Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Why be a fake Mossad agent Kal?

Her eis your chance Kal to turn your twisted little fantasy life into the real thing!!!!!!!  It looks like Mossad is hiring agents!!!  While Kal might fail on the creativity requirement of such a position Kal will be ace at the part of the job requiring one to “create one’s own reality and play a central role in it.” Kal is already an accomplish liar so what is holding him back from dumping his fake Mossad badges and trying out for the real thing???? ahahahahahahahhhaaahahahahahahah

Time is about for you to man up Kal and try out for the real thing lad. But as all we know Kal all too well these days to know that he is an utter twat with no spine who spends his days and nights imagining and dreaming about the real thing.

So go on now there Kernal Kolon and keep on providing us with the laughs! ahahahahhhhhaaaahahahahahahahahahahhaahhahahaha!!!!!!


Billy Meier said...

Holy Cow! It's perfect. They are looking for "field agents, intelligence officers and computer experts." I'm just guessing of course, but I don't think they will be handing out paintball guns either. Live ammo, Kal! Rock and Roll. Your associates in the peace movement will be impressed for sure. Think of the babes you will score. And get this: they will actually pay you.

Billy Meier said...

I mean Mossad will pay you, not the babes. This is reality, remember.

Anonymous said...

Where are ALL of those videos Korff?

Kal Korff:

My email kalkorff.com is not working, and I am changing my web site to update it and mix content with UFOWatchCat.com, CT.org, MartinaTycova.com, etc. I expect this to take about 7-10 days. If you need to reach me by email use my old standby address: kalkorff@yahoo.com. I am on travel til further notice, will check in as I can. Shalom everyone.

Anonymous said...

Do "bad guy" hunters post images of their "doings"?

Please show me any "real" bad guy hunter who post their information while on patrol?

I'm "on travel"...?

Kal Korff:

I am on travel working with authorities to nail some "bad guys," details and video later this week. Was in a Muslim area yesterday, a very dangerous place, but we managed OK. Wait til you see the images, I'll have them posted by the end of this week. I'll be traveling a lot, executing plans long promised. So much for my "kritics," I wouldn't want to be them after this next round. :-)

Anonymous said...

21 views in 5 days.


From: secretxwars | December 10, 2010 | 21 views

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I have been with dear mr. Fantasy and know personally he will never be able to " man up" as that implies a mans ability. He comes up A LOT short in that area! I've seen mutts on the street packing more heat, if you know what I mean. What a shame on you Kal for taking the only "friends", and I use that term loosely and treating them badly. Don't worry, as the Who sang, " We won't be fooled again! " Predator, creep, sicko!!! Go fuck yourself... Oh yeah, that couldn't ever happen, especially with your inept appendage !

Anonymous said...

Oh my....

It seems an old flame may be posting.....

Anonymous said...

Kal as a real Mossad agent? LMFAO!!! Kal wouldn't qualify as a janitor at Mossad. They wouldn't arm Kal with a toilet brush out of fear he'd injure himself or they'd have to rush poor old dumb Kal to the hospital for an emergency anal extraction of the brush.

Kal reminds me of one of those old fumbling mall security guards fumbling around pretending to be a real cop while chasing off all the kids who smoke and treating them like crack dealers. LOL!

Kal you stupid neurotic burnout! Please keep supplying us with the laughs!!

The Unknown Korffer said...

The one problem with this idea? Basic fitness requirements. Kalvin Korff is way too flabby and out of shape to do much of anything physical beyond reaching for a fresh fast food taco. Guy likely can't do ten consecutive situps or even one pull-up on the chin bar. How do you say "SUCK IT IN, SOLDIER!" in Hebrew?

Anonymous said...

My oh my how the mighty Kal K. Korff has fallen! Kal has been like this his whole life and dreamed of becoming someone important.

His friends and family saw that this would never happen and that Kal was destined for a carnival like life.

Look all the way back to the days Kal was making those preposterous claims against Art Bell, Kal even went so far as to claim he had documents in hand and would send them to Art.

What happened? Art called Kal's bluff and Kal had to apologize on worldwide radio to the ears of millions and millions of listeners. That apology did a lot of damage to Kal's fragile ego and sent him over the edge.

Kal raged for days and weeks after about having to make that apology. Kal received nonstop messages about the joy all others had hearing Kal apologize.

Some things never change and Kal has been making threats of lawsuits and other legal nonsense for years. This will not stop any time soon.

Anonymous said...

