Saturday, September 6, 2008

Kal K. Korff gets "married, booted from Prague, INSULTS victims of communism

Kal K. Korff has put the final nail in his own coffin by EXPOSING himself to the world for the incompetent and liar he is! You might've noticed Kal that I lifted not a finger. All I did was to merely take YOUR OWN words and actions to show how LUDICROUS your claims and threats truly are. You really do need to work on keeping your own story straight Kal.

Kal at first says a "terrorist threat" directed at him said Kal had one-week to get out of Prague and this is the LAME EXCUSE Kal used to elude Kevin Randle in a debate. We later learn from Kal's OWN WORDS that this threat was them supposedly directed at a Czech citizen. Next Internet user F1 Racer EXPOSES Kal and catches him in another DIRECT CONTRADICTION where Kal weakly says this "threat" was made toward Vojtek Sedlacek.

Kal dragging Mr. Sedlacek into this is beyond REPREHENSIBLE! Mr. Sedlacek has done nothing but good for people and to have an UTTER ASSHOLE like Kal K. Korff trying to throw a GREAT MAN like Mr. Sedlacek under the bus is unforgivable. Mr. Sedlacek is a TRUE HUMANITARIAN unlike you Kal! And UNLIKE YOU KAL Mr. Sedlacek is truly dedicated to humanitarian causes. UNLIKE YOU KAL Mr. Sedlacek has done great things for people - he has inspired people and likely saved lives! You are a DISGRACE Kal for trying to throw Mr. Sedlacek into your crazed reality blender by blaming your cowardice on some nonexistent threat! SHAME ON YOU KAL, SHAME ON YOU! But the shame does not end there!

Czechs are OUTRAGED at Kal's EXPLOITATION of those killed by communism where Kal video taped himself running around in circles when his LIES about this threat began to unravel and Kal SHAMELESSLY tried to tie the deaths of those at the hands of the brutal regime of communism to his PATHETIC COWARDICE!

HOW DARE YOU Kal try to use the pain and suffering of millions to benefit your RUSE! You have INSULTED people who actually DIED defending what they believed and you have INSULTED the citizens of the Czech Republic! It is one thing to be a coward Kal but it is wholly another to desecrate a memorial to the dead for your OWN BENEFIT! You aren't fooling anyone Kal and you have greatly ANGERED a number of people especially in the Czech Republic! You owe the people of the Czech Republic an IMMEDIATE PUBLIC APOLOGY! Leave it to Comrade Kal to exploit the dead for his own purposes. This is what the communists did and it looks like Kal with his propaganda would have made the communist regime proud.

After this ATROCITY Kal skips not a beat in one of his corny videos on his way once again to the U.S. Embassy claiming he is going to give names to the representatives there and this is somehow supposed to scare people. What Kal was actually doing at the U.S. Embassy where anyone can walk in off the street is not completely known. Some have speculated that Kal was being told he had to leave Prague because he could not obtain an employment visa to stay. I have it on good word the people inside the U.S. Embassy are very happy Kal has left Prague and that he has been restricted from returning to the Czech Republic for two-years.

This all makes perfect sense because Kal now says he has moved to Switzerland. Good! Perhaps the Swiss are more tolerant of complete assholes who EXPLOIT the dead to propel their own LIES! I wonder if it was just too much for Kal to admit he had visa problems? What is very odd about all this is that F1Racer said he dropped Kal's info to a friend who works in the embassy and suddenly Kal is forced to leave? It is painfully obvious what happened and Kal will liekly never live down being given the boot from Prague. The rush to the U.S. Embassy, the hastily taped videos, the books missing from the shelf, this sudden claim of being married all amounts to Kal working at fever pitch to stop him from being forced out of Prague. Married? Oh for the love of God this just top sit all off like very poorly written television soap opera.

Kal now claims he is married, has been married, and has to the horror of everyone said he has fathered a son with a genius level IQ! Now I really am sick to my stomach. Not only over the thought of any real woman giving herself over to - PUKE! - Kal but having his child! DOUBLE PUKE! Can you fathom having Conniving Kal for your father? The torment the child would endure with telling his classmates all about his "colonel" daddy fighting terrorists and everyone seeing - PUKE! - daddy's youtube videos and ranting Internet website. Oh the humanity of it all! Kal if you really do have a kid PLEASE, I BEG OF YOU, give the kid a FIGHTING CHANCE and put it up for adoption now! This marriage bit from Kal I will have to call complete BULLSHIT on and I won't take Kal's word for it as he is a CONFESSED LIAR who said he committed slander on national radio. This is a FACT.

So it looks like after the big wedding, having a kid, getting booted from Prague, DISGRACING victims of communism, being a COWARD and ducking Kevin Randle, Kal's big day just went on to announcing he would be broadcasting from Switzerland, reporting Royce Meyer III to "internal affairs" and claiming that Kevin Randle has ties to terrorism!!!

Kal, you walking lump of shit, how DARE you claim Kevin Randle has ties to terrorism let alone would ever hurt your family!! I hope Kevin Randle SUES YOUR ASS Kal! There is no sense in demanding Kal apologize to Kevin Randle or anyone else for that matter because everyone knows it would be an empty apology and Kal won't apolgize. Kal LIED when he said if Kevin Randle proved him wrong on anything that Kal would publicly apologize to Kevin Randle. Kal can't even keep his own word!!

Up next here is Conniving Kal first claiming he has contacted "internal affairs" about Royce Meyer III and Kal then CHANGES his story saying a "third party" is filing a complaint! Kal says it isn't anything "personal" but clearly from the amount of anger and resentment displayed in his videos it is ALL PERSONAL to Kal with everyone he focuses he HATRED on.

Then Kal returns to youtube land for a new disjointed piece of trash video where he starts off talking about selling iPods and going "mobile" and field testing something. But don;t worry because Kal quickly turns it into evidence being tampered with in his brother's shooting and more big announcements coming next week.

