Thursday, September 11, 2008


It looks like our very own Colonel Coward is at it again with trying to blame his own cowardice on flying saucer author Kevin Randle. Here is what Conniving Kal had to say, "The proposed debate between Major Kevin Randle and myself was postponed for reasons already explained. If people choose not to believe it, that is their problem. Remember, some people still believe the world is flat." said Kal Korff.

"The debate with Michael Horn so that consumers have clear choice and can decide the issues for themselves WILL go forward. No threats this time will stop it. It is up to Major Randle to act in a mature and responsible way — Mr. Michael Horn of Billy Meier's FIGU group is. I guess at this point, Mr. Horn is far more credible than Major Randle is. Not only has Michael Horn stepped for ward on his OWN initiative, he has been completely OPEN, HONEST and SINCERE," explained Kal Korff.

Instead of behaving the way a decent person should, Major Randle has deliberately decided to cry 'victim' as usual, and LIED by saying that I ( Kal Korff) was 'vile' because I supposedly said that 'Major Randle's 'terrorist friends' sabotaged the debate. Again, I NEVER said this. Major Randle, because he is Kevin Randle and I am used to him FAILING to check his FACTS, FALSELY accused me of making this remark, which is a LIE."

"Kevin Randle can run, but he CAN'T hide. For each day that goes by where these mythical Little Grey Men do NOT show up, and notice once again they did NOT today, and they won't tomorrow nor over the weekend either — because the Roswell 'UFO' crash is a MYTH, a MYTH fueled and fed by UFO hucksters like Kevin Randle and the other UFO sensationalists that Royce Myers III eagerly endorses and via this endorsement, blatantly MISLEADS consumers."

Kevin Randle tells Kal to fuck off because Kal can't keep his word and dodges this debate with some phony "terrorist threat" bullshit while changing the story behind the threat a few times. Kal you need to learn how to get your story straight. NO ONE BELIEVE YOU Kal, NO ONE! And why should they trust a petty asshole like you Kal? Kal through his own words is an ADMITTED LIAR who is GUILTY OF SLANDER! Kal can't deny this because he said so on a national radio program!

It was Kevin Randle who showed for the debate. Kal is the one lying about getting married and lying about this terrorist threat and lying about having a kid and lying about why he is no longer in the Czech Republic. Now Kal has to go begging to some other flying saucer person for a debate because Kal is completely attention starved. And Kal continues LYING by saying this new debate is going to be on Xzone and Rob McConnel has said ON THIS BLOG that this new debate Kal is spanking himself over IS NOT going to be on Xzone even though Kal keeps saying it is!!

Why are we giving Kal any attention at all? Why are we feeding this sick little monkey in his own little fantasy zoo? I think it to be clear to all that Kal K. Korff is a LYING LUNATIC and a pathetic excuse for a human being.

Should we go on wasting our time with Kal and his obvious nonsense? Aren't we just giving Kal a reason to be since it is clear this is all the loathsome creature lives for? All Kal wants is somewhere to focus his malice and anger. This is a midlife crisis we are witness to, a mental bender, a breakdown that has no end in sight. Why give a sick and twisted hater like Kal any more fodder?

Comments? Thoughts?


Squonkamatic said...

To whom is Kal K. Korff supposedly explaining this to? Perhaps the unfortunate "witnesses" living in the house from his 2nd "Mobile English Test" whom he bum-rushed in their home seemingly at random?

Martina is presumably safely back in Prague with a new boyfriend who is honest with her about his age & occupation, Avimi (or "Avim" for short) Askanazi has not been heard from since his email to f1Racer was leaked, and "Bara" implies that he (she?) is also still back in Czech Republic with JohnnyAndMarketa and all of Kal K. Korff's other shadowy elusive hard-to-prove-if-they-actually-exist collaborators and sympathizers.

So, who is Kal K. Korff dictating this post to while on the run in Switzerland while working on his PHd doctorate? The only conclusion one can come to is that he is LYING and trying to deny responsibility for having chickened out on what will hopefully be his last chance to ever appear live on Rob McConnell's X-Zone radio show. He can't even be honest with his own website or it's readers, pompously refers to himself in the 3rd person, is being patently dishonest with Rob McConnell about any number of issues (being pursued by terrorists, having a child with a genius level IQ, working on a doctorate degree without even having gone to college at all), and either thinks the world is stupid enough to eagerly believe all this, or is a completely self deluded to the point where he is unable to function in society and lives off the generosity of friends & family.

