Sunday, July 19, 2009

Kal "Cyberpath" Korff

When I wrote a long time ago that I thought Kal Korff was an internet terrorist it looks like I am not the only person to share that opinion. An Internet website called Exposing Online Predators & Cyberpaths has listed none other than Internet terrorist Kal K. Korff as a currently known and exposed cyberpaths. And let's just face the facts here that Kal has done noting but use the Internet to issue threats and try to intimidate and marginalize people he hates. How many times has Kal said "fuck you" or gotten angry at people like Paul Kimball???? what is funny and ironic and keeping in the hypocrisy Kal has set for himself, Kal is using the same tactics of the terrorists he fantasizes about fighting! ahahahahaahhhaa Kal makes threats in order to get people to do what he wants. How many times has Kal threatened to sue someone if they don't apologize or retract something said about Kal? How many times has Conniving Kal threatened to contact the FBI or the DOJ and file a complaint or someone's place of business? Or how about Kal with threats of exposing people before the worldwide media by sending out alerts? Any idiot knows the goal of terrorism is terror so that one attempts to influence the actions of a person or group by making them fearful. This is EXACTLY what Kal does. Kal makes EMPTY THREATS with the hopes of making someone scared into doing something Kal wants. Kal Korff is in my opinion is engaging in some sort of Internet terror tactics and that really makes him no better in principle than the actual terrorists he pretends to hunt down. Kal hunting down someone dangerous ahahahahahahahahaah!! Now that's a laugh. Kal doesn't have the brass for that because that involves getting out from hiding behind a computer and a video camera. ahahahahahaahahahhaahhaa If Kal really wants to wrtie a ook on an area he is an expert in then he might want to just consider writing about how to be an Internet terrorist.


Anonymous said...

Kal, just shut the fuck up. Just like the last 10 years, no one believes shit Kal Korff has to say because he has zero credibility.

Kal can't establish anywhere through any means any of his alleged qualifications for anything he says. I don't think Kal even has a degree in basket weaving. What has Kal done professionally aside from working for a delivery service and being a security guard and doing telephone tech support?

Seriously. I'd love to see Kal bring out his credentials and prove his claims. But I know he won't because he can't.

And how does someone with no teaching credentials teach people English? Is this even legal?

I'm glad this blog is here with people sharing their info about Kal and I'm glad to see no one is taking Kal or his ridiculous claims seriously.

Anonymous said...

You are a foul creature, "Colonel". Utterly nauseating. Do you enjoy hurting people, I wonder? Or do you never give the consequences of your actions a second thought (as per one of the signs of a psychopath given a couple of posts back)?

May you rot in everlasting torment.

Anonymous said...

I like how the Xzone site now refers to Kal:
"Kal Korff - Confirmed fraud and imposter'

kal said...

Its just gets deeper and deeper for fat Kal!

F1 Racer

Anonymous said...

Go here and read the joke of an article written by that moron Rob McConnell -

Nice job "exposing" Kal there, Rob, you fucking dimwit. Rob, you need to learn how to write. There are high school kids with more journalistic skill and writing ability than this Rob McConnell character.

And it only took Rob McConnell years to figure out Kal was full of it? LOL! This blog is mentioned and Rob McConnell actually has the balls to ask someone to come on his show and expose Kal. I guess Rob is too lazy to do his own dirty work and wouldn't mind squeezing some more ratings out of Kal one way or the other.

But I wonder why it is that Kal has not gone off on Rob McConnell. This is so very unusual for Kal to not immediately launch a hate and smear campaign against anyone who dares to question or expose him.

One more thing here - Rob wonders why people remain anonymous here. Are you really that stupid, Rob? Has Rob not seen the tirades and internet stalking Kal targets his victims with? Only a fucking idiot would invite that sort of hatred and craziness into their life.

Anonymous said...

I sent Rob an e-mail, posted on another thread here, basically telling him to make one good argument for why I should open myself up to Korff's bullshit, in a public manner.

Further, I told him that I would drop the cloak and appear on his show. I also told him I expected a response.

I sent two follow ups asking for a reply, I never got one.

In short, while he’s calling Korff out on some of the bullshit he told and promised him, McConnell is proud and envious of Korff for stepping out of the shadows and telling it like, Korff sees it.


McConnell, Korff MUST conduct himself in this way because, if he didn’t, he would be, and stay, anonymous.

Korff cannot abide by that. He must “be someone.” Digger and F1 have posted wonderful prose on this fact.

Get it?


You made yet another promise, stating that your template site would be moved to a faster server, it seems that it may have, and that a complete face lift would be completed, weeks ago.

A quick audit of your site shows me that 2 - TWO, widgets link to "something" and that those remaining, link to NOTHING.

Just like you, Kernel Cupcake, pretty images, no substance. And, you’re not pretty...


Jimmy D said...

"Go here and read the joke of an article written by that moron Rob McConnell -
June-July-2009 "

McConnell is as big an illiterate as Korff.

