Friday, July 11, 2008

Is Kalvin Korff taking job opportunities from the disabled?

I wonder how many jobs, if any, Kalvin Korff is taking away from disabled people in Prague? Kalvin announced that he is now the chief information officer and chief technical officer (titles Kalvin loves throwing about) allegedly working for Vojtek Sedlacek.

Mr. Sedlacek is a truly great man who has generously assisted the disabled living in and around Prague by creating employment opportunities for them.

The question is, if Kalvin Korff is really employed in the positions he claims with Mr. Sedlacek, is Kalvin Korff taking away resources from Mr. Sedlacek's business that could be used to employ deserving disabled persons?

I find it very disgusting that Kalvin Korff might have snaked his way into the employ of such a wonderful man as Mr. Sedlacek. And if you look at Mr. Sedlacek's Internet website, you will see it to be a very humble website. So why would Mr. Sedlacek ever need a chief information officer and chief technical officer? Curious, indeed.

Even more curious is if this is such a monumental event, why has Mr. Sedlacek not made any announcement on his website about Kalvin Korff's new positions? Kalvin Korff's name isn't even on Mr. Sedlacek's website. If Kalvin is the chief information officer why is his contact information not listed?

For Kalvin to present himself as a crusader for human rights and wanting to change the world, why would Kalvin ever get into a position that, if it is as Kalvin's describes, would siphon resources from employing people in need?


Anonymous said...

I actually e-mailed the person in question as to what was going on with Mr. Korff. I wonder what Korff has told him?

Hilarious to think that they'd hire Korff if he wasn't indeed nuts. I mean, it's probably why they would hire him. He IS nuts.

Anonymous said...

If Korff is exaggerating his resume to get powerful job positions, wouldn't he be stealing from them? It also seems rather fishy to me that Korff has the time for being a ranking officer, writer, movie maker, crime fighter, inventor, computer specialist, and now a mover and shaker for Chech business. What's next for this superhero?

Anonymous said...

Kal is a joke. A fraud, a huckster etc etc etc.

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