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So just what is itlads with Kernal Kolon? Is he sexually repressed? Is he just a prude? I ask only because Kal seems to have an utter problem with gay people. Kal posted on facebook "Kal Korff: My point is that for someone who bragged she was a lesbian and was "proud" of it, she can't have it both ways. No one can. Just like the term "the third sex" is used to describe people who are gay. There is NO SUCH THING at the "third sex,"... there are only two. Why people just can't tell the truth, is beyond me. So in this case of "Pink" (which isn't even a real name anyways) she went from being straight, to being a "lesbian" and now she is either "straight" again or bi-sexual.

Personally, I could care less. I just laugh at people who claim to be "gay" but have to go back to being "real" with nature in order to have kids, because being "gay" is not normal biologically, MOST of nature does not work this way. Men and woman need each other biologically, or they lack the chromosomes necessary to create a complete human being.

This is my only point...."

All of this because the music star Pink said she once was a lesbian. Who cares if someone is a bit or over the top camp? I really think Kal K. Korff is a gay hater. So much for Kal being all about world peace there chaps. Looks like Kal has taken a page out of Hitler's book and decided that 'world peace' will only be under his terms and it apparently doesn't include gays. Does Kal not know that there exists in nature homosexual animals and self reproducing animals? 

For Kal claiming such an ace level iq and such he sure isn;t all that bright.

Well lads I hope you all have a grand holiday!!!!!!!!!!!


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Kal displays typical homophobic behaviour. I always knew he was a racist and a Anti-Semite. Now we can add "gay basher" to his list of hate crimes.

still not served.

Anonymous said...

More promises from the liar.... 34 Billy Meier books, where?

Kal Korff: I have decided I will be LAUNCHING the new Xposes and products long promised on Jeffery Pritchett's show, which I will be doing in February at his kind invitation. I look forward to this, and getting these to market. Seasons Greetings everyone.

Anonymous said...

Never forget.... And, why would this be a disappointment Kalvin?

Please explain,

December 18, 2010

Kal Korff:

I like Judas Priest, always have. Was disappointed to learn that their lead singer was gay, but to each his own.

Anonymous said...

Kal, you fat pedo bastard. if you were a REAL fan of Judas Priest, like I always have been, you would have known that Rob Halford's sexuality was pretty much an open secret. But since you cant even refer to Rob BY NAME it just PROVES you were NEVER a fan.


Anonymous said...

Nice of Aunt Gina to check in with Kalvin. Take notice Kalvin; your wonderful Aunt Gina mentions her son.

Notice Kalvin, you DO NOT. Because you have no SON.

You lied about that.

Also, I know why you're so happy, or at least the lie you will tell the world "why" your so happy.

No time to publish that article right now. Christmas, family, friends... you know Kalvin, too much to do to bother with proving another Lorff lie.

Gina Turpin: Hope you are having a very happy holiday season. I am having an awesome Christmas with my grandbabies and my wonderful son!!!! Just the best ever. I love you Kal! Love Aunt Gina

Kal Korff: Thanks, I am...glad you are doing great, I could not be happier right now....truthfully. Soon you and everyone will understand why :-) Love ya, Kal xoxoxxo

Anonymous said...

Korff, trying to get Yuri to play the Kal - Kalvin name game. It's called "baiting the witness" Kalvin.

And, Kalvin is trying to give his FB friends pause for thought regarding the Rob McConnell "outing" paper Yuri used and posted on FB. I'm sure Kalvin is less than happy that the Rob McConnell peper was posted on his only "anti Korff" free web space he "had" left.

Yuri Velasquez: Kal, If you look at Alex Jones web sites.
The possible answers and reasons are there. Look for the Obama Deception.

Kal Korff: Obama lies because he is a member of the democratic party. It is a REQUIREMENT when you are up at his rarified attitude. Same with top dog Republicans. Neither party can be reformed, they do not want real change, but the change from Big Money and lobbyists. Merry Xmas.

Kal Korff: By the way, WHO is Kalvin? You never answered the question, Yuri.

Kalvin Karlton Korff; you've gotten what you wanted. Your "famous" and famous people must take the heat.

Here's to another 365 days of Korffing.

Anonymous said...

Christmas Day Face Book

Kal Korff: Now leaving for Pakistan, I'll try to upload some photos from there tomorrow. Then in a few days, I'm heading to cold, wintery Prague. Merry Christmas everyone, be in touch later.

Do we ever know what to believe?




Anonymous said...

The sex trade in India is huge, so I am not surprised Kal has an attraction to the place. Same with the high rate of porno being produced in Prague.

Anonymous said...

You are lying scum, Korff.

Stop_LYING_Korff!!! said...

All you have to do is stop lying, Korff.

Just stop lying - everything else will fall into place if you just do that.

Anonymous said...

Nothing can be believed.

Kal Korff: Hi everyone, my brothers Imran and Khurram. I was only in the border region, we did not venture far. I had to complete some tests, and was well protected. The soldiers were very professional and courteous, we also posed for photos, etc., and the fine details of course are in my upcoming series.

