Saturday, August 30, 2008

Kevin Randle comments on Colonel Coward

Flying saucer author Kevin Randle has made a blog comment about Kal K. Korff tucking his tail and running from his scheduled debate with Kevin Randle. Kal did announce there would be another debate this coming December but both Kevin Randle and Rob McConnel say the debate WILL NOT happen. And who can blame Kevin Randle for not wanting to waste his time with a LOUD MOUTH like Conniving Kal. The video with Kal giving his lame ass excuse for not appearing is full of Conniving Kal puckering up and thoroughly KISSING the asses of Kevin Randle and Rob McConnel.

The Great Roswell Debate

As some of you know, I had been scheduled to debate the merits of the Roswell UFO crash case with one of the most vocal opponents. The debate, arranged by Rob McConnell of X-Zone Radio (see his website was to take place on Thursday, August 28, but about two hours before the start, my adversary bailed with a lame excuse about terrorism. Unilaterally, he postponed the debate to December 7. Neither Rob McConnell nor I agreed to this change and it will not happen.

I make note of this here in case some of you may wonder why there was no debate (and others probably couldn't care less). He failed to appear, video taping some ridiculous excuse, in daylight hours, which means he planned to jump long before he notified McConnell. This is just another in the many strange tales that have come from him.

I will also note that he has a habit of bullying people, making claims that are soon disproved, and then attempts to hide the evidence of his failures. He changes the information to suit his purposes, has no ethical standards, and threatens those who disagree with him with lawsuits and worse.

I plan no further dealings with the man until he issues the apologies required for this bad behavior and several dozen other outrageous claims and mistakes he has made. For those who care to learn more about him, see



Anonymous said...

As Art Bell himself would say, "Well there we have it."

I am still pondering the implied meaning of Kal's video with those bizarre, surrealist sculptures behind him descending the path of concrete steps. One of the classes in esthetics that I took was called "Decoding Images Of Representation" that taught us how to look at art and "read it" for encoded meanings. Not all art is meant to have some sort of literary subtext, but most gestures of expression do have subtle narrative contents that might suggest a meaning that goes beyond the visual depiction, and even when the artist themselves may not have purposefully added the narrative material in an act of intentionality. Art can have meaning even if it isn't supposed to mean anything.

The sculptures are easy enough to figure out, they are apparently metaphoric symbols representing the Czech people's naked recovery from the yoke of Communism, evolving from half formed humans at the top of the stairs into the fully formed people at the bottom. Not sure about the exposed genitalia but I imagine that it's a very stark visual experience seeing them in the winter at any rate, with snow and ice formed on the limbs. They are not pretty, but they are effective.

That was the easy part. Now, what was Kal K. Korff trying to tell us by taping this yammering, simpering, childish and utterly incomprehensible video in front of this sculptural installation? The steps are a part of the work too, so not only was he appearing in front of a parade of naked half-men forming into fully fleshed out figures -- with genitalia exposed -- but he was figuratively blocking their path. If they were a descending group of people they would have had to walk around Kal K. Korff to continue wherever they were going: He was literally obstructing their implied movement, sort of rudely getting in the way in a thoughtless, inconsiderate manner. He even had his back turned on them in what might be viewed as a gesture of contempt, not only unconcerned with their intended pattern of motion, but not even bothering to look at the work at all.

Is Kal K. Korff trying to tell us that he is purposefully obstructing the course of progress? That he is thoughtlessly and selfishly imposing himself between others (i.e. Kevin Randle, Rob McConnell, the UFO enthusiast community) and their common goal? Or was he trying to suggest that the sculptural forms were "coming to get him", as it were, that they were representing the forces of "hatred" that he mentions on the video text, and their descent down the concrete path was their pursuit of Kal K. Korff in an attempt to silence or do harm to him?

OR, is he just some sort of pathetic fool who thought "Hey, this would be a really cool place to shoot a video, in broad daylight and in public, contradicting the very message of a threat against me that I am presenting"? If you stop to rationally consider Kal K. Korff's purpose in shooting a video in such a unique location it is impossible to escape the conclusion that there was some sort of intentionality going on with the decision to film in that place in particular. He didn't just step outside and back up against the wall of the apartment complex he was possibly being evicted from, he chose a very specific place and went there in broad daylight during what sounds to be a busy commuter hour, set up his camera on his tripod (there is no tell-tale movement of someone holding or otherwise manipulating it, and as usual the shot never moves from Kal K. Korff as the center subject) and filmed his prepared statement.

