Monday, March 14, 2011

Is Kal K. Korff an internet pervert?

My dearest lads please accept my most humble of apologies to you all for making you look at this but I think we should all be thankful Kernal Kockroach didn't give us the full monty!!! I was going for some good nosh out but I can't bring myself to eat after seeing these disgusting pictures so I am sharing in your pain lads!!!!! I must wonders chaps if this sort of behavior violates any code of ethics the special secret super silly services might have. But since Kal is involved we all know there are no ethics barring anything Kernal Kolon does. Kal looks to be snogging his todger in some pictures but who really knows what the little freak is up to?Is Kal licking his thumb while trying to flex??  Here comes a honk!!!! I'm just as sick as you lads. Just as sickened by it all! No real professional colonel would ever engage in such foolery. 


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Anonymous said...

Sexual perversion all the way - ugh!

Anonymous said...

March 14, 2011


How was the party?


Anonymous said...

WTF??!?! Kal, guys at your age and your shape should just say they did and not. Keep a shirt on you bloated whale.

Anonymous said...

How old is Kalvin now?

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff: BREAKING NEWS! Another episode of my new show will appear on the Internet in a few hours. It contains another very hard-hitting expose, which contains facts anyone can verify. I will not disclose the subject, but I think it will surprise people. I will post the link as soon as I know it, it will NOT be on my own web site, because it is too slow and doesn't have the bandwidth. Back in a few hours...

Kal Korff: Don Ecker was given til end of March 15 to contact my lawyer, start arranging for retractions of his lies/false claims and my appearing on his show, or get sued. If Ecker does NOT respond, Ecker will be sent a formal notice he has been SUED and will be given the case number. I WILL then proceed against him via police for his conspiring with stalkers who threaten to kill a U.S. citizen and Jew. The choice is Ecker's.

Anonymous said...

Kalvin, you appear to have a quaint view of how legal systems work. This is all the more curious since you have been on the sharp end of real legal proceedings in the past. We all know the reason you fled the US is the fact that real legal proceedings were about to land you in a world of hurt. So I call bullshit on your silly fake legal crap. For the millionth time, of course. You ain't too bright, but you are not that stupid or crazy. You just think you are fooling someone with this childish nonsense, but you fool only yourself. Fool.

Anonymous said...

Kalvin Karlton Korff, the fooling fool, fooling no one.

Anonymous said...

The eminent jurist, Kal Korff, has shown, once again, that he understands nothing about the law. His claims that the police are interested in Don Ecker for slander and libel is more incoherent ranting. The police have no interest in what Don Ecker said because no crime has been committed.

To suggest there are interested because people have threatened him and Ecker has somehow promoted those threats does not fall into the realm of criminal prosecution. It is black letter law.

In Brandenburg v. Ohio, the Supreme Court ruled that the speech had to be intended to create harm, the harm was imminent and there is a likelihood of the harm. None of those three elements are present.

Interestingly, the per curiam (meaning it was handed down from the court rather as individual opinions) opinion cited to Dennis v. United States as though it were good law and amenable to the result reached in Brandenburg. In point of fact, Brandenburg essentially eviscerated Dennis's central holding and held that "mere advocacy" of any doctrine, including one that assumed the necessity of violence or law violation, was per se protected speech. It may be that principles of stare decisis figured in the Court's decision to avoid overruling the relatively recent Dennis, but the distance between the two cases' approach is obvious and irreconcilable.

So, Korff’s claim is without merit on this particular aspect of the law and any attorney who understood US law would have know this. An invented Indian attorney, not qualified to practice US law probably wouldn’t.

As for his other charges, the law makes it clear that the truth is an absolute defense, meaning that Korff would have to prove that he is a colonel in something other than his own mind, he would have to submit his nanodust for testing by a real lab and not a video of some Indian man with a horrible accent filmed in a tunnel with poor lighting, that he has had a meal with the troops on Thanksgiving or his whole case falls apart.