The Art Bell Episode

This is the last time I know of, or that I can find where Kalvin Kern Korff fessed up to a lie.

Now, some may say, as I'm sure Kalvin would, that he hasn't lied since this Bell episode.

Patently untrue.

This blog has recorded DOZENS of lies Korff has made before and since the Bell episode. The only difference is Korff got caught on national radio and by a guy who could and would sue the pants off of him.

In the case of this blog, and now Face Book, Korff retreats to the tired and false accusation that anyone who calls into questions his statements and promises is a hater, an extremist, and some kind of terrorist.

Kalvin Kern Korff is so paranoid and unhinged that he went after a 16 year old girl with the same paranoid filled venom he has exhibited since the ‘90’s.

Kalvin Kern Korff, lashing out like an ignored little boy, against a little girl; ignored by all but his kritics and this blog. That’s gotta suck?

The Dayton Center for Peace awaits your phone call.

http://priyamitra.org/ web site awaits your inevitable template page update.

Mr. Bartu awaits your apology.

RMIII, F1 Racer, Michael Horn and Jimmy D, await a single follow though on a single threat, asshole.

Mental illness seems to be the only excuse at this point.



Anonymous said...

Petr Novotný:

Thanks Kal take care in India. are u coming back to Prague?

Kal Korff:

Hi Petr, yes, especially to nail my "kritics," they're hearing footsteps and it is long overdue. My first meeting is with the FBI, we will be meeting soon, can't say more yet. I don't want to "violate" their civil rights. :-)

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff:

I'll be meeting with the FBI shortly, (videotaped of course as we go to the meeting, and published afterwards) to help nail some of my "kritics." They're GUILTY of breaking many laws, including hacking. This will be very interesting, since they'll also be working with Czech police, in what is an international effort to bring them to justice. I hope my "kritics" do NOT take this seriously, it will hasten their demise.

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff:

Thanks, Orit, sincerely. Please tell your soulmate that he is one of the luckiest guys on this planet, and make SUUUUURRREEEE you train him well. All men must be trained by their women, and if he really loves you, he'll enjoy every minute of it! :-)

I've never been to Cyprus, but of course I know its history from the counterintel side of things, there's many international intrigues which take place there between the Turkish and Greek side. Please stay safe and I hope you will honor us with images from your great event.

Your soulmate is truly blessed to have someone as great as you.

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff:

My web site KalKorff.com is back online, we have put some code into it so that we can now re-design it to be ONE web site which will cover everything from UFOWatchCat, to CT.org to of course PriyaMitra.org. This will take a few weeks of engineering to consolidate everything, but that's ok. Can't wait to get it done, and behind me.

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff:

Any nation that decides the only way to achieve peace is through peaceful means is a nation that will soon be a piece of another nation.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kal:

tick tick tick


The Unknown Korffer said...

My web site KalKorff.com is back online, we have put some code into it so that we can now re-design it to be ONE web site which will cover everything from UFOWatchCat, to CT.org to of course PriyaMitra.org.

So, there's his admission, as usual made mistakenly in an attempt to brag/boast/show off -- PriyaWhatever.org is just another useless, worthless, bogus Kalvin Korff creation of failure. Everything Kalvin does ends up failing or ends up being just a stupid lie.

Failure, insignificance, and ineptitude. Kalvin Korff can't do anything right, isn't good at anything, and has to lie to people to get them to even look at him. He is worthless. You can rest assured Kalvin that I do not take your claims of "working with the FBI and Czech police" seriously. You are such a complete failure that they wouldn't pay attention to you either, you worthless little brat.

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff:

I posted the video of my appearance by invitation at a school in India, where the Billy Meier UFO CULT was Xposed, as well as a hater and extremist who "loves" to hate me, and proudly claims he is one of my "kritics." This video is Part 1 of 2. I also gave out free NanoDust to the kids, proving yet AGAIN that my "kritics" are liars, haters and extremists. And this is putting it charitably. :-)

Here's the video I promised which shows me visiting students at a school in India, at their invitation. In addition to exposing the Billy Meier UFO CULT (Meier claims to have studied at an Ashram in India, people there claim Meier is a FRAUD!); I also gave... out FREE NanoDust to students, which exposes one of my "kritics" JimmyD, and by the request of one student, I was asked to dance and sing a song. While I did not sing, we danced, the video "speaks" for itself, as my "kritics" get Xposed for what they REALLY are — AGAIN! Hope you enjoy it. :-)

Anonymous said...

