Saturday, July 19, 2008

The countless FAILURES of Kalvin Korff

In this new series, which will last a LONG time courtesy of Kalvin and his never ending failures, will expose Kalvin Korff for the numerous times he has stated something that was FALSE or something Kalvin FAILED to follow through on. Unlike Kalvin, I don't need to make up claims as I simply use Kalvin's own words. And everyone knows that Kalvin does A LOT of talking! Let us start with something simple.

On March 13, 2007, Kalvin claimed in his column that he had an official partnership with the famous Cambridge University. Kalvin went so far as to actually claim that a Cambridge official asked for Kalvin's input on material that taught English!

Kalvin went so far as to say his website would "be making a dedicated channel available on the new Kal’s Korner Online Web site for Cambridge University Press to provide some great, interactive content."

Kalvin never did have any of this stuff on his website and Kalvin's claim of having an official partnership with Cambridge University is at best questionable, at worst it could be an outright lie. Kalvin likely tried to leech onto Ms. Verity Cole who specializes in teaching English to foreigners. Kalvin, always looking to ride on someone else's back.


Anonymous said...

Wait. Isn't Kal K. Korff known as (his words) "a man who gets things done"? Guess not. Kal K. Korff is a wanna' be has-been. God must really not like Kal K. Korff too much.

Anonymous said...

I hate Kal.


Anonymous said...

I always loved this one:
Where is it, liar?

Anonymous said...

PS: you might consider taking screenshots (or otherwise making copies) or the material you're going to use - even if it's idnes/cz or Metropolitni expres stuff.

You never know - they may take it all down in an effort to disguise the fact that they employed this buffoon for over two years.

God, how I loathe you, "Colonel".

Anonymous said...

What likely happened is that the "Colonel" cornered the Ms Cole at some event he'd conned his way into.

The wild-eyed loon would have asked her if she wouldn't mind "cooperating" with Kal's Korner.

"Sure, sure," she would have muttered, backing her way desperately towards the exit.

Anyway, I think this is probably Ms Cole:

So getting in contact with her and checking should be pretty easy.

Anonymous said...

I think there should be a Kal Korff GI Joe made.

Can you guys imagine the uniform? Col. Kal K. Korff of the Super Secret Very Special Israli Secret Police?

You pull his string, and he says "Kevin Randle's A Fake", and "I'm suing Ray Santilli for Consumer Fraud." "I built a nuke like in the movie The Manhattan Project".

The best like would be "My Brother Was Framed".

Anonymous said...

I contacted Ms Cole and she denied having anything to do with Kal. This was a while back on the old thread

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