Saturday, December 18, 2010

Kal Korff IS NOT an accredited journalist!!

So I am rather curious lads as to where one can acquire accreditation as a journalist??? Kal K. Korff claims to be such an accredited journalist yet he works for no established and reputable media corporation or other news outlet. YOU CANNOT BE AN ACCREDITED JOURNALIST!!! There is NO SUCH THING!! You can be a journalist with media credentials and I do suspect lads that wanker Kal is passing off his old metro newspaper identification card and running around yelling "I'M A CREDENTIALED JOURNALIST!!! SEE!!!!!" ahahahahahahahhhaaahahhahaha But lads we all know this is utter bollocks because Kal IS NOT EMPLOYED AS A LEGITIMATE JOURNALIST!!

Right then I guess I will take Kal to task again and challenge him to show proof of his self alleged accreditation as a journalist. Come now Kernal Kolon and do what you challenge everyone else to do and show some evidnece and I am not talking about some media roster from years ago I am talking about NOW. ahahahahhhaaa


Anonymous said...

Kal Korff: Gay Basher - Hater...?

Kal Korff:

I like Judas Priest, always have. Was disappointed to learn that their lead singer was gay, but to each his own.

Anonymous said...

It isn't news that Kal isn't a gay hater. Kal's "world peace" does not include gays or Muslims. Kal K. Korff is a hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

Poor dumb and desperate Kal is about to get smacked hard! Keep your eyes open folks 'cause you don't want to miss this one!

Anonymous said...

Kal K. Korff = FAIL

Anonymous said...

More UFO stuff. Face Book is just killing Korff. He’s spending a huge amount of his Asia time on Face Book.

Korff's biggest issues, and he's so wrong, and he's even said as much in a previous post, without realizing it is this:

"There is NO "difference" between a UFO/911/JFK/Illuminati CONspiracy nut and an Islamofascist."

So wrong but so right for Korff, who made his name in the UFO field while trying to make a new name in the filed of terrorism.

Part 1

Kal Korff
‎"UFOlogy" is the scientific study of UFO REPORTS. "UFOOLogy" is making CONclusions which are NOT derivable from data. UFOOLogists call people names, like "coward," or "Little Man" or claim that "debunkers" have closed minds. The word debunk really means to remove the bunk from something, to separate fact from fiction. UFO CONspiracy nuts should welcome this, instead they engage in personal attacks, hatred, extremism.

Philip Ledford Kinda like Libs Kal ?

Kal Korff
Yes, Philip, BINGO! :-)

There is NO "difference" between a UFO/911/JFK/Illuminati CONspiracy nut who wants to harm you just because you do not believe that Uncle Sam has aliens stuffed away in pickle jars somewhere, versus a Islamofascist who also wants to harm you just because you refuse to believe in their twisted doctrine.

What UNITES these people is what they share in common: the uncritical will to believe driving their will to deceive, advocating violence and intolerance, hatred and extremism.

Anonymous said...

Plug that book Korff.

Part 2

In my new six book series due out it seems next year which I am finishing after 7.5 years of working on it, since it is 2,400 pages, I cite REAL examples from especially these past years of UFOOLogists and other extremists and their threats of violence (like from David Biedny of ParaCast for example) and people like Guy Weddle, etc.

I will be "debating" Mr. Weddle on his own show, soon, in February, and I WILL ask him WHY he refuses to be civil and focus on the data, instead of calling people names and calling them "cowards" (when they are certainly not!) and why he blatantly lies.

FUCK YOU BARTU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have no idea what his excuses will be, since there are no valid ones, and I remind everyone that the "excuse" is worse than the crime. It is time someone stood up and stop these haters and extremists, or at least as a minimum expose them and lay them bare before the global public so that the public can decide the issues for themselves.

Anonymous said...

>>> I plan to SUE several of them for consumer fraud <<<

Ha, ha, ha,!!!!!!!!

Part 3

After I settle down next summer waiting for the book series to come to market, I plan to SUE several of them for consumer fraud, etc, since they do engage in it, selling bogus products, etc.

Recently, I shut down one New Ager fraud who was selling to trusting consumers, "Psychic Spoon Bending Kits" for nearly 100 bucks a pop. I reported this person to law enforcement and started consumer fraud action against this person.