To conclude that the video has no implied meaning beyond the literal interpretation of his text would be to negate the intentional choice of selecting that particular striking, unique location to film it. My conclusion is that Kal K. Korff is subconsciously thumbing his nose at Kevin Randle -- whom he kisses up to for the first time in his recorded history -- Rob McConnell -- who will apparently believe anything Kal K. Korff tells him without question, or at least Kal K. Korff seems to feel that way -- and anybody following the Roswell mystery, UFOs, paranormal studies, or just trying to unravel the mystery that is Kal K. Korff.

One of the opinions I drew early in my own fascination with this bozo is that it might be some sort of internet based performance art project, that he couldn't possibly be "serious" and expect people to believe any of his crap. But then again given Kal K. Korff's very limited education, which has until this incident has never touched on the area of representational art, I don't think he is smart or informed enough to have hatched such a scheme, and if he did he's been an idiot for not having posted some sort of "Artist's Statement" explaining his motivations & goals.

So what are we left with? An abnormally (even for Kal K. Korff) bizarre, unfathomable video that probably cannot be interpreted in any other way except a very silly, stupid, disturbed little man making a silly, stupid, disturbing little video and thinking that everybody who sees it will be silly and stupid enough to take it seriously.

MFA, 1997 (SUNY Albany),
BFA, 1992 (Syracuse University)

Anonymous said...

Colonel Cupcake has yet ANOTHER new YouTube video shot in front of a Prague public monument, this time the U.S. Embassy. He is wearing that somewhat annoying looking "Revolver" Beatles T-shirt and appears to have a duffel bag or courier valise slung over his shoulder. Interestingly, someone else IS holding the camera and it does move with the natural shakings etc that would be expected, though since the identity of the person manipulating the camera is never shown it could just be some passer-by who agreed to help an American film a little tourist video. Kal K. Korff obviously had his statement planned out in advance but the execution of this one is somewhat more spontaneous -- he didn't even choose a distinctive feature of the building to frame his presentation, it's just a plain concrete side and he is standing behind a retaining wall somewhat above the sidewalk where the person holding the camera is positioned.

But the evidence is pretty clear that this "move" due to a threat is not all that pressing on Kal K. Korff's personal schedule since he's had time now to shoot and post at least two, possibly three videos since welching out on Rob McConnell and Major Kevin Randle for what Kal K. Korff himself was promoting as "The Great Roswell Debate" on his own website. It's obvious that Kal K. Korff's little games are more important to him that keeping professional commitments, and his credibility -- if it wasn't before -- is absolutely shot to hell at this point. I doubt that he can sufficiently recover without the assistance of a media personality like Rob McConnell to help Kal K. Korff explain the current mess.

With all that in mind the content of Kal K. Korff's message is fascinating: He claims in this taping to be going to the U.S. Embassy to discuss, amongst other things, terrorism, the various frauds he is pursuing, and the antics of Royce Meyers III. That he would be laughed right out the front door by the U.S. Marine guard detachment assigned security detail there goes without saying.

However, there apparently WAS sufficient urgency in Kal K. Korff's mind to actually pay a visit to this embassy and he saw fit to bring along a carry bag that could perhaps contain certain documents. Kal K. Korff also has a pattern of mixing real events with his fantasy world views, so my conclusion is that he actually is at the embassy for a genuine, pressing reason, though NOT the reason he claims. I would be willing to bet someone a nice Thai dinner for two at the establishment of their choice that the REAL reason Kal K. Korff felt the need to go to the U.S. Embassy is that his legal status within Czech Republic has changed, and he had until September 1 to do something about it. The coincidental timing with the 1st of the month coming within 48 hours of his video posting is very interesting. Something tells me that Kal K. Korff also did have a pressing need to vacate his current apartment, perhaps due to his lease coming to an end and the "terrorist threat" could possibly be that his landlord told him to clear out by Monday or else. The Beatles T-shirt suggests to me that his usual wardrobe may indeed be packed up and he grabbed the first decent looking garment that was handy: We have NEVER seen Kal K. Korff dressed in anything like it before.