Not on youtube yet.

Horrible video. Audio is worthless, etc.


Anonymous said...

This sick little Kunt is getting off on all of this, I bet. What else does he have in his lonely little life..?

He's just one of many lost souls - screwed up and no way back.

Anonymous said...

Kalvin Kern Korff lives a “mostly” fantasy life. I’m willing to believe Korff went to India, at some point in the past. The video seems to prove this.


However, I know for a fact that Korff made up the "company" or the NOG called: PRIYAMITRA.ORG

Much in the same way that he made up: The Dayton Center of Peace

On November 29th, 2010, Korff announced his CEO position at this priyamitra.org. A quick search on the internet turned up: NOTHING.

On November 30th, 2010 a domain was created:

Created On:30-Nov-2010 08:10:52


Kalvin Kern Korff sent the X-Zone’s, Rob McConnell “nanodust”. McConnell had the “nanodust” inspected. Nothing came of it. NOTHING.

In this new video: Secret X Wars - Colonel Kal Korff Visits Indian School, Pt 1 of 2, Korff talks to some children about what they might do with their “nanodust”, they seems a bit dumbfounded at the question. One boy answers “I’ll look at it under a microscope...”

Korff fed him, fed them all, that line, just like he did Rob McConnell.

It seems, Korff took a little respite in India, he met some people, and he squirmed his way into a school or two. Nothing more than any other Western tourist could do.

There’s nothing here, yet.

Korff, share with us something useful and verifiable to prove your citizen solider status with Y3.

Please? Anything at all.

The Video to be posted on Youtube soon, even if Korff doesn't post it there.


Anonymous said...

The new video by Kalvin Kern Korff:

Secret X Wars - Colonel Kal Korff Visits Indian School, Pt 1 of 2

Posted on Face Book, has been poached and sent off for review by fellow Korffers.

The video will be posted on Youtube soon.

BTW, I noticed that Korff likes to post the same link on Face Book many times over a few hours.


Because after 3 hours, nobody has commented on this video. Zip. Nada.

Much like his last Youtube video:

From: secretxwars | December 10, 2010 | 22 views

6 days = 22 views.

Absolute failure, on an epic scale.

Why bother Kalvin?

It ain't working.

We're waiting.

Michael Horn laughs at you.

The Unknown Korffer said...

Absolutely right, this changes nothing. It all comes down to whom the source of information is, no matter what the information may appear to be. Since it's Kalvin K. Korff -- a well documented liar & manipulator -- the only thing anyone who knows what he is can be sure of is that it's a misrepresentation, exaggeration, or something other than what it appears to be. If it was anybody else, just maybe. But if Kalvin Korff says it's A you can be pretty sure it's actually somewhere in B - Z. Kalvin has made himself an unreliable source of information on his own activities. Sorry!

The way I am reading this is that the India video footage accounts for Kalvin's quiet period from earlier this fall. There was a period when he made very little noise where all manner of speculation was being made as to whether he was being deported, moving home, on the lam, etc. The clothing being worn in the India video street scenes especially looked a little light for late November. Now we know where he was.

So, working backward, he copped a trip to India in September/October somehow (Face Book maybe? they have travel links all over the place) complete with an exciting paintball game and even suckered his way into a visit to some sort of a school -- Gotta wonder how he pulled that off, and what he told the teachers the "nanodust" was. Shoots some video footage, including dancing poorly. Very very poorly.

Then for whatever reason (mental illness, need for attention) concocts an elaborate ruse to transform it into a Super Duper Services training mission to the savage Pakistani border region. Comes home, sits on it for a couple three weeks and times the announcement to coincide with Thanksgiving weekend to maximize on the potential for attention from his Face Book followers. Then he just sat there and watched the returns, evolving the fantasy as he went along to play into the sentiment of specific respondents for extended contact.

Simple as that. The email to Jimmy D. from the police officer manning Kalvin's computer back in Prague was the inevitable Kal Korff mistake that undid him this time. And sadly once again here we see Korff turning what might have actually been a pretty cool trip to an exotic locale into another ruse to sell his big picture con of being a "counterintel" specialist, who is of course familiar with Cyprus blah blah blah.

Just had to throw in the troops on Thanksgiving Day too, likely because he has found himself unwanted with nowhere to go. And knew all his 600 buddies would with their families/friends etc. So, he's gotta make shit up out of whatever material he can scrounge together to counter the perception of him being a loser and focus attention on him. Best bet? Announce you are going to spend the holidays in harm's way, with plenty of notice to give people a chance to wish you well. Bingo.

