Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Kal Korff kontinues with THREATS!!!

Oh oh it looks like Kernal Kornballs has blown a tube out his arse!  Back to threats of police prosecution and lawsuits and lawyers and the usual load of bollocks. The wanking twit Kal is back to the usual waffle and we all know that NOT A SINGLE person has ever received any sort of notice and have not been visited by the police. I am sure the police in Prague are well aware of what a wanker Kal really is. KIAI poster Jimmy D got yet another THREAT from police impersonator Kal K. Korff. This is quite a wobbler here lads! ahahahahaahahhhhaaahhahaha And by the way lads this email from Kernal Kooky is poof that he is engaged in BLACKMAIL and THREATS for telling people they will comply with his demands or be exposed. Thanks for the evidence Kal and perhaps this should be forwarded to the police.
---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Kal Korff <kalkorff@yahoo.com>
Date: Mon, Dec 6, 2010 at 2:31 AM
Subject: From Col. Kal Korff — CEASE and DESIST, You're Being Sued, Prosecuted
To: Jimmy D <kalisaprick@gmail.com>
Cc: Art Levine <artslevine@yahoo.com>, david.biedny@gmail.com

Dear "Jimmy D,"

I have hired a lawyer to "deal" with you (more than one actually) and your "good buddy" aka "F1 Racer." You will receive a formal legal notice informing you of the charges and actions now underway against you, along with the police, in a few days.

Furthermore, I am returning to Prague, (your timing was bad) in 2-3 days to file formal criminal charges against you with the police. This is long overdue, and has been well underway, especially since before I left for my trip to Asia to deliver nanodust in Pakistan, and to India to help them fight against Islamofascists, engage in a "war games" exercise and training — you know, the stuff you delude yourself and LIE to people about, when you say that "none of this is true."

I am also sending a copy of this letter to International Investigative Journalist Arthur S. Levine, who is "most aware" of your various criminal activities, stalking, and libel, slander, and defamation, which you have made with deliberate and malicious intent, which are also crimes. He knows about your cyberstalking web site, he's going to be receiving quite a file on you for the expose series he is writing, the subject of which you'll have to "discuss" with him, since I "owe" you no explanation.

The charges against you, and the literally hundreds of emails you have written (unsolicited as you have criminally stalked and harassed me) and the false claims about me you have made are now going to be addressed and "settled" before the public, your peers and co-workers or any clients you might have.

Enough is enough.

When the police forwarded your email to me, I had to laugh at your desperate attempt to smear me regarding my brother. He was RELEASED ONE YEAR AGO.

Somehow I suspect you know this. And of course you "forget" that it was ME who wrote half the defense which was used in Court and read word for word, which got him OFF of the big, phony charge that he had tried to run down Deputy Geiger. 

Geiger has now admitted to five people that the shooting was bogus, just like he broke down and cried on the witness stand, because he couldn't tell the truth.

Furthermore, Forensic Expert Doug Knowles now uses and specifically cites my brother's case as a textbook example of how NOT to handle a crime scene and its evidence, since the police did fake data. These are all proven facts, and I have these conversations on video, just like I have my conversations recorded with police reporting David Biedny, another fellow hater who I am also now going to sue for FALSELY claiming that I committed "libel and slander" when I exposed publicly on video his threats of violence against me.

Biedny made these lying allegations on YOUR web site. Biedny will now be held accountable for EVERY LIE he has made about me, as well as his comments calling me "dirt bag" and other such names, which is unacceptable.

There was NO "libel and slander" regarding Biedny. You and everyone who saw the video knows this. But you and Biedny are too busy engaged in hatred, threatening me, trying to harm me, and now saying you will "kill" me or want to "kill" me, — to see the truth.

If Biedny doesn't want the physical threats of violence he udders against people made public, or his other comments calling people "dirt bag" or "scum" — Biedny shouldn't threaten people.

Any other position on this issue is bullshit, and you know it.

You are filled with hatred and you are an extremist. 

I will no longer "tolerate" your public cries and calls for me to be harmed, I will not "tolerate" your threats against me, nor your threats that your friend "F1 Racer" is now going to "kill me" to use YOUR own words.

Thankfully, the police forwarded me your email. Seznam has also been cooperative. Both them and Google gave me all of your emails before I left Prague and the lawyers now have them. It's nice to have friends at such companies. My contacts with Seznam.cz, who immediately recognized the criminal aspect of your behavior, date back to the LITE web site project. Look it up, they're only a few hundred meters from the newspaper I once worked for for two years — you remember the one, Jimmy, Metropolitni Expres, the paper you used to stalk me at, and tried to get me "fired" at — to no avail of course.

You will have 72 hours to comply with the legal notice you will receive shortly from an International Law firm. Their billing rate regarding you, which YOU are now liable for, (not me) is $250.00 USD per hour.

They include a price estimation in their letter to you, concerning how much they intend to sue you for, the letter they are drafting is airtight, since the evidence and case against you is a slam dunk — and I do not mean this in a George Tenet sense.

We will NOT lose — you and your hater, extremist "good buddy" Mr. "F1 Racer" already have lost. Furthermore, David Biedny is going to be exposed for what he did, and how he colluded with you, in what are now criminal acts, and engaged in conspiracy.

"Truth" is not on your side, "Jimmy D."

