Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Kal verses XZone

Whether it be that the Xzone article shines a big fat spotlight on the silly claims of Kal Korf or not has yet to be seen because like Kal it does indeed seem that Rob McConnel simply cannot deliver on time. This is either because Rob McConnel added stuff or he might be scared of Kal! ahahahahahahahah Nobody should be afraid whatsoever of that bloated gasbagKal Korff or that rather unusually large hole that passes for what he calls a mouth.

Though I do see that Rob McConnel now has a picture of the page to his newspaper or newsletter or whatever it is back up on his Internet website I have noticed that he has changed it from "the lies of Kal Korff and others who lurk in the paranormal" to "the claims of Kal Korff and others who lurk in the paranormal" I wonder what prompted this change and pound for pound I would say it would be a lot of long winded email threats from that windbag Kal Korff to Rob McConnel that calling him a liar is slander and defamation and the usual idiocy that goes with being Kal. I clicked on the newspaper several times but it still is not available for some reason. so it looks like we will be waiting a bit longer for the word from Rob on his "good buddy" Kal and rumor has it that Rob Mcconnel is doing this only because he has seen a part of Paul's film and is tryingto avoid any further embarrassment..

Rumor about this Rob McConnel newspaper article is that it recaps many ofthe inside dealings Rob McConnel had with Kal Korff including deals offered by Kal to Rob McConnel that Kal never delivered on and claims Kal has made in a variety of places that have no proof to back them. Rumor also has it that Kal backed out of a number of debates Rob was trying to arrange on the Roswell flying saucer and JFK and bigfoot. Rumor also has it that Rob Mcconnel will also provide the results of the nanotechnology Kal said he sent. So I guess at this time I will just have to wait around for this newspaper or newsletter or whatever it is to come out. In the meantime I did receive this email from someone about Kal and his claim of having a five hundred book publishing deal.

"Since you don't seem to be involved in the UFO subject, there is a gentleman named Philip Mantle whom had a book published about the now infamous Alien Autopsy. The book is called Alien Autopsy Inquest and was published by Publish America, which is an online publisher to which anyone can submit a manuscript. During an episode of the X-Zone radio show where Kal K. Korff and Philip Mantle both appeared, Mantle announced the release of his book and Korff said, on the air now, that Mantle was the first "recipient" to be "awarded" a published book in Korff's 500 book deal."

"Well, Mantle never acknowledged this during the episode and you could tell there was a moment of awkwardness there. Being the proper gentleman Mantle is, he likely took the high road to avoid an on air fight. Mantle is the sole reason that book was published, it had not a thing to do with Korff. In my checking, Korff is not associated with Publish America. So just what company is this supposed super publishing deal through? This just sounds like more fantasy and fiction from Korff."

Perhaps there is a lad out there who can check on this Phillip Mantle chap and into this book and the program where he appeared with Kal? I have noticed that Kernal Kowdung has not updated his Internet website in a while now since he had to suddenly and CONveniently go into hiding from Paul Kimball during Paul's visit to Prague. Sources in Prague have apparently provided some rather interesting inforation to Paul about Kal and also Paul was able to obtain some amazing film of Kal and interviews with U.S embassy officials, the mole, Vojtek, Prague media members, and the whopper I hear is that in one Kal video Kal is at a table talking to two chaps about legal stuff. Rumor is that Paul landed interviews with them both!! Worlds Away! I can not wait to see it!!!


Brad Hudson said...

I believe that Rob actually asked Phillip Mantle about Kal some time back and Mantle's response was something along the lines of "I wouldn't believe a word Kal Korff says".

IIRC Mantle is another person Kal made promises to and then never delivered.

Also, as far as the 500 book deal goes I remember reading that Kal had told someone that Prometheus had promised to publish 500 books either by Kal, himself, or authors Kal brought in (almost as if Kal was the final word on what was published and what was not).

By the looks of it, though, Kal just planned to take credit for 500 books no matter who published them.

One final note: I've seen a few people who were upset that Rob was charging for his Kal expose, but if you look at it Rob charges the $1.50 per issue for all issues of his newsletter. I can't blame the guy for trying to make a few bucks off his own writing, especially as the $1.50 fee isn't something he added just for the Kal piece. I've got no problems handing over my 6 quarters to see what Rob dug up. hell, it's worth $1.50 just to see what kind of metal filings Kal was trying to pawn off as "Nano components/Nanodust".