A couple of examples from the article:

“….Apple app’s…”
“…his brothers trial…”
“…claims made a member of the US Military of giant skeletons…”

But the biggest howler is this one (second column, first page of the article):

“Kal never talked about being interested in becoming an intelligence operative, being involved in counter-intelligence or having an interest in Europe, *LITTLE OWN* his new found interest in Israel.”


Jimmy D said...

Someone should start a sister site:

kult of kal said...

Rob isn't only a bad writer, he's also bad at math. (Or I've greatly underestimated the number of Korffers among us.

Rob says he's invited many of us on the show. (this excludes me, by the way -- Rob, where's my invite?).
Rob then says "99.9% do not even reply to our invitation...with the exception of Randle, Horn, Delisotto, and Kimball."

Well, if 4 people constitutes 0.1% of us, then that makes us a total 4000 strong. I'm doubting this and thinking Rob likes to exaggerate how unresponsive we are. Again, I say, I haven't been invited, and there's been no open invitation post from Rob on KIAI.


Anonymous said...

I do seem to remember a post by Rob inviting whomever wanted to appear. Can we find this pots?


Anonymous said...

"little own" instead of "let alone".

Dear sweet Jaysus...

Is English your first language, McConnell?

Anonymous said...

"May you rot in everlasting torment."

Done and Done, fellow Korffer! Dante Aligheri already wrote the final Canto to this story!

Read along, Kal! This is your fate!

Condemned to the very center of hell for committing the ultimate sin (treachery against God) is Satan (Lucifer), who has three faces, one red, one black, and one a pale yellow, each having a mouth that chews on a prominent traitor. Satan himself is represented as a giant, terrifying beast, weeping tears from his six eyes, which mix with the traitors' blood sickeningly. He is waist deep in ice, and beats his six wings as if trying to escape, but the icy wind that emanates only further ensures his imprisonment (as well as that of the others in the ring). The sinners in the mouths of Satan are Brutus and Cassius in the left and right mouths, respectively. They were involved in the assassination of Julius Caesar—an act which, to Dante, represented the destruction of a unified Italy and the killing of the man who was divinely appointed to govern the world.[10] In the central, most vicious mouth is Judas Iscariot—the namesake of this zone and the betrayer of Jesus. Judas is being administered the most horrifying torture of the three traitors, his head in the mouth of Satan, and his back being forever skinned by Satan's claws. (Canto XXXIV)

Anonymous said...

I'm haunted by what Jimmy D wrote on a previous thread.

"five star ambition, four star talent"

So, what happens when a one star talent with five star ambitions leaves high school and enters the world of adults?

That's right, Korffers. Explains a lot and thank you Jimmy D, very insightful.

Anonymous said...

"five star ambition, one star ability ... chubby little loser ... see his pugnose face...".

Yes, that's it. A man fighting to overcome his ordinariness, and doomed always to fail.

There is no shame in being ordinary, Kalvin. I, for example, am extremely ordinary. But unlike you, I'm happy. And many people even like me.

Anonymous said...

thank you, last anon poster.

Paul Kimball, it was not pure luck on your part. You found your subject and you chose to challenge your subject.

"You choose what finds you, you choose what most challenges you," S Taylor Coleridge.

Comedy abides.

Jazz hands to Korffers.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

It’s so funny… Korff’s done a wonderful putting himself into the upper echelons on the Google search engine.

I type in “ka…” and before I type anymore, Kal is an idiot’s URL comes up, on the top.

Good job Korff.

Has anyone tried to e-mail Korff with a “Is it true?” question?

Brit_in_Prague said...

I tried him (about 10 times) with "Is it really true that you are directing nanotechnology operations against terrorists in Pakistan and Afghanistan, as you have stated?"

No reply so far...

Anonymous said...

Of course there was no reply. What did you expect from a coward and a liar?

He'd far rather field puffballs from the likes of the fictitious "Steve from Seattle". ("Steve writes: 'Is it really true that you are a scientist?' Well no - I NEVER SAID I was a scientist..." Er - neither did anyone else, Kal ... I mean, Steve...).

You madman, "Colonel".

Anonymous said...

A couple more vids up on youtube, folks - this time the Colonel is in full duckshooter camouflage...

Anonymous said...

Sounds to me like things aren't going well for his brother's lawsuit. I'll bet Kal is flying into a rage because if his brother's case fails there is no money in it for Kal. Maybe the recession has put a dent in the budget of the special secret services. LOL

Brad Hudson said...

Does Kal even know what he's talking about anymore? His "smoking gun" forensics report is worthless unless the results are independently verified, and he keeps going on about his brother's "innocence". I'm unaware of any appeal, and the case in question is a civil suit. There is no innocence or guilt, and of course the DA is going to back his own forensics expert rather than roll him under the bus.

I really don't see how Korff will win this case if it goes before a jury. 12 folks are more likely to believe the DA's forensics (stating the shooting was legit) rather than the report provided by some scumbag tweaker who looks as criminal as they come.

For Kal to profit he better hope to hell they settle out of court...

Anonymous said...

Oh my...

Do a google search on Kal Korff images.

It just keeps getting worse for Korff.

What his parnets must think?

Anonymous said...

