Monday, July 27, 2009

Kal Korff you sad little freak

It has all hit a point for me here. I do not feel like giving any more attention to this banal and facile little man Kal Korff and I do not want to give anymore attention to this hatred and jealousy filled dried up little turd worm. It is all the same stuff over and over and over with him and Kal's claims and ranting will only continue to worsen as his bizarre and what some might call crazy actions spiraling out of control. I just keep waiting for the final crash of flight crazy. So for now you can take me of the list of the dozen or so people paying any attention to Kal and his ego driven loony tunes. The guy is a broken jar of nuts with a mouth the size of the Hindenburg and it is only a matter of time before he goes down like that famous zeppelin. The only difference is that Kal Korff will not be found in any history books or other historical records and will go out more like the small fart he is. there will be no glory for Kal and no place in history for him. Some infamy makes it into history buy Kal's infamy and hatred and jealousy and his lies and marginalization of other people and Kal's apparent

While I am quite sure Kal will say or write some nonsense or mention something about this being some sort of victory that could only be achieved by him after he conducted a sappytoes clandestine operation with full psy ops and butt hole nanobots or some other nonsense, the truth of it that Kal will twist around is that Kal Korff is an idiot. I did like Kult of Kal and his Kal Korff is an idiot picture idea. very funny and while there is a bit of humor to be found in Kal I am just not finding any right now.

I am utterly sick of Kal Korff and his bumbling mumbling tumbling out of control behavior and his tilting at wind mills. I might have someone take over the blog for me but will likely just be done with it for a while. I would much rather do things that are on a far more intellectually stimulating level than poor dumb and pathetic Kal such as watching paint dry or counting bricks on a wall. Yes these things are much much much more significant than Kal Korff and his round and round we all go nut act and his utterly outrageous and obviously pathetically made up claims.


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Anonymous said...

I can't say I blame you dude. Korff is doing a much better job than we are anyway.

I say, until and unless something big breaks, it's time for a break.

Let Korff have his right hand down his pants all by himself.


Anonymous said...

Then do it and be done with it! I really enjoy laughing my ass off at Kal. But it's getting old hearing squank and others whine about how there tired of giving him any attention. This Blog does serve a purpose and that is to expose this asshole so others don't fall for his shit! If you could put away your expectation of retribution for him, then you would probably see the value in what you have created here. When people google his name this site is number 1 on the list as it should be. Just because Korffers like to watch a pathological liar pull nanobots out of his butt does'nt mean we are validating him in anyway shape or form. We just know good entertainment when we see it!

Anonymous said...

I have to say, I have some mixed feelings that i share with the last anonymous poster, but would not describe squonk as whining. I think squonk and brad hudson are excellent and 1200% insightful.

you know, it's frickin' hot and people get tired of korffing when its hot, perhaps. the rememedy for that is an ice cold beer. your sense of humor will return like quicksilver, and so will the desire to korff again.

But i'm inclined to sway towards FN and his sentiments. This korff business is a self-winding mechanical duck waddling directly into a busy intersection, and mayhem (and hilarity) ensues.

KKIAI, I understand your post. I suggest throwing up some ad banners, because when "Worlds Away" is released, there's going to be some traffic. How nice would it be to eat a fine meal at a restaurant and know that the check was paid by all this? You wouldn't even have to stiff the waitress.

Anonymous said...

You all have this individual figured out correctly.

Anonymous said...

whoa, who was that? the ghost of william casey?

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, for your entertainment, check Kal's new YouTube videos just put up today. He's off on another trip to Fantasyland with his rambling incoherent babbling.
Pathetic, to say the least.


I.Am.Kult.Of.Kal said...

I can relate with KIAI Admin - it gets old. Just tired and old.
But everytime I try to quit, I end up getting new energy to come back in. That shames me, I'll admit it.

To the Anonymous who spouted off for us to just "do it and be done with it," I advise you to calm down. Focus your anger elsewhere, like say, Kal. Why don't you write 300-500 words bitching about what a loser Kal is every couple days? KIAI has been at this for a year solid. Personally, I would be burned out if I kept up his pace for a few weeks, let alone a year.

Don't sweat this site's Google rankings. It's not going anywhere soon.

As sick as you have to be to understand this, Kal needs this site more than we do. To Kal, it DOES validate him, I have no doubt about it.

I say, if you're bored enough to bitch about this volunteer blog taking a break from bitching about a loser, then you need a new outlet in life.

Here are some suggestions to ease your Korff anxiety:
1. Take a picture, as I suggest in my last post. Take two, they're cheap.
2. Draft a post for this blog and submit it to KIAI.
3. Think of a new idea all by yourself.

Anonymous said...

Ha, whew! Kal Korff horse traded non exsistent nano tech to release two people "over there" and that his dirt bag brother will now get his date in court.

But what about McConnell's nanobot material Korff?

Fucking idiot.

Anonymous said...

Korff, are you calling McConnell and liar and a fruad now?

Anonymous said...

Just keep the blog up and let it live. As posted, it's the number #1 Korff related site.

KIAI said...

I will leave the blog up and might post occasionally. Someone who is more computer proficient than I might even start one of those chat boards.

Everyone has a right to whine and that includes the whiners.

Anonymous said...

....BREAKING NEWS !!!!....

....successor to Kal Korff found!!!

Anonymous said...

I will guarantee you that the US Marshall's office has Kal's name on their fruitcake list. Kal is so full of shit. here's what happened - a monetary number got thrown at Kal's brother and they accepted it. End of story. all of the people involved in the case keep their jobs. end of story. Kal Korff is full of shit and he can't prove shit again. illinois valley news will probably follow up onthis latest dose of lunacy from kal.

Squank said...

Whining? "squank"? What ever. I was under the impression we were all in this together. I guess not.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Horse traded? LMFAO!!!!! ROTF!!!!! Kal, your delusions know no bounds and neither does your horseshit!

Were Kal to have two brain cells to rub together he would know that any such settlement in a lawsuit such as this involves no admission of wrong doing. This prevents future claims from taking place and also indemnifies the parties involved.

It also means people will indeed, as previously posted, retain their employment. This settlement likely also has a nondisclosure clause, meaning the parties involved cannot release the details of the settlement.

Is Kal even on this planet? Of course not.

Anonymous said...

No one is whining. Don't feed the troll.

Anonymous said...

everyone just chill out.

Anonymous said...

Nothing would please and yes validate Kalvin K. Korff more than seeing his critics turn on each other. Let people post what they want to post, unless you are presuming to want to regulate how this comment board should be used. We've already seen what appears to be a divide & conquer effort aimed at Don Ecker just in the past 36 hours so its not outside the realm of possibility that this is a veiled troll technique. If someone uses an online name refer to it correctly, if you can't manage to type it use copy/paste. And if you don't like what we've posted here go set up your own blog or work on that chat board project KKIAI proposes. Do something constructive rather than taking swipes at somebody who's risked their identity to contribute to the very cause you claim to be here for.

Anonymous said...

"here's what happened - a monetary number got thrown at Kal's brother and they accepted it. End of story. all of the people involved in the case keep their jobs. end of story. Kal Korff is full of shit and he can't prove shit again. illinois valley news will probably follow up onthis latest dose of lunacy from kal."

wouldn't that prove the corruption case, ad hoc? are you saying our civil justice system is that broken? just throw a bunch of crap at a wall and hope it sticks?

That's nothing new. But are you saying that Kal's Kow Pie stuck?

Brad Hudson said...

How the fuck does the defendant in a lawsuit have no say in a settlement?? Does Kal even listen to what he says anymore? Does he care?

I'm a bit burned out on the Korffing at the present time, as well, mostly because it's obvious that the only way Kal will stop the madness is to either be jailed or dead. No number of blog posts nor documentary films will get him to stop. I just don't see an end game.

Perhaps some time off will be good for everyone. Heck, if we're not around for Kal to make videos for, will he make them?

Anonymous said...

an appropriate response by brad hudson.

i'm going to quit korffing for awhile, I have to make a photograph for Kult of Kal's project, take a week off of work, and see you guys again sometime mid-august.

I'll miss you and best o'luck

Anonymous said...

I'm with Brad and the rest. In fact, this would be a perfect time to give this a try....

Move on, do our personal lives a proper, not that this took up that much time, and just let Korff have it all to him self.

No more comments, no more nothing.

I'm off the case for a few weeks.

No more posts. But I will be working on other items on my own, Korff related, off site.

Okay Korff, have fun responding to those little voices in your head. We won't be feeding you any more material for a few weeks to a month.

You guys and gals all in? Let's make this silence test happen for real and let’s see how the pug reacts.

You know he will.

This should be interesting.

Have a grand August fellow Korffers.


Anonymous said...

Digger is now on hiatus UFN.

However, just one last note for Kal:
If you're going to wear officer insignia on your shoulders, at least pin them on properly, not sideways!


Anonymous said...

The proof is in the nanotechnology dammit! And don't forget to clean the doo dillagence off your shoe!

Anonymous said...

Korff, "I never said nanobots, or technology."

KKK is NUTS said...

So, let me get this straight...

Korff bought a new look-see into his brother's case by giving nanotechnology to a totalitarian regime so that two EU citizens could be released? In effect, he paid a ransom to some dictator?

Wow. Maybe he did learn some stuff from Bill Casey and Ollie North after all.

I'm going to believe Kal on this one, simply because it means I can use another epithet when describing him - traitor. A citizen of the United States, providing classified technology to a totalitarian regime? Do they still execute people for stuff like that?

One can always hope.

Incidentally, loose translation of Korff's video - his brother's lawsuit was dismissed, or withdrawn by the Korffs for reasons that have nothing to do with his wingnut rant on YouTube.

Anonymous said...


That's a great post dude!

Brad Hudson said...

I'd say the suit got dismissed and Kal had to spin up a good story awfully quick!

So, Kal, let me get this straight: you swapped technology to an enemy nation for the release of non-Americans so that the defendants in your brother's suit would get investigated but not be sued.

Yeah, that makes sense. Sell out your brother (and a possible cash windfall) for some perverted sense of retribution for yourself?

Kal, you're so full of shit your eyes are turning brown.

Anonymous said...

Dammit Brad Your suppose to be taking time off! Your ruining the silence test!

aVIM said...

.....yes....let's just quit...

...Kal always wins in the end....

Anonymous said...

Nobody said quit, time away to see what the little shit does, can't hurt...

Anonymous said...

Not sure what's happening on this blog but the Infernal Kernal just keeps pumping out the craziness!! Here's a secret recorded conversation overheard between POTUS and Rahm...

Rahm- Sir, we believe we have a man who can help us get those two unknown Czechs out of the hands of the terrorists...

POTUS- Go on.

R- Our super secret agent Colonel Korff in Prague has been able to broker a deal.

P- I thought Korff was with SAPSTOE...

R- He is, sir, but what we're finding out is that his international connections are seemingly endless.

P- What's the deal?

R- Korff says he'll someday send super secret nanobutt technology to the enemy to horsetrade for the hostages.

P- NanoBUTT? I thought it was nanoBOT?

R- I think the name has changed,sir, something to do with pulling it out of your butt...

P- I see, what does Korff want in exchange?

R- He wants a guarantee that important people will look at some forensic evidence that will clear his brother from shooting a police officer.

P- Rahm, make it so, Korff is not a man to mess with, I hear tell he cracked the Kennedy case and found the man in the bigfoot suit.

R- done sir!

Anonymous said...

Make it so #2... err, #1.

Jimmy D said...


Anonymous said...

Too all Korfers who want to maintain radio silence, do so. For all other Korfers who do not be sure to leave as many comments as you want.

David Biedny said...


I know everyone is going quiet for the month of August, but I have a request - I am trying to get Youtube to remove Korff's post regarding me:

I would very much appreciate if any and all of you still reading would kindly take the time to flag this video as harmful, I suspect if Youtube gets a bunch of these flags, they'll actually respond to my requests to remove it.

Thanks in advance, I hope everyone has a peaceful August.


Squonkamatic said...

Bullying and impersonation, since Kalvin is not an officer holding rank.

Brad Hudson said...

I'm breaking the embargo for August to join in the race to get Kal's ridiculous vid pulled.

I went the bullying route, too, and he's not only impersonating an officer, he's also impersonating being a Jew.

Add that into everything else Kal does and I want to kick his ass all over Eastern Europe and on in to Asia...

Brad Hudson
Impersonating Myself for over 40 years!

Anonymous said...

Why don't we flag each and every video in which he's wearing his fake uniform and badges, posted on this channel:


Squonkamatic said...

Special Agent Squonkamatic here with a major disruption in the radio silence:

People play dress-up and post videos where they pretend to be important, powerful people all the time. In a fit of boredom last night I actually watched the most recent five or six videos Kalvin has posted & had some good laughs. The ones in front of the black curtain where his head is all orangish and too low in the picture frames are disturbing. He looks insane, like a crazy person issuing demands or instructions to a hypnotized cult following. His comments are frightening and self-serving: Kal Korff is definitely an online psychopath and a serial stalker. Royce Meyers III, Sheriff Gil Gilbertson, Deputy James Gieger and Paul Kimball all have ample grounds to alert the FBI's cybercrime division that Kalvin is stalking and harassing them and using YouTube as his primary tool.

The even newer efforts with Kalvin bedecked in his duck hunting shirt as well as some sort of epaulet enhanced vest or sleeveless garment are hilarious. Yes, he is impersonating a military officer holding rank. He even makes a point to say in one of them that the Super Secret Services is a private organization -- why the camoflage then? What purpose could it possibly serve, other than to impress or intimidate those who don't see the costume as what it really is: Kalvin Korff playing dress-up and pretending he is some sort of important soldier in the war against terrorism.

He is not of course, his words about being an analyst also ring hollow because his "advice" or insights on now Iran are nothing that can't be gleaned off any news organization website. He is repeating what others have already said and trying to make it sound like some sort of important revelation. It isn't, its just little Kalvin Korff, and YouTube videos by a wannabe are not a TV series, they are YouTube videos by a mentally inferior wannabe. Instead of his UFO books and his lecturn now he's wearing camoflage and pretending to be an officer in an organization which exists only in his mind.

I liked his explanation of how he was promoted from captain to colonel, and how that happened. It happened because he decided it should happen and hemmed & hawed his way through a preposterous explanation of having agreed to join for a "full ten years", meaning I guess he plans to keep this up for another seven years, though he also indicated that he may not finish out his decade of SAPSTOE work. Which consists of exposing UFO frauds and harassing the sheriff's department of Josephine County.

Lots of mention is made in at least two of the camo videos about a new letter of complaint that he had just sent off only hours before to this federal judge that has apparently not ordered him to cease & desist. OK Kal, which judge? Name his full name, I dare you. You won't because you're making it up, and even if you weren't telling lies about it the judge shouldn't and doesn't care because you live in fucking Prague. Or Geneva -- the new YS3 headquarters is now located in Geneva apparently, though its still the same American & Israeli flags in his backdrop design.

