Friday, July 24, 2009

Kal Korff doesn't and will never get it

I have brought myself to read Kal's Internet website and am still laughing over it all. Big speech from an undisclosed location in the middle east? ahahahahahhhaaahahahaha!!!! Let me guess Kal that you will be broadcasting this fom an Israeli secret super secure server too?? ahahahhhaaahhahahaahah Maybe Oliver North will be there with you where you'll hand feed Ollie some grapes laced with nanobots?? ahahahhaaahhhhhhhaaaaaa

Kal lost it a long time ago and there isn;t too much more to say about a desperate chubby little idiot like Kal Korff. the only thing left is to simply laugh at all of the claims Kal HAS NOT and CANNOT prove. Sorry Kal but everyone knows not to take you at your word or anything resembling a situation where people lend you a nanobot of credibility only to find out you were credibility bankrupt YEARS AGO.

So you go on now there Kal Korff and keep pretending about having worked for Oliver North and all the rest of the ridiculousness that you couldn;t bribe a three year old with a ton of candy into believing. Chubby little loser sold his soul for a shot at fame. No one here is laught with you Kal. Oh no no it is quite the opposite. ahahahahahhhaaaahahah


kult of kal said...

Pathetic little fat man.

Anonymous said...

Friendless Facebook Account
Boyfriendless... ;^>
Dirtbag brother
Father KKK
Mother assiting with fraud
Hiding out in CZ
Working on PH'd
Pathetic little fat man

Dr. Zachary Smith said...


Herr Doktor Professor Kal Korff actually channeling historical Prague scientific genius Tycho Brahe!!...

"High-handed and irascible, Tycho Brahe was the kind of guy who got into duels. Luckily he was also a genius."

Anonymous said...

Written by Public Relations
Wednesday, 22 July 2009 10:14


Where's the speech Korff?

Squonkamatic said...

I was wondering how long it would be before Kal K. Korff would reveal his contribution to Tycho Brahe's work with Johannes Kepler on determining the true nature of planetary motion. He also bailed British forces out after the tragic first day of the Battle of the Somme, advised Willis O'Brien and Edgar Wallace on their conceptualization of King Kong, was a consultant to the planning board which chose Los Alamos as the site for the Manhattan Project, and was waiting at the relief shack with ham sandwiches & hot tea for Colonel Scott after his team got lost while exploring the South Pole (they ignored his advice on bringing extra warm socks).

Ironically, the word verification keyword selected for me here is SHAMM.

Anonymous said...

Self-exposed Moron

I’ve been getting some responses from people I’ve asked to come forward, assist in, and in a more specific manner, help we Korffers expose Korff in a final and conclusive way.

The word(s) of the day is: *serious *seriously

These people have gone to Korff’s site and they’ve viewed his youtube rants and they’ve come to the same conclusion;

“Does anyone take this guy seriously?”

“Seriously, I have better things to do that to expose an already *self-exposed moron like this.”

“A serious waste of time.”

There you have it Korff. Your effort really does proceed itself and in a seriously glorious fashion.

Udderly remarkable for a seriously unremarkable person.


Anonymous said...

You are vermin, Korff. The dregs of humanity. Scum.

Anonymous said...

I had to chime in on this one, it's been a busy week. Getting a little complicated at work, but Squonk is always on his game, time to Korff a bit before the coffee kicks in.

So, like rejoining the "Days of our Lives" after 5 years just to see Bo and Hope's marriage lost into an indiscernable trail of intrigue and desception, so we recapture the phases of Korff. Same actors, same bullshit.

Kal's uses of quotations always bothered me.

I came across this in Seattle's weekly The Stranger. Seemed apt enough to share to Korffers who had to suffer his column in Metro Expres.

I, Anonymous
"You're" "an" "Idiot"

by Anonymous

Your incorrect use of quotation marks has led me to subconsciously avoid using them, even where they are warranted. I'm amazed someone as successful as you could get by thinking that quotes adds emphasis, the same way underlining or italics would. This is a classic mistake, one that I encountered frequently when I went to high school in the most impoverished part of Appalachia. Someone with your intelligence should not be making the same mistakes as snake-handling, cud-chewing hill people who have not come down from the mountains since 1765.

--anon, 2009

Anonymous said...

and yes, Kal, I wrote that just for you and when I say "successful" I am being sarcastic, not ironic.

do you know the difference, Colonel?

my next challenge: insert the madness and expose Kal Korff to his own city, Seattle.

Shouldn't be too difficult once "Worlds Away" is released.

Korffing done, and done. Insert sword under the solar plexus.

