Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Kal Korff's "education"

Well lads our very own FN has been diging rather deep into the past of that wanker Kal Korff and he has found some interesting information. The best of it I cannot share at this moment but believe when I tell you chaps it is utterly ace stuff!!!!!! ahahhhaaahhaaa

So for now please enjoy this co-op ed piece written on the road by none other than FN himself!!

From FN:
Here's the TRUTH as best as we Korffers can ascertain, regarding Korff's high school and limited college experience.

Korff graduated in 1980 with his class. He had all his credits before graduation, gained through his journalism activities, etc. He wasn't an overly exceptional student; he wasn't the valedictorian or anything like that. When questioned, fellow students regarded him as “being there” with little more comment. 

Interestingly, a repeated episode from his high school years colored Korff’s personality and behavior to this very day; students used to make fun and pick on him for being “different”. After he gained a little celebrity in response to his first Meier pamphlet, these same students then treated him like local royalty.

Korff won a few awards for public speaking, one would assume Speech Class? No sports activity to speak of, a few clubs. No mention in the yearbook; “Most likely to…” that kind of thing.

Korff did gain a bit of a reputation before he graduated for having a college aged girlfriend, her name was Sarah. This shouldn’t really come as a surprise; Korff wasn’t a stupid lad, he read a lot and had a lot of varied interests, etc., and he wasn’t a bad looking kid as we’ve seen.

This teenage love affair would have to be the high point of his personal life; being looked up to for dating an “older women” while in high school. In light of what his personal life currently is, this past relationship must rank right up at the top for Korff.

As we know his personal life is a lonely affair; sequestered from family, no steady girlfriend, no wife (he was married for a few months and that union crash and burned fairly quickly), and no children (Korff has never had a child, he bragged and ultimately lied about a genius son, this isn’t true). In any event, the teenage love affair ended with Sarah cheating on him, or some such thing. Young love; a wicked ride.

Also, it should be noted that Korff lived in the family garage for a couple years while he attended high school. As freedom fulfilling as this “bohemian” lifestyle must have been for a teenager, I’m sure Korff would've of rather had his father at home; with his mother, brothers and sisters, and not away with his Filipina girlfriend, now his wife.

Korff did take German in High School. This is interesting because noted UFO researcher (now out of the game), Michael Hesemann, is on record stating that he tried talking to Korff in German at a UFO Conference and Korff had no clue what Michael Hesemann was talking about. Hesemann stated that he talked to Korff to prove to himself that Korff didn’t understand German as he said he did while visiting the Billy Meier Compound.

Michael Hesemann: “I addressed Kal Korff in German when I met him at a UFO Expo West in L.A., and he did not understand a single word. That was funny, since I speak "High German", with only a slight Rhinish accent, when the Swiss with their heavy Swiss German are even extremely difficult to understand for the average German.”

As for any college experience, we searched far and wide and all we can come up with, and this is corroborated by former students and friends, Korff attended a Fremont, California area junior college:

Ohlone College - http://www.ohlone.edu/

He attended for a very short time; no degree, certificate or completion of any kind was achieved or recognized.

To sum up; in this mini biography it's easy to recognize the few life events which affected Korff's personality and behavior so deeply that his troubled life can be traced back to nothing more than these life changing, although fairly common to many, events.

Love, sex, heartbreak, family, divorce, education, school games, a taste of celebrity; it’s all here. For some, life would have unfurled much differently.

For Kalvin Korff, his physiological response to these common life changing events derailed any chance he had to capitalize on his early opportunities and success.

And there you have it lads!  So Kal tries to flaunt about some phony IQ and using nanodust but he does not have a degree in so much as cooking!! ahahahahahahahahahaha  And let me leave you all with a wonderful photo of Kernal Kolon Krumbs from 1976 when he was just a wee brat in the 8th grade. My oh my he looks like a very angry young idiot ahahaaaaahhhaaa

And Jimmy D and F1Racer ARE STILL WAITING for Kal's imaginary police to show up! Kal claims to have pictures of their flats and that sure makes it sound like Kal is STALKING PEOPLE!! This comes as no surprise at all lads because Kal clearly needs someone or something to be his enemy. So much for world peace eh Kal?


Anonymous said...