Google, Seznam, the Czechs and German you impersonated, Facebook, etc., have all been cooperative. Lawyers work this way, and these companies obey the laws when served with legal requests, especially when your own blog and emails, using their services to commit crimes which have international jurisdiction, are being committed by you.

As you can now see, I am NOT "bluffing," — I was NEVER "bluffing" where it concerned you nor your hate-filled, extremist, anti-Semitic, Jew-hating friends.

Instead, like a professional who is a Kidon Unit Commander, and a victim, I took my time, while YOU and your fellow haters continued to break the laws, mock police, threaten to murder me, publicly threaten to harm me, ad nauseum.

You will now be contacted by others.

The FACT that you REFUSE to "believe" that I AM a Colonel in a PRIVATE Israeli-founded entity, whose Hebrew name you do not even know, but if you did know it, it PROVES that I am certainly NOT "James Bond" and never claimed to be, YOU are the one lying and saying I am some sort of "agent," — which now has you in legal trouble and police trouble among many other charges, especially your threats, the case against you we intend to pursue PROVES that you are arguably insane, and have engaged in criminal activity.

You may take comfort in knowing that you are mentioned extensively in my upcoming 2,400 page book series on haters, extremists and Islamofascists, which I am turning over to Prometheus Books for publication. I hold you up as an example of how not to be, and what is very wrong in this world. Following the advice of the owner of Expats.cz, I stayed largely silent about your web site and attacks, until "the case" could be built and is irrefutable. Notice I never really replied to any of your roughly 200 UNSOLICITED, hate-filled, often more than once a day harassment, criminal stalking emails.

Instead, EVERY ONE OF THEM went to the police and other officials, I never read nor saw most of them, just auto-forwarded them, the script our Apple system uses is also entered into evidence, along with the reasons WHY this was necessary.

It's because you broke the laws.

The police also received the emails where you mock them. You can ask them for their "opinions," since you'll be speaking to them soon.

Investigative Journalist Art Levine knows all about the Secret Wars project...and now he knows all about you, and what's going to happen to you now, and so will the rest of the world.

If you do not propose an amicable settlement in your reply to this email in 72 hours, I shall PUBLISH it, and the next letter you will receive from "me" won't be from me, but instead the International Lawyers I have now hired, who along with the police, will come after you.

David Biedny has 72 hours to also propose a settlement and an apology, or also face the rightful, legal, and financial consequences for his illegal behavior. There was NO "libel and slander" when I told the world about what Biedny did, and recorded my reporting him to police. Since Biedny posted much hate-filled material on YOUR web site, with your collusion and "full blessings," — the case against Biedny, yourself and aka "F1 Racer," who was first reported to police a long time ago — is airtight.

You won't win, and none of you can "afford" to defend your behavior, either professionally, morally (which is all that ultimately matters) nor especially financially.

ONLY sincerely,

Colonel Kal Korff
Israeli-founded Special Secret Services
Commander, Kidon Unit Aleph, SAPSTOE

So how did such a seemingly nice young man become such an deluded arse? Yes this is indeed a picture of Kernal Kolon from long ago in 1980 when he graduated from high school. Much much much much more to come about Kal when the truth about Kal K. Korff is EXPOSED!!  A cresting tide?? More like a tsunami!


Anonymous said...

Interested people, and new Korffers, can go to other threads of this blog and find very similar, if not exactly the same threats, from years ago.

Why would you have an e-mail robot, automatically send e-mails (you haven't even read) to the police? I doubt the police would take the time to ferret out your personal e-mails? Seems they have better things to do?

Maybe I’m wrong, maybe I’m on some list.

All I know is this threat was empty before; RMIII, F1 Racer, Jimmy D., Kimball, Randal, and all the rest; nobodies ever received anything more from Korff than a Kalvin Korff written e-mail or an e-mail written by Kalvin Korff while impersonating someone else.


Anonymous said...

More Korff thievery? Korff’s signs off this latest (and other) e-mails with this moniker:

Colonel Kal KorffIsraeli-founded Special Secret Services
Commander, Kidon Unit Aleph, SAPSTOE

Please read over the whole web page and search around a bit, you’ll find many similar names and names seemingly made up from these real names. And you’ll find movies Korff has mentioned, directors, etc.

Focus on the term “Aleph”.

From: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Wrath_of_God

Operation Wrath of God (Hebrew: מבצע זעם האל‎, Mivtza Za'am Ha'el), also called Operation Bayonet, was a covert operation directed by Israel and the Mossad to assassinate individuals alleged to have been directly or indirectly involved in the 1972 Munich massacre.

The operation was depicted in the television film Sword of Gideon (1986), and Steven Spielberg's Munich (2005).

It is also known that Mossad agent Michael Harari led the creation and direction of the teams, although some may not have always been under government responsibility. Author Simon Reeve explains that the Mossad team consisted of:

...fifteen people divided into five squads:

"Aleph," two trained killers;

"Bet", two guards who would shadow the Alephs;

"Het", two agents who would establish cover for the rest of the team by renting hotel rooms, apartments, cars, and so on;

"Ayin", comprising between six and eight agents who formed the backbone of the operation, shadowing targets and establishing an escape route for the Aleph and Bet squads;

and "Qoph", two agents specializing in communications.