Just some suppositions, but again it is VERY near the first of the month, Korff obviously had a genuine need to go to the embassy, and my guess is that he has concocted this story about terrorist threats to coincide with having to relocate, having his website hacked, and the fear of having to face Major Kevin Randle AND his co-enabler Rob McConnell in a public manner that might compel him to answer for the foolishness that has defined the past three or four days. If it isn't really some SAPSTOE ant-terrorist activity, it has to be something more mundane: Being evicted and served with a deportation notice sounds like a pretty valid conclusion.

It will be interesting to see what he has to say come Wednesday or Thursday, or if we even hear from him at all though my suspicion is that he has probably prepared a series of videos and web postings to give the appearance of business as usual to cover him while he tries to get an extension on his visa & find a new apartment he can afford with his current means. And rest assured that I'm following this story now as a sort of entertainment indulgence between socializing with friends & family over the weekend ... Quake 2 gets kind of old after a while & this is just as fun, in a way.


Anonymous said...

Well Steven very interesting observations, brilliant even. Maybe Mac should put you on the show?

I offer an alternate explaination to Korffs "T-Shirt." It looks to me Korff has put on more weight since his last video rant. Perhpas this shirt is part of his fat cloths collection? Maybe nothing else fits anymore?

I'm sure the stress of confronting Major Randle, amoung perhaps losing his home and honeypot, were too much for him; and he has been binge eating. I suspect, the larger Korff gets the more he is lieing. In other words, the Pinnochio effect.

Anonymous said...

Saaaaayyy, if Martina really did hit the road (and let's all hope and pray that she did), just what is the erstwhile "colonel" doing for money?

Anonymous said...

Interesting question.. What IS the "Kernel" doing for cash these days?

I think we can safely assume that he is not sitting back and living off of his royalties from his various tomes, even if he did write the "best selling expose of the Roswell Incident of all time" (notice the subtle turn of the phrase Korff employs in his last mention of his book. He has consistently referred to it as the "best selling book on Roswell of all time". Various people on this blog have cunched the numbers from Amazon and it was obvious that Korff was nowhere near the top of the heap, which we all assumed to be Stanton Friedman and Don Berliner's Crash at Corona. But that book does not have "Roswell" in the title which we figured to be Kal's out. Then it was mentioned that Dr. Kevin Randle's books on Roswell all had higher Amazon rankings. Now Karl has changed to the aforementioned "best selling expose", a subtle difference but giving Kal his all important out.

So, Kal isn't raking in the big bucks from any of his books (and I believe that one of the major issues between Kal and Greg Long was money. Kal seems to think writing the foreward and afterword entitled him to half. Not quite, Kal). Kal's newspaper gig dried up long, long ago, and I haven't seen any more videos of Kal dropping off Ipods to unsuspecting Czech's having a quiet lunch. So what is Kal doing for cash?? Does Martina have any income outside her expose work at Critical Thinkers (I don't think they pay all that well, although we'd need to do a salary survey of the entire think tank to get an accurate figure)? After getting a better look at her the super=modeling gigs dried up a good while back.

So, we can see that Kal has no income stream from either himself or Martina. That leaves us with Avrim. Perhaps Avrim is helping out the Colonel with a few bucks here and there? That must be it...

With that in mind, I think I'll sell my company and just do it like Kal.

I'll borrow what I need from the Easter Bunny.......

Brad Hudson
Potential Kal Korff Lawsuit Target
Formally banned from posting on Kal's You Tube Profile.
Dallas, Texas

Anonymous said...

Thanks much for your kind words in regards to my "expose" of Kal K. Korff's Statue Video. I'm not sure what I'd have to discuss with Rob McConnell. I really am just an artist who got interested in UFOs as a younger guy because they represented a way of studying how humans react to the unknown. I actually did an installation & performance piece during my time in Albany that was in part inspired by my fascination with the subject -- I called it "The Blue Room" -- and part of it was a looped reel of UFO/paranormal related video clips that I played on a TV set in a corner behind a curtain with some chairs. One of the clips I used was the Kofff Vs. Dilettoso debate from the "Encounters" show that I posted on YouTube a couple weeks back, and that's how I became familiar with Kal K. Korff.

