Saturday, July 5, 2008

Kalvin Korff accuses Steven Spielberg of TERRORISM!

Kalvin Korff just claimed that his book on terrorism exposes Steven Spielberg for the alleged inaccuracies in the movie Munich. I kid you not! While Kalvin may try to misdirect you by saying something different, the intention and meaning in Kalvin's words and actions clearly paint Steven Spielberg as some sort of terrorist!

Kalvin Korff also keeps alleging that his book on terrorism is going to be published by Prometheus Books. Kalvin Korff, based on the information I have directly from Prometheus Books, your book IS NOT going to be published. This would make you a LIAR, Kalvin. Once again, KALVIN KORFF'S BOOK IS NOT BEING PUBLISHED BY PROMETHEUS BOOKS AND IS ON HOLD INDEFINITELY.

Kalvin, you come off as a spiteful, delusional asshole dissatisfied with his own life, someone who vents the frustration of his own short-comings on others who are successful, accomplished, and happy. Kalvin targets people who disagree with him, or those who have beliefs that do not fit into Kalvin's perfect little fantasy world.

What have you done for the world, Kalvin? What? From everything I can see, Kalvin has written a few books, done some lectures, was on some television and radio shows, put up some embarrassing Internet videos of himself rambling (your mommy must be proud, Kalvin), and not much more.

Kalvin, you haven't done shit except that which serves to feed your delusional ego. All you've done Kalvin is try to capitalize on whatever bandwagon you could jump on. Your timing for subjects like flying saucers, bigfoot, JFK, and terrorism all seem to come at the height of their popularity, though your sad attempt at capitalizing on the computer field fizzled and you are a bit late for the terrorism bit. Oh, did I forget to mention that the world now knows Prometheus Books IS NOT PUBLISHING YOUR BOOK? Guess I mentioned that already.

The people Kalvin attacks and targets (which is exactly what it is and to call it anything less is disingenuous) have contributed far more to society and the world than Kalvin could ever hope to accomplish in one-hundred lifetimes with his meager existence. Take a good look at the people Kalvin attacks and you will see they are everything Kalvin always wished he could be.

Kalvin Korff could not accomplish what Steven Spielberg has if Kalvin were given 1,000 of his own miserable and lowly lifetimes. Compared to Steven Spielberg, Kalvin Korff isn't a nano speck of dog shit.

And for Kalvin Korff to lump a great man like Steven Spielberg in with terrorism is beyond reprehensible. It is despicable, cowardly, and a desperate act from a desperate lone nut who is starving for attention. I hope Steven Spielberg lets his army of lawyers give Kalvin some attention. Kalvin likes to threaten people with legal action and if Kalvin really had a high IQ, he'd know better than to SLANDER and LIBEL Steven Spielberg with this trash. Unlike you Kalvin, Steven Spielberg has REAL lawyers and he has REAL MONEY to pay for their services unlike your imaginary $25,000,000.00 budget.

Everyone sees you for the fanatical fruitcake and spiteful pig you are, Kalvin. Shame on you Kalvin for spitting on the name of Steven Spielberg and all he has accomplished through his fantastic works. Shame on Kalvin the coward.


Anonymous said...

Three words: fuck Kal Korff.

Anonymous said...

Heh. Tough guy Korff supposedly went to the police to report f1racer and another person. (It's on his website as of today.) So Korff can spew out anything he likes and if someone protests to much then he runs to the police. Real tough guy and international superhero 'our' Kal Korff.

Anonymous said...

ROFL I can see it now:

"Dobye Den Pan Police officerova! Ja sem Kal Korff!!"


"oh you speak english, good. I need to report a criminal named F1 Racer"

"whats his name?"

"F1 Racer!"

"Can I see your passport Mr Korff?"

"uh oh"


F1 Racer

Anonymous said...

According to Kal Korff, he can reach out and touch Steven Spielberg. But Korff can't find the name of one guy on the Internet? BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Kal K. Korff is a fart joke on his best day.

Greg said...

Kal K. Korff is a lunatic and a parasite. Kal has serious issues and if you ever disagree with him or tell him how it is, the crazy son of a bitch will come after you on a level reserved for stalkers.

Anonymous said...

Another of Kal's 'targets' is a person named Posner. Spielberg's mother's maiden name was Posner.
Pure coincidence??

Dorothy said...

Shame on Kal K. Korff for trying to ride on the coattails of the good name of Steven Spielberg! How dare this cretin Korff try to smear the name of a man who has brought so much into the world. Ka K. Korff is pond scum!

Anonymous said...

calling Kal K. Korff a pig is too complimentary and an insult to pigs. pigs are far too intelligent to be in the same category as Kal K. Korff.