Thursday, July 9, 2009

Kal Korff still a GIGANTIC bag of gas!! nothing new!!

The gates at the asylum has swung fully open and so have the lens of the video camera Kal Korff appears to have acquired and the means of acquiring that camera are also the guess of anyone. Kal is back to video taping himself and making it sound as though the entire world is hinged on every word he says. ahahahahahaha Kal writes on his Internet website that a snore fest video with Kal talking redundantly as ever about flying saucers and people involved with flying saucers. Kal even wrote on his Internet website that this latest video is just so successful he can't believe it. I don't know anyone who would ever consider 86 views of a video as successful other than Kal Korff who if attention was piss would be licking a toilet for it. From what I can see of videos on the Internet the number of views Kal gets on his videos isn;t the equivalent of a fart from a vagrant in an alley.

But Kal is now moving back to familiar ground with more threats of investigations of some official involved in his brother's civilian court case. Kal even is now saying that some sort of warrant officer from Kal's imaginary organization hs been assigned as a liaison of sorts officially interacting with some investigation and it all boils down to the same old tired rigmarole. I got a message from someone who says this is just all more nonsense from Kolonel Krapper. "There is simply no way in hell that an official investigation is going to let a non-member participate directly in any investigation being conducted. This Kal Korff character is just that, a character who clearly has no clue how the real world of investigation works."

Now Kal launches a video against this James Smith fellow who Kal claims works for an attorney general office in the states. In the video Kal says the word mother fucker and then apologizes saying he hates this sort of language. This is THE SAME Kal Korff who said "Fuck you Milos Bartus." This is what we call a hypocrite. So I listened to Kal and his latest bumbling threats nad have to wonder how many times this James smith fellow has played that video for colleagues who have an outright laugh fest over it. So Kal has turned back into Kal "Mr.Threats" Korff again trying to intimidate people with more empty menaingless threats. I get from the video and the level of anger Kal is keeping under his rather thin skin that his brother's case is not going all that well and I also get the feeling that this makes Kal angry because he likely wants to try and get some money out of it and cannot do that if the case turns into a loser of a trial. there is a certain level of anger and hate in this video from Kal and this is the same guy who claims hate is wrong and so is passing judgement on people. Kal called this James Smith fellow a criminal outright and says he is guilty of some kind of misconduct or something of the sort. Kal says it all with utter contempt and then says something liek if the court doesn't find him guilty he is guilty any way but kal also says that justice should previal. Justice for Kal is the world going the way of how Kal thinks it should go and that he is always right and is some sort of hero. kal Korff is a coward who can only make hateful statemtns and judges people in one country while Kal sits around safely in another country. ka has proved his cowardice on many occasions from running away from paul Kimball and Kevin randle. kal didn't even have the guts for a face to face meeting with Paul Kimball and then CON veniently said he woul dbe out of Prague during the time Paul was scheduled to be there. And CONveniently Kal resurfaced right after Paul left Prague.

I watched the video and see the opening has been changed with Kal now saying to "think critically" and so on. Let us just use Kal's own "think critically" on him for a second. Who in the bloody hell would ever believe Kal is a colonel in any sort of organization let alone who would think that it is some sort of worldwide metaorganization with alliance partners and contacts throughout the world? ahahahahahahahahhhhaaahaha!!! Kal has NO PROOF of any of this other than the hot air coming out of his rather sizeable mouth. based on everything Kal has said and weighing it against any actual proof Kal has provided one who woul dbe thinking critically would have to come to the utter conclusion that it isn't real and that Kal Korff is an oversized bag of gas and a self assigned colonel in an organization that is pure fantasy.

i really do no know why i continue to waste any time on Kal because he and his nonsense have been utterly EXPOSED and when Worlds Away comes out it will be the final nail into a coffin Kal has long been laying in.


Anonymous said...

We continue because, until the little nut bag is stopped, we must continue.

Sad, but it's a Korffers responsibility to keep the heat on Korff.

As he over heats and more importantly, as people make calls and sends e-mails to the people he's calling out, and the truth is made public...

... the more marginalized he becomes, the pug, and yes fellow Korffers, he will go silently into the night.

Just as he did when he slunk out of the USA to hide, and continues to hide, in the CZ.

Worlds Away, from his troubles.

Or so he thought.

The mouth opens, the troubles continue.


Anonymous said...

Type in the Kernels name here and see what you find:


Interesting, even if you don't pay. Anyone interested in spending a bit of cash?

What got me started on this? It seems that to be a CEO, you'd have to have a business licenses? No...?

Unless it all made up as well.

Maybe we need to hit the bricks and dig up a bit of info on Korffs "bussiness."

Anonymous said...

Into the mouth of Satan, which Kal will join with the recently sentenced Bernie Madoff, Dante Aligheri placed FRAUD into the lowest level of hell, because it was a crime against the trust of humanity.

