Thursday, December 9, 2010

When father times bangs you

My my my how father time can be so cruel when you let him. For that gnat of a wanker Kal Korff I believe it was inevitable that he wound up like he is. Destiny and all. How the bloody hell does someone go from some kid in 1980 to a complete sod 30 years later?????????? It looks like Kal learned NOTHING during this time. With the New Year coming about I was seriously pondering the shining example of failure Kal is.

A life of 6's and 7's to put it kindly that Kal has. Gandering a read about Kal and his nanodust and a post someone made about it that Kal brags some nanodust is a huge success. Kal claimed he sent in this nanodust against the cops that threw his brother in prison. The person posting pointed out that if this nanodust was so successful then why did Kal's brother go to prison and why did Kal make his brother lose a lawsuit? the answer is simple really. There is no nanodust and the only dust Kal has is the tiny bit fluttering about in his crazy skull.

Before I go I thought I'd share with you lads an exclusive right here!!!! You may not know it but Kal has a tattoo that signifies his place as supreme commander of the special secret hush hush wink on about services.  Here it is! I think perhaps it should say in Kal's case 'hello I'm a nesh twat'



Anonymous said...

Hello Kally! Ha, ha, ha!

Just a quick update. The professional military person(s) I’ve been talking about on this blog is real and I am passing along intil to them. As professional(s), with a real job in the military, times tight, but when I get some info from them I’ll pass it along.

Also, we are in contact with a “close” contact in all things Korffing.

This person may release material their way; they may use the media, Face Book, etc., or they may use us?

This kind of work takes time and creativity to get the most Korff bang for your Euro.

You’ll notice that Korff has gone Def Con 4 on Face Book. Kalvin is now using FB in the exact same manner that he used to use his template web site.

The material we’ve been releasing, on our own time schedule, in our own way, has been working. A quick look at Face Book is the only proof we need.

Lastly, Korff is repeating that he’s no longer in CZ. This may be true, I’m not sure. However, remember a short time ago when Korff went silent. Way, way, silent.

Might that have been the time when Korff relocated?

Maybe one of our CZ based operatives can do a little research and pin down the losers whereabouts?

That’s all for now. Back to Korffing.

How’s it feel Asshole?

We’re making you more famous, just like you wanted.

Why else would you constantly bang on and on about all the great works you’re doing?

Of wait, Mother Teresa bragged ad nauseam about her good works as well.. right?

Anonymous said...

Here's a bit more, proving beyond doubt that Kalvin Kern Korff is a lair and a maker upper of the highest order.

Here’s something very interesting.

Korff made a new “threat” against fellow Korffer’s and he posted it on Face Book. A Lonnie D. Franks pushed the “like” button under this post.

A quick look at Lonnie’s Face Book page brings up a telling profile photo; Dayton City of Peace showing the city of Dayton, preached atop the wings of a dove (graphic sent to admin).

Even more interesting; two of Lonnie’s friends are, Kalvin Korff and Michael Horn.

Korffer’s paying attention will remember that Korff made the claim that he’s in partnership with something called; The Dayton Center for World Peace. Is it too much of a stretch to assume Korff stole this idea from Lonnie to incorporate that into his latest fantasy?

Or maybe, just maybe, Kalvin and Lonnie are working together on world peace? I think, not.

See exchange below.

Kal Korff

Praise YHWH: I continue to be truly blessed. We just finished filming a new REALITY-based show, The Haters, which exposes haters and extremists all over the world, from UFO and 911 CONspiracy nuts, to Islamofascists. The first person exposed is David Biedny, formerly of ParaCast, then "Jimmy D," and "F1 Racer," and countless Islamic radicals. Darkness cannot survive when light is cast upon it. Episodes air shortly.

Lonnie D. Franks Can't wait.

Also, deepening the Ohio connection, Carrie A. Towne, is another Face Booker and Ohioan who regularly hit's the Like button and who posts positive responses to Kalvin's fantasies.

Anonymous said...

And the Face Book posts just keep coming... What his FB "friends" must think of him? Oh, that's right, 99 percent of them don't care to comment, at all, and most of those have blocked his posts from showing up on their walls.