Well done and proper post sir! Awaiting the next bomb shells.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they'll use... wait for it... Nanodust Le Korff!?! Ha. ha. ha!

Kal Korff:

Iran has plans to attack Israel, either directly or via one of their terrorist surrogates such as Hezbollah or HAMAS. This is a proven fact, which is why they're racing to complete a nuclear bomb (at least three of them actually) while 99% ...of the world does nothing and does NOT care, otherwise they would do something. It reminds me of Hitler. Not enough people "cared" until THEY were directly affected. Forget "morals" right?

Until the human race genuinely changes its behavior as a species, it has no future beyond this century. The writing is on the proverbial wall, but no one is reading it. Worse, some ARE reading it, but care more about who wins American Idol, than doing what is right.

Anonymous said...

Of course you did, because he wasn't... gay!

R.I.P. Steve Landesberg

Kal Korff:

I'm sad to hear this, I like him.

Anonymous said...

Iran plans on attacking Israel and this is somehow news to Kal? Bwahahahaha You are a fucking tool Kal!

The Unknown Korffer said...

I wonder if Jeff Pritchett and Guy Weddle know that Kalvin Korff is lying about his education on Face Book. Oh but we're the bad guys for pointing it out, right Jeff? So long as you get your listener ratings what do you care? Rob McConnell all over again, aiding and abetting a Stolen Valor fraud.

Anonymous said...

This blogs OWNS you Kal K. Korff you cowardly festering lump. LMFAO!

Anonymous said...

Since the subject is Kal's early days, here is more info regarding his family, just to fill in a few blanks:

Dorothy Juanita Joss
m. Kalvin Kern Korff July 1961Children: Kal, Kyra, Kurtis
div. July 1976
m. Val Roland Toone 5 Feb 1977.

Kalvin Kern Korff
m. Elvira B. Uy 19 Nov. 1977
dau Erica Uy Korff, b. 10 Oct 1981

And a certain Danny Joseph Korff, b. Oct 1961 in Irving, TX. (Ask Kal about his older 'brother').


Anonymous said...

Face Book

"A leader of Iran's Revolutionary Guard has threatened to murder American generals to retaliate for the apparent assassinations of two Iranian nuclear scientists.

To which Korff posts a 720 word Face Book, Merry Christmas, look at me, look at me, response!!!

He starts this response with...

" I am very much involved in trying to stop Iran from finishing the development of their nuke."

...yeah, right.

Billy Meier's Wedding Cake said...

" I am very much involved in trying to stop Iran from finishing the development of their nuke."

Yep, probably writing another letter, complete with bizarre bursts of Caps Lock, to Prez Obama.

Someone has to read all that crap just to make sure there is nothing in it that needs attention, before deleting. I bet that gets old fast.

Some Guy on the Innernets said...

Man, we sure did wear some stupid clothes back then. We didn't know any better, and thought we looked cool. Yikes! Oh well, they were just polyester clothes that you threw away when they were out of style, and not ink or piercings.

Anonymous said...

Kal K. Korff,

Know that this is only the beginning of the information we now have about you. This is nothing compared to what is coming down the pipe when you are FINALLY EXPOSED and the truth about you comes out.

I for one will be applauding the efforts of those who will not stand for your deceit, threats and the nasty way you, Kal, have tried to smear people and tried to ruin their lives out of your own pettiness and hatred because you could not keep your narcissistic self in check long enough o see how wrong it all was.

Your ego has written too many checks that your ass cannot cash. Time to pay up, Kal. enjoy being on the receiving end of being exposed. And just remember that if you had taken any of the several opportunities you had to right it all, none of this would be happening now.

Enjoy being a public figure, Kal.

Anonymous said...

Art Bell laughs at you, Kal Korff. So, Kal, where is your big radio show that you were supposed to have in Seattle? That's what you were telling your pals at CSICOP. Why not come clean and tell the world the real reason you left California, then Seattle, and finally the United States. Come on now, Kal. Come on.

Brit_in_Prague said...

A merry Christmas to you, your dirtbag brother, and your neo-nazi father, Karlton.

Anonymous said...

Bozo.... So these reposrts are so interested in you that they have an open file on you, and they know everything you do...

This is good to know.