Keep on Korffin'

Anonymous said...

Col. Kal Korff Files Official Complaint with FBI, DOJ and IG over Unethical Behavior of SAAG Mr. James Smith PDF Print E-mail
News - Latest News
Written by Public Relations
Wednesday, 01 July 2009 16:54

Colonel Kal Korff of the Israeli-founded Special Secret Services is forced to reveal details of his past, in order to help insure justice in the present. Korff will reveal tomorrow, under oath, his rank and current duties, as well as how he became involved in intelligence circles dating back to 1980 when he was recruited at the World Affairs Council after delivering a blistering speech to the Soviet delegation over the U.S.S.R.'s unjustified invasion of Afghanistan. Korff has 'played' in that area of the world off and on over the years ever since.

Colonel Kal Korff of the Israeli-founded Special Secret Services, an individual who has longtime connections and associations as an Analyst and Liaison in intelligence community circles dating back to 1980, will be filing a series of formal legal complaints against Senior Assistant Attorney General Mr. James Smith, who has been CAUGHT engaging in unethical and illegal behavior.

While precise details have not yet been released, they are expected to emerge tomorrow as Col. Korff prepares to reveal before the public, the details of "Operation Robust" — which specifically targeted SAAG Mr. James Smith after he was reported in confidence by a fellow DOJ entity who read the Pex and Knowles forensics in the wrongful shooting of Kurtis Korff and became so concerned, the source was "shocked and dismayed" that SAAG James Smith has deliberately ignored them, and is now engaged in a cover-up and CONspiracy to defraud Federal Judge Mark Clarke, who is overseeing the trial.

Colonel Korff is also expected to reveal many details of his past, (all sworn under oath), including his present rank and service, and his connections to the former Reagan Administration, and his association with former CIA Director William Casey, whom Korff celebrated his birthday with on two occasions, they were born on the same day, but not the same year.

"It was the first time I ever had Scotch and soda, and a Martini," said Korff, "on an empty stomach it wasn't the best combination."

While more extensive information concerning Korff's "Casey Connection" and his issues with DOJ ethics over the Iran-Contra scandal are included in Korff's autobiography, some limited amounts of this information are being released this early because of the sensitive nature of the evidence which will be formally filed against Smith tomorrow, and is expected to result in his possible prosecution and certain removal from the U.S. Civil Rights lawsuit now underway against seven different parties for illegally shooting and trying to kill, Kurtis Korff.
Last Updated on Wednesday, 01 July 2009 17:43

Anonymous said...

>>> Korff will reveal tomorrow, under oath, his rank and current duties, <<<

Fuck you Korff. We've read this before, on more than one occasion.

We won't take your word for it, Kalvin, because, when asked for proof of this last time, you went silent again. Just like a big ass fart in an elevator.

You lying fuck.


Anonymous said...

Yet another oath and more name dropping from Kal. Does nothing ever change with this guy? Someone write Kal a note and stick it to his ass so he can read that it is over. No respectable attorney working for the feds let alone any attorney wirking for the feds would give Kal the time of day. Kal is just blowing hot air out his ass again.

Squonkamatic said...

You know its amazing. You think you've had a full day, getting to the office early, closing a couple off accounts before midday and hitting the gym for lunch, maybe some fireworks at the afternoon planning session, deciding to walk home instead of getting a ride, visiting with the new neighbors on the lawn and enjoying a call from an old college buddy over a beer before dinner. Then a couple hours to yourself in the studio trying to finish off some work in progress. You light up an end of the day smoke, flip off the lights, crank up the old Powermac & hit the internet for a few before picking out a DVD to relax with before turning in.

Then you swing by the Kal Korff blog, and you find out that Kal K. Korff is now suing some new entity over his time palling around with former CIA Director William Casey during the Iran-Contra thingamahooey, that the two of them used to party together, that somehow it all ties into Korff's obsession with his brother's legal status and that the guy has enough free time on his hand to be "formally" filing legal claims because of some secret SPASTOE sting that even has a goofball code name (OPERATION PUMPKIN FRITTER) requiring him to be placed "under oath" (WHERE? IN PRAGUE? ANYPLACE IN SPECIFIC??) and some fruitcake nonsense about Department of Justice forensics, federal judges, Super Duper Services, the Russians invading Afghanistan (wasn't that in like, 1979? When the original Battlestar: Galactica was on?), and a really lame computer animation of what looks like some guy picking up food at Wendy's.

