Thursday, September 25, 2008

Kal K. Korff and the reason he isn't qualified to teach English

Under the name of "ufo watch cat" Kal writes on his Internet website "No, Kal Korffdid NOT lie, he first showed some nanodust months ago in a vile, proving everyone wrong at that point, and then as he said, at a date and time of "our choosing" we would send it to Rob McConnell and Rob now has several pieces."

Kal doesn't know the difference between "vial" and "vile" even though he knows everyone thinks he a "vile" person. No wonder Kal got canned from writing those horrid English columns in that free rag. Kal please enlighten us all how you put something "in a vile".

Now I confess I make spelling errors and grammar errors and punctuation errors all the time. The difference here is that unlike Kal I do not pretend to have a high IQ nor do I pretend to be qualified to teach English.

And this whole nanodust/nanotechnology rubbish is just that. How in the world can Kal who can't even hold down a job at a newspaper afford any of this stuff? I frankly think Kal not to be smart enough for any of this nanotechnology let alone his being in a financial state to afford it. Considering Kal is alleged to have stolen nearly three-thousand dollars worth of Apple products, what makes anyone think he has the money to finance any nanodust or nano anything for that matter? Kal's claims abou this nanotechnology are so patently absurd I don;t know what else to say about them except to simply call it a load of bullshit.

I wonder if Rob McConnel can muster enough "investigative journalism" to have these supposed nano components examined. But we all know that Kal has already built in his excuse and will likely say when nothing is found that the components fell out of the book. Perhaps Rob McConnel can also muster enough common sense to realize how full of shit Kal is but I won;t hold my breath waiting for that to happen.


Anonymous said...

The only thing nano that Korff has is whatever is between his legs.

Kult of Kal said...

Hear, hear.

So what if Dr. Nanopenis keep mum when asked for proof, i.e. the FBI case file number.

I believe there's still hope for "evidence" via Rob McConnell. There's still hope Rob is simply a hardworking and talented radio host who happens to be acting in his own best interests. (Supposedly) he got an iPod and some free advertising. Can we blame him for playing on both sides of the fence?

But, Rob, about the "free advertising," do you realize who is the primary audience here? The same folks who so disrespect Kal, they're willing to disrespect whomever aligns with him! Is it worth it? Is Kal worth it?

Turn us around, Rob. Get out a magnifying glass or jewelry loupe and focus on the back page. Get out the digital camera; snap, snap and post it on your website.

Shut us up, Rob or shut us out for good.

Anxiously awaiting for a pereson of integrity to step up and offer us what Kal can't.

Brad said...

I just saw something on Kal's site which struck me as one sentnce that sums up Kal's hypocrisy. Kal writes, concerning claims made by "UFOologists" (oh, that's crazy clever, Kal. Not). When presnted a claim it is your right "to DEMAND proof" (emphasis Kal's).

Hmmmm, who's for DEMANDING PROOF? Who thinks we'll be waiting forever to get it?

Anonymous said...

KKK is currently stating on his website that he has received his iPhone and iTouch Deevelopers License.

Here is an article on how anyone can obtain the US$99 'license' :

...maybe if Apple Inc. new about KKK's stolen Apple products scam they would pull his license?

Rob McConnell said...

This is Rob McConnell:

I am in possession of objects, which were sent to me by Kal Korff, which are supposed to be nano components. I am making arrangements with the engineering department of a Canadian university which specializes in nano technology to have them examine and establish what they are. They resemble small particles of plastic/foil and I cannot identify what they might be.
Once I have the results from the university, I will release them to both Kal Korff and this blog site at the same time.

Also, the iPod that I have received from Kal has been duly registered on line with Apple.

As I said the other night on my radio show, I cannot understand why people are singling out and targeting Kal, when, there are other members of the UFO community who have been charged by police and law enforcement agencies for criminal offences and have been found either found guilty or pled guilty. How come no one is targeting them?

Kal Korff is Kal Korff, unlike members of the UFO community who use two and even three aliases. How come no one is targeting them?

Do you remember the claims that were made by Art Bell on Y2K and how he profited from it and how he scared the hell out of a lot of people? Do you remember when Art Bell talked about an alien invasion and had a couple of people in an airplane over the desert in Nevada to report the invasion? Do you remember the satellite photo that had a data drop in it that Art Bell claimed was a UFO? Do you remember when a Art Bell talked about a space craft in the tail of Hale Bopp and we all remember what happened with Heaven’s Gate don’t we? How come the UFO community is not going after Art?

What about the claims by Blossom Good Child that a 2,000 mile diameter UFO will make an appearance and cover entire cities for a period of three days? I haven’t seen you people go after her. How come?

When Kal was on the show this week, I asked him about his retraction on the Art Bell Show, he answered and explained what had happened.

I have been personally in touch with the people at Cables and Simms and I was told by them that there is no present legal action against Kal Korff, nor is there any police involvement. They did tell me that Kal has been in contact with them.