While an Indian attorney might not know these things, Korff does. He lives a lie and that means he would fail even if he had the financial means to file a suit.

Don Ecker said...

And this moron forgets that I was a "real Police officer and a real Detective" and he is full of shit. Here me Turd? You are full of shit.

I do believe that covers it.

Don Ecker

Anonymous said...

Don Ecker - Hero and adult.

Kalvin Korff - Loser and child.

Anonymous said...

Keep banging away little man.

You have no claim to those stills Korff. You gave them away with no expectations on use.

Dummy. Think the Pam and Tommy Lee video. Dummy.

Expect his new show to have a segment on how he lost weight and you can too.

Problem is; he gained it all back again.

Kal Korff: A web site has some pics of me in a shower scene from my new show, from the waist up. Ooh, I'm so scared :-) However, it's a violation of DMCA copyright laws, which is a felony/punishable by 5 years in prison/$250,000 fine PER IMAGE, prosecuted by the FBI. I've filed a FBI report against Tina Vasquez, who leaked the pics. She's upset I won't be with her. I'll NEVER be with BSer who claims they "talk" to dead people.


Kal Korff: The next episode of my new show will be up on the Internet in two hours, I promise. I'll post the URL as soon as I know it, it's a devastating expose, which contains data anyone can verify. It will not be on my web site, again the bandwidth is too slow. Based on emails we received, the response to the Ecker Xpose has been positive. This next Xpose is NOT about Ecker, he doesn't deserve the honor a second time :-)

Cool. more fun with video editing.

Anonymous said...

BTW, two hours ago was... now.

Anonymous said...

I'll bet those poor people down at the FBI office in Prague are getting tired of Kommander Krapola.

Oh, wait...

Anonymous said...

Bring it on turd,

For once in your miserable internet-based fake life, BRING IT ON!!!!

Do you speak the truth Korff?

Then act on it. Sue Don Ecker.

Kal Korff: Don Ecker has sent a note saying I am "afraid" to appear on his show. It's a lie. Firstly, he's not "God," and my lawyer ALREADY told him I agreed as specified. Only Ecker could screw this up. He also said my promise to sue is a bluff, which it is not. I will tell my lawyer to contact Ecker and begin legal action, Ecker is now getting his wish.

Don Ecker said...

korffy is right, I did mention to him (kolonel koward .. right?) the chicken-shit does not have the conjones to appear on the show ... and I mentioned I have about 10 folks that were "DROOLING" with the thought of getting kolonel flabby ass in kourt.

Lets go moron .. you and me .. lets dance.

Anonymous said...

i am going to go out on a limb and guess that kalvin may have been regularly taking weight loss medication of some sort while in Prague that he may not have access to anymore. he shed weight like magic up until hitting that biological wall, kept it off as long as he was able to keep the pills coming. but for whatever reason his supply was disrupted and he started to pudge out all over again, packing on just as many pounds as he lost & then some. are amphetamine based medications for weight loss legal without a doctor's prescription in czech republic? or even just something like ritalin or a no-doze with the real stuff? that could also help explain the apparent deterioration in mental faculties as well. was kal korff a pill popper who can't get his speed anymore? sure looks like it -- that appears to be an awful lot of weight to put on in such a short amount of time.

Anonymous said...

Kal... Don Ecker owns you.

It's plain for all to see.

Anonymous said...

Poached and editing for truth.

Kal Korff: Here's the second episode of my new show, I hope you enjoy it, it was filmed in the UK, Czech Republic and Switzerland. It contains yet another hard-hitting Xpose. It contains a segment which will be regularly featured called Light YARNS: FAKEships of the Pleiades. In each segment, we show you how to fake your own "Pleiadian beamship" hoax "UFO" photos just like UFO Cult leader Billy Meier did.


Anonymous said...

the expression hard-hitting Xpose sounds like something only a retard would say, and then just once to make a point. kal korff repeats it several times every day as if it is impressive or meaningful. he comes across as a retard who says/does the same thing over and over again even though it makes him look like a fool.