BTW Kalvin, the video you're going to post, it's already done. The "photos" you posted on face Book are not photos at all, they are FRAME GRABS from a video tape. Kalvin, just add the cheese ball opening and a few title cards and release the thing already. Mac boy; so easy even Kalvin Korff can do it

Oh look, Kalvin's responding to the blog, again. Nowhere else on the planet did anyone ever call it a paint ball game, but here, on this blog, Kalvin.

Kal Korff:

Tomorrow a video coes out which was recorded several days ago. It contains highlights from our "war games" exercise and includes comments from one of the Indian Gold Medal winning sharpshooters. She raves about the tactics she learned, etc. So much for my "kritics" who just dismissed this as a simple paintball adventure. What bozos. Look forward to their exposure — AGAIN!

Anonymous said...

You're fooling no one Kalvin.

That video we posted should look familar as well.

What is Tactical Paintball?

The type of game we run is a bit different than a traditional "scenario" paintball game. It's also different from "military simulation" airsoft or paintball, and it's very far removed from tournament or "speedball" style paintball games.

The primary goal of Tactical Paintball is to put the player in realistic tactical military situations using paintball gear and other props to provide safe, fun, challenging games. It is where scenario paintball and military simulation cross over.

Tactical: The tactical scale of military conflict is the smallest level of fighting. Players represent soldiers on a 1-for-1 basis. Hence, unless we rustle up 30,000 players for a game, we aren't doing division-sized engagements! Due to typical attendance limitations, most Tactical Paintball scenarios are based on squad- and platoon-level engagements, not entire operations like Overlord or the Tet Offensive.

How is that different from scenario or mil-sim games?

1.Extended play times, usually from 8 to 26 hours of continuous play.

Anonymous said...

Not to get too far off the topic here, but while searching through the history of the Korffs just for kicks, (, etc.), I came across a person who is/ was in Prague. Her name is Olivia Korff, and she is a professional model. She is a very distant relative of Kal through German and Austrian connections.
Check her out Kal - 25 years old and will do nude poses for you!
Just Google Olivia Korff and click the first link.
And tell Martina to take a hike!


Anonymous said...

>>> Olivia Korff <<<

Oh Kalvin... A new muse for your lies possibly?

Anonymous said...

Kalvin, there's no real money in Ufology. Nobodies really getting hurt in Ufology and nobody really gives a shit about Ufology. That's why, Kalvin.

>>> Silence implies consent. <<<

No Kalvin, it does not. It implies, when talking about Ufology, that nobody gives a shit. It's entertainment, its distraction, nothing more.

You're wasting your time banging on about Ufology. Buyer beware. Look out for that Alien Autopsy video! That Bigfoot video! That Billy Meier case!

>>> science has every right to ignore "UFOlogists."<<<

Science has better things to do, so they've left it up to you to waste your life chasing after this "issue"; would changing and affecting as you think it is?

Its right there Kalvin. Do you see it? Have you read between the lines, Kalvin?

Kal Korff:

There is NOT going to be any kind of "disclosure" in December nor Jan, nor Feb, ad nauseum. This is another SCAM in the scam-infested, scam-driven (too often) imaginary "field" of not UFOlogy, but UFOOLogy.

Kal Korff:

It continues to amaze me how and especially WHY so many in the UFO "field" NEVER speak up and allow these bozo claims of "disclosure" and alien anal probes to go unchallenged. Silence implies consent. Until the imaginary "field" of UFOlogy polices its own ranks, and it KNOWS it must do this but never bothers, science has every right to ignore "UFOlogists."

Anonymous said...

You lie. No new videos have been uploaded in many months.

Kal Korff:

Video of me giving NanoDust to students will be uploaded soon, hours after the video of our "war games" exercise. Since my "kritics" LIE about this and say that none of this is true, it is a true honor to Xpose them again for what they are — extremists and haters. Praise YHWH.

Anonymous said...

Still nothing on this FAKE, template, web site of Kalvin Kern Korff's doing...

Fake, Liar. Cheat Fraud.

Anonymous said...

From that "other" Kalvin Kern Korff of Face Book.

Kal Korff:

I am in Prague...not India, Pakistan, or China.

Your Imaginary Editor said...

Better get crackin' Kal. That deal for 500 books works out to a-book-a-week for ten years, and that's only allowing two weeks off per year for sudden nocturnal relocations and such. And fer chrissakes man, if you actually do get anywhere near a "front" you are going to need something that shoots bullets. Paintballs will only mess up their clothes and piss them off. Then you'll be subjected to endless wedgies and made to clean up after the goats. You'll wind up finishing out your "military" career waxing some dude's car. Don't say no one warned you.