I thought I'd had a pretty good day until I saw that! Damn! Even unemployed, skating responsibilities in Prague and with no prospects for his future, Kal K. Korff has done more in one afternoon than James Bond did in all of "The Living Daylights" other than get into a knife fight on a net being trailed by an airplane at 5,000 feet. Either he's making this all up to compensate for not having a whole heck of a lot to do with himself and still wanting to sound impressive to the 30 or so people who visit his website (HI MOM!! :D) after Don Ecker reminded everyone of the bullshit Kal tried to pull with Royce Meyers III, or else the rest of us just aren't really trying with our dull, humdrum lives.

Anonymous said...

>>> Colonel Kal Korff of the Israeli-founded Special Secret Services, <<<

Kalvin K. Korff: "I've never called it a secret anything. I've never said it was secret."

Yeah, right.

Israeli-founded Special Secret Services
Israeli-founded Special Secret Services
Israeli-founded Special Secret Services
Israeli-founded Special Secret Services
Israeli-founded Special Secret Services

Lies, lies, lies, lies, lies, lies, lies, lies, lies, lies, lies, lies, lies, lies, lies, lies, lies, lies, lies, lies, lies, lies, lies, lies, lies...

Fat ass.

Squonkamatic said...

LOL and what's the story about his party days with the former (and late) CIA Director William Casey:

"It was the first time I ever had Scotch and soda, and a Martini," said Korff, "on an empty stomach it wasn't the best combination."

LOLOL!! What the hell does that have to do with anything involved with Kurtis K. Korff's brainpan being criss-crossed by a 9mm slug?? Or is he just bragging?

I can picture Kalvin getting the idea:

"I know what I'll do. I'll trot out some story about me getting wasted with Bill Casey. Hell the guy's dead, and like anybody from the Reagan administration is going to pop up with a logbook of the guy's scheduling between 1981 and 1987."

I'll also throw out a probable reason why this SAAG guy might have ignored the silent YouTube forensics data cartoon: It probably wasn't submitted to the court properly for review in time to be considered as evidence in the trial. That's why it helps to actually go to where a trial is happening if you honestly want to play a part in it, FUCKFACE! Or is there some reason why Kal K. Korff can't come back to the United States?

Honestly, this is a complete waste of time. I love you guys and this blog rocks, but for crying out loud. William Casey? Russians in Afghanistan? Speeches before international bodies by a 17 year old SAPSTOE on the go 29 fucking years ago? DRINKING STORIES???

The guy is a complete fucking fruitcake. Or was that from Kal Korff Konfessions? If so it's a masterpiece. If not it's proof positive that there really is no end to this, the guy is fucking bananas.

Anonymous said...

As predicted Kal is about to hit rock bottom and this latest piece from him cements this for me. What a jumbled fruit salad Kal has tossed for us. Russians, Afghanistan, oaths, drinking with a CIA big-wig, FBI, cover ups and more. Kal sounds more and more like an unstable conspiracy nut every time he opens his mouth.

Anonymous said...

most of us would just be happy referring to ourselves in the 3rd person -- Korff needs to trot out the Russians and a dead CIA director to make his story complete, which is really just that the court ignored his whacky forensics data by Laurel & Hardy. the rest of it is just window dressing to make him sound important. he isn't.

Squonkamatic said...

Honestly. I'll let this latest outburst from Professor Popcorn drop after this post. Obviously he's run out of or stopped taking the nice happy meds he was on for his Sermon On The Mount videos. And it's pretty clear that Kal Korff and Michael Jackson had something else in common other than rich Arabic benefactors -- they both have that psychological affliction that blinds you to how other people really perceive you. Jacko dressed up like the Invisible Man crossed with a Ninja, and Kal K. Korff tells people he's a non agent for a non-secret secret organization "founded" by the Israelis. To anybody else it sounds completely ridiculous, and Kal mistakes our outspokenly baffled amusement at his persistence for such behavior with hatred. We don't hate you Kal, we just think you're delusional. There is a difference.