Anonymous said...

Not too much to say about this new video. It's Meier focused with the work of Langdon.

It seems that the video was taped in India as well. You can’t hide those bus horns.

The camera work is again, laughable; herky jerky hand-held “
Blair Witch” style, with okay but ultimately sour audio.

Korff, buy a tri-pod and a lav mic or a shot gun mic. dummy.

Korff does say that he's showing the tree footage exclusively, etc., that’s a lie. That footage has been on youtube for many months.

No problem, we'll add our insights to the video and await another one.


Anonymous said...

Maybe Korff "had his lawyer" email J Edgar Hoover, who is only dead in reality after all. That might be how he keeps the FBI chasing down his bullshit stories. In his head, of course. Of course the FBI, having no jurisdiction in Prague, doesn't even know about the stolen iPads. Yeah, that would work. In a sick mind.

Anonymous said...

ya really, and where was he supposedly walking to? just around the corner? maybe walking in circles? you have to wonder what con he sold to the camera operator ("this will be something you can use on your resume") as any normal person would have just stopped everything and told him to STAY PUT, take off the fucking sunglasses, and stop gesturing like a fucking pompous asshole.

kal also looks fat. puffy, bloated, sallow, with unnaturally dark dyed looking hair (women notice things like that, kal) and repeats the expression hard-hitting Xpose about nine times. it was also obviously taped quite a while ago as he is bedecked in a red fat guy's t-shirt dressed for late summer weather.

Anonymous said...

just as a hint to the professor (by the way how's that PHD thesis coming? haven't seen any lies about that in ages), terms like "hard-hitting", "effective" or even "bloated & retarded" are adjectives to be assigned after the fact by a 3rd party lest one alienate their own audience. referring to one's own work as "hard-hitting" is completely inappropriate and quite pompous. that is an attribute for others to assign. but since kal korff dropped out of college and has no formal education beyond the public school systems we shouldn't expect him to know better anyway. and he washes that gray away in just five minutes!

Bob Barker said...

Hey now, ease up on the criticism of using shoe polish on one's hair. It really doesn't mean anything other than he doesn't like his hair looking gray.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! Have you seen the featured video on the channel yet?

I wouldn't want to be Kalvin Korff right about now.

Anonymous said...

Korff doesn't understand that only HE is responsible for putting questionable pictures out in cyberspace. He should sue hisself, Tina has no liability and he should know that.

Anonymous said...

14 views of Korff's new show video and no response on Flake Book.

One has to ask, what's the point Kalvin?

Nobody cares.

How about going after a real cult, like the Church of Scientology?

After all, it's not just rich actors who have been taken in by this cult.

Oh that's right, they would slap you down NOW. The Meier Cult couldn't care less and nobody else cares.

People believe what they believe.

We believe and have proof that you are a crazy, lone, nut.

The Unknown Korffer said...

After watching KALVIN's video my conclusion is that this six to eight month late video is what would have constituted KALVIN's "show" had the distinguished Mr. Don Ecker not decided to scrape the dog shit off his heel. It took him all fall/winter to get it ready, with his paintball game fraud hitting the fan in the meantime. Without us nagging his conscience KALVIN would be perfectly happy just rehashing the Billy Meier thing or the JFK thing or the Bigfoot thing every few months.

I can totally see him setting up his suckers in India for his bullshit, scamming someone into thinking he was coming there to shoot episodes for a show that didn't exist, perhaps with an accomplice as well to operate the camera. Shooting that video could have just been a ploy to keep whoever had agreed to host his visit mollified, including the absurd tactic of walking around the block talking to himself while being taped.

Very strange and about as professional as some kid selling lemonade complete with the misspelled sign. When you're 6-10 years old its endearing. When you are a 49 year old man it's embarrassing. I couldn't watch the whole video, not because it pissed me off but because it's difficult to watch someone making that big of a fool out of themselves. He should be ashamed of that and hide it, just like all of his Youtube video uploads.

