Thursday, July 24, 2008

The countless FAILURES of Kalvin Korff #5

Continuing to look at the many, many failures of Kalvin Korff, here we find our international hero of utter rubbish proclaiming to have a five-hundred book deal. That is correct, a five-hundred book deal!

I've read some of Kalvin's published "works", but cannot see who in the BLOODY HELL would ever enlist this CRACKPOT to write five-hundred books!!

Kalvin can't even get his supposed terrorism book published! Where is Kalvin going to get his LAUGHABLE five-hundred book deal published through?? If Kalvin wrote a book a month it would take him forty-one years to write five-hundred books!!! Kalvin hasn't had a book published in YEARS!!

Kalvin never does say WHO the book deal is through! Well known and far more talented authors would never land a five-hundred book deal. What an absurd claim for Kalvin to make, but it is Kalvin and I don;t expect anything less than extraordinarily absurd claims to come flying out of his BIG mouth. Kalvin is like the little kid in school at show and tell who has the tell part down, but can't show you a thing.


Dorothy said...

500 books?!?! Bwahahahahaha! Kal can't even get a deal for his current book!!!! If I had to guess the title of the first of these (snicker-snicker) 500 books I would have to go with "Kal K. Korff: A Loser's Tale" Anyone else got a snappier title? Let's see your Kal K. Korff book titles! "Kal K. Korff: Make the Voices Stop!"

Brad said...

Kal Korff's past books are barely readable and I couldn't see that half-wit twit Korff writing another book let alone 500 more. Korff has an ego that the entire planet isn't large enough to contain. Pair that with his apparent personal deterioration and you have a recipe for the wildest of claims being and yet to be made I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

Kal's past books are atrocious. The guy needed to have a better editor and should have taken some writing classes. Terrible writing, horrible pacing and just plainly bland. I can't imagine Kal the ass clown Korff writing 500 books! Kal Korff is God's fart joke to the world.

Anonymous said...

Nearly 2 years back this 500 book deal claim was the reason why so many researchers turned their backs on Korff. It's simply not realistic. Think I heard the last few months orso that Korff is now saying that they are e-books. Of course, this is what the moron should have mentioned in the first place.

Anonymous said...

"Think I heard the last few months orso that Korff is now saying that they are e-books. Of course, this is what the moron should have mentioned in the first place."

Back 2 years ago, kooky musta thought that he had an automatic deal with his publisher. His strategy from the start must have been to build up the whole deal, to capture a real TV show and book deal. Obviously this has failed. I think kooky is just 'backfilling' the e-book and YouTube thing.

Content said...

F1 Racer,

You are my hero. I see you made it to all 4 of Kal's "I'm pissed at these people" lists:
1. The "We Don't Exist" list
2. The "Reported to Police" list
3. The "Admitted Stalkers" list
4. The "People Who Hate" list

Nice work, buddy!

Anonymous said...

Thank you I try to do my best :)

F1 Racer