Sunday, September 21, 2008

Kal K. Korff self authored "biography" - what a JOKE!

For a good laugh read this encyclopedia entry on none other than Conniving Kal. I find the writing style to be that of Kal since it lauds him so greatly. Kal wrote this and anyone with half a brain knows he did and that the contents are a joke. I will be going through this line by line and listing each and every claim made and EXPOSING it. It is so painfully obvious that most of this is pure bullshit.

Conniving Kal writes that he " made history yet another time when he played a key role as an expert witness in the O.J. Simpson civil defense case" This is an outright LIE and Kal WAS NEVER a witness in this case. He did not testify and he never appeared in court! Show us al Kal where your name is mentioned in any history book. Just one would do.

And in regard to this current development where the company Cables and Simms is SUING YOU Kal for FRAUD, please do tell the world WHEN you are going to face the company and Vojtek in court. As a "colonel" and a self described crusader of consumers and claim you are law abiding you are OBLIGATED to present yourself to the courts both ethically and morally, perhaps religiously as well! My opinion is that anyone with ethics and anyone who is innocent will have no problem with showing up in a court of law. Innocent people don't run but GUILTY ones do.

Based on what has been presented so far I am of the opinion that you are GUILTY Kal of committing FRAUD! We will just have to wait and see what the courts have to say. My prediciton is that Kal will scrounge up the money and pay back Cables and Simms to avoid any further HUMILIATION. I can only imagine what sort of tale Kal will be offering to cover his sorry ass.


Anonymous said...

You can run Korff but you can't hide! I hope they throw you in jail! Maybe you and your brother can take turns dropping the soap.

Squonkamatic said...

I like how on the bio page right across from the picture of Kal K. Korff in his Super Special Super Secret Super Duper Services SAPSTOE (Special Activities Planning Strategies Tactics Operations Execution) uniform there was a link for "How To Flatten Your Stomach In 10 Easy Steps", with Kal K. Korff sitting there looking all grim & serious. Gotta love those random banner ads!

Squonkamatic said...

Well I am honored that Kal K. Korff took time out of his busy day to not only email me a vague, meaningless threat using an alias but now he has made a YouTube video for me as well, explaining how and why he is roaming around Europe with a bunch of Apple products in his suitcase (mom sent them). Turns out that not only has Kal K. Korff been an "employee" of Apple for over six years, but that he is apparently a door-to-door salesman wandering around Europe hooking people up with killer deals on iTouch iPods. He even recited a "serial number" for his Macbook for anyone to check on, not sure what good calling up Apple with that number will be -- there is no way for everyday people to search their product registration database, though I am positive that Apple will be happy to cooperate with law enforcement officials (not security guards, law enforcement officials: there is a difference) in providing them with any information they need to investigate Cables & Simms very serious allegations. Which by the way he shrugs off as a disgruntled competitor who can't match Kal K. Korff's killer prices spreading a lie to cut into sales. Like, excuse me?

It also goes without saying that it doesn't matter what I, any of us, or Kal K. Korff's website visitors may think about this, what matters is what Czech officials will think. Removing all of the videos relating to iPods and Vojtek Sedlacek won't make those allegations go away, and indeed the action sort of reeks of a guilty conscience at work. He also looks creepy and weird underlit like that with his eyes all bugged out like he's on really cheap speed and hasn't slept in a few days.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, yep. Korffo is at the center of another conspiracy.... he was blackmailed because he sells iPods at a cheaper price. Buhahaha. He comes back to Prague when he feels like it. Buhahaha. Colonel Matchstickman tells it like it is. I have a feeling colonel Barf will be finished pretty soon.

Anonymous said...

This is what we need to do:

1. Email the Prague Post and send them the information.

2. Email and let them know what Kal is up to.

3. Email Agentura Pro Vas and fill them in as well.

Only by keeping the pressure on can we finally get Kal thrown into prison.

F1 Racer
Francis Underwood
emailed all the above this morning

Kult of Kal said...

I watched of Youtube video of KKK touting his iPod.

Seemed like very no-frills packaging for an iPod, right? From first-hand experience (I own a Macbook Pro), I know Apple takes big pride in their packaging.
Does anyone believe that iPods ship like that -- even if ordered in mass volume, as Kal claims?

Kult of Kal said...

Gee, I hope Kal and his legal team manage to wrangle $3 million from Deputy Geiger and the other fellas.

God only knows his brother is INNOCENT!!!! despite being with the five other felons, getting behind the wheel and attempting to run over the cop.

Kult of kal said...

Nice pic still out there of Kurtis.

Kal to himself: "Well, at least I got the brains of the family..."

Squonkamatic said...

Seemed like very no-frills packaging for an iPod, right? From first-hand experience (I own a Macbook Pro), I know Apple takes big pride in their packaging.
Does anyone believe that iPods ship like that -- even if ordered in mass volume, as Kal claims?

It looks like it had been removed from the shelf carton in an attempt to make it look like it is not an ordinary package configuration. His mom may have done that to save space in the box it was mailed in.

