Monday, September 1, 2008

Conniving Kal K. Korff CAUGHT misleading the public AGAIN!

Conniving Kal K. Korff just can't kick the habit of getting caught in LIE AFTER LIE! Since saying he was forced to cancel his debate with flying saucer author Kevin Randle, Conniving Kal has changed his story AGAIN!! Kal must think consumers worldwide are stupid and that he will easily turn his cowardice around by LYING TO THE PUBLIC!!

Conniving Kal runs from the Kevin Randle debate after sending a message to Xzone radio host Rob McConnel in which Conniving Kal says he cannot participate in the debate because of a "terrorist threat" directed at Kal. Conniving Kal's OWN EMAIL says "WE JUST RECEIVED ANOTHER EMAIL WITH THE THREAT, SAYING I HAVE ONE WEEK TO "GET OUT OF PRAGUE OR ELSE." ROB, I AM VERY SORRY, I HAVE NO CHOICE. RIGHT NOW WE ARE MOVING, PLEASE ADVISE ON HOW YOU WISH ME TO PROCEED."

Now what does Conniving Kal say???? The imbecile in a desperate laden video now says the threat was directed at a Czech citizen and not at Kal!!! Which is it Kal??? How many more times are you going to change the PATHETICALLY SAD EXCUSE FOR YOUR COWARDICE??? How many more times will consumers have to ENDURE the EMBARRASSMENT of your obvious DECEPTIONS?

What is even more painful is to hear Conniving Kal carry on as though the debate is still taking place! Now Conniving Kal is trying to turn the tables on Kevin Randle by saying it is up to Kevin Randle to make the debate happen and it is up to Kevin Randle to prove his flying saucer claims!! But let us not forget that it was Kal who challenged Kevin Randle to this debate!!!! Not the other way around!!!! Kal FAILED to show up for a fight he called for!!!! Is your mommy going to write you a note for not showing up Kal?? ahahahahahahahahaha

You've been EXPOSED before he world Kal and this PAINFULLY PUBLIC EXPOSURE of your nonsense was done at your OWN HAND!! It prbably is a good thing Kal isn;t a real colonel in a real anti terror group because after the world witnessing Kal HUMILIATE himself before the world if Kal were given a gun he'd probably shoot himself in the ass! Unless you can continue to ENDURE more such DISGRACE to yourself Kal you should just quit now because thee is no way you can even come close to breaking even for this much self imposed SHAME!


Anonymous said...

Kal just can't accept the fact that he's been rejected (again!).
Both Rob McConnell and Kevin Randle said 'NO' - as in 'NO WAY', or 'NO WAY JOSE!'.

Anonymous said...

Looks as though Kal's Visa problems finally caught up with him. Kal, if you'd have kept your big mouth shout and ceased spreading this nonsense and threatening people all the time I have a feeling there would never have been a problem with your Visa.

I do however think someone had enough of your empty threats and decided to file a report to the authorities and here you are now packing up and having to leave.

I'm just glad such a decent man like Mr. Sedlacek saw fit to not fall for your ruse where you'd have been able to extend your Visa with an employment claim.

Maybe next time you'll keep your fat mouth shut and your idiot rantings and meaningless threats to yourself.

There are consequences for opening such a mouth as large as you have. I'd have imagined you would have learned that from Mr. Art Bell when Mr. Bell put you in your place.

Kal, don't ever forget that someone actually took *real* legal action and you are now reeling from it. That's what *legitimate* reports to the authorities accomplish, not mindless threats like you dish out.

Perhaps when you reach the states you'll have learned to keep your mouth shut and stop trying to bully people over your computer. Were I you, Kal, upon returning to the states I would be *extremely* careful in what you say because you are now a mere stone's throw away from anyone there who decides to sue you.

Should this bit about you fleeing to Switzerland be true, I'd be very careful because with this little thing called the Internet, one can with relative ease contact the authorities there too and inquire about your Visa status.

I've never been deported from a country or kicked out. Tell us all, Kal, how does it feel?

Tough lesson? Tough shit.

Brad said...

Oh, dear Kalvin, you are a lower form of life than even I expected. Trying to use Mr. Sedlacek to extend your little vacation from reality?? I was always interested in why you titled your video "Kal Korff signs 5 year EMPLOYMENT agreement with Vojtek Sedlacek", yet in the actual video you mention nothing about employment, only a "partnership agreement" (of course, I'm sure you've got signed agreements with Microsoft, Apple, and, og yeah, the X-Zone. Kind of reminds me of that old Sesame Street bit "one of these things is not like the other"). You tried to use some worthless "partnership" with someone who has done fantastic work in the Czech Republic to gain some kind of respect and fool the Czech government. I guess you really are the textbook example of a psychopath. You don't see people as anything other than potential targets to use towards your own ends.

You are a sick bastard, but the thing with true psychopaths is there is no treatment at all, so this miserable existence you have for yourself will never change. You are cursed to forever be saddled with your lies while the circle of people who will still believe you keeps getting smaller and smaller until one day you find yourself all alone, with nothing, simply waiting for your date with a dirt nap.

That laughter you hear right now is all of us, chuckling at the current sorry state of your life, and hoping we can watch you sink even lower.

Brad Hudson
Dallas, Texas

Anonymous said...

Kal, can't wait 'til you come back to the United States. I'm sure I'll be one of many people anxious for your return. Get a good lawyer, you'll need one. While there's no money to get from you Kal, your lie won't be too boring with collection agents and lawyers coming after you nonstop. Maybe a few stalking orders?

God bless America!

BritinPrague said...

NOW I get it. That Vojtek video was an attempt to boost his credentials to snag a visa renewal.

Dear God...

Anonymous said...

Look at all the events.

> Kal suddenly has to cancel his debate following a certain person claiming to have had inquiries made about Kal's visa status.

> Kal rushes to appear at the embassy and hastily decides to threaten people that their names will be turned over to the embassy, though it is clear this is meaningless and the embassy has no legal authority over those living in the United States.

