Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Kal K. Korff's youtube video showing delivery of ipods!

Look what someone sent me and I now have a copy of this video saved as well! Kal might be surprised at how many videos of his I have saved and how many copies I have of his Internet website. Unfortunately I do not have the KPMG video saved. Perhaps Milos would like a copy of this video as EVIDENCE for his LAWSUIT AGAINST Kal for FRAUD! Don't be too shocked Kal because I know you are probably overwhelmed with all this. A REAL LAWSUIT you're involved in with REAL EVIDENCE and not some CHUMP THREAT made by you. How HUMILIATING it must be for poor, dumb Kal K. Korff to talk and talk about lawsuits only to find himself on the RECEIVING END of a REAL one! I wonder if Kal will be found GUILTY of FRAUD and how much he will have to pay Milos for additional damages in court if that happens. SLANDER can get REALLY expensive Kal so I hope you have sold a lot of ipods.


Anonymous said...

You can run but you can't hide Kal! LOL! This is priceless stuff here! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Your Honor, exhibit A is introduced into evidence!

Anonymous said...

This is all a BIG mistake!!!!

...a simple look at the video shows that it isn't Lord Kal but just some dummass in a big ol'hat!!!!

Squonkamatic said...

Holy Jesus, ouch!!

Much, much MUCH bigger fish to fry than me, bro. though as the other cat points out there's probably a very simple explanation for every damning little bit of circumstantial coincidence seen on that video. Interesting how the scene with the crowd is filmed in distance with telephoto like a surveillance video. Life imitating art imitating life, perhaps. Kal K. Korff is definitely an example of human beings coming in contact with the unknown, and a fascinating study on how they react to it. He should just do a PHd thesis on himself.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmmm, let's see here:

Paul Kimball exposes Kal, Pual Kimball then is threatened with lawsuits and being exposed.

Royce Meyers exposes Kal, Royce Meyers then is threatened with lawsuits, complaints, and being exposed.

David Biedny says kal is full of it, David Biedny is then threatened with a lawsuit and police complaint.

Kevin Randle exposes Kal, then Kevin Randle is thratenedwith complaints and accused of having "terrorist ties."

Don Ecker exposes Kal, then Don Ecker is threatened with being exposed and a lawsuit.

Mac Tonnies questions Kal, then is threatened with a complaint to the FBI and accused of being a racist.

Gene Steinberg hosts a message board exposing Kal, Gene Steinberg is accused of promoting hate.

Michael Horn calls Kal a parasite, then is threatened with a lawsuit and arrest by the U.S. Secret Service.

Kal says he is having a lawsuit filed against Ray Santilli. when ray Santilli laughs at this Kal claims Ray santilli has ties to porn and neo Nazis.

The cops shoot Kal's brother who is then convicted of a felony, then the cops are threatened with nanobots and lawsuits and criminal investigations.

Some internet users poke fun at Kal, then are threatened with lawsuits and claims they are promoting hate.

Milos Bartu files a lawsuit against Kal, then is threatened with the FBi and Department of Justice and is further threatened with a lawsuit and threats of him being reported to his employer.

Anyone see a pattern here? Are all of these people wrong? Is it all a conspiracy against Kal? Is it the evil of the world all coming down on Kal? Is it "just more crap?"

I think not.

Squonkamatic said...

One other point, since the video appears to account for everything on the stock list from the MaZone article we can probably conclude that whatever Rob McConnell may have been sent wasn't a part of the batch in question.

Funny how the exchanges are being taped in very public places. I showed the video to a friend of mine and she said "He looks sort of like he's wearing a disguise and walking funny on purpose" which I thought was an interesting response from an outsider to this whole mystery. I had a hard time convincing her that no, that's the way this guy dresses normally, and that I've never seen him moving around much in any other videos so that's probably just the way he walks. No big deal.

And I mean look, he may be an idiot, but he's not so stupid to have actually made a video of himself passing on "hot" goods that he'd "swindled" to unsuspecting buyers, even if he had thought he'd gotten away with it. Something other than what appears to be happening here must be going on. It's too stupid and conveniently suspicious to be what it appears to be, know what I mean?