And why not just come clean and admit you're using Youtube? Nothing wrong with that, its the industry standard on web-based media presentation (watch that phrase turn up in his mantra now). Though KALVIN seems woefully ignorant & uninformed of the fact that Youtube is just one of dozens or even hundreds of free video hosting platforms available. Many of which are used by media professionals to host their material away from the usual Youtube distractions of funny cat videos, music videos and fringe element losers like KALVIN who need a virtual padded cell they can unleash themselves in every once in a while. Genuine professionals know to take their material elsewhere let it be devalued by association with "Play Him Off, Keyboard Cat! Does Dumb Skateboarder Epic Fail Must See!"

For an alleged pioneer of cybernetics, computer networking and multimedia Kal K. Korff doesn't seem to know jack shit about anything. Keep up the good work but please, no more pictures.

sasdfgasjkdghsdfjg said...

lol korff probably always wanted to do an interview set outdoors in some exotic location where he was walking in a picturesque setting while engaged in a dialog with a fawning reporter. making gestures with his hands to underscore his insights. so he went to india and staged it there, thinking that just being in india would make the video remarkable.

he could have shot that down the block from here. which isn't to question whether he actually shot it in india, i'm sure he did. but i have no idea what the point of shooting it in india was especially since the subject was supposedly about a person from switzerland. nothing in that video was about or related to india, and in fact the video was about korff & his obsessions. so fail on the "shooting in an exotic location to give instant significance" tactic.

whats wrong kal, was the taj mahal booked? couldn't get a pass to the maharishi's retreat? kicked off the field where steven speilberg filmed the scene from close encounters? perhaps a friendly warning from a authority figure about shooting someplace without permission? or maybe just ran out of time to actually stage something and forced to wing it wandering aimlessly around the block passing anonymous hedges just to put on a show for your hosts?

kal looked like he was having trouble keeping up with the camera operator. good to see him getting some exercise but i was reminded of that parody beatles documentary with eric idle where the van with the camera he was speaking to starts driving off and he has to run after it to keep up. eventually it ditches him.

so i can imagine korff turning up in india after a huge shuck-job buildup to some interest group he infiltrated via flake book & sold a con to. blustering claims of being an international journalist terrorist smasher, invited to come to "film" and this is all he could come up with. his hosts must have been so disappointed and quite confused, even more so now that he's released the results.

it isn't just a lousy scam it's lousy video, obviously shot on consumer grade equipment and edited using a freeware video editing program (including the same stock effects & filler clips). which *can* be compelling, i've seen iphone shot videos that are professionally made but you can tell they were made by professionals with training & skill.

after watching kal's tape my first though was that i'd been too tough on charlie sheen's videos last week.

Anonymous said...

Now it's "e-mails" because nobody is respnding to his wall. NOBODY!


Kal Korff: I wish to thank everyone who has emailed me with comments regarding Episode 2 of my new show. So far, as with the Don Ecker Xpose, your comments have been overwhelmingly positive in your emails to me. Thanks again. The next episodes will have more Xposes, they will cover everything from Obama, Democrats and Republicans, to Desperate Don, more Billy Meier, and other "paranormal" frauds and hoaxsters.

More lies.

Kal Korff: On Thurs I'll be hiring a firm to locate Don Ecker's assets, since it's no secret that he'll barely be able to afford a lawyer. Friends of his told me he used to live in a trailer. Ecker CANNOT win the lawsuitS I'm filing against him, he's guilty of everything from conspiring with criminal cyberstalkers who repeatedly threaten to murder an U.S. citizen and Jew, to libel, slander, defamation with malicious intent.

Bang away Little man.