I've said this previously but have to ask again. WHERE is this twenty-five million dollars Kal says he has? And Kal has yet to explain how a Jewish person would ever accept money from the Saudis. Trust me it would NEVER happen! And where is the all powerful and all knowing S3 during Kal's visa crisis? Wouldn't an organization as powerful as Kal claims it is have no problems in pulling a string here and there to make Kal's visa problems disappear? Would they not provide Kal with a place in Israel? This is more proof - not that any was ever needed - that S3 is a bad joke dreamed up by Kal.

Kal isn't having a good week by any means. Kal runs from a debate challenge he issued, Kal gets caught in his own lies, Kal pisses off a bunch of Czech citizens, Kal gets booted from the Czech Republic, Kal gets booted from Xzone, Kal is the ass end of far too many jokes, and poor Kal has to pack up his books and newspaper clippings before he gets deported. Who says there's no justice?

I have given serious consideration to ending this blog. Why, you might ask? It has become rather apparent to myself and a number of others that Kal K. Korff has some rather profound personal "issues". I'm not a doctor or a psychiatrist so I won't attempt to expound on what issues Conniving Kal might have. Kal's claims and threats are so UTTERLY ABSURD they deserve not even a glancing look.

Kal K. Korff is done for and his antics and double talk have been EXPOSED. The ruse is over Kal. Over. How does it feel being your own worst enemy Comrade Kal?


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad this Kal Korff character no longer is polluting Prague with his atrocious English. How does a man without a college degree teach English?

And though I am not Czech, I am highly offended at what Kal Korff did in using such a sacred monument and the memories of those murdered by communism as a backdrop to his video.

Admiral Adama said...

Game over, Kal. Game over you stupid turd.

Anonymous said...

I hope you don't quit this blog. Don't let Korff get to you with his bullshit, maybe that's part of his plan - to keep people running around in circles. This blog rightfully exposes Korff for the fraud that he is. It's a good thing, keep doing it.

There have been and continue to be frauds in the field of ufology. Korff clearly is one of them and needs to be pointed out and called on to take accountability for his claims. Frauds will go on as long as they can, especially delusional ones. Keep busting Korff.

Anonymous said...

I loathe the bastard.

Anonymous said...

The other day I noticed something in a bit of text written by "Avim". Avim said something cryptic like Korff is staying in Switzerland with his friend "Lukas". Not very informative as usual but I seem to recall that Korff was in cahoots with a Swiss skeptic some 10 years ago. This was in the period Korff had his sights on the Meier story, even interviewing Meier's ex-wife.
The other person conducting the interview and writing skeptical articles was a man by the name of Luc Buergin. "Lukas" being Luc Buergin? Don't know for sure of course but for all you 'Korff-hunters' it might be a lead.

Anonymous said...

I would like to know exactly how Kal is contributing to "humanitarian" causes with all of his nonsense. Kal said in a newspaper article several years ago in the San Jose Mercury he had plans to help the homeless.

What exactly has Kal done that could be considered humanitarian? I don;t see anything.

Tina said...

Please do not stop running this incredible blog. It is great seeing someone take it to Korff instead of seeing him running about unchallenged. This blog has been key in exposing Korff's lunacy. Keep up the fantastic work!

Anonymous said...

This blog OWNS Kal K. Korff's ass! Kal, you've been served bitch!

Anonymous said...

I have just busted this Lukas/ Luc Buergin thing. Check the links for some eye opening items. I now know why Kal ran to room and board!

Mühlhauserstr. 88, CH-4056 Basel/Bale, Switzerland is this Buergin guys website

The plot thickens. From what Ive read so far this guy is sorta the Swiss equivilant of Kal, but not as annoying.

F1 Racer
Francis Underwood

Anonymous said...

Holy shit, you didn't waste any time, now did ya?

Squonkamatic said...

Had to check in before hitting the hay and am hearing the resounding THUNK! of a gauntlet being thrown down. No, you can't close the blog down, it's doing a public service though I imagine we'll have a week or so of respite while Kal K. Korff cooks up a new set of lies, exaggerations, distortions and fantasies to explain this sudden shift of locations. He certainly didn't expect it to happen so soon or word of his plans would have turned up a while ago as prepared propaganda on his insecure & trojan infested website. Since there was no word about it until this September 5 update he got the boot: Is he now accusing Czech immigration officials of being aligned with terrorism? He said that's what he was going to the embassy to discuss, terrorism, and to name names in his usual modus operandi of changing the subject from the issue at hand (Kal K. Korff being deported) to one of character assassination (it's all lies from f1Racer and Royce Meyers III). Apparently the officials didn't care, and the closest refuge he could find and still have hopes to resist U.S. legal jurisdiction was probably his buddy in Switzerland -- who will quickly learn he has bitten off far more than he can chew by taking Colonel Clambake in until that two year lease starts up.

I wonder how long a guest visa in Switzerland is good for. I visited Zurich in the mid 80s as an exchange student & they just waved me across the border (actually it was on a train, but the customs agent didn't even ask me how long I planned to stay). Since he's not going there for work specifically and is a bit too old even at his phony age of 36 to be a student it would only be a guest entry limited to 90 days or less. So Kal K. Korff will be spending more time at other US embassies in Europe, begging them to let him stay because Royce Meyers III excluded him from the UFO Hall of Fame on a privately owned & maintained website in what can only be termed of as a blatant act of international terrorism.