Korff is manipulating his presentation material.

In the top most video
“Senior Assistant Attorney General James Smith of the U.S. DOJ GETS EXPOSED! - The EXCLUSIVE Videos”

And he’s getting more indignant as the pressure mounts.

Notice “how” Korff says “Kernel” at the start, and then he makes a point of stating that the Special Secret Services is a private organization.

Onward, Korff states that James Smith is guilty of lying to me. Yup, me, FN. This James Smith is lying to me, personally.
Korff, “Jews don’t make false allegations.”

In 19 minutes and 32 seconds, Korff doesn’t udder the names Kimball, RMII, Ecker, etc. Why not? Why the change in presentation?

Maybe it’s because Korff FINALLY realizes that he’s lost all credibility and to keep shoe horning his fly saucer bullshit into a court case does more harm than good and it continues to make Korff out as a nimrod.

In closing, I’m going to write Mr. Green and James Smith and ask them what Korff has to do with this case and if Korff’s shenanigans have or will hurt the case.

In the end, all of this is for not. Korff’s brother is a scum bag and will always be a scum bag. If he win’s money, it’ll go up his nose.


Anonymous said...

I fail to see what official interest a 'full bird' Colonel in some pseudo-military organization in Tel Aviv, or elsewhere, could possibly have in a case involving an incarcerated petty criminal in Oregon.

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff EXPOSED! Kal finally CONFESSES that his organization is PRIVATE and therefor DOES NOT have the "international jurisdiction" he claims. Looks like Kal is trying to keep his fat ass from getting kicked with a Stolen Valor charge. too bad for Kal there's so much info out there on the net with Kal's OWN WORDS where he claims to have some sort of official powers as a colonel. I hope Kal gets charged.

And Kal's on-line book has not been downloaded as much as he is boasting. This is a LIE and a simple stat search for Kal's website proves this. What? Are we supposed to take Kal's word for it? Yeah. Right. I would if Kal had any credibility.

Anonymous said...

Korff once went after David Biedny, a real Jew who had relatives killed in the Holocaust, for "using" his being Jewish as a ploy, or some such. Witness here Korff, a seld-proclaimed Jew, doing the EAXCT SAME THING.



The noose tightens...

Anonymous said...

Kal, please go get some education in forensic science. You don't have a clue what you're talking about as usual. Kal, you have no qualifications to interpret the results of a scientific report. After all, Kal, you admitted that you are not a scientists and ergo are not qualified to interpret any results from any scientific report.

So, just what did qualify you, Kal, as a supposed "expert witness" in the O.J. Simpson civil trial. You aren't a scientist, you don't appear to have any educational degrees, you don't seem to have any true professional credentials. What is it exactly that qualifies you to do anything, Kal?

Anonymous said...

I love watching Kal getting all indignant and angry. It makes me laugh.

Anonymous said...

Can someone tell me why a super secret anti terrorism agents has to use a server for his website? What happened to the secure Israeli server Kal alwas mentions?

Anonymous said...

Just like Kalvin told us to, I’ve e-mailed people associated with the Kurtis Korff case, although not the people he calls out on his template site to contact. Never believe or follow a liar.

While I can’t go into details, I did get responses.

I was told that “they” had no idea what, if any, involvement, Korff may have in the case.

I went pretty high up the chain of command and I only asked that simple question, as this is an on-going case and they really can’t say much.

Again, I could find no one who would state categorically that a Kalvin K. Korff had or has any meaningful involvement in this case.

Seems like they would know, something, about our pug?


Anonymous said...

Anything that Kal says these days is total fiction. It's a characteristic of his mental condition resulting from either one or two causes. Either he was born prematurely with an underdeveloped brain, which is quite common, or he was conceived weeks before his parents were married and he realized later that he was an unwanted child and has been trying to prove himself ever since as being worthy.
Sounds cruel, but when your parents are married in July 1961 and you are born on March 13,
1962, just do the math.
All a matter of public record.
Meantime Kal, keep on entertaining us, for as Stan Friedman said, 'he is amusing'!


Anonymous said...

We all know what, "private organization", means, as in Kernal Kinkenstaff's super duper Israeli spy group. It means he made it up himself and founded it in his own mind. I'll bet there's not a shred of any kind of official paperwork or history on this fantasy organization anywhere in the universe. How convenient to invent something, pretend you're a captain in it, then pretend you've been promoted to kernal. Then you have a selection of fur hats with badges on them along with fake insignia and hunting camo shirts. I mean, this is REALLY weird, especially coming from someone who wants to lay claim to being against fraud! I can barely believe that anyone would do this except for maybe someone in a mental ward, let along broadcast it to all the world thinking he can pull it off. Something's seriously not right with this guy as in psychologically wrong.

Anonymous said...

On a more humorous note, I offer you this:
I tried a direct link, but it doesn't work, but if you go to YouTube and search Dopis KSCM, then scroll down to the 5th video, to the cartoon character, and click that...
Does that not remind you of Kal Korff in his YouTube video speeches? I can't help but laugh at Kal when I play it!


Anonymous said...