Anonymous said...

Well, my office computer just blocked access to
because it is a security risk.

Anonymous said...

Another from the Other Korff on Face Book.

Kal Korff:

Me and my totally guilty as fuck brother

Anonymous said...

Korff loves him a nazi.

Kal Korff:

Thanks Heidi. There is NO "disputing" the deliberate alliance (which persists today) of REAL Nazis with radical elements of Islam. Many Muslims are in denial of this, or simply unaware. They will often raise other irrelevant issues such as ..."What about George Bush."

Whenever anyone changes the subject and engages in a non-sequitir they should be stopped there, reminded what the subject is, and refocused on it.

This is not a comment directed at anyone in particular. People often react emotionally to issues they have strong passions about.

I encounter this with UFO extremists all the time. The moment I say I do not believe in Little Grey Leprechauns, they often lose any sense of logic, as if some sort of "religion" of theirs is being "attacked," which of course it is not.

What matters is that people engage in genuine dialog, foster genuine understanding, and learn and apply the lessons we MUST learn from such experiences. Only then can humanity advance forwards, since Dogma only holds everyone back.

>>> Whenever anyone changes the subject and engages in a non-sequitir they should be stopped there, reminded what the subject is, and refocused on it.

This is not a comment directed at anyone in particular. <<<<

No, no, this is directed at you Kalvin. Do yourself a favor Kalvin, look over your lenghty list of promises broken. Now, respond to each and every one.

This would be a good start in repairing your public... oh whatever.

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff:

This video shows highlights from our "War Games" exercise where I taught Indian Gold Medal and Bronze Medal sharpshooters Israeli and American fighting tactics. We used paintball weapons so that no one got hurt. One of the Gold Medal sharpshooters from India (she has won Gold, two Silvers and a Bronze representing India) comments on what she learned and how happy she was to learn these techniques. This DISPROVES the LIARS out there who FALSELY claim that this was not a training exercise. It is time these haters be Xposed and where it is logical, prosecuted. This is the first of 50 videos exposing two of them.

First up; this video is not posted on the publicly accessible Youtube website. You must be a member of Face Book to view this video. Why? You know why.

This video, as expected, shows nothing of importance; a paint ball "game", a ride around a city, etc.

There is NOTHING in this video to prove the claims of Kalvin Kern Korff.

This video has been poached off Face Book for safe keeping.

Contacts will be looking into the claims Kalvin Kern Korff's is making.

Jimmy D is quaking in his flip flops I'm sure.

1 of 50 videos...?

Where have we heard this before?

500 book deal.

Michael Horn laughs at you.

Anonymous said...

What a fuckin joke, stay focused on one topic? Practice what you preach Mr. Tiny Peni ! When you are challenged on a topic you blow harder than a two bit hooker on MacArthur in Oakland!Then you throw in a "The world and its wholeness from Genesis till now will be explained in my fake book, The beginnings of Uranus and mine, due out in its glorious delivery of 6,500,000 volumes shortly".Hey look theres an alien bent over in a short skirt, so I think I will examine it as the little children go by.Oops the children are far more enticing as objects of desire,Id like to eat them with a spoon! Pig, scumbag, predator!!!

Anonymous said...


What kind of millitary uses paintball weapons to train snipers!??!

ROFL omfg you cant make this shit up!!!


KRandle said...

For those who don't know, the military doesn't train with paint balls. It uses MILES gear, which is a laser system that provides information about who has been wounded and who has been killed.

The system uses sensors scattered around the body (on equipment-like vests). The weapons uses a laser set at the effective range of the weapon. When a hit is recorded, a medic can scan the "wounded" soldier to determine what first aid is needed, if any.

This is much more sophisticated than a paint ball. It is much more expensive than a paint ball. Anyone with any military experience will realize the advantage of the MILES system over paint ball...

Just thought I'd point this out.


Anonymous said...

Thx kevin. I'm working with professional military people right now on Korff and his claims.

Actually, I have some material I'd like to send you if you'd like to look at at?

Just say the word and I'll e-mail it over to you. We'd love to read what you'd have to say about this material.

Anonymous said...

You know his delusions are getting even more warped.

