Friday, July 4, 2008

Kalvin Korff is a certifiable fruitcake topped with nuts

Kalvin Korff is CRAZY, as far as I am concerned. This pitiful excuse of a human being is utterly BONKERS! I just watched yet another painful video with Kalvin babbling about going after one of the greatest motion picture directors of our time, Steven Spielberg.

Kalvin actually says that he did a super secret "operation" to shut Spielberg out of Hollywood! After I stopped laughing so hard I thought my spleen would split, I just shook my head and realized that Kalvin Korff is an WHACKO! Kalvin Korff is SICK and TWISTED!

Kalvin railed against Steven Spielberg because the movie Munich, according to nutty Kalvin, isn't accurate. kalvin also said that Steven Spielberg's opus Schindler's List was inaccurate! We are talking about HOLLYWOOD, Kalvin, you dipshit. And Kalvin claiming that he is so powerful that he had an affect on the career of Steven Spielberg? Oh, PLEASE! Keep dreaming, Kalvin, you delusional fool.

For all the great things Spielberg has done, Kalvin isn't worthy enough to be a pimple on Steven Spielberg's ass. Steven Spielberg has more DIGNITY and character in one hair on his arm than Kalvin Korff has in his entire nutty ass. Steven Spielberg has changed the world on so many levels with his great movies. What has Kalvin Korff done aside from filming himself rambling like a mental patient?

Since Kalvin is obsessed with flying saucer people, I suppose we shall wait and see how Kalvin "exposes" Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Trust me, Kalvin, no one is laughing with you and everyone is laughing at you.

What shall Kalvin do next, go after George Lucas? How about Francis Coppola? Maybe Oliver Stone or Ridley Scott? How about James Cameron for that terribly inaccurate Titanic movie, you know, the largest grossing movie in HISTORY. By the way, Kalvin, the money the movie Titanic made is real unlike your imaginary $25,000,000.00 budget. How many iPods do you need to sell Kalvin to reach the BILLIONS Titanic produced?

And historically what has Kalvin accomplished aside from his books being dumped in the bargain bin? You're a joke Kalvin, a laughing stock and a passing sideshow spectacle at best.

I suppose Steven Spielberg's security people will be adding Kalvin Korff to their list of nuts to keep an eye out for. You're a FREAK, Kalvin, an utter FREAK in need of some serious professional care.


Anonymous said...

Kal K. Korff went off the deep end a long time ago. The guy is as loony as they come. Kal K. Korff having a negative impact on the career of Steven Spielberg? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You're a fart joke on your best day Kal K. Korff.

Anonymous said...

Well I just sent a nice email to Spielberg's production company about this situation.

Cant wait to see what happens next.

F1 Racer

Anonymous said...

It's indeed painful to watch, crazy Kal's latest YouTube bitch-session. When a person thinks he's always right, that's also a sign of delusion. 'To go after' Spielberg shows just how fart inflated Korff's ego really is.

Anonymous said...

Kal's words of his impact on Spielberg, regarding his "up & coming" newest expose book (yeah, right, again).

"People find out for the first time some of the operations that we engaged in with others to try to stop Steven Speilberg and, kind of, close him out in Hollywood and make sure his film, kind of, went nowhere.

And, as the record shows, he was given ALL This Praise and all of the sudden...Nothing! That was the idea."

Kal is amazing - amazingly out of touch.

Richard said...

Kal, Spielberg would eat you for lunch were you to "go after" him. By the time he got done with your stupid ass you would be begging Spielberg to let you lick his toilet clean. You are delusional Kal. Look the word up some time and you'll see what I mean along with a picture of you with the definition.

Anonymous said...

Kal K. Korff is God's bad practical joke on the world.

Anonymous said...

Amazing watching the public breakdown of Kal K. Korff and all video taped by Kal for posterity.Did Kal Korff fall and hit his head? Wow.