In Kernal Korffenstammer's new videos highlighting his imaginary deep involvement in the Iran-Contra affair, he specifically mentions delivering,"items of interest", to the the REAL Colonel North. Since I probably won't be alive by the time the highly anticipated and potentially wildly popular six book X-Wars series comes out, I was wondering if anyone has any guesses on what these items might be. I'll give mine and would be curious what anyone else thinks. I say they were two pizzas, one four cheese and one Canadian Bacon and pineapple. I think they were especially interesting to the starving Colonel.

Anonymous said...

In addition to not finding any reference to Kal's involvement in the OJ Simpson civil case an "expert witness", I can't find Kal's name anywhere in the Iran-Contra hearings.


No, just more delusion on the part of Kernal Krumbs.

Squonkamatic said...

LOL now he's claiming a connection to Oliver North?? If Kalvin Korff weren't such a frightening perverted internet predator this one might actually be funny. I won't watch his videos anymore so please give us more details on Kalvin's latest brush with history makers that just came to his mind now all of a sudden.

Anonymous said...

Kal makes a claims so following the standards Kal has set, Kal makes the claim and therefor must now prove it.

Kal claims to have been involved in the Iran-Contra scandal tot he point of having face time with Oliver North.

Prove it, Kal. He won't because he can't because it never happened.

Squonkamatic said...

No offense bro but he doesn't have to prove fucking shit. He's an idiot and a loser and obviously mentally deranged. Kal Korff is an obsessive compulsive liar with a personality disorder that makes him feel a pressing need to make a douche out of himself. All this monitoring of every last thing he says, does, posts or brags of feeds that beast. I understand that's part of the function of this blog and am proud to be a part of it, but the guy is out of his mind. Last week or the week before, whenever it was, he was getting wasted with the former head of the CIA under Reagan. That went pretty smooth so now he's narrowing his focus on a more specific neocon idol with a bit more name recognition.

Next has to be Caspar Weinberger or even the Bush's. Hell, let's just have Kalvin Korff accompanying Reagan to Rekyavik to advise him on negotiating with Gorbachev, maybe while remaining in close satellite phone contact with Carl Sagan and the gang at JPL to advise them on the Voyager spacecraft course corrections. There's no limit or need to hold back anymore. He's safely tucked away over in Prague where he can't be extradited back to the US to face his legal problems -- AND YET he's got the ear of federal judges who apparently take his fucking idiotic yammering about this James Smith guy seriously.

It's all an infernal crock of simmering bullshit. He's Baron Munchausen all over again only without the charm, and with pictures of apparently underage Czech girls on his iPud to beat off over whenever he feels the urge. Is that why he really fled to Czech Republic, so that he would be free to prey on disturbingly young looking women? All this obsession with his dumb fucking brother's case is a smokescreen of some sort, because he can't possibly think that he'd be able to have any influence over the case from Prague. He's an idiot and a fraud but nobody's that stupid or deranged.

He's also playing the good people on this message board for suckers with this bombardment of YouTube bullshit. This is his dialog. We provoke, he responds, we deconstruct, he raises the ante, we flip out with baffled outrage and he swings for the fences with a new claim, this time Oliver Fucking North, who has NEVER heard the name Kal K. Korff before, ever.

I know it's just all a form of alternative entertainment but I've had enough of being a part of this cycle of complete mental retardation.

Squonkamatic said...

Oliver Laurence North (born October 7, 1943) is an American Marine best known for his role in the Iran-Contra scandal. Currently, he is a political commentator, host of War Stories with Oliver North on Fox News Channel, and a New York Times best-selling author. His latest book, American Heroes, offers a first-hand account of his extensive coverage of U.S. military units engaged in Afghanistan, Iraq, and the Philippines. He is a 1968 graduate of the United States Naval Academy and was a career officer in the Marine Corps, retiring at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel after twenty years of service.


No wonder Kalvin Korff has a hardon for this guy. He is everything that Kal K. Korff wishes he had amounted to, if he wasn't a coward and a loser and a liar and a lazy sack of shit.

Hey Kal, you blew your chance to be a part of the American military or any other military organization. You COULD have enlisted, worked your way up through the ranks and perhaps gotten to actually play a part in the war against terrorism. You DIDN'T, and claiming these ties to American heroes or Israeli paramilitary organizations won't change the fact that you threw your god damn life away on this UFO and paranormal bullshit.

It really must suck hard to wake up one day and realize that your whole fucking life was a waste and you're living a fraud now at the expense of others, doing shit that nobody on the whole fucking planet other than 60 odd freaks on YouTube will ever fucking know about. You wasted your chance to make a difference.

Playing soldier with your dumb fucking duck hunting shirt + an ill-gotten captain's bars, and pretending that you were a gopher or a lackey for these historical figures DOES NOT CHANGE THAT, you fucking loser.

Anonymous said...

Listen Squonk, If you don't want any part of this blog then check out. You've said it a number of times now and it's as if you want us all to quit with you. It's not your call. I enjoy watching this duche bag make an ass of himself. If you think that makes me a sucker so be it.

Anonymous said...