> Kal issues a threat to Royce Meyers III and it is clear from the video that Kal is seething.

> Note that books have been removed from the shelf that is the standard background for Kal's video rants. All the books that were UFO related are gone, indicating Kal knew as far back as August 29th he would have to leave the Czech republic.

> Note that Kal says he knew about this "threat" a week ago. Kal also states in his e-mail to Rob MCConnell the following:





So Kal knew this "threat" was coming and he CONveniently receives an e-mail threat saying he has one week to leave Prague? And Kal CONveniently says in his e-mail "RIGHT NOW WE ARE MOVING"

Kal knew he was going to have to leave the country within one week, hence the rushing around by Kal who probably did everything he could to stop being deported - what else do you call it when a country says "Get out" ?

Kal probably scrambled hoping to con someone into an employment agreement and I believe this Vojtek guy was Kal's primary target and Kal was hoping to con the guy into giving him an excuse for a visa. Looks like no dice for you Kal!

What will Kal do without the support of Martina? Who will film all of Kal's disturbing video rants? Will Kal wear that stupid hat in America when he gets shipped out?

One big question in all this: Why isn't Kal going to Israel where his beloved S3 is supposedly based? Surely a guy working for an organization where Kal can just drop into Germany and then Oregon in less than 48 hours can get Kal into Israel or take care of a petty visa issue? I guess S3 isn't that kind of "special" then now, eh?

I'm sure Kal is wishing he never trashed talked all of those people in the U.S. now. Kal might have lawsuits or worse waiting for him when he gets off the plane. I hope someone keeps tabs on Kal though I am certain Kal is addicted to his video camera and will treat us to updates. Wait! What if that's Martina's video camera? Now that would just be a shame. LOL

Get out NOW Kal! said...

Looks like Czech immigration korffed Korff right in the korffo! BAM! Kal, YEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRR OUT!

Don;t worry about packing you loser, I'm sure there are plenty of people who would be glad to help you move OUT of Prague. Whatever will you do now Kal? No more Martina. No more free rags to write for. No more soccer, which you sucked at anyway. No more hanging out at the Globe or bugging the shit out of the people at the embassy. So do tell Kal what you will do for fun in America.

Hey Kal you got any good phrases you can translate into Czech that mean "goodbye asshole don't ever come back here agin you worthless fuck" ? Just thought I'd ask.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone confirm that Kal has been told he has to leave? I just want to make sure before I break out that good bottle of hooch to celebrate!

BritinPrague said...

I don't believe it. I know Yanks who've lived here for 10 or 12 years without needing a visa because they work in the black/grey economy.

Don't forget that Kal hasn't needed to work - after all, he has a 25 million (though I distinctly remembering him boasting about ***50** million at one point) from the Saudis to play with.

Anonymous said...

The boss of this blog has done sterling work.

And I'd never have learned about it if it hadn't been for Kal's big mouth.

You see, Kal (and I know you're reading this), after your crappy English language column bit the dust, I got into the habit of checking your equally crappy website every now and then to see what nonsense you were spouting.

Then, one day, I saw a post about a guy calling himself "F1 Racer" who'd been taking cyber potshots at you. A quick Google search for "f1 racer" brought me to", which in turn directed me toward this site.

Many thanks, you fruitloop fuckwit. It's comforting to know that I'm not alone in my loathing of you.

Anonymous said...

I know people who have been here 10 years with no VISA, they work in the grey/black economy. And they are in NO Danger of getting deported unless they commit a crime or do something Kal did.

Hell, one of them had a Cop tell him point blank "We dont care if your VISA is expired just dont do anything stupid and you wont have any trouble"

For Kal to get booted takes a LOT of trouble making.


F1 Racer
Francis Underwood

Anonymous said...

Didn't Kal say the private Czech citizen that was threatened was Mr. Sedlacek? Please tell me that Kal didn't make up this threat and then say it got stopped in some last ditch effort to get Mr. Sedlacek to hire him (I saved your life so don't you owe me a favor).

Kal, if that's the case then I now don't even think I can compare you to scum. Even scum deserves more respect than you.

Paul Kimball said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Paul Kimball said...

If Korff is indeed making his way back to the United States, I have a feeling that he's going to learn a lot more about the law, particularly slander and libel, than he ever wanted to know. It seems like we've come a long way from when I first exposed his bogus claim to have been an expert witness in the OJ Simpson trial, not because I disagreed with Korf about the Billy Meier UFO hoax, but because I hate hypocrites.

Good work with the blog!

Best regards,
Paul Kimball

Anonymous said...

Never mind, "Colonel". If I spotted you trying to hitch a lift, I"d stop and pick you up ... and drop you off in the middle of nowhere!

You are the dregs of humanity. Utter, utter pond scum.

Squonkamatic said...

One big question in all this: Why isn't Kal going to Israel where his beloved S3 is supposedly based? Surely a guy working for an organization where Kal can just drop into Germany and then Oregon in less than 48 hours can get Kal into Israel or take care of a petty visa issue? I guess S3 isn't that kind of "special" then now, eh?

That is a GREAT point!! and Rob McConnell might want to pose this question to himself: If Kal K. Korff really were a ranking Colonel and SAPSTOE in a civilian run wing of the Mossad, wouldn't you think that not only they'd be delighted to put him up in Israel somewhere, but that they'd be able to pull a few strings and get Kal a visa extension? Or some sort of job with Czech intel or law enforcement? After all, Kal K. Korff claims he got his "start" in law enforcement years ago (after his lecture circuit at the age of 13 and designing that nuclear bomb when he was 17, as proven by his science fair ribbon that he has offered to have forensically dated to prove it's authenticity) so with his background in counter-terrorism, law enforcement and weapons design -- DON'T FORGET THE NANOBOTS!! -- you'd think they'd be able to find a place for someone with Kal K. Korff's credentials and background in their defense industry. Maybe say, as a janitor, or the guy who keeps the soda machines filled, all the while secretly working as a Mossad agent gathering intelligence on UFO frauds and exposing Royce Meyers III for running a privately owned & hosted website that says critical, unflattering and frankly hilarious things about Kal K. Korff, most of which actually came from his own mouth.

