Sunday, September 21, 2008

HATRED and LIES: Meet Youtube Dolt "secretxwars"! Also known as Kal K. Korff

Dear world,

Here is a picture I took of Kal's youtube page shwoing his listed data. You will note that Kal has listed his age as "36". Kal K. Korff is not 36, no where near it! Why would Kal who claims to have a 219 IQ list the wrong age? Surely Kal who claims to be a computer expert knows how to type his age correctly? It certainly isn't a typo of any kind. Is it a LIE so kal can try and pass himself off as younger even though he is in his mid-forties and fastly approaching fifty realizing he hasn't done anything decent with his life? Just wondering.

Kal loves accusing people of "hate" and Kal has even called himself a "victim" publicly. Let's talk about some victims here and I mean the victims of Kal's targeted hate because that is what it is. Kal is full of HATRED and has LIED about people he targets including Kevin Randle who Kal directly accused of having ties to terrorism. Kal can say it was someone else who made the claim all he wants but it is my opinion that Kal is using aliases in order to get away with slandering people. Conniving Kal has stated as fact that people he has targeted have committed fraud and are liars. Let's talk about fraud and lies shall we?

Kal is now accused of committing FRAUD where he is alleged to have stolen three iPods from Cables and Simms in Prague by LYING that Vojtek Saledeck was responsible for paying the bill. A spokeperson for Vojtek says Vojtek NEVER AUTHORIZED any such purchase after discovering Kal K. Korff was PRETENDING to be an employee of Vojtek's company. Kal K. Korff has BEEN NAMED in a LAWSUIT directly accusing him of FINANCIAL FRAUD which is when interpreted in criminal law a CRIME! Kal K. Korff is BEING SUED! Unlike Kal K. Korff's lawsuit threats and imaginary legal actions this is a REAL lawsuit Kal has been slapped with.

After this charge of FRAUD against Kal K. Korff went out Kal wasted no time in trying to do damage control by stating as FACT that the owner of Cables and Simms was "blackmailing" Kal and was committing a crime!!!!! This is the same Kal K. Korff who left Prague under very unusual circumstances and did so in clear haste. There is nothing proving Kal's accusation against Cables and Simms and I find it more than convenient that Kal is leveling this charge and has provided NO PROOF to back it up!

If Kal K. Korff wants to prove his case then he can get off the payphone and hop a train back to Prague to face the charges against him! If Kal doesn't return and face the charges then I find that act alone ot be an admission of GUILT! Innocent people don't run or try to leave. Innocent people aren't afraid of facing the music, or in this case Vojtek, the courts in Prague, Cables and Simms, and the Prague police - can they all be wrong? Is this another cover-up claim in the making by Conspiracy Kal? I don't think a company like Cables and Simms that has a sterling reputation would ever make a false charge such as this. They have been in business for over fifteen years now and are known for treating their customers right. And what about Vojtek? Who would accuse Vojtek of lying? Vojtek is a good man who has only helped people and is hailed as a saint in Prague.

I guess we'll find out what the truth is soon enough and I have it on good word that the media in Prague will be all over this and that other MacZone stores and Apple Incorporated are issuing warnings and statements.

If Kal Korff is GUILTY of these most recent charges leveled against him then I think he can be brought up on CRIMINAL CHARGES of FRAUD, THEFT, IMPERSONATION, CONSPIRACY TO COMMIT A FRAUDULENT ACT, SELLING STOLEN GOODS, POSSESSING STOLEN GOODS, TRANSPORT OF STOLEN GOODS and PERJURY if he lies! Kal K. Korff could also be facing another lawsuit with charges of SLANDER, DEFAMATION, LIBEL, MALICIOUS INTENT and of course PERJURY if he lies under oath for the things he has said about Cables and Simms.

If I were Cables and Simms I would take very single action available to me to PROSECUTE Kal K. Korff on every level from CRIMINAL CHARGES to suing him to make an example out of him. I can't imagine what kind of an example a criminal judge will make out of Kal K. Korff considering Kal is accused of having tried to commit fraud against Vojtek!! If Kal is CHARGED and FOUND GUILTY I'm sure a judge would sentence him to prison time!

This is all rather ironic after hearing Conniving Kal leveling criminal charges at people allthis time and all of Kal's endless talk about prosecuting and suing people. How does it feel Kal to be on the receiving end of a REAL LAWSUIT and likely CRIMINAL CHARGES against you? I for one call it justice at its best!


Kult of Kal said...

36 years old? Kal is lying.

Remember-- he got the ribbon for nuclear bomb design? -- Kal reads the date from the ribbon's back: in 1974!

If Kal was 36, he was born in 1972.

Hmmmm....I think you safely add 10 years at least.

Squonkamatic said...

I've been through this extensively and was the first thing that caught my eye about Kal K. Korff. His claims of lecturing audiences on the JFK assassination starting in 1977 (1976 in some writings) means that if he is 36 years old he hit the lecture circuit at the ripe age of four or five, depending upon which version of the story is handy. But he also contradicts himself by saying that he won that science fair ribbon when he was 14, placing his birth date in either 1962 or 1963. He is either 45 or 46.

Anonymous said...

Probably the 36 years old statement refers to 'Martina Tycova'.

Anonymous said...

Martina looks pretty rough for being 36. And what exactly is a "third place winner" in a modeling contest? Here in America we call that a loser. third place winner lol!