Saturday, December 4, 2010

Kernal Kolon broke???

It looks like the special secret services is not paying all that well these days. First Kal has to conduct "was games" at a paintball arena here in Prague and pretend he is in India near the Pakistan boarder. I guess the budget of the special secret services isn't all that bloody well these days.

Kal later must go on to pretend he has taken some sort of cholesterol test.  The truth is that the great Kal K. Korff is giving blood at a plasma center so he can get some money! ahahahahhaaahahahaha!!!! What happened to the millions of dollars Kal had and all of his tele and radio and book deals? ahaahahahahhaaa!!! Times must be tough when you have to flog your own blood.

A pal of mine is a phlebotomist and clued me in on what was happening in the picture.  Any why the bloody hell would you have someone take a picture even if you were getting an actual cholesterol test????

Looks like Kernal Kornflakes has hit bottom entirely. One poster here messaged me saying that Kal had sold a website that was given to him and that Kal had been living off the money he got from that deal. One can only hope the gormless twit will sell both his kidneys next.


Anonymous said...

oh yes,.he is the ONLY one who has great health...bullshit. He acts like EVERYONE in the states eats fast food. WAKE UP KAL, you are so out of touch with reality, if you were here in the states you would know NOT everyone is on as you say the great american DIEt. oh but forgive me, I forgot only YOU are the perfect human. Oh lest I forget the perfect JEW..wonder why he always has to throw the jew card out there? It really seems he is a total embarassment to real jews.

Anonymous said...

More police actions, more free computer stuff and a Jew celebrating Christmas? You just can't keep it sorted out can you, asshole?

Kal Korff:

Hi, I'll be returning to Prague in two days, where I'll spend my Christmas/New Years. I'll come back to Asia early next year with FREE iPads to give them away. I'll be signing papers for the police in Prague, so they can move against certain parties, who are extremists and haters who impersonated Czech and German citizens. Legal action starts shortly. Can't wait to publish their names/photos. :-)

Anonymous said...

Dawnellen Pappalardo:


Kal Korff:

Hi Dawnellen, please privately msg me when you have a chance. I have received only credible intel info that a hacker attack from Islamofascists WILL be launched shortly, against a certain web site. My goal is to protect them, I'll explain how. I tried contacting them, but their site does not work properly.

Look forward to hearing from you,


Anonymous said...

Sorry - in the Czech Republic, those who volunteer to give blood are unpaid (see:;year=2010;volume=4;issue=1;spage=9;epage=13;aulast=Abolghasemi)

Anonymous said...

Different types of blood in the US are unpaid as well. I think they play for plasma, but not whole blood?

No matter. Korff's a big, fat, liar, who hates his country and he had to leave his country under issues OUT his control, set forth by his own ACTIONS.

He seems to be on the path to repeat this action, while hiding away from the US police, etc.

Sound familiar asshole?

Oh, and Korff and a pussy who runs away from FACE TO FACE – MAN TO MAN confrontation.

More later...

Anonymous said...

Part 1 of the never ending shit sandwich Korff pays out to his Face Book friends...

Kal Korff:

Our morals either mean something of they do not. I argue that they mean everything. So how many more MILLIONS of years go by before we say ENOUGH?

Speaking of Hitler, please czech my latest wall posting, this is for you, in your honor. It is... a famous postcard from history showing Hitler meeting with Yasir Arafat's "Uncle" Ali Hajj Husseini, who worked with Hitler, and even helped put Saddam Hussein's Nazi loving Uncle into power briefly during a coup which was later thwarted in Iraq by the British. He then fled to Berlin and joined Hitler and raised two divisions of Muslims who then went on to murder over 100,000 Jews, Christians and other Catholics (and even fellow Muslims) in the infamous Waffen SS Handsjar Division.

Anonymous said...

Part two, eat up, asshole...

Kal Korff:

Islamofascism today is the DIRECT RESULT of REAL Nazis from WWII who escaped and re-settled in the Middle East, in countries like Egypt. Husseini was never tried as a war criminal, despite a warrant issued for his arrest at the Nuremberg trials.

The French cut him loose after they arrested him because they could not turn him into a useful agent. He worked with Eichmann, Himmler and Rheinhold Heydrich.

Muslims today often DENY their NAZISM collaboration and past. It is all blown wide open and the ugly truth laid bare in my upcoming 2,400 pages, six volume series on Isalmofascism called Secret X Wars: Defending Against Terrorist Plots which I am sending to Prometheus Books next year, just wrapping things up here now in this area of things around Pakistan and Afghanistan, with nanodust and other things being used to nail these guys and do what is right.

If you need any other info, let me know.

Anonymous said...

Oh, so smart, polluting is wrong. Brain trust right there, asshole.

