Thursday, September 18, 2008

Comrade Kal and his message

As requested I have uploaded this picture of the message sent by Kal Korff to a user. The message is hilariously ludicrous nut also shows the spiteful tactics Kal willingly employs to slander people as he writes "And in the new shows we enjoy exposing them and reading their claims and mentioning their names and talking to their employers and colleagues to expose them in front of millions of people."

You're a spiteful and arrogant piece of trash Kal. In your desperate need to seek revenge on people you would stoop so low as to contact someone's place of work? For what? We all know the only reason you would ever do this is not out of some sense of righting a wrong but your hope that it would cause that person problems and might even get them fired. You're a HATER Kal and a lowlife one to boot. In Kal's warped little world if your employment has nothing to do with anything you might not one-hundred percent agree with Kal on Kal will warp and twist it so it does so he can justify trying to cause you problems at work. Why? Because Kal Korff is a little man with no sense of dignity who is willing to smear the names of people to get even for the self perceived injustice he dreams he has suffered.

A glimpse of all the threats Kal has made about contacting official agencies and employers of those who have called him a nut is all you really need to see just how full of HATE Kal truly is. Only a depraved, spiteful and malicious piece of shit would ever stoop so low as to try to harm someone by filing false complaints against a person. Further proof of Kal's maliciousness is that not one of the complaints he claims is happening has ever taken place as far as I know but I would not put it past that little bitch Kal Korff to do it.

In the world of adults disputes are settled between people acting rational and not being a tattle-tale using tall tales whee you hope to get someonein trouble at recess. Grow up Kal! Be a man for a change! Act like an adult you cowardice infant!


Anonymous said...

Good old Kal K. Korff using the same threats and bullying tactics he has used for years now. Disagree with Kal and he will try to make your life miserable. How many pro-UFO nuts have we seen do the same thing to a number of researchers they didn't like? Too many. Is your life so shitty Kal that you have to stalk other people like some kind of freak?

Anonymous said...

Thanks, KIAI:)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

The background to this post:

Take a look at page 8 at:
This is one of the krappy English teaching articles that Kalvin used to write until he got canned. Utter balderdash, I think you’ll agree. But what interests me is the photo caption - “Video credit: Avim Ashkenazi”.
Avim Ashkenazi, Kal followers will remember, was the “adjutant” that flew into Prague from Israel after Kalvin was “promoted to Colonel”.

Now look at: ["Kal Korff "Gets Buzzed" - Part 2"].

If you manage to sit through it to the end, you will hear the video cameraman talking in Czech to the hairdresser. Those of you who live in the Czech Republic will recognise instantly that this is someone with a native-speaker command of Czech. In fact, if I didn’t know his name was “Avim Ashkenazi”, I could’ve sworn he WAS Czech!

I was curious to learn how an Israeli who had only parachuted into Prague a few months before had so quickly managed to acquire a perfect command of the local language. So I sent Kalvin a message over YouTube.

To read the Colonel’s hilarious reply, click on the screenshot that "Kalisanidiot" has provided.

Anonymous said...

...oh, and I was also curious to know how a guy with such a talent for languages couldn't - even after some eight years of living in the Czech Republic - summon up enough of the local lingo to tell his hairdresser to "keep the change".

Anonymous said...

Kooky Kal finishes his reply with a "they deserve it". Krazy Kal certainly deserves something in return. All his threats suing other people, his 500 book deal, nanobots and all the rest of his bullshit.Kal deserves to be exposed for the nasty individual that he is.

Keep on blogging. Nasty Kal deserves it!

Letters From Kal said...

My dearest Martina,

Now that some time has passed, I thought I might contact you to see if you’ve had a change of heart. I know we didn’t exactly part on such great terms, and that is regretful. We were both angry; we both said some things we shouldn’t have. Yes, I did say that sleeping with you was like having sex with a fourteen year-old boy, and for the umpteenth time will you PLEASE stop asking me how I know that? But remember, you also called me a smelly fat pig so I believe we are even.

My constant and loyal companion Avim and I are currently sightseeing in Switzerland. What a wonderful country! And Avrim is such a curious boy. We are having a gay old time, you can be sure. Unfortunately, the Swiss are quite strict about enforcing a minimum drinking age. Thus, many of the bars and nightclubs that Avrim and I would like to visit are off-limits to him at least until he graduates from high school and/or can pass for 18.

