Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Coward Kal K. Korff is afraid of Don Ecker!

It looks like Kal is running the other way ad is too much of a COWARD to face one of his kritics. Don Ecker has sent out a very public invitation to have Kal appear on Dark Matters radio but it looks like Kal is too afraid to do it.  All that after how Kal was throwing around the bollocks about him not being afraid to confront anyone and that he would always accept a debate challenge. I guess that is true so long as it comes not from Paul Kimball, Kevin Randle, or Don Ecker. Kal has ducked a couple of debates now after claiming he would take them on. I think Kal's real fear lies in having to face a dose of reality and he can;t have that interfering with his delusions. Don't bother you with the facts eh Kal? ahahaahhhaaaa! Kal claims thathe has everyone on the run but if this is the case them how is it that Don Ecker wrote Kal the following "
To: Kalvin K Korff
From: Don Ecker-Host
Dark Matters Radio

After waiting another week in reference to my offer for you to appear on Dark Matters Radio, and with the two week period almost over, I am going to announce to the world that you are too cowardly to even answer me on my offer for you to come on my radio program.

Everyone now knows what a blowhard and liar you are Kalvin K Korff, everyone knows. I will now make it known to all those that don't know you how cowardly you are, and still living in the "Ozone Layer".

Don Ecker
Dark Matters Radio

PS Did you notice that I signed my name and didn't try to BS you that I was someone else? Turd."

Kal IS NOT suing anyone. Kal IS NOT having anyone prosecuted.  Kal IS NOT being represented by a lawyer. Kal IS NOT a colonel in any Israeli intelligence group.  Kal HAS NEVER SUED anyone he claimed he would. There is one undeniable fact about Kal and it is that Kal Is An IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Video of this sad episode to follow.

We will attempt to make a short video of many of Korff issues, lies, promies, etc.

Fun with video.

Brit_in_Prague said...

Liar, fantasist, fraud, thief ....

This story is currently news in the UK:

Somehow, it put me in mind of our very own squirmin' vermin.

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff: Here's a key source CIA used to hone their waterboarding method when they torture humans. An Xpose of Don Ecker's support for torture, specifically waterboarding, and his close collaboration with cyberstalkers who threaten to kill an American citizen and Jew, the actual email threats and police docs, appears tomorrow across the Web and to the media. I'll ask Ecker about it on his show or mine, unless he chickens out.

Anonymous said...

Look, Kalvin Korff KNEW Obama was going to be president, years before....

Look right here, it's proof!

Kal Korff: I am so glad people are waking up to the OBVIOUS, that the presidency of Obama is a FAILED one. I predicted this years ago before he got elected, and especially right afterwards, no later than during his inauguration. I'm sorry to say such harsh words to our president, I want all our president's and America to succeed, but only if they do the RIGHT things, instead of CONtinually doing the wrong ones.

Anonymous said...

On FB, Kal says he has hired a new international law office that has no website to go after Don Ecker, HOW CONVENIENT IS THAT???? Can't research something that doesn't exist. I'm lMAO. Can't wait for the information he says is coming...but wait.....isn't that the part where Kal says "coming soon" or "at a later date"? Same old bs just a different day.

Anonymous said...

Does Kal "new" attorney use anonymous e-mail servers? LMFAO! Kal, you can lie on Facebook all you want and try to drag the names of lawyers who wouldn't know you from a pile of bum shit. It won't work.

You've tipped your amateur hand way too many times now with this lawyer and police bit. Please try to come up with something even a little believable.

You're too chicken shit to come on Don's show. Just say it instead of talking out your fat ass. Kal needs to steal valor because he has none of his own.

What it must be like to go through life as a nearly 50 year old coward throwing pebbles on the web at people like some little kid.

No wonder Kal hates and stalks people like Don Ecker and Kevin Randle because they are men who have seen combat and had the balls to serve their country. Unlike that silly little urine stain Kal K. Korff.

Anonymous said...

We found the lawyer group. We have the phone number, the website, the e-mail and the lawyer in question; e-mail, work and mobile phone numbers.

Isn't the internet wonderful Kalvin?

Tick, tock.


Anonymous said...

Kal Korff sues Don Ecker.
Charlie Sheen has just sued Warner Bros. for $100M.
Which of the above is true?


Anonymous said...