Which also brings up an interesting oddity, which is Kalvin Korff's home country. There are times when he refers to "we will attack Iran" and seems to be talking about Israel and their policy. Yet there are other times when he refers to his pride of being an American and his apparent implication that American laws apply to everywhere on the planet (which he should be grateful they don't or there would be no refuge from the lawsuits & legal summons pending against him here). Which is it, Little Kalvin? Are you an Israeli citizen or an American citizen?

Squonkamatic said...

Little Kalvin, playing dress up on YouTube and twaddling on like he's some sort of defense industry hotshot. Awww, it's so cute, and must have had to shop for hours in at least two army-navy surplus stores to find that camo vest with the epaulets in a size that fit since he's a bit hefty for regulation wear. Tubby in the tummy. When he grows up he will realize how silly he looks. The clashing camoflage patterns, wearing his colonel's wings sideways, his hair freshly dyed to cover the gray patches, the beady black psycho eyes that belie any emotion or genuine human feeling.

Kal K. Korff is a psychopath and serial stalker using the internet as a way to harass, abuse, and potentially manipulate his target/victims: Royce Meyers III, Paul Kimball, Dave Biedney, Don Ecker, Kevin Randle Sheriff Gilbertson and his staff. They should all be all over YouTube watch officers DEMANDING that this material be removed. I am not sure what the rest of us might have to do with that. They need to contact YouTube directly, identify themselves as a victim of harassment that YouTube seems to not be aware of, and demand that the offending material be removed.

Now back to the trenches and more watchful silence. Special Agent Squonkamatic, signing off.

Squonkamatic said...

Quick correction, I really need to get a blogger account so I can post-edit. At one point I typed "... YouTube videos by a wannabe are not a TV series, they are YouTube videos by a mentally inferior wannabe.". That should have been "mentally DERANGED wannabe. I hadn't had my coffee yet.

Anonymous said...

This is priceless. The people being sued by Kal's brother's have filed a motion compelling discovery from Kal and his very own super extra duper special hush hush secret services. Kal mentions this in a video.

You can access court documents online and right now Kal's brother's lawyer is desperately trying to fight this. This is just utterly hilarious and quite deserving for all the shenanigans Kal has been pulling.

Case number is 2008-03018
Oregon District Court
Medford Divisional Office
201 James A. Redden
United States Courthouse
310 West Sixth Street
Medford, OR 97501-2766
Phone: 541-608-8777
Web Site:

Create an account and you have cheap access to all the documents in the case.

Kal always dreamed of being some big shot witness but I suspect he thought it would never happen. Surprise.

And Kal said on the video he is transparent and has nothing to hide. If this is the case then all Kal has to do is get on a special secret services plane and fly to the trial to offer his testimony.

But that won;t happen because only nuts can fly on a paper air[lane with "special secret services" finger painted on it.

Kal also says we are all equal under the law but then contradicts himself by saying the United States has no jurisdiction over him. So when did Kal renounce his citizenship? And what happened to the EU agreement Kal always cited when saying he was going to sue people?

It has come full circle right into Kal's own ass. Far too ironic for words. I hope Kal remembers he brought this all down on himself. Serves him right.

Brad Hudson said...

Breaking the embargo to chime in.

Squonk, great work breaking down the last group of videos. One thing I noticed is that Kal has added the text "Israeli-founded Special Secret Services - Kidon Unit Commander". This is truly priceless. Kidon is the assassinations unit of Mossad. Kidon is Hebrew for "Bayonet", and I'm sure the members of that unit would love to use their bayonets on some wannabe soldier of fortune who has a YouTube account.

At this point the best thing that happened to Kal would be for the FBI to get to him before Mossad does. I'm sure they have the skill to get Kal without anyone beinas far as Kal the wiser.

As for Kal mucking up his brother's trial, I can only say it couldn't happen to a nicer guy. I'm sure Kal's brother's lawyer is drinking heavily knowing she has to defeat the State of Oregon AND Kal's dumb-assery.

Brad, signing out until September (unless something really great happens prior)

Brad Hudson said...

Oops. Last sentence, 2nd paragraph should read "I'm sure they have the skill to get Kal without anyone being the wiser.".

I think I had some sort of brain cramp/typo meltdown or something.

Carry on.

Anonymous said...

LOL not just the Kidon Unit, but according to a previous video caption the Kidon Unit Aleph, of which Kalvin Korff is claiming he is the commander of. So he's now impersonating an officer in an assassins group while threatening American public officials.

Had enough yet, YouTube admins? You're being used by a psychopath.

kal said...

F1 Racer here!!!

Just contacted Mossad!! And now YOU CAN TO!

Simply hip hop on over to:

and fill out the form and spill the dirt on Kal!

F1 Racer

Squonkamatic said...

It's pretty obvious that young Kalvin added that caption to provoke and additional subtle intimidation -- not only is Kalvin Korff stalking you, but he's the commander of an assassination squad. It's definitely a passive aggressive threat, though the effect hinges on whether or not you are familiar with the Mossad, or at least research the name Kidon Unit Aleph.

He is also trying to provoke his critics in decrying this new development and one can predict his response: He will say that he never claimed to be a Mossad operative and that the Super Duper Services has their own Kidon division, of which he reluctantly accepted a command post to after pressure or pleadings from his Super Duper superiors. In fact I'll go so far as to predict that Kalvin wants to explain this to the world and is just doing show prep for an upcoming Is It Really Bullshit segment where he lays out the lie in as much detail as suits his needs.

I'm also fairly sure that Kalvin's obsession with his own past has him re-living the experience of "infiltrating" the Billy Meier sect and to him that was on the same level as a Mossad type undercover operation. Meaning that in his own mind he's as qualified as a Mossad operative and therefore entitled to evoke their image when referring to himself. All it amounts to is more Stolen Valor meant to intimidate his targets -- just like his camouflage costume -- and this time he's stealing it from the Israelis.

I am also convinced that Kalvin really believes all of this. And that he probably sits around his flat dressed up in his camos, referring to various rooms as the Operations Center (living room), the Tactical Planning Wing (dinette/kitchenette), Security Threshold (front door), the Isolation Ward (bathroom), and Dormitory Facilities (bedroom).

Kidon, Jr. said...

I have a feeling that the "isolation ward" is more likely to be his bedroom.

Anonymous said...

Read about Kal Korff getting spanked by some bigfoot dude

This guy fucks Kal right in the ass along with Kal's pal Greg Long.

Anonymous said...

"I might have someone take over the blog for me but will likely just be done with it for a while."

WTF??? This blog you have is a commodity. I'm sure it has an emerging dollar value. "World's Away" is supposed to be released anytime. Why would you give up now? Wait till people stop posting here. That will be your clue on when to throw in the towel.

I'm sure garbage collectors hate the trash, but they make money doing it. I say as bad as Korff is as a human being, he sure makes an interesting subject with his unbelievable tales and outright lies and missed promises. Korffy is sort of like Bigfoot, unbelievable... but there must be some sort of rational explanation.

Anonymous said...

Kult of Kal said...

Guys, come on already. For the last time, collectively, quiet for just a month.

As Squonkamatic wrote "[Kal] is also trying to provoke his critics in decrying this new development..."

Reason enough to actually stay quiet, isn't it?

Just one month. It's not that hard. Suffer through a few days of withdrawal, but it'll pass.

Read a book, spend time with kids, or practice making kids, play outside (it's early August). Enjoy a non-Kal life.

Bottom line: he doesn't matter. You do. Just walk away.

Anonymous said...

Found on Korff's site:

EXCLUSIVE: REAL SOURCE of Barrack Obama "Birth Certificate" Found!

I don't understand? He's 48 years old, born in 1959 would make him 50?

Anonymous said...

Kult of Kal- It was Squonkamatic who inspired this whole idea! If he can't even stop himself why should we stop! The Idea that the collective silence from all of us will stop his ranting is such bullshit. Kult of Kal- Just by what you posted shows that your still reading the blog. The actual idea was to take a break as in not reading the blog. So please Squonk, Kult of Kal and FN, if you guys want to stop go ahead. If you really don't want to give him any attention then by all means get rid of your Kult of Kal blog or this blog for that matter. I hope you don't because it serves a purpose, But quit preaching to the rest of us about what we should do!
I enjoy my daily helping of Kal Korffs bullshit. He doesn't make his vidoes for us. They're his attempts at revenge intended for his enemies. This site brings these issues to light, exposes him for who he is and rightly so. he would make his videos regardless if we watched them or not!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps it is a good thing that Kal doesn't keep his dysfunction bottled up inside, but rather shares it:

Anonymous said...

I love KKK......What a piece of SHIT!

Anonymous said...

Please, think of this month long quiet time as a test.

What will Korff do if he isn't responding to this blog, as we know he does?

After all, aren't we all using Korff as entertainment and as our own little petri dish?

And Korff is using this blog in the same way.

Let's see what happens....

Anonymous said...

Please quit reading this blog and posting not to post here as we can see your totally addicted Kult of Kal!

Anonymous said...


Latest Korff video:

Anonymous said...

Everytime you see me the hammer is so hipe. I'm four on the floor and I'm magic on the mike. So why would I ever stop doing this while others makin Kal Korff sites you just don't get. Kal Korff is a duche, Kal Korff is a duche bag, Kal Korff is a duche bag!

Anonymous said...

FN here,

Just wanted to stop by and print up what a person very close to the Dirtbag Korff brother case told me.


All I can says is that in the civil suit, the plaintiff filed something that he apparently intends to be a voluntary dismissal with prejudice."

Word for word. A bit disjointed in it's structer. Anybody have an idea as to what he means by this?

Back to silence. It has been a nice break. I do have a life!

Anonymous said...

Breaking radio silence. Kal has finally posted that Rob McConnell is no longer his friend and he is going to expose Rob. As predicted on this blog. Returning to radio silence.

Anonymous said...

Screw radio silence.

Voluntary dismissal is when a law suit is terminated by request of the plaintiff (the party originally bringing the suit to court).

In the United States, voluntary dismissal in Federal court is subject to Rule 41(a) of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. Rule 41(a)'s full text can be found below. Simply, Rule 41(a) allows the plaintiff to make a dismissal as long as the defendant has not yet taken any formal court action on the case (ie made a motion or filed an answer).

If the defendant has taken such action, dismissal is only proper under two circumstances: a. the defendant signs an agreement with the plaintiff to dismiss the case b. the judge overseeing the case rules for the case to be dismissed

Once the case has been voluntarily dismissed, if it is brought to court again a dismissal in this second case will mean the case can never again be brought back to court.

If the defendant has a counterclaim, the case can only be dismissed if the counterclaim can still stand as its own case.

Full text of Rule 41 (a) of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure:

(a) Voluntary Dismissal: Effect Thereof

(1) By Plaintiff; By Stipulation. Subject to the provisions of Rule 23(e), of Rule 66, and of any statute of the United States, an action may be dismissed by the plaintiff without order of court (i) by filing notice of dismissal at any time before service by the adverse party of an answer or of a motion for summary judgment, whichever first occurs, or (ii) by filing a stipulation of dismissal signed by all parties who have appeared in the action. Unless otherwise stated in the notice of dismissal or stipulation, the dismissal is without prejudice, except that a notice of dismissal operates as an adjudication upon the merits when filed by a plaintiff who has once dismissed in any court of the United States or of any state an action based on or including the same claim.

(2)By Order of Court. Except as provided in paragraph (1) of this subdivision of this rule, an action shall not be dismissed at the plaintiff's instance save upon order of the court and upon such terms and conditions as the court deems proper. If a counterclaim has been pleaded by a defendant prior to the service upon the defendant of the plaintiff's motion to dismiss, the action shall not be dismissed against the defendant's objections unless the counterclaim can remain pending for independent adjudication by the court. Unless otherwise specified in the order, a dismissal under this paragraph is without prejudice.

Anonymous said...

Rob McConnell reaps the nuttiness he has sown. ha-ha-ha

Anonymous said...

More Witnesses Come Forward against Rob McConnell - X Zone Radio Show SCANDAL DETAILS to BREAK SOON! PDF Print E-mail
News - Latest
Written by Public Relations
Friday, 14 August 2009 17:40


BREAKING NEWS! Kal Korff ENDS "Friendship" with Rob McConnell of The 'X" Zone Over McConnell's LIES to the Media and Public PDF Print E-mail
News - Latest
Written by Kal Korff - Op ed. on the road
Thursday, 13 August 2009 08:38

Rob McConnel, Host of the X Zone Radio Show, has been CAUGHT LYING TO AT LEAST FOUR PEOPLE. Consequently, Kal Korff has ENDED his association with Rob, as have these other individuals. The devastating and definitive evidence against Rob will be published shortly.

Dear World,

In the interests of truth and transparency and accountability, I have decided to END my so-called "friendship" with Rob McConnell, creator and Host of the "X" Zone Radio Show.

The reason for doing this is simple and just: I have PERSONALLY CAUGHT ROB MCCONNELL LYING TO ME, THE PUBLIC, AND THE MEDIA.



I am sorry I cannot reveal more information at this moment, it is best that THE EVIDENCE AGAINST ROB MCCONNELL, WHICH IS CONCLUSIVE, "SPEAK" FOR ITSELF and be presented also by some of these other parties.


Stay tuned...

BREAKING NEWS! - UFO WatchCat MAGAZINE Goes On Sale in Less than 72 Hours! PDF Print E-mail
UFO WatchCat - Royce Myers III
Written by Public Relations
Sunday, 09 August 2009 18:46

Martina Tycova - Executive Producer of UFO WatchCat

CriticalThinkers has confirmed that UFO WatchCat MAGAZINE will make its debut in less than 72 hours. The magazine will be available for sale around the world, and can be downloaded online.

The cost of each issue is only $1.99.

"This magazine will be of interest especially to UFO believers and even skeptics, really all people, Not only are UFO cases and important issues exposed and solved, but the mechanics and personalities behind them are also revealed for the public to see for the first time," said UFO WatchCat in an announcement statement sent to CriticalThinkers.

UFO WatchCat magazine is produced and edited by Martina Tycova.

UFO WatchCat was created to protect trusting consumers from the claims of Royce Myers III.

First Issue of UFO WatchCat Magazine Due in about 48-72 Hours PDF Print E-mail
News - Latest
Written by Public Relations
Tuesday, 11 August 2009 19:19

Dear World,

The first issue of UFO WatchCat Magazine will make its debut in about 48-72 hours tops.

This is an update provided for your convenience.

Anonymous said...

BREAKING NEWS! - Kal Korff Begins Attempt to Prosecute Bob Gimlin re "Bigfoot" Film Hoax PDF Print E-mail
News - Latest
Written by kal Korff - Op ed. on the road
Wednesday, 12 August 2009 06:20

Greg Long's The Making of Bigfoot was the first work to feature a FULL CONFESSION by Bob Heironimus, the man who WORE the actual 'Bigfoot' suit in the Patterson-Gimlin hoax and fraud film that the three of them made.

Dear World,

As some of you may recall, a few years ago I promised to try to have Mr. Bob Gimlin prosecuted for CONSUMER FRAUD, among other charges, re his role in faking the infamous "Bigfoot" film at Bluff Creek in 1967, along with his longtime buddy, con artist Roger Patterson.

