Friday, September 12, 2008


Kal K. Korff can't keep any of his stories straight and OUTRIGHT LIES TO CONSUMERS when he claims his brother "was found innocent" of trying to mow down a cop with a car. The fact here is that Kal is so desperate to be right he'll lie to the world about his brother's CONVICTION for trying to run over a cop with a car. Kal you need to STOP LYING about this and face the FACT that your brother was convicted of not only trying to run over a cop with a car but was also convicted of being a FELON with a weapon! Prove this is wrong Kal and I shall remove the entire contents of this blog. Keep LYING Kal because it doesn't change the sad TRUTH about you. FACTS are FACTS Kal no matter HOW MANY TIMES YOU LIE. Kal has made it crystal clear that CONSUMERS CANNOT TRUST HIM TO BE OBJECTIVE!







Posted on 3/13/08 by Scott Jorgensen

Driver who ran down Ore. deputy with car convicted

08:38 AM PST on Thursday, March 6, 2008
Associated Press

GRANTS PASS, Ore. -- A driver accused of trying to run down a Josephine County deputy two years ago has been convicted of attempted assault.

But jurors found Kurtis K. Korff not guilty of attempted murder.

Korff was at the wheel of a car headed toward Deputy Jim Geiger, who had responded to a report of a robbery. Geiger stumbled in front of the car, but came up firing and shot the 41-year-old Cave Junction man in the side of the face.

Korff's sentencing date had not been set Wednesday.


Anonymous said...

The truth isn't convenient for Kal in this case so not admitting the facts make it so...well, to Kal anyway. So how is it that this "innocent" person was convicted by a jury of his peers? Because he was found guilty. Pretty simple but Kal sees conspiracies at every turn when the world doesn't revolve to his liking.

Brad Hudson said...

Kal keeps saying his brother is innocent, and he was found not-guilty on the attempted murder charge, but Kal conveniently leaves out the charges he WAS convicted of.

It's classic Korff spin. Since he's technically correct about the one charge, Kal drays like a mule about that one thing, so when he gets cornered he can claim he was not lying: Kurtis was found not guilty on one of the charges. Kal counts on most people not knowing there were a slew of other charges.

Kal is doing what he does best: aurfing shades of gray.

God how I loathe him....

Brad Hudson
Future Kal Opponent
Dallas, Texas

Anonymous said...

"God how I loathe him...."

I can understand why the author of this blog might want to quit. Korff's life has become the "Truman Show." And since he has, IMHO, harassed and lied to a great many people, he deserves this blog. But his peers would be wrong to show hate against this tiny man. There is some violence on this board. And I feel that this site should only continue if human rights are observed. Telling the truth objectively is another matter entirely.

Anonymous said...

"And I feel that this site should only continue if human rights are observed. "

Please read over Korff's site poster.

Korff is getting what he has gave, other than the rare "I'd like to kill'em.....

Contacting a persons place of work to berate that person in his place of his work is so low down I'm speachless. All because that person questioned, and rightly so, the valitity of his claims. A safe place to work, is a US human's right. Doesn't seem to matter to Kal?

Beyond bodily harm, throwing words at Korff seems, minor and, lets be honest here, pretty much useless...

But it is fun and one limited way to post to the world what is really going on with this idiot of a man.

Maybe a boxing match, for charity of course, is in order.

What about it Ecker? Even with your bad leg you could take him!


Anonymous said...

Why waste your time putting a boxing match together with Kal? Kal will only not show up, scream he was a victim and then go blathering on all over himself with his delusional bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Classic "the world according to Kal" spinning. Kal has never been able to gracefully (or in any other manner) admit he was wrong or give the full story when it made his little world shudder. Just look at the number of errors Kal made in both his Meier book and Roswell book. Look at how Kevin randle and Paul Kimball took it to Kal with the facts by disproving claims Kal made. Kal cannot ever truly admit when he's wrong.

Pat said...

The truth hurts now doesn't it Kal? the truth of the matter here is that your brother is sitting in prison while you rant and rave all at his expense. Kal can go on playing "colonel" and "righting the wrongs" of the world again at the expense of everyone but himself.

To me it seems Kal would sell out his own mother in favor of his fantasies. I could be wrong, but doubt I am.

Kal is a self centered ego/attention whore. I watched his lecture about JFK that started out talking about the assassination but then turned out to be all about Kal K. Korff.