As for Kal’s goal of getting a PhD – if he gets a legitimate one – Bravo! Good for him! I know for a fact that there are many people past and present in the UFO community who have claimed to have degrees of all kinds, including PhD’s and I do not see them getting targeted. How come? If Kal’s quest for higher knowledge and PhD will be legit and given by a recognized university / institution – then great.

The fact that Kal uses Colonel in front of his name as a “rank” or “title” is common within the private sector in the security field. There are patrolman, corporal, sergeant, captain, inspector, major, colonel – and yes, they can jump rank from captain to colonel or from patrolman to inspector and so on. Some of the private sector companies that use ranks include Pinkertons, Corps of Commissionaires and even the SPCA has inspectors.

I agree that there are times when Kal goes overboard with his web content, but can you really blame him. He is always under fire and his videos and web statements are his way of saying, “See, I told you so.”

How many of you really believe that the alien autopsy film footage is real? How many of you believe that the Billy Meier UFO story and photos are real? How many of you really believed that the bigfoot in the freezer that was found and promoted by Tom Biscardi was real? How come you are not going after these people with the same gusto that you are going after Kal with?

I was ticked off when al cancelled the Great Roswell Debate with Kevin Randle, who I would like to say I like and respect, however, that was last month. And yes, I did say that I would not have another Debate with Kal – I was ticked off and after I cooled down, which took sometime… but… I did.

So, if Kevin Randle is open to a debate with Kal – I would welcome it. If Kal wants to have a debate with Michael Horn – I welcome it. If any member of this blog would like to debate Kal – I would welcome it. If any member of this blog would like to debate anyone else – I would welcome it.

Not making excuses for Kal – just stating the facts as I see them. I have done the same in the past for other including Wayne Morin and the crimes against humanity at the Napa State Hospital in California. Wayne reached out to us for help, telling us about the people who were getting abused, raped, the selling of narcotics and alcohol to the patients by inside workers of the institution. We investigated the situation at Napa, spoke to past employees and past patients, patients advocates and lawyers and went on air with our findings. Where Wayne was unable to get the authorities on a state and federal level, we were able to get the US Department of Justice involved. At the request of the DOJ, copies of the show with the witnesses and victims were requested through the Canadian Minister of the Attorney General (Canada’s equivalent of the US Department of Justice) which were supplied immediately. Now, the DOJ is investigating the matter.

Then there was Patty (who asked that her last name be withheld) a direct and full blood descendent of Crazy Horse who live on a reservation in the US and her living conditions were so bad, that we brought her on air, she told her story, it was verified by other members of the band who were also living in God awful conditions. We were able to help there as well.

And the list goes on.

When we expose someone who is a fake or fraud, we add their name to The ’X’ Zone Order of Woo Woo’s at

I have a challenge for F1 Racer to come on the show with me and to present his case against Kal – and have him ask Kal questions one-to-one. We will post any evidence that he has to produce on a website for all the listeners to view – evidence that has been authenticate – not made up. He can contact me at . The same goes for anyone else.

It is time that we put this issue to rest once and for all and work together.

It is my belief that each and everyone of us holds a piece to the mysteries of the universe, and that we should do, like is done when trying to put a jigsaw puzzle together… put the pieces on the table, turn them all right side up and work at putting the puzzle together as a team. So, if we were all to come to a table, bring our piece of the universes puzzle and work together, just like the jigsaw puzzle, we can figure it out.

All the best to each and every one of you.

Thank you.

Rob McConnell,
The ‘X’ Zone,

Karl Pflock said...

This is Karl Pflock:

After reading a comment above, I propose a NEW blog be created as a partner to this one; I suggest the working URL be something like:

Rob McConnell is an IDIOT

All the best to each and every one of you.

Thank you.

Karl Pflock,
The Afterlife

Kult of Kal said...

Ok. Rob- thank you for your reply. It was a long-winded one, full of tangential stories of extraneous characters, but I respect you for putting so much effort behind your reply.

Your bottom line question is, why do we target Kal? Because, as we all see it, he's a douchebag.
Seriously and more objectively, Kal proves himself to be conniving, vindictive, cowardly and a disloyal to an extreme.

Also, he seems highly insecure, puts an unhealthy importance on his own intelligence and holds blind respect for personal title, regardless of the labor (or lack thereof) to earn it. But those last traits are just "baggage", and we all have our baggage, right?

Speaking outright for this crowd, I'm guessing Kal's continued vindictiveness and disloyalty are perhaps what keeps our energy going. Time and time again, he proves us "right" and proves himself....well, to be a douchebag.

Honestly, I'm getting angry just retelling this. I feel like, if someone doesn't see Kal for who he is by now, that someone just won't. And that's fine. -- Until we witness Kal prove himself again, maybe on that someone.