Charlie Sheen: #Winning
Lidsey Lohan: Innocent
Kalvin Korff: Genius
Pigs: Flying

Anonymous said...

it is amusing to see kal trying to pre-empt anyone from checking his stories with further lies. the whole deception is at critical mass to the point that he can't ever allow any reality to shine in or it will implode. kind of like his science fair atom bomb that made him an expert in weapons systems.

someone asked how he could be stopped. if it wasn't for the internet + facebook he wouldn't have anything so the focus should be on getting him removed from there or having him denied internet service. without the internet + facebook he also would be more readily compelled to face returning to usa.

the entire fantasy is taking place on the internet. he has no real world existence. whoever is housing/feeding him has to be getting tired of it.

i also doubt charlie sheen ripped him off with the sheen's korner thing. they both just happen to suffer from the same delusional psychotic narcissistic form of mental illness & are employing the internet to stage their baby-man temper tantrums.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Sheen has intercourse with lots of sexy babes Vs. Kal maturbates often.

Anonymous said...

Deeper and deep the turd goes...

Part 1

Kal Korff

Tomorrow: Video of people who were present during my NanoDust Op at Indian-Pakistani border CONFIRMING what I've always said; Lawyer Letter sent to Ecker giving HIM ultimatum; Acceptance of Ecker's dishonest invite to appear on his show on condition of a legal contract; Release of blunt Xpose of Ecker proving his association with cybertsalkers who threaten to kill a fellow American and Jew; Ecker's meltdown emails.

Anonymous said...

Deeper and deeper the turd goes...

Part 2

Kal Korff: I also forgot to mention the release of first police docs, and some of the real death threats and stalking letters from Don Ecker's friends he associates with and made a point to "feature" on his show. As anyone with an IQ of over 10 knows,... colluding with people who make death threats and are under investigation by police for criminal cyberstalking and illegal harassment are all crimes and they constitute ate crimes. In the next week or two, after Ecker replies to the lawyer letters and the lawsuits are filed against him, the police reports regarding Ecker will then be released, once the green light is given from law enforcement since this is all going public.

Anonymous said...

Deeper and deeper the turd goes...

Part 3

As the media is also informed of Ecker over the next few days, where reporters and networks have featured Ecker in the past, it will be interesting to see their comments, or lack of.

I look forward to appearing on Ecker's show once he signs a legally binding contract, and my lawyer will be inviting him to appear on my show, where on both his show and mine, Ecker will be Xposed.

My lawyers, there are five of them working Ecker's lawsuits and case as well as suits against Billy Meier, Mikey Horn and the two cyberstalkers in Prague and two other guilty parties to be named later, will also shortly start billing Ecker for their work, since they can PROVE he KNEW that what he was doing was untruthful. If Ecker refuses to pay these fees, they will go to Collections and more lawsuits will be filed.

Anonymous said...

Deeper and deeper the turd goes...

Part 4

As I have always said, I fear no human being.

Instead, as a Jew, I fear only God, as it was written thousands of years ago.

I have dealt with real hardcore genocidal maniacs, real Nazis in Europe, Germany and Prague, and of course cults and Islamofascists and even members of HAMAS, al-Qaeda and the Taliban and Hezbollah — Ecker's insane and inane attempts to "push my buttons" or intimidate me are a true farce and joke compared to these guys.

Anonymous said...

Deeper and deeper the turd goes...

Part 5

I will let everyone know when the stuff re Ecker gets released tomorrow. As I have promised, I will let these and other "deliverables" speak for themselves.

I am suing Ecker, Meier, Horn, the two cyberstalker and death threat making friends of Ecker, and a few other parties. This, combined with targeted police action which has been underway since late last year, should put and end to these haters, extremists, and CONspiracy nuts and whatever else they are.

They have all vindicated my thesis which I have been working on for nearly eight years now, that there is NO DIFFERENCE between a UFO or CONspiracy nut or hater or extremist who wants to harm you just because you do not believe that Uncle Sam has Little Grey Leprechauns stuffed away in pickle jars somewhere, versus a suicide bomber Islamofascist who also wants to kill you just because you refuse to "believe" in their twisted form of religion.

Anonymous said...

Deeper and deeper the turd goes...

Part 6

What these types all share in COMMON is hatred, the love of hating and harming and intimidating other human beings (Ecker, for example, supports torture and waterboarding); enormous egos, the desire to live outside the laws and engage in illegal extrajudicial killings or harming others; they love intimidating, stalking and threatening people, and trying to blackmail them.