Kal Korff:

A reporter got a copy of the Cease and Desist which was sent to James Dalyrumple (aka "JimmyD") and Francis Underwood, (aka "F1Racer"). One would think that with reporters being in the loop on this, with the media covering this eventually, they would take this seriously and NOT break the laws. But extremists and haters CANNOT be "reasoned" with, one must stop them.

Kal Korff:

My lawyers file their legal & police felony complaints against James Dalyrumple, aka "JimmyD," and Francis Underwood, aka "F1Racer," STARTING TOMORROW. As soon as I return to Prague shortly, the FBI from the USA will be DIRECTLY involved. It's a matter of time, before they're served with papers & other actions. They ignored the Cease & Desist they were sent. This isn't a bluff, once served, we WILL publish the docs.

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff

When I created this "character" of myself to engage haters, extremists and UFO/911/JFK/Illuminati CONspiracy nuts YEARS ago for the core thesis of my upcoming book on Islamofascists, haters and extremists — despite TELLING the bozos in advance & while doing it, they don't "believe" it! It's proven wildly $ucce$$ful. When the book comes out next year, they're busted, and I laugh all the way to the bank.

* Which character would this be Korff? The lonely, friendless, childless, relationship less loser. Living with 2 roommates (because you can’t afford the place on your own) in a shabby little apartment, living out your fantasy world?

I have PROOF that a lot of what you tell the world are lies, for no other reason than to fill your ego. Why? Because these were one on one conversations with “trusted” people.

Kal Korff:

Francis Underwear, er Underwood, aka "F1Racer" contacted police, who read his emails. He "threatened" to publish pics of me in the shower, which show me from the waist up. Gee, what a scandal! They're from my new show. Guess he missed my love scene shots. :-) He calls me fat. At least when they're out, people will see I LOST 50 pounds SIX YEARS ago. A woman did it, she's "upset" I refuse to be with her. What a joke.

* And why did this woman get pissed at you Korff? Does lying,making promises, berating a child and acting like a spoiled little, “Mommy, she doesn’t love me anymore” spoiled little immature asshole, ring any bells?

Anonymous said...

Yuri Velasquez:

We need more Marxisms !
"Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedies."
- Groucho Marx

Kal Korff:

More Groucho types are fine, it's his "cousin" Karl, you know, the anti-Semitic Jew hater, who is the problem.

Yuri Velasquez:

Harry Palmer: What do you want?

Colonel Korff: I want colonel's pay for life.

Harry Palmer: Don't we all.

Colonel Korff: A house in the country.

Harry Palmer: Oh, how many bedrooms?

...Colonel Korff: Bedrooms do not matter. But I must have a big garden. I am a peasant at heart, and I want to grow roses in my old age.

Harry Palmer: In England, roses are out - weeds are in. Is that all?

Colonel Korff: That is all. I want comfort and security.

Harry Palmer: You've got all that in Czech Rep now.

Colonel Korff: Aah, in Czech Rep there is no place for an old Jew. In my job I have made too many enemies.

Harry Palmer: How much did it cost you to by the fake Colonel ticket ?

Anonymous said...

That fat pedo doesn't even know where I live ROFL
And as usual, I have had NO contact from thr police or anyone.
Fat pedo Kkkal fails again!


Anonymous said...

Bile, coming up......

And, we make mention that Korff has no family, no friends, and then he posts this. Thx for stopping by Kalvin.

Czech Towns Enlist Cardboard Police in Mini-Skirts to Slow Traffic - Cities - GOOD

Kal Korff:

In the Czech Republic, anyone who has visited there will CONFIRM that Czech women are some of the most beautiful on the planet. I certainly agree with this, I have the honor of knowing many of them, and most of my Czech friends are women and also some very cool guys. Look how they're putting their God-given beauty to good use, you gotta smile and say, "Go Czechs!"

The Unknown Korffer said...

So he has a stack of Czech girlie mags stashed by his cot and is familiar enough with them to know the models by name, I guess.

I know that like all of the Korffing community I look forward to spending the holidays with my family & close friends, and wish everyone living in the real world the happiest of seasons.

Anonymous said...