Something struck me earlier, which is that last week Kal K. Korff claimed that he was traveling through Europe engaged in a research project on human behavior that he has been secretly working on for a number of months/years now (re: the first Frito Bandito video). Now he says that he's traveling around dispensing iPods at a killer price to poor Europeans who would otherwise be ripped off if they paid the local retail price, and that he has actually been an employee of Apple for over six years. Someone put it best when they said that this guy has an answer for everything even before the questions are asked.

Personally NO, I would not prefer to buy an Apple product from a former Apple employee, I'd prefer to buy it from an authorized Apple outlet and to say that there are none in Europe is ridiculous. There are Apple stores all over the world; much to-do was made last month about an incident in Warsaw where the launch of the iPhone included a staged event where the Apple outlet paid a bunch of fashionable young actors/actresses to wait in line and drum up hype amongst passers-by. If they have authorized Apple stores in Warsaw, Poland, then they have them in Switzerland and Germany and France etc.

It does look fishy how he's waving around this oddly packaged object that appears to be an iTouch iPod. I also don't put much credence in the serial numbers he recited in regards to the laptop: Sounded like a few extra characters to me than the numbers provided by Cables & Simms. And again it doesn't matter what I or anyone on this blog thinks, what matters is what Czech authorities think and I for one am happy to just let things run their course at this point. He's a liar, scam artist and con man, that's for sure. He's up to something other than researching a PHd project and I don't buy the story of wandering Europe dispensing custom configured iPods either. Just what is going on here is anyone's guess, so it's Kal K. Korff's own fault that people are running rampant with speculation and making what might be seen as irresponsible accusations.

It's funny, actually. Like the boy who cried wolf, even if Kal K. Korff really is telling the truth there are going to be those who will always doubt it because he has made up so much complete bullshit. I personally can't wait to hear more about what the U.S. Embassy has to say about this Israeli counter-intelligence agent claim if and when he finally does return to Prague to straighten this mess out. There's also no denying the fact that he's tried to wipe his public record clean of any contact/collaboration with Vojtek Sadlacek and all his previous iPod videos were deleted in one mass purge.


Brad Hudson said...

Wow, Steven, you got a threatening e-mail and a video. All I got for my trouble was an entry on Kal's webpage purporting to show my "e-mails" (why he insists on calling comments e-mails is beyond me. Maybe to make those who read his page with no context think we're all sending him threats?)

Anyway, it's a pic of my YouTube ID and some random text about how I'm a shit and he'll be glad to see me in court once I send him my lawyers info. I think I will, just to see what happens. I think getting Kal in court would be a hoot!

Brad Hudson
Kal Korff Annoyer since '08
Dallas, Texas

Brad Hudson said...

Is it just me, or is Kal's site down? I wonder if he's wiping it for evidence?

Anonymous said...

Kal's site is up. I think he was just loading in some more diversionary BS, now all about terrorism!
Speaking of sites, has anyone else noticed that the xzone site yesterday had Kal listed as being scheduled for an appearance in his normal Thursday night slot, but today it has been removed!
And thirdly - in Kal's YouTube spiel about 'stolen' laptops, at about 7:40 into it, he says "...shipped from Oregon to HERE".
Than at about 8:05, he says..."laptop HERE in the Czech Republic, which is mine...".
(Implying to me that he is still in CZ, and not on the road).
Now a question - Kal reads the Serial number of a white-case laptop. What color was the one he showed on his now deleted YouTube presentaion?


Anonymous said...

Maybe Kal forgot to pay his hosting bill and his host wouldn't take an i-Pod in trade?

Anonymous said...

*** Tonight: Monday, September 22, 2008 on The ‘X’ Zone with Rob McConnell

00:01 hrs – 01:00 hrs EDT / 21:00 hrs – 22:00 hrs EDT

ROB McCONNELL - The News of the Weird and Much More including Why Rob Believes that the majority of UFO enthusiasts are behind the UFO Cover Up and Conspiracy Theories and NOT the Government and How Come People in UFOlogy are Targeting Kal Korff who has never been charged with a crime when there is prominent person within the “UFO Community” who has been arrested and convicted of Fraud and no one targets them? ***

You've got to be kidding me Rob!?! Are you really trying to us that you have no idea as to why Kal Korff is being "targeted"?

Oh my... You really have no clue do you?

Next thing we will read is that you have indeed taken kal up on his offer to host his Korkk - Horn debate.

I suppose you're on board with Kal trying to turn the tables on Randell by stating that Randell is the one resposnible to set up the debate which Kal ran from.

Sad, very sad Rob.

Squonkamatic said...

Thanks for the propz, Brad! I must have really rattled his cage. But while on my evening power walk I did some thinking, came back and did a couple of quick comparisons:

The laptop Kal K. Korff displays in the videos may in fact not be the one in the Cables & Simms case. The product description from the MacZone article lists it as "Apple MacBook 13" BLK 2.2GHz C2D sn : W880104KZ67"

13" BLK usually means 13" screen with black finish, and such a model is made & currently available from as well as any other reputable Apple dealer. The one Kal K. Korff is displaying has a white finish. It also does appear to be the same laptop he was displaying on the 9-08-08 video update as well. The incident with Cables & Simms is described as having happened on April 22, and if the translations are accurate Kal K. Korff left the store with the goods (which is why I had been referring to them as "stolen"). If so, why would he have been awaiting delivery of one along with other Apple products from his mom?

