Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The countless FAILURES of Kalvin Korff #3

Remember all the nonsense Kalvin Korff has been on with about having the work of Kevin Randle audited by the offices of KPMG? There even was a video showing Kalvin standing outside the Prague office of KPMG, yet the video is now gone proving that Kalvin is OMITTING data and MISLEADING consumers! The video has been REMOVED by Kalvin!

Kalvin stated as FACT on August 2, 2007 that the KPMG audit was underway and "Roswell UFO huckster Kevin Randle is being AUDITED by KPMG for his numerous false and fanciful claims concerning the mythical Roswell "UFO crash" of 1947."

KPMG has NEVER HEARD OF KALVIN KORFF, MARTINA TYCOVA, OR THE SPECIAL SECRET SERVICES and they know NOTHING about auditing any UFO books and DO NOT KNOW who Kevin Randle is! THERE IS NO KPMG AUDIT! Literally an entire year later and Kalvin Korff has produced NOTHING even though he PROMISED this audit was taking place!

Just one more of the many FAILURES of Kalvin Korff. I'm not at all surprised there never was an audit to begin with even though Kalvin even claimed to have done a press conference and to have "officially" met with KPMG!

And as Kalvin "updates" his website on a regular basis to OMIT and HIDE what he has previously said, I took a picture of Kalvin's website to PROVE Kalvin had stated KPMG was doing an audit. How can anyone trust Kalvin when he does EXACTLY what he accuses others of doing? Kalvin Korff is HYPOCRITE.


Anonymous said...

Nice Porno Moustache you loser. Surely there must be some law enforcement agency in Prague that can lock up Col. Colostomy for his thought crimes.

fuck you kal said...

No audit by KMPG? I'm shocked. NOT! Kal Korff is good at making declarations but taking no action other than what is safe. Kal isn't suing anoyne and he isn't exposing any frauds like the AA film. Nope. Something like that would be far too complex for Kal. Ray Santilli must laugh his off when he hears Kal is "coming after" him...I know I'd laugh until it hurt were it me Kal was "coming after" Hahahahahahahahaha!

Anonymous said...

What is really funny here is that Kal Korff continues calling Kevin Randle a fraud but Kal Korff wouldn't debate Kevin Randle when Paul Kimball gave Korff the chance! You see, Kal Korff wants everything on his terms and to make things to his advantage instead of stepping up with a neutral moderator to debate Kevin Randle. Kal Korff was offered an all expenses paid trip to debate Randle. Korff pussed out by not responding to the offer and then trying to say that Paul Kimball was insincere about the offer. Kal Korff, you're a pussy of the worst kind and you're a sniveling dick who has no backbone, heart, or courage. Chickenshit.