Will Kal 'komment' on his views of the Ponzie scheme of all time?

And a wut wut to FN on the 1st post, echoing r. frost poem.

Anonymous said...

A little background:

Analysis: Canto XXXIV

Here in the Fourth Ring of the Ninth Circle of Hell, at the utter bottom, Dante comes to the end of his hierarchy of sins and thus completes the catalogue of evil that dominates and defines Inferno. Although Inferno explores most explicitly the theme of divine retribution and justice, the poem's unrelenting descriptions, categorizations, and analysis of sin makes human evil its fundamental subject. The positioning of fraud as the worst of sins helps us to define evil: fraud, more than any other crime, acts contrary to God's greatest gift to mankind—love. A deed's degree of wickedness thus depends on the degree to which it opposes love. So-called ordinary fraud only breaks the natural bonds of trust and love that form between men; other categories of fraud reach an even greater depth of evil because they break an additional bond of love. Of these, frauds against kin, country, and guests constitute the lighter end of the scale, for they violate only socially obligated bonds—our culture expects us to love our family and our homeland and to be a good host. But fraud against a benefactor constitutes the worst fraud of all, according to Dante, for it violates a love that is purely voluntary, a love that most resembles God's love for us. Correspondingly, one who betrays one's benefactor comes closest to betraying God directly. Thus, the ultimate sinner, Judas Iscariot, was a man who betrayed both simultaneously, for his benefactor was Jesus Christ.

Anonymous said...

and that, korffers, is why Kal goes deep into hell, because he sent v. sedlacek the bill for 2 macbooks and 3 ipods, a good man, his benefactor, a man who employs the handicapped.

FU Bartu,

bite it Korff.


Anonymous said...

And just to clarify for new korffers:

Kal made a video trying to save his column in Expres, features Sedlacek. Kal maked video of signing documents as new CIO of Vojech industries. Kal places invoice of macbooks and Ipods in name of Vojech industries. Kal sells the goods and the claims foul play.

Daniela_Abrahamova said...

Further to my contibution to the last string, just reviewing my old correspondence with The Great Man.

The following string is quite interesting.

And like I said in my previous note, "Colonel" - I expect you to adress my queries in an upcoming edition of "Is it really true?".

Daniela_Abrahamova said...


Questions from a "kritic"‏
From: Daniela Abrahamova (

Sent: Tuesday, October 28, 2008 4:29:55 PM
Dear Colonel Korff,
I have two questions for you.
Where is the video footage that you promised us of you sending off your latest book to the publisher?
Where is the video that you promised us of your interview with the BBC about the proposed missile defense shield scheduled to be built in the Czech Republic?
Two simple questions - I'd be grateful if you could answer them.

Still waiting for the video clips....‏
From: Daniela Abrahamova (

Sent: Saturday, November 01, 2008 6:34:42 PM

Dear Colonel,

Once again, I have to ask you where are

a/ the video footage of you sending off the manuscript of your latest book to your publishers;
b/ the film of your interview with the BBC?

To jog your memory, please find following exerpts from the relevant posts from your website.

" announced today that starting as early as next week, they will begin posting on the Internet the videotaped footage of their President and CEO, Colonel Kal Korff, sending off his new trilogy book series on terrorism, Secret Wars: Defending Against Terrorist Plots, to his publisher in New York, Prometheus Books."

"...To be honest, there’s not much

to tell. What happened was af-

ter I had agreed to do a series

of interviews, one of which was

with the BBC, some people who

are into “UFO conspiracies”

and other such “kritics” started

contacting the BBC and lying,

saying that I had no background

to talk about missile defense!

Of course, this was NOT true,

but reality and facts never deter

such types, their “minds” are..." blah, blah, blah...

Kind regards,


Daniela_Abrahamova said...

Subject: Reply from CriticalThinkers - Missile Defense
Date: Thu, 6 Nov 2008 02:58:10 +0100

Dear Daniela,

We are sorry for the time it has taken to reply to your numerous letters.

Today we were intending to, this is not a specific response to your last letter, but to your letters overall.

You may be interested in knowing that Miss Martina Týčová owns the rights to the video footage which shows Mr. Korff being interviewed from the UK discussing the subject of MIssile Defense and terrorism.

This event filmed by Martina is a matter of public record, the video has not aired on our web sites, but probably will at some point, the decision rests with Martina. Although Kal is in this video, he does not own it.

And since the only individuals who have "questioned" this have also lied about the event, were not there of course; when they say it "never happened."

For the record, there is no interest here in "proving" that the sky is blue.

The last time this subject was discussed, Miss Týčová indicated she wanted to save broadcasting this footage to put it into a future episode of Is It Really True? Her plan is to read several of these lying emails people have published, and then make the video for sale which shows interview taking place.