All of these activities are crimes, serious felonies and are in fact hate crimes. There are penalties which are actionable and enforceable for misbehaving this way, as Ecker and his ilk and Meier and Horn and others will soon find out. They now know the name of the law firm I have hired.

Anonymous said...

Deeper and deeper the turd goes...

Part 7

Since I have the budget and resources to execute and act now, as ALWAYS SAID I WOULD, the first actions begin tomorrow when Ecker is sent his notice from the lawyer, while the police prosecution drafts and other legal documents are sent by normal post to their targets, so that appropriate activities can now begin.

I will not say anything more on these matters until after the first releases tomorrow. The videos, documents for download, etc., will NOT be on my web site. Instead, they will appear on several others, many of which are new. They are largely hacker proof, and they have the bandwidth.

My web site remains a target these guys always attack with Denial of Service tricks, which are also cyberstalking and criminal offenses. Now that tracing software is running in the background, it will help police and officials nail them stone cold at a date and time of law enforcement's choosing.

Whew! :-)

Anonymous said...

So much to choose from...

>>> Since I have the budget and resources to execute and act now, <<<

What happened to the 25 milliom Korff?


Snore said...

Come on, Special K, this is the same tired bullshit you have been flogging for years. Do you think we come here to read the same childish crap over and over? Take some pride in your work. Do some righteous kookery for once! Or better yet, why don't you take your awesome skilz and do something about Gaddafi? Surely that's within the ability of a legendary Super Duper Secret Agent Man.

The Unknown Korffer said...

My turn!

I will not say anything more on these matters until after the first releases tomorrow.

Gee Kal, do you PROMISE to stay quiet for even that long? The only thing your Face Book followers still tolerating having you on their news feeds will get out of this is red-faced tirade, that you openly boast of being a vexatious litigant. Which is not exactly a compliment.

If it wasn't just the fantasies of a frustrated mentally ill little man we might have a problem. As it is, serves for great entertainment. Hope someone replies to your post but it looks like a lot of effort to go through just to sucker attention from people on "Flake Book".

Jimmy_D said...

When are you going to apologise publicly to Mr S*dl*c*k, liar?

And for that matter, when are the Czech police (who, according to you, have had my apartment staked out since last April) going to move in and arrest me?

When, Karlton?

When, "KalIsrael"?

When, lying scum?

Anonymous said...

New videos almost ready to go. Awaiting a bit more information to come my way....

The weekend starts well for Korffers...

The weekend ends badly for Korff....


Anonymous said...

Kal Korff: BREAKING NEWS! American President Barack Obama is showing increasing signs of instability and mental and professional incompetence and increasing ungratefulness. Here's the hard evidence. Based on these remarks, Obama should resign, and let Joe Biden take over

Kettle.... black.....

Anonymous said...

I urge everyone here to report Kal's facebook and webpage to the us secret service as it appears Kal is a threat to our President (whether you like Obama or not is irrelevant).

just reported Kal (no joke)

Anonymous said...

Big news Korffers!

In a day or two we'll have a few new videos to post.

Korff has Korffed himself once again!

Stupid is as stupid does.... And Kalvin does. Ha, ha, ha,!

Anonymous said...

has the korffling claimed "deployment to japan" yet to participate in or better yet lead rescue operations? just think kal you could pretend to be blogging live from the trauma center, giving updates and remarking on how your israeli training amazes all of the other relief workers. and then reluctantly admit that you seem to have been assigned to all of the pretty young female victims, one of whom comes from a very wealthy family and has asked you to be her husband.

Anonymous said...

KalIsrael - naughty, naughty! Your born again fake YHWH Jew schtick is wafer-thin at the best of times.

You're just a hypocritical, low-down little ol' racist, ain't cha, KKK? Just can't abide a black president, no siree. The crabapple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Anonymous said...

Part One - New threat against Don Ecker and others...

Kal Korff: BREAKING NEWS! Don Ecker, who endorses torture and colludes with criminal cyberstalkers who repeatedly threaten to kill a U.S. citizen and Jew, Kal Korff, and are being investigated by police (as is Ecker), was sent a formal legal notice to RETRACT his libel, slanders and defamatory lies, which he made with deliberate malice. Below is the letter. Ecker has until March 15 to RETRACT, or five lawyers WILL sue him.

Anonymous said...