I assume that no one believes a word of what Kal says. Anything he does say is all part of his fantasy world.
The poor guy had a traumatic childhood and it blew his mind. He just couldn't handle all the rejections then and thereafter.
Rejected by his father, put down by his school classmates, rejected by every woman he has ever been involved with, rejected by nearly all of his family, rejected by everyone he did, or tried to do, business with over the years. A very long list there!
He even took advantage of his own dear mother. The Cable & Simms rip-off, his criminal brother's stupid lawsuit, the phony DotJoss company, etc.
I hope he is successful in halting Iran's development of those 3 nuclear bombs. Goodness, if even one of them makes it to Israel, it could wipe out Tel Aviv, some of Palistine and even parts of Egypt! Heaven forbid!
Ain't gonna happen Kal. Do your research and quit preaching doomsday stuff. Would you like to know how many nuclear weapons are now pointed directly at Tehran and those nuclear facilities?
One offensive launch and Iran is dust!
Just thought you'd like to know something about reality.


Billy Meier's Wedding Cake said...

"A reporter got a copy of the Cease and Desist which was sent to James Dalyrumple (aka "JimmyD") and Francis Underwood, (aka "F1Racer"). One would think that with reporters being in the loop on this, with the media covering this eventually... blah blah blah."

Don't tell me! Lemme guess. One or maybe two reporters were sent another semi-literate letter full of rambling accusations AND weird bits of ALL CAPS just to make it look "distinctive" or something. Yeah, I'll bet they are all over that tip.

Kal, kan you elaborate on the FBI presence in Prague? I find the idea fascinating. Your little world is full of odd things, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Nobody in the credible and serious media would give Kal a nanoscrap of attention let alone give a fucking shit if Kal was doing anything with the police, which everyone knows Kal is not.

There are no lawsuits.

There are no police complaints.

The FBI is not involved in anything having to do with Kal other than having Kal on their list of complete fucking nutballs.

The police are not answering Kal's email.

Give it up Kal, because we all know you're full of bullshit. Nobody is scared of you Kal and you are viewed as a complete clown good for nothing but laughs and headshakes. Moron.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm sure Mr. ET will being crying all the way to the bank after reading your Vol 3.... Ha, ha, ha.

A whole volume for one movie? Must be a very important movie?

Kal Korff:

I am so VERY HAPPY that the Dems are stupid enough to do this. More "change" we can "believe" in. Spielberg is so naive concerning Politics, and such a liberal bozo (just see his fraudulent movie Munich, which I tear apart scene by scene in volume 3 of my new six book series on terrorism, no one else bothered to) that this can only make things worse for Pelosi. That's always a "good" thing.

Bugs Bunny said...

What a maroon!

Anonymous said...

Speaks for itself....

Angelia Joiner: I didn't even watch this because I knew it would ruin my mood. I have been to the doctor today because I am sick but I knew this would make me "sicker." Btw, is this the real Kal's site?

Kal Korff: Hi Angela, I am the real Kal Korff, I have no idea what extremist and hater James Dalyrumple is doing, he's the bozo that "thinks" he is above the law and illegally impersonates me, and will be held accountable "soon."

Douglas Sharafanowich: Hey Kal! I do impersonations... badly.
What does your speaking voice sound like? I need to practice. [LOL!]

Kal Korff: If you watch my videos on my page, you can hear it. I do not mind impersonations as long as they are LEGAL. ID theft and lying to people claiming you are someone else, because you wish to harm them and are an extremist and hater, is another thing entirely. They broke laws, they should be prosecuted.

Douglas Sharafanowich: I do really bad versions of Jimmy Cagney and Jimmy Stuart. [LOL!]

Anonymous said...

Hey Kal I know you do not have any kind of legal mind but you should look up something called satire. This sort of thing goes hand in hand with being a public figure and is something you should get used to. I notice you are always saying that your stuff is co-op ed piece protected by free speech and the like. Hate to break it to you bozo, but the same sort of protections apply to the people mimicking you. It is clearly meant as a joke and commentary on your idiotic life that you have made rather public by your own choosing. And your free speech protection does not extend outside of the United Stated you moron. And Kal's latest fascination with India can likely be attributed to his seeing the Patrick Swayze movie City of Joy. Kal will deny ever seeing the movie but he knows he has.

Anonymous said...

>>> his seeing the Patrick Swayze movie City of Joy. Kal will deny ever seeing the movie but he knows he has. <<<<





Jimmy D said...

