Monday, July 28, 2008

Kalvin Korff is king in the land of confusion

I just watched Kalvin Korff's latest rant and it simply reinforces my opinion that Kalvin Korff is C-R-A-Z-Y!

Kalvin rambles about a newspaper article published by the San Jose Mercury News. In yet another painful video of Kalvin railing against the world, Kalvin holds up a newspaper article with a picture of him on the page. We know this is Kalvin because while pointing at the picture Kalvin says, "This is me here in this article."

Kalvin decries the article and its author by claiming it all to be false. What again reinforces my opinion that Kalvin is complete nut is Kalvin's "proof" that the article is false.

"In fact folks, the first obvious clue that this article is bogus, it happens with the media once in a while, is the photo that shows me on the cover. Notice folks that it shows me wearing glasses. I don't wear glasses."

Do we just Kalvin at his "word" after finding out how meaningless that is? So then how does Kalvin propose these glasses in a photo that he admits is of him, how did these glasses mysteriously get on Kalvin's face? Did the evil people at the San Jose Mercury News digitize those glasses onto the photo just to do it? Was the evil San Jose Mercury News out to get Kalvin Korff along with the rest of the world? Did the reading glasses fairy pop in and wave a wand magically making reading glasses appear on your face Kalvin? No, this is simply an unflattering article EXPOSING Kalvin's nonsense and he knows it. In fact, Kalvin is so desperate to make this article go away, that he will say anything.

Oh, wait. It gets CRAZIER! Just when you think Kalvin has reached the height of his lunacy, Kalvin says the San Jose Mercury News ran several stories about him, "It is one of several articles that the San Jose Mercury News has published on me over the years."

Just as Doctor Jekyll must turn into Mr.Hyde, Kalvin does a complete one-eighty and says the San Jose Mercury News only ran ONE article on him!!!! Kalvin first says the San Jose Mercury News has written "several articles" about him, then Kalvin claims there has only been one article written by the San Jose Mercury News about him!!!

Dipshit Kalvin is so desperate that he can't even get his own story straight about how many times he's been written about in a newspaper. Kalvin tries to confuse people by talking in circles and claiming the article is "bogus" but Kalvin SHOWS NO EVIDENCE at all to prove it! Kalvin was so frantic to explain away this newspaper article that I kept waiting for Kalvin to say we could ask his mommy if we didn't believe him

Kalvin said, "So folks I'm reminding you once again, that there's only one article ever written about me by the San Jose Mercury News." Kalvin, you're a LIAR and you're MISLEADING CONSUMERS by trying to steer people away from the EMBARRASSING TRUTH about you uncovered by a reporter who chose to do the RIGHT thing and publish your nonsense. Kalvin clearly is upset in the video and you can see he is having to hold in his anger back over the article being put up on the Internet. Kalvin even says "bullshit" in the video.

The San Jose Mercury News published at least two articles on Kalvin, this first article and then this second article.

Kalvin, first you say the photo is you and then the article is bogus because the photo shows you wearing glasses. Then you claim the San Jose Mercury News has published "several articles" about you, but later claim there to be only one article written about you in the San Jose Mercury News.

Kavlin rails against the story and the report for the simple reason that the article EXPOSED Kalvin and this is a good lesson in PUBLIC HUMILIATION for Kalvin to learn!

Kalvin goes on to say the author of the story was wrong about everything. But Kalvin provided NO PROOF of this. All Kalvin did was bash the report and the people who made the article available for the public to see. Kalvin says he has more articles about himself but that he will not publish the articles on the Internet. The reason for this is simple in that it will show the world that Kalvin Korff is an idiot and he knows it. Kalvin, either step up and post these articles or stop crying like the dumb-shit you've just shown the world you are.

Kalvin challenged those watching his video to get off their butts and do their own research and that he wouldn't do it for them. So that is exactly what I did. I sent Jeff Gottlieb an e-mail about Kalvin's accusations that the article authored by Jeff Gottlieb is false and this is the reply I received.