I have to say, as well... I'm about done, on this part-time basis anyway.

I see nothing new happening here.

Korff has somewhat left the UFO stuff behind to go after this Kurtis case. Once that is done, he'll revert back to 1997; big-foot, Roswell, threats, etc.

I think I might remove the desk top link, clear my history and move along, to check in once a month or so.


Squonkamatic said...

Well, I never said anyone should quit and I don't want to generate a conflict here amongst bretheren Korffers, so sorry about that, man. What I was trying to get at is that for all we know we're his only source of feedback and may be unwittingly completing that loop. The goal of a predator in addition to claiming prey is to manipulate their targets. Right now my gut feeling is that these Korffwatch blogs and those who use them are his current targets and the videos are his manipulation tactic. The term SUCKER was perhaps a bit too strong however. Just carry on as we were, there was something about seeing the name Oliver North that made me snap.

Anonymous said...

I e-mail Mr. North a few weeks ago. No response.


Anonymous said...

"He's accused me of stolen valor which is a blatant lie and slander"

And how is what Colonel Korff doing not stolen valor?

Hey Kal - you are GUILTY of stolen valor, and you can NEVER RETURN to the united states.

Squonkamatic said...

Another interesting question might be, is there a statute of limitations for a charge of Stolen Valor? Pictures of Kalvin wearing the captain's bars are all over the internet.

Granted that's from Royce's Kan O' Korff pages but the bars are right there on his epaulets. He may have taken them off the jacket since then but any denial on his part as to whether he WAS wearing them is a pathetic lie.

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff did more than imply he was part of some official military organization and even at one point compared his rank to that of Kevin Randle's genuine military rank.

There are pictures showing Kal Korff with his shoulder leaning forward in order to bring attention to the United States military style captain bars he wore on a jacket.

Kal Korff claimed his organization had international jurisdiction to make it sound official. Kal Korff even went so far to say he was participating in rounding up terrorists.

Kal Korff later promoted himself from captain to colonel and can be seen in the latest video rants wearing the United States military ranking pin for colonel.

Title 18 (U.S.C.), Chapter 33, §704 titled “Military medals or decorations” states:

a) In General.--Whoever knowingly wears, manufactures, or sells any decoration or medal authorized by Congress for the armed forces of the United States, or any of the service medals or badges awarded to the members of such forces, or the ribbon, button, or rosette of any such badge, decoration or medal, or any colorable imitation thereof, except when authorized under regulations made pursuant to law, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than six months, or both.

The law is very clear here. And since Kal Korff says we're all equal under the law this means Kal Korff is equally open to prosecution from the same law just like anyone else is.

I'd say a very strong case against Kal for impersonating a military officer could be made and so could a stolen valor case, in my opinion.

Someone should forward all those pictures and videos to a federal prosecutor specializing in stolen valor cases and see what happens. I for one am disgusted at seeing Kal Korff wear any sort of military uniform or insignia considering he has NEVER EVER been in the military. It is an insult to everyone who has served.

Anonymous said...

FN I hope you don't delete your link. You're one of the driving personalities here and it's always enjoyable to read over your observations.

Squonkamatic said...

Here's some Korffing to make up for my outburst above. If you look at the infamous SAPSTOE uniform portrait, as used once again from Royce's website:

It looks like not only is Kalvin wearing his ill-begotten captain's bars on his duck hunting shirt, but he is also sporting what appears to be that infamous fake Interpol badge on his sagging breast. Here's an image found via the internet on a news story concerning false Interpol badges from the Phillipines being found in Los Angeles:

Now from this posting on Saucer Smear from 1998:

it is logical to conclude they are the same badges, and that Kal has had this badge in his possession for over a decade.

Two questions come to mind: Has Kal ever posted this picture of himself (the SAPSTOE portrait) anywhere? Not that Royce could possibly have faked it, but if we can show that Kalvin has been using his image wearing these insignia as a way to promote/identify himself, he's screwed.

Also, can anyone identify the small round badge under the pocket patch with what looks like the Interpol badge? It almost looks like a US Marshall's badge though I've never seen one in person and it's hard to make out.

Brad Hudson said...

Good eye, squonk. That appears to be his fake Interpol badge.

As for the lower badge, I've got no idea.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kind words. I have had a great time and I'm not totally checking out, just, maybe slowing down until something breaks?

I can't quit completely, I have a vested interest in seeing Korff go down in flames.

I harbour no ill will torward Korff, not in any meaningful way. No, I just want to have a hand in proving him out POSITIVLY as a liar, a frud and an over all lozer.

Why? because Korffy done me wrong, on more than one occassion.

At some point all will be shared with fellow Korfffers.


Anonymous said...

Interpol badges for sale @
Only $2.45 USD.

Want more badges? Try:

I think I'll go for the 4-star General ones, or maybe Admiral?. Sounds more impressive! LOL

Admiral Digger

Anonymous said...