In his video update Kal K. Korff states that he will be traveling back and forth between Prague and Switzerland "regularly", meaning he taped a bunch of videos in his old apartment before moving out and will post-date them to fit his story. The son with the genius IQ story is great, not only does that sound like a crock but aren't BIRTH RECORDS publicly searchable? One might not be able to get much other than the date of birth, the child's legal name and the names of -- yep! -- the mother & the father. And working that backwards Kal K. Korff can just fabricate a birth record as "proof" that the story isn't a lie. In the US that's a crime of some sort, but from Switzerland in regards to an alleged child in Czech Republic who knows: Maybe INTERPOL should be notified if he produces any kind of legal looking certificate. More likely Avimi (or "Avim" for short) will inform one of us. Make sure you keep relaying those messages, Francis!! I was wrong in suggesting you stop, it's great stuff.

By the way, remember that it was a private email message from Avimi (or "Avim" for short) to f1Racer where the suggestion of Major Kevin Randle's "connections" to terrorism were raised, so Kal K. Korff actually set himself up with some plausible deniability on that charge. He didn't say it, AVIMI (or "Avim" for short) said it, and you can expect the loophole to be exploited. That's exactly why Colonel Kumquat had "Warren Officer Askenazi" send the message in the first place. Or is it "Ashkenazi", or "Askanazi", I've seen it spelled by Avimi (or "Avim" for short) all three ways. And at one point his name was Avrim too, which is actually the derivation of the name that I have heard before.

I guess it just depends on how much of that Czech beer Kal K. Korff had to drink before each time he wrote it. Back to the Switzerland thing though, the one thing I learned during the 9 days I was there is that IT ISN'T CHEAP. I have no idea what the going rate for an apartment is in Basel, but it is probably quite a drop in the bucket, and that's not even taking living expenses into account. No wonder he's in such a hurry to start shipping those Secret X Wars iPods and iPhones.

Which reminds me, KIAI you totally hit a glorious Yankee stadium home run when pointing out that no self respecting Jewish Israeli Special Secret Super Duper Services operative would ***EVER**** accept money from a Saudi Arabian. Can't believe I hadn't thought of that one myself! To publicly acknowledge so would to instantly render his loyalty to Israel and the Mossad suspect & have his security clearance tossed -- Who would know just who's back pocket Colonel Cupcake really rode around in? Good Christ 15 of the 19 September 11 hijackers were Saudi citizens ... Isn't Kal K. Korff supposed to be an expert on terrorism or something like that? How much more compromised could a an agent affiliated with the Mossad get??

So the $25,000,000 deal is also rendered to the ash heap of pathetic, confused lies from this dirtbag. So is the 500 book deal with Prometheus, who have apparently stated in writing that they have NO deal with Kal K. Korff to publish any more books, electronic or otherwise. In one of his pretend speeches to an empty room back in May or June Kal K. Korff said HE WAS DESIGNING THE EBOOK VERSION HIMSELF, so he lied about that also, in addition to lying about their being an audience present and lying about taking questions from them.

Noo, this blog is way too important, you can't close it down. I hope you get a nice respite to do other things for a while, but it's way too important as a public record, accessible to anyone with an internet connection, on how full of complete, steaming horse shit Kal K. Korff is, was, and will continue to be. Others are counting on it being here too, so you'd at least have to archive the pages or mirror them somewhere. No where else on the internet can people freely question & ridicule the totally insane claims of Kal K. Korff, including YouTube who may find reason to shut down Colonel Clipboard's video service once his stalking, threats and harassment of people like Royce Meyers III become known to them.

One thing is for certain: We need contacts in Switzerland & Basel in particular to keep the pressure up and monitor Kal K. Korff's activities, make sure he isn't teaching English or feeding unwary Swiss nationals grilled cheese sandwiches & canned soup. The cowboy hat that he got from Bigfoot should go over well though, and Colonel Calamity can always claim that the Super Duper Secret Services have contracted him out to the Swiss Navy to do a special iPod/iPhone Swiss Navy knife and watch set. I bought a Swiss Navy watch set complete with a pen & knife outside of Penn Station in NYC once for $10 dollars. The salesman went on about "That world famous Swiss Navy quality" and I didn't have the heart to tell him that SWITZERLAND IS A LAND-LOCKED COUNTRY YOU TWAT!

I can already think of Korff's first Super Duper Secret Swiss Services job: Diving into suspected ponds or small lakes in search of Jew gold hidden by the Nazis. Get a swim mask and a snorkel, wet down the hair -- He could bring his two year old Apple laptop purchased on eBay and upload his video right from the shorline, provided he can scam someone's wifi signal. All sorts of Super Duper Secret Services Stuff to do in Switzerland, especially for a Jew espionage agent working for a subsidiary of the Mossad. Boy, wait until Swiss immigration finds out about that!! ;D

In closing and also on the subject of this G4 laptop that Kal K. Korff so proudly showed off in his last video after receiving it from Czech customs (actually the post office, probably, unless he had it shipped with UPS or DHL, since everybody knows that FedEx never gets seized). Isn't it just suspiciously marvelous that ALL of the alleged artifacts proving Kal K. Korff's unfulfilled promises -- minus the KPMG audit, of course -- isn't it just amazing that THEY ALL SHOWED UP ON THE SAME FUCKING DAY? And within 72 hours of his being told to get the hell out of the country? Maybe that's another reason why he went to the embassy: To plead more for more time with the claims letter from Czech customs stating that they were conducting an inspection and his articles would either be forwarded or confiscated within X number of days? Within reason they would probably have to allow a small extension if he was awaiting delivery of paid-for goods, even if he was bunking it in a hotel which might be where that new set of curtains was located.

In any event we await word on Kal K. Korff II, his well-being is of concern to any thinking human. His mother apparently had the good sense to disassociate with Colonel Creampuff long ago since he couldn't even use his marriage as a legal argument to have his deportation waived. The words "restraining order" or "complete bullshit" come to mind though I can't decide which I like better.

Keep On Korffing!!


Philc said...

I've worked in the mental health field for the past 22 years and Kal Korff does not have a major mental illness. Korff would be diagnosed with a Personality Disorder which is basically an individual who craves attention at all costs. Individuals with this disorder have poor insight and boundary issues, but they do not exhibit psychotic or manic symptoms. Since Korff does not have a mental illness, you would be discontinuing this blog for all the wrong reasons.