I'm starting to wonder if this whole thing isn't some sort of colossal put-on. This is a joke, or some sort of performance art project, right?

Kult of Kal said...

For any video, Youtube seems to pick some random scene to show as the picture before starting.

For this one, it's Kal's thumb and forefinger up (citing his cover shipment is "2 days late" from Germany).

But I can't help but think, how apropos ...it's Kal showing a big "L", for how much of a Loser he is.

Anonymous said...

Everyone is out to "get" Kal, is that it? The evidence is *overwhelming* showing how full of bullshit Kal Korff is. Wait! Kal is a victim.....a self made victim.

Don't forget that the San Jose Mercury News was also out the "get" Kal.

Yeah, everyone is out to "get" you Kal, or so you'd like everyone to believe so you can stand around and cry at how much of a "victim" you are. boo hoo.

Anonymous said...

You can pick one of three snapshots for your video when you upload them to YouTube.

Yeah, that "L" thing from Kal was probably subconscious on his half.

Anonymous said...

Yes, everyone else is wrong and Kal Korff is always right! In kal's fantasy world that's the way it works and you better get in line before he bombards you with threats he'll nver follow through on.

Anonymous said...

Any of you guys notice that the video presents exactly the Mac hardware that the Czech computer store claimed was not paid for by Kal Korff?
13" black MacBook
32GB iPod
16GB iPod

Now why would Korff remove this video?

Kult of Kal said...

"Any of you guys notice that the video presents exactly the Mac hardware that the Czech computer store claimed was not paid for by Kal Korff?"

Good catch!

Well, at least Kal's not lying when he says "I don't have stolen stuff."

He delivered it, hence he no longer has it.

Anonymous said...

I keep waiting for Korff to blow a fuse and I think he's well on his way. Anyone notice he is on quite a little rampage over this Milos guy? but then again Kal always has a little temper tantrum when anyone calls him out. The truth will prevail and now we have to see if Kal has the guts and ethics to show up in court and prove his case instead of slinging around slander. Kal loves talking about proof and evidence so I'd like to see him put his money where his big mouth is.

Drew said...

Sounds like a great Kal excuse to me. this way he would actually be telling the truth for once. It will be interesting to see if who got those i-pods will get a message when they log on and if they'll respond to that message.

If any of this is true about Kal stealing this stuff then not only is Cables and Simms out their money, but so are three hard working people if the property is stolen and has to be returned.

Could selling stolen goods be considered consumer fraud? :-)

Anonymous said...

Korff's a midget. You would think with that big mouth of his he's a 6 footer but in the video broads are taller then him. He's also walking around like he's carrying a brick in his rectum but maybe he 'had to go' really bad after the Mac heist.

Bob in Florida said...

I have to admit, I laughed all the way through Kal's "Delivery" video. Man, it does look like police surveillance tape...or a Monty Python skit. And yeah, Kal really is short! No wonder he wears that "out-sized cowboy hat" as one reader put it.

Oh, and did you guys catch what the Frito Bandito said in that creepy September 22 video? I mean, what is that, some Halloween "scary movie?"

First of all, why does he say he's "on travel?" What an odd phrase - even for Kaptain Kook.

Secondly, he says he sent nanobots to Rob McConnell. HE SENT THEM IN THE BACK COVER OF HIS BOOK! Further, when/if Rob opens the book, some of the nanobots might fall out, but others will stick to the page! I guess nanobots are not microscopic after all, but rather the size of the cookie crumbs that litter the front of Kal's t-shirts.

Finally, Apple sells iPods "in bulk" of four to six units? Not broody rikery. One can only imagine how the local retailers in Prague are going to react to some pompous American selling products that undercut them. I wouldn't be surprised if Kal turns up dead. And you know...the American Embassy would stamp that one "UNSOLVABLE MYSTERY" even before the form was completely filled out. "Here officer, let me stamp this one for ya, you can finish filling it out and sign it later."

