Saturday, March 12, 2011

More laughs from Conniving Kal K. Korff

Just having laughed through Kal's newest and daft video full of more bollocks from Kal comes as no bloody surprise of any kind. Kal bodged this whole little video into a laugh fest. Another duff video from Kal proving nothing while I am sure Kal fancying himself by gagging to keep his little fantasy world together.

All the video proves is Kal owns a little vial and is able to fool people into believing his nonsense. Nonsense like he is somesort of colonel or that he is suing people or that he has nanodust. ahahahahahahahahahahaahh!!

Kal you've been EXPOSED and the Czech media is on to you and so now you are desperate to do anything to make yourself feel better.  KAL K. KORFF IS NOT A COLONEL IN AN ISRAELI SUPPORTED GROUP.  Just stop it Kal becuase idiots like you who interject themselves into such thing usually wind up getting good people hurt or killed. KAL K. KORFF IS NOT SUING ANYONE. Just stop with all the fake barristers and legal threats Kal. All you are trying to do is bully people into not exposing you for the fake you are and you are trying to cause people grief. KAL K. KORFF IS NOT HAVING THE POLICE COME AFTER ANYONE. We all know you are completely powerless Kal and the only way for you to lash out is with your petty revenge tactics of threatening lawsuits and arrest. It appears Kal that you have been doing this nonsense for many years and the results are the same with NOTHING happening to anyone. KAL K. KORFF DOES NOT HAVE NANODUST. Any idiot including Kal can go buy a little glass vial and dance around saying they have nanodust in it. KAL K. KORFF IS NOT A KRAV MAGA INSTRUCTOR OR TRAINER. A mate of mine is heavily into the martial arts including Krav Maga and you are not registered as an official instructor.

Kal just face the FACT that YOU HAVE BEEN EXPOSED. No one believes you and for a bloke saying you are into proof you have not provided any proof of any of your outlandish claims. By the way Kal I will be contacting the Pakistani government and so will others showing them your video and reporting you as a spy conducting experiment on their soil. Let's see how you do with that.

And here is the latest BOGUS legal threat from Kal the long winded gas bag "
Kal Korff: BREAKING NEWS! Don Ecker, who endorses torture and colludes with criminal cyberstalkers who repeatedly threaten to kill a U.S. citizen and Jew, Kal Korff, and are being investigated by police (as is Ecker), was sent a formal legal notice to RETRACT his libel, slanders and defamatory lies, which he made with deliberate malice. Below is the letter. Ecker has until March 15 to RETRACT, or five lawyers WILL sue him.

Kal Korff:  Here is the Formal Legal Notice Mr. Don Ecker was served with by email to his email address. In a few hours, a devastating video will appear across the Internet PROVING that Don Ecker LIED when he said that I did not go to the Indian-Pakistani border and plant nanodust in the soil for testing and tracking terrorists, as I have always truthfully claimed. In the video are witnesses who saw everything FIRSTHAND and know all about this, and helped PARTICIPATE in the operation I conceived of and designed. One of the bodyguards who also escorted to the locations, testifies against Ecker, and there is footage from the trip. The fine details are also in my new six book series on Islamofascism, haters, extremists and CONspiracy nuts. Don Ecker is one of many who are Xposed in it. As you can see, I was not exaggerating. I plan to sue six individuals. By the end of this month, two more of them will also be served. Praise YHWH, and may YHWH grant me justice.

NARINDER CHHIBBA (O) 0161-5009508
Advocate (R)0161-463422,4633423
New Courts Complex,

From: chibba advocate
Subject: Official Legal Notice of Lawsuit re Matter of Colonel Kal Korff
To: "decker0726 "
Date: Friday, March 11, 2011, 8:28 AM

Dear Mr. Ecker,

Enclosed as an attachment, please find a copy of our formal legal notice to you, informing you of our filing of lawsuits against you, and Colonel Kal Korff's willingness to appear on your show.

We look forward to your reply.