But honestly. What was the purpose of that post, other than to assure everybody that he's still completely off his rocker? And what's with all this improbable hyper over-achievement? Like the other guy said, most of us would be delighted just to get away with referring to ourselves in the 3rd person. Kalvin has to not just interview himself for his own take on the events of the day, he has to bring up the Russians, the Feds, the Israelis, judges, assistant attorneys general, diplomatic organizations, assorted scientific Think Tanks etc. And that's just one "update" screed upon thousands of them dating back to when computers were used by normal people to do stuff like play Defender without needing quarters.

I had to write an artist's bio sheet for a show I'm in next month and actually felt bad about mentioning piddly stuff I actually did that's actually on my transcripts and CV. It's no big deal but I actually did them and people might be interested in knowing about some of it when evaluating my work. Now I see Kal K. Korff giving himself propz that both Henry Kissinger and Carl Sagan would envy and it's just ... who does he thinks is going to be reading that crap? other than us that is. Who's benefit was it written for, and why? His Czech flunkies? Some CR party girl he's trying to bag? Brad Sparks? Rob McConnell? His mom?

And what's this absolute obsession with delivering speeches in public to esteemed gatherings of learned global leaders at absurdly young ages? In 1979 I was hot for Wilma Deering's gorgeous spandex ass from "Buck Rogers In the 25th Century" and worried about making the cut for the soccer team. When I was 17 I was up for parts in the drama club, chasing the French exchange co-ed, smoking marijuana and taking guitar lessons. Did Kal K. Korff ever have an actual childhood when he wasn't preparing to address the diplomats of the world with his brilliant wisdom? Did he ever not do super stupendous things involving laser beams or neutron bombs? Didn't his "handlers" realize that it's actually more healthy for 17 year olds to goof off, hang out with the guys at McDonald's after school, and drive around in a Camero on Saturday afternoon spraying hot chicks at the park with a super soaker?

So he's got yet another thing in common with Michael Jackson: A twisted, warped childhood that turned him into a dysfunctional idiot. Enough already.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could write like you, Squonkie...

Kult of Kal said...

I have to agree with Squonkamatic - enough already. For me, anyway, enough.

For a couple weeks, I was becoming too busy. But I realize it now, it's just about priorities. I'm not too busy; I'm just too busy for Kal.

Making the 3 videos was true fun and I got satisfaction whenever I heard others enjoyed them. But the total thrill is dwindling fast because Kal simply seems like a broken record anymore.

I'm taking a break from this Korffing. I'm going to try checking in every week instead of twice/thrice a day.

Later crew - and enjoy the Korffing.


Stop_LYING_Korff!!! said...

I hate you, Korff. I really loathe you.

Anonymous said...

Me too. Dear God, how I despise him.

Anonymous said...

"Colonel Korff is also expected to reveal many details of his past, (all sworn under oath), including ... his association with former CIA Director William Casey, whom Korff celebrated his birthday with on two occasions, they were born on the same day, but not the same year."
---Well, yaas, naturally. Colonel Korff is - as we all know - a mere stripling of 36.

You nutjob, Korff.

Anonymous said...

so he delivered this blistering speech on afghanistan when he was seven years old ........... anybody else had enough yet?

we won't ditch this blog but thats it for korff

Don Ecker said...


I hoped it never would come to this but after reading what the Pillsbury Dough Boy wrote ....

"It was the first time I ever had Scotch and soda, and a Martini," said Korff, "on an empty stomach it wasn't the best combination."

I've had enough .....

kowboy kal, I CHALLENGE YOU TO A DUEL you loud puff bag. Choice of weapons ... Johnny Walker Black and Drambuie AKA a RUSTY NAIL.

The first to remain standing ... WINS.

But, we all know you would never accept such a challenge, would ya Dough Boy? Nah, I didn't think so.

Geeze, I went and did it again, another waste of electrons.

Don Ecker

Anonymous said...

When is this damn film coming out. Couldn't Mr Kimball at least stick up a preview on YouTube? Please....

Anonymous said...

Its a damn shame when we lose someone like Billy Mays and yet Kal Korff continues to infect this planet with his existence.