It is difficult to reconcile that the person in that video is the same individual as the juggernaut of insanity we know today. One of the things I realized when watching it anew after 15 years is that Kal K. Korff's basic psychology and methods of debate/attack have not changed in 15 years, which suggested to me that there was a pathological side to his character that is decidedly unhealthy. It's depressing to note that there doesn't seem to be any way to effect any CHANGE in the guy, his methods will always be the same -- character assassination and switching the debate from the phenomenon at hand to himself -- just the names and events get switched around every few years.

Kal K. Korff is almost a working example of humans interacting with the unknown in a really small, pusillanimous way, and the evidence of that video when compared with his current conduct isn't that he "went crazy", HE CAME THAT WAY, and it's only now in the age of instant digital communication that his standby defenses (newspaper clippings, muddled resume details, character assassination, childish obsessions) are being seen for what they are. He doesn't really care about UFOs or Bigfoot or probably even Islamic Militant Fascism, he cares about promoting Kal K. Korff and being regarded as an "expert" -- a status he denies others by saying there is no such thing unless it applies to him -- and having Royce banish him from the UFO Hall of Fame to the Hall of Shame was some sort of ultimate insult that he cannot tolerate.

He's a small, weasely pathetic little man who wants to be a player on the world stage and decided that debunking paranormal phenomena would be his ticket to greatness. The sad part is that he's gone about it in this pathological manner that is 100% unhelpful, and his welching out on the Roswell Debate with Major Randle may be his ultimate statement on the issue. He doesn't really want to debate anything, he wants people to revere his opinions without having to earn the propz, and if I had anything to say to Rob McConnell it would be to ask how long he is planning on helping Kal K. Korff make a laughing stock out of this very serious issue of humans encountering the unknown?

Anonymous said...

Just watched Korff's latest rant against Royce Myers and you can notice how creepy and nuts the "kernel" really is. Chubby Kal almost gets a hardon when he tells that internal affairs at Royce's work has been contacted. To top it off Korff says it's not personal but principle. Well, principle my ass.

I've got no personal beef with Korff, I do think he's a worthless debunker and an idiot but if I ever found myself in one of those videos of his I would fly to Prague and knock him out.

Anonymous said...

Kal left in my You Tube inbox:

Dear f1racer,

Your last email proves you are driven by hatred.

Perhaps you are "upset" that Colonel Kal Korff is a JEW and is NOT a "Scientologist" after all. But you would never admit this. Instead, you continue to lie.

This FACT proves once again you are a liar - but we both know this anyway.

Now the public will find out.

The video of Colonel Korff CLEARLY says that the USA embassy is right up there and he even POINTS to it.

This means he was NOT in front of the USA embassy and he NEVER said he was.

Only YOU do. That is different and as usual where it concerns Colonel Korff, because you are driven by hatred, you are delusional on this point.

We are not surprised you "missed" it.

Hatred blinds people.

You may take comfort in knowing that you and all of your emails were among the batch turned over to security officials, (we won;t say which ones) especially since you were so kind as to provide "insight" into the Islamists who hijacked our site — especially since we made a point NOT to mention them.

My best advice is that you cooperate with officials when they contact you.

A video about you will be released shortly, it was filmed a long time ago, and is being updated by the production staff, but since you don't believe they exist, you have nothing to worry over, right?

Making a POINT to hate Jews, even Kal Korff, can and will get you prosecuted.

If you do not "believe" just try!

Especially since we already know who you and others are.

We are very lucky that you are not as "clever" as you pretend to be — thank you, and naturally you cannot fight the resources of the state nor officials.

And based on our meeting last friday, which they did not appreciate this interruption, enough people have had enough of your emails.

We asked you to NOT write to use again, but as usual you think you are above the laws. Now you and others are going to find out that you are not.

There are no "threats" here should you decide to play this game.

Just warning you yet again, and soon in the form of video and of course the police.

If you care to publish anything in your sorry "defense," we will consider publishing it.


cc: various parties

I dont know whether to laugh at Kal or feel sad for his family

F1 Racer
Francis Underwood

Anonymous said...

Francis -

You've got to hand it to Korff: he's standing by his story at all costs.

I'm sure you're now shaking in your boots but of course this is just the latest in how many threats by Kal to turn you in to the police??