He may be fooling 8 to 12 people on Face Book but that's about it. Seems like an awful lot of trouble to go through just to sucker 12 people into clicking the Like button. Can't wait to see what he's got planned for Christmas! especially since he claims to be Jewish.

Speaking of which, did Kalvin ever mention Hannukah once? D'OH!

Anonymous said...

Kalvin never mentions anything about the process of being, of what makes one Jewish. He speaks nothing Jewish related, except for being Jewish. Nothing wrong with being Jewish of course.

He also never mentions anything about his failed marriage (yes, more on that later), and he never mentions his genius son either...

Wonder why?

Because he doesn't have a son.

More on that later.

Anonymous said...

Schmoozing With Terrorists (Autographed) (Hardcover)

Kal Korff:

This is a GREAT BOOK written by a highly respected author. This info CONFIRMS the documents I obtained in Germany from radical Muslims when I bribed their luggage handler at the place they were staying. Now watch, liberals, rock lickers and tree huggers will IGNORE this hard evidence, and so will Democrats.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see the "police" respond to a Face Book fight.

Kal Korff:

The NAMES of EVERY person JimmyD (Facebook user name Jimmy Dee), real name James Dalyrumple, has fraudulently "friended" on Facebook by illegally impersonating me, has now been turned over to the FBI, Czech police and Interpol to proceed with prosecution and legal action. He has also been reported to police here in India. Video on all this soon. Most of you will now be contacted by investigators as a witness.

Marty Pants:

Are you sure you are the "real" Kal Korff? JK! I just checked out you impostor. He's very articulate. ;} Good luck to you Kal!

Kal Korff:

Hitler was also very articulate. What matters is what the laws and police say, not how big one's vocabulary is.

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff:

Hi Jeff, just a "heads up," but you are friends with a Kal Korff IMPOSTOR by the name of JimmyD, (James Dalyrumple) or Facebook user name Jimmy Dee. Your name and everyone he was "friended" has been turned over to the FBI, Interpol and Czech police as a witness and victim. You might wish to block him, it is up to you. Here's his phony page, which the police now have. When investigators contact you, you'll know why now. Wishing you the best, look forward to appearing on your show soon.

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff:

Vlady Starr-Vesela

Dear Vladja, hope you are doing well. Sorry to bother you, but you have become "friends" with a Kal Korff IMPERSONATOR, a criminal who has been stalking me for years. Your name has now been turned over to police as a witness against this hater and extremist. You may wish to report him to Facebook and block him, it is up to you. Here's his PHONY "Kal Korff" page.

Anonymous said...

Rehash..... Pissed at Jimmy D. Obsessed with Jimmy D. Jimmy, such a hater! :^)

Kal Korff:

Former ParaCast co-host David Biedny, who threatened me with physical violence on at least two occasions, is being named as a co-conspirator in the criminal and legal actions now underway against JimmyD (James Dalyrumple). Congratulations to Mr. Biedny for getting caught engaging in hatred and extremism — again! Biedny says he is "upset" that I reported him to police. My response is STOP breaking the law, you won't b

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff:

Thanks, Leslie. As you know, darkness cannot survive with light cast upon it. One of the best things we can do it to OUT this hater and extremist, and be resolute in having him prosecuted, especially since his own emails prove he "thinks" he is above the law. He really crossed the line trying to pull his scam in India here, especially since his victim is a good friend with a High Police Commissioner here. We were at his daughter's wedding, and videotaped it, wait til you see the footage. Lawbreakers must be dealt with accordingly, I hope they throw the book at this extremist and hater.

I promise you it is NOT "personal," and I fear no human being, but only YHWH.

May God bless you, and thanks. Sorry to bother you with this, but I can't control the behavior of JimmyD.

Anonymous said...

Rick Rittel:

Thanks Ernest, but you have to admit I almost said the same thing. And, gee wizz, just trying to lighten things up for the holidays.I know my strange alien friend Kal has several identities he's not revealing, but you got to love the guy for all he does and knows. Still waiting form my nano dust, hope it's kind of like fairy dust.

