Friday, July 11, 2008

Kalvin Korff and his INCOMPETENT research

"No, folks, he didn't say it was a flying saucer. They didn't use that word back then." Once again we are treated to watching Kalvin Korff sticking both feet down his own throat. What is this of which the mightily crazy Kalvin Korff speaks?

Yes, Kalvin Korff is once again off on trashing this Kevin Randle fellow. If you don't know anything about this Roswell business, and I am by no means read up on it at all, one of the supposed Roswell flying saucer witnesses supposedly told his son back in the day that this whole Roswell thing was a flying saucer. Not so according to Kalvin Korff. Of course, when Kalvin opens his mouth you can never trust the information oozing out of it.

I love watching nutty Kalvin filming himself and going off on people he clearly does not like. What I love seeing even more is Kalvin proving what a fool he is. You don't need this blog to see what an enormous IDIOT Kalvin Korff truly is, Kalvin shows the world each and every day by simply opening his mouth.

Kalvin says in one of his ramblings that the word "flying saucer" was used back in the days when this whole Roswell business supposedly went down in 1947. Now I don't care aobut all this flying saucer stuff, I really don't. However, it is always entertaining to watch someone come along and stuff a boot right up Kalvin's poop-chute.

Please be sure to read Major Kevin Randle's wonderfully articulated rebuttal to Kalvin Korff's claim that the term "flying saucer" wasn't used back in the day of Roswell. Kalvin Korff is once again EXPOSED for his INCOMPETENT claims. I don't believe Kalvin Korff has a 219 IQ because anyone supposedly that intelligent would likely not make such an AMATEUR mistake.


Nancy said...

I see Kal is still making things up to support his views and beliefs. Kevin Randle "owns" you Kal.

Anonymous said...

Wrong again Kal! When are you going to apologise?

Anonymous said...

Well, I just looked at his "Light Yarns" post on YouTube and I'd say he's very close to cracking up now.

Brad said...

When is Kal Korff going to publicly apologize to Kevin Randle? Kal, you've amde some very SERIOUS and fundamental mistakes here. How does anyone who calls themself an "investigator" or "researcher" make such amateur errors?

Kal, you completely fabricate a claim that Mack Brazel never appeared on the front page of any newspaper during 1947 and that you had checked! And what does Paul Kimball do? He does one Internet search that proves you are wrong.

The the great Kal Korff falls on his face again by claiming there were no African-American Sergeants at Roswell. Kevin Randle righteously shatters that false claim. I wonder, are you a racist, Kal?

Not only has Kal Korff fallen down, to the surprise of no one, but Kal opens his big mouth without doing any actual research and claims the term "flying saucer" wasn't used in Roswell during the period of 1947! Get out of the road, Kal, here comes Kevin Randle who runs you over and then backs up over you, only to run over you again, with his truck full of proof. Kal, you should look the word proof upsome time, as you clearly don't know what it means.

Kevin comes along and displays several front-page newspaper articles from that precise time period clearly showing the word "flying saucer" used, thus easily destroying your absurd claim, Kal.

Let me remind you, Kal, of what you stated in public, "For the record, if I am indeed ‘wrong’ about anything, I have no’ problems, either admitting this or retracting anything which is incorrect. This offer of mine is timeless and universal, and it is available especially to my so-called self-described ‘kritics’ — which includes Major Kevin Randle."

I suppose if you do not issue a public apology to Major Kevin Randle, you actually owe him several apologies for your poor and contrived "research", I will take this as license to publicly call you a fraud, a coward, and a liar.

We all know that Kal K. Korff doesn't have the integrity, the courage, the heart, nor the conscience to admit he is wrong. Just look at his Billy Meier book and you can see the numerous errors in that book Kal makes no attempt to correct. Yes, the Meier case is a fraud, but faulty research is inexcusable. Same with Kal's Roswell book and JFK book.

Kal K. Korff is a disgrace to the word "investigator" and the word "researcher."

Anonymous said...

I'd go further, actually. "Colonel" Korf is a disgrace to the human race.

"Colonel" - do us all a favor. Take the tram down to Nusle bridge, get out, climb over the wire, and jump off.

I loathe you, you fucking loser. You are vermin.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and by the way. Leave Mr Sedlacek alone. He is a wonderful man who does nothing but good. He doesn't need you causing complications.

Anonymous said...

So how many times has Kal K. Korff been to Roswell and just how many of the witnesses involved has kal K. Korff interviewed?

Kal's assertions about Roswell are based on the work of others and his own need to discredit the incident so he can sell his poorly research and laughable book about Roswell.

Had Kal K. Korff gotten off his fat, lazy ass and actually done any real research, Kal would know how idiotic the Mogul Balloon theory is. So I believe that Kal K Korff has committed consumer fraud because of the obvious errors in his Roswell book.

Kal K. Korff doesn't have the intelligence and class Kevin Randle has. Kal K. Korff could only wish to be 1/1000 the man Kevin Randle is.