Instead, Kal K. Korff is apparently being deported, stopping first in Switzerland where "he has been spending 90% of his time" anyway, all the while now focusing his efforts to have "F1 Racer" arrested for -- YES!! -- lies and slander. It's the same bullshit all over again. MR. MCCONNELL, YOU HAVE BEEN LIED TO AND MANIPULATED BY KAL K. KORFF. Oh, you can keep digging through these British journalist's notes if you like to try and prove that the Super Duper Special Super Secret Super Services exist, but why not do something more meaningful, like spend time with your friends & family?

Why keep defending some creepy loser who snowjobbed you into setting up Kevin Randle and making the two of you look like the respective cheeks on a horse's ass?? Even if he isn't having visa problems and isn't being deported and is indeed still ensconced in his little love-nest in that former worker's bloc with his honeypot former Czech supermodel -- who is also supposedly a Super Duper Services operative -- he's made you look like a complete fool with that pathetic, weird video in front of the Czech memorial statues. How is any of this going to help your ratings?

Be your own judge of character, unless of course that isn't really important, which is what Art Bell's own problem was and which eventually led to his demise at the height of his popularity. Art found out that there was more to life than stringing along his listener base every evening with delusions that there is something more to life than having a job and a family and relations with genuine people who care for you, paying your bills and living responsibly. Eventually the bullshit catches up with those who make a living spewing it, and as you can gather from Kal K. Korff's latest troubles it can spiral out of control with little or no warning.

Kal K. Korff is finished, hopefully. It sounds like he's ultimately headed back to the U.S. where some legal problems await his attention as well as hopefully a date with psychiatric care professionals for an evaluation of his mental state. Perhaps he can continue his "work" in some way in the future but first he needs HELP that can only be provided by people who have a genuine interest in forcing him to confront his delusions and deal with them in a realistic manner. He's finished though don't get me wrong, we haven't heard the last of him, he's going to fight tooth and nail to continue living this fantasy at all costs, up to including selling out his co-enablers when it becomes expedient: We've already seen how much he values the airtime Rob McConnell has given him, welching out on a commitment he himself had been crowing about for months and then finding time to scuttle about Prague making more dipshit videos, bothering the staff at the U.S. Embassy and wasting the time of Prague law enforcement, who probably have a file on Kal K. Korff thicker than my wrist.

My prediction is that we will see a series of announcements or videos stating that Kal K. Korff has been "ordered" on assignment to Switzerland or the U.S. on some sort of fact-finding mission by the Super Duper Secret Services, and that the terrorism scare in Prague will turn out to have been real after all and thusly explain his hurried departure. Then he won't have to face up to anything and can continue to wave the newspaper clippings at the camera and convince himself that he's still an espionage agent outing UFO frauds to combat terrorism.

Had enough yet, Rob?


Anonymous said...

Well said, Mr. Nyland. But I think Rob did already 'get the picture' on Mr. Korff. His website now shows the regular weekly spot for Kal's Korner at 1AM EDT Thursday to be vacant. As in 'SecretxWars', he can now call it 'Kal's EX Korner'.

Brad said...

Well, since YouTube is being finicky today and not letting me post I thought I'd post mu comment about Kal's "90% positive response" video. Hope you enjoy it. You, too, Kal, as I know you read these comments religiously. Here we go:

Also, did you notice that Kal stumbles awfully badly when reading the "overwhelmingly supportive" e-mails? Almost as if Kal is making them up as he goes along. Not that Kal would make up anything to give his lies some "legs". I'm just waiting for the lie to end all lies: the one on why he's leaving the Czech Republic. I'm sure it will involve a secret arm of Al Qaeda, seveal members of the Josephine County Sheriff's Office who have gone rogue, underground, and European, three breached laser controlled security systems, and at least one mis-firing AK-47. This story (and escape tale he will tack on later. He always adds that cryptic final line, "developing) will make every James Bond tale appear if 007 was just going on his first hike with the Boy Scouts. It will make the work the CIA did against the USSR look like all they did was look over the smart kid's shoulder to get the answer to question 8 on an eighth grade algebra exam.

Korff's shining star of greatness will outshine all the other stars of the espionage gallery.

And woe to those who do not take the "Kernal" at his word for they will be subjected to hour after hour of ancient news clippings waived around as if they were some type of Rosetta Stone that would give you the answer to all your Korff related questions. Those that are not cowed into submission by the sight of yellowed newsprint whipped about like pom-poms will be subjected to phase 2 of Kal's plan: waving PHOTOCOPIES of old news clippings!! Oh, the humanity!! But if by some miracle these individuals, obviously well trained in the art of not breaking under extreme duress both physically (hey, newsprint and copy paper make quite a breeze when waived in a violent rage) and mentally (it's quite a feat of mental gymnastics to keep up with all the players in one of Kal's stories: terrorists, hacker/terrorists, sheriff deputies from small Oregon counties, UFO frauds, cryptozoologists, etc., etc.). If they somehow manage to continue, Kal will pull out the coup de gras, the SCIENCE FAIR RIBBON, the sight of which alone caused a former KGB agent (with 35 years in the field, mostly undercover in the USA, Canada, West Germany, and American Samoa) to momentarily pass out. When he came to, he babbled incoherently for several days before finally admitting he was, in fact, wrong and Kal was everything he said he was. That man was so wracked with guilt and remorse for not believing Kal originally, that he disappeared for several months before returning to Kal's flat a VERY changed man.

You know him today as.........

Martina Týčová

And that's the REST of the story.

Paul Harvey.... Good day!!

(With apologies to Paul Harvey)

Asusual, Kal, here's my info so you can get to me after your finished with that dastardly F1Racer.

Brad Hudson
Dallas, Texas

Anonymous said...