Kal Korff:

Hi gentlemen, the LAWS are very clear. It is identity theft, period, and this is not the first time he has done this. There is also repeated cyberstalking, libel, slander, and defamation with malicious intent, which also makes them felonies... instead of strictly civil issues. There is also DCMA violations, which is an automatic felony. Every "friend" he has fraudulently solicited as "Kal Korff" will be turned over to the police to be listed as witnesses. We are now contacting all of them, we have their names. The FBI has been very helpful, since I am an American citizen. This hater and extremist lives in Prague, and Czech police have also been very helpful, the police already have more than 200 stalking letters from him, and of course his bragging about mocking the police essentially saying he is above the law.

I am meeting with the FBI shortly to file formal charges, I must sign the papers and formal complaint, and review the evidence gathered so far.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery when the person is sincere, and not a hater and extremist. This automatically eliminated JimmyD from consideration.

There's a big difference between nanodust and fairy dust. One is real, the other never existed. Many people have it ALREADY, Rick, if you watch the video I posted yesterday, these kids got it as well. Unless you think they are all LYING, there's further proof of the obvious — that I am telling the truth.

I have no idea when yours will arrive, but obviously it has been sent from India.

Best wishes to the both of you, if you have any questions, et me know.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Face Book is all aflutter about your personal issues with these people Korff.

Kal Korff:

It will be interesting, and the police will certainly find it interesting, who will be still supporting this guy. If logic and justice prevail, when his victims find out he lied to them and approached them under false pretenses with deliberate, criminal intent, this will help identify who really is moral, versus who likes to break the laws.

Right now the four people being nailed are Mikey Horn of the Billy Meier UFO Cult (I got confirmation from my web hoster 1st Amendment Web Hosting last night about his cyberattacks and involvement, it has not worked, Horn ran like a coward and started swearing when he was confronted); James Dalyrumple (aka JimmyD), his fellow hater and extremist Francis Underwood (aka F1 Racer) and of course David Biedny, who engaged in a conspiracy to libel, slander, and defame with malicious intent, when Biedny LIED to YouTube trying to get removed from my channel the video where I reported him to police. My comment to Biedny and position has not changed: if you are "upset" being reported to police, then STOP threatening people.

Biedny will get brought to justice first, he is the easiest person. Horn is next for everything from mail fraud to consumer fraud, for falsely claiming I am with Mossad, etc., then there is JimmyD and F1 Racer, his fellow hater. They are longterm targets for justice, and the police have their letters mocking the police, since they "think" they are above the laws.

They will soon find out reality is far different, I can't wait to sign the final papers with the FBI who is working with police elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Attempting to show people how "fair" and "balanced" he is....

Kal Korff via Odisea Linker:

Here's a video promoting the "Dr." Jonathan Reed hoax. "Dr." Jonathan Reed was exposed as a FRAUD years ago by Royce Myers III. Royce did an excellent job, sorry to disappoint you. Reed's "alien" was made of paper mache, his photos are obvious hoaxes. If oner's desire is to have the imaginary "field" of "UFOlogy" taken serious by either the media or mainstream science, it does not help this cause by promoting a PROVE

Anonymous said...

I love the Kal meltdowns!


still here, still kicking Kal's ass

Anonymous said...

A Korff lie that's simple enough to discount.

The lie:

Kalvin Kern Korff

I have also written over 10,000 articles, and started lecturing on UFOs since 1975.

The math works out to this; if Korff has been writing articles for 37 years (1973) that would make 270 articles written each and every year.

That's a bit over one article per day for 37 years. This would put him in league with these people:


I don't think so.

Anonymous said...

Face Book

There's quite a funny dust up going on, on Face Book. Korff is being "hated" on by a few people "friends" and he's being called out as a media whore, etc.

It's a long thread, to long to post here.

It's been sent to the admin for comment.


Anonymous said...

Send it to the blog admin!

Anonymous said...

I believe the FBI will be meeting with Kal, in order to explain to the deranged fuck why he is on a no-fly list and not allowed within 100 miles of the President.

Get a new line Kal you fucking liar. And stop using Facebook to spread hate and intolerance Kal.

Anonymous said...

Fellow Korffers, expect a bomb shell new thread shortly.

A Korff lie, so amazing that I can't believe it's actually going to go public.

We need to do some research on this, only because it's a Korff lie and you know Korff?

He's a slippery little turd.

So, much like the case with The Dayton Center for Peace (lie) and his new web site:


as fake as fake can be...

This amazing new lie must be vetted before we release it.

Face Book is tuning against our Kalvin.

Life is turning against Kalvin Kern Korff.

Yes, Korffers, the wave has broken.

Stand by friends.

You ain't seen nothing yet.

Anonymous said...