Sincerely yours,

Narinder Chhibba
Attorney At Law

March 11, 2011
To Mr.Don Ecker
Host and Producer of Darkmatters
Los Angeles Area
California, USA

Dear Mr.Don Ecker,

My name is Narinder Chhibba, and my office of five lawyers represents the international interests of Colonel Kal Korff, who you recently “attacked” on your self-produced Internet “radio” show where you engaged in libel, slander and defamation – all of which were made with deliberate, malicious intent.

We have received your disingenuous offer for Colonel Kal Korff to appear on your Internet-based show to answer what you call “charges” which is not even the correct way to say it.

False claims about Colonel Kal Korff, libel, slander and defamation are exactly what you knowingly engaged in, the fact you featured and colluded and provided and promoted a platform (your show) where you featured at least one criminal cyberstalker who is now under investigation by Czech police for “threatening to kill” a fellow American citizen and Jew, Kal Korff, says all any reasonable person needs to know about you.

You are hereby officially notified with this letter to you, that we are now preparing legal actions against you. Colonel Korff has already turned over information to at least two police firms, who will now likely contact you as they start their investigations into your association with individuals who have threatened an American citizen and at least one Jew.

Furthermore, your “offer” for Colonel Kal Korff to appear on your show, within two week’s time, is not sincere, and your characterization of it is not truthful. You are also 100% aware of this fact.
For it is a fact that you never contacted Colonel Kal Korff directly, until AFTER SEVEN DAYS of your “deadline” had already passed. It is safe to say that normally, you extend invitations to guests to appear by contacting that person directly. You only did so after information was published proving that you are being exposed in a new series, and after Colonel Korff went public with the fact that you never sent him an invitation.

As you are completely aware, Colonel Kal Korff does not live in the United States, has not for over ten years, and does not listen to your show. He has no interest in doing so ever since you were exposed in a series of videos called “Desperate Don” for lying about him more than three years ago. You have never refuted nor disproved the contents of these video exposes of you.

None the less, since you have now finally extended a disingenuous offer for Colonel Kal Korff to appear on your show, you are hereby officially informed that Colonel Kal Korff accepts your offer in principle, on the following reasonable conditions that a contract be drawn up between the both of you which is legally binding and will insure that your side does not play any games nor engage in any further dishonesty, since you are the guilty party, and are being sued and now investigated by police. Kal Korff is not. You are.

Your snide, dishonest and rude letter to Colonel Kal Korff making reference to him having “sock puppets” is not worthy of a response, and is another falsehood, made knowingly by you, and you made it with deliberate, malicious intent.

Please understand two things: that we ARE taking legal and police actions against you, they have already begun and are now underway, regardless of whether Colonel Korff ever appears on your show, and that the easily verifiable exposes of you will still be published very shortly. This includes information about your collusion and conspiring with haters and extremists, and individuals who engage in criminal cyberstalking and make death threats against American citizens like yourself, and someone who is Jewish.

You have our permission to publish this letter, or talk about it on your show, but should you elect to do so, you MUST publish it in its entirety, unedited. You are not legally permitted to quote selective excerpts from it, and we will be releasing this letter to the media and several mutual acquaintances of yours, regardless, including Hollywood producers and top investigative journalists in the mainstream media who are completely in knowledge about Colonel Kal Korff, what he does, and what he says and what he stands for. It is important that the truth be exposed, even if it at your expense.

Should you dare claim that Colonel Kal Korff has “refused” to be on your show or that our reasonable demand for a legally binding contract for both him and you is in any way onerous or insincere, we will sue you for yet another count of libel, slander, defamation made with deliberate malicious intent, since you have been warned and informed to the contrary and cannot “deny” the contents of this letter.

You have until 15 March to contact us to begin discussions to arrange a mutual agreed upon contract between the both of you to lock in Colonel Kal Korff’s appearance on your show and to also arrange for your public RETRACTION and disavowing of your lies, false statements, slanders, libels and defamations you made (all with deliberate malice) against Colonel Kal Korff.