Here's a quote from one of the descriptions of Kernal Kookenhiemer's latest exposes:

"Kal once worked at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and made several trips to "Area 51" for various work, when he transferred into the "Star Wars" program. Kal was chosen by the Discovery Channel to comment on the subject because of his expertise on Classified Government programs, his participation in them, and his knowledge of the subject of "UFOs" and how the subject is often used as a COVER for legitimate classified military operations."

For a guy that is one step from living off the street he sure gets around. Now he says he worked in Area 51 and worked on the Star Wars program! I'm sure this is old news but I haven't heard that one before. Do you think he's been in the NORAD fortress or the Presidential bunker also? Think maybe he secretly advises Obama? I mean a guy that barely has a high school education, no job, abandoned by his Supermodel and personal Czech attorney, can't even give dinners away for free, and has to beg mommy for money to pay for stolen Ipods, this guy is sure connected! How in the world could anyone think they can fool ANYBODY with a resume like this? He must have a blinding ego the size of the renamed Sears building.

Anonymous said...

Here's another thing that bugs me about the Kernal Konkalicious. This thing about putting a "K" in front of everything has to be the height of tackiness and cheese. And he thinks it's cool! Kritics, Kal's Korner, etc. How about Krispy Kreme, Kal-Kan dog food, Karmel Korn, Ku Klux Klan, Killer Karmel flavored ice cream, etc. I mean this is 3rd grader clever type stuff! And continuing to use quote marks and the word literally in profusion when he knows (or does he?) that he's a laughing stock because of it! Unbelievable...

Anonymous said...

>>> (Left-Right) Then-Lt. Kal Korff in the former Communist sector of East Berlin in the former East Germany, disguised undercover. >>>

>>> Kal Korff used his infiltration of and trip to the Billy Meier UFO cult in Switzerland as a "cover" for anti-Communist activities.<<<

This is not true. Korff was living in the US when he went over the Billy-Land.

Even if he would like too, Korff can't change history. He wasn't a Lt. in some made up Secert Service, he was living in the US, as a US citizen.

Even McConnell knows this because he and Korff we're working together at this point.

Never a mention...

And, why release the Billy book 10 years ago and still, no terrorist trilogy? All a cover. Ha!

I think not. Korff went to Billy-land to research material for that book, the only book that was released.

Korff, "It was a cover for my more importanter work..."

Don Ecker will love to read this newest... lie.

Slippery slope.


Anonymous said...

>>> Colonel Korff is known to have gone to "higher ups" in Washington DC, and may have "horse traded" a settlement in exchange for counter-terrorism considerations. Korff is a Colonel in the Israeli-founded Special Secret Services, which no U.S. Court has any jurisdiction over. <<<

Ha, ha, ha, ha.....

Anonymous said...

>>> Colonel Kal Korff will be making a MAJOR SPEECH ON THE INTERNET, ON YOUTUBE AND ELSEWHERE,<<<<

Major, too whom... Kernel...?

kal said...

One online FBI tip against Kal filed!

F1 Racer

Brad Hudson said...

I'm sure as part of any settlement both parties were prohibited from discussing the details. Since Kal is apparently more than ready to discuss them it pretty much tells me that Kal had nothing to do with this trial and that by talking about it Kal is opening himself up to even more legal hardship. His videos alone can be used against him for 2 crimes I know of, and if he ever sets foot back in the US he's got a few more names to add to his "List of People Who Are Suing Me".

Sadly, though, this thing with Kal will never end. Paul's film will come out and make Kal look like a complete fool, but Kal will power through the backlash, claiming everthing in the film was untrue and that Paul didn't talk to the right people. With Kal you're always talking to the wrong people.

Kal will stay just out of reach from the long arm of USA justice, spending his time making sure each country he visits has no extradition treaty with the US. That's the only way Kal will ever shut up and stop the lies: by going to prison or a judge in a civil suit forbidding Kal from making his YouTube masterpieces.

It's a real shame that people like Paul, Stanton Friedman, RMIII, David Biedny, and many others have to continue to get slammed by Kernal Knockwurst with no recourse.

It would truly be poetic justice if Kal got nailed for stolen valor. I'm sure Dr. Randle would be glad to testify at that trial. Hell, I'll fly to where the trial is being held just so I can watch Kal squirm under oath.

Anonymous said...

What Kal doesn't get and what everyone else knows, is that these cases get settled all the time not because anyone did a thing wrong, but because it is more economically feasible to just settle.

This is simple business and it happens every day all over the world. If anything, Kal has traded horseshit for more horseshit.

Some bozo in Prague running around in a cowboy hat pretending to be a "colonel" in a fantasy organization actually expects anyone to believe he has some sort of weight in Washington? Kal might have weight in Washington State at the local McDonalds, but he sure as hell doesn't have any pull in Washington, D.C..

There is not fucking way a guy who really is all Kal claims to be would ever waste his time with this internet horseshit and wouldn't give a fuck what some people say about him on the internet.

Kal Korff is a lowlife OPPORTUNIST who is capitalizing on any supposed settlement in his brother's case to further perpetuate the myth that is Kal. Kal Korff is a bumbling moron who wouldn't make it cleaning a toilet in the military, let alone being involved in any sort of counter terrorism operations.