I also noticed Kal has been saying the same things for a long time now about being in the media, his super intelligence, and whatnot.

I think Kal has always been like this and it has only in recent years come full swing to the surface for all to see.

Kal will be right no matter what happens. If Kal says the sky is pink and everyone tells him it is blue, then everyone is out to get him and they're all frauds for daring to question the great Kal K. Korff.

Kal, get some help, step back, and reevaluate your life and acknowledge your rage, failures, jealousy, hatred, and do something positive to help yourself out. take a step in the right direction for once. It takes a big man to admit he has a problem, and at this point Kal you are an infant at best.

Anonymous said...

Korff's brother shooting is typical of how he works. Use that which helps your argument, that which doesn't prove your point or even contradicts it, leave that out. That's not objective research, that's a lawyeresque type of way (if not the conman type of way) to build your case.
Korff is also a 'deconstructor', that's what he's good in. Not building something, no, but tearing it down. Roswell, JFK, Bigfoot, Meier all are debunking (deconstructing) attempts. To top it off Korff claims he's not a skeptic nor a debunker, but of course that should be viewed by his definition and that brings you back to the first item.
Of course Korff is a debunker and a lousy one at that. I suspect he's getting his PhD in 'Artistical Bullshit'.

Anonymous said...

Please say Kal isn't going back on that radio program. If he is then I will refuse to listen to it anymore.

There's Kal's "truth" then there is reality. Did anyone catch that Kal on his JFK video said an article from 1978 from the San Jose Mercury News could be found online? That isn't what Kal said a while back.

Anonymous said...

Someone might want to tell Kal Korff that the idea of Internet mobility and communication happened years ago. This "mobility" bit Kal is pushing is his way of making a threat, in that you never know where Kal is going to be - gasp! Kal, you're a puss. No you're actually an insult to pussies worldwide. Data mobility isn't cutting edge Kal, a few hundred people beat you to this years ago just like hypercard and the net. You're still way behind Kal and your website shows what low level technical skills you have.

Pete said...

My question s that if Royce has nothing to do with the shooting of Kal Korff's brother, why does Kal Korff keep dragging his name into it? I can't find anything anywhere on the web where Royce has said one word about it. Seems this is more of Kal Korff slinging mud and hoping to hit someone in the face. Kal Korff should count himself lucky it isn't me he's talking about because he'd be staring down the long barrel of a very large lawsuit for libel.

Anonymous said...

So far, we only have Kal's announcement about being on the xzone radio show again. I'll believe it when it shows up on the show's schedule for next week.
If it's true, I think I know what the game plan is. Works both ways!

Squonkamatic said...

Kal K. Korff and Kurtis K. Korff? Their parents must have one hell of a sense of humor. Ending up with one child who's initials work out to KKK, ehh. But TWO of them?? In a row?


I also thought that Kurt K. Korff was Kal K. Korff's YOUNGER BROTHER. The blotter report cited on the blog posting states that young Kurtis is 41. Which means that Kal K. Korff's YouTube account stating that he is 36 is a LIE, and that Kal K. Korff is engaging in an act of FRAUD and DECEPTION, misleading consumers into thinking he is a strapping young guy in his 30s when really he's approaching the age of 50, still doesn't apparently have a job or family, and was deported from the country in which he had sought refuge from his past catching up with him.

It has thus been proven conclusively that Kal K. Korff is a LIAR. He's LYING about his age to YouTube, and LYING to Rob McConnell about working on a PHd, amongst other topics. What does it say about someone's character when they willfully LIE to and DECEIVE the very co-enablers they depend on for perpetuating their fantasy lives? He's worse than a drug addict.

Anonymous said...

Is Rob McConnell stupid enough to let Kal back on the air? My hope is Rob has the bottoom line on Kal and is going to sink Kal's boat on the air. Notice how Rob is always asking other people to confront Kal? As a broadcaster Rob has a responsibility for the content of his program and a larger responsibility to the public.

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff 36 years old? BWAHAHAHAHA! Kal "Mr. Mid-life Crisis" Korff is fucking dreaming if he thinks any woman with half a brain is going to believe he's 36! This would explain the working out and losing weight and this whole image identity crisis he's been going through.

What a sick guy.

Anonymous said...