Should you decline this offer, since we are not obligated to even make it, although we are doing so because we wish to settle this affair amicably despite your illegal behaviour and association with criminal cyberstalkers and individuals who “threaten to kill” a fellow American and a Jew, we will proceed with what I am stating: legal action and police action against you, since your behaviour is objectively demonstrable as being illegal and therefore criminal, under the laws of the United States, California (where you live) and international laws, the laws of the European Union,Czech Republic and even India.

You have until 15 March to respond accordingly, or face rightful consequences. We are not bluffing. Once we file suit, we will never settle, but press for you to be fully prosecuted with full damages and penalties in accordance with the laws.

Sincerely yours,

(Narinder Chhibba)
Attorney at Law
Official Legal Counsel and Attorney for Colonel Kal Korff’s
International Interests and Rights"


Anonymous said...

I just emailed the Pakistani Embassy in NYC, alerting them to this illegal spy operation claimed by Kal Korff and apparently under the false guise of an Israeli agent.

I suggest everyone does this as it will be taken even more seriously.


Anonymous said...

Ha, ha, ha! Tell me Kavin doesn't read this blog.

Called out on the terriule audio in his last youboob video and now read this Korffers:

Kal Korff: Here is a 1.0v2 release of my new show, the Xpose segment "Desperate Don," titled Nano NanoDust. It officially replaces the earlier release. It has better optimization, better compression, some audio and chiron text fixes. Hope you enjoy it, so far 22 of you have emailed me with positive comments re the first release, THANKS very much for your support. There were 30 views before this optimized rev was uploaded.

Anonymous said...


I have just received an email from the Pakistani Embassy in NYC asking me if I would call them as theu wish to speak to me about Kal and his you tube and web page. Quote:

"Thank you for alerting us top this. This is a very concerning matter and we would like you to call us as soon as you can in regards to this individual and his web page".

Oh Kal, if you think the CIA are bad, wait till Pakistani Intelligence gets a hold of you. ROFL ROFL ROFL

calling the Pakistani's right now

Anonymous said...

I'm glad Operation GOOD CRACK was so successful...Now all Colonel Korff needs to do is slip back into his straight jacket and take his lithium!

Anonymous said...

lol is that what kernal korff looks like now? total candyman john wayne gacey "fat guy psycho" look. kal korff is one scary looking creep even before taking that letter into consideration. he actually posted that on facebook? psychopath!

Anonymous said...

kal korff is a big fat creepy psycho. looks like he's coloring his hair too in a failed bid to appear younger and fool people into regarding him differently. or as part of a disguise. that striped shirt might be appropriate for a 14 year old scene kid skinny as a bean pole but on a pudgy, puffy, unemployed fat guy on the lam it isn't flattering. his face is all puffy & he looks like he hasn't been sleeping much.

kal if you are reading this YOU LOOK LIKE A BIG FAT CREEPY PSYCHO! an obsessive psychopath loser who should be locked up and kept away from young underage girls lest he try to touch one. not too many fairy princesses asking for your hand in marriage this week i bet. keep posting more videos like this and more beet red faced hysterical facebook tirades. eventually everyone will realize you're a dangerous creep inducing psycho.

The Unknown Korffer said...

... we wish to settle this affair amicably despite your illegal behaviour and association with criminal cyberstalkers and individuals who “threaten to kill” a fellow American and a Jew, we will proceed with what I am stating: legal action and police action against you

Yeah, that's Kalvin Korff trying to sound all barristerish with British inflections. But the same old obsessions shine through with the references to Jews and police action. He isn't fooling anyone. What proves that he's insane is that he keeps trying to pull bullshit like this off, doing the same thing over and over again to the same effect -- making him look like an idiot. If anybody cared this would be pretty serious but since its just Kalvin K. Karlton K. Korff we can all carry on with our lives and regard it as entertainment. Pass the popcorn!

The Unknown Korffer said...