Seems like someone rattled Kal's cage a bit and got him hopping up and down, making wild threats again. Nothing new.
Kal has a very long list of adversaries still waiting for their papers to be served. So far, zilch!
I think most, if not all, of Kal's Facebook 'friends' are wising up to him real fast. Why? Because of all his spouting off about people that they've never heard of. He is still playing his fantasy games. FBI, Czech police, Interpol? It doesn't play Kal, so quit trying!


The Unknown Korffer said...

It's about freaking time! I've been wondering about those Face Book people and when they'd decide to stand up to Kalvin Korff. Especially now that he has revealed himself as a narcissistic bully with severe psychological issues. One can only hope that it's ...

1) one of the individuals from the India video reacting with astonishment at having learned they were part of a bizarre con game. That would be my dream come true.

2) someone who has caught on that Kalvin's game of casually accusing any detractor of anti Semitic hate crimes is offensive, hurtful, and an indication of unsound judgment.

3) someone who knows what nanotechnology really is and that Kalvin's claims of having mastered it are beyond absurd and cannot possibly have any basis in reality.

4) somebody calling Kalvin out on impersonating someone with a background in counter-terrorism, if not going for broke with the Stolen Valor charge, something he did violate when claiming Thanksgiving dinner "with the troops". That was a LIE.

The nanodust thing has always been Kalvin's albatross since the current state of nano technology is at a planning stage. Somebody has to realize there's no way he could have been able to pull off what the science/military industrial complex of the world's powers are only theorizing about for the future. And that he got the idea from Michael Crichton's "Prey".

In any event I am slavering with delight over the prospect of a look at the situation spiraling out of his ability to control via intimidation & hysteria. The second he posted anything about nanobytes or dinner with the troops he should have been simmering in his own bacon fat. Took them long enough! though then again that's not what people use Face Book for. They use it to stay in touch with their friends, and maybe the simple realization Kalvin is not one of them since he is not capable of having any. The only people who inhabit Kalvin's world are accomplices, alibis, target/victims, those who work to expose him for what he is, and innocent bystanders whom he has not yet gotten around to targeting.

Here, Face Book, wake up and have this nice steaming cup of coffee, smells great doesn't it.

Anonymous said...

Well, well, well. It does seem as though Korff’s "wave" has broken. The truth will be washing ashore very soon.

The method, the wiki leak release as it were, of the material we now have in our hands is being discussed as I type this.

Please be patient Korffers. This information is so incendiary, and so “inside” and so ground breaking, I’m sure you would agree that it must be handled correctly.

Why waste this opportunity on a rush to publish? A rash judgment to be popular among Korffers...

No, fellow Korffers, we must meter this material out, in a fully vetted manner. All the T’s and all the I’s must be crossed and dot jossed...

This is an exciting time for we Korffers.

Revel in this Korffers.

This is what you’ve been waiting for.

The lies, the lies, of Lord, the lies.

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff:

Quick update: some of you have been contacted now by police regarding James Dalyrumple, David Biedny and Francis Underwood. THANKS for cooperating with them. I PROMISE you they will act one way or another shortly, while these people CONtinue to think they are above the law, and delude themselves into "thinking" they are untouchable. May their arrogance and illegal acts be their downfall, YHWH willing.

Jeffery Pritchett:

My biggest surprise to learn with all of this is that I seem to have more of a life than these gents. It's Christmas. Doesn't everyone have something better to be doing? lol

Kal Korff:

I certainly do, and GOOD point, Jeff. I am cooperating with police, happy to know they are working on this, it has been YEARS in coming, but better late than never. I can only hope and pray that these extremists and haters refuse to take this all seriously. Anyone who would devote their energies "obsessing" over me is arguably INSANE, I simply am NOT that important nor worth the time. But haters and extremists and stalker criminals are not "normal" people — may they all "get" what they deserve, YHWH willing.

Jeffery Pritchett:

I don't know them Kal nor have I been contacted by them. I noticed one posted on my wall but noticed it was gone this morning I think. I have enough stuff going on and Christmas usually treats me like a bum's ball sac. So laying low this Christmas.. =) God Speed!

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff:

To answer one of your questions, I would NOT "worry" about the phony "Kal Korff" (real name James Dalyrumple) posting things in a fraudulent manner, like on Jeff Pritchett's wall. Police tell me each time he does it, it's one further offense to be prosecuted. Obviously, he "thinks" he is above the law, which is great. I'm leaving soon to go sign police complaint against him, we will have video from the FBI office.