Kal 'Character Assassin' Korff sums it all up rather well. Kal's new slogan should be "If you can't beat 'em, slander and libel 'em!"

Bob In Florida said...

In the post immediately prior to this one, a guy named "Robert" posted a response directed at Kal.

Robert said (to Kal):
"I've read some of your preposterous claims about working on the OJ Simpson case (both the criminal and civil actions). It is clear you did no such thing and when you talk about the law, consumer fraud, suing and prosecuting others, well, Korff you simply should just pull your pants down to show the world your ass while you walk around in circles because that is essentially what you are doing when you open your mouth."

Kal with his pants down, walking around in circles: Now there's an image that is as disturbing as it is disgusting.

In all of KKK's rantings about his "older" brother KKK's supposed innocence, Kal's illustrations have Kurtis sitting in the passenger and leaning over on the driver's side in a very suggestive way. Just what in holy hell was Kurtis doing when he was shot?? Just what "price" was there to be paid by Kurtis for hitching a ride with those ne'er-do-wells? Maybe we now know why the driver's foot jammed the accelerator wide-open at a most inopportune time! Maybe the cop was just trying to stop an act that is still illegal in many states.

And if there was a driver...wait, there had to be a driver if the car was moving, right?...was the driver shot in the groin? Inquiring minds want to know! Or not.

I'm just saying.

Anonymous said...

I was directed to this site by a co-worker who remembered my past dealings with Kal Korff, whom I had forgotten about, as I will explain now.

I am the Director of Studies at a rather large language school here in Prague, I will not name which one, as what I am going to say here would be a bit unethical, for obvious reasons.

We will hire pretty much anyone as long as you have a degree in something. I will not get into the aspects of this practice, but this is how it is.

About two years ago Kal Korff came in to apply for a teaching position we had advertised on Disregarding his rather shabby appearance, I agreed to conduct an interview with him, at which time I asked him to produce the usual CV and proof with regards to legally being in this country.

In all my years of doing this job, I admit I had never interviewed such an unqualified individual as Kal. Not only were there spelling mistakes on his own CV, but it appeared to be outdated by 2 years. When I asked him of the gap in his employment history he answered he was "living off an inheritance" and was "sightseeing" during this time.

When I noticed his University information was missing, he stated that his diploma had been lost in his move to Prague. I countered that this was really no reason to not even mention it on his CV and verification of his education was as easy as making a phone call.

Kal then stated his went to University at a place called "The University of the Pacific" and that it was a small Christian University in Oregon. He then stated he did not remember the phone number or address, but he could provide them "in a few days".

At this point I had no intention of hiring Kal and wrapped up the interview with the usual "we will be in touch".

Mr.Korff had passed from my memory until I was directed here by my co-worker, who apparently is quite a fan of this blog. I must admit I find all these Kal stories a bit sensational and I believe I did the right thing in not hiring him.

Anonymous said...

Kal told me he was making money as one of the largest exporters of goods to the states.

Squonkamatic said...

Good movie Mr. Director! and your anonymity is safe here. And since Kal K. Korff is a person who operates with no discernible ethical standards of his own please do not feel guilty about sharing your potentially priceless information with us.

There is indeed a private college called University of the Pacific in Stockton, California that is affiliated with the Methodist Church, and their Wiki info page can be found here:

It sounds like Kal K. Korff combined the religious bent of that college with Pacific University, which is another private college located in Forest Grove, Oregon, though its Wiki info page found here:

and was apparently founded by members of the United Church of Christ.

Just on random speculation over my lunch break Korffing here, it sounds like either Kal K. Korff wasn't too sure about the name of the college ****OR**** he was hoping that you would be too lazy to do a followup check and/or get confused when you'd find that there is a University of the Pacific and it is a private school with religious affiliation even though it's not in Oregon.

Since your memory appears to be sharp I'd say that Kal K. Korff was attempting to mislead you by deliberately stating he had studied at University Of The Pacific even though he most likely knows damn well the difference between it an Pacific University. If your memory is jogged by this do let us know because one of us no doubt WILL BE CONTACTING *BOTH* COLLEGES TO ASK IF THEY HAVE EVER HAD A STUDENT NAMED KAL K. KORFF ENROLLED THERE. Unless by saying he "went" to University of the Pacific -- err, Pacific University -- he actually meant that he WENT to their bookstore every once in a while and snuck into $1 films for the students with a non-student ID card giving him permission to be on campus.