In any event time is ticking on that guest visa in Switzerland, I hope that before he is deported from Basel he manages to get at least part of his story straight. And a job.


Anonymous said...

When will this lying liar stop his lying lies?

Anonymous said...

This is priceless, from the 'UFO Digest' archives, Kolonel Kal's methods and psychosis was the same in 1997 as it is now. This mangy "watchcat" sure as Hell hasn't changed his spots in eleven years! Note reference to the "Martina Tycova" precursor, the equally mysterious "". Bwhahahahah!!:

On the trail of Kal
From: Henny van der Pluijm
Date: Wed, 4 Jun 1997 04:46:18 +0200 (MET DST)
Fwd Date: Wed, 04 Jun 1997 09:50:02 -0400
Subject: On the trail of Kal

Hi List,

Kal K. Korff seems to have left us. Now that his book is out and
extensively promoted on this list he is ducking the critisism from
real researchers such als Randle, Rudiak, Shell, Sandow et al.

One of his last attempts to promote his book seems to have been
to pose as a certain who complimented him for his
book three weeks before it was in the stores. A few weeks later this was
followed by a message from our Esteemed Moderator ebk to the
effect that both Kal's official mailbox ( and
Pamela7's box ( both stopped receiving email at the
same time.

What a coincidence! If I put this suspect behavior on the same
heap as the rumors, unfounded assumptions and hearsay that together
form Kal's book, I think I have figured this guy out.

As a service to this list I post Kal's latest promotional efforts
found on Jim Moseley's web site. Especially note that Kal is
boasting 16 years of research on Roswell. Isn't he pathetic!

(PS: Moseley also writes that Phil Klass will also bring out a new
anti-Roswell book shortly. I guess this confirms Prometheus's
reputation as the publisher for the analytically challenged).

Here comes Kal, folks. Don't take it seriously, just have a laugh.

KAL K. KORFF writes as follows:

Just a short note to share a few things with you: I have a new
book that just came out called "The Roswell UFO Crash: What They
Don't Want You to Know" and it represents 16 years worth of
research. For the first time ever the true nature of what was
recovered near Roswell is DEFINITIVELY proven, the book is loaded
with "smoking guns."

(Yes, DEFINITIVELY proven!!!)

The book breaks my silence on many issues that I have held inside
me for 16 years, remember, people like Stanton Friedman and Bill
Moore USED to be mentors of mine. Now, for the first time ever,
I reveal new insights into their methods and claims, the details
of which will shock many people. I really wish Friedman, for
example would quit DUCKING the research of Robert Todd, whose
conclusions are independently VERIFIED and VINDICATED in my new
book. Also Friedman has called me a "Johnny come lately to
Roswell" on his WEB page. I expect Friedman to APOLOGIZE and
CORRECT this mistake because he KNOWS BETTER!

(Come on, Stan, APOLOGIZE to Kal. You've hurt his feelings!)

I first started
investigating Roswell when I used to visit Friedman at his home
in Union City when I was in high school, a fact Friedman
conveniently "forgets"!) My new book also corrects the numerous
errors in other Roswell UFO books, especially the up-and-coming
hilarious tome panted by Michael Hesemann and Philip Mantle.
While they call their work "Beyond Roswell," a more accurate
title for it should be "Beyond Gulliblity."

Speaking of Hesemann, I am reminded of Eduard "Billy" Meier.
Hesemann is licking his wounds here too, since yes it is TRUE
that Kalliope Meier (Meier's Greek wife) has DIVORCED him now and
has told the Swiss courts UNDER OATH that she NEVER BELIEVED her
husband's claims of "Pleiadian" contact!