Looking forward to that university engineering report. And don't say we didn't warn you.

-Kult of Kal

p.s. And I'll put money where my mouth is.
F1 Racer - if you accept Rob's invitation, I'll personally donate 2000 Kc to the cause= your flight. (That's about $130 to those people States-side).

Philc said...

Rob: I've admitted on this blog that I agree with Kal Korff's conclusions regarding the Billy Meier case, the Patterson-Gimlin film, and the Roswell case. That being said, his erratic behaviors the past several years has eliminated the respect that I had for him as a researcher. His dubious claims, ongoing bullying tactics, and "uneven standards of evidence," have now morphed into black comedy Youtube video rants.

In terms of attacking other hucksters and frauds, most of those individuals have properly sunk under the closest rock whereas Korff continues to bolster his reputation as a legend in his own mind. Under normal circumstances, once a con artist is exposed, he or she usually shuns the spotlight. Korff seems to be the exception to the rule. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't see con artists like Ed Walters putting up Youtube videos or creating blogs attacking the investigators that exposed him as a fraud.

I also noticed how you minimized the number of bizarre claims and flat-out falsehoods put forth by Korff. No mention of his ridiculous rants against the individuals who helped to put his brother in the joint. No mention of his removal of his own Youtube videos which depict him as the crazy uncle that you don't want your neighbors to know about. No mention of his numerous contradictory statements regarding, well, you name it. No mention of the fact that not one of his legal threats has been carried out. No mention of the fact that most of his former advocates have turned their backs on him.

IMO, I think you are aware of who Kal Korff is and what he represents. Korff is an individual who had great potential, but threw it all away due to his vast ego. If Korff was a serious researcher, he would fess up to his factual blunders and discontinue his attacks against those who have exposed him. If he continues his current train of thought, he will continue to be hammered by those who put great stock in the truth.

Anonymous said...

What will Rob do when he finds out the bits Kal sent him are not nanobots or nano components?

I was done with Kal a long time ago.

Squonkamatic said...

Once more for good measure:

" ... nanorobotics refers to the still largely hypothetical nanotechnology engineering discipline of designing and building nanorobots. Nanorobots (nanobots, nanoids or nanites) would be typically devices ranging in size from 0.1-10 micrometers and constructed of nanoscale or molecular components. As no artificial non-biological nanorobots have yet been created, they remain a hypothetical concept."


Even 10 micrometers would not be visible to the human eye. Nanobots are for the time being a hypothetical concept used by science fiction writers, the most notable being Michael Crichton who proposed in a 2002 novel that they could be used as surveillance devices against foreign countries. One of Kal K. Korff's claims is to have "deployed" his nanobot creations in Pakistan and/or Afghanistan as surveillance drones as part of his work with the Isreali funded Special Secret Services.

And on further note, my YouTube account has been permanently disabled for reasons that are not clear to me at this time.

Squonkamatic said...

Ahah, now it's clear, and it has nothing to do with any of this. Carry on Korffing!

Anonymous said...

rofl....pieces of aluminum foil....probably stolen like those I Pods.

Bob In Florida said...

Kult of Kal said:
"F1 Racer - if you accept Rob's invitation, I'll personally donate 2000 Kc to the cause= your flight. (That's about $130 to those people States-side)."

Oh, you don't have to do that. Francis doesn't need to actually *go* to Canada to "appear" on Rob McConnell's radio farce. All he need do is find the nearest pay phone! I mean, that's all Kolonel Kooky will do...

Rob is obviously so far up Kal's ass that when he opens his eyes every morning all he sees are kidneys. Rob has obviously lost any and all objectivity he ever had in this matter. Maybe he just sees Kal as an underdog. Or maybe Rob really is an idiot. Who knows?

Kal's inconsistencies are legendary. For Rob to not see them is just bizarre.

Take "S3" for example: An Israeli organization funded by the Saudis? Come on...

"I know when I'm not being unfair." -Kal K. Korff


Anonymous said...

Why bother? Kal wont show. He will think of another reason not to come or there will be another terrorist attack or some bullshit.

And we both know you will NEVER let me ask the real questions that need to be asked, so dont try to bullshit us Rob. Youre just a big a huckster as Kal.
Why dont YOU do it Rob? You claim to be the investigative journalist, why do you need a rank amateur like me to ask questions YOU should be asking?
Isnt asking the hard questions YOUR job?

F1 Racer
Francis Underwood

Squonkamatic said...