This is similar to former Mossad katsa Victor Ostrovsky's description of the Mossad's own assassination teams, the Kidon. In fact, Ostrovsky says in his book that it was Kidon units that performed the assassinations.

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff:

The FBI has received my first (not last) complaints for criminal violations of laws against "JimmyD" and certain bozos who run the blog which exists only to try to harm me, advocates violence, and of course is cited widely by UFO CONspiracy nuts, other extremists. I'll publish this as soon as I get the case number and am sure his civil "rights" won't be violated. Leaving for Prague soon to do this and other actions.

Anonymous said...

>>> "JimmyD" and certain bozos who run the blog <<<

I'm konfused?

There's only one admin on this blog. I would assume that this person "runs" the blog (notice Korff calls the site a blog now and not a web site, responding to this blog again).

There are dozens of "users" of this blog. Users are not people who run the blog, anymore than the users of Face Book are the ones who "run" that site.

In any case, Kalvin, if this blog is pulled, the work of Korffers will kontinue until you stop lying, making things up and foisting your fantasy life onto the world.

Have a nice day, asshole.

The Unknown Korffer said...

Does Kalvin mean Arthur S. Levine, the dress designer, or Arthur A. Levine, the noted children's book author?

... EVERY ONE OF THEM went to the police and other officials, I never read nor saw most of them, just auto-forwarded them

If he never read them, how did he know they were threats?

One thing is coming through in this letter, which is Kalvin's desperation. He is desperate to be believed by everybody and cannot fathom why his lies are falling flat with his detractors. He is angry, resentful, and personally offended that anybody dare question his claims of greatness and glory. He's totally deluded. I can picture him walking around in a circle in that shabby little apartment frothing at the lips with hysteria as he talked this letter out loud to himself.

His "rank signature" closer is the gem of it all. I too had researched some of Kalvin's favorite keywords and they all seem to relate to movies about terrorism that Kalvin apparently became obsessed with. He sees Mossad assassins as operating beyond the law in a manner that cannot be defended against & is impressed. He'd like to see himself as such a person of action and has created this entire SAPSTOE fantasy to accommodate that need. Then he sits there watching MUNICH or RAID ON ENTEBBE over and over and over again, imagining himself as one of the heroic Israeli soldiers. Problem is that he's a dumpy American loser with zero education who devoted his life to debunking UFOs instead of pursuing a career in law enforcement or the military. And at 48 years old it's too late now, he knows it, and this fantasy is all he has left.

My response would be "Sit on it, Kalvin." Let the fucker go completely insane, I feel sorry for those who will have to come in contact with his madness. The best thing to do is avoid any contact with Kalvin K. Korff. But this letter is proof that he's too far gone, too stupid, and too demented to be reasoned with. Big mistake emailing that off, Kalvin! Someone get it to Jeff Pritchett as an example of what he's getting himself into.

The Unknown Korffer said...

The FBI has received my first (not last) complaints for criminal violations of laws against "JimmyD" and certain bozos who run the blog which exists only to try to harm me, advocates violence, and of course is cited widely by UFO CONspiracy nuts, other extremists, blah blah blah blah blah, I'm an idiot, etc etc ...

Now WHY would anyone on Face Books want to know about this conflict? People aren't on Face Book to share personal conflicts, they are on there to share each others lives & have FUN. That's not fun, it's a paranoid outburst from someone barely able to control their rage. Error!

Another reason why it was a mistake, KALVIN, is that the first thing I would do after seeing that is to search for this said blog and see for myself what it had to say so I could make up my own mind rather than being spoon-fed selected information. And after doing so I'd find myself here.

Nice work, SAPSTOE! Hope you go down hard.

Anonymous said...

Where's the video Kalvin? Promises broken. The children, the poor children.

December 6 at 8:27am

Kal Korff:

We'll be uploading in the next couple of hours the first video which shows our wonderful meeting with kids in India, you see us dance and have fun and they LOOOVE their NanoDust. So much for my "kritics."

Kal Korff is full of bullshit said...

I see Kal Korff is again trying to expolit world peace and children all for his own sake. Kal Korff is a whacko of epic proportions. Kal is completely off his fucking nut.

The threats from Kal are just more of the same shit he try foisting against others with the same result: nothing ever happened! Kal has been making these sort of threats for over a decade now!

Art Bell: Kal claimed to have documents exposing Art Bell and that he would ship the documents to Art. That little charade fell apart when Art's lawyers got a hold of Kal and MADE KAL APOLOGIZE ON NATIONAL RADIO FOR LYING!

Michael Horn: Kal said he would have Michael arrested and sued. I lost count of how many times Kal has opened his fat mouth and spouted this sort of shit off with NOTHING ever happening.

Ufo Watchdog: Kal claimed he was suing RJMIII and that he would get "nailed". Once again NOTHING HAPPENED!!

Kevin Randle: Kal was supposed to have reported Kevin to the Pentagon and the FBI. NOTHING HAPPENED!

Ray Santilli: Kal said he was going to have Ray prosecuted for consumer fraud. NADA!

Paul Kimball: After Paul called Kal out on the lie that Kal was an expert witness in the O.J. Simpson civil lawsuit Kal went off the deep end threatening Paul. And AGAIN NOTHING HAPPENED!