All attempts at locating my old friend Lucas have so far been unsuccessful. He has evidently changed his telephone number many times since we last spoke. It is odd. People who know him say that he has either moved, left the country, committed suicide or simply vanished as if “abducted by aliens.” I have decided to file lawsuits against them in Canada, Zimbabwe and the Seychelles. I will be employing all of the resources of the Disraeli Super-Duper Secret Services to locate him. But as you know, nearly all of my personal resources are tied up in my brother’s lawsuit. Even though he has been found guilty, we believe that he will be found innocent. My nanobot is on the case! Although, admittedly, a single nanobot can only do so much and this may take more time than I anticipated. Unfortunately, my funds are running perilously low.

Martina, I miss you very badly. I would be willing to drop the lawsuit I told you I would file against you in Peru for calling me a “smelly fat pig” if you would send me some money. Just a couple of dollars would do. Anything. (You must have plenty – millions? – leftover from your days as a supermodel, right?) I would also be willing to return to you certain videos that Avrim took of know, the ones we couldn't put up on YouTube. They don't show much anyway - just me lying on a bed naked with what appears to be two broomsticks sticking out on either side, ha-ah.

Avimi has no money since he had to quit his paper route to accompany me on this trip. Avrim’s parents have refused to send him any more, and in fact are demanding that he return home to Armenia for “counseling” or some such. I am planning on filing a lawsuit against them in Japan.

Hope to hear from you soon!

With loving righteous indignation,

P.S. Could you send me my Beatles t-shirt and those Michael Crichton books I left on that shelf in our bedroom? The shirt has tremendous sentimental value and I need the books for…well, I just need them. Plus, Avirimi would really like it if you would send along his Nintendo 64 with the Super Mario Kart game. That boy just loves playing with things.

Squonkamatic said...

Violin lessons???

Good sting work, Jimmy D.! I guess we can expect those "KalsKornerOnline" videos to disappear next.

BritinPrague said...

You are scum, Korff. I hope you get caught in a Swiss avalanche, a St Bernard dog comes and digs you out, and then feeds you poison.

Anonymous said...

"They deserve it." That says it all. Kal is acting like a woman scorned and he'll clearly do anything he can to get even with those he believes have somehow maligned him by pointing out Kal's own ridiculousness to him.

This blog is right on the money about Kal's being a full blown coward out to only harm people by making maliciously false claims against them in some twisted and self righteous act of petty revenge.

Squonkamatic said...

As predicted, Colonel Cornmuffins has now released an "update" video that was indeed filmed in Prague before leaving for Switzerland where he assures his viewers that everything is peachy keen, emphasizing that he was taping the video in advance of his travels to "expose" those who might be spreading lies about where Kal K. Korff really is, what Kal K. Korff is really doing while on his sojourn, and that Kal K. Korff has actually been planning this venture for quite a while. Which inadvertently confirms speculation that the entire ruse was thought out in advance and Kal K. Korff made sure he had plenty of time to tape some additional video updates in advance of leaving. I like his Curious George safari vest and hat look.

He is still claiming that Prometheus is publishing his 3 book project on terrorism and that amongst his destinations will be Germany where he will undertake an expose of Steven Spielberg's MUNICH as part of Kal K. Korff's ongoing project studying human reasoning, which I guess is supposed to be his PHd thesis project -- and which he has been working on for several years now in secret, I guess. Odd little man.

Anonymous said...

I thought Kal was already in Switzerland, at least according to his Mobile English video of Sept. 8. Today he is on YouTube with a video recorded 'seversl days ago' saying he will be heading that way in a few days.
My intuition tells me he never left Prague and doesn't plan to.
Xzone radio debate, tonight's appearance, trip through Europe, lawsuits, prosecution threats, upcoming books, ad nauseum - pure fantasies!
Martina Tycova? I researched every model agency, every model publication, and every model directory for the entire Czech Republic. No mention of such person. I was going to check the appropriate sources for lists of past and present registered prostitutes, but was afraid of what I might find.


p.s. to Kal. I like your new image with the hat and 'loaded' vest. Reminds me of a Mexican bandido! Hasta la vista Senior!

Squonkamatic said...