As I have always told the media and the public, because it is true, I REFUSED to pursue this issue, until AFTER my brother's lawsuit and more important legal issues were finished.

I specifically said, and this is a matter of public record on shows like The X Zone, that I would never put the issue of a man wearing a gorilla suit over or above the wrongful shooting of another human being.

Now that my brother's legal case has been settled, and now it only need to finish running its course through the Appeals Court now, who will rule shortly, the time has now begun to follow up on my promise to you and proceed with trying to get Bob Gimlin prosecuted for lying to and misleading consumers. Gimlin still accepts MONEY EVEN TODAY, appearing at various shows and signing autographs and lying and falsely claiming that he really did see "Bigfoot.'

The FACT REMAINS, that the only "Bigfoot" Mr. Gimlin saw that day is his friend Bob Heironimus, who wore the "Bigfoot" suit and helped Patterson and Gimlin FAKE their film.

If you bother to ask the folks in Yakima, Washington, where Gimlin lives (and most Bigfoot "researchers" have never bothered to even visit there!), it is no secret that Bob Gimlin's wife, Judy, has told her philandering husband, that if he "dares to tell the truth" she will "divorce him" — and since Gimlin needs his wife's status and income in order to survive financially, this case will prove to be very "interesting" SHOULD the Attorney General or officials decide to prosecute Mr. Gimlin for FRAUD, ongoing, since at least 1967.

As the record shows, we tried to also have Ray Santilli prosecuted for his Alien Autopsy fraud, but as was explained publicly last year, the appearance (unexpectedly) of Spyros the magician, destroyed any possibility of this.

Let us hope that in the interests of justice, whatever the future holds for Mr. Gimlin, will prove to be different.

CriticalThinkers will keep the public informed, next week we start contacting investigators in America, we are trying to time this attempt to prosecute in October, during the anniversary of Gimlin's fraud, when public interest is once again at its peak.


Anonymous said...

BREAKING NEWS! - Kal Korff Begins Attempt to Prosecute Bob Gimlin re "Bigfoot" Film Hoax PDF Print E-mail
News - Latest
Written by kal Korff - Op ed. on the road
Wednesday, 12 August 2009 06:20

Greg Long's The Making of Bigfoot was the first work to feature a FULL CONFESSION by Bob Heironimus, the man who WORE the actual 'Bigfoot' suit in the Patterson-Gimlin hoax and fraud film that the three of them made.

Dear World,

As some of you may recall, a few years ago I promised to try to have Mr. Bob Gimlin prosecuted for CONSUMER FRAUD, among other charges, re his role in faking the infamous "Bigfoot" film at Bluff Creek in 1967, along with his longtime buddy, con artist Roger Patterson.

As I have always told the media and the public, because it is true, I REFUSED to pursue this issue, until AFTER my brother's lawsuit and more important legal issues were finished.

I specifically said, and this is a matter of public record on shows like The X Zone, that I would never put the issue of a man wearing a gorilla suit over or above the wrongful shooting of another human being.

Now that my brother's legal case has been settled, and now it only need to finish running its course through the Appeals Court now, who will rule shortly, the time has now begun to follow up on my promise to you and proceed with trying to get Bob Gimlin prosecuted for lying to and misleading consumers. Gimlin still accepts MONEY EVEN TODAY, appearing at various shows and signing autographs and lying and falsely claiming that he really did see "Bigfoot.'

The FACT REMAINS, that the only "Bigfoot" Mr. Gimlin saw that day is his friend Bob Heironimus, who wore the "Bigfoot" suit and helped Patterson and Gimlin FAKE their film.

If you bother to ask the folks in Yakima, Washington, where Gimlin lives (and most Bigfoot "researchers" have never bothered to even visit there!), it is no secret that Bob Gimlin's wife, Judy, has told her philandering husband, that if he "dares to tell the truth" she will "divorce him" — and since Gimlin needs his wife's status and income in order to survive financially, this case will prove to be very "interesting" SHOULD the Attorney General or officials decide to prosecute Mr. Gimlin for FRAUD, ongoing, since at least 1967.

As the record shows, we tried to also have Ray Santilli prosecuted for his Alien Autopsy fraud, but as was explained publicly last year, the appearance (unexpectedly) of Spyros the magician, destroyed any possibility of this.

Let us hope that in the interests of justice, whatever the future holds for Mr. Gimlin, will prove to be different.

CriticalThinkers will keep the public informed, next week we start contacting investigators in America, we are trying to time this attempt to prosecute in October, during the anniversary of Gimlin's fraud, when public interest is once again at its peak.


Anonymous said...

As the record shows, we tried to also have Ray Santilli prosecuted for his Alien Autopsy fraud, but as was explained publicly last year, the appearance (unexpectedly) of Spyros the magician, destroyed any possibility of this."

What the fuck was this all about?

Spyros, the magician said...

I must implore you all to keep radio silence....time for me to disappear....

Anonymous said...

The Spyros Melaris story:

(I think Korff went after Santilli out of professional jealousy.)

Anonymous said...

Fascinating link, thank you Anon.

Fuck you Kal. One more feeble attempt to crawl on bandwagon and "de-mystify" using other's work.

You are a cretin, and a fraud.

Anonymous said...

* the appearance (unexpectedly) of Spyros the magician, destroyed any possibility of this. *

Your secert service should have found this guy before you started your campaing against Santilli... 15 years ago.


Anonymous said...

You can view the below here:
(Catch it now before the lying son of a bitch deletes it…)



Written by Public Relations
Thursday, 06 August 2009 16:48


Colonel Kal Korff has accepted an offer to be the Editor of a new Czech/English newspaper, which will be a daily "unlike anything yet seen in this country," according to sources familiar with the details.

Korff, who was both a Photo Editor and the only Columnist for Mafra's Metropolitni Express, has worked at newspapers before, including for years at The Prague Post.

"I am truly humbled by this offer," explained Kal Korff in a short statement. "I was told very bluntly that the new owners desire very much to build on the success of Kal's Korner, just like it was in Metropolitini Expres. I'm pleased to be back again, and doing everything from Photo Editing to Editing in general, and also having the freedom to do my own Column in English, to help Czechs learn the language and communicate more efficiently. There's lots planned, the newspaper will release future updates, I will defer to them," said Korff.

Last Updated on Thursday, 06 August 2009 19:18

Anonymous said...

You fantasist. You lying piece of shit, Korff. God, how I despise you.

Anonymous said...

You are vermin, Korff.

Anonymous said...

* the appearance (unexpectedly) of Spyros the magician, destroyed any possibility of this. *

Why? If this Spyros guy had something to do with the Alien Autopsy fraud, then why not go after both Santilli and Spyros?
Consumer fraud is consumer fraud, no matter what shape it takes nor who does it.

Spyros repeats said...

.....Once more, I must implore you all to keep radio silence for August!!! is REALLY time for me to disappear....

SAPSTOE Korff has me in his crosshairs!!!

Anonymous said...

Check out:

- remind you of anyone?

Then check out:

- remind you of a certain other blog site?

You are cut from the same cloth, "Colonel". You piece of shit.

Anonymous said...

Well, August is just about over. I'me sure the guy who keeps coming back to spraypaint about "radio silence" will tag me too.

I quite frankly have missed the Korffer community and insights offered by other investigators into the bizarre world of Korff.

The latest posting on his website is a DOOZY, even by Kal standards.

Col. Kal Korff Interview about Rob McConnell, Shares "Inside Secrets" PDF Print E-mail
News - Latest
Written by UFO WatchCat
Friday, 28 August 2009 16:48

Here are comments from Kal Korff in response to questions about Rob McConnell and the "CONtroversy" he has artificially created, which Kal Korff refuses to "play along with" and is now part of a team who are exposing it, and have dealt with McConnell and his antics before.

UFO WatchCat: Rob McConnell's own radio shows which he stands behind, so he cannot take that out of history, they completely undercut what he now says. How do you feel about that?

Korff: Rob has always made it very clear with me that he is in desperate financial shape.

He knows that if there is any M-O-N-E-Y to be made, it is by hyping the paranormal or creating a controversy.


Well, that's not as profitable.

The fact is, the so-called "paranormal" is a myth. Rob has even AGREED with me countless times on his show.

So yes, Rob is lying and using me to create a controversy and create money and he is doing this because I refused to kiss his butt on issues concerning integrity, ethics and morals.

As you know, those details will come out soon, since I am not the only one involved.

I told Rob many times, over and over, I do NOT care about money, and I BEGGED HIM TO MAKE HIS SHOW MORE BALANCED, and because he refused, I really didn't want to be on it anymore.

Rob also started making my appearances conditional, which as the world will find out, was morally bankrupt.

Wait til you release what was said and what Rob did. You know it, Rob has no excuse and CANNOT try to talk his way out of this.

UFO WatchCat: Rob has actually spoken to and interacted with members of the Israeli group you are a Colonel in. How can he then say the group doesn't exist?

Korff: I have no idea. Only Rob McConnell could have interactions with people and then deny them.

The issue is not whether the group exists, that has already been proved and even in court, Rob McConnell KNEW of this, and it was under oath.



Anonymous said...

If Rob says he did not know, he is LYING. I told him several times in writing. He also was told that this SAME legal evidence could be used to win a prompt summary judgment against people who lied and have also lied to Rob. I also told Rob that I could not wait to use it against such bozos if they deserved it.

These would be those people who make a point to hate, they call me and others names — they hide behind "anonymous" postings are so cowardly, they obviously do not believe in the right of an accused to face their accuser.

That is a UNIVERSAL RIGHT, the FACT that these people do not behave in such transparent ways, where they could just be honest and up front and say "I disagree with you" or be civilized and not hurtful about it, — everyone CAN communicate their issues in a polite way, in a normal way, — the fact they do NOT behave honorably PROVES they are morally bankrupt.

And people like Kevin Randle, Paul Kimball, Rob McConnell and David Biedny — these guys are not even friends. Rob McConnell told me MANY times that he can't stand these guys.


I CHALLENGE EVERYONE TO CRITICALLY TEST ROB'S PHONY PSYCHICS that he has on his show, regularly. These people CHARGE MONEY, so either they MUST admit it is some form of, let's be generous, "entertainment" or it is FRAUD.

The FACT is, these people are NOT psychic, and Rob PROMOTES FRAUD BY IMPLYING ANY OTHER SUCH TRUTH.

So Rob is a lying wanker, when you raise the price of your magazine and lie and cause a controversy and suddenly start promoting Billy Meier and have people like Jim Dilettoso on your show, and then make a point to do it when I was in that same time slot — my having exposed Meier and especially Dilettoso on FOX TV, Heironimus and Sons radio, Art Bell for 3.5 hours, and again on FOX TV, — come on, let's use common sense here. Rob is obviously NOT interested in truth.



Instead, it is money.

UFO WatchCat: What did Rob do, that was a long answer.

Korff: He started making my appearances "conditional" and I told him NO WAY. And it was obvious he was going to start jumping on the paranormal woo woo wagon again, because he needs the money.

He told me many times that Jason Rand owes him "thousands of dollars" and THIS is the REAL REASON Rob "decided to expose" Jason Rand suddenly out of the blue.


For Rob McConnell to compare ME, Kal Korff, to Dr. Jason Rand, IS PURE CONSUMER FRAUD AND LIBEL AND SLANDER.

I have NEVER claimed to believe in "Planet X" — Rand does.


I know NOTHING and have NOT bothered to even think about this issue.

When Rob McConnell gets mad at you, he dumps shit on you, and I got tired of riding his hero to shithead roller coaster.

I remember being gone for a week, and poor Rob didn't hear from me. When I got back there was a nasty email from him accusing me of ignoring him, blah blah. He only apologized after he realized I was NOT able to get his emails. Then he blamed his disease.

Anonymous said...

Let him TELL YOU ABOUT IT, I won't.

Rob has only repeatedly explained that it causes "mood swings" and I am mentioning this because I would submit that his recent behavior is NOT the result of this, so I hope his lawyers are not stupid enough to try to play that card.

The FACT is, Rob has REMOVED all shows I was in because I REFUSED TO KISS HIS ASS AND AGREE TO HIS TERMS.




Let the COUNTDOWN BEGIN — We're donating all of the profits from these products to charity, and you will see these people on the video and I think this is a WIN-WIN for the world.

I DON'T BELIEVE in the "No-win" scenario.

My colleague, Captain Kirk, convinced me of that back at the Academy. :-)

Live Long and Prosper.

UFO WatchCat: Kal Korff ended our interview, which was not supposed to be long.

Now you know why he is not a comedian.

Korff: (Kal Korff comes running back after taking a few steps away)... Oh yeah, I hope people who read this CALL THE X ZONE'S TOLL FREE NUMBER AND ASK ROB ABOUT ALL OF THIS AND MORE.


Rob McConnell is being unmasked and has been caught. Unless he starts admitting the TRUTH and CORRECTING THE RECORD, IT WILL BE DONE FOR HIM, at his expense — literally, figuratively and every other way that is deserved.

Anonymous said...

A baffling self-parody? Someone wondered if all this Korff performance/nonsense was just a bizarre performance art piece, that bit at the end of running back to the microphone to shout in ALL CAPS some sophomoric idea is just weird.

AH, well back to the daily grind....I sure wouldn't want to be Don Ecker or David Biedny or Paul Kimball or now Rob McConnell....

Anonymous said...

>>> everyone CAN communicate their issues in a polite way, in a normal way, <<<

Korff, "Fuck You Bartu."

>>> These people CHARGE MONEY, <<<

Korff, "Soon the newsletter will be up for sale at a $1.50 an issue, and the Korff - Horn DVD will be up for sale..."

Don Ecker said...

Okay, I did my part, no notes at all during August. But, since this is EOM, I found this from that little schizoid freak, kkk. dated 10/10/2007.

Subject: Reply from Colonel Kal Korff :-)
From: "Kal Korff"

Dear Don,
I would like to sincerely THANK YOU for your prompt response, and I mean
this sincerely.

Please do not take this the "wrong" way, but your offer to retract and
correct your false statements sounds like the "old Don I remember," from
the PRE selling out to William Birnes days, since we have not really
communicated with each other as far as I know, for about 10 YEARS!

Again, thank you, sir.

To answer your questions now, Don, this is where things sit: Today, here in the Czech Republic and throughout some countries such as Germany which are also in the EU, a newspaper article hit which basically called you a
liar over your claims. I'm just giving you the heads up here, since you probably have not seen these.

I do not know if you know this, Don, but I am a syndicated columnist, my articles appear as many as 10 times each day (10 different pieces) in different languages and on all kinds of subjects. Last week, we had a
three parter on the Czech national Dr. Hynek, and the Phoenix lights and V lift platforms.

I am very well known over here, Don, VERY visible, quite "famous" if you will (no ego here in saying this, just a fact due to visibility) and my being a foreigner who wears a Texas Stetson I stick way out. Cowboys are NOT a European phenomenon, especially behind the former Iron Curtain where I have lived for nearly eight YEARS now. Over here, one can go days
without hearing English. Almost everyone I speak to over here is NOT American, and they ONLY speak English with me.