From: "Gottlieb, Jeff"
To: Kalisanidiot
Sent: Monday, July 28th, 2008
Subject: RE: Kal K. Korff

I stand by my article, and I take offense at him claiming I did anything unethical. I don't remember any meetings he had with anyone at the Mercury News after the article came out, and if it did happen, nothing came of it. As far as him challenging my accuracy, I've won a George Polk Award and have been nominated three times for the Pulitzer Prize.

So whose word shall you take? A professional reporter nominated for the Pulitzer Prize, or the word of a lone nut who believes he is a "colonel" in an anti terrorist organization who keeps making promises about suing and arresting people while claiming his book is going to be published by a particular publisher when it isn't?

Not a hard choice, if you ask me.


Anonymous said...

Yep! Kal Korff only wants to hear the good things about himself. One problem: There isn't anything good to say about the asshole these days. You need help Korff and you need it now!

Anonymous said...

Hmm. So the newspaper article wasn't flattering about Korff and now it's bogus according to the same Korff. Hmm. Where else did we see him making weird and false claims? Guess we can figure that one out.

Anonymous said...

Where can I read this article???

Content said...

Damn, his website is painful to load. What is wrong with it? How did those 47+ million (snicker, snickr) people manage to load it?

More painful is his latest video. I feel the same draw to his trainwreck of a website as when I used to be offered "Express", the free newsrag he donated for, in the underground.

Content said...

So, let me get this straight...because of Kal wearing eyeglasses, we can't believe the reporter, right?

Does Krazy Kal expect us to believe the newspaper photoshopped eyeglasses on him, or does he expect people to disregard the whole article because the pictured guy "can't possibly be" him?

Is Kal really this idiotic?

Pensacola Bob said...

Hoo-man, I laughed out loud at that "This-is-me / this-isn't-me" thing. Here's a picture of me. But it can't be me because it shows me wearing glasses and, folks, you can see I don't wear glasses.


And I loved his assertion that the article just can't be true because ol' Kal stopped talking to the reporter "halfway through the process." Sounds like the reporter got as much information as he needed for his story and decided he didn't want to be manipulated anymore. Oh, and don't you just love this description of "Kal's Gang?"

"A gathering of Nobel Prize winners it isn't. Among its members are a director of videos for local rock groups, a self-trained historian who sells real estate in Sonora, a manager of rock groups, a special effects expert and a graphic artist."

LOL. Sounds like they ought to be sitting around playing Myst or D&D or something. In describing the group I was half-expecting the reporter to add, "...and a scrawny young, not-particularly-attractive girl of indeterminate eastern European origin and unpronounceable name who astonishingly says she wants to be a model." (This was 1988 after all.)

All in all, sounds like Gottlieb captured the true essence of ol' future "Colonel" Kal in a...if you'll pardon the expression...nutshell.

The second article was way more interesting! In some ways, Kal was ahead of his time in what he thought computers were capable of. Some of the things described, that he thought he woudn't see in his lifetime(!), are commonplace now. Like mousing over parts of a picture and having a text block appear. Then again, I'm sure plenty of people were working on that stuff, even back in the 1980s. But still...

Kal's latest YouTube rant *is* painful to watch. We are seeing, in fairly real time, what are very likely the final days of decline, degradation and mental meltdown of someone who probably at one time had real potential. It's very much like a train wreck which I cannot keep myself from watching.

If only Kal had been driving that car instead of his brother...

Tina said...

What was the point of this rambling video Kal put out? Kal accuses people of being frauds but then can't prove it and just makes himself out to be a complete nut job. Kal is calling Myers III and Biedny frauds and liars for sharing a newspaper article? And Kal claims the article is false because he was wearing glasses in the photo? Kal you are a fucking moron! Kal Korff getting exposed, now that's funny!

Anonymous said...

Kal tells us to get off our butts and do our own research. Well, I did just that and gee, look what I found!

Go to the Oct. 2,2007 entry and click on that picture.
Wow - pornography?

Nancy said...

I am *astounded* at seeing the videos made by Kal. This is not the Kal I once knew.

What happened to you, Kal?

Anonymous said...

Does the name Kent Jeffreys sound familiar to anyone?
A little more 'off-your-butt' research found that:
Up until 1997, HE was the host of
In 2007, HE was the host of

Weird coincidence?