(The fact that Kal seems to give much weight to the testimony of a
person entangled in a judicial case with her former spouse says
everything about Kal's objectivity)

She's even ADMITTED to
the courts of helping her husband LIE about them and FAKE
material and photos! Of course, NONE of this has detoured either
Hesemann or Wendelle Stevens, the latter of whom has remained
curiously SILENT about the Meier case ever since my expose book
came out last year.

(Yeah, like Stevens cares)

Back to Roswell, I interviewed everyone from the Mayor of Roswell
to the late Dr. Donald Menzel's widow and daughter for my new
book (so yes, it even addresses MJ-l2). The inside "scoop" is
also presented on Bill Moore being a "disinformation" agent' and
there's a chapter on alien autopsy and some behind-the-scenes
info there.

The book is in hardcover format, has dozens of photos in it, some
of which have never been published before and has hundreds of
footnotes. It is available in bookstores across the country or
from services like Arcturus, and has already been mentioned on
MSNBC and in U.S. News & World Report magazine. The book's lSBN
number (if anyone wishes to onler a copy) is: 1573921270.
Ofcourse, Supreme One, you are mentioned in the book and in the
index as well.

HvdP. Kal's method: Steal from others, cook up crap to fill
the blanks and embark on a sales tour.
Folks, fight back and DO NOT buy this book!
If publisher Prometheus is getting the message that the public
simply doesn't buy crap they are forced to terminate their bullshit

/ Met vriendelijke groet/Best wishes \
Henny van der Pluijm
Leiden, The Netherlands

Anonymous said...

Regarding the lastest post by our blog hero:

This blog is feeding Kal but, we should keep it up and continue.

As others have already stated, by feeding Kal, he will become bloated and lazy and he will, hopefully and finally, make that huge blunder we are waiting for and yes, KKK will be gone forever.

Lastly, Kal has a major hard-on for the ufowatchdog, that's clear. Even as Kal has shown his two-face ways and methods, he still will not give credit where credit is due and give Royce the props he should get for outing the Dr. Reed case, taking to task Sean David Morton and more.

Seems Kal is not all that objective after all.

This blog must stay up, and stay current, until this little man is gone.

Squonkamatic said...

Interesting information, Henny! Isn't it wonderful how the computer age remembers everything. Yes, Kal K. Korff's tactics and methods have not changed one bit since then. One aspect of the article that I find fascinating is this tactic Kal K. Korff employs of using the spouses (or ex-spouses) of his foils to attack their credibility. He tried the same crap with Don Ecker the month before last and it was just as pathetic & sleazy then as it was in 1997.

The theme of Kal K. Korff using female personas as shadow identities also continues to this day. The whole Martina Týčová thing is a deception of some kind and has been since day one. He upgraded her from sympathetic supporter to an active collaborator in his schemes. She certainly didn't go to Switzerland with him (or at least nothing of such has been said to this date). If any emails or messages appear from her that don't originate from Prague it would be pretty conclusive proof that she's been a work of fiction from day one, and a great research project for our friends in Prague would be to try and figure out who she REALLY was. Most "journalists and supermodels" I am familiar with have a presence outside of their relationship with wayward random guys from foreign countries. She has a face and a name and I am sure some marvelous stories to tell about the International Man of Mystery.

Has anyone ever checked the local Prague area phone directories for "Martina Týčová"? Or would checking a phone book be considered a "terrorist activity" by Colonel Coconut?

Anonymous said...

I want to kill the bastard.

Anonymous said...

Kal has a total hardon for UFOwatchdog. Someone should contact UFOwatchdog and ask what this whole shooting thing is about and about Kal claiming a complain is being filed. What does any of this have to do with anyone's job? I see Kal is just trying to complicate the lives of those people he hates with all this bull talk about lawsuits and filing complaints. I can't wait to see Paul Kimball's documentary about Kal. I wonder what Paul has uncovered about Kal. I bet it is going to be priceless. Definitely do not stop doing this blog! This is the only accountability on Kal and if Rob Mcconnell is smart he will ban Kal from the X Zone. Rob, please tell us you see through Kal's bull!

Brad said...

Well, KKiaI did manage to find out that former Korff sidekick Michela Koscik did, in fact, exist, but had high-tailed it all the way to Hawaii to get away. I always wondered what happened to the rest of that story, but nevermind.