David Biedny: I'm sure David is still waiting around for the police Kal kept promising would visit him. Hopefully David doesn't hold his breath because NOTHING IS GOING TO HAPPEN AGAIN!!

F1 Racer: Kal promised a police visit, prosecution and surveillance for F1. F1 is STILL WAITING!

Jimmy D: Same thing with Jimmy. Kal promised police and Jimmy has just finished his new play 'Oh Kal Where Art Thou and thee Police?'

There are more who have been targeted by the rantings and ravings of loony and laughable Kal K. Korff and NOTHING HAS HAPPENED and NOTHING EVER WILL!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure that picture of Kal from high school made him spin right out of his camo underoos! LOL!

Anonymous said...

I'll take #7.

H. (-and also sometimes Anon.)

Anonymous said...

So Kal how does it feel to be a public figure? You wanted to bring attention to yourself but what you didn't count on Kal was everyone seeing right through you.

Anonymous said...

Let the public accountability continue....

Hello Korffers,

I can release a little bit of information from a new contact I’ve found. If you read and watch Korff closely, you’ll find many women named “Tina”. CZ-based Martina, a Tina who supposedly went to the Meier Compound with Korff, a Tina who Korff has known for a very long time, and more.

Might all of these “Tina’s” be based on one person, perhaps a true love from the past?

I tried to talk to a Tina whom Korff has known since before High School, but she wouldn’t open up very much except to say that she is very hurt over an email Korff sent to her daughter.

Evidently, even though Korff called her daughter an islamofascist and hater, Tina still has feelings for Korff?

Tina’s daughter is not a hater, and she doesn’t like what those people (islamofascists) do but she also told him that she just didn't care about what Kal was doing, or whether Kal was as famous as he says he is.

Evidently, Kalvin took this as a huge slight against his manhood and the good works he's doing to save the peoples of the world, including Tina’s daughters, so he unleashed a torrent of bad words and bad will against this 16 years old girl.

I’ll post more if and when Tina shares more with me.

Anonymous said...

My professional military contact is now looking over Korff material. This professional has the contacts to confirm this material as fake or real or something in between.

I’m hopeful I’ll be able to release something of substance.

Also, this professional is making inquiries within the intelligence and military communities regarding Korff in a general sense and in a very specific sense.

I can’t go into details, nor do I really have a handle on what he’s doing. He’s the professional. I’m not.

I’m just asking for assistance in confirming, denying, and just sorting out the truth from the lies of, Kalvin K. Korff.

Anonymous said...

Make it happen Korff, please!

Praise YHWH!!!!

Follow through with anything which would pass for legal, TRUE legal involvement.

For once in your life, stop taking 16 year old girls to task, and UFO people to task, and follow through with ONE threat!


Praise YHWH!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, lordy lord, praise YHWH on high..

Triple K, it's sad I know, but how does it feel to know that one day soon you will die.

You will die alone and unloved with the sobering realization that your empty charade of a sad life has all been for naught.

All you will have left is a suspect at best hope in four letters missing vowels..

It may already be too late, but please, go home to DotJoss & give up your freak-show-psycho-hate-lies-regret & jealousy-filled-excuse-for-an-existence up right now.

How about 2011 back in the Old Country, hm? Turn over a new leaf, hm?

Praise YHWH.


The Unknown Korffer said...

You can let your military contact know that Kalvin K. Korff was also introduced to a private veteran's group last year who specialize in exposing Stolen Valor frauds. The specific complaint was in regards to Kalvin's use of US Military rank insignia to promote his SAPSTOE identity in the form of YouTube videos and picture uploads Korff made himself. He deleted a lot of it but image searches will return cached results bearing out this accusation.

The group was unable to devote any of their time or resources towards pursuing Korff as the epidemic of Stolen Valor cases involving claims of US Military status is overwhelming. They do not have the resources to pursue the case of someone living overseas who was not even claiming US Military status -- Something I have never accused Korff of. Only appropriating US rank insignia to festoon his costume and using that position of unearned authority to manipulate others. And use that assumed voice of authority to tarnish the reputations of genuine decorated veterans like Lt.Col. Kevin Randle and Don Ecker.

This whole past holiday weekend war games extravaganza with claims of "dinner with the Troops" on Thanksgiving day, topped off by pictures of a freaking PAINTBALL game are just further proof that Kalvin has zero capacity for understanding the extent to which he is exploiting the soldiers of all nations fighting the war on terror. And then using that fantasy replete with these false images to manipulate his Face Book followers to reward him with attention & respect is just outrageous. If that isn't Stolen Valor I don't know what is, though I do concede that Stolen Valor is a term specific to the US legal system. Is all this why he moved to Prague? Or did he concoct the alternate reality after getting there & tasting the opportunity?

In either event he needs to be stopped and I hope this military expert thing is on the level and can be productive in at least getting Kalvin off Face Book -- which is unfortunately renowned as a place for military frauds to prosper with their fantasies. Keep us advised!

Anonymous said...

Still no police barging into my flat!


Anonymous said...

Unknown, I made him aware of this situation. Better yet, I just copied and pasted the whole thing you just posted and I sent it along for good measure.

Thank you very much.

How's it feel asshole. Where's that fucking video!!!!!

Anonymous said...

A little exchange between Kal and Jim Delitosso - way back in Dec., 1998. Nothing new for Kal...
..........................................Quote -

KKK: That decision is up to you...your actions will determine this.