F1 Racer

Anonymous said...

So when the f*$k is McConnell going to make this piece about Korff available???

Anonymous said...

I asked Rob, he stated that subscribers get it first then the media, then that Scrib website.

Don't know what to tell you, we should have seen it late last night?

Thx for sharing Mr. Ecker! :^D


Anonymous said...

For some unknown reason, it's been posted in a different place:

I'm downloading now.

KKIAI; e-mail me ASAP.


KIAI said...

FN you send me an e-mail as i do not respond using that account. thanks.

KIAI said...

FN or you can send me messages at my Internet address of kalisanidiot account

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...


Well, regardless, it seems that you can't load the .pdf on to your hard drive, you can only pay and them read it off the server, unless I'm missing something.

Anybody else figure this out and further.


Anonymous said...

make screenshots & chop em together with photoshop

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't our hopes up on much more than is readily visible for free. It looks like the article only continues to page 2.

Front Page - The Claims of Kal Korff
Page 03 - AM 620 WDHP
Page 04 - Seeking the Truth - Time and Perseverance Ends the Interception
Page 05 - A Glimpse of Hamilton
Page 05 - Rob McConnell - You Don’t Know God
Page 05 - Sande Donahue - JoJo A Dog’s Tale
Page 06 - Morgellon’s Disease
Page 07 - Depleted Uranium
Page 08 - UFOs Over Neverland Ranch
Page 08 - UFOs, the Bilderbergers, the illuminati and other secret agendas we believe in
Page 09 - Mile Wide UFO Seen By British Pilots
Page 09 - Author: Feds to admit UFOs soon
Page 10 - Philip Mantle - Alien Autopsy Inquest
Page 10 - Doug Elwell - Mysterious World: Ireland
Page 11 - Crashing into the Whitehouse
Page 12 - Janet Sailor - ASPE Paranormal Conference 2009
Page 13 - Roswell Festival 2009
Page 14 - UFOs - A Challenge to Science
Page 17 - McGill Prof talks UFO science
Page 18 - Michelle Whitedove - America’s #1 Psychic
Page 18 - Bobby O’Neal - Syncrohearts
Page 19 - Weird News
Page 20 - Tracy Latz & Marion Ross - SHIFT: 12 Ways to Shift Your Life
Page 20 - Dan Clark - I Witness
Page 20 - The ‘X’ Trivia Book
Page 20 - Jacki Mari - Professional Psychic
Page 21 - The Shag Harbour UFO
Page 21 - Truth Is Still Out There In Shag Harbour
Page 22 - The ‘X’ Zone Store
Page 23 - The ‘X’ Zone Store
Page 24 - UFOs Over Washington
Page 24 - The x Files Paranormal Network (Ad)
Page 24 - Dr Jesse Marcel Jr - The Roswell Legacy
Page 25 - More Weird News
Page 25 - AM 580 CFRA Ottawa
Page 26 - Jack Mari - Professional Psychic
Page 27 - Jill Dahne - Celebrity LOVE Psychic
Page 27 - ‘X’ Zone on iTunes
Page 27 - Jeff Danelek - ATLANTIS: Lessons from the Lost Continent
Page 27 - Jennifer Robins- Ghostly Antiques
Page 28 - Douglas James Cottrell
Page 30 - C.E.IV Rock Band
Page 32 - Soul Snatchers - Robert W Morgan
Page 32 - Lawrence E Joseph - Apocalypse 2012
Page 33 - Nostradamus - Dita Wegman
Page 32 - Poppy Lynn - Intuitive Guide, Spiritual Advisor & Psychic
Page 34 - Happy Birthday Canada
Page 34 - Healing Stones for All Times - Dr Shelley Kaehr
Page 34 - Medicine Garden - Eileen Nauman
Page 35 - The Day the Towers Fell and My Son Christopher - Maureen Santora
Page 36 - UFO Hoaxes
Page 36 - President Jimmy Carter’s UFO Sighting
Page 36 - President Ronald Reagan’s UFO Sighting
Page 37 - God Has No Edges, Dreams Have No Boundaries - Arthur Bernard, PhD
Page 38 - The Famous and UFOs
Page 39 - Project Magnet: Wilbert B Smith
Page 39 - David Champion - Psychic Readings
Page 39 - The ‘X’ Zone Radio & TV Show on TalkStar Radio Network
Page 40 - Top 10 Conspiracies
Page 42 - The ‘X’ Zone Radio & TV Show on X Files Paranormal Network
Page 42 - Superstar Signs - Chrissie Blaze
Page 42 - The Sirian Revelations - Patricia Cori
Page 43 - It’s A Critical Time of the Year for Pets - HAVM
Page 43 - Apex Strategic Investigation Group - Marina del Ray, California
Page 44 - Paracon 2009 - First Annual Canadian-American Paranormal Conference