Kal Korff:

What bothers me, and of course Global Warming promoters ignore this, which proves they're less than honest types. WHY use LIES when what is SUPPOSED to be "hard, irrefutable science," should be their WEAPON of choice per se? Makes no sense.... Only DISHONEST liars and frauds would behave this way, and now they've been caught.

It amazes me that the GW zealots are so "CONcerned" about "Global Warming" that they FORGET the simple principle of DO NOT POLLUTE! If everyone followed this simple universal principle, "global warming" would be academic. Whether temps rise or fall doesn't matter. Polluting does.

Polluting is wrong.

Anonymous said...

That is wholly incorrect. There are indeed places in Prague that will pay for blood.

Anonymous said...

Ha, ha, ha! You gave nanodust to Rob McConnell too, asshole. You know what, you didn’t give nanodust to Rob McConnell, you liead with baby powder.

Rob McConnell: Kal Korff claimed to have sent us nanotechnology in between the last page and the back cover of a copy of one of his books which we did receive, but after careful examination there was no proof of any nanotechnology found. Kal Korff told me that using a magnification glass or 10 x microscope I would be able to confirm the identity of this nanotechnology. A contact at The University of Waterloo in Ontario said that nanotechnology would NOT be able to be viewed with a magnifying glass or low powered microscope.

Kal Korff:

I just finished speaking at a school with Indian kids. It was so INCREDIBLE, praise YHWH. I gave the students nanodust (too bad for my "kritics") and we videotaped everything. I told them about the Meier UFO Cult and scam, they even asked me to dance so I did; it was incredible. We will edit and broadcast these videos,...

sghjagsfljhgsfaarotic said...

The question I would have for someone who knows about mental disorders is, does MR. Korff actually believe he is doing these things, or is he getting a sadistic kick out of knowing he's telling a lie to Flakebook people who swallow it all hook line and sinker?

I had an associate once, long ditched, who *loved* telling lies and getting away with it. Even if it was just something simple like telling someone it was raining when it really wasn't would absolutely make his day. He actively went around looking for people to lie to, knowing that if they believed it he would have "gotten away with something". He would lie to people who knew he was lying too, just to piss them off.

Is that what MR. Korff's problem is? He cannot possibly be so deluded as to think that he's really a colonel in India dancing for a class of children who first listened in rapt awe to his silly lecture. That's the fantasy part -- the act of deceiving his audience though is so shallow and unrewarding over Flakebook that I can't see what the purpose would be.

Anonymous said...

Fucking Korff, he's already "done" this, maybe more than once.... Right? Read on Korffers...

Kal Korff:

I have sent a legal notice to "Jimmy D," "F1 Racer" and David Biedny, formerly of ParaCast, informing them of official legal actions I have now started. Two of these men are also going to be charged with various offenses by the police. I have sent copies of this letter to a top Investigative Journalist, to PROVE this is only real. I look forward to helping bring them to justice, and hold them accountable.

Jeffery Pritchett:

What did they do exactly?

Kal Korff:

Is this a SERIOUS question, Jeff? You might want to ask "Jimmy D" about his death threats, etc. In fact, WHY not invite him on your show? Surely he has the "hard evidence" to "prove" every single claim he has ever made about me right? Didn't think so more details coming soon, AFTER objectives have been accomplished.

Jeffery Pritchett:

I don't even know who the hell Jimmy D is Kal. It was a serious question. I don't know anything about this so was just asking.

sadhajfhgasjfghasatic said...

Now the narcissist starts to spread their hostility amongst their targets with the assumption that the bad vibes will be shared without question. When they aren't the narcissist lashes out admonishing or outright attacking those targets who question what the problem is. Flakebook isn't about sharing problems, it's about having fun and sharing lives. MR. Korff has none and is consumed by his hatred, jealousy, animosity, envy, greed, and need for attention. Whatever premise of getting along and being a congenial person is about to go right out the window as he reveals the truth about his character.

The conflict with the Korffers is the primary motivation, hence his stepping outside of his nice guy educator costume to issue this negative statement. Now he expects the conflict to be reinforced by his targets praising it, and Kal is about to find out that people on Flakebook don't really want to hear about people's problems for very long.

Anonymous said...

No notice here

Anonymous said...

So the kids asked you to dance in India? I bet they were in for a treat when you starting doing the Riverdance you claimed to be so good at!! You are no Lord Flatley but you are King of the Cuckoos! Ahahahahahaha'

Jimmy D said...

No notice here.


Jimmy D said...

...I tell a lie - I received an ENORMOUS EMAIL from Kalvin. Too long to post here. Have forwarded to the host of this blog, in the hopes that he will print in it full.

It's a humdinger!