She believes that if people are that desperate to "doubt" that this event took place, and then specifically make a POINT to LIE about it, then they should pay for the honor of seeing them exposed for the games they DO play.

Since Miss Týčová owns the rights to this material, we have forwarded all of your emails to her, including those of "Jimmy D" and others who use more than one phony screen name along with everyone else who has asked about this.

We cannot control if or when this material is released. We do not own it. Martina does.

If you have any questions about Missile Defense or things that Kal Korff can answer and does control so to speak, please feel free to ask.

The video of him being interviewed from the UK regarding Missile Defense is not one of them. Martina filmed it so she could later use it, because she read the lies on the internet, and knew she could easily expose these people later.

She will certainly do this when SHE wants to, not when people who have lied about it and Kal in general, "demand" it.

This is NOT a reference to yourself, for the record.

Thank you for your queries, we hope Miss Týčová will answer them one way or another.

Please give her some time since she is relocating her offices and busy producing, honestly, dozens of things. She is also focused on the historic debate, we think it is historic and so do many people, in December between Mr. Michael Horn and Kal Korff. Missile Defense might come up in that debate, and if it does, Kal Korff owns the rights to this footage as far as we know. While Martina is the Executive Producer, I think Mr. Korff has his own rights for once.

You may wish to ask Martina.

Kind regards,

cc: Martina Týčová - UFO WatchCat

Daniela_Abrahamova said...

RE: Reply from CriticalThinkers - Missile Defense‏
From: Daniela Abrahamova (

Sent: Thursday, November 06, 2008 5:17:33 PM
Dear Colonel Korff,

Many thanks for your reply. I did not ask about any interview "from the UK" that you may have given - rather, I asked about an interview that you say you gave to the BBC. I would have thought that the rights to any such interview would surely rest with the BBC - not with Ms Tycova, you or anyone else.

But let that pass.

Could you please answer my other question, regarding the footage of you sending off the manuscript of your latest book to your publishers. To jog your memory, here again is what you wrote on your website:

" announced today that starting as early as next week, they will begin posting on the Internet the videotaped footage of their President and CEO, Colonel Kal Korff, sending off his new trilogy book series on terrorism, Secret Wars: Defending Against Terrorist Plots, to his publisher in New York, Prometheus Books."

I ask yet again: where is the footage you allude to?
Reply from, your question already answered‏
From: Kal Korff (

Sent: Sunday, November 09, 2008 8:41:19 AM
To: Daniela Abrahamova (
Dear Ms. Abrahamova,

As you were already previously informed, a fact you are aware of, Miss Martina Týčová has both the videos you inquire about, as well as the rights to broadcast this material.

Since she also filmed it, we do not "control" this issue, we have nothing further to add to this matter.

You may wish to correct your "facts" since they are obviously not accurate.

Also, I am not "Colonel Kal Korff," Mr. Korff does not speak the Czech language.

I do.

Your last name implies that you are of Czech nationality, so your letter was forwarded to me.

You have the right to "believe" whatever you wish, the choice is yours.

Regardless, it does not "magically change" the facts, which do not care about people's opinions.

Kind regards,

Subject: Regarding our recent correspondence
Date: Tue, 11 Nov 2008 15:17:24 +0100

Dear Kal - er, I mean, Martina, um, whoever,

So, to summarise:

1/ You receive an email in English from someone you assume to be Czech. Because you don't speak Czech, you pass in onto a Czech-speaker...who replies in English.

2/ You promise "as early as next week" to post the video footage of you sending off your manuscript to your publisher in New York. Then instead of doing that, you hand over "control" of the video to Martina Tycova for her to sell at a profit. More than a year later, no video has been posted.

Yep - that sure makes sense to me. Thanks for clearing things up!



And there, I’m afraid, the correspondence petered out….


Brad Hudson said...

I love how Kal keeps going on and on about this forensic evidence... for a court case that has already been decided.

I agree that he's getting testy because his brother's case must be tanking and Kal won't get his share for "assisting" with the case.

Also, Kernal, I find that it's generally not a good idea to screw with people in the AG's office nor file frivolous complaints with the DoJ. Oh, Kal, by the way: I have friends in the FBI so it should be pretty easy to find out whether you actually tried to file a complaint with them or not.

And why would the feds have something to do with an Oregon SAAG? Did he cross state lines while ignoring forensic evidence that hasn't been independently verified or what?

You still don't have a clue how the legal system works even with all your "experience" with the Simpson case.

Brad Hudson said...

Also, has anyone else noticed that the "TycovaLine" has gone missing?

All that's left is a widget under "UFOology". What Martina's imaginary clothing line has to do with UFO's I have no idea.

Brad Hudson said...

Oh, joy! A quick browse through the DoJ's website shows me absolutely nothing like the form Kal has on his site (the "Complaint Form"), but Kal conveniently provided us a url in his form that I typed into my browser.