Its hilarious to watch.


Anonymous said...

Okay, the Face Book "India War Games" video has been saved and it is now being sent out for review.

A number of Korffers should be getting their copy shortly.

A poster commented on "who must be taking these stills and video of Korff?"

Who's still living the Korff life?

Here's what I KNOW. At the start of the War Game video, Korff is seen "suiting" up for paint ball fun. A few kids are in the frame with him; maybe tweens and just teen aged boys.

If you listen closely to the audio on this video you will here these same boys laugh and make comments as THEY video tape Kalvin Kern Korff shouting out orders, etc.

And what a job these boys did video taping Super KKK. Spectacular.

So, Kalvin is traveling with no one. He’s alone, shuffling about.

Also, there is an interview with a gal claiming to be a sharp shooter. Kalvin placed his video recorder on a tri-pod, or a box, to achieve that shot.

Lastly, Kalvin loves using the “spy-glass” effect on his interview segments and he continues to use it here again.

You know, just like the “flower pot” shot of former U.N. weapons inspector Scott Ritter, Korff sent to Royce Meyers III as proof of Korff’s super duper S3 activities.


Anonymous said...

F1, I need an e-mail address, faat!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Thx F1, the video is on it's way....

Korff keeps posting the link to this new video because nobodies viewing it or making comments....

Anonymous said...

Quick, over here:

Anonymous said...

Korff "War Games" video has been sent out to "reporters" for research and comment.


Anonymous said...

The paintball war games video is goin up!


Anonymous said...

Yup, it's up there, for all the FREE world to see.

Don't hide your important information Kalvin?!?

Share it with the world.

Anonymous said...

Korff, respoding to this blog again. Korff has posted his latest video lie fest on youtube.

Secret X Wars is a reality-based show which Xposes haters and extremists. In this segment, a hater and extremist named "JimmyD" and his colleagues are Xposed, their false claims and lies about Colonel Kal Korff are revealed for what they are. This video shows Colonel Kal Korff teaching Israeli and American fighting techniques in a "War Games" exercise which was conducted on the India and Pakistani border. According to haters and extremists like JimmyD and his colleagues, they falsely claim that this event never took place. Interviewed in this video Xpose is an Indian Gold, Silver and Bronze medalist winner, who CONFIRMS the exercise REALLY did take place, and that Kal Korff was telling the truth — which automatically means that "JimmyD" has been caught lying — again! This is the first of 50 video Xposes which will be released proving that JimmyD and his "good buddy" extremists and haters do in fact lie to the public. The series documents their impending prosecution by police, and the legal actions now underway against them.

The Unknown Korffer said...

Good! It's about time Kalvin revealed what an infantile, angry, bloated little idiot he really is to the eight or ten people on Face Book who swallowed his crap. This is who Korff really is.

I enjoyed reading Kevin Randle's blog post as well. The flood of information is well beyond Kalvin's ability to control. His targets will inevitably encounter some of it when befuddled as to understand why he is melting down about any of this, they look to alternate sources of information. Anyone thought about submitting some of this to a place like Stars & Stripes?

Anonymous said...

>>> Anyone thought about submitting some of this to a place like Stars & Stripes? <<<

Excellent Idea! Will do this after the "material" gets finalized.

Anonymous said...

Korff Youtube Views since posting the "War Games" video a few hours ago: 7

Yup, burning up the internet.

Interesting, look at what "tags" Korff choose to use for this video. Tags will help people find this video...

Jimmy D must be very well known?

Kal Korff ~ Martina Tycova ~ UFO WatchCat ~ Israel ~ haters ~ extremists ~ JimmyD ~ F1Racer ~ bozos ~ liars ~ hatred ~ intolerance ~ cyberstalkers ~ libel ~ slander ~ defamation ~ urdu music

Wonder what urdu music is? Music from India.

Anyway, more failure coming Kalvin Kern Korff's way.

Michael Horn laughs at you.

Anonymous said...

That woman is not a military sniper or in the military. She's some civilian kid who has never been exposed to real army tactics.
What a complete waste of time.

Anonymous said...

Cory hands Korff his ass on fire!

Part 1

Well, the shitty Korff snow ball seems to be growing by the very hour.

Cory G Willoughby aka Cory G, sent this along to us. He has a passion for disliking Korff.