Squonkamatic said...

Hi Phil - So he is consciously aware that he is lying when he talks about having developed nanobots and being an espionage agent?

Philc said...

SK: Oh, he knows alright. Despite the bizarre content of his Youtube rants, he is clearly lucid and oriented to time and place. Individuals with Schizophrenia usually begin to become symptomatic in their late teens or early 20's. To my knowledge, Korff has not demonstrated any psychotic or manic symptoms in the past 30 years.

IMO, Korff's claims began their odd slant when other researchers into the paranormal began to shun him. They were the only salient sounding board for him and he suddenly felt slighted and alone. Stanton Friedman, Royce Meyers, Robert Kiviat, and Greg Long all embraced Korff's work at one time or another, but Korff's inability to cope with anything less than total acceptance of his work resulted in outbursts of anger. These outbursts are strictly based on emotion and are not the result of a chronic mental illness.

Korff has gone from a respected skeptic to an angry middle-aged man whose behavior has resulted in an isolation which will get worse before it gets better. This isolation manifests itself into pre-conceived fabrications which are levied on Youtube. Korff believes that he is pulling the wool over the eyes of the general public, but this blog has clearly been a rude awakening for KKK, serial liar.

Anonymous said...

I suspect Kal knows EXACTLY what he is doing, even when lying through his teeth. He was well known as a pathological liar well over a decade ago. His imagination runs wild, a symptom known as pseudological fantastica.
Otherwise, he's harmless.

Anonymous said...

Kal knows EXACTLY what it is he's doing. If you don;t take him 100% at what he says is the "truth" then you are the enemy of his little world and damn you to hell for disagreeing with any of his views. The minute you call him on his bullshit or pose a legitimate question that wreaks havoc by shattering a piece of his little fantasy world you have crossed the line with Kal and are the enemy. It doesn't matter what you've done or how much Kal lauded your work before, make mistake that you are now in his sight and he will do whatever it is he thinks he can to cause you trouble whether that means slandering you or making up lies about complaints being filed against you. Go ahead and contact anyone of the people that Kal claims to have filed a complaint against or has claimed he is suing or Kal claims the government has been informed by him. Any of those people will laugh in Kal's face at his imaginary complaints and silly scare tactics. Kal is malicious in the way he goes after you and he knows and the little bitch will stop at nothing until you tell him you were wrong whether you were or weren't. Just ask Loren Coleman about his Kal encounter. Loren made the mistake of giving Kal a little bit of power by taking stuff off his blog Kal said he was going to sue over. You know Jon Erik Beckjord and Kal K. Korff are brothers when it comes down to issuing threats and slandering people. I wonder if Jon Erik slipped his 'littlefoot' somewhere and Kal is his bastard child?

Anonymous said...

I just saw the laughable video Kal put up claiming to be testing his 'mobile Englsih' LOL! It is a laugh riot and this 'mobile English' is nothing more than Kal taking some shitty video and loading it on the web using a wireless connection. Any fucking moron can do this! There are nine year olds who can do this basic stuff! LOL! Wow Kal has really hit it "big time" with his video cam and laptop! LOL! No one except Kal is crazy enough to take this silly shit seriously! LOL! If I was a terrorist and they sent Kal after me I'd piss myself laughing! LOL!

BritinPrague said...

I am frightened by the level of nausea this creature arouses in me.

Paul Kimball said...

Korff only goes after people who don't really hit back, which is why he's left me alone for the most part. Seems to me he threatened me well over a year ago, that he was going to report me to the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council (, which was about as ridiculous as you can get, and showed that he knew nothing about how the CBSC actually does or how it works. Regardless, once I had stopped laughing, I contacted the CBCS and asked them if anyone had inquired about me. Nope.

But I figured if Korff wanted to be on TV so much, why not oblige. Watch your back, Kal - you never know who is watching, no matter where you are!

Paul Kimball
Redstar Films Limited

Brad said...

Paul -

Please make sure that it will be available in the US! I don't want to have to fly to Toronto, but I will if I have to.

Brad Hudson
Dallas, Texas

Anonymous said...

Yes, Kal - someday, somewhere, sometime, when you least expect it, someone may walk up to you and say "'re on Canada Camera"!

Anonymous said...

I have learned that Kal Korff tried to approach Rob McConnell at the X-Zone to broadcast a debate that he is trying to bring together with the Billy Meier rep - Michael Horn. McConnell told him "no way." I guess Korff iwill be now looking for another venue for his bull.

Anonymous said...

"But I figured if Korff wanted to be on TV so much, why not oblige. Watch your back, Kal - you never know who is watching, no matter where you are!"

Hey Paul!

You are what is cool in Ufology today. It seems to me Korff likes to copy your blog. You have always posted music and beautiful young ladies. It seems strange that Korff, a strong critic, would also try to gather the ladies and show his taste in music on his blog. Flattery or stupidity on Korff's part?

I look forward to a Korff documentary, even if it just goes YouTube. But I don't expect that Korff is important or interesting enough to sell a real movie to the masses. But anything would be cool....

Brad said...

So, Rob McConnell finally goy smart and nuked our pal Kal. Kal must have been beyond desperate to try and pitch a Korff/Horn debate. Is there and real reason for a debate on that topic? Hasn't pretty much everyone put that one in the "Hoax" box and moved on?

As far as Kal's outlets for his own special brand of stupidity, how does Kal stand with Rense? Might that be Kal's out?

Brad Hudson
Dallas, Texas

Anonymous said...

As a person whom Korff approached sometime ago to help him rid the world of those bad people...

I'm happy that I didn't jump on board.

I reminded Kal of an episode we had over a decade ago, in which Kal made great claims and promises, non of which came about. Kal responded by asking me if I had the e-mails from back then to prove that he said what I was telling him he did.