Not surprisingly, they no longer sell these fraudulent items.

Such actions MUST be done, because uncritical belief or belief in nonsense and lack of critical thinking is dangerous to society.

Anonymous said...

Part 4

Here in Asia for example, I have met many people who fly flags on their house to "ward off evil spirits." It's bullpuckey. I ask them seriously if they "think" a colored piece of MANmade cloth, blowing in the wind due to simple atmospheric physics can possible scare of "Satan" or whatever other "evil" they claim to believe in. I ask them sincerely HOW they can PROVE this, and WHERE is the SCIENCE behind it?

I'm pleased to report that some have removed their flags, and have thrown them away. This has happened because someone bothered to speak up and draw a line in the sand, per se.

When the imaginary "field" of UFOlogy and the grossly mislabeled "paranormal" start policing its ranks and exposing or prosecuting FRAUDS, it will earn the respect and admiration of science and the media. Until they "grow up" and stop engaging in hatred and extremism, they deserve prosecution and exposure to protect the innocent consumers they make a point to prey on.

Anonymous said...

Wow so the wise and learned "white man" tells these Asian "savages" that their TRADITIONAL and CULTURAL customs are a buncha baloney and then belittles them into taking them down, to satisfy his out of control ego and racism.

I hate Korff even more now.


Anonymous said...

To Sum It Up

Korff on UFO’s and Superstition

Korff goes on to talk about Asian superstitions, and how many Asian’s have stopped hanging a piece of cloth in their window because Korff called them out on it as a silly thing to do.

So, what superstitions do the Jewish people routinely follow?

Here’s a list:

Spitting Three Times
Chewing on Thread
Pulling or Tugging One's Ears When
Sneezing on the Truth
Closing Books That Have Been Left
Placing Salt in Pockets and Corners of the Room
Wearing a Metal Pin on Clothes
When Embarking on a Trip
Knocking on Wood

You got a lot of work to do Korff.

Now that you’re going to rid the world of consumer fraud hidden from the world as religious superstition.

Anonymous said...

someone created a FB group named "Kal Korff is a con artist and fraud"


Anonymous said...

Ha, the Fake Korff, posing as the Fake Korff commenting about something the real Korff said.

Deeper and deeper.

Pamela Sugg:

Kal, I saw this on Face Book, would you like to comment?

Kal Korff said: I have also written over 10,000 articles, and started lecturing on UFOs since 1975.

That's a lot of acticles Kal! Impressive!!! The math works out to this; if you wrote articles for 37 years (1973) that would make 270 articles written each and every year. That's a ...bit over one article per day for 37 years.


Kal Korff:

I never made that claim. That is the claim of the fake Kal Korff.

Anonymous said...

part 2

The nanodust claims, while ridiculous, takes a little time to get people to go on the record to prove him wrong. People who are asked to comment on anything Korff, do a little Korffing of their own (if we must use his name) and then they clam up, not wanting to go on the record responding to the claims of a known cyber stalker, nut, and vindictive crazy, unhinged personality with anti social behavior.

This is what makes all of this so much fun. If this was a run-of-the-mill braggart, it wouldn’t be a challenge.

Anonymous said...

Part 1.1

We have no idea how long this Korff Group will stay up on Face Book. If it’s pulled down, we’ll make up another one. We won’t stop trying to right this wrong.

Lastly, regarding the latest Korff bomb shell(s); we’re still working on it. Korff’s a crafty little shit, he never really gives you much specific information to research to prove his claims wrong, or for that matter, right or real. And, many of his claims have a little bit of truth in there as well. Korff not a dolt, and ignoramus, or a complete dummy, this is what makes him so dangerous.

Anonymous said...

part 1.0


There’s seems to be a Kal Korff Group on Face Book now. The group is called:

Kal Korff is a con artist and fraud

There’s already a little bit of material up there. Most of it posted here already. We’ll post more as it becomes available. Also, Jeffery Pritchett, the guy who is supposed to have Korff on his show in February has been asked some questions regarding Korff, what he thinks of this blog, and Korff, etc. We’ll post his thoughts soon.

sxdsadkgjdghataitockshty said...

