Saturday, July 18, 2009

Kal Korff is a dork

More proof exposing the hypocrisy that is Kal Korff has been put together by none other than KultofKal!!! This great video put together by Kult of Kal takes Kal Korff's own words and EXPOSES Kal as a hateful hypocritical moron who judges others and will do what he can to try to get back at the people Kal HATES!

I especially like the clip where Kal is barely able to contain his rage and jealousy against Paul Kimball in the video where Kal obsesses over Paul Kimball so much that Kal says Paul's name an amazing and frightening THIRTY SEVEN TIMES in the span of something like seven minutes!!!!! Is Kal THAT OBSESSED with a guy he's never ever met?????????? Kal is just sick.

So here you have yet another fine video from Kultof Kal TEARING Kal apart with Kal's OWN WORDS!! Analyst and author and SAPSTOE Kal Korff gets OWNED by a single video on the Internet! ahahahahahahhhaaa os what do you superiors in the special secret services think about this Kal? Will you be demoted from mopping hallways to scrubbing toilets now? Will you lose that second row seat on the short bus? ahahahahahahaha

Just give it all up Kal and crawl back in your hole. Please Kal I BEG YOU TO STOP EMBARRASSING YOURSELF. PLEASE Kal just STOP making an UTTER FOOL OF YOURSELF. Just stop making this shit up Kal. It is PAINFUL watching you Kal. Stop pretending to be a colonel Kal and please just STOP STEALING VALOR. Just stop it. Using words like colonel and telling people you are "stationed" and "serving" overseas leaves everyone with the impression that you are claiming to be an acting military official. Throw out your phony military insignia and your fake Mossad badges and phony uniforms. You are not involved in the war on terrorism and you do not round up terrorists. you are not an ofoficial acting in any official capacity and you do not have any official powers other than those you have made up in your sick little mind. You are a DISGRACE to soldiers who actually fight terrorists and you insult people who have lost their lives on the front lines and those people who are victims in the war on terror.

Chubby little loser. national joke!


Anonymous said...

wut! first on the national joke bandwagon!

Anonymous said...

I like that KKIAI knows just when to start a new thread.

Thanks for all you do,


Anonymous said...

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