Kal Korff:

THANKS to everyone who is rightfully condemning and reporting James Dalyrumple, Biedny and Underwood. My letter to Mossad reporting them, WENT TO THE MEDIA for LYING about me "being with Mossad" and a "secret agent," — a claim I NEVER made! The Foreign Police are also acting on the complaint, we WILL publish this, along with their letters mocking police/stalking me. Darkness cannot survive when light is cast upon it.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the FBI, Interpol, and Mossad will want to jump on someone impersonating another on FaceBook! They have nothing better to do that investigate and prosecute this. Why not get the CIA and MI6 involved in something as important as this. Geez Kal, you are just not that important. He thinks everybody has the same school yard mentality as he does. Oh, I had better stop bothering Kal or the police will come and get me. What an idiot!

Anonymous said...

Part 1:

Face Book smack down. Notice that Korff says it's thousands of articles but he doesn't respond to the math directly.

Robin Rix:

I say Yuri old chap, have you noticied something odd here ?

Qoute Korff: "I have also written over 10,000 articles, and started lecturing on UFOs since 1975."

Following a bit of math logic; if Korff has been writing articles for 37 years (1973), that would mean 270 articles each and every year. That's a bit over one article per day for 37 years. This would put him in league with the people on this web page. I don't think so.

I wonder if Korff has studied jet fighter gun camera film ? With his 'Cosmic' clearance he must have been able to view some ?
He probably did it with a beer with his big mate Obama ?

Kal Korff:

Gentlemen, sorry for your ignorance, but I wrote 4-8 articles a DAY which were published each day in syndication for YEARS. 365 x 6 (lets round it down) times x number of years equals thousands of articles. I had my first articles and BOOK ...published in high school, you can order it from Amazon.com.

Please stop denying reality, it only makes you look worse. No one "doubts" that I have written over 10,000 articles until now. It is a matter of public record.

Anonymous said...

Part 2

It is not my problem if you "reject": everything from NanoDust to the fact I exposed as a fraud, the Meier UFO CULT and the Roswell UFO crash myth, since I am the author of the bestselling Roswell expose of all time. If it had come up as "ET" I would have no problem with this, but it did not.

I was also the first person to publish Major Jesse Marcel's military file which proves he is a liar. I make no apologies for it.

Kal Korff:

I am NOT a media junkie, I am an officially accredited member of the press. Had you asked Hynek about me, (I'll publish some of Allen's letters he wrote to me when I was a teenager, I was the youngest journalist ever to interview him), he would have old you what he told me, "You are one of the few, brightest hopes for the future of UFOlogy." I was honored and humbled then, and still am. Hynek (who was CZECH) was a great man, and very bitter over how he was used and abused by the USAF and deceived by the CIA. Many "unknowns" in the old PBB files are really flights of the SR-71 Blackbird spy aircraft when IT WAS PAINTED SILVER. Don't you guys READ declassified documents, or do you stupidly "think" the Illuminati put them there? :-)

Anonymous said...

No one has been contacted by the Police Kal and you know it you fat Jew hating pedophile.


still free as a bird

Anonymous said...

Oh my... deeper and deeper he goes...

Part 1

Kal Korff:

I just sent a letter to President Obama. Here is the text of it. As usual I never mince words. People who say they do not "understand" me are NOT listening, or do not understand critical thinking or they don't know basic English. Either way, it is NOT my "problem." If you have any questions, just ask me. As a VERY wise Jew said 2,000 years ago, "Ask and Ye shall receive."

Anonymous said...

Part 2

Kal Korff:

Here's my unedited letter to President Barack Obama:

Dear Mr. President,

ARE you sane?

You CLAIM to "serve the American people," yet you CONtinually PASS LAWS MOST AMERICANS DO NOT WANT.

How do you "serve" us, Mr. President, up for breakfast?

I REMEMBER hearing you LIE in Prague, when I saw you in person, when you desperately tried to claim "credit" for having an "original" idea to "rid the world of nuclear weapons."

It was only AFTER I kept pestering your office through mutual acquaintances that you FINALLY admitted that your "original idea" stood on the top of previous giants, such as Presidents Eisenhower, Kennedy, and even Ronald Reagan.


Anonymous said...

Part 3

As I warned people about you years ago on my radio station, you are NOT about "change we can 'believe' in," — instead you have "delivered" nothing butt CHUMP "change" and we are sick and tired of it.