I'm heading for the mountains shortly and will be back in Prague and at my computer on January 2nd. I'd like to wish everyone a merry christmas and a prosperous new year. Even you, Kalvin - in your squalid little slum of a one-room apartment, with nothing but your stolen laptop and an increasingly unsteady right hand for company.

How about making a few new year's resolutions on the 31st: I will haul down my joke of a webpage and Facebook account, I will stop abusing the kindness and naivety of good people, and I will STOP MY INCESSANT LIES.

Just a thought, dirtbag.

Still waiting for the Czech cops and the FBI to swoop (and by the way, I never did receive any "Cease and Desist" order from you - you liar).

Jimmy D

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Jimmy, F1Racer, Admin, and all the rest of you Korffers.

Jimmy, you did "recieve" that C & D Order, it came by way of other people making you aware of it...

Just like that Obama Face Book letter....

I'm talking off a few days from Korffing to be with family and friends.

I'll attack a few more bomb shell articles after the holiday.

Merry Christmas, Kalvin Karlton Korff.

May all your dreams come true.


Anonymous said...

Unlike fat pedo Kal, we all have family, friends, and loved ones to share this holiday season with.

I shall be back in full force after Christmas! Ho Ho Ho to you all!

still free, still not served.

Anonymous said...

Ha, ha, ha! You go Yuri!

Yuri posted that Rob McConnell - Korff outting from last April, with his own funny spin on it.

Face Book

At the 353rd plenum of the presidium, the name Kalvin Korff was raised by a number of members.
by Yuri Velasquez on Thursday, December 23, 2010 at 5:38am

Yuri Velasquez: I hope this note causes comments to enlighten me about the Kal Korff situation ?

Kal Korff: Who is Kalvin Korff, Einstein? :-)

Yuri Velasquez: I am reliably informed that he believes he is. What's all this Korff stuff about anyway? His claims are preposterous!

Anonymous said...

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha...

Thanks for another year of laughs Korff.

Anonymous said...

Ho, ho, ho, WTF...! are you talking about now, Korff?

Kal Korff:

A Merry Christmas to everyone, hope you all enjoy it. I'm leaving on travel, destination cold, icy Europe as soon as I return from Pakistan again, where we are filming, to broadcast it later and put it in my new six volume work on you know that I am turning over to my publisher early next year.

Anonymous said...

Face Book Posting

Pregnant Pink dresses her bump in festive red for Christmas shopping trip www.dailymail.co.uk

More sexual confusion by Korff. Of course you care is someone is Gay, Korff. Why else would you even comment? If you REALLY didn’t care, you would make any comment at all? As you say, live and let live. No, you can’t do that because you don’t agree with the Gay lifestyle. Those Gay’s scare you, don’t they, Kalvin?

And, lets all remember, that Korff LIED about having a son, genius or otherwise. Korff LIED, LIED, LIED about having a son. Hey Kalvin, buy anything for that fake son for Christmas?

Kal Korff: First she boasted about being a lesbian, but reality got her as reality tends to do with everyone. For those who are gay, you can thank your parents that they were not, otherwise you wouldn't be alive.

Kevin McGarry: Plenty of people have biological parents who are bisexual or homosexual. That has always been true.

Kal Korff: My point is that for someone who bragged she was a lesbian and was "proud" of it, she can't have it both ways. No one can. Just like the term "the third sex" is used to describe people who are gay. There is NO SUCH THING at the "third sex,"... there are only two. Why people just can't tell the truth, is beyond me. So in this case of "Pink" (which isn't even a real name anyways) she went from being straight, to being a "lesbian" and now she is either "straight" again or bi-sexual.

Personally, I could care less. I just laugh at people who claim to be "gay" but have to go back to being "real" with nature in order to have kids, because being "gay" is not normal biologically, MOST of nature does not work this way. Men and woman need each other biologically, or they lack the chromosomes necessary to create a complete human being.

This is my only point....

Kevin McGarry: Thanks, Kal. I agree, of course, with your point.
I don't know Pink (and suspect there are reasons for her "evolving" sexuality).
I know people with gay and lesbian parents. I know women who knowingly married (and had children by) gay and bisexual men. "Gay" genes are passed down via reproduction. I think we can also agree that we hope Mr and Mrs Pink will be the best parents they can be!

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