And Kal ought to wake up real fast if thinks the U.S. courts have no jurisdiction over him. they do indeed and he still retains his U.S. citizenship. In fact, when a U.S. citizen lives and works abroad they are still required to pay Uncle same at tax time each year. Well, you have to be making money to do that.

Kal would love to preach equal protection under the law and equal application of the law, unless it applies to him and then the rules suddenly seem to change.

And if Kal is a die hard Israeli why in the fuck is he hanging out in Prague and not back in Israel fighting along side the people who are supposed to be his tribe?

Anyhow, I wonder what Tina Layton is up to these days and if she knows what Kal is doing with his time? Hhhmmmm

Anonymous said...

Breaking news:
Kal might be interested in this.
A certain radio talkshow program call The Paracast, with host David Biedny, has just finished taping their show to be broadcast on August 2. Amazingly, 3 of the guests on the show are Paul Kimball, Dr. Kevin Randle and Don Ecker!


Anonymous said...

"Poor Mr. Green and poor Mr. Smith, and I wouldn't want to be Jeffrey Dovci nor Sheriff Gil Gilbertson," Colonel Korff said cryptically, with a very wide smile on his face. "They are all 'toast' now, and legally I might add."

Anonymous said...

Big fan of that show. I don't think they're going to be dicussing Kal, though. They are doing a memorial show for someone else named Hall, and Biedny does not like discuss Kal on the program. I think eventually they might after "Worlds Away," because Biedny also despises Rob McConnell.

Anonymous said...


I got a response from Lt. Colonel North, or one of his people...

He stated he's never heard of anyone named Korff.


Anonymous said...

Is it True - Billy Meier.

Korff, you didn't go research that case you went to fight terror... No wait, you did go research Meier but not terror.... Duh!

Anonymous said...

Hey Korff, let's talk some shit on Mr. Hall... want we?

The Paracast | The Gold Standard of Paranormal Radio

Coming August 2: The Paracast remembers noted UFO researcher Richard H. Hall, who died recently. Featured guests include Jerome Clark, Don Ecker, Paul Kimball, Dr. Bruce Maccabee and Kevin D. Randle.

Squonkamatic said...

It would be interesting to see some of Kal Korff's federal income tax returns for the period of time before he fled to Prague. I wonder if Kal Korff might be a tax cheat on the run: that's a pretty good reason to abandon the USA and make a point to not hold a paying job.

This new claim that your infiltration trip to Switzerland was a cover story for a SAPSTOE operation is pretty weak, Kalvin. It also makes your entire life since the late 80s into a lie, not a very good one either.

Squonkamatic said...


I got a response from Lt. Colonel North, or one of his people...

He stated he's never heard of anyone named Korff.


Well, how about that! Those "items of interest" must not have been very interesting.

Anonymous said...

Obviously, Lt. Colonel North is denying relations due to some super secret background work they did together back when Fawn Hall was a household name and such.

So, Korff, what will you be announcing when you give your speech "in the next 48 hours"?

Anonymous said...

Kal was involved with LT/C North? That Iran-Contra operation happened back in 1983 when Kal was barely 21 years old, when he was supposed to be working at Claris, Lawrence Livermore Lab and Boeing, among others. Of course he did state on record that he was a (former) CIA agent. Now it all makes sense. Those 'items of interest' were either nanobots or drugs imported from South America or Noriega in the Panama.
I'll bet Kal can't name more than 3 people involved in that operation. Hint: Ayatollah, Meese,

Nice try Kal, but no one's buying it!


Anonymous said...

Given the time frame of these new claims, I wonder how the "I have a brain tumor and I'm dying so I must leave this job" claim plays out with getting a job as a Super Secret CIA Agent.

There's a similar Stolen Valor thing here too guys... think about it.

Oh, I get it. Korff had to make that claim so people wouldn't put two and two together and figure out that he was moving on to help hapless North, Regan and the rest of those ne’er-do-wells do their jobs, right.

Onward, I’m re reading the Korff, Meier book. Soon I’ll have a list of names for us to track down to get a better over-view of what was going on with Korff at that time; personally and professionally.

Again, Korff's words will be used against him, just like when Korff read a Randall book and then commented on that material... Hint, hint to video makers.

As McConnell stated, Korff never mentioned any of this to him and, as we know, Korff is now posting material on the web about past and current “operations”, nanobots, et al.

Korff not talking about and bragging about his exploits back then (if they were really happening) makes little sense, because he’s doing it now, and that fact doesn’t seem to get in the way of his “success” in getting those projects done?

Korff, "I couldn't talk about it then, but now I can, in my new autobiography."

See the problem?

here's how it's going to work Korff?

As you make more claims, and pile them on top of each other, the time line of your life and these real events are sorting out the truth for us.

In short, you’re beginning to make this much easier to call you out, in a very conclusive manner, as a liar and confabulator of tall tales.

Mr. North has come forward Korff, to refute your claim.

What's your game plan in response to Mr. North’s outing of you?

Or will you stay quiet like you've done regarding McConnell's material, outing you as a lying fuck? Quiet because it's the truth that's being stated.