Ahh, the "I know when I'm not being unfair" gaffe was actually mine originally on the thread where the story about Kal K. Korff allegedly being a wanted man in Prague was first brought to our attention. Is he posting it somewhere else as anything but what it was? When I originally wrote that post it was about 8:30am and I was still two thirds asleep. Those were not originally Kal K. Korff's words, they were mine. Just wanted to clear that up, and if he did re-post them somewhere else I'd be delighted to see it!! :D

The YouTube account disablement (they didn't just suspend me, they nuked me!) was for copyright infringement for some Antiques Roadshow clips I had posted, if you hear or read anything to the contrary it's nonsense. Sadly they took everything down including the "Encounters" debate with Kal K. Korff and Jim Dilettoso, and I have no plans at this time to establish a new account. A simple warning would have been sufficient, I worked hard on my channel and was proud of it but that's YouTube, they just issued the whammy in one fell swoop with no grounds for appeal in their terms of service. I had actually wondered if anybody would have a problem with the clips, someone holding the proprietory license apparently did & I can live with it -- I can add "YouTube Bad Boy" to my own personal blurbs now, but I am officially gone from there for the time being and I just wanted to make perfectly clear that it has NOTHING to do with Kal K. Korff, period.

I thought about Rob McConnell's post while on my power walk and realized that my copy/paste in of the definition of nanobots & nanotechnology courtesy of Wikipedia might seem snotty by itself. What I was getting at is that I have no doubt that Kal K. Korff sent Rob McConnell something, and Kal K. Korff might refer to them as "nanobots" or example of "nanotechnology" but they are something else. They may indeed be very small functioning circuit components, who knows and hopefully Rob will share the findings of his expert with us as to just what exactly they are because this is a sub-topic of Korffdom that has always fascinated me. Nanobots are plot devices from science fiction, prominently used in a "Star Trek: The Next Generation" episode whose title I cannot remember right now.

But a "nanobot" by the accepted definition of today is a **microscopic** sized independently functioning robot that would be far too small to the term that Kal K. Korff uses to refer to these creations of his I'm perfectly fine with it, though he uses the expression in a manner which creates the impression that they are supposedly something other than what they might actually turn out to be if the current definition is to mean anything. Perhaps he should call them a Kalvinbot or something like that to avoid the seeming gaffe of referring to them with a term that contradicts the meaning with it.

A metaphoric example of what I am getting at would be to say that the vehicle I use to drive around town in is a banana instead of a car, even though it is clearly a car and not a banana. If I was to pull into a service station and ask the attendant to please check the oil of my banana, he'd ask me what the hell I was talking about. Which is what I at least have wondered since first encountering Kal K. Korff claiming to not only have developed "nanobots" but to have deployed them in counter-terrorism operations. What the hell is he talking about? and holding up a glass jar in a YouTube video hasn't answered anything. I look forward to seeing what Rob McConnell's expert has to say about them.

The other thing I wanted to post in reference to Rob's legitimate questions about why Kal K. Korff I can only speak for myself and say that the antics I have observed over the past five months or so since stumbling upon his conundrums while innocently looking for an "update" on the Roswell incident have completely overshadowed anything having to do with the paranormal studies area with which Kal K. Korff is associated. I've typed it a hundred times and will be happy to type it a hundred more: Kal K. Korff has gone out of his way to make himself the focus of the "debate" rather than the phenomena itself that are in question. He is in essence reaping exactly that which he has sewn by calling the "credibility" and integrity of other prominent names into question (Kevin Randle is the obvious example) while at the same time boasting of accomplishments, credits and undertakings that are impossible to verify.

I agree that the whole paranormal studies field is chock full of charlatans, miscreants and shysters who's well documented acts of fraud, deception and blatant theft are well known. That's one of the aspects of it that turned me off during the 1990s and it is only just now that I have started to look back into the subject, but instead of UFOs and Bigfoot found Kal K. Korff belittling Major Randle & others while himself appearing to be maneuvering a series of exaggerations or claims that are impossible to verify. And, appear to have been deliberately staged as so.

That was sort of why I had grabbed onto Kal K. Korff's claim to now be a PHd candidate. If he is, then he has an educational background that can be checked up on and verified. Which would be a first for a lot of what Kal K. Korff has claimed to have done with his life -- The admissions and degree information would be freely available to anyone who might wish to check up on it. I'm not even interested in where or with whom Kal K. Korff may be claiming to be working on this "thesis", only in those qualifications which would have put him in the position of being eligible for such an academic accolade. Where and when did he get his Bachelor's and Master's degrees? The questions should be simply answered and easy to verify, but then again the whole idea of needing to verify anything at all is annoying, and that's Kal K. Korff's biggest problem.

Personally, I don't like Kal K. Korff's style of being demonstratively critical of others while offering outlandish claims of his own that defy reason. The nanobots are just my favorite example, same with the whole Israeli counter-terrorism services. We haven't heard Kal K. Korff refer to himself as a colonel for a while now, so he seems to have moved on from that topic and is instead concentrating on his devotion to Apple products. A new update on his site "confirms" that he has received an "official license" from Apple as an iPod/iTouch developer, so I would expect a move to Cuppertino, California to be amongst his plans so he is on the Apple campus to work with their other developers.