Brad said...

Well, I sincerely hope Rob McConnell is having Kal on for 2 hours tomorrow night to ask him some REAL questions. No soft crap, and no backing down. Rob needs to challenge Kal on the fact that there is no credible evidence that there was a terrorist attack planned, that there is no documentation of S3 outside Kal's own pages, why Kal has never carried out any thing he has ever said he would, etc.

Rob, the ball is in your court. You told this blog that Kal would not be on your show again, now he is. He has publicly stated that his debate would be on the X-Zone when you said it would not.

Your call, Rob, and please expect some HARD questions from the folks who read this blog, questions that will require ANSWERS, not more of the sam old Kal BS.

Brad Hudson
Dallas, TX

Anonymous said...

You are a sick man, Mr Korff. I beg of you, get help. Professional help.

Anonymous said...

You dont really think Rob is going to allow any hard real questions through to Kal do you?
And even if he did, you dont really expect Kal to answer them do you?

Either Rob is desperate to fill the slot or he got paid off.

100% promise you not one single even remotely hard question will find its way to Kal

F1 Racer
Francis Underwood

Anonymous said...

As I keep saying, McConnell is as big a disgrace as Korff.

Anonymous said...


Squonkamatic said...

So did Colonel Crackermeal appear on X-Zone radio last night as he boasted he would or not?

squonkamatic said...

No wait, my bad, his scheduled appearance is tonight (Friday Sept 19/20), last night it was a Tarot card reader and the woman who talks to angels. Good to see that Colonel Cornmuffins is in good company. I plan to be drinking beer irresponsibly with the guys and laughing at sleazy horror movies from the 1970s and won't be able to tune in, so if someone could provide us with an audio archive it would be a good hangover laugh I am sure. Listeners are invited to submit questions for Kal K. Korff to answer using the email address xzone (at) .

By the way, SEE HOW EASY IT WAS TO ADMIT BEING WRONG? No need to plot out some sort of public apology, invent an international conspiracy, don a ridiculous looking hat or make a YouTube video convoluting things.

Don Ecker said...

Back in 1991 I began my broadcasting career with my first show, "UFOs Tonite!" on the CRN network. I decided at the outset that I was going for the facts and evidence "such as it was" and if I caught someone trying to "BS" me, I castrated them on the air. I did it with skeptics, debunkers and UFO bullshit artists. As a result of how I did it, I garnered a big audience "coast to coast." When I decided several months ago to contact Rob McConnell about doing a show exposing kkk to his audience, I thought McConnell might get the hint. Simply by the fact that he (McConnell) showed up here, he had enough proof to wash his hands of this disturbed and mentally deranged little turd. Well, apparently not since as just a moment ago (by going to McConnell's URL) I see McConnell has kkk listed as being on his show this evening. (Sept. 19th-Friday) That tells me all I ever needed to know about Rob McConnell and his bull-shit format. McConnell doesn't seem to give a good god damn about truth or anything connected with the truth. Shame on McConnell and his whole damned network. Just how does he look at himself in the mirror in the morning?

Don Ecker

Rob McConnell said...

Yes, it is true - Kal Korff is going to be a guest for two hours tonight, Friday, September 19 2008 from 9 pm - 11 pm Pacific on The ’X’ Zone.

This is your chance to ask Kal the questions you have always wanted to and ask for clarification on answers which do not make sense or do not fully answer the questions asked!

If you have questions, please email them to so that we can have them ready for tonight’s broadcast with Kal. We have already received several questions for Kal to answer - rather direct ones I must admit.

Once again, send us your questions to be asked to Kal to, or by MSN Messenger

Kal will not know any of the questions before they are asked.

The show will be audio and video streamed on the internet for those who do not receive us from their local radio station at where you will be able to chat with other members of The 'X' Zone Nation. A member of Te ‘X’ Zone will be monitoring the chat at and will send questions to us in the studio as well.

This is the first of a new segment on The ‘X’ Zone that we are calling, “For The Record” since once questions are asked and answered on our show, they are “on the Record.”

People around the world have wanted the opportunity of asking Kal very specific questions for direct answers. Here is your chance. You wanted it – The ‘X’ Zone is giving you the chance of asking the questions – now it will be up to Kal to answer them.