Oh snap! "we wish to settle this affair amicably despite your illegal behaviour" ... he meant "we wish to settle this affair amicably IN SPITE OF your illegal behaviour"

Keep putting your faith into those illiterate lawyers, Kal! You seem very adept in finding them & getting them into doing things like this.

We.Are.Kult.Of.Kal said...

hey there my fellow Korffers! Long time no see!

Holy shit, I can't believe Kal-Israel is still the same piece of dried-up dog shit he's always been.

If you've been here since the beginning, you know I've been away about a year. (time flies) But reading up on Kal... I'm disgusted. Same old antics of lawsuits and empty promises.

What am I up to? Left Prague last summer. (Good riddance, Kal!) Coincidentally, I now live in the same city as famed Paul Kimball: Halifax, Canada.

F1, Squank, Brad, Jimmy, Digger - hope you've all been well.

-Kult of Kal

p.s. I spotted the remixed vids, so had to write in - it's so cool to see the spirit's still going strong! :-)

Anonymous said...

Couple of new videos posted:

You can't hide Kalvin.

Anything you post, any video you make, we will have the last laugh.

Bang away little man.

Nobodies buying it anymore.

When the CZ media publish their multi part series on you, it's gonna sting like hell.

Tick Tock.


Anonymous said...

Bang away little man, bang away....

Kal Korff: Here's a video which Xposes one of the criminal cyberstalkers who has been under investigation by Czech police and other law enforcement since late last year. He's also a colleague of Don Ecker's, Ecker colludes and conspires with this guy, who ironically first told police of their plans to "kill me." The threats by Ecker's friend, and police docs will be made public shortly, as promised.



Kal Korff: This Xpose of Don Ecker is years old. It destroys Ecker's claim that I "didn't solve" JFK's murder. Martina Tycova's in it (Ecker implied she didn't exist or is a "sock puppet" - my lawyers just nailed Ecker for this, Martina has her own mind/opinions, I'm honored she's my Executive Producer); it refutes his lie that I "steal valor." Some of you may recall the articles here from JFK high school, posted by request.

Desperate Don, Episode 2

Kalvin, nobody on Face Book gives a shit. Look at the comments, nothing, none, ZERO.

Our youtube channel has WAY more views than yours for how new it is.

Dude, give it up.

No, not really, bang away little fella, bang away! Yippee, Kalvin's going even more crazy, and we love it!!!!!!

Korffing for an internet free of Kalvin Karlton Korff.

Korffers Unite.

Long Live Don Ecker.

Anonymous said...

most people post pictures from high school for a laugh with old friends. kalvin posts papers he wrote hoping someone will read one. they didn't read em then and they aren't about to read em now. sorry kal it wont work

Jimmy D said...

Did anyone notice the classic freudian slip at 6.12 here:

The text says "2nd Don" instead of "2nd Dan".

Or maybe that is just down to the fact that Karlton is an illiterate buffoon...

Anonymous said...

At 12:15 we meet Chander Prakesh, who Kalvin picked to head up his non-existant "peace centre".

Seems Chander is a professional bodyguard as well!

Anonymous said...

Bang away little man.....

Kal Korff: Mon. I speak with Czech police re the two criminal cyberstalkers, Don Ecker's buddies Francis Underwood & James Dalyrumple. If it's OK I'll be able to release first police docs, their written death threats, attempts at extortion/blackmail they both repeatedly tried but failed. Prosecutor's draft also to be viewed. Lawyers will nail a second UFO fraud this week, docs to be public after he's served. Praise YHWH.

Anonymous said...

rofl I havent been served anything


I DID have a nice long phone call with the Pakistani embassy about Kal though....


Don Ecker's Ninja Bodyguard said...

You go, Kal! I'm sure the Czech police will be happy to talk to you. By the way, you should probably take your iPad or whatever Apple products you currently possess along when you go. I'm sure they will want to have a look at the serial numbers.

Anonymous said...

Seems even the fine reporters in the CZ are getting their fill of our little lozer Kalvin....

