Monday, July 14, 2008

The HATRED and JEALOUSY of Kalvin Korff

I've noticed something about Kalvin Korff recently. I've noticed that of all the people he chooses to criticize it is the people who do everything Kalvin ever dreamed of doing.

Among those criticized and berated by Kalvin are a U.S. soldier and intelligence officer, a film maker, successful writers, computer experts, police officers, people who have RECENTLY been in the national and worldwide media, and the list could go on for a while.

Kalvin certainly isn't making the rounds in the national or global media by any means. Hell, the guy hasn't been on an actual television program for YEARS! Kalvin's only media "outlets" are some saucer/new age radio show, Kalvin's website and his profile.

Kalvin hasn't published a book in YEARS either. Kalvin's last book was released in mass paperback in 2000 - 8 YEARS AGO! His former publisher Prometheus Books says Kalvin's alleged terrorism book, contrary to what Kalvin says, IS NOT being published! Kalvin stated as FACT the books would be publsihed "later this year" and has repeated this mantra numerous times. Kalvin also said he was publishing volumes and volumes of flying saucer books, yet these books are nowhere to be found.

Kalvin also promised to provide new computer software and devices that would allow Czechs to access over 10,000 English phrases so they could speak better English. The only thing Kalvin has done that comes close is he sold some iPods! And whatever did happen to all that nano-technology Kalvin claimed to be working on?

Kalvin went on proclaiming this "UFO watchcat" was signed to some supposed three-year contract for a series. The best Kalvin has done there is to post a series of painful self-filmed video clips edited with a Macintosh computer using basic video editing software. No professionally legitimate media outlet would give Kalvin a bag of dirt for the trash Kalvin "produces."

What did become of this BBC bit where Kalvin was supposed to be some kind of expert on missile defense? What happened to all of these special projects, books, television deals, and the rest of what kalvin has been on about for some time now? Nothing. Not a single thing other than Kalvin uploading more promises and videos of him repetitiously babbling on about those he hates. Anyone watching Kalvin's disjointed videos and Internet attacks knows that Kalvin is condoning hate as a way to deal with his own personal shortcomings.

What has Kalvin Korff done with his life? Is he successful in what he does? If being a crazed Internet imbecile making a complete fool of himself in public counts while promoting his own personal hatred and jealousy of others is what Kalvin seeks, then Kalvin has been RESOUNDLINGLY successful.


Greg said...

Kal K. Korff is his own antithesis.

Anonymous said...

The day when he kills himself, I'm sure whomever he gets to write his obituary, will have all kinds of things to say about his life.

Like how he was a secret agent for the Israelis, or how he was a plant for the CIA, or how he was just a fucking idiot who lost his mind to syphillis, or how he used to hurt and torture small animals out of his own self loathing.

Who really knows the truth about Korff?

Call his family. They would be happy to speak volumes and distance themselves from Col. Crazy and his cult of lunacy in Prague.

Only a fucking idiot would believe Kalvin K. Korff, even if you were asking him what color the sky was, I'd still get a second opinion.

Do us all a favor Korff, the next time you choose to give us a piece of your mind, do it with a shotgun.

It's easier to call someone to clean up brain off the walls than it is to listen to your Youtube videos.

Anonymous said...

Now, now people let's not hate korff too.

He at least has a cool Mars pic on his home page; but his site is a bitch to load and with errors. He changes his hair style more than a woman. And he can't decide if he likes his facial hair or not. I think Korff is so insecure about his looks, that he is desperately trying to find an image. And you can see he is concerned about looking fat.

I really feel sorry for him; but think this blog here is right on. And in a kooky way I look forward to his next "larger than life" annoucement.

Go Korff, Go!!! His boasts, bloats, and blunders, are funnier than Saturday morning cartoons.

And this blog here is the punch line! Now that's entertainment.

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff likes to say he is "known as a man who gets things done." For all the claims Kal has made and the boasts he spews, it is clear that Kal isn't a guy who gets things done.

What becomes even more apparent is Kal's fixation on people he wishes he could be like. Kal wanted to be the big kid on the block writing best selling books, traveling the world doing lectures, being adored by people, making a difference.

Too bad Kal has operated outside of reality for so long and tried so desperately to get into the news all the time. Kal had a little bit of media exposure when he was a kid on a local level, and liked the attention so much he craved more and more.

Kal likes to latch on to hot topics so he can try to get into the media. Just look at how Kal did his Billy Meier book on the tails of Gary Kinder writing a best seller on the subject, the book at the 50th anniversary of Roswell, then the bigfoot expose' claims, and now we find Kal once again desperately trying to capitalize on terrorism.

Kal's "Secret Wars" book was supposed to be published in 2004, at the height of the war on terror. There's even an ISBN for the book in 2004. Since Kal didn;t finish the book and the original manuscript sucked, he is now trying to do everything he can to get it published.

Prometheus Books is not going to publish Kal's terrorism book. Prometheus will likely just pay Kal off and call it good.

Anyway, look at Kal's record for being and trying to be in the right place at the right time. Kal just likes to let the momentum of an event pick him up. Just look at the Roswell 50th. Looks like Kal tried the same thing on the 60th anniversary, but did little more than make a bunch of promises probably hoping they would get him some media attention.

Kal is attention starved, hence his decent into this fantasy world of being a "colonel" in a anti terrorism agency. Pretty sad to see attention starved Kal take this deep a dive. What a nut.

Anonymous said...

Here's a question... Kal seems to be outraged that I reported that soldiers had threatened civlians, making a big deal out of this. He's even going to report it to the Pentagon, as if they would easily know where every field grade officer is or really care what one UFO guy has to say.

Then, as a representative of the super secret, Israeli founded YS3, Kal writes to me on page 4 of the March 8 rant, “Please don’t do anything stupid to get yourself in my show. EVERYONE ‘featured’ in it, either ends up dead or nailed in court, Kevin.” He then adds, “This is NOT a ‘threat’ Kevin, just a fact.”

Do the Israelis endorse a threat by one of theirs against a serving officer of a friendly power? Shouldn't we all be outraged by this? Shouldn' Kal, to be consistent, be outraged?

I would also like to point out that Kal said in that March 8 rant that he was really were a captain (insert foot stomp here) in the Israeli based S3(which he now calls YS3) and that he would retire from these activities in five years. He said that he would not take a promotion even if offered one. Would he care to explain what happened to this statement and why he took the promotion?

Just a couple of additional questions for our pal, Kal.

And I'm still waiting for my apology.

Kal is an idiot said...

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