No, Jim, NO THREATS of ANY KIND. I do not imply any towards you, nor do I mean any towards you. I think you have just, plain, misinterpreted things, which is not the first time.

I still don't get what you are getting at, so please do not contact me again.

If you do, or if I receive another email from you again, then I will consider such an email harrassment (spamming) and shall forward it to the proper authorities.

This is not a threat, Jim, just informing you of the facts.

Kal Korff


Sound familiar??


Anonymous said...

Kalvin, 12 years on and you're still... well, whatever it is your trying to accomplish, you haven't.

Anonymous said...

Kal has not changed in over 20 years. Same sort of rubbish and threat making and trying to intimidate people whenever Kal gets caught. Grow the fuck up Kal. I cannot believe Kal is approaching 50 years old and acts like he's a scorn teenager who isn't allowed by daddy to drive the family car. Get over it Kal. Just imagine what kind of like you could have led Kal instead of sulking your whole life away.

Anonymous said...

My Current Take On Kalvin K. Korff.


Part 1

From the best that I can ascertain, Korff led a pretty normal life up until high school. He had a steady family unit, he did a few things to set him apart (though not ahead) of some of the other talented kids at school. And then, after his Father left the family, his demeanor changed, he became a bit sullen and withdrawn. This is a very common occurrence for a young person who experiences a break in the family.

He graduated an above average student though not on the honor roll and he went on to a local junior college only to leave early, attaining no degree or certificate; a pretty common life by and large, nothing special from the outside, although Kalvin saw special from his perspective. This perspective was initially fed by admires of his own age and from adults impressed with his UFO research and his intelligence. This drive for continued fame to feed his self-perspective is paramount to Korff’s very existence.

Anonymous said...

My Current Take On Kalvin K. Korff.


Part 2

Korff went on to write a few books (an estimable accomplishment in and of itself) and then somewhere around ’98 to ’99 something occurred to Kalvin which changed his life forever. I have an educated (and informed) idea as to what happened to our Kalvin to make him pack up and leave his country to move to CZ and live with roommates in shabby little apartments, making pay phone calls to the X-Zone Show, and weaving together a “mostly” fantasy life, but I’ll leave that for more confirmation to secure it’s public reveal at a later date.

Regarding Korff’s behavior; Korff has shown a tendency to take people on; debates, etc. However, the type of behavior he has been displaying since ’98 is markedly different from any time before that date, and it’s only turned more extreme as the following 12 years have worn on.

Anonymous said...

My Current Take On Kalvin K. Korff.


Part 3

Isolating himself from his country, his family, and from what ever comforts he may have afforded himself while in the states, has only worsened his egomaniacal and paranoid tendencies. Not having any foundation to fall back on; family, friends, lovers, etc., Korff has had to fabricate a “mostly” fantasy life to not only try and impress and persuade men and woman into his new life aboard (in the hopes of garnering some kind of friendship and sex) but this fantasy life also feeds his underdeveloped maturity; a maturity which pretty much came to a stop after his Father left him and the family. Coupled with the ’98 “crushing episode” which compelled him to flee the US and you have a truly miserable and confused middle aged teenager.

Anonymous said...

My Current Take On Kalvin K. Korff.


Part 4

Korff is a fascinating subject to watch and monitor. He’s not a stupid person, no one with less than average intelligence could continue to weave together such an alarming array of lies, half truths, half lies, etc., and continue on, seemingly “less” affected than your average person. This one aspect of Korff’s personality makes him so fascinating.

No matter what. It seems Korff will never sway from his objective. Pinning down just what that objective is (above and beyond feeding his own ego), and what truth there may be behind that objective, that’s the puzzle only he may have the final piece to complete.

Anonymous said...

FN, it doesn't take much intelligence to weave a fantasy life if that's all you have - that and mental illness possibly. If Kal were smart, he'd be more inventive with his lies instead of making them so patently absurd. the guy is a moron and giving him any credit for any sort of intelligence is a joke. whatever info you have you should just out him now.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Kal is coming unglued after seeing that picture of him here. LMFAO!

Anonymous said...

For the record, that picture is of Kalvin Kern Korff, Jr.

Commonly known as Kal Korff.

You have been 'exposed' JUNIOR!

Source: Wikipedia

Brad Hudson said...

The Tina bit was disturbing. My wife's name is Tina.

More empty Korff threats and self distracting grandstanding by the CZR's favorite prodigal son.

More nonsense that will never come to fruition much like everything else promised by KKK. And why is he back on Biedny again? David needs no.help from me taking Korff to the mat, but I would damn sure get my licks in

Brad Hudson
Dallas, TX

Anonymous said...

Same old, same old.

Kal Korff:

UFO WatchCat will be turning my "kritics" into a lucrative revenue $tream. We will start CHARGING MONEY to answer their false claims, lies and smears, then take the profits and use them to further world peace and other causes haters and extremists hate. :-)

Anyone STUPID enough to "believe" them DESERVES to pay for data proving the obvious. THANKS "Jimmy D," you're first up and will be even more infamous.

Anonymous said...

Pay Pal, laughs at you Korff.

Kal Korff:

We have just selected the bank our new NGO will use for us to conduct our business with and give away FREE iPads to promote literacy, computing skills, and most importantly to spread peace.