Stop_LYING_Korff said...

Squonkie - a mental health professional did post his opinion here a year or 19 months ago.

His (her?) view was that Kalvin wasn't deluded or schizophrenic. Rather, he is aware of the fact that he is pretending and telling lies.

He is a psychopath - not the kind of psychopath that wanders around with an ax chopping up people - but a psychopath nonetheless. That is an incurable condition.

The Unknown Korffer said...

The mental image of Kalvin K. Korff performing Riverdance kicks solo in front of a captive audience of bewildered Indian school children is disturbing. Has he ever stated exactly which city or town this imaginary orgy of validation & approval is taking place in? Stating it's "In India" is like saying "In Texas".

A question for those with a view of his Face Book pages: What is his actual "friend" count at currently? It seems to me that we're seeing reply comments coming from the same six to ten individuals and would enjoy calculating what percentage his other "friends" who aren't interacting with this madness. If it's still over 600 as boasted of, the number actively participating in this fantasy amount to less than .6%, or rather 99.4% of them aren't having anything to do with it.

Anonymous said...

Korff hide his friends total some time ago. People do this for a number of reasons; to hide them from poaching, to hide the low number, etc. Korff hide them because Jimmy D., and others, we're informaing those friends about the "real" Korff and his fantasy world.

Anonymous said...

yes and if he blocks you he also has some of his friends block you too..lord knows what lies he tells them, so much for truth & transparency

Kernal Kal "Kombat" Korff, Komedian said...

You just wait, you farging bastages! I show you ninja trick I learned in the jungle, and you no talk no more.

Anonymous said...

Just curious, but how many of us korffers are out there reading this blog?
Sound off, One.

Anonymous #1

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

call me three

Anonymous said...

FN, #4

Anonymous said...

Part One

Jeffery Pritchett:

I don't even know who the hell jimmy D is Kal. It was a serious question. I don't know anything about this so was just asking.

Kal Korff:

I know you have a great sense of humor, so I thought you might be exercising its legendary quips.

You know the name of the web site which exists only to harm me, Guy Weddle loves citing it, if you go there and search for Jimmy D (he's one of the bozos behind it) you'll see who I mean.

EVERY lie, false claim, deliberate slander made with malicious intent (which are criminal offenses) is being reviewed and will be litigated.

F1 Racer is a "good buddy" of Jimmy Ds, who Jimmy said he hopes "kills" me, and as far as David Biedny goes, all I can say is watch the video Martina Tycova is releasing soon...but first things first.

Spreading world peace, so those videos come first.

The haters and extremists will be nailed and held accountable one claim and act at a time, in a way that would make Mr. Spock proud. Systematic, logical, legal, and no bluffing.

Vulcans never bluff, and even Nimoy was a Jew, just like the greeting Live Long and Prosper with the fingers in a "V" is Jewish. :-)

Just ask any Rabbi.

Hope you are well, Jeff, I wish to thank you once again for remaining professionally neutral and only objective where it concerns the claims of Mr. Weddle and his penchant for citing a web site dedicated to hatred, fraud, lying, and other criminal activity.

Anonymous said...

Part Two

Jeffery Pritchett Do you want me to try to get this Jimmy D on the show in February as well so you may confront him?

If so tell me how to contact him. Will just have a good ole time.. If not then let me know as well.. just a thought.

Kal Korff
Yes, Jeff, it is a great idea. But legally it won't work, because of the police. Otherwise, I do NOT have a "problem" confronting and nailing my "kritics."

I propose instead that you invite EVERY bozo who posts on that web site, Jimmy D being Supreme Poster, and have them on your show, let them "take their best shot," but let them also know that like everything they publish, it is being monitored and WILL be acted on "most appropriately."

I do not care if they don't take any of this seriously, after all they have also written that I never go after anyone, but only make "threats."

The fact is, I NEVER make threats to anyone. If I ever "threaten" anyone, since I never mince my words, I would simply say, "I am threatening you."

Guy Weddle has cited this web site in the past. Either he does not know better, which is his liability, or he DOES "know better" which is also his liability.

I am committed to doing your show, but by the air date I might be in Pakistan at this rate. No problem, of course, but the FACT I am over doing everything from the NanoDust thing to now finally nailing bad guys, is all the hard evidence to even them, that I was always telling the truth.

UFO CONspiracy nuts, 911 CONspiracy nuts, Yeti woo woo heads, JFK CONspiracy nuts and many others all get nailed in my new six volume series, along with Islamofascists, since these types ALL share one thing in common — they threaten and wish physical harm on those who do not believe their already strange beliefs.

Anonymous said...

Part 3

David Biedny has called me everything from a "Dirtbag" to "scum," — while Gene Steinberg, pious Jew that he is, like Biedny, said nothing.