If Kal Korff and Michael Horn are willing to try and agree to disagree in a professional manner, is it possible that this “new” working attitude can be accomplished in the rest of the UFO field and Bigfoot Community with Kal? Please send me your answer to

See you tonight in The ’X’ Zone

Rob McConnell said...

Hi Don:

I see that you seem to disagree with me having Kal on my show. Too bad – it’s my show, my format and my decisions – and I do not need to justify what I do to you. So, go back to your sand box and keep on recreating UFO crashes and maybe, just maybe, you’ll have your very own REAL radio show once again – though I really doubt it. I am sure the little fellows who have internet streaming formats would not mind having someone like you on their team. They too, like you, are legends in their own minds.

I believe by bringing Kal back onto the show and allowing listeners to send in their question for Kal, he will be given the opportunity to answer the questions that people like yourself claim to want to ask but are not given the opportunity to do so. Tonight is that opportunity for one and all. This is what real radio journalism is about Don – getting to the three sides of any story – his, hers and the truth.

By the way, no need for you to post or paraphrase this email to you at Kal Korff is an IDIOT since I just did it for you.

Rob McConnell

Robert said...

Here's the problem with asking Kal questions: He can say whatever he wants and doesn't have to provide a shred of evidence. It's the word of Kal, which in my opinion isn't worth the carbon dioxide he exhales.

Rob, seriously, with all of the nonsense Kal has said, not a single claim of his coming true, all of the baseless threats he has issued, and the rest of it, why give him anymore air time? Do you think it controversial? Good for ratings? Or do you simply not care and need to fill in that time slot iwth a guest youj know is worth an hour or so of endless babbling bullshit?

I could be on your show and make many unproven claims. When people call in to ask me questions I can say anything I want and leave it at that without ever proving anything.

I have to ask what you hope to accomplish tonight, Rob? What is your goal? What measure do you use to evaluate Kal's answers? Are there any consequences for Kal should he not provide reasonable and verifiable answers?

Are you hoping that someone who has investigated Kal will call in and provide you enough material so you can ban him from the show, perhaps because you are afraid to do it yourself?

And what happens if no one wants to waste their time asking Kal any questions? What then, do you proclaim this as giving Kal some sort of legitimacy, or does this happen anyway when Kal answers all the questions as he may?

I notice that you and Kal both sell i-Pods and your websites use the same freeware. Is there some sort of business arrangement between you and Kal? Kal does claim to be the "Bureau Chief" for your show.

On the face of it, this just looks like a PR bit for Kal where you're giving him an "out" for all of his ridiculous claims and other nonsense.

Sorry to be so skeptical, Rob, but based on everything you know about Kal and the undisputed fact that not a single threat he's made has taken place, lawsuit or otherwsie, why in the world would you ever waste a second more with him? After the debate fiasco and the patently absurd excuse Kal gave, were it my show he'd be a distant memory.

A word of advice to you, Rob: By allowing Kal on your show and having him toss out accusations accusing people of criminal activity and committing slander, your putting yourself firmly in the crosshairs of a lawsuit, should one choose to pursue such. Were I you,

I would be checking with a reputable attorney specializing in this area and see what they have to offer. I think you'll be surprised. And you should remember that anywhere your show is heard, be it Canada or Germany or anywhere else, suits can be filed in those countries.

I'm not saying someone is going to sue, I'm just saying is is a possibility and one I personally would not find worth using Kal to fill a time slot with.

Best of luck to you, Rob.

Anonymous said...

Real radio journalism? So now you're claiming to be a journalist? But isn't your show "largely an opinion" show????

If you want to claim to be a "journalist" McConnell then you need to investigate Korff's claims thoroughly and provide proof of:

-Employment and position at LLNL
-Employment with Apple and position
_Employment with CLaris and position
-University where Korff received his BA/BS and Masters in order to continue on to a Ph.D. and where he is obtaining that PhD
- Copies of his previous educational degrees. You have to have those 2 other degrees before you can obtain a PhD

And if Korff is really wanting to be all upfront about his background and claims then have him publish a signed letter granting permission for anyone to check his educational and employment records and granting full permission for the release of those records.