Don Ecker said...

Part 2
I am also almost always in unform, wearing a leather jacket with my Colonel markings on it.

When you attacked me by making your false claims, you opened yourself up to rightful reprisals, because these people KNOW me over here and it is
NOT a "question" of whether I EVER worked at LLNL nor the fact that I am a Colonel in the YS3.

What bothered everyone here, especially my Adjutant, was that you made your allegations WITHOUT CHECKING YOUR FACTS!

Had you CHECKED THEM FIRST, which is the ONLY right thing to do, Don, you would NEVER have made your allegations.

Don, you can't have it "both" ways.

So if you really do plan on honoring your word, which I trust you will, and issue your retraction, you are going to have to try and "explain" based on WHAT "evidence" you were "using" (IF any) to make this false

Don, as I recall you have a copy of my Meier expose book Spaceships of the Pleiades. In THAT BOOK is the "evidence" you say you want. It has been OUT
THERE for 19 YEARS, Don! I started working at LLNL in 1998, and this was all in the newspapers. You didn't see these clipppings either, I guess.

You should know that tomorrow, UFO WatchCat, which is a magazine,
publishes an expose piece on your false claims. As part of disproving you, they are publishing a poster which was created at LLNL for my going away
party. How they got it, I do not know. Obviously, you missed this as well.

They are also printing an article from one of several newspaper clippings in the media which were written at that time, with headlines about a "UFO
Expert" going to work on computing in the Star Wars program, bringing
hypermedia technologies to it. That was one of my jobs.

As far as me being with an Intel org, it is ISRAELI in orgin. Therefore, your attempts to "project" (for lack of a better term) any notions you
might have about how various American intelligence orgs work are NOT relevant.

The YS3 is a PRIVATE organization. It was started when Hitler rose to power in 1933. Its members in the past flitted back and forth between many other groups which were all vying for position back then as the nation of Israel was trying to be formed by the budding Zionist movement. Groups like the Nokim (some spell it Nokam) and the Haganah were related. My
relatives, Jews, fought against Arafat's Uncle Haj Husseini during WWII and helped create the War Refugee Board, which was a COVER to help Jews escape from Hitler's gas ovens.

Don Ecker said...

Part 3.

Coming here to Europe, I have come full circle and have eturned to my roots.

Don, I was "outed" by the media TWO YEARS AGO. These were published over in Europe when I was a Captain.

I became a Colonel after agreeing to sign up for another 10 YEARS, which I have. I left the USA after marrying into the powerful Sarkisian family, which if you check your recent history, rules Armenia.

Don, ask Rob McConell yourself: I said "goodbye" to the UFO field in 2000 when I moved over here on Rob's show. It was also on Rob's show that I announced that I had gotten married. I moved away from the USA to fight against terrorism. I saw 911 coming before it hit. It was blatantly

After I became a Colonel, I received a staff, and I have an Adjutant. His name is Avimi (Avim) Askenzai and he is an Amenian Jew. He likes the name
Avim instead because in Europe "Avimi" sounds Italian. He does NOT like people thinking he is Catholic! :-)

Unfortunately, bozos like Paul Kimball and David Biedny "know" he doesn't exist. To be honest, they're full of you know what. I'll give you a hint:
it's brown and doesn't smell good.

My "deal" with the Intel community is this: I focus on terrorists as a
counter-terrorism guy. THEY target certain "critics" of mine to help "keep me focused."

You have to understand that the intel community (even former active members I know) have NO SYMPATHY for UFO "conspiracy" types. They are tired of having wasted MILLIONS of dollars and man hours at taxpayer's
expense, to chase down phony and spurious claims about crashed "flying saucers" and MJ-12 and Roswell and Alien Autopsy, etc.
The allegations you made which are FALSE and NEED TO BE FORMALLY RETRACTED
ARE AS FOLLOWS: and if you are honest you will do nothing less:

1. You will RETRACT the claim that I did not work at LLNL.
2. You will RETRACT the claim that I am NOT a Colonel in the YS3.
3. You will RETRACT the claim that I "promoted myself" to this positon.
That, Don, is a LIE!
4. You will RETRACT the claim that I did not solve JFK's murder. Don, you CANNOT DENY the media recognition I got for doing precisely this,especially from CNN.

Don Ecker said...

Cont. 4

Now, regarding JFK, this is a different bird. People CAN "believe" I am right or wrong. This is their right. But they CANNOT deny, nor take OUT of
the universe, the FACT that I appeared on CNN's Larry King Live on November 22, 1993 (the 30th anniversary of Kennedy's murder) PRECISELY BECAUSE I DID SOLVE IT. At that time a man named Gerald Posner was taking credit for work done by me and others at Failure Analysis Associates in
Palo Alto, California where I of course lived. I bumped Posner off of that show, and used 3D computer reconstructions of the Zapruder film to PROVE
that ONE BULLET DID go through BOTH men.

Now, does this 'PROVE" there was NO "conspiracy"? NO!

I NEVER said that. It ONLY proves there was ONE SHOOTER. It is physics and ballistics, that's it. Since Oswald died, we will NEVER KNOW what HE knew.


Don, I PROMISE to treat you fairly and honestly over this on the XZone. I won't "punk" you. As a former military man yourself, you know what this term means.

I commend you for offering to be honest and admit you are wrong, which is what a decent human being would do.

I wish Royce Myers III, who as a law enforcement officer, had the same ethics.

There should be NO "shame" or ego here, in fact, WHEN a person admits they are wrong, this is the MOST HONORABLE thing to do. Those who are "too proud" to admit their mistakes are not sincere, I think you would agree.

The "skepticism" I have received ever since I came back to the UFO field as a warm up for my upcoming tour to America romoting my new trilogy series of books on terrorism, HAS BEEN CONFINED TO THE UFO FIELD, pretty much.

IT IS NOT "NEWS" over here in Prague that I work for the YS3. It is WHY I have this upcoming series on TV and books coming out. I enclose the cover
of the new book, although it might change. Please keep it to yourself for now. I send the package off to Prometheus for publication by the end of

This book, Don, IS A LITRER WEAPON in this war. It represents 5.5 YEARS worth, the last 5.5 years worth of my life and work here.

If you have any further questions about the YS3 or the intel group I DO work for, you may contact my Adjutant at

My own email address there is
Probably not a "surprise". is the BEST address for me, since I can check it
anywhere. I cannot over at the YS3. Also, the YS3's web site is NOT for
public use. There's no need. It is largely an INTRAnet, which means it is not accessible from outside Israel or without secure access, obviously. Their "customers" are NOT the global public, NOT until my books on
terrorism come out next year to hopefully impact the election.

We are LOSING this war, Don, and it is NOT "because of George Bush." People have FORGOTTEN WHY WE ARE FIGHTING IT.



Don Ecker said...

Final part..

Let us be friends, Don, (years ago last I recall we were!) and I PROMISE I will be polite, professional and courteous to you on Rob's show tomorrow.
I will correct the public record on this that you got wrong, but I will NOT "punk" you.

I will also contact Martina Tycova and inform her of this development. This can only HELP you and perhaps get her to back off a bit.

Just so you know, Martina Tycova IS the EXECUTIVE PRODUCER of UFOOLogy and UFOlogy 101, two new series. She is also producing UFO WatchCat, which literally takes apart HUNDREDS of claims made by Royce Myers III. I also have a reality-based TV show called Secret Wars coming out very soon. It chronicles my many lives, and has been in production, as Rob McConnell has correctly told his listeners, for years. Theme music and some VERY selective low quality previews are already on the Internet.

Miss Tycova is a real life Czech supermodel. She is also a former agent who was under my command and was one of my security escorts when she accompanied me to the USA four years ago to recreate the Patterson-Gimlin
hoax "Bigfoot" film for the National Geographic special we did. She was in Fortean Times, as was I at that time. She can kill in .5 seconds.

Therefore, it is beyond inexcusable that Kimball and Biedny and others
claim she doesn't exist.
I do not blame her for showing them no mercy. They deserve none, because they practice UFOOLogy.

I look forward to your kind reply, Don, and in working this out for the "greater good" so that consumers will NOT be misled.

They have ALREADY been misled for too many years, and as Kimball and
Biedny and Randle and Myers III are finding, both Martina and Avim and others WILL and ARE "boiling these rabbits slowly."

One last thing, Don, and researchers such as Brad Sparks know this, this
is not FULLY public YET, but I am have NEW series of books on Roswell
coming out. They are 9 volumes. The covers are on my web site. Volume 9
would interest you the most. It includes the so-called "missing" Ramey debris photos. I even have the CAMERA THEY WENT THROUGH.

I am not "surprised" UFODumb never found these. They were too busy working their own "agendas,"..... and the only reason I am dragging them through
the mud and destroying every claim, claim by claim, is in the HOPE that the UFO field can LEARN from this. If i just roll out the photos and say "Look what we found!"... they'll just say "Oh, OK" and move on.

Roswell is symptomatic of the greater PROBLEMS which exist in this field. Until we learn its lessons, we'll never really "learn" anything.

The missing Ramey photos show more debris and also the same debris, and it WAS Mogul. The sonobuoy is also there, but it was in the OTHER room. As
you know, several reporters were there, it is INEXCUSABLE that ONLY Bond Johnson's images were ever found, aong with the ONE from the UPI syndicate. Everyone KNOWS there were MORE photos taken, and we have them
now. Have had them for years in fact.

But with all due respect, UFOs were NOT my "job one" nor are they now. Instead, I am "dealing" with them within the framework of Secret X Wars. That's all.

Looking forward to sincerely hearing from you,
Best wishes,

Don Ecker said...

Gee he is a windy bastard. I keep myself warm and cozy because I do believe one day I will "bump" into ol' Colonel kal, then he and I can ... "chat."

Brad Hudson said...

Always good to hear from you, Don. The Dark Matters stuff is choice, as well.

Brad Hudson
Dallas, GTexas

Anonymous said...

Doesn't exist.

Brad Hudson said...

BTW, anyone wanting to hear some of Don's old shows go here:

Don Ecker said...

Say, did you all CATCH THIS??

"Miss Tycova is a real life Czech supermodel. She is also a former agent who was under my command and was one of my security escorts when she accompanied me to the USA four years ago to recreate the Patterson-Gimlin
hoax "Bigfoot" film for the National Geographic special we did. She was in Fortean Times, as was I at that time. She can kill in .5 seconds."

Like Hey Dude ... SHE CAN KILL IN .5 SECONDS." God Damn, and she works for kal ....

Anonymous said...

Goodbye August - hello September.
Anyone want to go Korff-ing?


Anonymous said...

I see Rob McConnell is getting his just deserts. that's what happen when you either involve yourself with Kal or you expose him for the lying twerp Kal is.

Anonymous said...

Now that Kal cost his brother that lawsuit I guess taht Kal needs someone to take out his shortcomings on and Rob is an easy target for Kal to cast his warped revenge on. What a loser. Yeah there will be more about how Kal blew his brother's lawsuit with both lips and swallowed coming out soon in the media. Needless to say the coverage will be brutal and deserved. I wonder if Kal will ever be truthful about how he was the cause of the lawsuit being dismissed with prejudice and how the lawyers tried to compel Kal to provide proof of his claims in a court of law and Kal did everything to stop it and to save being laughed out of court his family had to drop the lawsuit.

Anonymous said...

I just watched Kal's latest blabbo fest about Robby Mcconell. And for being so supposedly smart Kal has yet to figure out why Kevin randle doesn't contact Kal for a debate is that Kevin has better things to do than waste his time on a loser and coward like Kal K. Korff. I'll bet all the people Kal calls cowards or frauds or whatever else laugh because no one is taking Kal seriously and everyone knows that clowns like Kal should never been taken seriously. Just to prove my point about not taking Kal seriously I sure would like to know what happened to that ufo watch cat magazine that was suppose to be out in the next 72 hours a couple of weeks ago? Or where is that volume after volume work about roswell? Or how about that terrorism book Kal was supposed to have out a few years ago? Kal is a bank offering loans but has no money!!! Poor dumb and tardy Kal can't figure out why no one takes him seriously or why no one will let him ride their coat tails!!! Earth to Kal! Earth to Kal! Time to wake up!!

Anonymous said...

Prison jumpsuit orange looks strangely fitting on young Kalvin. One can easily picture him collecting trash by the interstate with two dozen other losers dressed just like him.

That's a masterpiece of an email Don Ecker! With stuff like that floating around who needs to go Korffing? I like the claim that the Israeli founded Super Duper Services were set up in 1933, 14 years before Israel was established. Fortuitous insight on their part, I guess. And good old Martina! Half a second to kill! Isn't that the name of an unplublished Ian Fleming short story? Kal is certainly the expert when it comes to all things unpublished. It's also amusing how his tone changes from friendly to threatening to conciliatory back to threatening, often in the same paragraph. That's a keeper for sure! and I can't wait to read/hear/watch Kalvin try to explain how it's a lie. Even though he wrote it himself.

The "Kidon Unit Commander" videos crack me up. It's like Kalvin decided he had nothing to lose and might as well go for the gusto no matter how ridiculous he looks. So now he's the commander of an assassination & kidnapping squad. I guess we'd all better watch out! since that's essentially an open-ended implied threat to anyone watching. Too bad he's wearing the colonel's eagles sideways. What's even funnier is that in other videos or images he's wearing them the correct way, almost like he can't make up his mind as to how they are supposed to be pinned on. So what the hell: Sideways this week, correctly the other, it doesn't really matter since he's making it all up. Someone who had earned those wings would damn well know how to pin them on.

The biggest impression Don's email, the anti-Rob McConnell post, and this new video makes is that after 30 or so days of trying not to think about Kal K. Korff is that I still can't get over what a blathering bag of gas the fucker is. Did we really waste all that time on him over the past year? WHAT FOR??

He's obviously a pathological liar, and a narcissist of such extreme magnitude that it's off the scale. One of the terms I stumbled upon when reading about online psychopaths over the month was PROXY RECRUITMENT, which is when a person with a personality disorder enlists others to unwittingly aid in his/her schemes to harass, intimidate, and abuse their targets via methods like frivolous lawsuits, bogus police reports, slandering the target to his/her employers or family, or even just mailing them piles of absurd, confusing, threatening documents. The postman becomes his unwitting ally just by doing his job.

Kal K. Korff is the king of proxy recruitment and takes it to a new level by either involving proxies who don't really exist, or just never even making the bogus charges in the first place. For Kalvin the threat of engaging in the harassment satisfies his narcissistic need for attention, and he also uses YouTube as a method of instant gratification by posting the threat as a video. As he says in this orange jumpsuit tape, it's then published for the whole world to see and he can sit back and whack off happily knowing that everybody on the planet should be tut-tutting along with his strong disapproval of his target. If you don't share his conclusions you are a liar guilty of hatred and its only a matter of time before he gets around to harassing you too.

The guy is a joke and he needs psychiatric help, which is exactly how things stood 30 days ago. Yawn.

Anonymous said...

With the 'Korff break' over it seems Colonel Psycho is back from his Looneyville vacation.