Obviously, you learned NOTHING from the last election — unless YHWH literally steps in and saves you via some "miracle," you will surely lose any bid for re-election because you are NOT "delivering" on your "promises" such as closing Gitmo, stopping torture, and of course passing REAL immigration reform. Then there is the economy, unemployment figures PROVE you are not capable of solving this problem.

For the record, I am NOT a Republican nor a Democrat. I am an AMERICAN. I believe in principles and morals and a government of WE THE PEOPLE, whereas YOU "believe" in a "government" of corporate interests, BIG MONEY, and lobbyists, such as those in the Pharmacy industry who wrote MOST of your "Obamacare" fraudulent legislation, which again (at least you are CONsistent) MOST AMERICANS STILL DO NOT WANT!

Anonymous said...

Part 4


I am beginning to think that MEshell would do a better job than you, sorry. But then again wearing $2,500 "second hand dresses," isn't exactly "moral" is it? Unless you are an Obama.

Your behavior and deliberate lies and broken "promises," since no one "forces" you to break them, remind me of your Nobel "Peace" Prize. You "earned" it for doing nothing, CONgratulations, I hope you feel "proud" of yourself.

Have you no shame?

Anonymous said...

Part 5

When you and your CONgress start passing bills MOST Americans want, instead of do NOT want, I will be FIRST in line to support you wholeheartedly. But until then, Mr. President, you remain a fraud, sorry. And in my short life, for the first time ever since Jimmy Carter, I am embarrassed to say you are my President.

Even your OWN PARTY is abandoning you. WHY? Because they are not being fooled anymore, sorry. They refused to back you on the "Dream" Act, because in REALITY it is not a "dream," but instead it is a nightmare.

How is the eCONomy going, Mr. President?

WHEN will you END earmarks as you "promised?"

WHEN will ANYONE ever be prosecuted for Wall Street fraud years ago, that you "bitched" about?

WHEN will you NAME THE "CHARITY" you PROMISED to give your $1.2 MILLION bucks you made tax free for "earning" a Nobel "Peace" Prize you admit you did nothing to do to deserve? I told people then, you will never give it to charity, unless forced to and only after this money earns interest for you.

Anonymous said...

Part 6

I have been right. I predicted on my radio show years ago that the pendulum would swing against you in only two years. Losing 68 odd seats on Congress to the REPUBLICANS, who refuse to also reform themselves just like the Democrats refuse to reform themselves, shows your true colors.

Love, one typical American who is in the majority concerning where I stand,

Colonel Kal Korff
Proud to be American and a Jew
Ashamed of my President, until he starts passing and championing laws MOST Americans want, instead of do NOT want.

Anonymous said...

Korff's "Obama Letter" is another lie.

Kal Korff sends a “letter” to Obama. Well, to be truthful, Kal Korff sends a Face Book Message to Obama, in response to this post on Obama’s Face Book page:

Barack Obama:

Despite today's disappointing Senate vote, my administration will not give up on the DREAM Act, or on fixing our broken immigration system.

After posting this “letter” “message”, Korff gets smacked down again. Read on.

Carla F. Ward:

‎@Kal Korff - this is an Obama site. Stop spewing your bile here when you can do it to the welcoming, ignorant denizens of such as Red State. Oh, BTW, you've sparked an incredible controversy here. Half the readers think you're batshit crazy and half think you're just stone cold stupid. Which is it?

Anonymous said...

The Face Book smack downs kontinue...

Robin Rix:

Why is Walter Mitty not on that list ?

Kal Korff:

I'm not familiar with Walter Mitty, never saw the movie, just like I don't watch James Bond movies because they are not relevant to me. Instead, I watch non-fiction movies, write non-fiction books and also enjoy science and documentaries.

Robin, WHY don't you quit while you are behind? :-)

So far your "hard evidence" are cheap shots and personal attacks, not FACTS. Are you a UFOlogist or a UFOOLogist, which is someone who makes CONclusions which are not derivable from the data.

Stop calling people names and engaging in personal attacks. It demeans you, not the people you intend to harm. It won't work on me, and I fear no human being — I only fear "God."

I'm a Jew, not a PC American, Democrat or Republican.

Shalom. I wish you only the best, Robin. Get a clue, please.

You lie Korff. On your own Face Book page you list the following movies you like:

Avatar ~ Termiator 1 and 2 ~ The Fokkers ~ Monty Python.

I wonder if Little Kalvin thinks these are real? Like a documentary?

Anonymous said...

that message to Obama probaly got flagged by the Secret Service