.... Right... But thx Kal, I now save e-mails, and I do have some dating back a number of years, because guys like you will never, NEVER just fess up.

I have, many e-mails now where Kal makes promises upon promises, to follow through with many great and wonderous things. 2 years and running and not a single promise have we seen some true.

Kal K. Korff, your time is at hand.

The world has had enough.

Now go away little, liar man.

Paul Kimball said...


You wrote:

"I look forward to a Korff documentary, even if it just goes YouTube."

Only Korff would consider a "film" that was only on YouTube to be a real documentary. I'm a pro. I don't do a project unless it's going on a real television network first.

Smile Kal... I'm going to make you famous.

File it under the "reap what you sow" category.


Paul Kimball said...


P.S. Thanks for the kind words, but Nick Redfern is what's cool. I'm more lukewarm.

Now, back to pre-production on my feature film that I start directing in a week and a half. Kal should pop by if he's looking for more ideas to copy.


Anonymous said...

WOO HOO Kal is making his own video about me!
Well, hes stealing someone else's footage and dubbing over it, considering thats where this footage is coming from.
From my you tube mail:

Dear Mr. Underwood,

Kal is returning from Glarus shortly. While in Switzerland, Kal has been recording a special video just about you! This is where he reads your statements and quotes them. If you wish to have any others included, please send them before he leaves tomorrow, otherwise they will have to be recorded in Germany, which is his next stop. Bara

F1 Racer

Rob McConnell said...

Dear Blog:

Kal Korff has been in contact with me and wanted to have a debate between himself and Michael Horn the North American representative for Billy Meier. I declined to have Kal and the debate on the show. Kal is planning a Pay-Per-View debate with Michael Horn now, with the host and moderator Martina Tycova. I really do not know what his motive is since Billy Meier is one of the people that he was so adamant about charging with Consumer Fraud, and where Kal allegedly went undercover years ago.

I am considering having Kal on the show for a two hour expose where you the members of this blog and other people would have the opportunity of asking Kal direct questions, and confronting him once and for all – a type of intervention – holding him to task. I would invite members of this blog to either call in or email me their questions to

During our recent conversation, I asked Kal abut his alleged involvement as a member of the intelligence community and this was his reply:

“I am with a CIVILIAN analysis group, like Blackwater, but we do NOT make armored vehicles, provide bodyguard service, etc. So being an ANALYST and the POSTER CHILD for the group, my ROLE is to be a MAGNET for certain "personality types" so that they can be identified and rooted out. The comparison to me or anyone I work with to ANY Govt. Agency, etc., is WRONG and NOT accurate. Reminds me of UFOOLogy. I am my OWN individual, meaning I am a free agent, but NOT in the spy sense. And with my series on terrorism coming out, the decision was made YEARS ago to handle things this way since there was NO WAY I could "explain" having this sudden wealth of knowledge, and as my book shows, you have the parts that do, THE REASON WE GO PUBLIC IS TO STOP THE STATUS QUO WHICH DOES NOT WORK. So under the Bush Admin a RECORD number of PRIVATE CIVILIANS come and go and are all over because after 911 even Uncle Sam realized it is about people and relationships, not degrees.”

He did confirm that he has a son, and fears for the safety of his son.

I also asked Kal about calling Kevin Randle a terrorist, and the following was his result:

This is NOT from me, Kal Korff, "people like Kevin Randle cannot use their TERRORIST CONNECTIONS to bring harm to his family!"

He then said:

“Please tell Randle I do NOT think he is a terrorist and that I never said it and if he checked his facts with primary sources, he would know better. Rob, the issue you mentioned to me about Randle has been put to me in an email now. Seems someone is spreading this rumor. Not surprised, some people are wankers. I will now have the right people contact Major Randle and they WILL tell him, "Next time check your facts." Because of course Randle did NOT. Randle NEVER writes me directly. Because TRUTH hurts. And Rob, if you think Randle can "beat me" in ANY debate over Roswell, he did not do so years ago when I faced both him and Frank Kaufmann down, a guy Randle now admits was a liar who "fooled him" for 10 YEARS (yeah, right!)...and he CANNOT do so now. But of course he can POSTURE and CLAIM whatever, that is the BULK of his "Roswell case" anyway. We replied to this email, and denied this was true, and asked this person to pass the message to Randle and for Randle to check his FACTS next time.”

That is it for now.

Rob McConnell,
The ‘X’ Zone

Rob McConnell said...

One quick note. I did ask Kal how he could hold the military rank of Colonel in a civilian organization, to which I did not receive a reply.

Also, he told me that he is working on thesis for his Ph D - but failed to give me the name of the university or institution.

Rob McConnell,
The 'X' Zone

Anonymous said...

1-2 years ago Kal made no effort whatsoever to explain his position as a 'captain' in his 'special secret services'. Instead he started attacking the credibility of other ufological figures when they questioned Korff's claims.
It's my opinion, and Korff even around that time admitted as much, that he had his sights on other people from the start. Korff simply planned making a name for himself by using/discrediting other people. That was his intention from the start.

While Korff opens up a bit when Rob McConnell presses him for information, the basic strategy hasn't changed. Sure, Korff didn't state he was using the terrorist angle to discredit Randle, however I seem to recall that his 'adjudant' Avim did make such a remark. Korff strategy here is to pin the other person down on (slight) errors or points of view while not addressing his own mistakes. That's what he does all the time, address those points that make the other person look bad while shifting focus away from himself and being vague.

Today I saw he spoke positively about Michael Horn and hinting towards some sort of cooperation. Quite amazing. Horn and Korff being friendly with eachother and cooperating is like Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union signing a non-agression pact. You can just count the days before one of them stabs the other person in the back.

I regard Korff as the worst kind of debunker. And I do say/claim he's a debunker because I've seen him do nothing constructive whatsoever for a UFO case. His record shows he's a sloppy "researcher" who only uses what's convenient to him at the time.