Good luck with the Flakebook group. And no surprise to hear that MR. Korff isn't an accredited anything.

I like Judas Priest, always have. Was disappointed to learn that their lead singer was gay, but to each his own.

BUSTED. I thought Kalvin K. Korff had posed as a QUEEN fan to take a cheap shot at Paul Kimball. Hey MR. KORFF: Freddy was gay. Hate to break it to you. Guess you can scratch them off your list now too. And you might as well lose The Beatles too, since your claimed hero John Lennon is widely recognized as having had his own fling with manager Brian Epstein.

Oops! Or didn't you know that, Colonel SAPSTOE? Thick skulled cracker loser from the sticks, trying to be a player. It's all a fraud.

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff:

Just finished filming some great martial arts training sequences, where we compare Karate with Israeli Krav Maga. Kids gathered around, we gave them demos, it was REALLY neat. Since one cannot pull NanoDust out of one's butt, nor Krav Maga, my lying, in denial "kritics" continue to get xposed for being haters and extremists by this dynamic. I'm loving it, video soon. Shalom!

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff:

Here is a cyberstalker who now faces DOZENS of years in prison for behaving much like James Dalyrumple (aka "JimmyD") does, as well as his colleague "F1 Racer," (aka Francis Underwood). Cyberstalking is against the law, and police ARE clamping down. Shortly, the official police complaints for criminal activity by both these guys, WILL be published.

Anonymous said...

The article Korff is speaking about. One HUGE difference here is that this guy did what he did for MONEY, for PROFIT. And, he did much more than to poke fun at a fake S3 agent, making wild, unsubstantiated claims.

Meet Vitaly Borker.

The Brooklyn man was arrested by federal investigators last week on a variety of felony charges related to his operation of a web site selling eyeglasses. Borker, 34, hid his face during a perp walk, so here’s the first photo of the online outlaw.

The businessman attracted national attention after bragging to The New York Times that he deliberately abused and bullied customers of in order to get a higher Google search result ranking

Anonymous said...

Face Book Smackdown

Paul Stanner:

‎@ Kal. Do me a favor do NOT bother speaking with me. I do NOT like The Humor Challenged and you're too long winded and sanctimonious anyway. Just as a little side note I'd not be one bit surprised if neither you or Cornpone had the courtesy to check out my site IN DEPTH like I asked you to do BEFORE you CHOSE to be insulted. Had you both done that this whole time consuming pointless escapade could most likely have been avoided. THAT however would have taken a little time and effort and why bother with that when it's just so much easier to be offended over nothing. Good bye Dumbasses . You needn't bother speaking with me until you've changed your attitudes.

Paul's website:


Anonymous said...

YouTube Korff Viewer Update

From: secretxwars | December 10, 2010 | 25 views

Let's round up, 30 viewers in 10 days....

Epic failure.

The point?

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff:

Here's an email from "F1Racer" (supposedly Francis Underwood) in Prague. Police just forwarded it to me. "JimmyD" said he was going to "kill" me: "time is almost up you fat pedophile piece of shit. u do realize that half of your friends on FB are alt accounts that WE have created? LOL ur time is almost up. make peace with god cause soon you will be face down in a gutter with your brains leaking out of your skull"

Anonymous said...

No more threats of any kind here. Kal is such a coward that there is no need to resort to that sort of nonsense. It is the same sort of drivel Kal uses. Just let Kal hang himself with his own words like he does every single time he opens his fat mouth. Do not give Kal "gay hater" Korff any bit to use. Just trash him with the truth and expose his lies. And let Kal call the CZ police I hear they are looking for him.

Anonymous said...

Korff is this:

Anonymous said...
By giving away FREE iPads, we promote peace and help improve people's lives through the incredible power of Apple's iPad, and the inherent greatness of human interaction, cultural exchange, and mutual achievement.

I do all of my korffing from my iPad.
Thanks Kal, Mission accomplished!

Anonymous said...

>>> I do all of my korffing from my iPad. Thanks Kal, Mission accomplished! <<<

Ha, ha, ha!

Anonymous said...

