Sunday, July 27, 2008

Kalvin Korff comes uncorked!

Looks like a flying saucer fellow has Kalvin Korff coming undone at the seams. This chap's name is Mike Horn and he is a promoter of a flying saucer believer named Billy Meier. Here is a short quote written by Kalvin Korff in an email to Mike Horn. Kalvin says, "I got the rights to the Meier imagery fair and square and legally, so go fuck yourself sideways, Mikey."

Go fuck yourself? Goodness. This doesn't sound very professional at all, Kalvin. In fact, it sounds rather hateful considering you claim to not take any of this personally. Kalvin, I'm going to have to call you a liar here because it is rather apparent from your email to Mike Horn that you are taking this all personally. Does your supposed Special Secret Services condone such unprofessional behavior and language? In the real military, this sort of hate filled communication would not be tolerated. In fact, isn;t this the same type of behavior Kalvin says is causing humanities problems?

It also looks like Kalvin Korff took the ideas of a young artist and made off as though they were his own according to the artist. Tsk-tsk, Kalvin. Someone needs to wash your mouth out.


Brad said...

I love the last bit in the e-mail from Kal Korff where he claims that his adjunct and his "financial backers" are coming after Billy Meier and this Mikey Horn moron. How many i-Pods does "colonel" Korff need to sell to go after Billy Meier? lol! Kal Korff is a first rate dork and he and Mike Horn should meet up in California and get married! They deserve each other!

Anonymous said...

Mike Horn's ramblings are also well known on the net. He's just like Korff. But to stay on topic, Korff's reply speaks volumes. Full of hate and rage, nor does Korff address the issue of using someone for his book in a slimey way. Brad (above) is right. Korff and Horn should get married. Hahaha.

Anonymous said...

You have got to be kidding me.

He fakes his own fake photos, with a guy, and then burns the guy.

Seriously, this guy is a psychopath, who desperately needs attention.

I wish Mossad would just fucking whack him.