So unless he received a substitute model with a different finish that needed to be shipped from America, the laptop identified in the article with the complaint from Cables & Simms does not appear to be the same one that Kal K. Korff is holding in the two YouTube videos in question. This is why my first summation had speculated that he had pulled the alleged swindle as a way to make some quick cash.

Now I don't know what to think, except that there were some very serious and disturbing allegations made about Kal K. Korff in a very public manner: I don't think for a minute that an employee of Cables & Simms made a spurious report to MacZone, but that as usual with Kal K. Korff something is going on here that is not what it appears to be. Good catch too on the use of the word "here" in his tape from yesterday though he could be meaning "here" as in Europe as general area. They are the European Union at any rate. I'm not defending Kal K. Korff for a minute, just trying to be accurate about what is known vs. what is being speculated upon.

It would be helpful if someone could contact the representatives of Cables & Simms and ask them for clarification on what exactly transpired before we all jump to the gun any further (as I sort of did and wish I hadn't: I know when I am not being unfair and the facts in this case are not all public knowledge at this point, though it does sound like Kal K. Korff is in some very serious trouble ... I think I was more steamed at Rob McConnell for just brushing it off as "more crap"). If they are running an Apple outlet the chances are they speak very good English and will no doubt enjoy telling their side of things to such an interested audience.

Squonkamatic said...

"I know when I am not being unfair ..."

LOL. It's the Kal K. Korff effect where people start speaking in discombobulations because they don't know if they are coming or going.

Anonymous said...

Here's what Milos had to say about this. So Rob McConnell are you going to do some actual investigative journalism and call Milos to get his side or just take Kal at his word? according to Milos, Kal is a thief.

Rob can ask Kal questions all day long and Kal can give him any answer he chooses. It proves nothing unless Rob does follow up with the source. So, Rob, instead of assuming it's "just more crap" why don't you pick up the phone and find out. Milos's phone number is listed below, so now you have no excuse.

Anyhow, this is what Milos had to say about it all:

Subject: RE: English translation
Date: Mon, 22 Sep 2008

It is very simple. We deliver to Kall Korff goods in May 2008 ( list and serial numbers are bellow ) and he does not pay for it yet . We only warn others in Apple segment in CZECH . Nothing else .

best regards

Milos Bartu
key account sales

Cables and Simms spol. s.r.o.
phone: +420-257310290
gsm: +420-602-468196
fax: +420-257312118
| ICQ:141054526 | AIM: cablessimmsinc | Skype : mib_cables

Brad said...

Well,since Rob has stated that Kal has been never charged with a crime, I guess we need Francis to find out if the Cable and Simmsare,in fact,pressing charges (although at this point they may not be prepared to go that far. Instead they may be hoping to get their property back without having to go that far, and who can blame them?).

It's awfully weird that Rob McConnell is going above and beyond the call of duty to defend Kal. If he steps into "Kal's Korner" in the matter with Kevin Randle,though, then he's crossed the line.

I think Rob may feel like he's being attacked along with Kal and feels that defending Kal is his only out to defend himself. I seriously had no beef with Rob until he insulted Don Ecker and then proceeded to let Kal go on and on for 2 hours without so much as asking for one ounce of proof for ANYTHING.

Well, here's to the Czech Police "getting their man". If Kal somehow cuts a deal where he returns the equipment and does not have to admit to guilt he'll have it made unless they there's a gag order where he's unable to discuss the case at all. If Kal stays out of jail and suddenly clams up completely about it then we'll know there was some foul play involved....

Anonymous said...

As I listen to Rob ask over and over again, why Kal, why Kal?

Rob, it hasen't just been Kal, many reserchers have been called on the carpet. But regardless.

Why would I want to go on the record, make examples of Kal making baseless claims and lying on the record, to have him call my job and bad mouth me.

As Kal stated, he did this to the ufowatchdog, ask him, or was he lying about that as well?

No thanks.

Get with it Rob. Kal Korff did some good work, Kal Korff has dome many things which are very slimy.

You Rob, seem to think that we should put ourselves out there and then have Kal bothering us with personal attacks to our place of work, to deal with?

Fuck that. Kal can have his way with you.

Please Kal, save us all from the bad people of the world.

Squonkamatic said...

Thanks for sharing Milos' message with us. Like I said, Kal, you've got much, much bigger fish to fry than me.

Anonymous said...

Uh, how can the FBi do anything to a Czech citizen? Sorry, Kal, but the FBI has no jurisdiction in Prague and that agency cannot do a thing to Milos even if your absurd charges were true.

So, Kal, when can we expect to see you in court to answer the charges leveled by Cables and Simms?