Keep up the good work!

Brad Hudson
Dallas, Texas

Anonymous said...

So Kal is going after Royce Myers again? How many times was Kal supposed to have sued Royce and had him prosecuted? What happened to all the lawsuits and investigations?

Kal Korff has been making all these silly claims for 2 years now and has produced noting.

I suppose Kal's hard-on for Royce is because he isn't man enough to face Kevin randle and since it looks as though Royce is ignoring Kal this presents an easy target for Kal.

Kal might want to be careful because he is accusing Royce of being a criminal and this gives Royce clear ground to proceed with litigation against Kal of he ever sets foot on U.S. soil again.

David Biedny said...


That email s just precious. What a total fucking nutjob!

The funniest part is that, in the San Jose Merc article on the Paracast forums, we see this:

"Korff said he is a Christian but rejects further labels."

So obviously, Korff is either very confused, or lying about his religious background. But the fact is that all this is very, very simple.

He's insane, folks, nothing more and nothing less. Everything in his body language, actions and tone totally supports this statement.

Korff is a nothing, a nobody, who desperately wants to be a somebody. He attacks me, and others who he perceives to be more influential than him (which means that a dog or cat would also invoke his ire), he's engulfed in jealousy and rage and hates himself at a core level.

I wouldn't be surprised if he took his own life sometime in the near future, though I doubt he's got the courage to go through with suicide. He's a sad little shit, and if he vsnished tomorrow, I would not shed a single tear.


Anonymous said...

Simply out of curiosity I dropped by korff's site today to see what snakes are crawling through his little brain pan. It seems as if "krazy kal" has a brand new hard-on for one of our posters F1 Racer. Look out Racer, the kernal is on your case. From "krazy kal's" own site.

Dear World,

As we begin to take actions against those individuals who MAKE A POINT TO HATE and continue to make threats despite repeated warnings of impending law enforcement action and after giving every reasonable chance for these people to "stand down" and take back their words of hatred, — I am pleased to announce the screen name of the individual who is the FIRST person to be turned over to the police for investigation and prosecution.

The person I am referring to, goes by the screen name of F1Racer.

In the near future, at a time and place of OUR choosing, we shall PUBLISH the REAL name of this person, which is already known to us, and of course their place of employment and all other relevant information so that ANYONE can CONTACT this individual to VERIFY this person's hate-filled, intolerant remarks.

F1Racer is GUILTY of making threats of physical harm and violence, of making anti-Semitic remarks AGAINST JEWS, and for HARRASSING JEWS.

Since it is against the law to behave in such a way, we are HONORED to be able to turn " F1Racer" over to the police.

This step will begin NEXT WEEK, and we will POST VIDEO OF F1Racer's emails and threats being turned over to the police.

It is our hope to have F1Racer prosecuted under existing EU and Czech Hate Laws and Anti-Semitism laws.

F1Racer reacted violently to the posting by us of the US Embassy video earlier a few days ago, which was filmed and put on our Web site to prove that what Royce Myers III said in his original kan-o-korff posting was a LIE two years ago, and to prove Royce wrong again this time and in advance, — should Royce decide to deceptively pull the same "stunt" again in his self-imposed "retirement" and LIE again and imply that this second visit was not true.

F1Racer is so full of hatred, he refused to believe that even THIS video was real, or that we were even on the same street as the US Embassy, — just meters down from its doorway entrance. F1Racer, after refusing to face the truth again, made more anti-Semitic remarks, and sent NINE MORE THREATENING EMAILS!

This individual, if FULLY convicted, now faces up to THREE YEARS in prison.


Don Ecker

Anonymous said...

Kal's going to publish his real name??

Heck, Kal, F1's been posting his real name on this blog for quite some time, so I don't think you've reinvented the wheel or anything...

Brad Hudson
Dallas, TX

Anonymous said...

And isn't that about the third different spelling of Kal's adjutant's first name?

Even Kal's pretend people can't keep up with all of the BS.....


Anonymous said...

To save Kal the difficulty of doing it himself, here are the phone numbers for:

Prague Foreign Police Departments -
420 974 882 690 (West)
420 974 820 950 (East)
420 974 820 409 (Konevova)

Good luck!


Anonymous said...