Jimmy D said...

Er, sorry, McConnell. Why didn't you ask him these questions long ago?

Why didn't you vet his background properly before allowing him - for years - an hour a week on your program in which to spout off and indulge his fantasies without any fear of contradiction from you?

Squonkamatic said...

Hi Rob, and thanks for your posts, bizarre as the information in them is. I respect your wishes to set the record straight and compel Kal K. Korff to account for himself. It's plain from what you posted that he's using the "baffle them with bullshit" tactic with you as well. None of what you shared with us makes any sense, except his attempt to once again change the subject from his snowjob of you and Kevin to new debate prospects and concerns about the "safety" of his son. If he was that concerned WHY DID HE LEAVE PRAGUE? I've got two friends who have had children and are divorced from their birth mothers and you couldn't force them to leave town at the point of a gun, not out of concern but devotion. You just don't pack up and run off to Switzerland or wherever Colonel Clipboard will be wintering this year.

Thanks also to Phil C. and the other chap for helping explain this personality disorder that Kal K. Korff is afflicted with. I'd usually say "suffering from" but he seems to genuinely be enjoying himself, especially when things get really really nasty and he gets to rip open the cheap corner shop leather jacket and show off his Kinko's printer t-shirts. His "JFK Lectures" videos posted on YouTube overnight must be downright pornographic to the guy as he gets to watch an audience applaud him and then sit in rapt attention as he yammers on incessantly about god knows what.

Interesting that he slapped that video up now, maybe his buddy Luc in Switzerland had a VCR and Kal K. Korff finally got to transfer his tapes over? In any event it made me feel nauseated -- how do you "solve" the JFK assassination anyway? It's just another "I'm right and they are wrong and telling lies to defraud consumers" crapfest. And didn't he come up with this solution when he was like 11 or something? Ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

So Kal is now going for his Doctorate. I must commend him for that, although I'm not sure how he by-passed the required BS and MS levels. Same way he went from Captain to Colonel I guess.
Incidentally, I already have 2 Ph.Ds. Got'em both in less than a week. Furthermore, I can provide the school names, which anyone can check:
Rochville University
Belford University


Bob In Florida said...

RE: KRandle A Terrorist???

It was a response to a post on this blog dated 1 September. On 4 September F1 Racer published a email he received from Avim(i) which stated:
"...people like Kevin Randle cannnot use their TERRORIST CONNECTIONS to bring harm to Kal's family!"

Most of us believe communications sent by Avim(i) to be actually sent by Kal himself. So while Avim(i)/Kal didn't come right out and call Kevin a "terrorist," he clearly believes that Kevin has "TERRORIST CONNECTIONS" and the ability to use them. Kal's "I never called Kevin Randle a terrorist!" is weak bullshit.

Or is this just the old "plausible deniability" thing? I never called Keven a terrorist, it was AVIM(I)! Not me!

Oh, and by the way, many State Police and other law enforcement agencies use similar military-sounding ranks. So Kal's use of "colonel" is not entirely inappropriate. Misleading, maybe, but not inappropriate.

And hey, let's not be too hard on Rob McConnell. He's a radio host, after all. He does what he needs to do to fill his time slot with interesting/controversial stuff, period. That is his job.

I do love this site so much. What a shame it would be if it were taken down. The absolute best laugh I've had here was when someone posted in their response an imagined conversation between Kal's mother and one of her friends: "So dearie, how are those two sons of yours doing? I hear one of them is in Czechoslovakia working for the CIA now!"

Hoo-man, when I think of the poor Mama Korff, and the shit, humiliation and pain her sons have put her heart just goes out to her.

Bob Barbanes,
American Super-Duper Secret Something Agency

Brad said...

With Kal's books being published and having appeared on Larry King, doesn't Kal fall into the category of people whom we could create a Wikipedia page for? I know he went after them for all the stuff where he was a source, but as a public figure (and star of a soon to be released blockbuster!)(I have faith in you, Paul!) can't we do the honorable thing and create a page for Kal's biographical info?

Squonkamatic said...

I think someone tried that and Colonel Clambake bullied Wiki into removing the reference, he brags about having done so on his website somewhere.

Good call too Bob on the chain of requirements for a PHD. So being a Colonel isn't good enough for Kal K. Korff, he also wants to be a DOCTOR now? In what field? Yes a Bachelor's and then a Master's degree are required first in the process. Since Kal K. Korff's highest level of education is apparently high school he has at least six years of tuition paying college ahead of him before he can even begin to claim to even be working on a doctorate. "Blackshoe" is the Navy term for someone claiming to have completed training and attained a rank or appointment that they do not deserve, I.E. claiming to be a Navy SEAL without having completed the required training and been awarded your UDT patch. You get caught faking something like that and you're going to get your ass kicked.

As someone who fought tooth & nail to have just a stinking Master's degree I'm a bit offended that Kal K. Korff would think anyone stupid enough to believe that he's magically working on a PHD out of thin air with no education beyond public school. In what subject? At which university? What professor is sponsoring his thesis? How is he funding it? I thought he was on the run in Switzerland with his 2 year old Titanium laptop. Stanton Friedman -- who very honorably corrects anyone who refers to him as "Doctor" -- would look sternly upon young Kalvin's intransigence at this claim.


Philc said...

I just checked out Korff's two-part Youtube clip of his lecture on the JFK case and wouldn't you know it, he used his high school atomic bomb fabrication within the framework of this lecture. In other words, he replaced being called to the principle's office to explain how he fashioned an atomic bomb with his "discovery" of a man on the grassy knoll. This was part of Korff's introduction into how he "solved" Kennedy's murder.

Hmmm, considering that Korff's conclusions mirror the conclusions of the Warren Commission as well as several book authors on the subject, he didn't really solve anything. What is this world coming to when a teenager can't build an atomic bomb and solve Kennedy's murder without someone demanding that he report to the principle's office?