While my "kritics" LIE and are in denial and say that this isn't true, we are executing and laughing at them. They deserve it, and much more.

Anonymous said...

Free iPads? Was there a burglary recently in Prague of a Mac warehouse?

Anonymous said...

UFO WatchCat To Turn Kal Korff's "Kritics" Into Lucrative Revenue $tream
News - Latest
Written by Public Relations
Wednesday, 08 December 2010 14:03

UFO WatchCat, which was created to protect consumers from the claims of Royce Myers III and other extremists, has announced tht they will be recording a series of videos which expose and "take out" such infamous Internet cyberstalkers such as "Jimmy D," his partner in crime (literally) who goes by the screen name of "F1 Racer" and other haters such as former ParaCast co-host David Biedny. In addition, the lies and false claims of Billy Meier UFO CULT spokesman and promoter, Michael Horn, will also be featured.

The new videos will answer the most wild lies, and hate-filled comments made by these extremists, each video will be available for sale to the general public and will be available for easy, one-click download.

ALL PROFITS from the sale of these new, no-holds-barred Xpose videos, will be donated publicly to charities who further global peace, tolerance and cultural interaction and understanding.

"This is a win-win for doing what is right," said Kal Korff. "Because these people will always attack me and based on their behavior they have YEARS of spreading lies, hatred and deceit, we will be able to raise lots of money and as long as they continue to spread hatred and intolerance, we will be able to laugh all the way to the bank per se and use money from the sale of these Xposes to further a great cause. It's like forcing evil to pay to further what is good. I'm loving it."


The Unknown Korffer said...

So he's back to interviewing himself again. Has Jeff Pritchett been made aware of that yet? Preparing press releases on himself that further his silly fantasy life. Why does anyone take him seriously?

Anonymous said...

Kal, we all know you're so full of shit your eyes were blue once. We also know there is no video for sale and this is just like all of the other times you said you were going to sell videos books and whatever else to "expose" people and none of those other times never happened.

Why should this time be different? Is isn't you sad little freak. I know you are so completely broke right now that if you did make any money from something it'd go right into your pocket.

This little yak-yak fest you go on about selling something to expose the people exposing you is your usual go-to in these cases. Maybe it makes you feel less loathsome or you expect people to actually believe it? In any case everyone knows it is not true and just like the long list of promises you have made this one will go unfulfilled too.

And this whole charity organization bit is likely your way of hoping to ensare someone with deep pockets that you can manipulate. Your "charity" is a farce just like you.

Are you still loving it Kal? You know it and everyone else knows you are a wretched little speck of nothingness. Your self perceived "notoriety" is at best infamy and shame.

Disgusted said...

Kal, you don't deserve all this attention. It is not the result of any special talent, intelligence, creativity or anything really but your malicious, childish behavior. Rabid skunks tend to get more than their share of attention, too.

It is amusing to picture the people of Prague who have to deal with you, sitting around coffee shops swapping stories of your latest idiot wannabe "exploits." They are no dummies, and I'm sure a few are playing you for all you are worth. I doubt anyone there would let you get your hands on anything more potent than a paintball gun.

slgkjhsdglkjdghspotic said...

Hey Jeff Pritchett:

When MR. Korff appears on your show (or rather if he isn't too busy on SAPSTOE ops in Pakistan come the agreed upon airdate), ask him how disagreeing with him or calling him out on outrageous, absurd claims amounts to anti Semitic hate crimes. Ask him how he determined that those he has made this hurtful charge against hate Jews. Ask him if he has bothered to make sure that everybody he has leveled this claim against aren't Jewish themselves. Ask him when his own conversion to Judaism took place and for supporting proof that he actually went through a formal ceremony.

Because if Kal K. Korff just decided one day sitting around the crib that the best way to slander his detractors was to accuse them of anti-semitism and decided "I'm Jewish now" it's total bull shit. And it makes all this hate crime baloney is nothing more than wankage from a delusional psycho who is playing you like a wind instrument. Then ask him where that video upload of the sexy Indian gold medalist sniper babe is, which he promised 2 weeks ago now. Been looking forward to checking her out!

KRandle said...

For the record, and for Kal if he has never heard of the doctrine of clean hands (which means you are not guilty of that which you accuse others) I will note from an email from him on March 8, 2007, he wrote:

Please don't do anything stupid. EVERYONE "featured" in it [his silly expose Secret Wars], either ends up dead, or nailed in court, Kevin.

While that sounds like a threat to me, he then wrote, "This is not a threat" Kevin, just a fact.

I know we're all worried about Kal's financial positionl. He wrote to me on March 17, 2007, "I, myself, make 1.2 million a year...'

He didn't say if it was USD or Euros.

And he said on March 8, 2007, back when he was pretending to be a captain, "I won't eve accept a promotion."

Well, enough of this. I just wanted to let everyone know that Kal has been threatening people for a long time... and spinning his lies.


Anonymous said...

Thx Kevin,

Many times, Kalvin ask's "do you still have the e-mails, or letters, to prove it?"

I know for a fact that EVERYBODY saves EVERYTHING Korff related, FOREVER.

Korff's bloated internet footprint makes it easy to confirm his lies based on his own words.

The current Korff situation brings to mind the term, "off the deep end".