Geesh Rob McConnel, didn't you see this one coming? One glance at Korff's interactions with people in the past you should have known that once you disagree with that sociopath he'll threathen you with 'libel and slander' and starts with the character assassination, just like he has always done - and like he's doing right now on his website.

Korff has always been a sick fuck. Let that be a lesson to everyone.

Brit_in_Prague said...

Well, I had a lovely August. For the first time in a couple of years I didn't pay Kalvin a second thought.
Instead I enjoyed 10 days in the UK (during which time I played a couple of games of village cricket and attended the third day of the final cricket match against the Aussies). Then a week in Croatia, plus a weekend in Ceske Svycarsko (the "Czech Switzerland" region of Bohemia) and another weekend in the Jizerky mountains.

What do you get up to, "Colonel"? In Afghanistan supervising anti-al Quaeda manotechnology "initiatives"? Or were you cooped up in your one-room slum sinking further into fantasyland?

You nutjob.

KIAI said...

Do you all know why it is that fool Kal does this outrageous stuff? It is because he has NO SHAME! Kal does not care about anything or anyone. Kal will put up pictures and anything else he can get his cuby little hands on to try and embarrass and harass the people he hates. This is also why Kal will make all of these crazy claims about himself and all that rubbish about making a deal in his brother's case and all of this other utter bullshit. Kal is a shameless sack of gas. I do have to say that I am a little torn about this whole Rob McConnel thing Kal has going with the picture and video. On one side of the coin I think Rob McConnel is getting exactly what he deserves especially after the "is this more crap" bit he did with Kal on the radio. Any idiot can see right off what a nut Kal is and how full of bullshit Kal is. On the other side Kal has gone too far by making it so personal and trying to make Rob McConnel out to be some sort of abuse victim unable to leave a violent relationship and everyone knows this is Kal's standard means of going about getting back at someone.

Brit_in_Prague said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again. McConnell is an even bigger dirtbag than Korff. Korff at least has his patent madness as an excuse for his loathesome behaviour. McConnell, by contrast, appears to be stupid ... but stone cold sane.

They are both scum.

Stop_LYING_Korff!!! said...

Whooo....just seen Kal's latest posting - the pic of McConnell post-beating.

What a piece of garbage you are, Korff. Someday very soon, someone is going to do the same to you. And then post a pic of the results on a public website for all to gloat at. I'm hoping that someone will be me.

We'll see how you like it ... not that I'm feeling the slightest bit sorry for your sleazeball-in-arms, McConnell.

kult of kal said...

**Kult stumbles back into the Korffing clubhouse**

Ahhhh...September. "Welcome back gang!"

So, yeah, with exception of a few "screw radio silence" posts, I'd say we did it - a month of radio silence. Congrats to us.

Speaking personally, I feel like I took in a breath of fresh air, sat back and just watched Kal continue to destruct himself. I won't say I wasn't interested in Kal's idiotic antics. I just know he continued to scream, pout and threaten others, mixing in his self-marketing only the way Kal can....whether I commented on it or not. Interesting experiement and I feel better.
I haven't watched any of his August videos yet, but I will.

I read from the 100+ posts here that Rob McConnell got added to Kal's list of people to hate, Kal's brother's trial got railroaded and other shit happened. The drama just doesn't quit, ever.

And like an Anonymous poster just said a few hours ago:
"The biggest impression Don's email, the anti-Rob McConnell post, and this new video makes is that after 30 or so days of trying not to think about Kal K. Korff is that I still can't get over what a blathering bag of gas the fucker is. Did we really waste all that time on him over the past year? WHAT FOR??"


Don Ecker said...

Hey Gang, remember this??

"This is Rob McConnell:

I am in possession of objects, which were sent to me by Kal Korff, which are supposed to be nano components. I am making arrangements with the engineering department of a Canadian university which specializes in nano technology to have them examine and establish what they are. They resemble small particles of plastic/foil and I cannot identify what they might be.
Once I have the results from the university, I will release them to both Kal Korff and this blog site at the same time."

Could this be possible? kal's nanobots somehow got loose, infected Rob's wife ... and she beat the shit outta Rob? Just sayin...........

Don Ecker

Anonymous said...

A nano beating! LOL!

Anonymous said...

FN Here,

Well, that was a nice month off. I notice in the latest video on Dummies site that he intends to make good on filing action against Rob McConnell.

I’m in pretty good contact with Rob, and I’m hopeful that Rob will report personally to this blog or to me, at the least, so we can FINALLY have face-to-face confirmation that Korff never files anything against anyone.

I contacted RMII and he told me its bull shit, but RMIII is so far removed from Korff and his train wreck that he’s not an easy guy to talk with now.

A few other visitors on this site (F1 for one) have repeatedly stated that the police have never contacted them nor have there been any papers files.

I am hopeful that we Korffers will be able to PROVE that Korff doesn’t file shit, and in a very public way (on Rob’s show?) and then when the “Worlds Away” movie finally sees the light of day, Korff will react in the most outlandish and childish manner yet.

It’s interesting that Korff refuses to answer, point-for-point the dozen allegations made by McConnell, he only harps on the Roswell debate and that he wouldn’t want to do it for money?

UFO Watchcat magazine?
Horn – Korff Meier Debate DVD?

Fucking dip shit.

Hay Kal? It’s of interest to note that you tell we “viewers” of your material to contact you directly and to engage you in a mature and honest dialog.

I’ve sent you a number of e-mails asking your specific and direct questions, so have others Korffers, and you never respond.

The VERY FEW times you have you never answer the specific question (I wonder why?) and you go off on a rant.

Fuck you dummy. It’s a new month and a new approach to making your life even more lonely and miserable, as never before.

Korff, “Mommy, why don’t I have any friends?”

Of that’s right, you have no time for family, your wife and "super duper smart kid (?) and for friends because you’re saving the consumer and world from fraud.

As Jesus said, you need to save yourself Kalvin.


Anonymous said...

The Czech Police are too busy looking for Kal for what he did to Mr. Sedlecek and company.

Kal is a total scum of the Earth. I did have a nice August off though :)

F1 Racer
Francis Underwood
still waitin for the cops

Paul Kimball said...

I can confirm that for all of his threats over the years of lawsuits, and filings to Canadian regulatory bodies (that had no jurisdiction whatsoever of me or my company), Kal never did anything. Zip. Zilch. Nada.

McConnell can now happily join the "Canadians Hated By Kal Korff Because They X-Posed Him" club.

Incidentally, I will be starting a regular weekly spot on the X-Zone in September. Maybe I'll ask for the time slot that Kal used to have, before Rob booted him off his show for good.


kult of kal said...

So, I went ahead and signed up online on the Oregon District Court. I got access to all of Kal's brother's court documents - amazing.
Sort of cheap at just 8 cents per page, but after downloading several documents, it added up. (I'm in for about $13, but it's worth it).

Anyway, I want to share the docs with you all, but I just don't know how. Can anyone help? Like KIAI, I'm using I can only figure out how to post pictures, not PDF documents.

So, I need some techie's help.

Anonymous said...

Convert the ,PDF's to .jpegs...?

kult of kal said...

Anon - how do I convert a 30 page PDF to a JPG? And for it to be readable at all, you're talking about a really large JPG, right?
Plus, I'd rather keep the documents in a readable format. I'm assuming someone may find some gem and want to copy/paste parts of it.

Anonymous said...

Email em to me in pdf format ill take care of posting em for everyone.

F1 Racer

Anonymous said...

Where are the court documents? I want to see how badly Kal fucked it all up.

Anonymous said...

Here's a question- is there anybody that Kernal Korn has known that HASN'T become his ememy and a target of his fluffy blustering attacks? It just seems like the list goes on and on and on and on....

Anonymous said...

All one need do is disagree with Kal or call him out for the complete bullshitter he is in order to fast become his enemy. I think Kal probably tried to work it out with Rob McConnell so Kal could keep his "precious" time slot on the X-Zone. Hence why it took so long for Kal to start slamming Rob around, though I think Rob deserves it even though that bit with the photo of him is clearly personal and not objective like Kal dreams people would see it as. It's all personal and ego based for Kal and do not ever think it is anything else.

Anonymous said...

I haven't been made a target yet and I've known the guy, here and there, this way and that, for over 12 years.

The reason?

I keep my distants and I try to be smart in my postings and dealings with him.

You see, it takes a lot of work to ferret people out, he only goes after people whom make themselves easily available.

He's a poor researcher and he's lazy.


Anonymous said...

What in the fuck is this shit Kal is muttering about a right for the accused to face his accusers????? Maybe in a court of law Kal but not in the court of public opinion.

Just look at what happened to this Rob Xzone guy. I wouldn;t want Kal brining his craziness to my front door.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

>>> though I think Rob deserves it even though that bit with the photo of him is clearly personal and not objective like Kal dreams people would see it as. <<<

Yeah, you're so right. Spout on all you'd like about being mature and playing fair you fuck face.

First chance you get and your true colors show.

Korff, "Fuck You Bartu."

Anonymous said...

Kal K. Korff was NEVER an expert witness in the O.J. Simpson lawsuit. Kal K. Korff is a LIAR when he says he was an expert witness.

Kal needs to do what he expects of others and that is provide proof of his claims that anyone can verify. Kal either put up a copy of this supposed sworn declaration you claim to of made before a United States federal judge or shut your fucking big mouth. Put up or shut the fuck up Kal. Until you prove otherwise Kal you are going to be considered a LIAR.

Anonymous said...

wow. kal is really pissed off over his boyfriend rob dumping his ass off the xzone.

Anonymous said...

Please Kal please stop making threats you can't follow through with. All those lawsuits Kal says he is going to do and not a single one has ever happened. Alien Autopsy? Nope. Bigfoot? Nope. Paul Kimball? Nope. RMIII? Nope. Milos Bartu? Nope.

Squonkamatic said...

I hope the good people over at Exposing Online Predators & Cyberpaths get a look at Colonel Quackenbush's "Is It Really More Of This Crap" video where he basically threatens, slanders, and demeans Rob McConnell and his wife. If the readings that EOPC posts and links to are accurate, this one video in itself sums up why Kalvin Korff is a textbook online cyberpath.

The theme of proxy recruitment harassment runs rampant in the piece, starting with his reading of an alleged email from an alleged follower who asks a question in a manner that does not deviate from Kalvin's well known playbook of catch phrases. It's sort of a reverse proxy harassment since Kalvin is supposedly reading an email from a viewer who is looking for clarification on why Rob McConnell is suddenly telling such awful lies about Kal Korff. When Kalvin uses the word "lie" it always sounds like a 3rd grader accusing a classmate of lying about who took little Jimmy's gym shoes. Which makes sense considering that Kalvin has no formal education, and boasts a very immature and confused mind at best.

The fun continues as Kalvin totally slanders McConnell and resorts to one of his favorite tactics, dragging people's spouses into the feud. It's a shame to hear that McConnell is apparently trapped in an unhealthy and abusive domestic relationship, but what does that have to do with his interactions with Kalvin K. Korff? It's not just a calculated low blow, it's an effort to defame Rob on one hand and give Kalvin propz on the other with an appropriately pusillanimous bit of preaching about the meaning of love. Classic narcissism with an apparent complete lack of empathy with the two people involved. Kalvin could care less about Rob's status, it's just more ammunition to assault him with, and it was sickening to witness.

Kalvin makes repeated claims about being sworn under oath and proving in a US court that he is a ranking Colonel in the Super Duper SAPSTOE Services, but again fails to mention which court in which district in front of which judges this oathing happened. His reply is that he doesn't have to prove it, it would be up to his critics to disprove it, but no, we don't have to. Kalvin can name names, dates, and locations very very well until it comes to backing up his own big worthless mouth -- Pix or it didn't happen is the current online retort to claims of a sexual conquest. It's not up to the naysayers to prove you didn't actually get any, it's up to you to prove you did. Show us the tits or get the fuck out, Kalvin.


Squonkamatic said...

Kalvin apparently also checked this board before shooting this hilarious journey into madness and saw someone's very pertinent comment about Kalvin being a hypocrite for demeaning others for selling their newsletters & videos, and then doing the exact same thing himself. So now the proceeds from sales of his video response to Rob canning his ass will apparently be donated to a "favorite charity" of Kalvin's (he thinks he's Brangelina Jolie, I guess) and he also boasts that the directors of that charity will be joining Kalvin on camera to rejoice over becoming recipients of the fruits of Kalvin's abuse. If they actually exist and have any scruples they will refuse the offering and sever ties with Kalvin completely.

This mentioning of a charity benefit for the sales of his videos also seems to be a pre-emptive attempt to silence reminders of his own exploitation, manipulation, and deception of Vojtek Sadlacek -- now Kalvin is playing the humanitarian role. Though if everything was hunky dory with Vojtek, why did Kalvin delete the two videos posted last spring/summer where be boasted of being contracted as Chief Technical Officer of Sadlacek's humanitarian aid foundation? It must be because he was lying, misrepresented the videos to be something other than what they were, since Sadlacek had only hired him to teach English to his employees. And Kalvin rewarded the Slavic saint by using his name to allegedly appropriate Apple products from Cables & Simms. Kalvin's story explaining that is a sailor's tale that puts The Iliad to shame. But since it is highly unlikely that Kalvin's limited grade school education covered Homer I doubt that he's ever heard of it, though it is amusing to note that on his YouTube channel profile he now lists "nanotechnology, quantum physics, computing, human interface designs, machine to human interactions" as amongst his hobbies or interests. The guy is a walking laugh factory, and I guess that explains why he doesn't have much time for sports or outdoor activities ... unless stalking employees of the US Embassy counts.

Kalvin Korff also goes to great ends to repeatedly mention his allegation that Rob McConnell is in dire financial straits, another underhanded personal attack that yet again has absolutely nothing to do with the matter at hand. Which quite simply is that Kalvin Korff no longer has a weekly radio spot to welch off of. The dispute between himself and McConnell is personal and a professional would not make a public issue about it after being skunked out as a fraud by one of their last enablers.


Squonkamatic said...

I sympathize with those who conclude that Rob McConnell is finally reaping the harvest he has sewn by getting involved with Kalvin K. Korff in the first place. Like others have said, almost everybody who has ever had professional contact with Kal K. Korff has eventually broken it off and become targets of his harassment campaigns as a thank-you for playing along as long as they did. He is apparently quite the predatorial confidence scammer, and fitting with the profile of a predator becomes indignant, outraged, histrionic and irrational when the scam collapses and they are confronted.

His reversals & transferrence on McConnell -- referring to Rob as "sick" and in need of help -- could not be more fittingly applied to Kalvin himself. Psychopaths often accuse others of mental illness to deflect attention onto their own behavior.

The only individuals who have apparently not soured to Kalvin's juvenile, warped, demented and abusive tendencies are his Czech associates Martina the Supermodel Assassin & Avimi (or "Avim" for short), which is almost proof enough to me that they probably don't really exist. Even Miss M. Kocis called it a day, moved halfway around the world, and refuses to discuss Kal K. Korff or her experiences with him. Hardly evidence of an amicable parting. And after nearly 18 months since I started following the case we still have not seen hide nor hair of Martina doing anything other than what a sympathetic Prague native might do to show a clueless, unattractive and socially inept American visitor the local sights, of which Kalvin famously chose a cemetery to film as well as gratuitous crotch shots of the young lady in question. No wonder he probably hasn't heard from her since.