Kal goes into the upside down mouth of Satan, and now I am ready to go back to work.

best to korffers world-wide

Anonymous said...

reading my own post...there is a deep irony in suggesting the Colonel is successful on any level which will not be lost to korffers.

sarcasm strictly my MO, apologies.

keep on korffing, go to birthday parties, celebrate summer, follow the bouncing ball

see his pug nosed face (pug pug)

Anonymous said...

Search for Korff amd enjoy.


Don Ecker said...

Okay, dropped by the eve of July 25th. I had a little time to WASTE and stopped in here.

FN contacted me earlier today and asked me if I might be able to contact some of my military contacts or other folks in order to "expose" that fat little posure, kal k korff.

Well, I respect FN, but I told him basically that dough boy is not worth my time. Yes, I could get in touch with somebody like Col. North, or somebody like Capt. Dale Dye. How? FWIW, I am the Past Commander of the Audie Murphy Chapter, Military Order of the Purple Heart in Hollywood, Calf. I do not state that to brag to you all, but it is simply a matter of fact. I could contact folks like that. But here is my problem, they would look at "kernal fat asses" website, perhaps listen to a U-tube rant, and then say ... "Ecker, did you lose your fricken' mind???" I would be embarrassed. No-one with an oz. of grey matter would take this ass hole seriously. I told FN, no thanks Brother, not worth the time. He understood. korff is on a downslide, I am having a birthday on Sunday, July 26, gonna celebrate, korff can kiss my ass. Here that kowboy kal? Kiss my money making ass you fuckin' klown ......

Don Ecker

Anonymous said...

Hi Don,

Yes, after we talked, I too came up with the same end game, by and large.

This Korff asshole really should just be forgotten. As fun as it is to witness his on-going melt down, and how fun it would be to have a hand in his public undoing (and we Korffers are already), he's already undone himself, by himself.

No help is needed. Like a CD you've played too often because you just couldn't get enough of it, at some point, you throw the fucking thing out and say enough is enough.

Your statement that holds the most sway with me is that the "professionals" and the "heroes" and the people with the ability to seperate the wheat from the chaff, and very quickly at that, need look no further than Korff's web site and youtube rants to grasp a complete understanding of the man.

Attention whore
Momma’s boy


Anonymous said...

Mr Ecker's typographical style mirrors Korff's in many respects, doesn't it?

Moreover, on the basis of what he writes here and elsewhere on this blog, I'd say that like Korff, he really isn't a very nice man.

David Biedny said...

Don Ecker is a great guy, a profoundly decent human and there's absolutely no reason to dump on him. What's up with that, anon?


Anonymous said...

Anon here,

It wasn't me who wrote that, David. I listen to the Paracast and personally love listening to Don Ecker, and enjoy his posts here.

So, whoever wrote that about Don Ecker, I think you are unaware of how brilliant he is as the cantankerous humorist and a great story teller. His tone and use of colorful language might be off-putting to the uninitiated, I guess.

Anonymous said...

By the way, to salute Don Ecker I'm going to toast him with a shot of tequila when I listen to the Paracast later tonight. I have a nice bottle of Don Pedro just for special occasions, although I think the August 2 show will be the one with Don and Paul Kimball.

Squonkamatic said...

Looks like we got us a mole poking around here! Don Ecker is one of the genuine heroes of the Korffer movement. Trying a little divide & conquer, ehh Professor?

By the way, how's that PHD thesis coming along? We'd enjoy seeing some extracts posted at the website of the university in which you are enrolled, and information on the professor who is sponsoring your candidacy.

Anonymous said...

what what on the squonk level, yo!

i'm getting close to imbibing a delicate tequila in the name of desperate don ecker, the man with the 1200 baud modem on compuserve (i LOVE that story).

here's to trailblazers like Don Ecker. god bless you, sir. your gift of story-telling and your service to this country is impressive.

Anonymous said...

Where's the speech, pug?

Anonymous said...

Kal reminds me much of that psycho John Beckjord who did much the same as Kal does by stalking his victims using the 'net with threats of litigation and asking people to contact places of employment. And it appears to me John Beckjord and Kal have much in common, in that they both had/have major hard ons for Loren Coleman and Riyce Meyer. That and they're both fucking loony loons.

Anonymous said...

Tequila cocked, armed, and assaulted.

Here's to you, Desperate Don! Here's to the Paracast August 2.

I.Am.Kult.Of.Kal said...

hey guys, I just posted an idea: "Where is Kal an idiot?"

Idea is simple: take a picture of this blog's key message with someplace in the background. If the place is recognizable by Kal, all the better.

See my post for the 1st shot (of hopefully more to come)

Anonymous said...

You are vermin, "Colonel".