These types are shining examples of WHY UFOlogy should continue to be ignored by mainstream science.

There are far more fraud than credibility in UFOlogy, only until if and when, self-proclaimed "UFO" researchers BOTHER to police their own ranks and expose the TRUTH, they deserve no mercy, no attention, and to be exposed for the frauds that they are.

This is not a reference to you, nor anyone specific on this list.

I "hate" no human being, not even bin Laden.

And bin Laden MURDERED some of my friends. While I want him caught and punished accordingly, hatred will NEVER drive me, one does not have to "hate" to be determined to do the right thing.

Instead, the only "tools" needed are belief in YHWH, and a thing called morals, principles and ethics.

Hope this info helps. If litigation and the police agree by next year sometime that it is "OK" to appear on the same show with my haters and those who have publicly said they wish to harm me, I'll be happy to be involved.

In the meantime, it's time to hunt them down, expose them, and publish all of the stuff they have been privately sending, saying, publicly printing, etc.

Jeffery Pritchett:

I'll let you know if I snag any of them. Right now I really don't feel like talking to them at all. lol I really have enough problems besides other people's drama for their mommas.

But you need to make sure you give me contact information phone number wise for the show when you can. A lot of people are hyped about your appearance and the show. It will be very popular and cause waves. So make sure you let me know how to contact you phone wise or skype wise when the time comes or soon.

Kal Korff:

I promise I will, Jeff, and thanks very much for your kind encouragement and appreciated support.

Anonymous said...

all I can say is watch the video Martina Tycova is releasing soon...but first things first.

in a way that would make Mr. Spock proud. Systematic, logical, legal, and no bluffing.

Vulcans never bluff, and even Nimoy was a Jew, just like the greeting Live Long and Prosper with the fingers in a "V" is Jewish. :-)

Just ask any Rabbi.

Yes, Jeff, it is a great idea. But legally it won't work, because of the police.

I am committed to doing your show, but by the air date I might be in Pakistan at this rate. No problem, of course, but the FACT I am over doing everything from the NanoDust thing to now finally nailing bad guys, is all the hard evidence to even them, that I was always telling the truth.

OMG, This shit is the best.

Anonymous said...

Here's some Korff Template Web Site News for you.

Korff has taken the "Padnet" pull down menu off his top menu bar and he's replaced it with a "" pull down, which goes to nowhere. The template site is still a one page, nothing site.

So, padnet, which was made up by Korff, was fraud, this new "seems" to be made up and, I have it on good authority that Korff had "an old friend" who was putting up his .html web site before he had to switch to his easy to post template site we know and love.

We have rumblings all over the web and elsewhere that while Korff is making threats again, against steadfast Korffers, and people who are kritical of his klaims… it seems that stalwarts and people of sound minds, sturdy bodies and take no shit observers are making plays of their own.

Our own little man is making gyrations, prostrations and proclamations in the hopes that he’ll scare these fine, up standing citizen soldiers away from their goal.

Think again.

Michael Horn laughs at you.

F1 Racer laughs at you.

Jimmy D. laughs at you.

Korffer’s laugh at you.

The world stage is being set, are you ready to walk before the glaring lights of truth?

The wave is cresting.

Anonymous said...

A Korffisum...

FREE issues of the Silent Revolution of LIES will be available STARTING JUNE 5, 2010!

Or better said...

A lie. One among countless made.

אדם אומר שקר הוא פחדן

Anonymous said...

האמת תשחרר אותך Kalvin בחינם

להפסיק לשקר

להיות גבר

הפוך את ההורים שלך גאים

הפנטזיה שלך לא מצליח לך

The Unknown Korffer said...


The Unknown Korffer said...

I am committed to doing your show, but by the air date I might be in Pakistan at this rate.

Right there, setting the stage for blowing the appearance off if it suits his needs. Sorry Jeff, but you're being used by a psycho who finds you a convenient useful sounding board for the moment.

Anonymous said...

Kal dodged Kevin Randle twice with one time being Kal was offered an all expenses paid trip to debate Kevin Randle in person. And let us not forget the infamous radio show debate when Kal tucked his tail between his legs and made up that bullshit excuse. Kal K. Korff is a coward. End of story. And good luck getting a good phone number for Kal because pay phones are becoming a thing of the past.

Just Wondering said...

Is that audio clip of Kernal Kook's no-show on the old Art Bell show still available anywhere? Bell called him on some of his bullshit, KK was supposed to come on and explain, but hid instead. After several threats of lawsuits from Bell (and given Bell's mood at the time I'm sure he was not bluffing), KK called in with a meek apology. That was some great radio!

Anonymous said...

That audio is on youtube I think.