anything right.