Kal Korff: Don Ecker has become so desperate, living up to his moniker "Desperare Don," that he wrote a delusional letter outright lying, saying I refuse to appear on his show. As was proved when I published my lawyer's letter to him here, I'll appear on his show no problem, under the reasonable terms Ecker was ALREADY told. My team of five lawyers will now sue him, it is ECKER'S choice, not mine.

Don Ecker's Ninja Bodyguard said...

Well, the dumbass is right about one thing. No one can win the lawsuits he's "filing." I'm sure Don has filed the suit in an appropriate place.

It's not much of a lawsuit that can be dealt with entirely by a spam filter.

Brit_in_Prague said...

Hmmm - Kalvin Karlton Korff.

Evil scum.

Die in agony.

Anonymous said...

One response in the last 24 hours on Korff's Flake Book wall to ANY Don Ecker - Meier related post.

Epic failure.

Don Ecker... WINNING!

The Unknown Korffer said...

Kal Korff: On Thurs I'll be hiring a firm to locate Don Ecker's assets, since it's no secret that he'll barely be able to afford a lawyer.

Once again the Korffling accusing someone else of being in the exact state he is in, in this case flat broke. The guy is a total working example of a cyberpath right down to the sending of unwholesome pictures of his loathsome person. Nobody on his buddy list is responding to these temper tantrums because that's not what normal people use Flake Book for. Once again Kal Korff has demonstrated that he doesn't know shit about anything, is woefully inept, has nothing & no one in his corner, and cannot help but make mistakes that reveal what an emotional infant he really is. I say avoid him which is exactly what the Flake Bookers are doing.

Anonymous said...

Cant we have something new so we dont have to look at these revolting pictures anymore?


Anonymous said...

IMO, it's not about us, it's about driving Korff even more crazy....

Anonymous said...

Well yeah, assuming he has enough sense to be embarrassed by them.

Having to deal with a "web site" named Kal Korff is an Idiot just has to chafe though, no matter how fucked up he is.

Anonymous said...

KalIsrael..need I say more?!

Anonymous said...

KalIsrael.. so hot right now - KalIsrael.

Anonymous said...

How about "Where's Kalvin" based on the same line; broken promises, threats made, etc.?

Kal Korff: After I finish my six vol. series on Islamofascism, haters, extremists and CONspiracy nuts, I'm going to write a book called "Where's Obama?" It'll be based on the "Where's Waldo" concept. I'll cite only major issues, "promises" he made, world crises, then challenge people to show WHERE Obama is anywhere to be seen, especially truly leading. It'll be an easy, fun book to write, hopefully in time for 2012 elections.

Anonymous said...

I know if I had a blog like this, about me, I'd do whateber it took to have it removed. Tell the truth, say I'm sorry, whatever it took.

Then again, I have a life.

Anonymous said...

For their excellent pree service hosting jew haters, etc... Dummy.

Kal Korff: My web site it back up. I would like to thank 1st-Amendment web hosting once again for their excellent service.

Anonymous said...

Ha, ha, ha!!!!!!!! 48 views! The latest naked kalvin shower video on the KAIA channel has 38 views. We will over take you Kalvin!

Kal Korff: Here's the URL again, by popular request, of the second episode of my new show. A third episode will be up on the Internet in a few hours. Right now, predictably, my web site is under a DNS attack by Meier nuts, their IP addresses are being tracked, they're too stupid to realize it doesn't matter. I do not post these vids on my web site, the bandwidth can't handle it. Formal charges will be filed against them soon.

Anonymous said...

it is telling that korff wields this almighty hammer to bash anyone with the very hurtful accusation of anti-semitism and then he uses provider who gives harbor to websites whose whole existence is based on eradicating israel + espousing nazi ideals. he is the premier of hypocrisy. i also doubt he is embarrassed by the images at all. to korff it is likely just more ammunition to hurl forth in his verbal assaults.

Anonymous said...

Bang away asshole, bang away....