Does the number 404 mean anything to you, Kernal Wingnut???

kult of kal said...


It's Friday alright. Can't stay away from Kernel Fat-Waste-Of-Space.

I posted and made a few humble changes on my blog:

In particular, there's a poll (on the left side) about when we got baptized by Kal's BS. Cast your own vote if you get a chance.

-kult of kal

Anonymous said...

Department of Justice Office of the Inspector GeneralStateStreet AddressCountryYour NameCityZip CodePhone NumberYour InformationInstructions:Fax NumberE-mailFor the Privacy Act Notice associated with this form please visit form allows you to report to the Department of Justice (DOJ) Office of the Inspector General (OIG) allegations of fraud, waste, or abuse relating to DOJ employee 'or program'. Please fill in as much as information as possible. Your contact information is requested but not required in order to submit information. Online Complaint FormYear of birthLast four digits of SSNStateStreet AddressCountryNameCityZip CodePhone NumberInformation about the Person you are complaining aboutFax NumberE-mailAddress TypeAddress TypeJob TitleALAL
Page 2
DescriptionPlease provide a description of the facts and circumstances surrounding the reported activities, such as the evidence forming the basis of this report, the names of the individuals involved, dates, location, how the matter was discovered, potential witnesses and their involvement, and any corrective action already taken. Please list any other government entities you are notifying about this incident:Name:I certify that the information contained herein is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.CertificationSupporting documentation may be included as an attachment in the e-mailInformation about the complaintWhere did the incident occur?CityCountryZip CodeStateOccurred at a Prison or Holding Facility?The Date and Time the incident occurred?Department of Justice ComponentIs this a Civil Rights Violation? ClearSubmit Print FormAL

Anonymous said...

A wut wut indeed! :^)


Brad Hudson said...

Mea Culpa. I used the wrong URL.

My question is still valid, though: this is a form specifically for the DoJ. What do they have to do with the Oregon AG'?

Can Kernal Kwackers explain that one?

Anonymous said...

Kal probably filled out the form, grabbed a screenshot of it and posted it without filing. Even if he did file, it will be laughed away. I do have a copy of it and Kal's site now because in the complaint Kal states he is "stationed" outside the United States "in service engaged in Analysis and Counterterrorism activities" and training and the like. So along with Kal wearing US military insignia and making claims that he is "stationed" outside of the United States, this certainly seems like Stolen Valor in my opinion.

It is only a matter of time before Kal takes this complaint form and declares it "official" proof that he is who he claims.

Anonymous said...

"You receive an email in English from someone you assume to be Czech. Because you don't speak Czech, you pass in onto a Czech-speaker...who replies in English."

Good Korffing, that.

Anonymous said...

Definition of Kal K. Korff:

We all remember the story of Pinocchio, the little wooden boy. What we don’t think of is, that as time goes by, Pinocchio grows up and becomes a young man—still made of wood, of course. He begins dating and ends up with a human girlfriend. As they become more involved with each other Pinocchio becomes concerned that once they begin to become intimate, she runs the risk of slivers.

So, he goes to Geppetto and explains the problem. Geppetto goes to his work bench, opens a drawer and pulls out a piece of sandpaper. He gives it to Pinocchio, explaining that that will take care of things.

A week or so later, Geppetto is walking down the street and sees Pinocchio. He hails him with, “Hey, Pinocchio. How’s the girlfriend?”

Pinocchio gives him a sly smile and says, “Who needs a girlfriend?”


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I caught Kernel Dickweed’s* latest rant about debunkers. He seems really annoyed about this but he is also quite disingenuous about it (I thought I would throw in a big word and send him scurrying to the dictionary).

Here’s the deal. Back in 1953, the CIA sponsored a panel on UFOs and as part of their recommendations, they said they wanted to debunk the idea of flying saucers, which, of course, is not a bad thing. But they didn’t mean it. What they meant was that they would ridicule the idea that there was alien visitation because they either didn’t like the idea or they were privy to information that frightened them. Their debunking plan wasn’t to remove the bunk but to bury the truth under layers of ridicule.

In the world of Ufology, which Kernel Nutmeg claims to be a part of and has written the best selling “anti-Roswell” book ever, he has chosen to ignore this history so that he had point fingers and open dictionaries. But he should know that debunker in this world is synonymous with disbeliever. In this world, it means someone who refuses to look at the evidence regardless of what that evidence might be. In this context, and context is everything, it means someone who is so rabid in his beliefs that no evidence would ever change his mind.

Let Kernel Corn Borer rant on, but the truth about this is he ignores the context in his attempt to score a point here. Everyone else understands this and his elucidation is irrelevant.

*Dickweed was a term used on Mystery Science 3000 when referring to those who didn’t have a clue and is appropriate here because, while they showed the movie, we could see the backs of their heads against the screen, not unlike the people in some of Kernel Loose Screw’s videos. Original, he’s not.