#71 - Most Subscribed (This
Month) - Czech Republic

#5 - Most Subscribed (This Month) -
Reporters - Czech Republic

#43 - Most Viewed (Today) -
Reporters - Czech Republic

#34 - Most Viewed (This Week) -
Reporters - Czech Republic

#97 - Most Viewed (This Month) -
Reporters - Czech Republic

Anonymous said...

I call horse shit... as always. Kalvin reads Hebrew. Really!?! A 100 pages a day!?! Prove it asshole.

Kal Korff: Hi Steve, nice to hear from you. My source is from the daily pile of notices and briefings I get each day as an Analyst in counterterrorism and intelligence. It is not classified, let me clear a copy for sending, it is in Hebrew. I get over... 100 pages a day, especially about HAMAS, Iran and Muslim Brotherhood, I also know that much of this info never reaches Obama, his intel is largely tailored for what he WANTS to hear, which is that these killers can be "negotiated" with. I'll send you a private msg by tomorrow my friend.

Don Eckerq said...

Well Korffer's, kolonel krap has had his two weeks and he never contacted me directly about appearing on DMR. This apparently insane blowhard delusional klown is now shown for what he is ... krazy kolonel klown kalvin k korff. The full of shit one. Geeze, what a k-turd.

Don Ecker

Anonymous said...

Daddy, I love you. Fucking guy just can't NOT comment on everything. Bang away Little Man.

Kal Korff: My father has been a "Union Man" all of his life, member of the Retail Clerk's Union. He was passed over for promotion often because he was not black or Hispanic. So they kept him as Asst. Mgr, and because the managers above him were incompetent, promoted only based on race, he would always do THEIR job or the stores could not function. I asked him WHY would any sane person want to work for a company which needs a Union and abuses their workers? Didn't he love himself enough to work for companies whose morals were decent?

Why not work for companies who treat their workers fairly? He could never answer the question.

I specifically cited Claris, which was owned by Apple, Bill Champ who is on this list and has debated Jerry Lapiroff before, worked there at the times well. It is how I met him. My Dad asked me if Claris was going to be unionized. I told him no way, it would be a step backwards, since we were always treated fairly that we would be paying union dues for "benefits" we already had. The attempt to unionize Claris failed.

I have seen unions do good things and bad things, when I worked at Boeing they took huge monthly payments and didn't help the workers do shi*, not even a strike fund. My principles have always compelled me to avoid companies which "need" unions. Either the company is morally bereft, or often the unions are. And it is NOT a coincidence that elements like the mafia still control many unions, they're cash cows. A great example is the Teamsters.

Anonymous said...

Daddy, I love you #2...

Kal Korff: My Dad eventually left the union which "supported" him for most of his life. He became disillusioned, and went into private business for himself. He has always been politically active, but knows countless stories about corruption in the Democrats and Republicans, he has witnessed it firsthand. It is yet another reason that I refuse to support either party, they will never truly reform themselves. The demonization of each of then by the other side is disgraceful. While genuine democracy is always about reasonable compromise, it should never be about selling out.

Anonymous said...

More bizzare anti everything ramblings from the 'great one'.

Anonymous said...

Bang away little troll.... No court will sue people because they don't believe you Kalvin. This isn't grade school court, you dummy.

Kal Korff: The people who have firsthand knowledge and experience with the nanodust experiments I conducted at the Indian-Pakistan border, have completed their affidavits under oath and penalty of perjury for use in the anticipated legal actions against Don Ecker and others. Some people are so crazy, they deny reality. This is what extremists do, "truth" never matters to them. Thankfully, courts and publishers know better.

Anonymous said...

People, there's so much wrong headed about this post that I can't be bothered to comment.

Suffice to say; Kalvin, you told the world that you had a video of you mailing off a "manuscript" of this "book" or some book, 2 years ago,

You lied. We called, we checked, it never, EVER happened.