Kal Korff: Herr Thomas W├╝rgler, lic. iur., who is the Commander of the Criminal Police in the Canton which has jurisdiction over the area where Swiss UFO Cult leader Billy Meier lives and runs his scams, is also being contacted by my lawyers, and will also receive the formal complaints against Meier for fraud, consumer fraud, mail fraud, cyberstalking, etc. I'll keep people posted as events permit.


Kal Korff: BREAKING NEWS! Ms. Christiane Lentjes Meili, Dr. iur. who is head of the Swiss Criminal Police who handles cases of criminal stalking, will be receiving the formal complaints against the Billy Meier UFO Cult shortly. This follows up on my trip to Switzerland recently, which one of Don Ecker's cyberstalker friends now under investigation by Czech police, falsely claims did not take place. I'll keep people posted.

Anonymous said...

We're waiting. Bring it on Korff. Follow through. Show us your nut sack dummy.

BTW asshole, you said LAST MONDAY that you met with the police about those cyberstalker guys. Liar.

Kal Korff: My lawyers are hiring a asset locator and a process server in the Los Angeles area to handle the impending lawsuit against Don Ecker. Ecker wrote a letter LYING, saying I was afraid to appear on his show. This has never been true and Ecker knows this. Ecker was told if he dared make this claim, he would be sued for this as well. His letter says I am bluffing. He could not be more wrong.

Kal Korff: Czech police will be moving shortly against two "friends" of Don Ecker's, Francis Underwood and James Dalyrumple, who are guilty of criminal cyberstalking and making repeated death threats. On Monday a report detailing all of their stalking emails and death threats will be presented to a police commissioner there for action. Ecker has been reported to the FBI and other agencies as well, I'll release details and docs.

Anonymous said...

BTW, none of these last post had any response at all. ZERO.

Kal Korff: Hey everyone, a UFO CONspiracy nut just blocked me from posting the truth, after I pointed out that the word "debunker" does NOT mean someone has a closed mind, it means to remove the "bunk" from something, to separate fact from fiction. Look it up. Until the imaginary field of UFODumb starts using REAL world terms, adheres to the practice of science, it will never be taken seriously nor should it be.

Anonymous said...

From hero Don Ecker.

I see you never responded directly to my email concerning my invite to appear on DMR, and I am not surprised. As they say down in Texas bud ... you are ALL COWBOY HAT AND NO COWBOY CATTLE. Could we say Kowardly Kal???

As far as your phony threat to sue me ... I will see you in court Sport.

Don Ecker - Host
Dark Matters Radio

Oh yeah, here is a PS for ya,

There are more than 10 people I have been in touch with that are simply drooling at the thought of getting your ass in court. Kay? See ya!

Art Bell's Microphone said...

Kal Korff: BREAKING NEWS! Ms. Christiane Lentjes Meili, Dr. iur. who is head of the Swiss Criminal Police who handles cases of criminal stalking, will be receiving the formal complaints against the Billy Meier UFO Cult shortly. This follows up on my trip to Switzerland recently, which one of Don Ecker's cyberstalker friends now under investigation by Czech police, falsely claims did not take place. I'll keep people posted.

Translation: "Hey! I found another email address to send some more of my idiot fake lawyer crap to."

One of these days, he's going to swindle the wrong person *in the flesh* and he'll just disappear. That, or he'll end up in a padded cell somewhere. Either way, we won't have to put up with any more of his sick bullshit here in reality.

Anonymous said...

>>> Art Bell's Microphone said... <<<

Now that's funny!


Anonymous said...

BTW, not a single person wished our little Kalvin a happy birthday on Face Book. No one, zero, nada, nobody.

Anonymous said...

lol no birthday wishes? that has got to sting a little. then again since none of those people actually are korff's friends - i doubt he knows the meaning of the word - who's surprised? i am sure he had a fine birthday sitting alone in a small room talking loudly to himself.

Anonymous said...

now watch him post thanking "everyone" for the overwhelming number of privately messaged or emailed birthday wishes

Timkixr said...

BTW, two hours ago was... now.

Chadprfh said...

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