Regardless, I have never known anyone to ever leave their college education off of their Curriculum Vitae, since one of the purposes of having a CV is to establish one's academic credentials. I have mine on file and saved to disc & can provide anyone with a printout hard copy (or electronic/fax) in however long it takes the printer to spit it out -- and I am not even looking for a job as an instructor in anything just at the moment. One can also freely call/contact/write/visit/have Scotty beam you down to any of the three academic institutions I attended and received credits from, and all three of their Bursar's offices will back me up on that.

Point being that Kal K. Korff obviously did not want you to do the same thing in his regard and deliberately gave you the wrong name, he's a fast thinker and probably drew the conclusion that if you checked with University Of The Pacific and came up empty he could always say you misunderstood him stating that he had attended Pacific University. After all, you're a Czech Republic citizen, Oregon and California for that matter are very far away and with international phone tolls being what they are these days -- combined with Korff living in a past made up of newspaper clippings, JFK lectures and jaunts to Switzerland where he earned his fame -- he probably concluded that you would just consider it too much of a bother & expense to check up on his academic history.

It also sounds like you caught him off guard asking about not just his academic credentials but why there was a significant gap in his resume. He pulled the old "I came into an inheritance and have been sightseeing" routine that was meant to intimidate your lower class kiester into hiring him regardless, which makes one wonder why all of a sudden he needed the ducats from a paying job. Thank heavens you instantly translated that out into "wayward urchin living off his mom while he tries to get laid in Prague" and said you'd be in touch.

Just wondering, did he ever make a followup call? Those actually work if you have confidence in yourself and know that the spiel you had spun is on the level, though if he didn't I think we can all rest assured that Royce Meyers III had some hand in why Kal K. Korff couldn't get to a phone and actually place a call to your office. See, Royce kicked Kal K. Korff out of his privately run website's "UFO Hall of Fame" but kept Major Kevin Randle and Mr. Don Ecker in the hall of fame while Kal K. Korff was banished to the "UFO Hall of Shame" with Art Bell, Ed Dames, Sean David Morton, and the terminally creepy Dr. Steven Greer in what can only be the most gross example of injustice since the Wham-O! company stopped making Super Elastic Bubble Plastic just because a few stupid kids where inadvertently getting high off the fumes.

None of this of course has anything to do with the job interview or Kal K. Korff's wish to teach English to eager Czech citizens, but he would have to blame someone for not getting the gig and Royce is as good of a Judas Goat as any. Either that or he meant to call you and there was a terrorist threat made against a guy who knows someone who used to live in Kal K. Korff's housing complex that once owned a dog who had the same color fur as the Bigfoot costume that Roger Patterson used to fake that Bigfoot film ... it would all make perfect sense if it wasn't for our LIES and SLANDER.

Just one other question: Did Kal K. Korff demonstrate a grasp of the Czech language? Or would that not have been a requirement for the position? One of Colonel Crunchberries' favorite things to tell people is that he couldn't fake Czech language emails because he couldn't speak the language. If he told you anything else then there's another deception. Either way we cut it sounds like he was trying to bullshit his way into what he figured was an easy job that would have been needed to meet his visa requirements. You did the right thing by blowing him off and telling us about it, sleep soundly tonight knowing that your information could prove invaluable, and that you spared your students from having to learn how to misspell common English words.


Squonkamatic said...

Just re-reading stuff and something from the Director's post leaped out at me:

"When I noticed his University information was missing, he stated that his diploma had been lost in his move to Prague. I countered that this was really no reason to not even mention it on his CV and verification of his education was as easy as making a phone call."

He lied to you right there, or rather changed his story without even thinking about it: Was he sightseeing or relocating to Prague? The guy can't even keep track of the untruths he spins while they are coming out of his mouth.

Anonymous said...

Kal K. Korff has *no* degrees. Now he suddenly is working on a doctorate degree? Rubbish. "Dr.Korff", I think not. Korff doesn't amount to a brown stain on a proctologist's specimen swab.

And nobody would ever leave their educational credentials off a resume. What a ludicrous load of shit.

Anonymous said...