Anonymous said...

He, Kernel Koward!

Where’s the next two episodes of Ufology 101 you promised.

Missed another deadline, did we?



Anonymous said...

>>> his elucidation is irrelevant. <<<

I'm jealous!


Anonymous said...

Well the good old astronomical clock, or "Orley" (leave it to Kal to pronounce th Czech word "Orloj" like no one else) is saying it's past midnight. I'm in the states, but still, time to call it quits for the day.

Good Korffing, everyone. Good luck on those cocktails, parties, and possible lovemaking tonight, you know like normal Friday nights for adults.

Anonymous said...

The bottom line on Kal is that he is a creature of convenience, meaning Kal will only use what suits his needs at the time. Kal will rely on a strict text book style interpretation of a word and will ignore a culturally based meaning or spirit of a word.

Kal gets his tiny rocks off by engaging in these wars with people. Kal creates these wars at the first opportunity he gets or produces and constantly engages in these wars because it is all he has and it is all he knows to do. Kal just can't get past a certain point with himself where he's living 10 or more years ago. Kal simply cannot adapt to how much the world has changed and it must be especially difficult for him as he could have been on the ground floor of a couple of revolutionary computer changes had he only put in the actual work instead of focusing on talking big.

And look where all this talk has now landed him - squarely in Prague acting out his fantasies and taking out his anger on people who have had more success than Kal will ever know.

Anonymous said...

Episode 2 of Ufology 101 today.
Same old broken record over and over again. Talk about being stuck in a rut.
I love how he gets all wound up with the emotional arm waving dramatics. What a laugh!
Otherwise, he comes across as a pretty disgusting example of humanity.
I think I'll have one last sip of the Korff kocktail and go puke.

Squonkamatic said...

re: Daniela's fascinating posts

One does not "air" video from a website. One either streams it (i.e. Real, WMV or Quicktime) or outright posts it as a multimedia file for download for viewers to save it locally. Neither are forms of broadcast but file resource management options, so the claim of "airing" a video from a website is to demonstrate a laughable misunderstanding of both what broadcast media is and how the internet works.

This is the same guy who refers to himself as a chief technical officer and a nanotechnologies expert. My MOM knows more about how multimedia is shared between hosts and clients using the internet. He's either gallyvanting about trying to morph the language to represent himself as a person involved with broadcast media (re: being deliberately misleading, which we call lying here in the USA), or he's a complete fucking retard who doesn't know what the fuck he's talking about.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kalvin,

I just watched your last as always, Ufology 101, Episode 2.

I've never had an objection with you reading items out of a book and making comment, etc.

What I find interesting is that you keep harping on RMIII, Ecker and Kimball.

Interesting because RMIII makes no money of this subject, ever. Ecker never got rich, nither is Kimball. Butt....

Here we have wind bags like Richard Hoagland, Jamie Maussan, the Elders, Horn and the list is large...

And these people are engaged in consumer fraud, right now and everyday, making cash, and yet....

They just move along, doing books, videos and appearances, getting paid for lying and you...

Stay silent.

Here’s a challenge Kalvin. Go after Hoagland. Let’s see you go after THE Mars man, the guy who's made so many laughable predictions and claims that he must be done, toast, stick a fork in him...

Nope. He's still out there, still on the radio, still making a living. Telling lies.

Move on Kalvin. RMIII is out of the biz, he so out of touch with you and your videos that, really Kalvin, you're wasting your time.

Hoagland, that's a proper liar to go after, debunk him and his information and get some major press over.

You bet'cha!

Kalvin, I challenge you to debunk the claims of:

Richard Hoagland
Robert Morning Sky
Robert Morning Star
Michael Horn
Lee and Brit Elders
Wendell Stevens

All of these people, organizations and sects base much of their "beliefs" on an unfounded alien prescense, and they all make money off the consumer while lying to the consumer.

Be a man Kalvin.

Go after a person or a group which would actually make a difference to hundreds if not thousands of people.

Don't be a simpleton Kalvin. Set your sights a little higher. Broaden your scope a bit. Christ, for a metaorganization with alliances throughout the world, your focus and over all "business plan" sucks ass.

RMIII and Kimball mean shit to the world. Hoagland means a bit more because he's on the Coast to Coast show once in a while.

Help, go after Friedman, for real I mean.

BTW, where's that fucking Friedman video you promised "Dear World"?



Anonymous said...

Sorry for the misspellings and the bad "words"... I'm tired and a bit out of shape for this Korffing at the moment. Made my point I think.

Man up, Pug.


Anonymous said...

Kal says it is a good idea to separate fact from fiction. too bad he can;t do it himself. Tell the truth Kal. come clean Kal. you are not a colonel. You are not an analyst. You are not involved in anti terrorism. You made up the special secret services. This is honestly separating fact from fiction. Your claims are fiction and hence that is the fact.

kal = moron said...