Come on home Kal! There are a lot of people who can't wait to unleash their lawyers on you when you touch down.

Unlike your legal threats there are several who will actually sue the pants off you for all of the slander and libel you are guilty of committing.

I just wonder if Jim Dilettoso is going to fire up his old lawsuit. And don;t think too much time has passed Kal, it hasn't. You see, my fat little coward, when you flee in order to avoid being sued it simply freezes the clock. And Jim isn't the only person who owns a piece of your stupid ass.

"Kal K. Korff, defendant." I like the sound of that.

Bob in Florida said...

Guys...please...I can't take it anymore. The laughter, I mean. My family already thinks I'm strange - and it's reinforced when they see me sitting at my laptop, laughing my fool head off. This blog...the articles in it and the responses to them are comedy gold, man. GOLD!

There are some really talented writers here. It's not often that I read stuff that actually makes me laugh out loud. P.J. O'Rourke can do it, but it doesn't happen a lot in the blogworld.

And yet here on this site I regularly bust a gut. I tip my hat to all of you contributors. It's hard to find entertainment like this anywhere, at any price.

It's just tragic that the subject matter (KKK) and situations are all real. For this is truly comedy at its best.

Bob Barbanes
Pensacola, FL.

Anonymous said...

Don;t they kick people out of a country for being a terrorist?

Anonymous said...

The latest from Kal to my You Tube he claims he is married with a kid


Sorry to bother you, but how can Mr. Korff be "deported" when he got married to a local and has a son?

He has had a son for years, don't you know this?

His son's native language is not American and he was not born in the usa.

So are you deporting the whole family?

Wait til you see the video o the wedding. Nothing special, but it is a real wedding. The Czech translator called them "the bride and the bride" and he was paid!

It's on the video, it is funny because he is serious in asking the questions during the ceremony.

So why do you deliberately try to hurt a man who has a family, but has kept that part private, since he sees how you and others treat him? Why would any person want to expose their family to it? You keep calling him a scientologist, and of course won't produce your evidence because you have none, you just want to hurt Kal.

Same with your pedofile rubbish. Commenting on someone's weight or appearance or religion, especially when it is Judaism since Mr. Korff is a Jew, it is real evidence that you are a person who hates.

Avimi (Avim for short)

F1 racer

Brad said...

Holy S**T!!! Korff is now claiming he's MARRIED??? With a KID???

Oh, man, he must be desperate to stay in the Czech Republic! Whatever's waiting for him in the US must be something big because he's now grasping at straws!! I'm sure the Czech government will take some half-assed video Kal shot in 20 minutes as proof of his nuptials!!

He REALLY must be terrified of what awaits him in the good ol' USA. My bet is that he never thought he'd be put in a spot to have to pay the consequences for his words, but his chickens have come home to roost!!!

If there is a God, he will let Kal post this farce so we can all revel in the insanity!!

It just gest better here!!!

Anonymous said...

Have you no honor at all, "Colonel"?

Anonymous said...

Just tried (and failed) to post the following on Kalvin's YouTube profile regarding his recent claim to be a married father:

I suspect we're into part-true-mostly-bullshit territory again.

I recall a former pal of Kalvin's saying on that old string that the "Colonel" did enter a shortlived marriage to a Czech woman.

I also distinctly recall Kal saying not so long ago in one of the various resumes that Kalvin has strewn across the Internet that he hopes "to be a father someday" (see:

So: Kal is likely divorced already, but childless.

Anonymous said...

My theory is that Kal found out he was getting booted from the country and headed for the closest mail order bride catalog he could find, got a credit card and is now "married" so he can remain in Prague.

If this is the case, the I feel wholly sorry for the woman and her kid. Can you imagine having Kal as your father?

Once the crazy in Kal comes out there isn't a woman alive who would marry this fool. I predict we will not be seeing or hearing much from Kal for a while, or at least not on the level of crazy he was going on there for a bit.

I wonder what happened to Martina? Perhaps she and Avim/Avimi ran off together leaving their fearless leader heart-broken and laying in a pool of his own drool...?

Squonkamatic said...

OK, two words: NANOBOT COMPONENTS. This is BS.

When I started following this absurd mystery in late May or early July I distinctly recall a web posting on Kal K. Korff's website (when I was still visiting it at any rate) that bragged about the percentage of his audience in Czech Republic who were women. A meaningless statistic, but the web post closed with Kal K. Korff posing the question "There's just one question -- why am I still single?" Or something to that extent. There is also a very specific difference between SINGLE and DIVORCED. People who are single are single, but once you're divorced it's never the same. That status doesn't change in the same way that you can't get back your virginity.

Kal K. Korff is also a person who's life is apparently so devoid of meaningfulness that he still actively brags about a SCIENCE FAIR RIBBON he won in 1977; You'd think that if he'd had a son and actually been legally married we'd have heard or seen of it by now. I also recall encountering that online speculation that Kal K. Korff had actually relocated to Prague to get married to some woman who was never positively identified but implied to have been Martina. She has never been presented as anything but a "producer" of Kal K. Korff's videos, and of course a collaborator on his work with the Special Secret Super Duper Services.

Hearing now from "Avimi" that Kal K. Korff is as of the present instead happily married with child doesn't have a ring of truth to it. There is no evidence of any family relationship current to the Prague existence in any of the videos dating back to, well, ever, and this is the first it's ever been mentioned. When someone has a child even if the marriage goes rocky that child tends to be the focus of the person's life. The focus of Kal K. Korff's life is having been excluded from Royce Meyers III's UFO Hall of Fame, and Kal K. Korff's current resume read does not include any references to being married and living in Prague, CR with his family.

I've got a theory of my own as to what's going on. First and perhaps unrelated is that Colonel Cupcake obviously was summoned to the U.S. Embassy last week for some reason that is still not clear. Speculation about his visa status is logical since there's no other reason for him to be going there -- If this was a Super Special Duper Secret Services issue, shouldn't he have been going to the Israeli embassy? Or even the local Prague federales? Why go to the American embassy at all unless it was related to some specific purpose he could only accomplish there? If so, let's start ticking off a list of things Kal K. Korff could only do at the U.S. Embassy ... #1 would be look into his visa status, #2 would be to look into his visa status, #3 would probably be to look into his visa status, and as far as I can safely presume #4 would be some sort of looking into his visa status.