If he isn't planning such, well that's fine too. I guess when hard pressed for a "final word" on Kal K. Korff it might be that he's welcome to do & say whatever he wants. It doesn't matter to me, really, I was originally just here for the flying saucers and stayed for the floor show. It has been and no doubt will continue to be grand entertainment, which is really what paranormal studies have been for me: A source of entertainment & relaxing speculation into the human condition. Kal K. Korff is apparently a walking talking YouTube video making example of that tension of humans encountering the unknown, but it would be nice if he could pursue his career without the expense of the reputations of others.

He's made his name on his enthusiasm getting into the middle of scandals and personal feuds related to paranormal studies. It's one hell of a way to make a living but if that's what he wants to stand for let him get used to having the ridicule thrown back in his direction, which is exactly what we've being doing here. I'm a small fry though, have no professional aspirations that have anything to do with paranormal studies and no plans to become involved on a professional level. I've just been observing this as a former enthusiast who lost his enthusiasm for the very reasons that make Kal K. Korff a topic unto himself, and got caught up in the commotion.

I don't know what to think anymore and have been openly wondering for a while if this isn't some huge put-on or internet based performance project. THAT makes more sense to me than an Israeli intelligence officer developing nanobots & iPod software when not fighting the war on terrorism, debunking UFO frauds, fulfilling 500 book contracts and now traveling Europe working on a PHd thesis on human behavior while selling iPods on the side. But then again who gives a shit what I think? I'm just some guy in New York with a life and friends and family with no aspirations on joining the ranks of those who might be players in this field. Just thought I'd let my opinion be known and it's been fun following along at home. But other than that I don't care about Kal K. Korff and his various projects beyond their interactive entertainment value. And it has been VERY, very entertaining, hasn't it?


David Biedny said...


If you take a close look at McConnell's CV, you'll quickly realize that the only thing that he's ever done "professionally" is host his crappy show - that's it. Like so many others in the field of paranormal topics, he's got no significant professional credentials of any sort. He's a self-described "paranormal expert", with nothing to back it up. So keep that in mind when taking his opinions into consideration. He's every bit as credible as Korff - these clowns belong together.


Squonkamatic said...

Clarification: The phone rang while I was writing my post and I got distracted & lost my place during one of the paragraphs on nanobots. It should have read:

But a "nanobot" by the accepted definition of today is a **microscopic** sized independently functioning robot that would be far too small to ne seen by the naked eye. If that is the term which Kal K. Korff uses to refer to these creations of his I'm perfectly fine with it, though he uses the expression in a manner which creates the impression that they are supposedly something other than what they might actually turn out to be if the current definition is to mean anything. Perhaps he should call them a Kalvinbot or something like that to avoid the seeming gaffe of referring to them with a term that contradicts the meaning with it.

Just wanted to correct that.

Bob In Florida said...

Steve said:
"I don't know what to think anymore and have been openly wondering for a while if this isn't some huge put-on or internet based performance project. THAT makes more sense to me than an Israeli intelligence officer developing nanobots & iPod software when not fighting the war on terrorism, debunking UFO frauds, fulfilling 500 book contracts and now traveling Europe working on a PHd thesis on human behavior while selling iPods on the side."

...And cooking "real American meals" for Czechoslovakians! Don't forget the cooking of meals, Steve!

Man, I am certain that Kal used that sentence about not knowing when he's not being unfair in one of his up-now-down-later videos. Swear to God I heard it from his own chicken lips.

It *has* been entertaining, mostly at Kal's expense, and now Rob's. And to think I was almost tempted to watch "Ugly Betty" tonight instead. But this is more fun!

I'm a helicopter pilot, and my only stake in this is that I got pissed off that Kal was disparaging another helicopter pilot (Kevin) whose credentials seem pretty good compared to a fat guy with delusions of grandeur, a blue ribbon from a high school project and some other unverifiable accomplishments.

In the end, I guess it's all in good long as nobody gets gets an eye poked out or somebody gets shot.

Oh wait...somebody did.

Brad said...

Francis, I'll go on the X-Zone with you, but it won't do a damn bit of good because absolutely nothing will come of it. If Kal has nothing to lose he'll just continue to claim that "the information is out there, go find it" which, of course, completely goes against Kal'sown statement not to accept anything a UFOlogist says but "DEMAND proof". We can demand all we want, but, Kal will continue to provide nothing. Maybe if Rob actually had some stakes to play for, say, Kal goes off the X-Zone forever if he can't prove at least 2 of three things we ask him. And I'm not talking about Kal's normal nonsense proof. I'm talking about "Kal, if you are involved in the production of nanobots, please provide us with the name of the production facility and the name of whomever you work with there, a company that can be independently verified and not a company that only appears on websites that Kal operates". Make it good, Rob. Have Kal put his butt on the line and I'm all over it. If Kal can't put up then he shuts up. If he can, hell, I'llpersonally do an ass kiss on him over the air that will make the one he did to ArtBell look tame by comparison.