Kal, can't you get anyone's name right?
It's Avim, not Avimi...
It's Senator McCain, not CAIN!


Anonymous said...

I feel so honored...really, I dont deserve such a glorious recognition.


What a tool. Somehow I won't be holding my breath over this.

F1 Racer
Francis Underwood
formerly of Burlington, Vermont
Holder of a Czech Zivnost
currently living it up in Letna
owner of a cat named Sasha
Just drank coffee, no sugar two creamers

anything else ya need Kal you fat Scientologist fraud?

Philc said...

Francis: I did an evening ride-along with the Burlington Police this past Friday. We perused City Hall Park and Church Street and met up with a number of individuals who mirrored Korff's bizarre behaviors. I hope that Paul Kimball hasn't completed his documentary on the deterioration of Korff. The stuff that has come out in the past several days would make any documentary filmmaker drool.

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff must be placed in the Guinness Book of World Records for "largest number of threats issued" and "least number of issued threats actually happening".

You're a bad joke, Kal. No one takes this junior high school shit you sling seriously. Kal is the guy who says he is going to train to compete in the Olympics and four years later is still on the couch eating M&Ms.

Number of threats issued by Kal: Too many to count

Numbers of threats that have come to pass:


Anonymous said...

the plot thickens!!!!


READ THE youtube messages from kal:

Dear Vojtek,

Here's your copy of the email from the man we spoke about to you this last friday, the one who threatened you. While I think it is someone else, this 'f1racer' keeps writing and now he mentions your name again. As we did last Friday, we are going to the police. We think there is one f1racer who is real, another claiming to be, reading his writings and adding to them. Based on descriptions, it is two different people!

This is one of the people on the list, Vojtek, this f1racer, who the police want to have info about, so we turned over every email and also contacted YouTube, who has been very cooperative.

His "pedofile" comment made YouTube say "enough."

Vojtek, I will come by and pick up a statement from you regarding this man in Czech. We will need it for the police.

Here's the letter, talk to you soon.


to f1racer,

Kal's not going to be living in the Czech Republic.

I guess your "intelligence" is flawed. He's returning to the usa to handle lawsuits in his brother's shooting.

Did you not hear that the judge extended the deadline for the family? Apparently not, but ask the judge yourself.

That was another reason for the visit to the us embassy. There will be an announcement in the fall.

Mr. Sedlacek was briefed about you and "inrtrigues" last friday. The reason is, someone claiming to be you, threatened him. Kal does not think it was you.

Mr. Sedlacek was told in the morning, and this is why the debate was canceled, since threats to Czech citizens by people impersoanting expats is something that is new twist.

As far as "molesting" goes, since Kal knows only adults and no children, guess you lie again. Not surprised.

Some people "swear" they see aliens. And we noticed that without evidence, without anything proven, you just attack regardless.

And how did these two people "speak"? Kal speaking Czech?

No way. But not surprised you would promote a lie. Another lie is that Kal is gay. He's not. But then you lie about him anyway, claiming he is a scientologist, so you do not make the difference between the two.

You understand?

Just like you can't prove Kal is a scientologist.

Because he is not. To call him one when he is not, especially when he is a Jew, is a hate crime. You were warned.

We will let the ministry of interior see your emails, asking for corruption, obviously.

So can you provide any evidence, NO!

Just claims which are lies, like the scientologist thing.

And as far as Mr. Sedlacek is concerned, you really are stupid. Kal stopped working with Mr. Sedlacek, because the funding for their project did not come through.

In the meantime, would you like Kal's address in Switzerland where he stays with his friend Lukas 90% of the time? Surely you know about kal's work onthat ufo cult there and Mr. Huber, the expose of Huber?

We will let the police know, especially the ministry of interior and us embassy, that you are eager to see them and look forward to it. We will also let them know about your lies and that you will be talking about "child molestation" and perhaps the Loch Ness Monster as well.

If you wish to have more problems with police, please continue to harass us.

once again, I'm not kal.

Maybe you might write kal in switzerland, settle your differences.

You seem intelligent, too intelligent to believe your own lies.

That's why at the us embassy, they asked for all of your information.

We gave it to them.

cc: Czech Ministry of Interior
Vojtek Sedlacek
Czech police
U.S. Embassy
Mlada Fronta Dnes
Law Offices of Horak and Chvosta
Czech Foreign Police
EU Visa control center, Dresden

Anonymous said...