Part Two - New threat against Don Ecker and others...

Kal Korff: Here is the Formal Legal Notice Mr. Don Ecker was served with by email to his email address. In a few hours, a devastating video will appear across the Internet PROVING that Don Ecker LIED when he said that I did not go to the Indian-Pakistani border and plant nanodust in the soil for testing and tracking terrorists, as I have always truthfully claimed. In the video are witnesses who saw everything FIRSTHAND and know all about this, and helped PARTICIPATE in the operation I conceived of and designed. One of the bodyguards who also escorted to the locations, testifies against Ecker, and there is footage from the trip. The fine details are also in my new six book series on Islamofascism, haters, extremists and CONspiracy nuts. Don Ecker is one of many who are Xposed in it. As you can see, I was not exaggerating. I plan to sue six individuals. By the end of this month, two more of them will also be served. Praise YHWH, and may YHWH grant me justice.

Anonymous said...

>>> Ecker has until March 15 to RETRACT, or five lawyers WILL sue him. <<<

Is this March 15th in the US or in the CZ? What time Kalvin?

6 lawyers (I count you as one as well, your brother did so will with your help). Wow, they must charge what? 5 hundred rupees a day in India?

1 Indian rupee = 0.0221 US dollars

About $11 US per day x 5 = $55 US per day.

What a deal.

Ha, ha, ha!

Anonymous said...

For those interested, a real attorney would not serve Ecker on the Internet through email. It would be with a registered letter served by a deputy sheriff... otherwise there would be no proof that Ecker had been served.

And what happened to the high power US attorney that allegedly wrote to Ecker first? Why do we hear nothing about him? Korff get a cease and desist order from that attorney?

Korff said that he dined with the troops. What troops? Where? Got any pictures? Ecker dined with the troops on a daily basis when he served in Vietnam. Korff, not so much.

Kernel Crapapple (I mean Crab Apple)sure is dumb for someone with an IQ of 219.

Anonymous said...

#2 post..

After reading that last grab from FB, again I'm beginning to think that poor little KKK is just yanking chains here people. Don't you reckon he's 'recently' had a minor epiphany & figured that there is really no way out for him - no way back to any semblance of credibility or normalcy at all?

He can see the only thing left in his twilight years (or at least until momma's money disappears)is this pathetic, antagonistic, freaky loser persona which is just slow-motion-car-crash-fucked-up enough to garner 0.02% attention on the interweb.

For a paranoid, underschooled, manic, bigoted reprobate like him, that's clearly good enough & par for course.
Really my friends, nobody can be that idiotic!

Makes you think how sad and lonely and pathetic you have to be to live a life like KKK.
Oy vey indeed.


Anonymous said...

Any person with half a brain can tell the facebook post from the supposed lawyer was written by Korff. The only thing different is there are no capitalized words, but the same style and words come through very clearly.

Anonymous said...

>>> For a paranoid, underschooled, manic, bigoted reprobate like him, that's clearly good enough & par for course. <<<

Oh yeah! again H., you the Korffer with silver words!

>>> supposed lawyer was written by Korff. <<<

Yup. The writer does use a British variant for a certain word which Korff hasn't as best as I can tell, but he also uses the term "cyberstaker" which is not spelt quiet right... spelt... :^)

Anyway, there's so much wrong with that new missive that we shouldn't even try and spell it out for poor dimwitted Kalvin, why we know it's him, again.


Anonymous said...

Oh goody! A Korffing guessing game....

>>> I plan to sue six individuals. <<<

1. Don Ecker
2. Michael Horn
3. F1 Racer
4. Jimmy D
5. Billy Meier

Who's #6?

David Biedney
Kevin Randle

Anonymous said...

So sad... Kalvin has taken to thanking people for pushing the "like" button under his posts.

No other FB users that I'm aware of does this lame action. Kalvin also "favorites" his own youtube videos.

These "thank yous" he did for his latest Ecker threat:

Kal Korff: Thanks, Lia.
Kal Korff: Thanks Donna.
Kal Korff: Thanks Mel.

Yes, it's gotten this bad for the Little Turd.

Nobody responds anymore so he'll take any "Kalidation" where he can find it.


Don Ecker said...

Oh Goody! I am Number 1 on The Village Idiots Hit List.

Be careful what you wish for Kalvin, you just might fracken get it. Turd.

Same Crap, Just Louder said...