I think Kal probably invents these sidekicks to make it appear as if he's not only brilliant, but that he has women chasing him across Europe as well. Sadly, though, anyone who's life is so tied up in lies as deep as Kal's are can never let anyone, male or female,get too close lest they uncover anything. Kal probably does find simple-minded people who do believe him (for a short time, anyway) and uses their belief in his claims as validation of said claims, both to his detractors and to himself.

Kal, though, has taken his Walter Mitty-esque journey too far, though, as he is using it to denigrate others.

I, too, have thought that perhaps completely ignoring Kal would be the way to get rid of him. I think he NEEDS attention, good or bad, and he has recently made more outrageous claims because the old stuff wasn't getting the same reaction anymore. But I can;t stand Kal, so my mission gors on. I won't rest until Kal sues me!!!

Brad Hudson
Dallas, Texas

pat said...

I'll bet my car there is no valid complaint filed against Royce. And unlike Korff at least Royce had the balls to answer the lawsuit filed by that moron Sean David Morton. Korff ran away from Jim Dilettoso! LOL!!!! Royce has done much to expose the frauds and assholes in this field and if that dim wit Korff actually knew how to read with any competence he would see that Royce does not agree with Kevin Randle about Roswell. Duh!

Anonymous said...

Michael Horn knows a mark when he sees one and is going to use gullible Kal Korff for a punching bag and so he can boost DVD sales. Kal, you truly are an idiot!

Anonymous said...

To the X zone:

Do a public service and keep Kal Korff off the air. there is no other more dangerous thing you can do than to play into the delusions of the ill and my personal opinion is that Kal Korff has some serious problems. None of his S3 claims check out and all the promises he has made about suing Ray Santilli and others have yet to pass. Even Phil Mantle says Kal Korff is full of it and I wonder how much longer it will be until Kal turns on Phil Mantle since Kal can't ride Phil's coattails anymore.

Squonkamatic said...

Instead of behaving the way a decent person should, Major Randle has deliberately decided to cry 'victim' as usual, and LIED by saying that I ( Kal Korff) was 'vile' because I supposedly said that 'Major Randle's 'terrorist friends' sabotaged the debate. Again, I NEVER said this. Major Randle, because he is Kevin Randle and I am used to him FAILING to check his FACTS, FALSELY accused me of making this remark, which is a LIE."

This is why it was so important for Avimi (or "Avim" for short) Askanazi to have been the source of the spurious allegation that Major Randle had ties to terrorism which were somehow related to the threat that forced Kal K. Korff to welch out of the debate. By having the email leaked Colonel Copacabana elicited a natural and understandable public reaction from Kevin that allowed Korff to now play the wounded party, a victim of deliberate "lies". He either calculated it all out in advance as a move to excuse him from actually ever having to make good on the debate, or he knows an opportunity when he sees one and jumped.

The sad reality is that since the communication came through YouTube there's no way to trace the origin of the message without their help, which is why I am suspicious of a SET-UP: Kal K. Korff is definitely an idiot but probably was aware that inter-YouTube communiques do not have router paths to check for where the message came from (unlike eBay who's message system does log the router path when received at your registered email account). Not that it mattered though since Colonel Custard has been busted in the past emailing from his home computer claiming to be Avimi (or "Avim" for short) Askanazi. WE all know what really happened but Kal K. Korff would never come clean on it, especially when he can use the episode to his advantage in this little fruitcake fantasy of Kal K. Korff vs the Civilized World.

I still can't wait to hear what his PHD is going to be in. I'd lay even money that he's going to claim to be writing a thesis based on his brother's shooting, using it as an opportunity to "prove" his twisted little theory of a police coverup. But as with the email nonsense since we all know he's just making it up to bullshit Rob McConnell and stall for time. In that light it's interesting to see that he's buddying up with this Michael Horn guy whom if memory serves was one of Kal K. Korff's targets for a consumer fraud arrest with Colonel Crunchberries himself there to "slap the cuffs on". It's in perfect keeping with his M.O.: re-hash old material and milk it for everything it's worth. Maybe he'll even try to negotiate a cut of those DVD sales, the thought has certainly crossed his twisted little mind by now that this could be a new cash cow -- And might even be the REAL reason why he ended up in Switzerland all along.