Boy, when will Korff get tired of this Face Book smackdown.

>>> and end this with police as has always been the plan and it has been well underway for months. <<<

Months, MONTHS! Try years Korff. Please, try to be honest, with yourself.

Yuri Velasquez:

Dysfunctional and delusional. Have you had your Prozac today? The police, don't just e-mail.

Kal Korff:

Actually when one is cooperating with them, they DO. Especially when I am on the other side of the world. You are NOT in any "position" to comment on this from firsthand experience. I also do not care if anyone "believes" this. I am leaving... shortly to return to Prague, and end this with police as has always been the plan and it has been well underway for months.

I do not take prozac, and I do not endorse Communists. I'm not sure you can say the same, sir....about the latter, I know not about the former, and do not care.

It amazes me that you care about semantics instead of what they wrote. Perhaps you agree that haters and extremists and people who threaten others are "cool" and that this is the way to be.


Anonymous said...

Lolololol I can make up take emails too

The Unknown Korffer said...

Always entertaining to see Kalvin Korff lashing out at someone who denies this fantasy vision of himself as some sort of an extraordinary person. Yeah he gets testy with those he disagrees with, but the real fireworks display begins when somebody pokes a hole in the SAPSTOE Super Duper Services fantasy. The idea of working closely with unnamed police agencies is an active component of Kalvin's imaginary kingdom. The casual interaction with these officers is important to the fantasy, including their using Kalvin's dubiously obtained computer & internet connection with the same IP info, lodging in his shabby festering dwellings to better accommodate their investigations at his behest, being on a first name basis with the seasoned colonel, and even adopting Kalvin's typing style, poor grammar skills and overall weak grasp of communicating with others.

As for Kalvin secretly hating or fearing and now openly bashing gays to try and impress his Face Book buddies, usually those who demonstrate such homophobic attitudes are actually reacting to the inner torment of refusing to face up to their own yearnings. Though if anything the record speaks for Kalvin actually harboring loathsome desires for underaged females -- Maybe that's why he lashed out at Tina's daughter with such venom. To Kalvin Korff 16-ought year old girls are just objects to be abused, mistreated, and dumped like garbage when you're done with them. He was appalled to find one who dared assert their individuality on him by speaking up out of turn. Which also would have been in severe violation of his fantasy life where young girls apparently exist only to serve as sex objects for his amusement.

So, she becomes an ant-Semite spreading hate crimes by not just playing along by being a piece of ass. Just like poor Paul and Yuri, who were expected to be subservient enablers by praising Kalvin for his myths rather than daring to openly question it in a manner which others could observe. We can expect to hear more from or about them again very soon.

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff:

Yikes! My return flight when I came to India and Pakistan was to return via London and Heathrow, but now I can't, because of the winter, so I am returning to Prague via Germany, which is where I flew to the UK from. So it is back to Berlin to land, then go to Prague by train, which means I can relax before heading to the police to deal with these extremists and haters and "threat" queens.

Anonymous said...

Nanodust again...

Kal Korff:

I will be heading to Pakistan to film a ceremony there and do one last experiment with NanoDust, we will be filming this. So much for my "kritics." :-) Then I am flying back to icy, cold Prague (terrible winter this year in Europe) to assist police in prosecuting two individuals. I hope they DON'T take this seriously. As a very wise Jew said 2,000 years ago, "Pride cometh before the fall."

Anonymous said...

From: secretxwars | December 10, 2010 | 26 views

10 days since posting, 26 views

2.6 views per day.

Kalvin Karlton Korff, setting Youtube afire...

Hey Karlton, why haven't you posted that last India video on Youtube for all your non Face Book fans to see?


Not a single person has commented on Karlton's lastest, Face Book only, video:

Secret X Wars - Colonel Kal Korff Visits Indian School, Pt 1 of 2


You'll notice on Karlton's Face Book page, he graduated from college 3 years before he gradutaed from high school?

College ~ Various

Class of 1978

Science Information Technology

Anonymous said...

By the way, regarding this trip to India...

Korff lives of his past accomplishments, the Billy Meier book being one of them.

Billy Meier has stated that his "contacts" started in India in the '50's and there's very little in print or video on this.