BritinPrague said...

"Colonel" -





Kult of Kal said...


Has everyone seen Paul Kimball's "The Ballad of Kal and Martina"


A priceless choice of a background song. Nice work Paul!!

**Caution** - some Martina pics may be unsuitable for work environments.

Squonkamatic said...

So the guy on the cell phone got a black MacBook, the woman in the telephoto crowd sequence got a 32gb iPod, and the lady in the cafe got a a 16gb iPod.

Let's go back to the MacZone article which describes the merchandise Cables & Simms claims wasn't properly accounted for ...

Apple iPod TOUCH 1st gen 32GB sn: S9C809A8W0JW
Apple iPod TOUCH 1st gen 16GB sn: S1B747EV0W4T
Apple MacBook 13" BLK 2.2GHz C2D sn: W880104KZ67

According to Milos B. the alleged purchase happened on April 22, with the items being "delivered" sometime in May. I've never been to Prague but it looks more like spring than summer weather in that video clip, though for all I know it could snow in July there. But let's see, Cables & Simms said the merchandise in question was a 32gb iPod, a 16gb iPod, and a MacBook, color black. And in that video we allegedly see people having engaged in a transaction with Kal K. Korff for a 32gb iPod, a 16gb iPod, and a MacBook, color black.

I can say one thing for sure though: The MacBook that Kal K. Korff has shown off in his more recent videos & read the serial number from is definitely white finish, not black. Too bad we can't get a nice, clear freeze frame of that close up of the label on the box that allegedly contains a black MacBook. Perhaps Milos B. should just call the guy up -- he has a cell phone, at any rate -- and ask if he has the same MacBook.

Squonkamatic said...

One other thing: Has anyone noticed that Kal K. Korff can't seem to do anything right? Everything he does turns out to be a disaster or a scandal, hard feelings get fostered, people whom he has never even met in person end up on his "hater" list. Has he actually posted any comments smearing Vojtek? I won't visit Kal K. Korff's websites, I use a Mac and don't want any custom OSX trojans or nanobots coming home with me. But I am very curious to see if he's started a conflict with Vojtek within 90 days of having boasted to have signed a "5 year contract" to be the guy's Chief Technical Officer and Chief Information Officer. Positions in his company that Vojtek says he knows nothing about, and the videos of the signing as well as the Vojtek tape itself are both now scuttled.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Kal burns his bridges wherever he goes. I have no doubt that Kal and Rob McConnell have a business relationship. Kal is selling X-Zone iPods and is now trying to sell advertising for the X-Zone.

It is only a matter of time before Kal burns that bridge too.

Kal is an idiot said...

Let's not forget the all time favorite of Kal's when he gets CAUGHT - Kal will BLAME SOMEONE ELSE by saying that someone has yet to sign off on this or that or approve this. Kal did this VERY THING when he gave his SORRY ASS EXCUSE for the KPMG audit and why it isn't happening. The KPMG audit isn't happening because IT NEVER EXISTED and Kal was trying to make it sound like Kevin Randle was in some sort of trouble and we all know it because Kal is a MALICIOUS and VINDICTIVE little twerp.

Jimmy D said...
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Jimmy D said...

KIAI - I consider myself something of an expert on all things Korff. It was I, for example (incensed by the nonsense "Colonel" Korff spouted every day in his Metropolitni expres column here in Prague) who started the first expats.cz Kal Korff string (and the second, when the administrators canned the first after Kalvin issued one of his bullshit legal threats.
But I cannot recall the Great Man ever offering up a "SORRY ASS EXCUSE for the KPMG audit and why it isn't happening."
Could you fill me in, please?

Anonymous said...

Kal said something about waiting for someone to sign off on it and it was kpmg's fault the audit has not been released. Kal said it was up to kpmg if they released the audit. Pretty sure this is what the dork said on x-zoned.

Brad said...

I think that's actually a pretty old video, one that Kal actually had up a good while back. I'll have to check when I'm on my PC as I'm doing this from my Blackberry. I wonder if Kal can get me a deal on that?