Royce Meyers doesn't run that website anymore and hasn't in years. Earth to Kal, you need to get your facts straight as usual. Paul Kimball, Kevin Randle, and Royce Meyers have done more to expose frauds that Kal ever has. And Kal is in serious need of some new material because this newest video is the exact same stuff Kal has been repeating for like the last 3 years now. "UFOOlogy" and "UFOOLogists"

And Kal should learn how to read. go look up Kevin Randle in that hall of fame at UFO watchdog and read it. "While I disagree with Randle about the Roswell incident in many regards, UFOlogy needs more Kevin Randles to cut through the bull." so where do you get this back slapping stuff from Kal? As i understand it you were booted from the hall of fame because you decided to go all crazy about this fantasy terrorism stuff. I've read your Billy Meier book Kal and it is full of amateur mistakes where you can't even get the relationships of people correct. As far as science goes at least Kevin randle has a PhD. What do you have Kal? A high school diploma? Maybe a GED?

Anonymous said...

Christ! I watched that episode 2 of ufology101 on Korff's site. Everything Korff states also applies directly to him. What a downright hypocrite.
He criticises Randle (and others) for selling the UFO information, yet Korff himself sold books as well. So the financial argument is pretty useless since Korff made money of the UFO information like the people he condems.

Korff dislikes the name debunker and criticises the ufo believer interpretation of the word, saying it's not a correct definition. Next Korff comes up with the word 'ufoologist' for certain people, and that word is simply made up by Korff himself. It is a 'disbeliever interpretation', and ok for Korff to use.

Korff demands evidence for UFOs, and until that hasn't been delivered Korff wont accept it. Well Korff, where's the evidence of your Isreali special secret services? Your rank in such organisation? Your book deals? All the other claims. Why does Korff attack people like Myers III who rejected his claims on the base of lacking evidence? Again, evidence is something Korff can use when it suits his purpose.

Kal Korff is lousy, double standard, hypocrite, loopy DEBUNKER.

Anonymous said...

I guess Kal hasn't figured out by now that Myers, Randle, Biedny and, let's see here, the rest of the world doesn't give a shit what Kal has to say.

Kal has turned into a barely amusing sideshow freak. Kal is a home video of an accident that looks like it it very painful, but you can't help but laugh and cringe at the same time.

Kal reminds me of a vagrant with a cardboard sign standing at the street corner begging. The sign stays the same, the only thing that changes is the weather, and the vagrant sits there day after day thinking one day someone will pull up and make him rich, but it never happens and the vagrant does noting different.

Kal's sign reads that he is going to expose Myers, Kimball, Randle, Biedny and others, but nothing ever happens. Kal just keeps embarrassing himself by repeating the tiresome same thing like some sort of mantra, as if Kal believes if he says it enough times that it will eventually happen.

The reality of this all is simple. Kal Korff got called out on his ludicrous claims by some people who demanded evidence. they did the very thing Kal claims you should do. kal appears to have not provided any proof and this is Kal trying to do everything his feeble mind can imagine to get even with those who challenged him for proof that never materialized. This is a fact that any reasonable person could extract from all of this.

Squonkamatic said...

How can one person fail so consistently at so much and be the head of anything. There's probably why Kal K. Korff plays this CEO malarkey game. He's SO consistently inept and careless that he's been FIRED from every job he never quit from. Now he has to pretend he runs some global organization to accommodate for the fact that he's probably unemployable beyond basic, menial labor. Like Bigfoot is going to write him a recommendation.

That's probably also why he bombards people with this two page occupation description as an analyst, broadcaster, CEO, CTO, journalist, inventor of the salad shooter or what have you. If someone asks "So where have you been working for the past ... well, since 1988?" he starts racking off this list of make believe accomplishments & credentials that are designed specifically to not be verifiable. Since employers beyond Taco Bell usually want to verify their applicants' backgrounds, he's shit out of luck. And so it's back to the scam drawing board to cook up a new scheme to make money so he won't have to gruel it off his mom. Like someone else said above, therein likely lies his desperation to turn his brother's case into a cash cow.

This is what he does for a living. Not traveling the world investigating human mysteries, ala Paul Kimball, or making a living as a professional with actual credentials, ala Kevin Randle, or even working in the area of public safety/law enforcement, ala Royce Meyers III. No WONDER he despises them so much, and is completely obsessed with having them pay him any attention even if in just a negative manner.

By the way, how's that scientific panel review of the nanotechnologies paper coming? Haven't heard much about that for a while. Must not be important now that Rob McConnell threw you under the fucking bus. And the PHD thesis -- was it in psychology? I forget, but I'm sure that most universities would welcome a first year college dropout who can't spell for shit to come and do a PHD with them without the appropriate undergraduate and graduate degrees, no means to pay for the tuition, and without really specifying what discipline of study it would be in. Just sort of a free-form Doctorate in Whatever.