Anonymous said...

I sent his to Rob tonight.


Hi Rob,

I read the Korff part of your newsletter over.

When will it be available to download and then to print out? I hate reading stuff of the screen.

Anyhow.... I'm interested in your stance that, we Korffers could do any more good by making ourselves a known quantity, while, as you say, bashing Korff (with his own words)?

I can't think of a single reason why I would want to put myself out there, and do a point by point exposé, just liked you've done.

Help me out here Rob, the world already knows that Kal is a huge liar, we also know that the little creep will attempt to disrupt our personal lives, at home and at work.

I certainly wouldn't put myself in that position. And, as far as a know, nobody on that site has attempted to track Kal down, mess with him personally, etc.

Kimball even told him when and where he would be when he visited CZ.

So, as a guy who has had over a decade of contact with Korff, and has been lied to repeatedly, promises made and broken, etc., what good would it do?

Kal has brought his upon himself. Kal can fix this, it isn't our job to right his wrong.

In this respect, you should call out RMIII to come out of "hiding" and confront Korff directly, as Korff has attempted to smear and mess with his personal life more than anyone else.

And yet, I suppose just going away and staying silent is the correct action?

I think not.

You're right, Kal isn't afraid to put himself out there, lies and all.

Why? Because he's got nothing else, and loads of time on his hands.

I (we Korffers) have lives, families and jobs. Excuse me but screw Kal K. Korff. His actions and words have brought him to this point.

I (we) owe him nothing. On the contrary, he owes the consumer an apology and all the people he's messed with in a personal manner.

His behavior is shameful. Do the Korffers sometimes go too far, yes, but keep in mind that there wouldn't be any Korffers if Kal straightened up and flew right.

Calling out crappy UFO research is great and I'm all for it. Him reading those books and responding line for line and paragraph for paragraph, I thought that was a great and much needed tact to take.

Sadly, he's gone too far with the Walter Mitty stuff, sue this person, sue that person, promises upon promises broken, dead lines for all manner of things, never met, claims of papers filed against RMII and others, never, ever happened.

He even claimed that he had photos of me (posing as a Korff e-mail user) and that he would "get me", etc. Never happened.

I owe Korff nothing. I made no promises to him, rather he made them to me, and his Dear World.

I due appreciate your time and effort Rob. You've put yourself out there and I'll leave my personal beliefs as to why I think you may have done this, it really doesn't matter in the big picture. What matters is that you did.

With the soon to be released Kimball video, I'm hopeful Kalvin may wake up and sort himself out and get back to some real world research or, just enjoy life like a normal guy.


Anonymous said...

Kal must have an exit plan. Nobody could be this stupid of a liar. He pretends that most of his audience is listening to him with credibility. Instead his greatest audience is this tiny blog who is calling Kaffy Kuck on his wacky claims.

So are we to believe a little boy wonder (drinker). Who was also a special secret agent and ear to world leaders? Could the seriousness of Kooky Kal's tales be exposed as terrorism that is undermining the truth to these world events? Or is Kanker Sore Kalvin just an innocent laughing stock to the UFO loser? Or could Kal Korff just maybe be telling the truth, as far fetched and Egotistical as it seems?

So are we also to believe that Kalzon's tall tales are to be the subject of a major Kimball film release? How many people in the world could be following this nincompoop?

I see maybe 50 or so comments each new blog entry. Most made by the same people over again. So I would guess that no more than 500 people in the whole world would give a sh*t about this tiny Korndog.

Seriously now, how is Kimball going to make any money? Honestly, Mr. Kimball, how do you think a Korff only expose is going to fare in the UFO/Big Foot DVD world?

