Friday, December 3, 2010


This was sent from Kal to KIAI poster Jimmy D

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Kal Korff <>
Date: Mon, Nov 29, 2010 at 7:33 AM
Subject: What shall we talk about?
To: Jimmy D <>

Hi Jimmy.

I am running Korff's email account now.

I work for the police.

What would you like to discuss, other than your latest threat to harm someone?
Is it not a CRIME to IMPERSONATE the police lads? It is myopinion that Kal K. Korff has LIED and has IMPERSONATED POLICE!!! It looks like Kal has some rather CONvenient standards when it comes to his ethics. Someone in Prague should file a complaint with the police. Kal has added police impersonator to his long list of lies including being a fake Mossad agent.


Anonymous said...

Kal Korff:

Hi, thanks Srinivas, I am REALLY LOVING it over here, I have many Indian friends and this country is incredible. If all goes well I will settle in India, we will see.

Anonymous said...

You are one sick and twisted ego maniac Korff. Children need to know about the Billy Meier case. No, YOU need to tell them about the grand work you've done to, what, NOT shut down any UFO case or person, ever?

Send us the schools name Korff, let us confirm this lie.

Got ANY photos from this trip. at all?

Kal Korff:

LOVING India, tomorrow I'll be filming at a school with kids, we'll be exchanging stories, practicing English, engaging in cultural exchange.

Can't wait to tell them the TRUTH about the Meier UFO Cult, 911 CONspiracy nonsense, JFK CONspiracy bull, and discuss critical thinking.

Cultural exchange must always include distancing oneself from the woo woo crowd, letting others know that MOST Americans are NOT this way!

Anonymous said...

Well, as Kal would say:

"I NEVER SAID I was a police officer. I said I was 'WORKING' for the police."

Whatever, Kalvin. We all know it's you. And we all know you're still in your fetid bolthole Prague, huddled up in bed because you can't afford to turn the electric fire on.

Anonymous said...

From a fellow and dedicated Korffer:

A pal of mine said he saw him last week in downtown Prague. When was he supposed to have left on his top secret mission to save the asiatic hordes?

Korff, when will enough be enough?

A past post was dropped but, to sum up. You told a Face Book friend that you have no personal life, that your work and your hobby are one in the same.

You lying fuck.

You told the world that you have a son.

People with children HAVE A PERSONAL LIFE; their children. A number one.

If you had a child, genius or not, you would know this and you wouldn't make that statement.

Your web site and Youtube channel (and video viewers) are dead. Why? Because it’s done, it’s over, you’ve moved onto your personal quest; world peace, one iPad ay a time.

No child Korff. A father posts photos, mentions achievements, tells the world how life is worth living because of their child, not because of their FAKE job; fighting for my safety and world peace.

You left the USA in a hasty sprint and under a stressful situation, I’ll post the proof later, at a time of my choosing.

What a fucking life. Korffing is fun, being Korff has got to be a turd in the punch bowl life. Sad little lozer.

Michael Horn laughs at you, with astronauts in attendance.


Anonymous said...


Fuck Kal, out him now! We all know what a feble piece of shit he is. Let's just put the last nail in that narcissist Kal's tiny coffin now.

It was over a long time ago for that maggot fuck Kal. Let's do it and be done with him!

No book, no CEO/CIO jobs, no Special Secret Services, no nanotechnology, no computer jobs, no teaching English, no reality show, no war games, no rips to India, nothing! And that is what Kal is, he is nothing and he knows it.

Instead of pulling his Titanic shipwreck life together and getting an actual job, Kal has slithered his way from rock to rock.

Kal likes pretending being on the end of exposing people so let's expose his worthless ass once and for all.

Kal's already the biggest joke walking in Prague and online. Just finish him off and be done with the madman.

All of the people Kal has targeted as enemies are laughing at him and carrying on with their lives. Why? Because they actually have lives!

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff:

Thanks to being the new CEO of the new global peace org, PriyaMitra, we have ALREADY reached cooperation with one church and several schools. We will be giving away iPads, teaching computer literacy, English literacy, and promoting inter-faith dialog, and teaching people NOT to hate. We'll try to change the world one person at a time.

Anonymous said...


We'll release this dirt on Korff as soon as we feel it's the right time. Nothing short of humilation on the world stage, in a very grand scale, will do so it will convince little Kalvin that yes, he might as well go peace his ass off; quiet and off the web, and let his work speak for itself.

It's a tall order to quiet a person who has nothing else but the web and his kritics.

Nothing else but the web and his kritics.

Let that sink in Kalvin.

Merry Christmas, asshole.

Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight.
Kal is off on a trip to Beijing, China...duh, no, make that Shanghai...duh, no make that India, where I'll be at a school teaching English to young kids. If I'm lucky, some of them will be nice looking 14-yr old girls and will be thrilled to be in such close contact with me.
Dream on Kal...


Anonymous said...

Probably not much chance of freak-spotting in Prague due to the cold weather & snow nowdays. You can bet the little toad will be holed up in his squalid cesspit with only the occasional foray out for fast food.

But anyway, you never know - I'll keep an eye out.

BTW, before I press publish, if I do have the second misfortune to spot that particular individual lurking on a street corner here in Prague, any suggestions on what you would like me to say to aforementioned little kolonel-maharishi-yogi kal? (nb: most likely my good lady wife may be present at the time !)


Anonymous said...

>>> any suggestions on what you would like me to say to aforementioned little kolonel-maharishi-yogi kal? <<<

Good question? As a major Korffer, I'm also at a ?... Strange...?

So much to ask but, given one question, on the quick...

Gee, I'm not sure. I'll have to mull this over while I'm away at a proper party with family and friends.

You know Kal; a real life, with real people, based on real activities.


Anonymous said...

his ass is owned!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Photo sent to admin.

Kal Korff:

I was at the hospital, had full blood tests. Results were EXCELLENT. Cholesterol was 167 from a "normal" range of 130-230! LDLs were 52, on a scale of 60-150. Cholesterol to HDL ratio is 2.96, "normal" is 3.5-4.5! I'm 15 YEARS YOUNGER GENETICALLY than years wise. Praise YHWH I gave up the All American DIEt, lost 50 POU...NDS six years ago. Exam was walk in, UNANNOUNCED. It cost me SIX DOLLARS! Praise YHWH India does NOT have Obama"care" — over here things WORK!

sahjfjfafsljl;k;slkhastuc said...

Mentally deranged. This has to be a Flakebook first too. Some asshole bragging about his cholesterol count in a wall post just to try and impress the women he suckered into friending him. Aren't things like that considered sensitive personal information you keep to yourself? Bad boundaries, MR. Korff -- that's why you can't get a date, loser. People don't want to hear about your trip to the doctor to have your little wee-wee examined. Next thing you know he will be posting a bathroom habit report where he boasts about having more regular bowel movements than most average people.

Anonymous said...

i hear rumor that shit hit the fan in Kal's world

Brit_in_Prague said...

Where will it end?
This creature will be 50 in a couple of years, and he spends his days hunkered over a stolen laptop and churning out lie after lie.
Will he still be at it when he's 70? Will we still be here fruitlessly calling him out on every lie? My wife doesn't know about my Korffing activities. How would I explain to her this awful fascination with just another piece of mentally deranged flotsam? I can't even explain it to myself.
And yet I continue. I've tried to stop, several times. Yet as Michael Corleone would put it, just when I thought I was out, he pulls me back in.
Damn you Korff.

Anonymous said...

>>> i hear rumor that shit hit the fan in Kal's world <<<

Merry Happy Holiday's Fellow Korffer's.

Yes, I have it on "pretty good" authority that the shit, of some kind, has come home to roost for Kalvin.

I'm awaiting conformation and the okay to pass along this information.

For all I know, the info might come to us all in a grand fashion? I don't care, I just want to see it, read it and enjoy it.

Korff, don't you just love the holidays, asshole?


Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm Kalvin Korff and I love myself. You should too.

Kal Korff:

Hi Lin, thanks for this. I have no idea, I only know what my readings indicated, my ratio of good to bad cholesterol was 2.85, the "norm" is apparently 3.0 to 4.5. Doctors were unanimous, "astronaut readings" to quote them. Same comment was made right before I left USA and had my last complete physical. So it has been ten years for me in between these major exams and I had lost 50 pounds some six years ago just by stopping eating like a typical American, and of course I am American.

I don't think we know everything about the body of course, and never will, but for what it is worth everyone is jazzed with the results, when I worked in the USA and ate like everyone there my cholesterol was a bit over 200 and thanks to YHWH, (my opinion) I have always gotten out of my health what I put into it.

These past years especially working with the Israelis and the physical stuff which is required, learning Krav Maga and changing my diet, shunning beef and especially pork (I'm a Jew) and eating European and now Indian/Asian — I think the results of the exam prove themselves.

I'll read your link, thanks!

Anonymous said...

"astronaut readings" Kal, you're a fucking joke. I bet Kal will use this to somehow qualify himself as an astronaut now. Why not? The fat dumb fuck claims to be everything else.

Kal K. Korff = bloated tool