Anonymous said...

Chubby little loser...See his pug-nose face (pug, pug...)

Anonymous said...

General Racer,
Surely the Kernal's posting entitled "Sheriff Gil Gilbertson: Profile in Corruption" should surely be in contempt of court. Could YouTube be induced to take it down?

Anonymous said...

Well, getting You Tube to take it down due to us saying its libel or whatever is one thing, filing a DCMA against it for..say...using copyrighted music or opening graphics stolen from another show is 100% confirmed to work, as this is how I got Kal's previous videos thrown off you tube the past week or so.

F1 Racer

Anonymous said...

Epsidoe 10 of Is It Really True now has Kal contradicting himself. First the title is misleading where Kal claims he sued someone named Loren Coleman. Then in the narrative Kal says Loren Coleman "almost" ended up going to court.

When you claim you have sued someone, this means you have taken the person to court and were success in your claim. Trying to scare someone with a lawsuit is another matter.

This makes Kal a liar because he NEVER sued Loren Coleman. Kal only THREATENED to sue him. Kal needs to stop MISLEADING the public. Read it for yourself.

"Is It REALLY True? - Episode 10 - "WHY Did You Sue Loren Coleman?" "

"Here is another episode of Is It Really True? In this segment, Kal Korff explains what happened between famed self-proclaimed "Cryptozoologist" Loren Coleman, Kal and Czech media personality and supermodel Miss Martina Tycova. Loren said false things about both Kal and Martina, and almost ended up in Court getting. Coleman only avoided a lawsuit by retracting and removing his false statements, which were not only LIES, but it was Coleman himself who made them up, as this blistering expose proves. This episode was filmed last year and is being re-broadcast by popular request. Loren Coleman has a lot of "fans" and they are shocked at his getting caught blatantly lying and deceiving them.
Last Updated on Saturday, 11 July 2009 14:37 "

What is even funnier here is that Kal said he only did not sue Loren Coleman because Loren Coleman supposedly retracted whatever it was that Kal says was at issue. Then why has Kal failed to sue Kevin Randle or Royce Meyers III or Paul Kimball who have never retracted anything they said about Kal? Kal just threatens people and that is all. And since this Loren Coleman guy supposedly retracted what he said then why is it that Kal has to go on about it? He is Kal Korff after all and Kal is good at making threats and trying to intimidate people.

Anonymous said...

and pulling out his iPud

Anonymous said...

A little comparison check:

Kal's 'wildly popular' reality based YouTube videos with a 'world wide audience' has, on average, received no more than about 200 views per video in one year.

Compare that to the one done by someone that no one outside of Halifax has ever heard of before, where he berates United Airlines. It's called 'United Breaks Guitars', and so far, in just 5 days, has had over 2 MILLION views!
Kal just can't compete with REAL people.


Anonymous said...

Afternoon, Korffers.

While I celebrate the David Bowie song, anthem of Korffing if you will, please contemplate actual pugs, noble creatures and not a bone or marrow of hate in them, unlike Kal.


in defense of pugs, but not in defense of Kal.

BTW everyone go to kult of kal's website and take the survey question and maybe buy some special secret services swag.

Anonymous said...

The bloated gas bag Kolonel Necrophilia is at it again. Kal must have brain damage considering how much he chases his own tail and never tires of it.

It really takes a person with an obsessive personality to keep going on about the same people. Kal has proved that he is crazy. Nuts. Gonzo bonzo! Crackers.

No healthy stable person would ever go to this much trouble to focus on a group of people or devote such copious amounts of time to them. I was how many restraining orders might have Kal's name on them.

Kal has done nothing but display what many professional would call unhealthy behavior and thinking errors. I feel, in my humble opinion, that Kal is something of a psychopath.

Don Ecker said...

Just on a lark, I popped kernal shit-for-brains into google to see what popped up. Guess what? Turd-bird made the cyber-stalking list. Check out "Exposing Online Predators & Cyberpaths" at , scroll down and on the right side ... there he is. This blog is listed. Kewl, huh?

Don Ecker

Squonkamatic said...

ROFL!!! Good luck trying to bully them into deleting that!

Squonkamatic said...

What a great web resource! I've actually been looking for something like this for a while after having had a couple of insane batshit people cross my online paths. Yes, Kal K. Korff definitely fits the profile of a cyberpath, a wonderful term I've never even heard of before following that link. Narcissistic, vague, grandiose, entitled, remorseless, shallow, opportunistic, vindictive, manipulative, egocentric, parasitic, domineering, threatening, hypersensitive and pathologically dishonest.

No SAPSTOE sting is going to intimidate those people either and I am sure they would be delighted to have a chance to face down a lawsuit threat from the likes of Professor Pumpernickle. As Kevin Randle has said, they would look forward to the discovery phase. He's in really good company too with the rundown of losers and psycopaths they profile there. I think, Kal, you can forget about the UFO Hall of Fame thing now, you have bigger fish to fry.