As far as my theory, we all know how closely Kal K. Korff monitors current events, and that he has been closely monitoring the U.S. presidential election as it unfolds. We also know that Kal K. Korff likes to warp his fantasies with current events to either give his activities a quality of timeliness, OR to cull inspiration from current events. The big development of the past week has been the emergence of Sarah Palin as John McCain's vice presidential choice -- didn't Colonel Cupcake make reference to the McCain candidacy in another cover identity email to f1Racer? -- and the political landscape is currently rife with rumors about Mrs. Palin's family life as the press scurries to try and discredit her for something other than having eaten Mooseburgers.

Indeed one of the immediate outcries was from Barack O'bama himself, who said that her family is OFF LIMITS and he was OFFENDED by any speculation about her family life in the political arena. Both Senator McCain as well as George and Laura Bush have also now gone on record as saying that the subject of Mrs. Palin's family is OFF LIMITS, and that anybody who brings up the issue of her family is behaving DISGRACEFULLY.

Conclusion: Kal K. Korff was inspired to suddenly have a family matter that is -- yes! -- OFF LIMITS, and is preparing to retort that any speculation into the status of his family, including whether or not they even exist, is OFFENSIVE and DISGRACEFUL. Once again his pattern of thought is identical: Change the subject from the phenomena at hand to one of character assassination. Colonel Cupcake then passed on this message to f1Racer knowing correctly that Mr. Racer would share it with us here, and PRESTO! he has a new little side topic to distract from the current debate; Kal K. Korff's family now comes first, and he even had someone else conveniently bring it up. Or at least his family will be the most important thing until he is no longer inspired by current events and slips up and starts working Royce Meyers III into it somehow. I give it about a week, and can predict that Colonel Cupcake is already making a video in which he will somewhat exasperatedly say that his family is off limits and that these base, vile, personal attacks against the family that he has NEVER MENTIONED BEFORE must stop immediately. Juts like they are saying about Sarah Palin: Kal K. Korff hasn't had an original idea since 1977 when he won that science fair ribbon for designing a nuclear bomb, and he didn't even do that.

Just my hunch, in any event he's full of crap. If he had a kid we'd have known about it, daddies are very bad about keeping their mouths shut, a lot of my buddies from school are now parents and you can't do a think with them without the freaking baby pictures coming out or hearing some story about such-and-such's little adventure, or how they have to go clean up spit-up milk or tuck someone in. Kal K. Korff is a liar, don't believe a word he says, distrust everything and above all else, don't take him seriously for a minute.


Brad said...

Steven, I believe you have officially crossed into what I like to call the "putting too much thought into how Kal's mind works" territory.

Color me impressed, though. You really put that together well, and if Kal suddenly goes to the "say what you want about me but leave my family out of it: mode then you, sir, will receive a hearty tip of my hat and an honorary B.S. in "Kal-ology"

I'm still hoping to see what kind of wedding video Kal can put together in 48 hours and what he will do to make it look as if it happened quite some time ago.

One other thing: "Avimi" (who cleverly pointed out that Avim was the shortened form of his name after I mentioned it was the third different name Kal's pal used. It shows he's keeping up with us over here) said Kal's son "does not speak English". Since Kal is in the Czech Republic (and ostensibly married to a Czech national so as to support his claim of right to live in the Czech Republic), wouldn't we all assume "Little Kalvin" speaks Czech. Big problem. Kal is on record as not speaking Czech. Looks like Kal forgot about that little problem. I wonder how he'll weasel out of that one??

Brad Hudson
Dallas, Texas

Anonymous said...

I see Kal's usual Thursday night slot on X Zone is still open. Any bets that he appears and Rob McConnell gives Kal a chance to explain himself?

Rob, I know you drop by here and hope you either aren't being played by Kal or or that you aren't giving him ari time for drama/ratings.

It never is a good idea to tease the animals in the zoo.

Anonymous said...

Another doozie of a post, Squonkie!

Anonymous said...

The video still - the mean-spirited grimace - that heads this posting perfectly captures Korff's vindictiveness, don't you all think?

Anonymous said...

It all makes a lot of sense now. Kal knows he is getting the boot from Prague and in anticipation of this, instead of being honest enough to admit the truth, Kal puts out this bogus "terrorist threat" stating he has 1 week to get out of Prague.

Kal rushes to the embassy, taking the time of course to film a video with some rather nasty and angry undertones, on his way to arrange his "wedding" to some unlucky sucker.

Kal has his bases covered because if this convenient marriage doesn't work out then he can fall back on the "terror" bit. But didn;t Kal swear before us all that he would not be intimidated?

Kal is running circles around himself and he hasn't a clue. lol

Some very insightful people here and this blog is just great in giving those of us who do not agree with Kal Korff to voice our opinions.

Anonymous said...

So did S3 pay for this wedding? what about the honeymoon? Perhaps Kal Korff has married a "honeytrap" unsuspectingly? Where would the brave 'colonel' and his new bride spend their honeymoon? Where else but in Iraq and Pakistan fighting terror and then off to small town Oregon to fight police corruption and then off to Prague for the next skinhead rally so they can trick skinheads into police custody!

Will the new (puke) Mrs.Korff shave her head to help out her hubby in going undercover?

Anonymous said...

Oh Good lord cant Kal send someone else You Tube messages for a change?!?!? sigh...the latest pile of bullshit:

Mr Racer,

Why do you insist on clinging to an UNTRUTH? Kal IS married, he HAS BEEN for a long time. His son has already been tested at a GENIUS LEVEL IQ. Kal keeps his family out of the public eye specifically so enemies of FREEDOM and people like Kevin Randle cannnot use their TERRORIST CONNECTIONS to bring harm to Kal's family!