McConnell listed out a number of examples of your lying and devious was and behavior Korff. Your lack of response is loud and clear, you've been outed by a former friend.

He speaks the truth and you have no response.


You're actions are finally undoing your words in a grand fashion.


Don Ecker said...

Come on Guys, korff and Ollie North? korff and Iran/Contra? Pluussseeeee! Give me a break.

When I was active duty United States Army serving in the former Republic of Viet Nam, I had some rather extensive experience with intelligence operations. Thats what we did, operations directed against the North Vietnamese Communists. If kalvin "walter mitty" korff had anything to do with intelligence ... dare I say it again? ... I'll eat my fricken hat. And yes dough boy, I do wear one now and again. The upshot in my humble opinion is simply that korff must have brain cancer, or a whopping big brain tumor or some damn thing, the boy is "krackers!" 2 or 3 cans short of a six pack, a sandwich shy of a full picnic lunch. korff is Freaken' Bonkers! End of story.

Don Ecker

Anonymous said...

Hi Don,

We are all very aware that our Kernel is Krackers.

What I (we'd) really like to do is get some of these true heroes to go on the record and help us put the final nail in the Korff Koffin.

Could you be of any help to contact a few of these people, if not directly (because of death, etc.) then in some meaningful way, to put this Korff character out to pasture in a very public, finalized way?

You must still have some military contacts out there that could assist us in closing the book on this valor stealing poseur?

Maybe a Captain Dale Dye type or somebody like that with enough juice that nobody could possible take issue with their statements or believability regarding Kernel Kornhole?

It seems to have worked in regards to McConnell?

Korff seems unwilling or unable to respond to McConnell’s “report”. Something’s got to be real in that report? If it were "real" lies, or "made up" lies, Kernel Kowpie would have responded, regardless.

Getting real military people to dismantle Kernel Fuck Wad with the facts would do so much more damage than this blog alone.

Don, any thoughts on how we could go forward in this vain?


Anonymous said...

Forget the final nail, it was done along time ago. Kal Korff is a fucking idiot.

Squonkamatic said...

Since Kalvin's "company" is a sham front, or rather doesn't make any money and therefore doesn't support him, there is no end to what he can claim since his means of support have nothing to do with his quote professional life. If he was running a legitimate business meant to generate income for him to live on he would have gone under ages ago. There is no professional check/balance system to modulate his behavior, so he's going for broke and making claims that would put any one of us in a mental institution, It might take an intervention but eventually claiming that all along we have been an officer in the Super Duper Services, that our most well known exploits were a cover for anti-communist operations, and that we were intimates of well known public figures who have never heard of us would eventually result in someone who loved us intervening to make sure we got help.

Kal K. Korff has no such safety net or network of concerned friends/family in Prague. Someone is apparently providing him with the means to support himself -- I don't buy the iPod sales thing anymore, that's a sham too -- and as long as that person is willing to and as long as Kalvin stays in Prague with unfettered access to the internet, we can expect to hear more of these claims. This is why I got frustrated earlier in the week. There is no end to this madness. He's like a chat bot, programmed to issue a new statement every so often just to keep you responding even though the content of what he's saying doesn't make a bit of rational sense.

Anonymous said...

I understand where you're coming from.

My issue is; am I doing this just for fun and just for we Korffers, or do I (we) have an end game?

I'd like to have a common end game, and that would be having respected people comment in a meaningful way and shoot down these more damaging claims by Korff.

As many have said, his actions are trivializing the works and deaths of many beloved and respective people.

I would like to think and I truly hope that majority of us on this blog would want to find some manner is which to show respect for those people and events while at the same time, make an example of Korff.

His bad behavior should not stand and his attempted marginalization and exploitation of the good works of these many respected people, for his own purpose and agenda, should not go unpunished.

Am I wrong? I’m I way off base?

Is this really just all for fun and for a bit of entertainment at these other people’s expense?

There is good that can come of this, other than the (amazing) entertainment value.


Squonkamatic said...

That's a great and troubling question -- what is the endgame here? I have no idea but I like what you're saying about trying to set the record straight for the people he has victimized and trivialized to further his own goals.

Anonymous said...

If you manage to connect this sad freak with a (relatively) famous person - even in name alone on a small blog - aren't you just doing what he always wanted but never could himself?

ANY publicity for this deranged loser is good publicity. You can bet he would thrive on it, because he has nothing else at all to live for. Nothing but shadows and echoes of an empty, lonely, deluded existence..


Anonymous said...

The end game for me is the total destruction of Kal.

Ive always admitted it and I feel no remorse for it.

F1 Racer

Anonymous said...

HB, I know what you mean but....

I believe if this is done in the proper manner, the outcome will far out weight that possibility.

Again, McConnell's report got no response, and they called each other "buddy."

What would happen with a well known and respected person, with standing in the wrold stage? The same thing, or a comeplete melt-down by our pug as he runs for the hills...?

Korff, running away from a fight while screaming, "I know kung-fu, I know kung-fu...!"

There would be too much truth and no wiggle room for our pug to latch onto.

That's my assumption in any case.