Brad said...

Steven -

I think Kal knew exactly what he was doing, and by using "Avimi" ("Avim" for short) he thought he could have some plausible deniability. Two problems, though:

As someone said on the other thread, as Kal's adjutant, "Avimi"'s words are Kal's words. The e-mail was sent in relation to an issue with Kal, so Kal would need to know what was in it (of course, we all know the real reason that Kal knows exactly what "Avimi" says in his emails). Secondly, "Avimi" ("Avim" for short) was using Kal's YouTube account to send the message. I'm sure it's in the TOS that Kal is responsible for anything posted under that account, videos or otherwise.

Now buddying up with Michael Horn has a two-fold benefit (in Kal's mind). One, the Billy Meier case has always been the one thing that most everyone compliments Kal on. Royce Myers, Kevin Randle, and others have often stated that "Kal did good work on the Meier thing". so Kal is reliving past glories with this one. Secondly, with most people agreeing the Meier case is one big fraud, and Mike Horn being Meier's main man, Kal can now say "Mikey Horn has more credibility than Kevin Randle as he will debate". Kal knows this is a low blow and he might get Dr. Randle to come back to the table by goading him with this. I don't think Randle will fall for it, but Kal certainly milk it for all it's worth.

Hopefully Kal will run into one dead end after another, the first being having no place to have this debate (if Rob stands by his pledge to keep Kal off the air). Kal obviously knows that he needs to come up with something that might make McConnell rethink his ban, so Kal is trying to sell this thing in a big way, saying that there will be a DVD and what not. Hopefully Rob sees right through that crap (I mean, who will buy a DVD of Kal and Mike Horn?)

Anonymous said...

Korff tried to make the Roswell debate with Randle a big deal by claiming there would be sponsors and charities contributing to the debate. What a laugh. This is Korff praying and hoping and taking a complete crapshot hoping to be at the right place at the right time for a payout. You think Korff lost all that weight because he's living better? the guy is flat broke and getting so desperate that he has had to start selling i-Pods tot he unsuspecting. Korff thought he was going to be a big smash in the world of selling i-Pods in the Czech Republic but soon found out the business was way too competitive for him.

Funny how Korff tries to be a major player in all the hottest crazes or areas from JFK to Roswell, hypercard to nano technology hoping for that one big break that seems to elude him.

It was terrorism when the topic starting getting hot post 9-11 with Korff even claiming to have leaked info about one of the 9-11 terrorists being in Prague. Korff's book bit the dust likely being laughed at by actual terror experts who were asked to look at parts of his manuscript.

Instead of diligently working his way to the top, Korff dreams of sliding in at the right spot and time to instant media fame and wealth. Too bad it'll never happen and the media attention junkie Korff is will never see anything closely resembling his laughable 'glory days' from years past.

Just like Korff lives vicariously with his silly claims of being involved with "supermodels" and espionage, this is Korff simply compensating for his shortcomings and failures as an adult in a cruel world that Korff woke up too late to realize wasn't the black and white world he viewed early on as a child. Now we see Korff lash out against the ever cruel, cruel, cruel world he's trying to save us all from.

Anonymous said...

I hope this blogger continues with his comments on Kal 'krazy kernel' Korff. Personally I think we don't have to wait long before things really explode. (<-figuratively)
Seeing that Michael Horn and Kal Korff are collaborating are 'signs' of the end of 'world'. Those two are like fire and water. They might get along for a while but they are equally misguided in what they believe in, and their beliefs are incompatible. It's like waving an old stick of dynamite near a blazing campfire.

Anonymous said...

Colonel Crackpot has announced that he is returning to the X Zone next week. I guess Rob McConnell doesn't care about having a phony on his show. Rob is trying to play the controversy angle here. There is nothing controversial about Kal's fantasy life.

Squonkamatic said...

That sounds disappointing on face value. Let's hope that Rob has something planned and demand straight answers from Kal K. Korff on all of the trouble he has caused. Or, let's hope that like many things Kal K. Korff claims it doesn't end up happening. Hopefully Rob will find some time to stop by before the show and let us know exactly what is going on. I wouldn't take Kal K. Korff's word on anything.