Maybe Kimball is going just for YouTube? Kinda calling Korff on this Secret Wars TV show that shriveled up to be just a bunch of lousy home movies released on YouTube.

This would make more sense than a Kal K. Korff is an Idiot movie for the silver screen, DVD player, or the TV network. Or to Korney's surprise, maybe Kimball can sell this mystery to a greater world audience? And Make KKK a world class nut case! How funny would that be?

Make ole Korffy the subject of other wacky UFO/Bigfoot nut balls who pollute these serious fields or con the public at large. Only Korffster Kob would have to be made out as the scariest and biggest Con job that makes up the crazy world. This kind of major release would sell to the UFO/Bigfoot/Conspiracy crowd; who knows might get popular enough for CNN or more. I still can't believe that the KKK, this is your life, total video is going to sell to anymore than the numbers visiting this blog.

So maybe there is not really going to be a "Worlds Away" 'movie?' I wish Paul Kimball would give us some sort of preview....

Either way, I can't wait to see it!

David Biedny said...

I've said it before, and I'll say it again - McConnell is a total asshole, scumbag and two-face shithole who gave Korff a platform for years, called him a "close friend" and now claims that Billy Meier is a prophet. He's a two-bit fraud, and his show should be boycotted. He's doing an expose on Korff? What a total load of horseshit, he's every bit as bad as that delusional turd.


Anonymous said...

Kal Korff is the only "public figure" the public doesn't give a shit about.

Brit_in_Prague said...

Well even the single page that McConnell has allowed the non-paying public to read contains a number of linguistic errors, including one cracking Korffism (see:, middle column):

“Kal never talked about about being interested in becoming an intelligence operative…little own his new found alliance with Israel.”

Little own? LITTLE OWN???!!!

As big a bonehead as the “Colonel”, methinks.

Anonymous said...

So McConnell is an illiterate buffoon too...

Why am I not surprised?

Scumbags, the pair of them.

Squonkamatic said...

Well I have been unable to submit my purchase to Scrbtitts or whatever it's called, using both the current up to date Safari and Firefox web browsers for Mac OSX 10.4.11. I'd love to give Rob McConnell my lousy $1.50 for what appears to be a standard Korffing job but am unable to partake.

Page one covers no new information other than to imply that McConnell's research team contacted representatives of the Israeli government who not surprisingly have never heard of Kalvin K. Korff or the Super Duper Services, and are reportedly "concerned" that he is passing himself off as a representative of their country complete with an officer rank of colonel. I wonder if they also know he has also been alleged to have carried a fake Mossad badge.

That coupled with the Stolen Valor Act charge of wearing US colonel bars (actually I thought they were captain's bars and that a colonel wears a star, explained by some cockamamie excuse that to Israeli rank hierarchy a colonel equals a US captain, but who fucking cares anymore) suggests that young Kalvin might want to think twice before visiting the US Embassy before making any more official statements. There are abundant pictures galore of Kalvin festooned with his falsely appropriated rank insignia and they aren't going away anytime soon.

And for the record the Professor still has his YouTube videos featuring his Kal's Korner X-Zone Radio appearance posted for all to see at Kalvin's SecretXwars channel, and I would hope that Rob McConnell would be enforcing his rights with YouTube in demanding they be removed less anyone think there is still some sort of interaction between them. There's no need to even bother asking Kal to remove them himself, just go straight to YouTube to report the inappropriate content and they should be good as gone.

Anonymous said...

Korff's site is up and it does seem to load a bit quicker? It looks the same.

Korff has posted no less than 11 old videos on his template site (Ecker, RMIII, Randle) as a salvo against this blog and McConnell’s "blistering" unmasking of Kernel Cornhole.

Nice to see that our collective words have the desired effect; to entice Kalvin to respond by posting tired and old youtube videos.

It’s interesting that McConnell thinks that, if the anonymous writers on this blog would just come forward that somehow this would make it all right, or that it would be a better path taken.

No, I think what McConnell may be looking for is a public battle with Korff for ratings, increased viewer ship, etc.

I agree with FN, what good would this do? Going head to ass with Capt. Crunch would only give him more of what he so desperately needs... attention.