KRandle993 said...

I have a few more thoughts on this comment by Avimi (Avim for short) in which he suggests I might use my terrorist connections to harm Korff's family... an outrageous accusation no matter whose it was.

But, then, isn't Avimi (Avim for short) Colonel (sic) Korff's adjutant? And if so, then isn't it presumed that the adjutant speaks for the commander, and statements issued by the adjutant are to be presumed to have come from the commander. So, while Avimi (Avim for short)is the signature on the email received by F1 racer (whose real name is known to Korff and everyone else who reads this blog), we may consider the comments in the email were approved by the commander and therefore are considered to be the opinions and beliefs of the commander. In this case, there is no plausible deniability because Avimi (Avim for short) is the adjutant and is therefore speaking for the commander.

In other words, given the chain of command that Korff has so carefully explained to us, even if he didn't write the words himself, they are his words. Otherwise Avimi (Avim for short) is about to have his ass handed to him... and to be out of a job.

I seriously doubt that any adjutant would send out a communication, such as that sent to F1 racer without the knowledge of his commander. What this means, is that Korff is as guilty as his adjutant... and we can say good-by to Avimi (Avim for short) because he is about to be fired.

This is, of course, the way a military organization would work, but before we start to split hairs, let's remember that this is a civilian organization with the trappings of a military one... but then, corporations operate in a like manner, and a PIO or other corporate official who sent out a document like that sent by Avimi (Avim for short) without the CEO's permission and knowledge would have his ass handed to him and would be on his way out.

Either way, Avimi (Avim for short) is out of a job... all so that he could take a cheap shot at me.

Kevin D. Randle

Anonymous said...

Korff isn't 36. Try mid-40's. The fucker doesn't want his real age known, because being over 40, and being a total fucking failure, not to mention pathological liar and scumbag would probably put off his fans.

He's not young, he's not hip, he's not a genius. He's just some loser that got this idea that the more he lies about himself, the more likely that eventually all those things will come true someday.

He's not fighting terrorists. He's not doing anything but living off of the kindness of strangers as the piece of shit couldn't get work doing anything short of sweeping a floor if he tried. The guy has absolutely no education, no skills, he's just a fucking blimp that blows hot air.

Prague will be clean again without Korff's sewage and hateful bile being spewn out like so much anal leakage.

Squonkamatic said...

Kevin your analysis and conclusions are right on the money, especially since this "Avimi (or Avim for short)" is just a pathetic shadow identity that Kal K. Korff has used to try and intimidate & mislead others in the past. Indeed Warrant Officer Askenazi may have already gotten "the boot" seeing how a new previously unheard of entity named "Bara" is now serving as Colonel Corkscrew's fetch-and-carry boy.

I also should clarify that I was being sarcastic when I said I was offended by Kal K. Korff's new claim to Rob McConnell that he is working on a PHD. It's too silly of a claim to take seriously, Kal K. Korff has never spoken of having had any formal college level education before, including in his rambling stream-of-consciousness resume summaries. That in one week Kal K. Korff would have gotten married, had a child with a genius IQ, met with Czech officials to advise them on terrorism, shipped his custom designed iPhone/iPods, relocated to Switzerland **AND** now be working on a PHD while on the go is all pretty incredible stuff.

I mean, he can't possibly just be making this all up, can he?



Kult of Kal said...

I saved a number of his older videos, but regretably not the one you're looking for. I just returned from a month-long vacation in Canada and the States, so I missed it myself.

You may want to start using Zamzar to download & save videos.

I used a similar (& free) service to make my one video.
I'm considering making another video, but it's not so motivating to know Kal's left the country (CZ).

Dude who maintains this site - PLEASE, listen to all of us - don't stop. It's priceless. Look how quickly you've built up a fanbase from various places from Kal's past. Pass on the torch or take a breather for a spell, but don't just kill it entirely. Please.


Brad Hudson said...

It does appear that Avimi (short for Avim) has been issued his walking papers as I too received an e-mail through YouTube signed "Bara". The e-mail was long and pretty much made no sense. He was correcting me on stuff I hadn't said and pretty much just rambled on for a few more paragraphs. I'll post the whole thing shortly.

Brad Hudson
Dallas, Texas

Anonymous said...

Message from the Josephine County Oregon Sheriff, Gil Gilbertson:

"The Sheriff's Office takes all complaints VERY seriously. Filing a false, untrue, or exaggerated report has very serious consequences and may result in legal action".


Brad Hudson said...

You know, it seems to me that Kal is responsible for what anyone says using his YouTube log in, whether Kal typed it himself or "Avim" (short for "Avimi") did. If I allow someone to use my YouTube ID and they call someone a cock-knocker then I better be able to back that up myself (and, yes, I AM calling Kal a COCK-KNOCKER. In fact, Kal is the King of the Cock-Knockers in my book).

Anyway, this gets us to the following: Dr. Randle, should you decide to complain to YouTube that a member has claimed you have terrorist ties even though you have served this country in 3 wars in 4 decades, and ties to terrorists is a serious accusation especially for a military officer then YouTue would really have no option than to remove the party making that accusation and his videos. And just think how nuts Kal would be if he didn't have YouTube to broadcast his insanity. Kal's entire ego is tied up in the fact that he somehow thinks his videos on YouTube reach millions of people and that Dr. randle, Royce Myers III, and Paul Kimball are somehow being tormented by this. I think Kal lies to himself about who actually watches his YouTube vids, but it's easy to see by the number of views each one has that the only people watching these videos are the people looking for ammunition with which to mock Kal.

Just my $0.02

Brad Hudson
Future Kal Korff Lawsuit Target
Dallas, Texas

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable. Korff just had the vile guts to post this article on his website "Reader: Major Randle "Ducks" Kal Korff, Uses Roswell Debate Delay as "Excuse" to Play "Victim".