Kal has to prove 2 out of three things, things he does not know about prior to airtime. If Kal is all he claims to be then he should have no problem. And newspaper articles don't count. If they did, then I guess Bob Lazar is a 100% bonafide UFO engineer, right?

Brad Hudson
Dallas, Texas

Anonymous said...

Rob wants some entertainment on his show. Don't give it to him. If Rob wants to keep looking like a complete ass then by all means let him. Rob cares about one thing: ratings. Rob isn't interested in actually investigating the facts, because that (to his thinking) doesn't generate ratings and that means people don't advertise or buy his wares.

Anyone with common sense knows Kal K. Korff is full of shit. Anyone thinking otherwise is either Kal or has an agenda.

Rob isn't interested in the truth, he's interested in what he thinks is entertaining and what he thinks will raise his ratings. Like so many other "paranormal" hosts, Rob isn't an investigator or journalist.

And what exactly is it that Rob is planning on doing once those piece Kal sent him are shown to not be nano anything? Will Rob just ask Kal what's up and accept any answer Kal gives?

Rob: So, Kal, what's up with these soldering pieces you sent me?

Kal: You see, Rob, no one can just examine those pieces. They are specially made nano pats that only I, kal K. Korff, can activate. They will appear as solder to those who do not possess my incredible IQ.

Rob: Okay, Kal, that sounds great. so what have you been up to?

Kal can't prove his claims, period. But this doesn't seem to concern Rob at all.

Where has Kal published a single book in this 500 book deal? Kal tried to take credit for getting Philip Mantle's book published by saying it was the first book in the 500 book deal. But this isn't true and anyone can contact Philip about this.

Where are all the lawsuits Kal promised?

Where is kal getting this alleged Phd and where did he get his other degrees?

Where are all of the arrests and prosecutions Kal said were coming down the pipe? And wasn't Kal supposedly working with Scotland Yard? Kal made the claim so let's see the proof.

Based on just these few things it is clear that Kal is full of shit and has zero credibility.

Why should we continue wasting time on Kal "Chicken Little" Korff.

Jimmy D said...

While we're on the subject of the spelling incompetence of "Colonel" Korff, PLEASE EVERYBODY TAKE A LOOK AT THIS:

The impetus for this laughable article was provided by my chiding Kalvin for his use of the word "amatuer" in an article on his website. The cretin then "corrected" it to "amature", which of course prompted another mocking email from me. Rather than simply quietly make the "correct correction" and hope that noone else had noticed, the fat clown had to shoot himself in the foot with this absolutely dumbfounding screed.

There is no beginning to your talents, "Colonel". You are the man who rose without trace.

Kult of Kal said...

jimmy d,

God, that article brought back a flood of memories.

I also remember how Kal would allude how British English was strange or awkward with their extra letters, e.g. colour vs color, honour vs honor.

The article also reminds me how Kal promotes whatever argument he launches as "one of the single, most important" blah-blah... For example:
"One of the single, most important trends in the development of modern English today, is the replacement of such silent vowels or letters with more phonetic spellings instead."

That boy kills me...just kills me.

Jimmy D said...

Or what about page 9 here:

"And now, Kal presents...a graphic photo of a man crapping himself with fear. On an English language teaching page."

His editors must have had zero pride in their work. "Some guy sh*tting his pants? Jo, jo ... whaddever."


Anonymous said...

My favorite of all time was when Kal stated without a doubt and stone cold fact that World War II started December 7th, 1941 and that fighting took place ON every continent.

Yes because we all remember those invasions of South America, North America, Australia and the ferocious battlezone of death that was Antarctica.

When many readers emailed complaining that WW2 started earlier than December 7th, Kal had the NERVE to state it "isnt a world war unless the USA is involved", and that fighting before Dec 7th was "irrelevant"

F1 Racer
Francis Underwood

Anonymous said...

Those articles are just further proof that Kal can't be wrong about anything and he really thinks the world revolves around him.

The amateur bit was hilarious and hearing that clown Kal claim he is working on a PhD is even more hilarious. He doesn't have the drive or the brains to work his way toward a degree. Don't all of his "kritics" have degrees?

Someone said it well about Kal having 5 star ambitions and 1 star action (or something like that).

Pat said...

Hey Kal, someone needs to tell you that Kevin Randle will never waste his time with you again after you tried to play games with him by posting that bullshit terror threat excuse.

Kevin has ore integrity in a hair on his arm than you've ever had in your entire body. Kevin also has what you don't: an education and a Ph.D.

I like Kal's new 'chicken little' nickname. What a great fit for him as not only does Kal run around making claims that aren't true, he has the same courage as a chicken.

Lueftenant-Corporal Bob In Florida said...

That's COLONEL "Chicken Little" Korff to you.