Kalvin, you can't hide from the wave of truth.

The wave of truth is curling.

The wave of truth is cresting.


Anonymous said...

Hey Kalvin, Gina has no idea who Jimmy D. is? Why would she? The world doesn't revolve around your life Korff. get over yourself.

Gina Turpin:

Imagine all the people living life in peace. You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope someday you'll join us, and the world will be as one. - John Lennon (Today is the 30th Anniversary of his death - RIP

Kal Korff:

Hi, thanks for this, but be careful. Hater and extremist "Jimmy D" might mock you for caring and honoring such a great human being. May Lennon's memory and great works shine forever.

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff:

People are asking me HOW I'm able to get around do all of this diverse stuff here in India, Pakistan, etc. The short answer is that I'm Kal Korff, I'm doing what I said I would ALWAYS do (it's not my problem certain haters/extremists don't "believe" it); I am being VERY well taken care of. I'm the guest of a Royal Family here in India, video tomorrow.

Kal Korff:

I have enjoyed everything I have tasted here. At the event we just returned from, there were HUNDREDS of dishes, we filmed many of them. The event was a wedding of a Police High Commissioner here, his daughter. It was an amazing event, video to come out soon. I've always loved India and the Indian people. India is NOT a nation which is "rising," — contrary to the snobbish attitude of the west (this is not a reference to anyone here), instead — India HAS arisen.

Kal Korff:

Agreed, Ramos. In India there is ONLY opportunity. Next year their population passes China's, and because they're not Totalitarian Commies, they are the world's largest democracy and of course being thousands of years old, we can and MUST learn from them. Hoping you are well and enjoying life. Shalom.

Mean Mr. Mustard said...

Hi, thanks for this, but be careful. Hater and extremist "Jimmy D" might mock you for caring and honoring such a great human being. May Lennon's memory and great works shine forever.

John would call you a loser and tell you to fuck off for even involving him in your pathetic fucking fantasy. Let alone desecrating the day the whole world mourns our loss of him by tagging it with your fuckwad loser pinhead lies. Go FUCK YOURSELF super hard, Korff.

You aren't a Beatles fan, you are a pathetic fucking parasite creating garbage and consuming resources that others deserve. I hope they fucking lock you up eventually and throw the key right down the drain.

sjhjhfayqutaru=khic;ltoc said...

Sorry about the profanity melt-down there, something I'd promised myself I wouldn't do here anymore. It alienates potential readers to see extensive f-bombs, though in the case of Kolonel Kolon it is hopefully understandable.

It's exasperating to see someone so truly vile, corrupted and soiled by himself as Kal K. Korff using John Lennon as a platform to perpetuate his idiotic, retarded feud. Once I thought about it I realized I was wrong -- John wouldn't tell him anything, he'd just look away sadly and ask somebody to get the creepy little person out of his face.

Yes John championed peace, but above all John Lennon championed the truth & honesty. Kal knows John would have been disgusted by him. Nothing more needs to be said on the matter.

Anonymous said...

... other than "How Can You Sleep?"

Anonymous said...

What's a matter Korff? Scared of what you might see?

Check this out Korffers,

Wanting to check website stats, I thought I might see how Kalvin's site ranks against this site and the ufowatchdog site:


Guess what? Kalvin has hidden his stats.

Imagine that! Kalvin doesn't want his fans to see JUST HOW BAD his template site sucks ass.

Way to go Kalvin. Full transparency.

David Biedny said...

Wow, I can't say I've even thought about this pathetic loser for, hell, forever... what a sad little shit, he's really caught up in some sort of weird delusional state. He can jump off a cliff, for all I care, yeah, I'll offer those scary police officers tea and cookies when they come to take my deposition. Oy Vey.

David Biedny said...

Oh, and that email address that shithead claims to have sent me email, the david.biedny gee mail? Never been my email address, so much for Klorrky's ability to actually communicate with another human being...

Anonymous said...

Kal got your e-mail address wrong?! I'm sure he will be blaming it on the special secret service's Israeli server - that or Martina or some other imaginary sidekick will get the blame. I'm sure if Kal had David's real e-mail address, Kal would be too fucking scared to send anything.

Anonymous said...

Islamofacists and UFO nuts are the same? YOU ARE A STUPID FUCK KAL! When was the last time your heard of a UFO researcher strapping on a bomb and killing people? Are you really THAT DESPERATE to get back at people that you will label them terrorists and falsely accuse them of being anti-Semite?? GO SLEEP ON THE TRAIN TRACKS KAL ALTHOUGH i'M SURE YOU ALREADY ARE.

David Biedny said...

What a good night's sleep can do for the head... let's be clear here, Korff is obviously a mentally-ill, delusional,lonely loser and a compulsive liar, nothing more and a whole lot less. He's paranoid, and needs some serious mental help and professional supervision, but ultimately he's a sad little nobody, screaming into the wind, all alone in his sick little fantasy. At this point, the best thing to do is just ignore him, IMO. Seriously, I haven't given this idiot a thought all year, this is the first time I've come to this site in ages, and now that I see that nothing has changed, I'll probably just forget about Korff again, which I highly recommend as the most rational way of dealing with this irrational turd.

David Biedny said...