Sure, we may be crazy. But you, you little chubby troll, you're a lair, and a fraud, and a fake, and a phony.

2400 pages of stolen, fraudulent, made up; horse shit pages. Just like your horrible Roswell book. "It's in paperback!"


Suck ass Kalvin.

Fuck You Bartu.


Kal Korff: I'm now finishing the final candidate (I hope) release re my 2,400 page six vol. series on Islamofascism, terrorism, haters, extremists and CONspiracy nuts. After this last round of peer review, I'll send it off to my publisher in NY. I'm expanding the small circle of friends who are peer reviewing this material and giving feedback. If you wish to be considered for this effort, let me know, offer ends this week. :-)

Anonymous said...

God how I hope Korff comes to the US on a book tour.

Get ready for the public embarrassment Kalvin.

Every stop you make, everywhere you go, a Korffer will be there, ready to shout you down, call you out and make you live the stalker treatment you've foisted onto others.

Bodyguards will not protect you Korff. We will be throwing words, not our fists.

Debate that asshole.

Bring it on turd.


Anonymous said...

When did we last hear about the 500 Book Deal? Seems like that was too stupid even for Kolonel Troll to keep flogging.

How do these lawyers in India serve papers? E-mail of course! Tell us, Kolonel Klaptrap, where will this imaginary trial take place? On a server somewhere in India maybe? Or just in your head, as usual?

Anonymous said...

Kal: you can't sue some one for telling lies. It's not a criminal ofense. Even in a court of law, people lie all the time. They cannot even be cited for contempt of court. Go back to law school and get educated for once!

Anonymous said...

Crazy little shit, he better never make a comment about someones weight again... You are a big lump of lard who probably can't even find his wiener under all that blubber! That's okay, you won't need it where you're going!

Brit_in_Prague said...

This is all so ***weird***. He has been in India, but we know that this palaver about sowing nanodust along the India/Pakistan border is hogwash.

How on earth does he manipulate these people into saying and doing what he wants?

Anonymous said...

>>> How on earth does he manipulate these people into saying and doing what he wants? <<<

Notice he's not in a country without dire needs.

Try pulling his shit in the US and it wouldn't fly nearly as well.

A few rupees will get you a lot.

It seems obvious that Korff will say, or do something he'll not be able to smooth over, with the wrong sort of people, and the ruse will back fire.

Anonymous said...

Hey Korff, it's called Face Book. You know, a place to talk about family (you have none), frinds (you have none), a life... shall I go on?

Kal Korff: Joe, applying "critical thinking" does not mean changing the subject and railing against Israel. It means sticking to the subject and finishing the point, before trying to move onto others. I do apologize for being a bit brusque, but my no tolerance policy re what you did was no more "offensive" than you trying to turn what was not a rant against Israel, into one.

I think we will agree to disagree on this, which is OK. Obviously, you acted the way you thought was right, and so did I.

Anonymous said...


Where’s that URL pointing us to the first show of your new "show". You know, the one featuring Bruce Maccabee?

Never was videotaped was it?

You never really had a plan to do this did you?

Just like the show with Philip mantle, did you.


Anonymous said...

Another video has been posted on that youtube channel.

Shameful Korff, just shameful.

Anonymous said...

ROFL read this little gem to its end, it seems ole Kal has pissed of the Bigfoot people even more!!


Anonymous said...

Did anyone else find Kernal Fruit Bar's rants as disturbing as I?

First we learn that he is homophobic. Now we learn he is a racist as well. How else to explain his rant about his father not being promoted? It wasn't because his father was a racist or incompetent, it was because they were only promoting minorities. His father hung on as an ass't manager. Maybe that is all his father could handle, but the lack of promotion was someone else's fault.

This guy is melting down completely. First a lawyer in California but no more about him. Now a lawyer in India for Kernal Pecan. Someone that Don Ecker can't call on the telephone and learn the truth.

Does he really believe that anyone takes him seriously anymore. His book is always about done and will expose all those who challenge him. Why is it that he never apologizes for his many mistakes as he promised. They have been outlined repeatedly.