I can tell you are worried, Don, and you should be. Anyone with FIVE imaginary lawyers on his case naturally would be shaking in his boots.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kal, how about filing a lawsuit against me? After all, last year you called me a terrosist because I had contacted members of your family and 'threatend' them.That should be worth a few thousand Kronas.
Fun and games Kal, nothing else.


The Unknown Korffer said...


Kal Korff: Here is the Formal Legal Notice Mr. Don Ecker was served with by email to his email address.

Hahaha! Dumbass. If that doesn't get him laughed right off Flake Book nothing will. Kal that's classic man! LMAO, how stupid are you. Or rather how gullible do you think these followers of yours are? I'd be laffing all over your wall for a week after that.

In a few hours, a devastating video will appear across the Internet PROVING that blah blah blah

Ohh across the internet! Woo hoo hoo! Oh wow Kal. Boy since your whole "life" exists entirely as a fantasy concocted on the internet, that must be a really big deal to you. Have fun with your freeware consumer grade iPhone video app, I am sure the three or four people still swallowing your horse shit will really care.

After reading that last grab from FB, again I'm beginning to think that poor little KKK is just yanking chains here people. Don't you reckon he's 'recently' had a minor epiphany & figured that there is really no way out for him - no way back to any semblance of credibility or normalcy at all?

I think its more like he's realized that this fantasy Flake Book existence is more rewarding than the real world he is apparently on the run from. It will catch up with him eventually, but as long as he has Face Book this will continue regardless of what his real world actions may or may not be. What's important is the fantasy and the feedback loop he gets from lying to those poor people individually. That's why he's thanking them for flicking the like link. He is thanking them for actively participating in validating his construction. But I do agree he's thrown all caution to the wind. There is no need to moderate his behavior, as long as he doesn't fuck up on some basic stupid rule he won't get kicked off Face Book. Since it all exists on and for Face Book for those individual connections he can pour 100% reserves into it.

But sending a legal summons to a Yahoo email address. That's great man, keep up the good work LOL.

Anonymous said...

>>> this fantasy Flake Book existence is more rewarding than the real world <<<

Sums it up nicely.

Anonymous said...

Korff has released his new video. You can find it on his Secret Wars youtube channel.

It's a laughable video.

No focus on subject, other than on Don Ecker, barely,

(note the length of Korff’s hair throughout)

the video quality and especially the audio quality are all over the place.

Korff’s “witnesses” remind me of Royce Meyers III, NOT taking Korff’s word for anything BASED on photos of Korff in his FAKE army man costume.

These witnesses know no more than what Korff is telling the. Example….

Was Korff in India? Looks like it.

Did Korff use "nanodust" there?

You can't see the “dust” with the bare eye only. Nobody there had a microscope, so nobody there knew what they were looking at. Not even Korff himself.

A clear vile of air, yes.

Nanodust... if you say so Kalvin.

Poached video, editing in the truth now.

Legalese to match K quality dreck said...

Kal, your phony lawyer schtick just looks stupid. If you take your standard imaginary legalese and run it through Babelfish a couple of times, it comes out looking much more like what someone might get from a "lawyer" you could actually afford. If, that is, you ever took any legal action at all in the real world, which we all know you have not ever done.

Anyway, here is one of your recent "lawyer letters" processed to disguise its real source, which of course we all know is the keyboard on your own stolen computer.

"Hello. I represent colonel Kal K Korff of the Israeli established special secret services. Appetite recently Ecker to, transmitting are " show" on your Internet site, SLANDERED AND LIBELED colonel Korff at a lot of different levels. Appetite Ecker to is a noted LIAR, a SWINDLER, AND a PROPONENT OF TORMENT. Its unhealthy obsession with colonel Korff has him commet different ILLEGITIMATE operations at the radio show has been made. Eventual, Cyber are the mail the V.S. the cause of the contents of Don Ecker' s programme. This is REMOVE a bulletin for you attracts Ecker and its show of your web service or YOU will be kept in different processes responsible which colonel Korff will submit against Don Ecker."

Anonymous said...

Pretty much ZERO response to Korff's new "video" on Face Book.

29 views on Youtube, most of those are from Korffers.

A Korffer's "response video" will be posted by this evening.

Kalvin, you've added a copyright on the end of this new video.

Sorry, by posting it on Youtube, it's now in the public domain.

Oops on you... turd.