Oh, and I forgot something - Korff is also a bona-fide stalker, which I get to explain to people when they google my name and see his youtube video about me (I suspect this is also why that video has as many hits as it does - unlike KKrazy, I have actual friends, associates, fans and other folks interested in my work. People laugh when I tell them about who this loser is and why he insists on stalking me, which is why he ended up listed on a website describing online stalkers. His mother must be so very proud, jeez..

Anonymous said...

Korffers, Korff is going off. It's all coming apart Kalvin.

The wave Kalvin, THE WAVE!!!!!

Kal Korff:

Deep down you KNOW you want to be religious....don't worry about it. Loving God is all sweeping, encompassing, it reduces the "toughest" man to mush. After all if loving the Lord can't get one emotional, one has no emotions.

Kal Korff:

You can blame the misuses of religion. Everyone who doesn't want to be part of a Muslim state should be set free. Under Islam, there is supposed to be no forced compulsion. You can't tell this to a Taliban Islamofascist, however, reasoning and logic are concepts they refuse to endorse, because they are haters and extremists — like certain UFO/JFK/911 CONspiracy types and the woo woo crowd, reality does NOT matter, their minds area already made up.

Anonymous said...


Kal Korff:

There are always people with "alter egos" on the web. Personally, I don't understand such MENTALities, but to each their own, as long as no one is trying to harm another person.

Brit_in_Prague said...

"Under Islam, there is supposed to be no forced compulsion."
---as opposed to what, o great sage - "voluntary compulsion." This is the kind of tautology your crappy Metropolitni express was full of.

You are vermin, Korff.

Anonymous said...

You look rather handsome in that photo. And kind of wistful too - almost as if you know the life of failure and ridicule that awaits you.

Anonymous said...

Colonel Kal Korff
Israeli-founded Special Secret Services
Commander, Kidon Unit Aleph, SAPSTOE

Hahaha. Hahahaha hahaha, hahahaha. Hehehe noo really, snort. Mhmhm heheh hahah HAHAH! Oh boy.

Kal, you missed your true calling as a stand-up comedian. Hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Korff, read your own post over closely. Much of what you say here is, you. Korffer's don't forget Kalvin. "honeytrap" ~ "further world peace" ~ "What a freak show..."

The mask is removed Korff.

The wave is creating.

Michael Horn laughs at you.

Kal Korff:

Let me "understand" this...one of the women who is a "rape victim" was a CIA Op (translation: honeytrap, Assange isn't very bright, obviously) and now she STOPS cooperating and DROPS out after being unmasked, and now she moves to Palestine to "further world peace"? What a freak show...

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff:

Here's the link again for the sneak preview of my new reality-based show based on my upcoming book series, six volumes, 2,400 pages I am turning into the publisher, Prometheus Books, called Secret Wars for short, it covers the whole history of Islamofascism and its alliance with Hitler to the present times. It spares no one, and shows how future ops to take out HAMAS and others will be executed.

Kal Korff:

The breakthrough using my NanoDust is in there as well, and of course it HAS ALREADY BEEN DEPLOYED in Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc., and all I can say is that they can't fight what they can't see. It's first successful test was against the corrupt officers under Sheriff Gil Gilbertson in Grants Pass, Oregon. Now over here and used in Iran. More in the book as an exclusive.

Anonymous said...

The TRUTH about nanodust.


Anonymous said...

The truth about Gil Gilbertson:

Kal's brother is a convicted FELON.

Kal's brother was convicted of attempting to feloniously assault a police officer.

Kal's brother went to prison and is on parole.

Kal screwed up his brother's lawsuit so badly that the lawyer for the case quit and the case was thrown out of court after Kal wrote rambling court papers that a mildly retarded fern could have written better.

Kal does not have nanodust and the simple proof showing this is that Kal LOST in all aspects of his brother's criminal and civil case.

Kal K. Korff got beaten by a bunch of backwoods cops in a tiny Oregon town.

What success is Kal referring to? Maybe the successful placing of his head up his own ass.

Anonymous said...

Part One

Kal Korff:

This is a STILL from a video. It is REAL, not propaganda. Here is a link which proves it, it is from my own reality-based TV show which nails many of the modern Islamofascists since I am personally involved in this effort to defeat them, while my "kritics" live in denial and lie, and are more CONcerned with who wins American Idol. This is not a reference to you. Yes they are dead, but their work and successors LIVE on. Each year Neo-Nazi groups march and practice their bullpuckey in Switzerland in the woods. Ahmed Huber (who helped finance bin Laden and HAMAS) used to attend them, he is another European who became an Islamofascist.

Sorry to disappoint you, but when you claim there IS NO OTHER RECORD, you could not be more wrong. FACTS are FACTS, ANYONE can verify them. Just LOOK through the telescope.

After you view this video which contains footage and verifiable facts, we can continue to talk, first issue I think you would agree with, is one must first admit that atoms DO indeed exist, before one can then talk about physics.

Anonymous said...


One must admit he is crazy before seeking help. Advice you might want to consider you lunatic.

Anonymous said...

Kal: what is it with you about neo-Nazis?
Have you checked your ancestry? I won't go into details here, but many of your distant ancestors were Nazis during the 1930s and 1940s. M. Korff, Col. SS, Gestapo. Heinrich Korff, confidante of Der Fueher himself.
Korffs were quite prominent in Germany before Hitler decided that Jews were no longer needed for his purposes.