Cory seems to be an admirer of the Billy Meier case, a fan, or just interested in the case. So be it, as it makes no difference to us what belief system a Korffer may have.

All that’s important is that each and every person to ever have the misfortune of crossing paths with Korff MUST speak out.

Thx for the information Cory. Keep after it.

Cory couldn’t locate his original question to Korff, but it matters little, check out this classic Korff smack down.

Reply from Kal Korff

Dear Cory87,

Thanks for writing, but I am NOT "interested" in hearing quotes from Billy Meier's pseudoreligious whateveryouwanttocallit.

I am Jewish and my "religious inspiration" comes from the Torah and nothing else. Oh, but wait, according to ProFIT Meier, Jews and Christians and even the Pope are "evil"!

If you wish to debate and discuss the Meier EVIDENCE, fine.

But I will NOT participate in ramblings which are marketed as "prophecy" since one cannot scientifically verify nor study any such thing.

I am grounded in science, not science fiction nor philosophy nor religious dogma.


Anonymous said...

Cory hands Korff his ass on fire!

Part 2

From: c w
Subject: Meier is right, You retard
Date: Wednesday, December 8, 2010, 7:21 PM

So Yah I remember you emailing me last year on youtube saying Billy Meier is a crock basically. Turns out everything with Meier has said checks out and is not proven wrong and in fact has lead me to spiritual awakening especially in the translations of the Talmud Immanuel which I have not even fully read and got to understand its divine knowledge, on the other hand anything I have even read or heard about you is a lie, fake, or cooked up in the Schizophrenic World you’re in. Well I’d like to let you know I received a nice little fan page all about you Kolonel Kluck. You are a fucking retard dickhead with no real spiritual consciousness and are stuck in some parallel universe in your head where all your nanotech, Jewish bullshit is real. Sorry to tell you you’re a fake. Nice tippmann paintball gun you had there for those war games in India fucking douche. I got a 98 custom I use in my "War games in India".

Get Fucked asshole
Cory G

Anonymous said...

Cory hands Korff his ass on fire!

Part 3

From: Kal Korff
Subject: Re: Meier is right, You retard
To: "c w"
Date: Thursday, December 9, 2010, 11:50 AM

Dear Yahoo,

This is the person I told you about on the phone who has emailed me.

In addition to not being able to spell, clearly this person is a hater and extremist. Thanks for blocking him, it's nice to know that in the future, any emails he sends will be deleted, and not read.

He's not worth wasting any electrons on.

Any person who "believes" that UFO CULT leader Billy Meier is the "last true prophet of humanity" after Moses, Jesus and Mohammad, cannot be reasoned with. They are not capable to thinking critically, if at all.

Thanks for helping me block this bozo, the next time he harasses me, I'll simply auto-forward his emails to his nearest police.

Cordially yours,

So, Kalvin takes the time to explain to Yahoo the; who, what and why of the Meier UFO cult and to explain that the next time Cory harasses him (how, his e-mail has been blocked?) that he’ll pass those along to the “police.”

Notice that this is a response to Cory, and a copy to Korff and none to Yahoo. Could have been a BBC, but, lets get real.

You lie Korff. A kid’s handed you your ass, on fire, liar!

Thanks again Cory.

Korffer star of the week!

Anonymous said...

Why does Kal address Yahoo like its a person or something?



The Unknown Korffer said...

lol epic fail

Nice going Kalvin! Can't do anything right can you?

The videos also show Kalvin playing paintball & stalking Indian women with his camera. Whatever spin he was trying to put on it with his caption texts falls flat beyond revealing an obsessively deranged mind. And FIFTY videos! Kind of overkill isn't it? One or two OK, but fifty?

The only thing I would get from that is Kalvin is obsessed, filled with rage, and has plenty of free time to sit around making pathetic cell cam quality YouTube videos. If he'd just left the video as it was shot without the running slavering tirade it might have been sympathetic. Another mistake! and this guy is supposed to be a CEO?

The Unknown Korffer said...

Oh yeah, and where's the dinner with the troops stuff? That was a part of this ruse, significantly staged on Thanksgiving Day. None of that is addressed in any of the footage I watched, and I don't recall anyone addressing him as "Colonel".

Katie said...

From that "other" Kalvin Kern Korff of Face Book. Kal Korff: I am in Prague...not India, Pakistan, or China.

Anonymous said...

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