Sunday, July 27, 2008

The countless FAILURES of Kalvin Korff #6

Continuing to take a look at the many FAILURES of Kalvin Korff, one must wonder what ever happened to all of these supposed police complaints Kalvin says he has filed. Kalvin claimed he filed complaints with police and the FBI against certain individuals.

A chap named Mac Tonnies was supposedly reported to the FBI by Kalvin. An Internet poster using the name BritInPrague and another poster using the name F1 Racer have supposedly been reported to the police by Kalvin. A fellow named David Biedny, an Internet user named DownWithKal and another user named George Orwell also are said by Kalvin to have been reported to the police, along with another Internet user named Zenatycizinec.

The question is why would Kalvin tie up the resources of the police with such petty complaints? What I find laughable in all of this is that Kalvin, the supposed tough guy anti terrorism agent, is crying like a two-year old kid to the police over Internet posters. Kalvin and his supposedly vast network and superior Special Secret Services, an organization supposedly hunting down international bad guys, can't even find out the identities of a few Internet posters and Kalvin has to run to the police? Hahahahaha!

Kalvin may have filed complaints with the police against a few people and the police probably had Kalvin's craziness on their radar miles away. Have any charges been filed? Has anyone been arrested? Is anyone in jail? The answer to all of those questions is a resounding NO. And why is that? It is because no one has committed a crime and it is Kalvin simply wanting to be a vexer and cause problems for the people who oppose him or call him out on his FALSE claims. Kalvin has also claimed he would report people to the governments in the counrty they reside within.

Why would Kalvin do any of this? Kalvin does this simply to attempt to induce fear. We are all raised to know that if you are reported to the police, then you are in trouble. This is a simple sociological and psychological principle ingrained in us all. Just ask Kalvin's brother Kurtis Kern Korff who is serving forty-months in prison. Kalvin counts on people to crumple under the weight of his threats, be it Kalvin threatening to sue, reprot you to the police, or his empty threats of exposing you in the media. There's another word for this type of behavior - it is called TERRORISM, the very thing Kalvin claims to stand against yet participates in on a regular basis.

This isn't the first nor the last time Kalvin will do whatever he can to cause problems for those who have simply disagreed with him or called him out. This is just Kalvin and his "have to get you back any way I can" syndrome.

Kalvin, you're a coward and always have been. Now run along little dog, tuck your tail between your legs and run home to mommy. And Kalvin, filing a false report with the authorities is a crime. Be sure you aren't breaking the law and filing false reports with the police or you might find yourself staring through some jail bars.


Anonymous said...

Kal Korff likes to try and intimidate people. When you tell Kal how full of shit he is, he does the following...
> Kal says you're "OFFICIALLY" being investigated
> kAL's going to expose you in the world media
> You're going to be featured in a "devastating" television expose
> Kal and his "backers" are going to sue you
> Kal is working with police and will have you arrested
> Kal has contacted officials within your country's government and you are going to be contacted by them
> Your are going to be featured in a multi-volume work of books exposing you
> Kal will indirectly or directly infer you are a racist
> Kal will claim you are committing "CONSUMER FRAUD"
> Kal will call you a communist
> Kal will say you're part of a nefarious scheme to cover up the truth

When did Kal actually follow through on any of the threats he's made? HE NEVER HAS AND NEVER WILL! Kal Korff is a mouthpiece who doesn't know when to shut the fuck up and pack it in and go home. There is no reasoning with Kal and while he will try to come off with that bit about how you and he could be friends, Kal is plotting on how he can try to cause you grief. Just ask Art Bell and ask Kal Korff about the time he squealed he was sorry to Art Bell on NATIONAL RADIO! That's what you get for lying Kal Korff. How did it feel to kiss Art Bell's ass so he wouldn't sue your lying ass, Kal? smooch-smooch. Yeah, I bet Kal Korff puckered up nice and big for that one! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Im still waiting for the police to come get me in my beautiful 4+1 in letna. There Kal, now you know where I live, maybe it will help you a bit ahhahahaha.

F1 Racer

Content said...

F1 Racer,

I see your "info giveaway" to Kal and raise you one.
I'm also in Letna, albeit in just a beautiful 3+1, and right on Jana Zajice.
Come get some, Kal.


Anonymous said...

It would be so much easier of someone from the Mossad were to step up and do something on behalf of the rest of humanity, by knocking the living dogshit out of Korff in front of God and everyone.

What a fucking waste of skin this assclown is. At every turn he makes himself look even more retarded, and more caustic.

If there is a God in heaven, I'm sure he's having a good laugh about this stupid fucker, because when he dies, he's going straight to hell for being such a weasel.