Anonymous said...

Ha! This is what all you're "good works" has gotten you Kalvin.

>>> Turd-bird made the cyber-stalking list. <<<

Come on buddy, us that Secert Suck-Ass power of yours and get that shit pulled off that blog....

Just like you "took care" of this blog.

Anonymous said...

>>> Here is Steve Vai screaming on his guitar, in this amazing jam. If only Paul KimBULL could play this well, but to quote his Little Grey Leprauchan-believing buddy Major Kevin Randle, "we digress." <<<

I don’t know how many Korffers might remember this “promise” made by Kernel Cupcake over 2 years ago?

Fat Head posted a very poorly produced “song” on his site. This song was an instrumental, of sorts.

In that post, Capt. Crunch stated that he would be releasing a full CD of original tunes...

blah, blah, blah. It never came out, and no other “music” has been released.

I guess we should konsider ourselves lucky for that.

Anonymous said...

>>> UFO WatchCat is designed to protect consumers from the claims of Royce Myers III. In this stunning expose episode, Col. Kal Korff reveals irrefutable evidence against Oregon Deputy James Geiger... <<<

Again, what does RMIII and his Hall of Fame have to do with your brother’s case?

RMIII told you his opinion on your brother’s case. It pissed you off.

There’s no other connection.

RMIII doesn’t agree with you.
RMIII wanted more proof than a photo of you in a fake uniform.
RMIII pulled you out of his Hall of Fame.

Oh, wait. It isn’t his Hall of Fame anymore.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kalvin.

Professional journalists and newscasters quote people all the time. When’s the last time you heard one of them swear on TV? They don’t, their professionals. You on the other hand, are not, and you’re acting out like a little kid.

“Hey, don’t tell me this is bad language...”

Sounds like the search for an excuse for telling your iPod “partner”,

“Fuck You.”

Get a clue Korff. Professionals NEVER, purposely swear while reporting and “broadcasting”, as you say.

Anonymous said...

How's it going Online Predator & Cyberpath?

Anonymous said...

Here’s the facts Korff;

No book deal
No Kernel
No law suits
No life

Anonymous said...

You in a heap of trouble no Korff.

Even though you’re in the CZ, under US law, HIPPA Law, prohibits the sharing of personal health information.

So, by you releasing to the world, “supposed” health information regarding an American Citizen, you’ve fucked your brother’s case.

Look it up dumb fuck.

You can’t hide in the CZ. You’re insinuating yourself into a US case, you’ve “supposedly” released to the public private information, protected by FEDRAL law.

Ha! What a fucking dimwit.

Another job well down by Kernel Cum Guzzler

KRandle said...

Say - I object...

I don't believe in little grey leprechauns (please note correct spelling) and I'm not a major. Sheesh.... if this guy can't keep up, he should take notes.

But I digress.

Anonymous said...

Kal doesn't "troll" for women beause he is a troll.

Anonymous said...

The latest vid from Kal is hilarious! Kal clearly knows nothing about women and history. no female version of Ghangis Khan? Kal keeps showing the world how arrogant he is. Kal claims that because women have the capacity for giving life that they are incapable of brutal acts. Kal has proved just how fucking stupid he is.

Anonymous said...

Kal wants more women in positions of power. Sounds like Kal might have a little mom thing going on there. Yuk. I'm no saying he does but from a Freudian viewpoint I'd say it is possible.

Anonymous said...

Kal should have done a little research (some researcher!) before making stupid statements.
Try Lizzie Borden, Mata Hari, 'Black Dahlia", Mary Surratt, Quenn Elizabeth I, Catherine II of Russia, Indira Ghandi (dictator), Ma Barker, Mary, Queen of Scots, and the list goes on and on...
Murderers, all of them.


Anonymous said...

Kal Korff: "I don't take any ghost hunter seriously."


I guess Kal can't take himself seriously. Then again no one takes Kal seriously. And what proof does Kal have that anything turned into "ectoplasm"???? Kal must be keeping his Ghostbusters overalls in the closet along with other issues these days.

Anonymous said...

Re: Kal's newest video rant about Paul Kimball.

Kal says that Paul is a coward who has never directly contacted him. Kal certainly didn't hang around Prague long enough to meet Paul when Kal found out Paul was rolling into town.

Kal says he doesn't respect people who can't "get with reality" or "have uneven standards of evidence" or those who "attack and criticize people." Kal must loathe himself then if that is the case.

Squonkamatic said...

Kal K. Korff exhibits all the tendencies of an online predator and cyberpath. It is not up for us to prove such a claim, it is up to Kal K. Korff to stop harassing, stalking, bullying, and trying to intimidate others by use of the internet.