Might Karlton have gone to India to add to his original work, in the hopes of re-release his Billy Meier book?

I'm on board with that. Nanodust, and iPads, that's all bullshit, just like his new fake web site

Which is still a single page and a URL which Karlton registered the day after he announced his new CEO position at this fake web site?


he announced his partnership with the fake Dayton Center for Peace.

Anonymous said...

Hey Karlton,

Does this web site look familar?

How about this one:

Or how about this person:
Mahathir Mohamad

We will release more specific information soon.


Anonymous said...

Korff lie...

He does not speak German. Michael Hesemann once spoke to Korff in German and Korff had no idea what Hesemann was saying. This was many years ago but do you think Korff took the time to learn German, after he lied to the world back then, telling people he could speak German?

Why bother then, why bother now?

Kal Korff:

Hi Mel, maybe I'm stupid, but I do not think they'll, or he, will meet me in Berlin. I also speak German, and have many friends there, including police officers and intelligence guys. I had security when I left, as usual, as well as over here in India, the two Black Belts who are in the video, etc. Since I do not have anything to hide except operation secrets, and they DO, my intention is to go "straight up" through their front door per se, and I will try to have this filmed, as I have long promised (we already have footage of their residences) and the only thing I must be aware of is not to violate their "civil rights."

Anonymous said...

Ha, ha, ha! Korff's Face Book friends are going down a road the'll wish they never traveled.

The road of Korff lies, Korff fruads and Korffisums.... Oh my.

Kal Korff:

Update: I leave for Prague in TWO days, everything is now set, I will arrive in Berlin, then go to Prague by private car, NOT the train. I spoke to the US Embassy in Prague two hours ago, late their afternoon, they know I am coming to "take care" of this, I'm now waiting to hear from a Czech police officer about the meeting he had today at the Ministry of Interior to nail these haters and extremists. Video soon. :-)

Anonymous said...

The Embassy is sending a staff car for you, Herr Korff?

Anonymous said...

Jesus, he just can't help himself! Martina, either I feel sorry for you, or you're a freaking idiot?

And, if she's such a great friend, why isn't she a Face Book friend?

And, Korfffers, do a search on this name:

Martina Týčová

or this query:

Martina Týčová elite modeling agency

She what super model information comes up. Go ahead, I double dare ya.

Huge liar.

And, she was born in 1977 Korff, she quite whatever modeling she may have done because she's too old now and has been for a number of years...


Kal Korff:

Here's one of my best friends, she's an award winning supermodel, won Elite Modeling Agency's contest years ago and was voted third most beautiful woman in Europe. She "lost" only to Giselle Bundchen and Linda Evangelista. I post her picture here because she is a REAL person and is NOT arrogant like Jess Hart (below) is. She is also my Executive Producer and is UFO WatchCat, she helps me expose UFO frauds and UFOOLogists. Martina quit supermodel stuff because she has morals.

My oh my... trying to make his Face Book friends jealous, based on a fake friendship AND trying to back away from his homophobic statement:

Kal Korff:

I like Judas Priest, always have. Was disappointed to learn that their lead singer was gay, but to each his own.

Anonymous said...

Martina a supermodel? Never was, except in Kal's bedroom! She picked him up in a local beer bar, got duped with his big line of BS and was soon another one of his 'victims'. Took her a while, but she finally wised up and dumped him, just like a few, in fact ALL, other young women had done before.

Anonymous said...

Kal's education:

'Various colleges in 1978'
None, except that he did later enter a small Christian college, but was kicked out after several weeks. Reason? Fraudulent application! The same thing happened with his employment at Boeing. Some folks actually do background checks on people!
As mentioned above about Kal's graduation in 1980 from JFK HS in Fremont, CA. I can't say for sure, but the student alumni listings from 1978 through 1981 don't show his name anywhere. He put his name in the site as a 1980 graduate, which means nothing. In fact, somewhere way back when, he said he had to drop out in his Senior year for a while, "but came back later to 'graduate' with his class".
Unless he can show his HS diploma, I'd say he was a HS dropout. Prove me otherwise Kal!


Anonymous said...