So this video pretty much encapsulates all that is of interest regarding this sad, talentless, marginalized and very small person known as Kalvin Korff. Who has himself been exposed as an online predator and cyberpath prone to threats, online stalking, correspondence harassment, malignantly narcissistic and compulsively obsessive behavior, fabricating details about his past and present situations, maintaining an online presence as a facade that regards the rest of the world with boundless, energetic contempt, a tendency to invent imaginary compatriots so he does not seem like such an angry, disturbed loner, and an inability to use a spellchecker or type in a manner that is not openly hostile.

One closing thought, Kalvin speaks with great relish about apparently hoping that Rob McConnell will try to sue him (and makes the ludicrous statement that lying is illegal -- tell that to my landlord next time he promises to come over and fix the back steps, please). My question would be, WHY would Rob need to bother suing Kalvin? He kicked Kal off the show, not the other way around. You tend not to sue associates you've gotten fed up with & fired. And Kal, you were fired. Paul Kimball gets your spot now.

Have fun with that newspaper editor gig, we'll be checking up on it. And how's that PhD doctorate shaping up? Can't wait to see the prospectus when it's published online at the school's own secured website, which is what colleges do these days. Anyone who is actually privileged enough to get to pursue a doctorate would be delighted to share their work with others.


kult of kal said...

Wow, a friend here just told me about Mediafire - very easy, even for me.

Here is the link to the court documents.
Or here is an easy short URL:

Later, on my blog, I'll post the timetable that was on the online District Court website.

I.Am.Kult.Of.Kal said...

Yup, updated my blog with the timetable and link to documents.

F1 - thank you, General, for the offer of help. At the same time, a coworker taught me how, too. But thanks though, sir!

Squonkamatic said...

LOL the Motion To Dismiss document is my favorite, particularly the parts where Kalvin (who obviously wrote this legal train wreck) first lectures the judge on what the word LIE means, then claims exclusion for the Super Duper Services which he equates with subpoenaing the KGB or CIA.

My favorite though is Kalvin's use of the expression "as is obvious to any life form with an IQ over 50 ..." WHO did he think he was addressing, the drunks down at the art bar? I can't wait to hear Kalvin stamp his feet and insist that these documents were drawn up by a crack professional legal defense team.

Anonymous said...

My frakkin GOD those documents are a train wreck!

I thought Kal was nuts before, but NOW I see he legitimately may have some sort of mental disability.

Being no legal expert, can Kal get nailed for any fo the hundreds of lies he made in those documents?

F1 Racer

Anonymous said...



Thank You.

Off to view some documents....


Anonymous said...

The Kernel is a regular Denny Krane!!!!

kult of kal said...

Can I just say that I'm damned impressed with how fast you guys tear through all the pages of that stuff.

Paul Kimball, Korffer esq.,
Dude, can you help here? You have the lawyer education, can you help explain some due process? Sure, even I as a legal neophyte can read Kal's train wreck legalese. But I still get why all the motions, responses and shite that warranted Kal's train wreck to begin with?

I mean, in the big picture, what happened here? Is it really as simple as "Kal sued, Kal lost"?

Why did the lawyers dropped out? Why did Kal amend the complaint, adding JoCo Sheriff's dept as an afterthought?
Any clue why Kal had the tone of desparation in subsequent docs?


kult of kal said...

quick edit -
I still *Don't* get why all the motions, etc...

Anonymous said...

>>> Is It REALLY True? is part of the UFO WatchCat family of shows designed to protect consumers from the claims of Royce Myers III. <<<

Can you show us in what forms UFO Watchcat protects we consumers from an idle web site?

Anonymous said...

There's much to respond to here Korff. Much more than you being a Kernel in Kandy Land.

Have at it:

Part One:

I have no idea when and where Kal Korff came up with the idea that he could actually convince anyone that he was and or is a member of the intelligence community of any nation. During our past talk before Kal disappeared from the US and then reappeared in Prague, Kal never talked about being interested in becoming an intelligence operative, being involved in counter-intelligence or having an interest in Europe, little own his new found alliance with Israel.

In the past, Kal has been able to promote himself as a guest on many radio and television talk shows, but since emerging in Europe, it seems that The ‘X’ Zone has been the only show to give him any time whatsoever.

It has now been since the last week of April 2009 that Kal has been on The ‘X’ Zone Radio Show and he will not be returning.

All the Apple iTune Segments with Kal Korff have been deleted.
All the ‘X’ Zone Archive mp3 segments with Kal have been removed from public access.

Kal Korff seems to be a figment of his own imagination.

Members of the Intelligence Community that were contact by a private investigation firm in the U.S. with former intelligence operatives had no knowledge of Kal Korff nor the Israel based Special Secret Services that Kal claims to be part of.

All members of the “real” intelligence community pointed out that intelligence operatives would never reveal their involvement in intelligence agencies or operations as Kal likes to.

The Israeli Government has never heard of the Special Secret Services or a person by the name of Kal Korff. They are concerned that Kal is representing himself as a member of an association that he attached and affiliates to Israel and that he has given himself the rank of Colonel.

Is it possible that Kal created this entire fantasy world in order to explain why he so mysteriously left, in 2000 from the United States and why he so unexpectedly surfaced in Prague?

Why would an intelligence operative not have a hard lined telephone in their apartment and have to use a telephone booth down the street from his apartment for radio show interviews?


Anonymous said...

Part Two:

• Kal Korff for a period of over one year told me that he would get The ‘X’ Zone Radio Archives on Apple iTunes, which he never did. The ‘X’ Zone Archives on iTunes are being done through a company which is not affiliated with Kal in any manner whatsoever.

• Kal Korff said that he had developed a reader that we would be able to use to sell The ‘X’ Chronicles Newspaper for down loading onto the Apple iPod and iPhone, which again in a period over a year, he was unable to do. Thanks to Scribd


we are able to sell The ‘X’ Chronicles on the internet which can be read on the Apple iPod and iPhone. Again, this company has nothing to do with Kal whatsoever.

• Kal Korff told me that he had investors which were putting twenty-five million dollars (USD) into his television series exposing people for commercial fraud and he had asked me to host his series. The pilot was to be shot in Prague. Well, this never happened and his investors seemed to slip away into the night.

• Kal Korff told me that he was entering into an agreement with SONY and BONTON in Prague to manage a property that would also be an outlet for his products – this project never materialized.

• Kal Korff asked me to be the host for a DVD set that he was doing with Michael Horn on the Billy Meier case – nothing has ever happened on this project.

NOTE: Here's my last e-mail from Horn:

Hi FN,

It probably won't happen for a few reasons. On my end, I am swamped with things around my new film ( and getting new info out on the Meier case, etc. Too much to do!


• Kal Korff said that he was going to charge the following people with consumer fraud – and to this point after more than a year – nothing has happened:

o Ray Santilli on the Alien Autopsy
o Bob Gimlin for the Bigfoot Film of 1967
o Billy Meier for his fraudulent UFOs.
o Michael Horn

• Kal Korff had agreed to a Roswell debate with Kevin Randle – of which Kal Korff backed out of at the very last minute.

• Kal Korff had agreed to investigate claims made a member of the US Military of giant skeletons found in Europe, but never did.

• Kal Korff claims to have been a witness in the O J Simpson trial of which, to this date, no proof has ever been found to substantiate this claim.

• There is no proof to substantiate any claims whatsoever that Kal Korff has a 24 volume / 500 book deal with any legitimate publisher.

• Kal Korff claimed to have sent us nanotechnology in between the last page and the back cover of a copy of one of his books which we did receive, but after careful examination there was no proof of any nanotechnology found. Kal Korff told me that using a magnification glass or 10 x microscope I would be able to confirm the identity of this nanotechnology. A contact at The University of Waterloo in Ontario said that nanotechnology would NOT be able to be viewed with a magnifying glass or low powered microscope.

• There are no credentials that have ever been shown by Kal Korff that he ever obtained the rank of “Captain” and now “Colonel” in a legitimate military or para-military organization or the Mickey Mouse Fan Club for that matter. Besides, isn’t the rank of Major before Colonel?

• Kal Korff backed away from a debate with an expert on the JFK assassination that we were arranging.

• Kal Korff in one of his last aired interviews on The ‘X’ Zone told us that by this time, Israel would have attacked Iran by this time. Well, it seems that the self proclaimed intelligence expert missed the mark and his “intell” did not include the recent election and the Iranian people’s fight for democracy.

Lastly, I'm trying to get Rob to pony up some info in regards to Kernel Kumquat counceling Rob, etc.

I ain't buying that shit. Rob's broken all ties with Korff and Korff's just trying to bait Rob, just like RMIII and the rest.

Why? Because they wont talk with Korff and it drives him crazy(er).


Anonymous said...

So the lawyer dumped Kal's brother for ethical reasons and Kal tried to play lawyer and blew it which is what is expected when Kal tries to do anything that requires reasoning and common sense. It is so clear that Kal wrote that junk and that his playing spy and Kal's BIG MOUTH were the root causes of the lawsuit getting tossed. Hilarious.

Anonymous said...

18 U.S.C. § 1001 : US Code - Section 1001: Statements or entries generally
(a) Except as otherwise provided in this section, whoever, in any
matter within the jurisdiction of the executive, legislative, or
judicial branch of the Government of the United States, knowingly
and willfully -
(1) falsifies, conceals, or covers up by any trick, scheme, or
device a material fact;
(2) makes any materially false, fictitious, or fraudulent
statement or representation; or
(3) makes or uses any false writing or document knowing the
same to contain any materially false, fictitious, or fraudulent
statement or entry;
shall be fined under this title, imprisoned not more than 5 years
or, if the offense involves international or domestic terrorism (as
defined in section 2331), imprisoned not more than 8 years, or


I think this is the reason for the case to be terminated by the plaintiff. Kal learned that by interfering with the case as he did, he could face a few years behind bars himself.


Anonymous said...

>>> when Kal tries to do anything that requires reasoning and common sense. <<<

In short, when anything requires any EDUCATION Kalvin fails.

Anonymous said...

This pretty much sums up Kalvin's life up to this point:

>>> (2) makes any materially false, fictitious, or fraudulent
statement or representation; or

(3) makes or uses any false writing or document knowing the
same to contain any materially false, fictitious, or fraudulent
statement or entry; <<<


Squonkamatic said...

Is it possible that Kal created this entire fantasy world in order to explain why he so mysteriously left, in 2000 from the United States and why he so unexpectedly surfaced in Prague?

I don't like dragging people's families into the Korffing but have thought about this over the month off, and came to the conclusion that this whole story about Super Duper Service SAPSTOE work, reality TV shows, supermodels and consumer fraud is likely just a ruse to help Kalvin sponge living expenses off his mom.

Or rather to explain why every month he needs a fresh infusion of cash & resources to live off while he labors away at a calling which does not generate income. All of the YouTube clips and web updates are meant to be "status reports" to justify the continued need & string someone along. He's certainly not communicating to an actual audience that is financially supporting him. X-Zone was an instrumental key to the ruse, hence his gnashing, frothing, vindictive anger at having been outed by Rob McConnell as a fraud, which is exactly how predators and parasites usually react to being outed.

Now he has no "legitimate" 3rd party collaborator anymore helping him demonstrate that he's not just making it all up to avoid getting a real job & settling down -- which is what parents usually expect from their kids by the age of 40 or so.

Which when you think about it was pretty much when Kalvin relocated to Prague. The Dirt Bag Brother lawsuit ruse was going to be Kalvin's $3,000,000 Hail Mary (or rather half of it, presuming Kurtis got his cut too), and the obsessive attention to the issue was probably some agreement with his mom to help young Kurtis out in exchange for further subsistence funds as the legal process developed. He strung that out for as long as he could, lost due to his own ridiculous insistence on drafting these absurd, hilarious documents. Which we all have saved to disc now, so just having them banned from MediaFire won't help.

Now all he has left (for the moment, at least) is trashing Rob McConnell for ruining his con game while he thinks up another reason to keep those bank transfers coming. It's always someone else's fault as to why his Super Duper life hasn't come together, and he's always engaged in some sort of a feud with a useful villain: stalkers usually blame their targets for the problems their stalking creates. There's never any reports about normal, human activities, only superspy type intrigues, and this faux valiant consumer fraud quest that sounds like a Don Quixote escapade.

Anonymous said...

Kal will be unable to get those documents removed as they are public record and now are available for all to see just how nutso the fruit stick really is.

Squonkamatic said...

Good. They are a wonderful smoking gun, GG work to KoK for organizing all that data. The fruits of that labor should be there for EVERYONE to reference as needed. A suggestion might be to see if you can worm a descriptive title referring to Kal K. Korff on the MediaFire page just to get the listings on Google for those who might be searching for Kal Korff information but don't know about these blogs.

I was also thinking that the probative month off from Korffing seems to have injected some new energy here, perhaps it should be a regular occurrence. Every third month or something like that, just to keep it fresh.

Brad Hudson said...

Wow. Just, wow.

Kal is so far off into insanity it's frightening.

A brief search turns up NO US Marshal by the name of Brad Scholler. None. Zip. Nada.

Kal has used his own brother to file false court documents so Kal's ass won't be on the line.

Add to that the fact that the State will be seeking reimbursement for their costs from Korff and it pretty much shows you that Kal will sell out anyone, even his own family, to further his lies.

Simply stunning.

Brad Hudson
Dallas, TX

Anonymous said...

After reviewing some of those documents(writtin by Kal), secifically the response to SAAG Smith, something caught my eye regarding the Kurtis Kern Korff signatures. It doesn't take a handwriting or a forensic expert to notice that they are forgeries, done by none other than his dear little Mom.
Now using Kal's logic, it's not up to me to prove it, it's up to Kal to disprove it.
Or shall I ask Dorothy Toone herself?


Brad Hudson said...

Eh, I don't know about that. Those were prepared from prison and I'm not sure they allow documents to be carried to a meeting room unless it's to a lawyer (and then the lawyer would be bringing docs in).

I find it interesting to note that little Kal failed to mention the lawyer he spoke so highly of actually left the vase back in May. I'm sure she's next on the Kal hit list....

Brad Hudson
Dallas, TX

Paul Kimball said...

I have read through the court documents. Wow. All I can say is that people should contrast the reasonably well-drafted and professional original complaint, done by a real lawyer (as well as her succint withdrawal notice) with the rambling, incoherent, and unprofessional (delusional would perhaps be the most appropriate term) materials that were from that point on clearly drafted by Kal Korff. A junior high school student with a first year civil procedure textbook could have done a better job.

Poor Kal has become just another conspiracy nutter, not quite as bad as some, but far worse and more delusional than others. I almost feel sorry for him. Almost. He should seriously seek psychiatric help and try to reclaim some semblance of a normal life.