Look at what his first response was to this McConnell outing, to post old videos, in a vain attempt to show anyone listening that he’s done good work.

“Look Ma, I’m not a pathetic and lame 47 year old living in an Iran Contra fantasy world.”


I'm sending out e-mails to try and get conformation on this, as well...


I'm looking for some help to track down the legitimacy of a claim being made by, Kal K. Korff.

“... when he was recruited at the World Affairs Council after delivering a blistering speech to the Soviet delegation over the U.S.S.R.'s unjustified invasion of Afghanistan.”

Do I need to send an e-mail to every chapter of your organization to get conformation of this claim?

The person in question is making claims over the internet and I’m trying to confirm at least one claim as being real.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,


Anonymous said...

Kal's lunacy knows no bounds:

"Colonel Kal Korff has sent to the Fed Court, the first of several documents under oath, concerning his background and past involvement in "Special Acitivies" dating back to the time of the Reagan Administration and his mentor, former CIA Director William Casey.

First he was a drinking buddy and the now deceased former CIA director William Casey is now Korff's "mentor". How very CONvenient. Nice to see Kal continuing to desecrate men who actually served their country instead of disgracing it.

Korff will be following up with more information, after the Judge in the case provides further instruction and guidance.

Kal is always leaving himself an out to fall back on so he doesn't have to provide any proof of his claims. Like everything else with Kal, it never seems to be his fault and he always has someone or something else to blame. He did the exact same thing with Art Bell and blamed his "sources" for bad information that Kal hailed as 100% authentic. We all know Art Bell spanked Kal's ass.

In the meantime, the FBI is opening a case file on Senior Assistant Attorney General, to probe criminal complaints about Smith from fellow DOJ officers who are "shocked and dismayed" that Smith is breaking the laws, and avoiding the forensics in the case, which were paid for by U.S. taxpayers, and have NOT been refuted by Smith.

Shocking. Not. Yet another investigation and complaint Kal claims is taking place that will, like all the others, never materialize because it is 100% horse poopie.

More details will be released shortly, and be made public as the Court permits.

There's another CONvenient out Kal is giving himself. So his "oath" supposedly made before a court is subject to being provided by the court at its discretion? This is monumental Kal nonsense and Kal never fails to deliver on the most ignorant sort of fantasia.

Anonymous said...

Just noticed that Korff pulled off the last two graphics which had McConnell on them. Those would be the For and Against the Billy Meier Case, Horn vs Korff images. Horn told me that this debate and DVD would not be happening.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that every Squonk post makes me smile?


Anonymous said...

I was going through some paparwork and I found my last Hit Tab for the Fat Ones template site.

In Feb his "counter" read:


July 3:




divided by 5 months


50218 per month.

It's all bullshit.

We've proven that his site gets about 1000 per week, max.

His Youtube videos get views of into the hundreds over the course of a full year.

You ain't fooling nobody Kernal Cornhole.


KRandle said...

For those interested... in the US, the rank of colonel is designated by a silver eagle. Lieutenant colonel is a silver oak leaf and captain is two silver bars.

In Israeli, the rank insignia is completely different with colonel designated by three ornate leaves. Kal is wearing American insignia on his WW II bomber jacket.

I suppose it could be argued that he is not wearing an American uniform and is not claiming to be an Anerican officer with his continued nonsense about his super duper secret service. But, if it is an Israeli organization, he should be wearing their rank insignia.

However, he did plaster that picture of himself in camouflage all over the place, wearing his captain bars and claiming that he really is a captain. That one could get him into trouble with the Stolen Valor Act and the only one he has to blame is himself.

I'm sorry if no one cares about this brief report on rank insignia, but it is sort of funny that Korff claims to be an officer in one organization but wears the insignia of another.

Oh yes... Kal, I don't believe you're a colonel in anything other than your own mind, so please file suit. Discovery will be a blast.


Anonymous said...

Kal's site doesn;t even get a thousand hits a week. He'd be lucky if it gets 1,000 in a month.

Squonkamatic said...

Thanks for the rundown on the rank insignia Kevin. I used to wear captain's bars too -- on my Six Million Dollar Man jump suit when I was eight years old. They came from Woolworth's, and I used to tell people that I had bionic implants & was an astronaut in training. Eventually though I grew up.