Now I am leaving for Prague in two or three days, weather permitting, so that I can be there after New Years to work with officials to get some stuff done. I have no idea how long I will be in Prague, but my visit back to Prague is not a social call. :-)

The next time do stuff Pakistan related, I'll try to contact both of you and of course visit where I can. As usual, too many things to do, and not enough time. I'll let you know for sure.

THANKS everyone for all of your support, the trip could not have gone better and was beyond successful as people will see in the new series.

Anonymous said...

Seems like poor old Kal has totally flipped his lid. Do any of his Facebook 'friends' actually believe anything he posts there? If so, they sure don't know much about him and his fantasies and lies.
To him, everything is going to happen later, which of course never does happen. 'Coming soon, developing, stay tuned', etc. Videos, books, lawsuits, police actions. Ain't gonna happen and never will.
But, as my grandfather told me many years ago about one of his hired hands, "he may be known as the 'village idiot', but he can be amusing at times"

The Unknown Korffer said...

Everything is always an amazing spectacular success with plenty of time to make video and pictures, which are always going to be posted later. Kalvin never encounters any problems, just smooth sailing and incredible progress with the enthusiastic involvement of unseen/unnamed others. Kalvin Korff is the most successful SAPSTOE in the history of privately funded counter-intelligence services.

Bartender Billy said...

Free beer tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff: Back from my adventure up north in Pakistan/Indian border area, everything went fine, I was well protected and taken care of, it could not have gone better. I am leaving for wintery Prague in 2-3 days, this way I will already be there right after New Year's to begin what I promised, I'll be coming in through Germany, which is how I had originally left.

Anonymous said...

Here is a way Korff can verify his wild-assed claims on FB. If this turd really did just go to Pakistan and all these other adventures then his passport must be chalk full of entry and exit stamps. Photo copy the stamped pages Asshole .. put the jpeg on FB and that would show the world that you are not the delusional shit-bird we all know you to be. Game on Kalvin?

David Biedny said...

The folks from MacWorld Expo got in touch with me, apparently they got some long, rambling email from them that he wanted to attend the expo in January with some imaginary film crew, to cover the show, but he's concerned about his safety, as he knows I'll be there, lecturing (as I've done there before). He tried to claim that I'm not a member of the tech press - hey, Krazy Korff, I've been writing for Mac-related media since the very beginning, and am a well-known and respected Mac and tech journalist and author. Kolonel Krazy didn't think the MacWorld folks would contact me and ask about who he was and what kind of mental illness he suffers from, what a fucking tool - and a lowlife who has been stalking me for YEARS now, fucking cowardly lowlife creep.

And Korff, don't you think that there are more than a few folks who would be most interested in finding you at the Expo? This dumb fuck, at this point, if I see him at the show, I will be happy to give him a special demo of my fist. Hey, Korff, report THAT to the police, you inbred moron.

Anonymous said...

>>> he wanted to attend the expo in January <<<

Interesting? I've been told, by Korff himself, that he'll be visting the US, ONLY, after his "books" are publsihed.

Clearly, his "books" can not be published by January.

Another lie.

David Biedny said...

Korff is a delusional stalker, as well as a pathological liar. The guy needs some institutional help, he's fucking nuts, and the fact that I'm spending actual time of my life writing this right now is just sad. Seriously, without the attention of this blog, he's nothing, nobody. We're feeding a beast by devoting any effort to this, but now he's trying to actively slander me with people who hire me - like the MacWorld Expo folks (but KrazyK didn't even think that the management of MacWorld Expo were both professional associates AND personal friends of mine, shows how much of a fantasy world he inhabits), so ultimately, all anyone has to do is look this fruitcake up on the web to know he's totally FOS.

dsasjlfdgjlagastotico said...

Classic proxy recruitment tactic -- MR. Korff found out that db was planning to attend and decided to try and get him barred on a spurious, idiotic accusation. Or at least just mess with the karma of the moment & cause traumatic distress, typical narcissistic psychopath reaction to sensing an opportunity to harass a target.

The only way he could have learned about it is if he was actively stalking David, monitoring his activities and noticed a message about planning to attend.

I would enjoy seeing the message he sent to the Expo people, whom I guess he will be stalking now as well after they presumably laughed in his face. There are four people in Kal K. Korff's life: His targets, his alibis, innocent bystanders not yet targeted, and those working to expose him.

Anonymous said...

Kal trying to get back at people through employers or other means is old hat for that tub of shit. Once Kal figures out that you have him figured out for the lunatic he is, Kal's only response from there is vindictive and baseless slander and libel against you. Kal will stop at nothing to get revenge for any perceived slight against him. And we have all seen him fail and fail and fail at every turn trying to get even with people. None of his fake complaints ever come around. On the rare occasion Kal actually tries to file a complaint, the complaint gets laughed out for the fucking joke it is. Kal is a low life sorry fuck.

Gene Steinberg said...

I feel bad for David Biedny, being on the receiving end of that wacko's mania.

I hope Korff finally gets what he deserves.

Gene Steinberg