Supposedly it's an email send by a reader. In an act of sheer vileness blame is put on Randle for the failed debate. Words can barely describe Korff's foul character. What a fat delusional fraud. I hope everyone gives the article a 1 star.

Squonkamatic said...

What, Kal K. Korff LIE and MISLEAD people over something stupid that is his own damn fault? Knock me over with a feather!

WE are all the liars and terrorists, the only person on the whole planet with any ethics or redemptive qualities is Kal K. Korff. I think it is about time the rest of us accepted our own unworthiness and made a giant golden calf in Colonel Crankshaft's honor to worship the new deity of human perfection: Doctorate Candidate Kal K. Korff, the CEO/CTO/CIO and Paymaster of Critical Thinkers.Org, which is the only website on the entire internet that has any integrity or truthfulness. The rest of us are guilty of LIES and SLANDER and CONSUMER FRAUD and TERRORISM just by existing.


Bob In Florida said...

Unbelievable. Korff just had the vile guts to post this article on his website "Reader: Major Randle "Ducks" Kal Korff, Uses Roswell Debate Delay as "Excuse" to Play "Victim".

Where are you guys finding this? The last update on his uncritical thinkers site is some blather about RM3 and a Metallica video. What am I missing?

Admiral (formerly Private) Bob Barbanes,
American Super-Duper Secret Something Agency

Brad Hudson said...

Wow! Looks like Kal respects Rob McConnell so much and is so thankful for Rob allowing him to appear on his show that Kal has LIED DIRECTLY TO ROB MCCONNELL AGAIN. Thanks to our super sleuth Francis we find that... there is no history of Kal marrying in the Czech Republic, nor and record of any child being born with Kal Korff listed as the father.

It seems Kal has no respect for even the one person in the media who would give him a weekly platform for his fantasy rants.

I wouldn't even have Kal on for 2 hours of letting callers run him through the ringer. Somehow Kal would think he won some kind of victory by being noble enough to listen to "all the callers tell lies" about him...

Anonymous said...

To Bob Barbanes;
Korff pulled that article from his website a few hours after I mentioned it here. Guess even he thought no one would buy it.

Brad Hudson said...

Well, the crap about Kevin Randle and the debate is back up on Here's what this two-bit lying sack of shit says:

"The proposed debate between Major Kevin Randle and myself was postponed for reasons already explained. If people choose not to believe it, that is their problem. Remember, some people still believe the world is flat." said Kal Korff.

"The debate with Michael Horn so that consumers have clear choice and can decide the issues for themselves WILL go forward. No threats this time will stop it. It is up to Major Randle to act in a mature and responsible way — Mr. Michael Horn of Billy Meier's FIGU group is. I guess at this point, Mr. Horn is far more credible than Major Randle is. Not only has Michael Horn stepped for ward on his OWN initiative, he has been completely OPEN, HONEST and SINCERE," explained Kal Korff.

"Instead of behaving the way a decent person should, Major Randle has deliberately decided to cry 'victim' as usual, and LIED by saying that I ( Kal Korff) was 'vile' because I supposedly said that 'Major Randle's 'terrorist friends' sabotaged the debate. Again, I NEVER said this. Major Randle, because he is Kevin Randle and I am used to him FAILING to check his FACTS, FALSELY accused me of making this remark, which is a LIE."

"Kevin Randle can run, but he CAN'T hide. For each day that goes by where these mythical Little Grey Men do NOT show up, and notice once again they did NOT today, and they won't tomorrow nor over the weekend either — because the Roswell 'UFO' crash is a MYTH, a MYTH fueled and fed by UFO hucksters like Kevin Randle and the other UFO sensationalists that Royce Myers III eagerly endorses and via this endorsement, blatantly MISLEADS consumers."

Rob McConnell, the ball is squarely in your court. Kal Korff is again using despicable tactics against Dr. Randle, and now he claims you will be the one moderating this debate and providing air time. Kal Korff has lied to your face directly many times over this incident. There was no terrorist attack (Kal changed his story from he was the target to a "private Czech citizen". He claimed to you he has a son when, as public records demonstrate, Kal has no children ot wife, and thirdly he is using YOUR name and YOUR radio show to further his agenda. He is already saying YOU will host this "debate". It's your call, Rob, but you need to act. Force Kal to remove your name from his page concerning the debate AND print a retraction for having written that the debate WOULD be on your show. This is a chance for you to do the right thing, both for yourself and for Dr. Randle whom Kal is trying to smear with your help.

Brad Hudson
Dallas, Texas

Anonymous said...

It gets better every day! He now blames Dr. Randle for botching the xzone debate. And he suddenly cozys up to an overture from Mr. Horn whom he has called a liar and a fraud. And he's been trying to tell Rob McConnell how to run his show. Mr. Korff doesn't realize that his one weakness is being extremely naive. A lot of people are much smarter than he will ever be. Does he not realize that he is being set up by Mr. Horn and Mr. McConnell? Mr. Horn has him on the hook and will reel him in. And poor naive Kal thinks it's a friendly gesture! Sucker!


Anonymous said...

I am still waiting for the police, as Kal swore they would have gotten me by now.


F1 Racer
aka Francis Underwood

Anonymous said...

Here's a post by Erik Beckjord (recently deceased) at his now-defunct website:


In the late 80's and early 90's, Kal Korff gave lectures at the LA UFO EXPO and at other ufo conventions, where he gave "workshops" and seminars to attendees who paid $40 or more to attend. I went to two of them.

At each workshop he faithfully promised each attendee a copy of his current book, or else a video, at their choice, to be mailed later. He never mailed anyone either one. His email was disabled, his mail was all returned, and his phone was always disconnected.

About 80 people attended each workshop, given in separate years. This is 160 x $25 = $4,000

This man is a fraud. Should you trust any book he backs or any author?