Oh, yeah, one more thing - I challenge Korff to provide the name and contact information of one lawyer, or even a non-practising lawyer with a law degree from an accredited post-secondary institution, that will support his view of what an expert witness is. I will happily follow up with this person.

Come on, Kal. Just one.


Anonymous said...

Brad, if you look at the SAAG Smith document, it's quite obvious that it was written by Kal (note the caps), sent to his mother, who then mailed it to the parties noted.
I think that whole bit about the civil lawsuit was just a scam to try and get money for the Korffs, including Kal. But then, bigshot Kal stuck his nose in and blew the whole thing.
So now he is going to sue Rob McConnell, maybe Gimlin and, as Paul said, Kurtis Korff's former attorney.
As Kal said, 'it's all about


Brad Hudson said...

Oh, I don't doubt Kal wrote it (it's obvious he did) but the docs had a prison stamp on them and if they were mailed from prison why didn't Kurtis sign them? It doesn't make any sense that Kal's mom would risk a forgery charge just to spew Kal's drivel.

Just my opinion, though.

Anonymous said...

OK, here's a mystery for you.
The zip code for the prison where Kurtis is at is 97317. The zip code where the documents were mailed from is 87502. That location is Santa Fe, NM.
Figure that one. I can't.


Anonymous said...

Kalvin, we have moved on from your having been kicked off the air by your former buddy Rob McConnell, whom you are now trying to publicly humiliate in your pathetic YouTube videos. Nobody cares about that now, we care about YOUR public humiliation as outlined in these court documents, available free to the public here:

You are a laughing stock, sir. A fool, a crank, and a complete fucking idiot. We know you are embarrassed and ashamed that McConnell has outed you as a fraud, and you should be. It is only the beginning though, and if I were you I would be more concerned with the conclusions your so-called fan base (all 34 of them) are going to make when they read over your various motions. Those are your own words that you bragged about submitting yourself. You are officially a horse's ass, and are misleading your viewers by implying that the lawsuit was successful. It was not, and it's ALL YOUR FAULT, loser.

Anonymous said...

Some other news here on the lawsuit - since Kal opened his big fat mouth as wide as possible and tried to insert himself into that lawsuit it has all back fired on the fool.

The people being sued were smart and apparently took some advice from this blog by requesting all the documentation from "Colonel" Kal Korff and his one-man fantasy organization because the attorneys felt that if "colonel" Kal had some material fact about the case, then by golly he should share it all with the world.

Remember now folks, Kal insisted he had done conducted investigations into all the corruption and his brother's case going so far as to laughably claim he flew to Oregon and did an on site reconstruction of the whole scene of the shooting.

Once the attorneys starting hammering Kal's attorney with motions to compel Colonel Big Mouth to provide all documentation from his imaginary organization that was the nail in the coffin and Kal's brother had NO CHOICE but to withdraw his suit.

So it looks like that gaping hole Kal calls a mouth on his face has FINALLY caught up with Kal. Nice job Kal! And yes that farce of a legal briefing written by Kal is beyond ludicrous!! I feel sorry for the judge who had to do his job and read that discombobulated piece Kal pulled out of his ass. Kal is NUTS NUTS NUTS NUTS.

Way to go there "Colonel". A bit of advice for Kal - STOP WATCHING LEGAL DRAMAS and leave the legal business to the professionals given you could ever find one to represent you since it seems you've chased off every attorney who came near your brother's case.

Sadly if Kal's brother had a legit claim here Kal blew any chance for his brother.

Anonymous said...

Someone mentioned Kernal-Not-Fully-Popped having a fan base of perhaps 34 people. I say that is much too high of an estimate. I would only count in his mom and brother. Although now with his miserable failings as a lawyer. maybe even mom and bro are on the ropes. Now, say there just happened to be an actual bonified Kalvin Kook fan. What would this person be like? A highwater pants delusional nerd like the Kaptain cum Kernal? I just really have a hard time believing there's ANYONE out there with any respect for this guy. Am I wrong?

Kal is not a lawyer...DUH! said...

Here we go again with Kernal Krackers and the legal threats again. I tell you Kal must be in first place for the most lawsuits ever threatened but never followed up on.

5 Business Day Legal Ultimatum Sent To Rob McConnell of the X Zone Radio Show for Libel, Slander, Defamation with Malice
Written by Public Relations
Thursday, 03 September 2009 22:22

Dear World,

UFO WatchCat received a copy of a formal email sent to Mr. Rob McConnell of the X Zone Radio Show, informing him that he has FIVE BUSINESS DAYS to either print a retraction or correct his deliberate lies, libels and slanders concerning Colonel Kal Korff, or face legal and other consequences.

Neither CriticalThinkers nor UFO WatchCat will publish this email, if anyone denies it exists, they are lying.


I hope Rob McConnell tells Korff to go fuck himself while jumping through a rolling donut hole. Is this really the best Kal can do? I mean come on with these juvenile threats Kal. Man up or shut your fuzz hole cause you're not scaring anyone with this smoke you're blowing up everyone's ass. That is when you take the time to remove your tongue from that ass you sick little freak.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

It's almost like Kernal Kookenhiemer creates new blustering threats just to draw attention away from the previous ones that he didn't follow through on. And you know what, it works! There's so much hate and threats out there now that no one can possibly keep track of it! The key is to always have current threat front and center and one on the back burner ready to go. Minus Kelvin is a genius!

kult of kal said...

Digger's sharp eye about the Santa Fe zip code had me running back to the online District Court site to download more. No luck.
I didn't download every little notice, I did grab 2 more interesting docs: the final "Judgement" and the "Response to Plantiff's Statement of Facts."
Both are now available on Mediafire link.

From what I understand, the Response to 'Facts' is a sane response to Kal's insane Statement of (what Kal believed were) Facts. I can't find the originating doc from Kal unfortunately. But I'm betting it contained some statements which turned the case around (for the defendants).

Also of note, the Judgement says no one is responsible for any fees or payments. I say that because some Anonymous mentioned Kal's family may have to pony up for defendants' legal fees.

One last thing. Sit back and really soak this in ...I gotta believe that the Korffs were, for a time, fairly certain they would soon be wealthy beyond their wildest dreams. Imagine feeling like it's only time before you will be awarded millions of dollars. You know someone said "It's an open & shut case." Imagine that for a minute.
Then your estranged son Kalvin steps in with all his confidence, and he takes (legal) charge and... completely fucks it up for you.

I'm thinking Kal's calls back to Medford, Oregon for his funds are not received well these past few weeks.

Kal, nice going. You really did fuck up your family's hopes and dreams.

Dorothy, Kurtis, feel free to contact me or anyone else here and maybe we can help you.

Jimmy D said...

I'm confused. Could someone - perhaps KIAI in a new posting - lay out in a succinct manner what we think must have happened with the court case, based on a reading of the publicly available documents?

Some fine Korffing there, folks. It's time a medal was struck with which to honour efforts like these.

Anonymous said...

The above post I believe sums up the court case- the Kernal of the Lollypop Guild completely destroyed any shred of hope the Korff family had of financial compensation. Of course, knowing Kernal Space Kadet's twisted sense of reality, he's done his best to spin this to his family members that he's actually some kind of hero. Truth is he's nothing more than the Former Eastern European Bureau Chief of the XZONE radio show....

Anonymous said...

Anyone notice that the Mother of All Kernals has not had anyone else in his videos for a long time now? He drops Martina's name constantly but she's nowhere to be seen. Also no Avim the lawyer or bodyguard or whatever he was. He acts as if he has this large staff taking care of the hate mail for him, just forwarding him the results and asking for his signature.... he's actually just the Lone Kernal all by himself in a country with just his video camera and the two words of Czech he knows. Sad and pathetic, all he has left is to hate.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the court documents and the BIG LAUGHS! I donlt know what else to say other than Kal Korff is an IDIOT and those documents prove it beyond a reasonable doubt!

Anonymous said...

"All the profits from the expose' of Rob McConnell will be donated to charity." Profits? Who will buy this except maybe one person on this blog so that the rest can see this foolishness? Wanna bet he just pockets the 1.50?

Anonymous said...

Special K has just made a world shaking announcement that he's going to declare who the lucky non-profit charity is who will receive the 1.50 from his Rob McConnell expose'. He's also going to do it during Rob's XZONE broadcast so as to completely disrupt the listening audience of Rob's show! Not sure if Rob will ever recover from this coup. I, for one, will be waiting with baited breath for the announcement....

Anonymous said...

Kal K. Korff is HATRED. There is no other excuse for the CLEARLY PERSONAL ATTACKS against people that Kal makes. Kal makes it a point to HATE. Kal knows nothing but HATRED. STOP THE HATRED KAL JUST STOP!

Anonymous said...

I just got through reading the legal bemusings of Kal K. Korff. I have to say this looks like it was put together by someone who merely copied the format of a legal document and then just added pages and pages of nonsense.

The response to the filing from the attorney for the defendants was marvelous and very professional. The filing from Kal was um uh um I really don't know what the hell to call it. A few words come to mind:


This was one of the most psychotic driven babbling piece of rubbish ever to be wasted ink upon wasted paper.

Wasn't Kal supposedly a published author? If so, then the people publishing his work must be devoid of anything resembling professional writing standards.

This bit from Kal isn't a piece of legal work, it is a diatribe from a totalitarian who will go after anyone tooth and nail with crazy in hand for disagreeing with him or exposing him as the pretender he is.

Your view of the world had better align perfectly with that of Kolonel Koo-koo, lest you be prepared to be stalked, slandered, menaced, threatened, and libeled by that venomously crazed oaf Kal K. Korff.

Squonkamatic said...

Some of the writings read like Kalvin was under the influence of an amphetamine derived substance like phentermine or ritalyn. There's a breathless, rambling incoherence to the writing that is very evocative of standing next to a burnout from Dead Tour who hasn't slept for four days & is convinced that they are in possession of some cosmic truth you owe them the honor of listening to no matter how incoherent they are.

I love the sections where Kalvin harps on the defendants lawyers for having the nerve to be PAID for their work while poor Kurtis rots in a prison cell, unable to effectively defend himself .... because their own lawyer QUIT because of "ethical differences". Gee, I wonder what that could have meant, other than she realized they weren't telling her or the court the truth. Kalvin then expected the court to feel sorry for Kurtis because he was in prison ... for attempting to run a sheriff's deputy over with a mutherfuggin' car. LOL, if I was the judge I would have muttered "Yeah and that's why he got shot, Genius. Time for lunch."

The portions of the request for summary judgment -- which Kalvin boasted of on video as a huge victory for the Korffs: guess it's time to delete a few of those so save them quick, boys -- where he argues that Kurtis cannot reveal secret Super Duper Services SAPSTOE information requested by the defendants is priceless. That's probably where he would have lost the case because he's essentially thumbing his nose at the court, saying that they didn't have any jurisdiction over the Super Duper Services because they were not an American based entity.

I bet that went over just swell! I have zero legal background beyond sitting for jury duty for a couple of days, and basically all I did was to sit there and ogle the court stenographer, who was waaay way hot. But it seems like what MAY have happened is that the court forced Kurtis to either reveal who this Colonel Korff was, who the Super Duper Services were, why they were involved in his defense, and what sort of evidence they may have been holding that Kalvin said the court was in no position to demand. Or, he would summarily default for defying the court and lose -- perhaps even facing a contempt charge -- and be responsible for all court costs & open to a counter-suit from the defendants for something like defamation of character.

Since Kalvin couldn't produce any of that material for the simple reason that the SAPSTOE Super Duper Services colonel baloney is all just a very weak internet-based con that wasn't impressing anyone, they chose to ask for a dismissal instead rather than lose & get bitchslapped. So much for the Kidon Unit Commander in his little play camoflage uniform with the colonel's eagles pinned on sideways, pompously answering made up questions from people who don't really exist like some kind of a big shot legal expert.

And in reality, all the wile, the whole case had gone down the toilet.


Squonkamatic said...

Just to allow Kalvin to tell his side of the story, here's the Kidon Unit Cmdr. series video where he states that the dismissal of the case was in exchange for a horse trade deal with a totalitarian dictatorship for the release of two European Union residents (no countries specified) in exchange for Kalvin's nanotechnology components. Kalvin states that because he made this nanotechnology available to broker the exchange, federal officials have agreed to examine the forensic evidence that SAAG Jim Smith chose to ignore & would have exonerated Kurtis Korff. But one of the conditions of this deal is that the Kurtis Korff case would be dismissed. I figured it was only fair to give equal time, so here's Kalvin's explanation for the dismissal in his own words, posted to YouTube on July 30, 2009:

Too bad those court documents turned up. Note the colonel's eagles on his epaulets too: sideways. The Kidon Unit Cmndr. thing has to be a "Munich" reference in addition to being a passive aggressive threat, displaying Kalvin's continuing obsession with Steven Spielberg.

Anonymous said...

WHERE'S THE PROMISED VIDEO ANNOUNCING THE CHARITY? Of course! What was I thinking. A promise requires someone keeping their word and since it involves Kal that all goes out the window.

Anonymous said...

Final summary judgement re: Korff vs. Geiger et al -
Case Closed!


Anonymous said...


Interesting that the Kurtis Korff Kase has turned out, in at least one way, just like the TMIII vs. Sean David Morton case.

In the end, all RMIII wanted was for SeanDM to prove ONE (1) of his claims that had otherwise never been verified, as true.

SeanDM could not. SeanDM was given ample opportunity and time and he came back with zero.

If Korff or Kurtis was asked to prove their case, and they couldn't, I think we've solved the case right then and there.

As expected, it's all make believe bullshit wrapped up with a Psychotic.

Korff, "But I proved in a court of US law that I am what I am saying."

Sure, you sent in documents which you made, that we not notarized by anyone that prove that you're Super Duper. Maybe you even make the HUGE mistake of appearing in court and on the stand to spout your fantasy.

That doesn’t prove shit Korff.

They called you out on it. We have the documents to prove it Korff.

The law of the land has proved you out to be a fraud.

Isn’t justice grand? :^)


Don Ecker said...

How many times, how many ways, how many examples are needed to show that Colonel SHITBIRD is out to lunch? He's out to lunch, his "dirt-bag" brother is still sitting in the slammer with a bullet up his ass (or in this case in his empty head) Martina, Avim, and all the rest of SHITBIRD's "cronies" are among the missing. It must be a lonely-lonely world on Planet korff.

Anonymous said...

You. Are. VERMIN.


Utter scum.

Anonymous said...

Per Kal's latest video on YouTube, titled UfOlogy 101, he's now reverting back to teaching
3rd graders all about UFOs. Of course he fails to mention that, according to his own words from way back when, there is no such entity.
I guess, that since he finally realized that he was a failure at the following, he might try something more consistent with his level of mentality -

1. An expert legal advisor...
Blew his brother's lawsuit case.

2. A famous media personality..
Got booted from the Xzone radio show, among many others before that.

3. A famous author...
No publisher wants to print his crap.

4. Lecturer...
A rank amateur at best.

Final analysis - Kernel Korn is a nobody.


Anonymous said...

