Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The countless FAILURES of Kalvin Korff #8

In yet ANOTHER of the never ending FAILURES of Kalvin Korff, here we see Kalvin in one of his mind numbing video rants claiming to show the world nanotechnology components.

Kalvin rants and rambles about yet another newspaper article about him being false and Kalvin continues to decry the San Jose Mercury News article that EXPOSES him! Kalvin rages on in the second part of the video rant claiming people involved in the San Jose Mercury News article were coming forward with statements saying the article was bogus and that a chap named Royce Meyers knew the article was bogus and conspired to circulate it! So I suppose back in 1994 all of these dastardly people got together and were out to get Kalvin Korff!

Where, oh, where does your lunacy and fantasy end Kalvin?!?!?! So Kalvin, when do we get to see all of these people who are supposedly coming forward to prove the article was bogus? Your video was put up on May 11, 2008. It is now nearly three months later and Kalvin has ONCE AGAIN FAILED to prove anything.

In this video Kalvin evens claims to proves he has nanotechnology. Kalvin shows a small bottle he says contains nanotechnology components saying, "So I remind people that nobody can just pull nanobot components out of one's butt, it is not possible. But if one is legitimate in telling the turth it is possible and I was telling the truth all along."

An empty bottle. Impressive. Maybe impressive for an idiot like Kalvin Korff who might actually believe he has nanobots. Not so impressive for those who require more than Kalvin's word. Now I'm curious if anyone ever received those nanbot components since Kalvin promised he would send them out to prove he really did have them. Of course, this is the same Kalvin Korff who has endlessly said his book is being published "later this year" when it is in fact NOT BEING PUBLISHED. Better watch out all, Kalvin Korff might mail you an empty bottle! Oh, goodness.


Content said...

Jesus Christ, that guy's a freakin' moron. He talks toward others and about others like he's in grade school!
"So, there! I told you so!"

My favorite part is how Kal flaunts his proof that he designed a technically accurate nuclear bomb, showing off the first place ribbon from his school science fair as evidence. He just doesn't quit.

A. Nonymous said...

A Blue Ribbon proves he built a working atomic weapon??? HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Everyday he just sets the bar higher! he communicates with the FBI about Meyers, Biedney, Ecker, et al.?? REALLY??? The FBI has time to read letters from a nut in Prague???? If the FBI has seen his "work" I'm sure he's on a watch list of people not to let back in to the country.

Does anyone know the real reason he moved to Prague? I've read it was to escape a myriad of lawsuits, but I haven't seen anything concrete. We need someone to "do their own reasearch" as Kal has admonished us so many times and find out why he fled. If he is ducking a few lawyers I OFFICIALLY am no longer worried about Kal ever suing anyone (notice my use of caps there. I think he is somehow entering my thought patterns).

By the way, if the absolute genius who operates this webiste wants it I did register the domain and you're welcome to it. He might finally go over the edge if his nake is the url.

And why did Wikepedia give in and remove him? Were they really worried he'd sue??

Decker said...

Well, I've held off for quite awhile but today ... I gotta comment.

Korff .. I freaken' own you, you pasty faced, pudgy little fuzz ball. I've fracken' ignored you for better than 6 months and you still manage to mention my name ... not to mention do a video all about ME! Christ!, I love it! Tell ya what you pudgy moron, be glad ... be very glad you're in Prague. I might be tempted to "shift your entire skeletal structure" 4 freaken inches to the left if I encountered you in person.

And by the way, tell your skanky "supermodel" Marcova, she needs a real boob joy, okay? Shitbird?

Lay off the fried foods asswipe.

Don Ecker

Decker said...

Oh yeah, I almost forgot! Check out this video, that goofy little green guy screwing up the abduction ... its either Kal K. Korff or his shit-bird brother Kurtis. You know, the asswipe with the police bullet up his ass?

Don Ecker

Anonymous said...

Are you referring to the Wikipedia subject of 'Pseudologia Fantastica', which included the name of Kal K. Korff? It was there last year, but the inclusion is no longer in it.
In any case, that syndrome fits Kal to a T.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Wikipedia has his name in the external links.

Anonymous said...

Don Ecker, one of the few real researchers in the field of UFOs. Your integrity and honesty are known.

Why you would even worry about a douchebag like Korff is beyond me. The guy is the equivalent of a retarded chicken little.

I only wish instead of the sky falling, it would be a fucking maelstrom of anvils coming down on his sorry ass.

Seriously, is there not one person in Prague that would call this fucking loser out and expose him for what he is? No wonder Europeans think Americans are idiots. They have Korff to be a shining example of why it's illegal for cousins to marry.

Anonymous said...

Check this shit out. Now he's trying to be Nick Redfern. Talk about fucking retarded.

Anonymous said...

I have tried and tried to get Kal out in public. I have sent emails, left posts on his crap website....nothing. He refuses to meet with me, making up a story last time that he was on "assignment" in the friggin Caucasus region for his fake "Sooper Sekret Services".

Kal is a coward, plain and simple. He never attended ANY meetup or social event, even though he was invited numerous times. He backed out of meeting Martin, the owner of Kal is a spineless gutless piece of s**t.

I am in the city a lot, I have my phone with me at all times ready to capture Kal's fat ass on video when I do run into him and give him a verbal rape like he deserves.

F1 Racer

Content said...


