Saturday, July 19, 2008

The countless FAILURES of Kalvin Korff #2

Thanks to one of the many people who leave comments on this blog, this nice tidbit on yet ANOTHER FAILURE of Kalvin Korff is presented here.

On July 4, 2007, Kalvin wrote "On the Kal’s Korner Online Web site, we have started an ambitious program to input 10,000 English expressions into our database, complete with definitions."

To top this off in Kalvin's usual dramatic fashion he just had to say it was going to happen by emphasizing it with a word in all capital letters, "While this is an ambitious undertaking, make no mistake about it: it WILL be done. We will not only succeed, but with each day that passes, more phrases are being approved and annotated for putting onto the Web."

One-year later and still NOTHING but another FAILURE of Kalvin Korff. Kalvin, you've got the talking part mastered but you need SERIOUS work on the ACTION side of things you miserable twit.


Greg said...

Kal K. Korff couldn't follow through on building a two block lego building. Kal would talk about building it for days and how important it was that he was the only being capable of accomplishing this extraordinary feat. The two blocks would sit there untouched while Kal K. Korff spouted on about his short lived television appearances and how he was in the media as a kid 40 years ago. The blocks you ask? Untouched as kal K. Korff spews about his books written last century and how he was a columnist (now fired) for a free newspaper. And those blocks? Just sitting there while Kal K. Korff claims he will expose every UFO person as a fraud and will bring all bigfoot people to justice. The blocks? You get the point.

Anonymous said...

Here's some info for the author of this blog. Check out this thread on the Paracast forums;
At pages 10/11 it gets also interesting since emails by Korff are shown. Might be useful. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Did you ever notice the only language school that does any advertising on Kal's website is the Lite School?

You know who owns them?

Church of Scientology.

Doesn't that tell you something?

F1 Racer

Content in Czech said...

Hey - I found the article where Kal even boasts of this 10,000 entry website during his journalism "career" (volunteer submissions to a free subway rag):

See page 9 for Kal's great english article.

Content in czech said...

Kal is just so freakin' stupid.

I'm enjoying going through old articles in the free subway newspaper Kolonel Kal wrote.

Here's the one where he says he's gotten over 4000 emails, plus he intends to record all of his musings into MP3 (but didn't):

In this one, Kal boasts of being the "star" in an upcoming TV series:

In this one and subsequent articles, he has solved the JFK assination:

Content in Czech said...

I'm having too much fun for today.

Here is Kal's article he wrote after a ton of people protested his claim of WWII starting ...(ready?) on 7 December 1941, only when the US got involved years after Europe was in it.

(page 11)

Philc said...

In the interest of fairness, Korff presented the ghost photographs as fakes on the Fox Network. I was flipping through the channels a few hours ago and there was Korff and Kiviat stating that the pictures were "probably the work of a computer geek."

kal korff is my bitch said...

Kal Korff is a third rate mouth piece and a super nobody in the world. No one gives a shit about ufos and bigfoot. If Kal K. Korff is such a "humanitarian" then why is he wasting his time on ufos and not helping starving kids or the homeless? Just think of the good Kal could do if he channeled his crazy shit into something good for once instead of trying to suck his own dick every chance he got. Kal has always been a nut and always had a huge ego.