Brad said...

"Many web sites now spell it 'amature'..."


His imbecilic excuse is that many web sites spell it that way?? Holy crap, we're now using random web sites to determine what direction the English language will take?? That one column right there should have been the last column Kal ever wrote for that paper, and there should have been an enormous apology written by the editor the next day, apologizing for wasting everyone's time and setting back the teaching of English a century or more.

My God, Kal obviously thinks the sun rises and sets directly on his ass!!!

Thanks for sharing that gem with us.

Brad Hudson
Dallas, Texas

Anonymous said...

...during tonight's Presidential debate in US I notice that HussiienObama mention Korff durring warr on TERRORISM part of it !!!!!

Anonymous said...

It is now the end of September so I am wondering if Royce Meyers got his subpoena and internal affairs complaint. Anyone know? I'm betting it never happened and this is just more bullshit from the big mouth of Kal.

Anonymous said...


While I can't comment for or about Royce, because he has asked to not be involved with Korff at all, I feel free enough to state that Royce has never recieved anything from Korff; no paprwork, no transmittals, nothing of any kind, ever. As many on the board have stated, empty threats.

If Korff says anything different, he's lying.

BTW, Royce had already dropped out of his web site and that research, on at least 2 occasions, because, like many of us, he just got burnt out on it, and sometimes, family matters take a more important role in a persons life.

I know I dropped out after about 10 years and I've never really gotten back into it to the extent that I was.

Royce dropping out again had nothing whatsoever to do with Korff and his games.

Korff is on no importance to Royce or to the world for that matter.

Korff did some good work. Sadly, he's not only believing his own PR now, he's now just making it up as he goes along.

BTW, if you people get a chance, read or get the Book On Tape to Crichton's "Prey" about nano tech. You tell me if Korff isn't just restating the text and ideas from that book?

Squonkamatic said...

Yeah I had noticed he had stolen the "nanobots surveilling foreign countries" angle from Crichton's "Prey". I also am of the opinion that his "thesis" on human behavior was inspired by comments I had made about my own interest in UFOs which had to do with observing how humans interact with the unknown. He's twisting it find out "why people lie" or something like that, but I find it odd that this "thesis" only came to light a couple of weeks after I had outlined my own fascination with observing how humans react to the unknown. He had never mentioned anything like it before but now claims to have been working on this "thesis" for a few years now. Whatever. Kal K. Korff is a complete fraud, and as always the question always remains: How much of his own complete bullshit does he actually believe, and how much of it is just trying to deceive people into thinking he's something more than a washout making a marginal existence for himself in Europe reselling iPods that his mom ships to him?

Nothing wrong with that, but lying about being an Israeli intelligence officer, 'official' Apple developer, 500 book deal author working on nanobot deployments with $25,000,000 in financial backing with a son who has a genius level IQ just as an apparent sales pitch to con unwitting Europeans into buying his iPods comes across as kind of sleazy. If he really had $25,000,000 in financial backing he could hire someone to do his sales work for him and just concentrate on the development & writing projects. Since he doesn't, the logical conclusion is that he is lying about all of it.

Anonymous said...

And let's remember the Auzzy web site test of last year. Where these art school guys put up a web site with a bunch of fake clips on it (two of the clips were the ones they didn't manufactuer) and then waited to see what the people would say about the clips.

So, if Kal is testing "us" then that's been done before as well, many times, the Auzzy test being only the latest.

I do see his attempt to get his publisher on-board for a book based on this.

I take your point though. Many times, Kal's story changes as his interactions with the web and people continues.

Hint, hint....

Anonymous said...

Kal isn't smart enough to test anyone. The guy's a fucking mental midget with issues.

Anonymous said...

I've been in touch with Royce and he says no subpoenas and no complaints. Gee, big surprise...NOT!

As a certain someone has said, "Kal Korff isn't worth the time it takes me to piss in the morning nor is he worth the toilet water it takes to flush said piss."

LOL! Funny, but sadly true.

Anonymous said...

And there is so much Kal doesn't know about Royce which further proves what a fucking inept pile of shit Korff is.

Anonymous said...

I managed to stay up late enough last night to watch/listen to the Kal Korff hour on the Internet xzone radio show. I wasn't too impressed listening to his philosophical 'expertise' garbage.
However, I was quite impressed by the fact that, other than myself, there was a grand total of 3 other viewers online!. Not exactly a worldwide audience!


p.s. - when Rob announced '...from Prague...', my first thought was 'Really? When did he ever leave?'

Anonymous said...


That's a very important observation. This blog should investigate the coveted 12AM slot that Kal so frequently bloviates on X-Zone.

My sense is that the "Kost of Kall and his "Kritics" still earns a few dollars for filler.

Anonymous said...