Do not YOU have children? Would you not want THEM to come to any harm?

Of course, you have NO PROOF of any of your SLANDEROUS AND FALSE CLAIMS. Kal Korff has posted many videos, all of which ARE TRUE and you CANNOT PROVE OTHERWISE.

I again inform you to stop your malicious and anti-Jewish hatred or you WILL be prosecuted for consumer fraud to the fullest extent of EU law.

Avimi (Avim for short)

F1 Racer
Francis Underwood

Brad said...

I tried to post a comment that should have gotten me an e-mail, but I got the dreaded "check your comment" pop up. I think I need to shorten them.

Well, all Kal's videos are true and we can't prove otherwise?

I think me and my team of "Solomon Islands founded, Kuala Lampur funded Hyper Galactic Super Law Rangers" will get on that and show Kal a few of his lies...

Francis, I feel for you, I really do, but Kal seems to have a jones for you that we just can't top. It is my goal, though, to get at least one threatening letter from Kal before he has no more outlets from which to threaten people...

Brad Hudson
Galaxy Colonel
Hyper Galactic Super Law Rangers

Don Ecker said...

You know, the insanity that korff demonstrates daily has caused me to reevaluate whether I am wasting my time "shooting this fish in this barrel." I recently realized that korff is in one way, just as insane as another "moron" I have encountered this past year or so, the "infamous" actual ... real ... honest to God ... no kidding ... yeah you heard me ... VAMPIRE HUNTER ... Bishop Sean Manchester in the UK ! ! ! No matter how many times we point out the lies, the inconsistances and outright BS, these foolish morons keep "trucking" right along! We are supposed to take these BS artists AT THEIR WORD, no matter how many times we catch them "shading" the truth! Oh yea, just take them at their word.

korff is simply a very tiny fish that happens to have a battleship sized mouth. And damn the person who showed this guy how to turn on a computer ! :) So, unless something else catches my interest, I think I will simply let this schulb stew in his own sauces. After all, you guys are pretty good at keeping him on his toes.

Don Ecker

KRandle said...

Oh, for crying out loud... Now I'm a terrorist too. I thought I was a fine upstanding citizen who had gone in harm's way. Isn't that what Kal said when he bailed on the debate. Now I'm a terrorist?

Kevin D. Randle

Squonkamatic said...


Anonymous said...

I think Sean David Morton has a better record for telling the truth than Kal Korff. Now that's just sad.

And Kal, you bloated glob of human waste, how dare you call Kevin Randle a terrorist or suggest he has ties to terrorism! Fuck you Kal, you're the guy running around acting like a fucking lunatic bailing out on Major/Dr. Kevin Randle. I'm sorry Kal, what was your title again? What degrees do you have? What qualifications do you possess? Training?

Kal you are the worst kind of coward which is one who can't face the fact that his life has amounted to shit. You can only disparaged people you know are better than you instead of trying to work up to their level. No, from the depths of whatever mental illness you might have you do nothing but sling shit all for your own vanity.

If anyone is a terrorist here it is you Kal K. Korff. You try to harass and terrorize people with your endless threats and name calling all while trying to act like some victim in all this.

I hope the day comes when you set foot on American soil again you coward. Your "kritics" as you like to call them will have a field day with you in a court of law you are accountable to.

I wonder how much of your income you are reporting to the U.S. Kal as you are still responsible for paying taxes even if you work overseas. Read your passport Kal, you cowering waste. You wretched little oozing sore. You make me sick Kal K. Korff you lying lowlife piece of shit.

Brad said...

Well, that's it. He's jumped to Switzerland, S3 is now a field organization with 2 offices, he's married, his mother is half-Czech, and a slew of other lies.

I've got no more time for this clown. No matter how many times we catch his lies he'll just make new ones. I am beginning to think the only way to shut him up is to stop paying attention to him, but I just keep going back to the fact that he's lied about people I respect and that pisses me off, but Korff changes the game when you pin him down. He's a sad guy crying out for attention and he's falling apart realizing the high point in his life was probably 25 years ago.

What do you think? Just ignore him or try and make him so mad he finally comes unglued?


Rob McConnell said...

Dear Blog:

It was one week ago that Kal Korff cancelled his appearance on The 'X' Zone to debate Kevin Randle citing an imminent terrorist attack within 7 days of him writing his email.

This has been day 7 and NO TERRORIST ATTACK.

We are still background checking but to this time, our researchers have found no connection to any recognized intelligence agency.

I will keep you informed.

All the very best,

Rob McConnell,
The 'X' Zone.

Kal is an idiot said...

Rob, it took some time but I am glad to see you are holding Kal ACCOUNTABLE for this crap and I hope you NEVER let that lowlife sleaze on your show again after the DISPARAGING remark he made about Major Kevin Randle by saying Kevin Randle had ties to terrorism!!!! Completely ABSURD and I hope Kal gets RIPPED a new ASS over this!!!

Thank you for putting a comment here Rob and have you ever followed up with Paul Kimball, Royce Meyer III or anyone else who has been targeted by that IDIOT Kal K. Korff to see if any of his threats have actually happened??

Alan said...

Rob McConnell,

I frankly don't know how you could have ever let that madman Korff utter his nonsense for as long as he did on your show.

It was quite clear that Korff wasn't all he said and that his claims of suing everyone and going after terrorists were complete nonsense.

Korff not only put himself in a place to be sued, but he also put you in a bad position for the same. I don't know how you could have let this go on for so long without having *some* idea Korff was full of it.

Care to comment?

Al said...

Rob McConnell,

Also I was curious if Korff is now banned from your show for his debate stunt and this latest round of slander against Kevin Randle?

Squonkamatic said...

Hi Rob -- check this video link:

Colonel Cupcake is convinced that he is now the victim here, apparently, and it is Kevin in particular who is being uncooperative and hurtful in not allowing the debate to be rescheduled. As per his modus operandi, he has changed the subject from the matter at hand (his welching out on your debate) to the truthfulness and veracity of his opponent.