Getting kicked off the X Zone? HA! That must be a new low for Kal. Who in the fuck gets kicked off that show?????? Bigfoot people and psychics? Nope. Just crazy old Kal Korff who stopped drinking Dr. Pepper in exchange for his own brand of fantasy kool aid. And to think that there were actually people giving Kal some sort of credibility many years ago. Now Kal has just turned into a crazed shit rag. Hell he was probably that way to begin with.

Anonymous said...

Further to Jimmy's comment above, I too can't quite figure out what went on with regard to the dirtbag brother's court case. Did Kurtis Sleazeball's attorney resign (if so, why?) and did Kalvin then step into the breach to act as Kurtis' attorney, thus sinking the entire operation?

Or what?

Time for a fresh post laying out the details, perhaps?


Anonymous said...

Well I for one am actually happy that Kal took those gratuitous butt shots of Martina. Kal "easily proved" (quotations are for emphasis) that he is not gay, and furthermore a 5 minute explanation of why he is not gay -- how come THAT didn't make it into court testimony? CAPS also for emphasis. All of this is just a plot to "easily fool" Don Ecker and engage in some psyops, while educating the public on consumer fraud the likes of Royce Meyers the third, and bring attention to authorities the blatant lie, slander, and malicious intent of David Biedny, who is Jewish, and also Gene Steinberg is perhaps also Jewish. As the lawyer on the Simpsons famously said,"What's that? You want me to drink you? But I'm in the middle of a courtroom session right now! Glug glug glug."

And so hapless Sheriff Gil Gilbertson, who is an HONORABLE MAN, and especially Paul Kimball, who did not take the advice of Martina, because when Martina takes the time to WARN MEN, a wise person would know to listen to Martina [laughter, applause].

Kal leaves stage. There is the sound of latex slapping, the Travelocity Gnome enters from the left. A woman shrieks, followed by the sound of an orgasm.

Kal says, "And furthermore..." (quotations for emphasis) "Deputy Geiger and my brother, Kurtis Kern Korff."


Anonymous said...

Kal Korff Contacts First Canadian Law Firms to Sue Rob McConnell of the X Zone Radio Show PDF Print E-mail
News - Latest
Written by Kal Korff - Op ed. on the road
Sunday, 06 September 2009 16:34

Dear World,

CriticalThinkers has now begun the process of sending out letters to several Canadian law firms for the purpose of suing Rob McConnell of the X Zone Radio Show for libel, slander and defamation made with deliberate, malicious intent.

Mr. McConnell was sent a formal letter informing him that he has FIVE BUSINESS DAYS to either correct or retract his false statements.

While I have no idea if Mr. McConnell has responded to this only reasonable demand, since I did not send the letter to McConnell but a paralegal did, until Mr. McConnell does what is only right and has been asked, McConnell will continue to be held accountable and be exposed.


Anonymous said...

Now that is an awesome Op-Ed on the road. It really makes you think.
Paul Kimball receives letter from paralegal within FIVE BUSINESS DAYS, hands trembling, dials Rob with his X-Zone ipod app created insistently and instantly by critical thinkers .org in order to expose David Biedny.

Paul Kimball said...

I'll make this easy for Kal.

Kal Korff is a liar. This has been repeatedly shown to be true.

Go ahead, Kal. I just called you a liar. Have those "Canadian lawyers" of yours contact me.

I dare you.


Don Ecker said...

Right Paul! They will be in touch with you like they were with Royce Meyers III, Kevin Randle, me, and now you. My mind trembles at the thought of the mighty korff's anger and lawyers ... all pointed at us. And Paul, remember .... and this hasn't left my mind .... Martina can KILL in POINT 5 Seconds. Damn ... and she works for Kernal Shitbird....

Don Ecker said...

Yes Gang, it has been a SLOW day.

Paul Kimball said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Paul Kimball said...


I would point out for the legally impaired (i.e. Korff) that simply swearing to something in court is not proof of anything, other than that a person swore to it in court (hence the charge of perjury, because sometimes people, like Korff, lie). Thus, he has still not offered a scintilla of actual proof (you know, the kind he is always insisting UFO proponents provide) that shows he was either an expert witness in the O.J. Simpson civil trial, or that the Israeli Special Secret Services actually exist - there are, of course, many other things he needs to prove, but we'll just start with those two, as it should be easy to provide independent, third-party proof of his claim.

Come on, Kal - stop hiding, and be a MAN, and put up or shut up.


P.S. And yes, it's a slow day. ;-)

Squonkamatic said...

Kalvin Korff is a narcissist who refuses to get a job. The legal threats are meant to distract those who are supporting him financially.

He has an obsession with the expression "win-win", who knows where he picked it up but he loves using it. The first time I heard Kalvin drop the phrase was in the "Kal Korff Delivers iPods" video where at the end when referring to the cheap protector case he overcharged Czech buyers with to turn a profit he refers to it's use as a "win-win" situation for iPod users where it protects the iPod's potential resale value (everything in Kalvin's mind revolves around money, so like a good narcissist he assumes everyone thinks/feels the same way).

Then, at the top of page three of Kalvin's laughably amateurish "Motion To Dismiss" document from the Josephine County courts, Kurtis Korff allegedly writes and I do quote in verbatim

"By accepting my brother Colonel Korff's offer to "drop everything immediately" in the interests of National Security and the the promise of officials to finally investigate Defendants properly, this is a "win-win" for ALL parties, IF they TRULY care about TRUTH and REAL "justice".

Which by itself proves conclusively that Kalvin K. Korff and his overzealous shift key actually wrote these legal drafts.

Finally, in Kalvin's drab, flabby looking YouTube video from today (September 6, 2009), Kalvin claims that a Czech based charity called Community -- which he felt the need to spell out loud -- would receive the proceeds from the sales of his expose of Rob McConnell in what he describes yet again as "a win-win situation" where Rob will be exposed and this Community group will get the money from sales of the expose.

Which is supposed to simultaneously one-up those calling Kalvin a hypocrite for accepting money for the kind of material he accuses others of doing, and showing what a big hearted straight up guy Kalvin Korff really is.

But as usual BECAUSE KAL K. KORFF IS A COMPLETE FUCKING MORON who CANNOT THINK CREATIVELY OR COME UP WITH ORIGINAL IDEAS, he missed his chance to really use the charity gimmick as a way to embarrass Rob McConnell by not announcing that he was donating the proceeds to a charity benefiting battered husbands trapped in abusive domestic relationships. Or at least a charity designed to give shelter to victims of domestic battery -- which PROVES that his mockery of Rob's unfortunate situation is a cheap, demeaning playground tactic of a stupid bully.

You have owned yourself once again, Kalvin, you stupid fuckwit.

Anonymous said...

For the record, there IS no charity organization in the Czech Republic, or elswhere in the world, called 'CommUNITY', or 'Community' or whatever.
Unless of course it is another one of Kal's super secret organizations that only he knows about.
As soon as I find out what he's selling, I'll buy one, then get a receipt from the charity for tax purposes. Any chance of that?


Anonymous said...

The lastest from Mr. Horn. I asked him if the 2 DVD - For and Against The Meier Case, is a dead deal:

>>> Hi FN,

I think so. I actually never received all the exact questions that Kal wanted me to answer anyway. There are certainly more pressing things going on now. I should add that in one email to me he admitted his doubt that Meier had actually hoaxed all his UFO photos.

MH <<<

I would assume that after Korff reads this he'll tell Dear World that of course he would say that, it's all a set up, blah, blah, blah.



Paul Kimball said...

The latest from poor Korff, sent to my YouTube account from his YouTube account.

My favourite part is his repeated claim that I have done nothing to counter Stan Friedman's views on MJ-12. Poor Kal. He should try reading my blog someday, and get his facts straight. :-)


"Dear Paul,

There is NO "cyberstalking" (not on my end) and as usual, you resort to name calling and "judging" people instead of dealing with facts.

This is typical for a UFOOLogist, isn't it?

Paul, you should be ashamed of yourself. Your Uncle Stan Friedman is guilty of promoting one of the greatest UFO document hoaxes of all time, MJ-12, yet you do NOTHING to hold him accountable.

You have also NEVER held Kevin Randle accountable for lying about finding "unusual pumice" at Roswell, or for NON-existent "Catholic Nuns" or for having "endorsed" Glenn Dennis, and hoaxers and frauds, Frank Kaufmann and Jim Ragsdale.

The fact that you "think" that defending myself against lies made by Rob McConnell is "cyberstalking" tells everyone the obvious about you.

You are morally bereft, Paul, and you have uneven standards of "evidence" — you can't even use the word "debunker" properly, and live by your own peculiar dictionary. But since you hang out with people who MAKE A POINT TO HATE and engage in intolerance, I am not surprised.

You may not be "up" for it, because you would lose, but I'd be happy to debate you anywhere, anytime, any place and help expose you as a fraud and how you make fraudulent claims.

Remember, Paul, it was YOU who told Brad Sparks that you wanted to "make peace" and YOU admitted that YOU went "too far."

No kidding, you're doing it again.

Why don't you STOP the game playing and posturing, because I refuse to participate in your circus. You have been wrong about everything from me not being involved in the OJ Simpson civil lawsuit to my motivations about Rob. Since you were NOT here nor were you present at either event, as usual you are engaged in very bad pseudoscience and pure bullshit.

If you wish to discuss issues like a mature person, fine. I welcome such emails. But if you continue to engage in name calling and lying, then that is your choice.

Kal Korff

Anonymous said...

Very entertaining, but when are we going to see "Worlds Away"?

Anonymous said...

Yes! Bring on Worlds Away!!

Anonymous said...

Let's see here about all these "lawsuits" and police complaints Kal claims he has or is going to file.....

- Alien Autopsy for fraud
- Bigfoot guy for fraud
- Billy Meier for fraud
- Michael Horn for fraud
- Royce Meyer for everything
- Paul Kimball for everything
- David Biednny for supposed threat
- Kevin randle for everything
- Don Ecker for everything
- F1 Racer for being hilarious
- Brad Hudson just because
- Jimmy D and other for posting here and pointing out the obvious absurdity of Kal
- Rob McConnell for finally manning up and calling Kal a liar and fraud

I am sure there are many more but to date.....

Lawsuit/police threats:


Actual lawsuits/police threats followed through:


And Kal wonders why no one takes him seriously - not that filing a bunch of lawsuits would help Kal gain any sort of credibility ever again because you really cannot lose something you never had to begin with.

Anonymous said...

Kal: "You may not be "up" for it, because you would lose, but I'd be happy to debate you anywhere, anytime, any place and help expose you as a fraud and how you make fraudulent claims."

Kal begs for attention once again because he now knows he has no audience and no outlet other than his amateur website and high school quality video productions.

Kal: "Why don't you STOP the game playing and posturing, because I refuse to participate in your circus."

The only circus here is Kal and his absurd fantasies. Kal is clueless.

Kal: "If you wish to discuss issues like a mature person, fine. I welcome such emails. But if you continue to engage in name calling and lying, then that is your choice."

Kal is just praying to get some material for his website and videos from anyone he can. Kal obviously does not know that adults don;t sit at the kids table, hence why Paul would never waste his time with a gas bag like Kal K. Korff.

Paul invited Kal once already to a debate and offered to pay all costs and even extended the deadline for Kal to respond. What does Kal do?

Instead of being a mature person and responding to the invitation, to either decline or accept, Kal ignores it and later claims that Paul would never give him a fair chance and that the offer was insincere. Why would Paul ever waste time debating Kal over anything? No one cares what Kal Korff's opinion is on anything because he has no credibility.

And let's face it, Kal Korff was never an expert witness in the O.J. Simpson civil trial and he was never part of the police investigation into the original murder case like he has claimed in the past.

Anyone can contact Fred Goldman's current attorney David Cook and ask. Or they can contact the original attorney in the civil suit, Daniel Petrocelli. Better yet, contact the Los Angeles County DA and ask about it. I can guarantee that you will not find Kal's name on a single document in any court record relating to either the civil or police cases. A lawyer would salivate over the chance in either of those cases to call Kal to the stand just like the lawyers from his brother's shooting tried to do. Nothing like showing how incompetent someone is in a court of law and that is exactly what would have happened were Kal on the stand. Look no further than the legal illiteracy in those documents Kal wrote!

Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight- COMMUNITY is an organization that teaches Czechs how to teach English to the the lost tribes of the Mayans and the Aztecs in Mexico? Wouldn't proper Spanish be more useful to primitive people locked in the heart of Mexico? Maybe they could use English in their emails and to better understand what they just purchased on Ebay...this sounds to me like the Kooky Kernal wants to give a little more attention to his Archeology widget on his website. And who better to teach the Czechs how to teach English to the Mayans than Kracker Man himself, thereby pocketing the 1.50 profit from the XZONE expose in his own ocffee can? Kal-Kan seems to slowly creating an alternative universe all around him, hoping against hope others will take this leap of faith into his Twilight Zone...

Anonymous said...

Interesting also how a Czech charity would call themselves an English name with a play on words. This cutesy terminology sounds exactly like something the Kolon Kolonel would come up with. Watch how the charity will now graciously invite their largest contributor to accompany them on a trip to the Mayan ruins. Of course this all depends on how successful the Kolon-el is at adding fake zeros onto the 1.50 rubber check.

Paul Kimball said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Paul Kimball said...

For the record, I didn't contact Colonel Moonbat directly - never have, because he's nuts. Yet another false claim by the commandante of crazy... or, as Korff would say, a lie. Of course, Korff is free to publish this e-mail I supposedly sent to him, along with the date and time and so forth (i.e. publish the actual e-mail Korff), which I will then check against my own e-mail account with my service provider, because no such e-mail was ever sent. If Korff got a bogus e-mail from someone purporting to be me, all the more amusing that he fell for it.

As for "Worlds Away", the project has been in post, but the official world premiere has now been set - November 19, 2009, here in Halifax, at the historic Oxford Theatre. After that, worldwide release. Sorry for the delay, but that project sits third in a busy work line-up, behind our feature film "Eternal Kiss" and our television series "Ghost Cases", both of which are deliverable at the end of October. Finally, the meltdown of Colonel Crank's brother's lawsuit has provided a great final punctuation for the project.


Paul Kimball said...

A final note.

Korff has clearly LIED about Rob taking down the issue of the X-Chronicles that deal with Korff. See:

Still there, Kolonel Klunker. Perhaps you should look beyond the front page of the X-Zone website next time.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm poster 200 here! yay for me. Kernal Korkboard is losing it big time and I cannot wait to see Worlds Away! Paul, any chance of seeing this on youtube or a special invite only for us Korffers who cannot make it to Halifax this November?

The irony with Paul's film is superb, as here we have Kernal Fat Mouth claiming that he will be exposing people he rails against in film and publishing, and along comes Paul who will show the world the real world of Kernal Fat Fingers and just exactly who Kal worked for and what his actual background is as opposed to the fiction he has treated everyone to for years now.

I hope Paul secured those interviews with Boeing, Atari, Xerox, Apple, Claris and the rest. This is going to be a very interesting film and the best part about is that Paul will now profit from its sale all at the expense of Kernal Krackhead's big mouth! Justice. HAHA!!

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