Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Kalvin Korff makes disingenuous claims, MISLEADS consumers

I watched another of the pitiful, embarrassing, and simply painful videos starring lone fruitcake Kalvin Korff. In this latest rant from our nutty wanna' be, Kalvin claims that a chap named Kevin Randle is a liar and gains credibility by building on lies. This is something Kalvin seems to know a lot about.

Our dear colonel coo-coo clock has also tried to build a reputation for himself. Kalvin claimed to be an engineer at Apple Computers and also claimed to have been a team member at Claris Corporation developing something called hypercard.

In a published news article it is disclosed Kalvin was actually a phone support person for Apple Computers and worked at Claris Corporation less than a month! A bit of digging around turned up this neat bit of information from a chap named Paul Foraker who worked for Apple Computers.

Kalvin Korff is NOT listed on any credits for this hypercard and according to this Paul fellow, Korff even apparently claimed to have a fatal brain tumor!

From: "Paul Foraker"
Reply-To: HyperCard at yahoogroups
To: HyperCard at yahoogroups
Subject: Re: [HC] Re: Hypercard Help Needed
Date: Sun, 19 Aug 2007 15:15:22 -0700

Korff does not appear in the About Box of HyperCard because he was on the team at Claris for a month or less, his expertise turning out to be not quite as represented. Apparently, he subsequently survived the "fatal brain tumor" and is now a UFO expert.

Kalvin lists on his background this work he supposedly did at Claris and does this to lend credibility and prestige to himself. After listening to Kalvin drone on about honesty and credibility, and how those he attacks are propagandists and dishonest, Kalvin is plainly a hypocrite in this arena as he engages in the EXACT same behavior he condones!

Kalvin boasts of his alleged computer expertise by exploiting his past employment through manipulating his accomplishments, or lack thereof, at Claris Corporation and Apple Computers. This is at best disingenuous, at worst it is FRAUD. Did Kalvin make these distorted claims to get his job at The Prague Post when he was writing that horrible IT column? Has Kalvin used his FALSE claims of being an engineer at Apple Computers and his EXAGGERATION of his role at Claris Corporation to obtain other benefits?

Kalvin, stop pointing your self righteous finger at everyone else and start taking some personal responsibility for once for your apparent FALSE and MISLEADING claims. If anyone is committing CONSUMER FRAUD, it is Kalvin Korff. How can Kalvin claim to want to change the world if he can't even maintain some ethical standards? Kalvin is part of the problem and most certainly not part of the solution.


So, what did ever happen to this fatal brain tumor Kalvin supposedly had? Do we have to ask Kalvin's mommy about this?


Nancy said...

So when do we prosecute Kal K. Korff for consumer fraud?

Anonymous said...

I can contact Kal's mom anytime I want....thanks to the miracle of Intellius and publically available records.

F1 Racer

Anonymous said...

It seems Kal is a loser (lone nut mailroom dweeb) who can't hold a job. No wonder he has to invent some (secret agent) resume to impress his fat ego. Please, somebody arrest this lone nut before he knocks over a 7-11.

pwforaker said...

Contrary to the information in the 3rd paragraph, I did not work on HyperCard at Claris, only at Apple, and I was not a "team leader". I never met Kalvin, but asked someone who was on the team at Claris.

Also, I don't recall giving permission for that posting to the HyperCard group to be re-posted here. Unless I did, please remove it. The terms of the user agreement at YahooGroups do not allow re-posting elsewhere.

Thank you,

-- Paul

Anonymous said...

You know those dried bits of shit mixed with woold that hang off a sheep's arse, Korff?

Well that's you.

Davis said...

Kal Korff sure loves to run his mouth. The guy has made no documented or otherwise significant contribution to the computer sciences field. He does not appear in the HyperCard credits because he wasn't around for even 4-weeks. I'd be surprised if Kal has ever held down a real 9 to 5 job for a year.

Anonymous said...

So Kal Korff is now going to expose Greg Long????? For those unfamiliar with Greg Long and his connection to Kal Korff: Greg Long wrote a bigfoot debunking book that was heavily endorsed by Kal Korff. Why would Kal Korff now be talking shit about Greg Long after Kal endorsed his book AND wrote the forward to it? Another fine example of Kal Korff knifing those in the back who disagree with him on anything.

I wonder when Kal Korff will "go after" his pal Brad Sparks since Brad endorses Roswell and doesn't endorse the Mogul balloon theory that has been thoroughly disproved. Brad Sparks disagrees with Kal Korff, so how long do we wait to see Kal Korff snap and go after Brad Sparks?

Philc said...

It doesn't appear that Korff intends to "expose" Greg Long, but rather to fill in a "hole" in the book. Korff intimates that this "hole" will be filled by information that he has not as yet been divulged to the general public. I would hazard to guess that this information revolves around an alleged video of Bob Gimlin going postal on Korff's ex, Michaela Kocis. Hopefully, it won't take Korff another 4 years to release this footage allegedly taken with a hidden camera.

Anonymous said...

Korff and Long's bigfoot hoax claim is so full of holes you could drive a truck through it. Long's book is full of assumptions and halfass "research". What will a tape from Korff showing Bob Gimlin going off prove? Nothing other than Korff harassing someone. Why has Korff not gone after the guy who claims to have been in the suit Bob H.? Bob H. is just as guilty as fraud as the others are if the film is a fake. Korff and Long's bigfoot suit claims have no merit and no conclusive proof to back them.

Philc said...

Korff hasn't provided the significance of this alleged video, so it's currently a speculative process. I agree with you that Long's book is flawed, but certainly no more flawed than the "research" methods employed by Bigfoot believers or the claim that Patterson filmed a non-human biped.

Anonymous said...

Er - could you Ufologists confine your UFO-related musings to other forums, please? This is not the point of this blog.