DON'T FALL FOR IT, I say in his mind's eye you and Kevin are like characters from a Daffy Duck cartoon who all of a sudden have giant wax papers around your heads with the word 'SUCKER' printed on it. Major Randle put it best in his own blog when he stated that what you are dealing with is a person who has no ethical standards.

Also if I can maybe make a request, f1Racer I totally understand and sympathize with your decisions to share these messages from Avimi (or "Avim" for short) but I have a growing suspicion that Colonel Crunchberries is using you as an unwitting mouthpiece: He knows or at least hopes that you will share the messages with us here, resulting in fallout that will provide him with additional material to use to further his aims. DON'T FALL FOR IT!!

Anonymous said...

Mr McConnell: you've been allowing this no-hoper to bray away on your show for years with not som much as a "come again?" from yourself. Only the other week, you were fawningly asking him with a straight face and completely free of irony how "S3" had gotten on on their recent trip out of the Czech Republic.
Do you think a reputable radio organisation like the BBC or the Canadian Broadcasting Company would ever hand over hours and hours and hours of its its airtime and airwaves over to a madman like this?
The fact that you have gotten away with it for so long says as much about the people who listen to you as the people who employ you.

BritinPrague said...

Mr McConnell"
"...our researchers have found no connection to any recognized intelligence agency."
So have have your researchers been filling their time for the last few years? Don't you think such inquiries are a little overdue?
You're a disgrace.

Paul Kimball said...

Re: Korff's threats, I've been on the receiving end of several in the past two years, none of which were ever actually carried out.

I know a bully when I see one, and that's Korff. He'll whine, kibbitz, squirm, dodge, weasel, threaten, harp, sneer, and otherwise puff out a lot of smoke, but at the end of the day he runs home with his tail between his legs, like all bullies do, when someone calls him on his BS.

Paul Kimball

Anonymous said...

Anyone else find it interesting that Kal decided to use Apple products to promote his material? Apple holds what, maybe 3 percent of the worlds computing market. What Kal, to stupid to use a Windows based PC? Why would anyone want to utilize such a small amount of options, as Apple gives you, when the world is on Windows?

Strange little man.

BTW Kal, if you, as the CEO of anything should know, try wearing something more than t-shirts and jeans when appearing in public.

Lastly, congratulations on the marriage. Might we see a photo of you two taking your vows?

You see, we can’t believe a thing you say.

Little Creep.

Anonymous said...

Now Kolonel Kal is operating out of Switzerland. And he's signed a two year "lease" on his Swiss headquarters. I hope to the landlord received a good part of the rent up front.

The Kolonel must have blown through all his Saudi cash on hookers and junk food - he sure didn't spend any money on his clothes, haircuts or video production facilities!!


Kolonel, really it's time to get some help.

Squonkamatic said...

Yeah fiddle dee dee, like ALL of his pending issues all magically came together within 24 hours on his last day of legal residency in CR. Imagine that: Now he can finally ship those Secret X Wars iPods and iPhones and has an Apple laptop with airport so he can upload anywhere he can find a carrier signal and not rely on unreliable cable service anymore from a fixed domicile. That way, he can conveniently travel back and forth between Switzerland and CR, presumably to visit with his son with the genius level IQ. It all just magically worked out in one afternoon.

Now, the question is, does Rob McConnell take his specially synched up iPhone and throw it into the fucking river? Or maybe take it to an Apple store, have them wipe it's drive, and sell it? Would you want Kal K. Korff to be able to MONITOR your activities on a loaded iPhone he sent you 24 hours a day?

Also note that there was nothing in this video about an apology to Rob and Kevin Randle, no accounting for his whereabouts during the time period in question, and the video filmed in front of (or near, at any rate) the US Embassy is still there stating that he was going for a meeting on terrorism that somehow related to Royce Meyers III. Then again everything that Kal K. Korff does ends up somehow relating to Royce Meyers III, but the fact remains that Kal K. Korff didn't say he was going to visit Czech customs to pick up care packages sent from America, he said he was going to discuss TERRORISM that related to his need to welch out on the scheduled X-Zone Roswell debate.

Anonymous said...

If I was Meyers III then I would go get a stalking order taken out against Kal Korff. The guy in my opinion is a deranged loon and I wouldn't put anything past the psycho. Kal is obviously obsessed with Meyers III and if you notice it has been Meyers III who has continued to ignore Kal's lunatic ramblings. I think Kal is pissed he can't get a reaction out of him. Kal wants reaction from the people he harasses so he can have something to live for because he clearly has nothing else of value in his life.

I see Kal boiling rabbits and shwoing up at Meyers III's house pleading for attention after a botched suicide attempt.

You think I'm kidding? Kal is special kind of freak and were I the focus of his attentions I would be calling the cops.

Anonymous said...

I think we should give Rob McConnell a break here folks. At least he is coming around to all this about Kal and is doing more than most other paranormal radio hosts would ever do.

While I agree Rob should have done something a long time ago about this nonsense, I give him credit for doing something about it now.

If Rob bans Kal from the show, great! If not, then I will never listen to X Zone again.

Anonymous said...

Anyone notice how Korff says he has contacted "internal affairs" about Royce Meyers III and later changes his story to it being a "third party" filing a complaint?

One thing I have noticed about Kal K. Korff is he will try to drag people's employment into his perceived feuds when it has nothing to do with anything. Korff does this in hopes of getting lucky once and dishing out some form of retaliation to his "kritics".

Korff not only does this with Meyers III but did the same with Kevin Randle with Korff claiming he would contact the Pentagon and other government officials. What does someone employment have to do with UFOs? It isn't like Randle is making official statements on behalf of the military or Meyers III is making any statements tied to whatever he does for a living.

No, this is more of Korff trying to get back at people and make them pay for what he views as a personal attack when really everyone is doing the same thing Korff does, which is to challenge the validity of one's claims. In this case it is Korff being challenged.