Bob in Florida said...

So sayeth KKK: Kevin Randle can run, but he CAN'T hide. For each day that goes by where these mythical Little Grey Men do NOT show up, and notice once again they did NOT today, and they won't tomorrow nor over the weekend either —"

It's not the Little Grey Men that do not appear - it's KAL KORFF who did not appear. Kevin Randle was not and is not running, nor was he or is he hiding. Kevin Randle was and is where he said he was going to be. Only in KKK's twisted mind could this be turned around to be Kevin's fault.

I kind of hope Rob McConnell puts Krazy Kal on again. I'd tune in just for the comedy of it, as well as to hear Rob give Kal the third, fourth and fifth degrees.

And why has nobody commented on the delicious irony of Avim/Avrim/Avimi's last name? "Ask a nazi?" Hoo-man, priceless!

Bob Barbanes
Supreme Commander (formerly, yesterday)
American Super-Duper Secret Something Agency

Squonkamatic said...

Hehe I've actually been taking a little artistic liberty with Avimi (or "Avim" for short)'s last name since I realized the same thing. I've seen it spelled ASKENAZI and ASHKENAZI and ya, the irony struck me immediately. So I decided to just go for broke and start referring to him as Warrant Officer Askanazi. Colonel Cornmuffins must have had a couple of those legendary Czech beers before thinking that name up.

Robert said...

This is 50/50 here. On one hand you don't want to feed Korff's gigantic appetite for (trite) controversy and attention.

On the other, you can't just sit around and let an asshole as big as Korff get away with leveling marginal threats while he tries to do everything he can to cause people alarm. I know most laugh, but look at the lengths Korff is willing to go in order to cause people problems.

Korff threatens to contact the Pentagon about Kevin Randle and then claims (via the persona of the week) that Kevin Randle has terror ties. I'm sure Korff will come out screaming it wasn't him, but it is obvious that Korff is sending these messages.

Korff claims he has contacted Royce Meyers' employer and is filing a complaint, but later contradicts himself (to no surprise) that (conveniently) a "third party" is now supposedly filing complaint.

Korff says he is filing a complaint with a Canadian broadcasting agency against Paul Kimball. Korff says the FBI is going to contact Mac Tonnies over alleged racism.

Korff says he has filed a police complaint against David Biedny and is going to sue David in court. Korff said the same thing about Royce.

And here we are with not a thing happening.

No, you certainly should keep this blog going so others can have access to the actual data instead of the spin job Korff tries to sell.

Korff should watch it when he tries to damage good people's reputations because he doesn't like what they have to say. If Korff had any money there'd be dozens of lawyers more than ready and willing to take a slander and libel case against him. But you can't get blood from a rock.

Korff, were I you I would be pulling down every single video and website you have with the slanderous and libelous claims you make against others. You should also count yourself lucky it isn't me you're throwing this garbage at, Korff, as I would own your sorry ass forever in court.

And Korff, I've read your rantings about this shooting. Your brother should be counting his blessings I wasn't prosecuting this case because he would have been convicted on all counts and there are a slurry of other charges I would have hammered him with.

One more thing, Korff, you should try to learn something about the law.

I've read some of your preposterous claims about working on the OJ Simpson case (both the criminal and civil actions). It is clear you did no such thing and when you talk about the law, consumer fraud, suing and prosecuting others, well, Korff you simply should just pull your pants down to show the world your ass while you walk around in circles because that is essentially what you are doing when you open your mouth.

Robert said...

One more thing, Korff. This federal lawsuit you say has been filed, it won't fly past any savvy judge. Mark my words here, Korff, that lawsuit will go to a summary decision where the judge will toss it to the curb with the rest of the judicial garbage cluttering our already overtaxed legal system.

And when does a self righteous, accountability oriented person such as you Korff start holding your brother accountable for his actions? Korff, you even admit your brother did the wrong thing and should have chosen his friends more carefully, even after you claimed your brother to be an innocent hitcher in all of this.

So do you, Korff, hold your own brother to a higher standard or is it really true that you have a double set of standards you use when it suits you?