You can tell this Korff character has not an ounce of legitimate law enforcement training and knows shit about use of force laws and their application. This Korff dork is just the type of person prosecutors love having on the stand to tear apart. If this Korff joker was involved in the O.J. Simpson case it is no wonder O.J. walked.

Anonymous said...

I love Kal's brilliant analysis of the 'proof' that his brother was shot through the driver's side window, and that the shell casing wound up inside the car. Was the window up or down, in the pouring rain?
Shell casings are brass, not white. A .38 or .357 calibre casing has a maximum length of 1.29 inches. The photo shows a longer cylinder, which exactly matches, by its shape and color, that of a hypodermic shringe, used by addicts to 'shoot up' with. Nice detective work Kal!


Anonymous said...

Kal being misleading and vague during a job interview. Now where have we seen this before? Geesh, the guy can't stop doing it. He's a con artist.

Brad said...

Boy, is Kal getting nuttier every day. I just noticed that he states that Royce Myers III will be called as a witness in the federal civil suit that his brother is supposedly involved in. What in the hell does Kal think Royce is a witness to, outside of Kal's own lunacy? I can't believe all he is going through just to attempt to get back at Royce for removing him from a MINOR HALL OF FAME!! It's almost as if Kal has had his Nobel Prize rescinded and he's out to make things right. Holy geez, Kal, it's the freaking UFO Watchdog HOF, not some kind of exclusive club!! If Royce really wants to drive Kal nuts he should throw him in the Hall of Shame (and how Royce has not done that yet is beyond me).

BTW, I'm still waiting for Kal to post that IAD complaint against Royce, the one we were just "hours away" from??

Brad Hudson
Dallas, Texas

Anonymous said...

Kal is off again about nanobots saying he has once again sent Rob McConnell some nanobot components. Rob, did you ever get any nanobots stuff from Kal? Wasn't Kal supposed to send nanobots to some sheriff to fight what he claimed was corruption? And wasn't Kal supposedly using nanobots to fight terrorism?

Kal also says he is coming back on the X Zone radio show. What gives and why would Rob ever let this fruitcake Kal back on the air after the Roswell debate fiasco?

I know Rob McConnell reads this blog so Ihave to ask did Rob ever get any nanobot components that he could verify were indeed nanobots?

Squonkamatic said...

Uh, if they were nanobots, especially components of nanobots, how would he be able to see them? Nanobots are microscopic sized robots with artificial intelligence programming. They are so small you can't see them with the naked eye. Colonel Cupboard could send someone and empty crack vial and say it has nanobots inside of it, which is what I think he tried to pull on one of his videos -- holding up a seemingly empty glass tube and saying "People claim I don't have nanobots, but there they are!"

So a better question might be: Rob, has Kal K. Korff sent you any empty glass vials claiming there were nanobots inside?

The Bob Barbanes said...

But Squonk, *where* would Kolonel Kal get an empty crack vial??

Oh yeah, heh-heh, from his brother!

Dearest Brother Kal,
As per your latest email, here are the 1,000 empty crack vials you requested. And I'll tell you, man, it took me quite awhile to empty them - nearly two whole days! There are plenty more where these came from - just say the word! I'm glad to have some way to get rid of them. My basement apartment was getting pretty cluttered up. Mom's been on my case lately about the mess, and I need that like I need a hole in my head.

Are you still living in Poland with that scrawny bitch, or has she run your fat ass off yet? Write if you get work, cowboy!

Your brother (am I the older or younger one),

P.S. Know any good lawyers?

Squonkamatic said...

LOL!! ;] So that's why Czech officials inspected his mail.

Kult of Kal said...

"and I need that like I need a hole in my head."

Holy Shnikees, that gave me a good laugh this morning!

Anonymous said...


F1 Racer
damn happy Torro Rosso won Sunday!
aka Francis Underwood

still waiting for the police

Kult of Kal said...

I have to post this movie up again. All this fast-paced blogging of Kal's continued BS had me searching too long for the link.


God, what a moron.

Anonymous said...

Kult of kal,

Please do some more videos of this moron. This video is priceless!

Bob in Florida said...

Oh, dear God, STOP!! I can't stand it - my sides are splitting. Too f'ing funny, man!

"...And that book is the best-selling expose of Roswell of all time. It's in paperback!" [rimshot]

Too many other things to mention.

Hilarious, just hilarious.

What ever happened to the truth?