Everything he accuses others of are the very things he does. What an idiot.

Anonymous said...

Indeed. KalIsrael has been in permanent meltdown nose dive mode for years, as we all know. And yes, he is a racist, a homophobe, a zealot, a petty-thief and a bigot. (IMO).

Yep, basically this is your archetypal redneck prick with delusions of granduer. (Also IMO).

(*Please forgive the following rant, but I now seem to be in the mood after my 3rd Pilsner!)

My ire was first raised by the ASTONISHINGLY bad 'Kal's Korner' column in the free local rag Metropolitni Expres. I know that most, if not all, of the Prague-based Korffers are the same as me in this regard. Oh dear god.. That immediately alerted me to what kind of a freeloading, brazen charlatan this guy was. Plus it was very clear that here was a guy who was not only a poorly educated imposter - here was a guy who was plainly, BAT-SHIT CRAZY and probably doing serious damage to the brains of the dozen or so poor Czechs who tried their honest best to decipher his daily ravings!

(Btw, worming your way into such a gig could not happen here now in Prague, I hope. It still shocks me that he got away with it for around 2 years..)

I actually saved a few of the most ridiculous columns to show my disbelieving colleagues back in the day. I should get off my lazy backside, scan and send them to Mr.Editor for posting at some stage. To this day, I don't know how Korff ever expected to get away with the tripe he wrote. Did he think nobody was paying attention?

Most of the subject matter was, as you could guess, connected to his typical UFO/conspiracy tirades. Remember, this was ostensibly meant to be an English language page with vocab, etc to assist locals with their casual learning whilst on their moring commute. Predictably almost from day one, he used it to advertise his personal petty squabbles about big-foot or little green men. He attempted to clumsily veil it with some random grammatical references and udderly hilarious attempts to pretend to explain the vagaries of the English language here and there. Finally, it was horrifically mixed with sexist, low-brow, grade-school word play and attempts at 'humour'.

So. very. bad.

And all this recent shite - whether it be the template web page or the seething, frothing lunatic YouTube rants, or Facebook - it's just more of the same; more outlets for a tiny little loser with genuine mental problems. I guess it beats screaming the night away at a bare wall in his stinking hovel, hm?

KalIsrael. You have been propelled into the abyss of insane-o-rama by your natural inclinations for sheer nastiness, hideous self-aggrandizement and mysanthropy. And judging from the last few years - you will never change.

Get a real life Kal.

(-Feeling guilty, having just wasted 20mins of his own)

The Unknown Korffer said...

Nah man don't feel guilty. It's an entertainment alternative and your insight provides context to exposing KALVIN's English language teacher fraud for what it is. He was just some misplaced bumpkin who used the internet + Czech people's generosity to further a con. At least he's more or less confined to Face Book and the occasional Youtube activity now. He can rant & rave all he wants but his choice of that platform closes it to only those participating there.

He sacrificed a more widespread voice for that immediate feedback & praise, which is why it is so important for him to personally thank anyone who even just "likes" his posts. Kalvin's lack of understanding of what Face Book is really for is astounding, since those who aren't already there won't be in on his fantasy. The delusion can only be as grand as those who are willing/able to validate it.

Someone that Don Ecker can't call on the telephone and learn the truth.

And that's the key to Kalvin's success in pulling these cons off. Substitute the word anybody for Don Ecker, since anybody can check any of his claims themselves. What they will find is nothing which can be verified, other than his documented failures at places like Apple/Claris, Boeing, Lawrence Livermore. Now Metropoliti Express joins those ranks as those articles are STILL AVAILABLE and just as bat-shit crazy retarded as the day they were published. That he regards them as some triumph to be boasted of is evidence of how delusional he is, but this is a guy posting papers he wrote in high school. He's crazy.

Anonymous said...

>>> scan and send them to Mr.Editor for posting at some stage. <<<

I want!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Search (Hledej) Korff