Since Korff publicly states he has nothing to hide and is a public figure he should not have any problem doing this. If he does have a problem with it, then he's full of shit like everyone has said all along. Korff likes telling people they can always check his claims but he is well aware that you need personal authorization in order to thoroughly check those claims out. This way he can put on a brave face and say 'come check me out' while being secure knowing that it can't happen.

If you want to get everyone's story and be a journalist, then you better cover every inch of ground here otherwise you're just another late night radio idiot with a UFO program.

Rob you can see that Korff has been dead on caught in a lie with this KPMG audit crap. Where's the audit and where's his $25mil budget and TV deals and 500 books?

Rob is really desperate for some air filler or he is just the most gullible fool on the planet if he gives Korff an ounce of credibility. And don't you dare call yourself a journalist or claim you are conducting investigative journalism Rob unless you have checked and verified every single claim Korff has uttered or inferred and you release everything you have discovered. That is what a true investigative journalist does. You've stuck your foot in your mouth Rob and hopefully you can deliver.

Anonymous said...


If Kal on your show tonite makes anymore baseless claims, false threats, libelous or slanderous attacks, or refuses to answer any direct question I swear to GOD I will come at you with both barrels like I have to Kal. I drove his ass OUT of the Czech Republic and I am FULLY able to drive YOU off the air. Do not make the mistake of underestimating me. Kal did, look what happened.

F1 Racer
Francis Underwood

Don Ecker said...

Rob McConnell said;
"So, go back to your sand box and keep on recreating UFO crashes and maybe, just maybe, you’ll have your very own REAL radio show once again – though I really doubt it. I am sure the little fellows who have internet streaming formats would not mind having someone like you on their team. They too, like you, are legends in their own minds."

Uh Rob, like what in hell are you talking about? Recreating UFO crashes? Like ... huh?

This from the guy that does Tarot readings, karmic astrologers, psychic & intuitive's, The Book of Angels, The Hidden Secrets: Dreams, Signs, Meditation and etc. etc. Maybe you should check out some anger management classes Bud! You seem mighty touchy ... but then you are dealing with kkk.

Let me get back to my biography Rob. I gotta get my legend down while it is still fresh in my mind, and you gotta get your shovel ready to shovel kkk's bull shit tonight.

Don Ecker

Anonymous said...

Don't lightly toss around the word "journalism", Mr.McConnell, or use it for dramatic affect. You've now made a promise to the public to fully investigate Kal K. Korff. Hopefully, unlike Kal, you are able to follow through with your pledges.

Anonymous said...

Where is the proof of this audit kal said he was getting done on Kevin Randle? that claim alone proves, to me at least, that Kal Korff is completely full of hot air. I also agree with everyone here about investigative journalism and presenting all sides of the story including *documented proof* that any amateur journalist would have obtained.

David Biedny said...

It's just so good to see that X-Zoned zipperhead has put his ignorance and arrogance right out there, swinging in the wind for all to see. He's having a known sociopath on his "entertainment" show - Rob's not a journalist, he's a "host". He put up his little disclaimer notice after Royce & I spoke with his bosses and made it clear that we'd not take any further slander from him or Krackerhead.

They're made for each other, toss Horn in the mix and you've got a trio of matched mental midgets.

Bob in Florida said...

Guys, guys! Y'all are misinterpreting the role of Rob McConnell here. As Dave Biedny said, Rob is just a radio host; he's not an investigative journalist or any such rubbish. He's in the ENTERTAINMENT industry. He's a radio host with FOUR HOURS to fill. Hey, the more controversial, the better!

So don't be so hard on McConnell. He knows just what he's doing, and he's just doing his job. I, for one, will be tuning in tonight (via the internet), just to see what new craziness KKK can come up with, and how he'll handle the broadside attacks from this choir that are sure to come.

Maybe I'll call in and ask Kal to say something in Czech. That haircut was some time ago; SURELY he's learned to say, "Keep the change" in Czechoslovakian by now - although, come to think of it, given his financial situation, I doubt he'd ever use such a phrase in real life.

It's gonna be fun!

Dan said...

Rob McConnell himself said he was going to handle this like an investigative journalist. What he did was prove why the world of UFOs and the paranormal will never be taken seriously. Rob McCon is a fucking zipperhead and a sellout who will claim to be out for the truth when he's out for ratings and a buck. Journalism starts with a 'j' and so does the word joke. McCon is the latter. A joke.