Randle and Meyers III must be laughing their arses off at Korff's trite threats. I'm sure Korff is somehow blaming the X Zone fiasco on all of his "kritics" and is making a to-do list of getting back at them all for him bailing out of the debate and for his being exposed for the nobody he is.

If Korff is consistent in one thing it is dishing out threats he never follow through on. Just look at f1Racer and the police threats that went no where. Three years in prison for calling Korff a fraud? Ha!

Korff is a sad and deluded figure and will shortly be but a memory that when recalled brings a slight chuckle and a shake of the head. Korff won't be going down in the history books as he thinks because, really, what in the hell has he done on any significant historical level? Yep, you guessed it: nothing. Korff is _at best_ a mildly interesting "patient x" case study in a psychology 101 text book.

Anonymous said...

Kal isn't good at making believable threats. Can you imagine someone in the Pentagon picking up a phone and its Kal on the other end wanting to talk about Roswell?

And all anyone has to do if Kal does grow some balls and files a bogus complaint is to tell whoever receives the complaint to look at Kal's own website and videos.

No one in their right mind would give Kal a speck of credibility and his name would be placed on a list of nuts to not take complaints from. His complaint would be laughed right out the door.

How many times were people going to get sued and arrested according to Kal? I lost count but know that exactly zero have come to fruition.

Don't worry about Kal filing any complaints. Everyone sees it is Kal retaliating because he doesn't know what else to do with his anger and craziness and we all know it is just more of Kal trying to cause people problems.

Also someone might want to tell Kal that filing or causing a false complaint to be filed is a crime in some states and with some government agencies. People can also sue over it because it is a malicious attempt to harm someone professionally and Kal knows it. You'd have no problem proving Kal was vindictive in court with the sheer number of bogus threats he has issued.

Looks as though Kal's IQ doesn't include anything having to do with the law.

Anonymous said...

Want to know why Kal is targeting UFO Watchdog? Do a Google search for Kal Korff. UFO Watchdog is second on that list with Kan o' Korff and it drives Kal fucking nuts. Kal has even tried getting it removed from Google and tried to get it removed through UFO Watchdog's webhost! Kal is desperate and knows he is out of time to turn any of it around.

Squonkamatic said...

Francis you know, I thought about it and decided I was wrong: KEEP THOSE CARDS AND LETTERS COMING!! at your discretion of course: He was definitely trying to use you as a mouthpiece, as long as you're aware of it no harm done I guess. It's also amusing at any rate to see Colonel Clambake consistently getting the spelling of Avim Askenazi wrong. He can't even keep the details of his own fantasy life straight.

Anonymous said...

Games anyone? Goes like this:
Rob McConnell invites Kal back on his show. Kal gladly accepts.
Meantime, by pre-arrangement, and unknown to Kal, Kevin Randle will call in with a question or two about Roswell. Then Paul Kimball will call in and discuss some legal matters. Then perhaps Don Ecker or even Royce Meyers III to follow.
Now if Kal is reading this, he will obviously never again be on that show.


Anonymous said...

Who told you about the master plan at the X Zone?????????????

Anonymous said...

Kal now says he'll be "broadcasting" from Switzerland in a few short hours. In Kal-speak that usually means at least three days from now or not at all.

Kal is also on about Kevin Randle and Royce Meyers again. Kal isn't worth the dirt on the foot of Royce and Kal had his shot at Kevin and blew it by ducking the debate in cowardice.

No one respects you Kal. Kal is a lowly piece of shit in the eyes in 99.9% of people. Can you imagine being the mother of Kal? How disappointing that must be for a parent to see their kid acting like a completely piece of shit and a nut to boot! Kal's isn't even a face a mother could love. Can you imagine what it must be like for his mother to have conversations with other parents?

Parent: And my son graduated from college, make $100G a year as an executive, served in the Army, donates his time and money to charity, married with three great kids. How's your son doing?

Korff's mother: I'm sorry, did you ask me about the weather. Gee I don't know. It might rain tomorrow. Anyhow I really must be going now. Talk to you later. Ta-ta. (click)

What the hell does that woman say to anyone asking about her kids? It might go something like, "I have one son running around acting like an escapee from an insane asylum and the other is in prison with a gunshot to the head."

Nice. Real nice. Mom must be oh-so-proud of her little "colonel" making an ass of himself on the web and elsewhere. Not to be mean, but you must wonder if it runs in the family.

Anonymous said...

Kal, I know you read this. What happened to your UFO repository? I'm actually more interested in what happened to your sanity.

Brad said...

Of course Kal reads this, just liek he pores over the comments left at YouTube where all his "Television Reality Shows" are broadcast.

Hey, Kal, I'm leaving a detailed list of all your lies up at your YouTube page. You better get to "historically revising" your videos and web site "articles" since your lies are coming out 1 by one, you Scientologist fruitcake!!!

Dallas, Texas

Anonymous said...

Maybe Korff has a point about hate? It seems people here like to call him names. This is childish, my friends. Don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of the XZone, Kevin Randle, Paul Kimball and others harrassed by this fellow. I like to see the humour at this blog. But I want to see Korff brought to justice, like it seems most here want. But people should respect him as a human being for their own mental health. It is easy to fall into the dark side... it is easy to fall into hate.

Anonymous said...

Treat Kal with respect like any other human being? You mean like Kal does everyone else? GMAFB! Kal reaps what he sows. If anyone is dishing the hate out it is Kal by self righteously accusing people of being racists and frauds.

I have zero respect for Kal and will treat him exactly like the 12 year old he acts like. Fuck him.

KRandle993 said...

Just a little clarification for those of you who can't read. I didn't say that Kal had called me a terrorist, but was commenting on the notes posted by F1 racer who was posting a letter from Korff's adjutant Avimi (Avim for short).

I mentioned that in one of the video rants Korff had suggested that I was a patriot... or some such and now I was being labeled as a terrorist. I did not attribute the terrorist comment to Korff.

Kevin D. Randle