Awww, what the heck? While I'm on a roll here - Kal has pictures of Jimmy D's and f1's residences? Big deal. Is that supposed to be some kind of a veiled threat??
I too have pictures - several of Kal's residence (what a dump!), also Martina's (a little better class), his mother's place in Grants Pass (not too shabby), AND his father's place in California. (Pretty 'snazzy' - worth about a half million $USD).
Nothing like Google Earth and Terraserver (USA), among others.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, who asked for it Korff? It's on your Face Book Photo wall anyway. You lozer.

AND, you lie! That photo is from a long time ago, back when you told the world that this browser would be released, years ago. You LIE!

Kal Korff:

By popular request, here's Martina again, :-) she was kind enough to pose for the new UFO WatchCat browser we will be releasing just in time for when I do Jeff Pritchett's UFO show where I will be "debating" Guy Weddle, his co-host, who has already been exposed. He won't win, Martina and I never mince words. When this is released, it will expose many UFOOLogists. For previews of new Xposes, see my photo albums.

Anonymous said...

I wanna see a pic of my flat!!

Anonymous said...

I have a run down of Korff's school experiance.

I'll finsih it up and send it to the admin. Maybe he'll find it worthy to start a new thread?

The Unknown Korffer said...

If Korff is posting pictures OR video of anybody's residence on Face Book or information about where they live or work for the purpose of harassing them should be an instant suspension for stalking. You can't do that. Especially if the target has a Face Book account. I would not tolerate it for a second & would urge Jimmy & Francis to go right to Face Book Safety and report it, even if he posts an outdated or inaccurate picture. Even just threatening to release that information *should* be an instant suspension if not an outright account termination. What a fucking idiot.

Anonymous said...

i cant access his fb page so i cant see what he posted


Anonymous said...

I know he indeed did go to jFK high school and graduated with our class of 1980. We had a few college prep classes jn our senior year. He may have gone to college but I doubt that he was to absorbed in UFO and paranormal research in his little world. When I saw him in 1985 at our high school reunion, he was engaged to some woman who he worked with in their printing business. I know this because he gave me the card and told me to call him and tried to back me into a corner and kiss me. I told him I was happily married with a one year old daughter but that didn't seem to deter him. He has become completely detached from reality even then being a narcissist marriage wrecker! Kuckoo for korffie pops is right !

The Unknown Korffer said...

Backed her into a corner, harsh! Doesn't Kalvin know what NO means?

Well, anything anybody posts on Face Book is covered by their Statement of Rights and Responsibilities, which anyone can access looking for weaknesses in Kalvin's approach here:

Anything violating those terms is subject to removal, with warnings and suspensions issued for repeated violations depending on severity, blah blah blah. But anybody can report an abusive or harassing photo even if not registered on Face Book by clicking the REPORT THIS PHOTO link on the picture's page. The same holds true for video content.

In the same way that a disgruntled ex-husband can't post information on his ex's place of residence Kalvin cannot post information on his detractors' places of residence even if he's really really mad about it. Fairly certain Gruppenfuher Korff in his chauffeur driven Mercedes is already using their system to bully & harass others. A picture of someone's residence or a Google Earth link to their front door is Stalking 101. It would be quite amusing to see Korff removed from Face Book for violating their terms of service.

Anonymous said...

There's nothing on his FB page showing homes, etc.

I just sent off the Korff Education paper to the admin.

There's a lot of good information in there Korffers.

I've been told that the next bomb shell article will be even better.

Hard to believe.

The truth washes ashore.

Anonymous said...

I really, really, really, really, really, REALLY loathe you, Korff.

Anonymous said...

Hey Korff, try leaving your apartment, tell people where you'll be and then see if someone might not want to have a talk with you, over coffee, or whatever it is that you drink.

Michael Horn is waiting to be prosecuted.

Kal Korff:

When I return to Prague shortly, I'll be PUBLISHING EXACTLY WHERE I WILL BE STAYING. Haters and extremists James Dalyrumple and especially Francis Underwood, aka "F1Racer" are free to dare to try to stop by and carry out their "threats" to break the laws. I predict they won't do any such thing. Waiting for them is a police officer. Time to call their bluff, and prosecute them.

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