Keep Kal there! No one in the United States wants Kal back! He is a disgrace to his own country! Americans are nothing like Kal! Please forgive us! lol

Anonymous said...

What lawsuits Kal?
I checked with the Josephine County district courts in Grants Pass and Cave Junction, Oregon.
I also checked ALL the Federal District courts in the entire State of Oregon. Not one of them has anything on their dockets, nor have there been any filings reference your claims. Hello?


p.s. I'm sure you have no problem with the USD$212 filing fee.

Anonymous said...

Loos as though Kal's Visa problems finally caught up with him. Kal, if you'd have kept your big mouth shout and ceased speading this nonsense and threatening people all the time I have a feeling there would never have been a problem with your Visa.

I do however think someone had enough of your empty threats and decided to file a report to the authorities and here you are now packing up and having to leave.

I'm just glad such a decent man like Mr. Sedlacek saw fit to not fall for your ruse where you'd have been able to extend your Visa with an employment claim.

Maybe next time you'll keep your fat mouth shut and your idiot rantings and meaningless threats to yourself.

There are consequences for opening such a mouth as large as you have. I'd have imagined you would have learned that from Mr. Art Bell when Mr. Bell put you in your place.

Kal, don't ever forget that someone actually took *real* legal action and you are now reeling from it. That's what *legitimate* reports to the authorities accomplish, not mindless threats like you dish out.

Perhaps when you reach the states you'll have learned to keep your mouth shut and stop trying to bully people over your computer. Were I you, Kal, upon returning to the states I would be *extremely* careful in what you say because you are now a mere stone's throw away from anyone there who decides to sue you.

Should this bit about you fleeing to Switzerland be true, I'd be very careful because with this little thing called the Internet, one can with relative ease contact the authorities there too and inquire about your Visa status.

I've never been deported from a country or kicked out. Tell us all, Kal, how does it feel?

Tough lesson? Tough shit.

Anonymous said...

Francis if Kal K. Korff uses YouTube to reveal your personal information such as address and workplace he will be in violation of terms of service there for harassment & threats. Their policy about COMMENTS is different, and as far as I can see your comments are still posted and your account there is still active, so this is just another idiotic big-man lie from Kal K. Korff, who is a liar that is prone to telling lies, so it's pretty simple to conclude that Kal K. Korff is lying.

DB is also correct, Kal K. Korff is irrational and insane, plain and simple. And he lies. Kal K. Korff is actually an interesting example of one of those logic tests, where you are confronted with a person who admittedly lies all the time. If everything he says is a lie and he tells you he is lying, is he really telling the truth?

Anonymous said...

well first off I use a Proxy and web anonymizer program when I use the net, so good luck getting my real IP.
Second, even if I didnt...theres no WAY You Tube could look at it and proclaim "Oh yes thats Francis Underwood alright here worls at etc etc etc"
Kal is just pissed cause he is getting his ass booted

F1 Racer

Anonymous said...

America doesn't want its village idiot back. Please! For the love of God! Keep Korff where he is or at least deport him permanently to the Sudan or Syberia. The piece of trash deserves no less!

Anonymous said...

Looks like F1 Racer delivered the death blow to Kal's visa!

You know what the difference is between Kal and F1 Racer? Kal makes threats he never follows through on. LOL! F1 racer, the citizens of Prague owe you many thanks for getting this international vagrant out of our fine city and country. perhaps a parade for F1 Racer who is a real hero!

Zbohem, Kal.

Anonymous said...

We should find out when Kal is leaving and be at the airport to wave goodbye with one finger!

Bye Kal! Don;t write, don't call, don't come back ever again you disgrace. I forgive America as every country has a few major assholes.

Anonymous said...

Maybe this is why Kal paid that little visit to the American Embassy:

If so, it's a simple matter to check the office of vital statistics for the marriage record.
True or not true Kal?


Anonymous said...

And of course ever the romantic, the dapper Kal K. Korff wore a Beatles t-shirt to be wed in? LOL

Anonymous said...

Kudos to Kevin Randle for not wasting any of his time on that shithead Kal K. Korff. Fuck him, Kal isn't worth the toilet paper he wipes his ass with.