Another minor observation. When Kal was reporting from a phone booth somewhere in Germany? on a previous xzone broadcast, a certain background noise caused the host to ask where Kal was, to which he responded 'a phone booth at the station where I'm waiting for the next train'. Now, on the latest broadcast with Kal from 'somewhere in Prague', I heard exactly the same background noise at almost exactly the same time of day at the same noise level and duration. The noise was from a commercial airliner on final approach to a nearby airport!
Pure coincidence?


Anonymous said...

Why on earth is Kal Korff *so* obsessed with Kevin Rnadle and Royce Meyers? Why?? Is Kal in love? Jealous? Is this the old I hate you because you do things I want to do? Maybe I'm over analyzing this and it is just because Kal is so fucking crazy.

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff wrote a few books, a couple regarding the biggest UFO - Alien cases ever. So, if you've "solved" these cases, what to do now?

Why not go after the work of other people, who's work doesn't not mesh with your own, or those people who are in the lime light, to some extent, you and are not.

All the while, saving the planet and its people from frauds, etc.

Do we find it of interest that Kal will never mention the good work Royce has done? Nope, Royce dared to call Kal out as an arrogant, promise maker. Talk about selective!

I once asked Kal about Royce's good work in regards to the Reed case and Sean David Morton. Kal stated that those works and outcome were of little use, in the big picture.

I love the fact that Sean David Morton is pretty much done. And except for some You Tube morons, the Reed case is where it should be, dead.

Yes, Kal, you make a good case for selective research, all on your own.

Anonymous said...

At least UFO watchdog had the nuts to step up when Sean Morton tried to sue him. He didn;t run like Kal did when Jim Dilettoso was going to sue him. And Kal does have a very unhealthy obsession with certain people. I'd even go far as calling it stalking.

Anonymous said...

Where are the results of the nanobots at that Rob was sent? When do we hear about that? What will rob do when the pieces are found to be nothing? Kal probably took a page out of Billy Meier's playbook and sent Rob fragments of solder lol!

Anonymous in Florida said...

What's going on, man? How come all the silence on this site and the UNcriticalthinkers site? I need my daily dose of Colonel Kooky, man.

This blog accounts for WAAY too much of my entertainment :-/

Anonymous said...

I'm sure when Colonel Dork gives us some fresh material we can get this party started. I see Colonel Crackpot isn't on the X-Zoned this week. Hmmm.

Anonymous said...

I agree. I'm hooked on the Korff feeling!

Kult of Kal said...

You all (myself included) have become addicts. Admit it, you checked it first thing in the morning, throughout the day and double-checked there was no new entry before bed.

Have faith, fellow Kal Kritics. This is just the calm before the storm.

We can all faithfully count on Kal. He's sure to please, or piss-off someone as is typically the case.

Squonkamatic said...

The expression "cooperating with authorities" comes to mind.

Anonymous said...

Kal must be too busy working at an actual job to get the money to pay back Cables and Simms.

How do you say 'do you want to super size that' in Swiss?

Anonymous said...

Im here its just I acquired a new contract and Im busier than usual.

F1 Racer
Francis Underwood

BritinPrague said...

Can someone remember to download (and re-upload when the "Colonel" deletes the original from YouTUbe) all new videos. That creepy underlit one didn't last too long, did it? And - dangnabbit! - if ONLY the preposterous one of Kalvin standing in front of the KPMG offices had been saved for posterity....

Anonymous said...

Most of the videos seem to be here:

Anonymous said...

So where are the nanobot components? Rob McConnell was haing these analyzed and I want to hear the results. Maybe Rob got the results and is just going to stay quiet? Hope not.

Brad Hudson said...

Who wants to bet that we'll never hear a word about those "nanobot" components. Kal already took care of everything when he stated that "they might fall out" of the super-secure book he sent them in. If Rob comes back and says all he got was junk then Kal says the "real" components fell out in shipping.

I don't think Rob will say anything, anyway. Don't want to upset the "European Bureau Chief".

Francis, Rob said that Cable & Simms had no legal case pending against Kal. Have you checked into it?

Brad Hudson
North American Bureau Chief
Le' X-Zone, Paris
Reporting from Dallas, Texas

Karl Pflock said... thing that has me wondering is how both Korff AND his opposition on Roswell (CUFOS, Randle, Schmitt, Rodeghier) have been seemingly blacklisted by the Bob Bigelow-controlled Art Bell/Coast to Coast AM/George Noory radio show.....

Is it a general attempt to quiet Roswell discussion or is it simply that all the blacklisted dudes are partners in the same scam????

Anonymous said...

I will poke around and see what I can find with regards to Cable and Simms. Knowing how the system works here, it wouldnt surprise me at all if Kal made an arrangement of some sort with them to pay compensation in return for NOT getting his ass thrown in jail.

F1 Racer
Francis Underwood

Jimmy D said...

Goddammit, KIAI - I need my daily dose of Vitamin Kal!. I'm getting withdrawal symptons, here....