I think I speak for many of us Prague expats here when I comment how entertaining it is to hear from someone who knows Kal from before he polluted our wonderful city. Maybe even a bit validating to believe it wasn't Prague that screwed him up.

Thanks for chiming in afterall.

decker said...

Years ago when Krazy Kal "the Asswipe" stepped on his "thang" with Art Bell, I saved all the sound bites and notes that swung back and forth between Art Bell (who was in the process of giving his atty. the go-ahead to sue this shit-bird) for Korff's claiming that Bell had threatened to pull his wildly popular radio show, Coast to Coast, from a radio station because Korff was supposed to be a guest on some boob's show. Korff made this claim on the Rense radio show. I wish there was a way to put those sound bites up here. I still let loose with my "girlish giggle" when I play these and listen to Korff the Krazy whine, snivel and in essence beg Art not to sue his sorry, pudgy, flabby, do-nothing ass.

Korff, I know you will read this you phony-minor-bullshit artist. What I really think is that you would greatly benefit from a bitch slapping session, you pasty-faced pudgy little douce-bag.


Don Ecker

TIna said...

Kal Korff is one of the biggest nuts in UFOs. He and Billy Meier are two peas in a pod. Billy fakes UFOs while Kal fakes being someone of import. When Korff first came out with this "captain" business and tv show stuff, I think a few actually believed him and that Korff was counting on a sort of 'fear factor', Korff's own attempt at psychological warfare. Too bad no one believes Korff now! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Now everyone just laughs their ass off when Korff comes out with a claim because everyone knows it isn't goig to happen! How do you know something is true? When Kal K. Koff says it isn't!

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff is still around??? LOL!!! Some things never change and clearly Kal hasn't changed a bit except for getting a bit nuttier. Kal does the big talk just fine but he can never get things done. Talk talk talk talk talk is Kal's specialty. What happened to that cute gal Kal was dating at Apple? Oh yeah she discovered what a freak Kal is and jumped ship as fast as she could. Kal couldn't score in California or Washington so he packed up and moved to a foreign country to get some. Hilarious.

Brad said...

So Kal has moved on from "want-to-be" computer expert to nanotechnology expert? There's nothing Kal can't do, um, if he could only prove it!

Anonymous said...

Can anyone in Prague verify the following?
I have an address that lists both a Kal K. Korff and a Martina Tycova as being the same occupants therein.

13362 Zesmesnovat Ulice
Praha, 10060
Czech Republic


Content said...

Whoever gave you that address might be having fun with you. Or at least posted a bogus (American-style) address. Here's why:
1. Here, street numbers follow the street name, never precede it. So, "Zesmesnovat 13362" makes more sense.
2. That street name is the verb "to ridicule" or "to taunt".

Keep digging!

Kult said...

I've created something for all to enjoy. I had a lot of fun making it.

To whoever maintains this blog, to embed the video, see "Embed Video" on right of Google video screen.
E-mail me at if you'd like help.

Keep up the website - it's great!

Anonymous said...

Nanobots components. Tsss. He probably got duped in buying some tiny sprockets for watches. If he had real working nanobots (that can kill), every intelligence service would be all over him. Sounds more like delusional fantasy.

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff
13362 Zesmesnovat Ulice
Praha, Puerto Rico 10060
Czech Republic

Registered through:, Inc. (
Created on: 19-Jun-07
Expires on: 19-Jun-09
Last Updated on: 17-Jun-08

Administrative Contact:
Korff, Kal
13362 Zesmesnovat Ulice
Praha, Puerto Rico 10060
Czech Republic

Technical Contact:
Korff, Kal
13362 Zesmesnovat Ulice
Praha, Puerto Rico 10060
Czech Republic

Still digging!


Anonymous said...


I watched your video

and all I can say is it's Freaken' brilliant! My God, just what color is the sky on this "ASSWIPES" planet? The boy has gone beyond around the bend, he is in the Land of Oz.

Kult said...

Thanks buddy for the feedback on the video. Like I said, I had fun making it (except I had to watch a LOT of Kal).

I do hope whoever does this blog can post it on the blog itself...I'm not sure everyone reads all comments.

-"Kult of Kal"

Anonymous said...

Just noticed on Kal's site that he is claiming that Royce Meyers made up the claim that Kal's 219 IQ was based on a magazine test. Kal calls this a lie...

Well, from Rob McConnell's X-zone radio website is the following:

Thursday, June 21, 2007



01:00 am – 02:00 am EDT / 10:00 – 11:00 mp PDT

KAL KORFF - Korff's Korner & SecretWar -

Armed with an IQ of 219, according to the Omni Magazine’s World’s Hardest IQ Test; known worldwide for solving numerous mysteries, whether they are criminal, historical, scientific, or even “paranormal,” — Kal Korff is an Author, Broadcaster, Columnist and Investigative Journalist known for his hard-hitting exposes and doing original research.

I would suggest someone grab the offending posting from Kal's site before he changes it again.

I mean, what color is the sky in Kal's world?

And what happened to the claim he wasn't going to sue anyone... Oh yes, it's the Israeli YS3 or whatever the name is today.

Anonymous said...

The Omni magazine IQ test was known as 'Mega27'.
It was declared illegal by the States of California and New York.
The top scorer was Marilyn vos Savant, who made the Guinnes book, but later disqualified.
The highest possible normalized rated score was 193 (a perfect score).
No one made a perfect score - the odds were 1 in 3 trillion.
The test has long since been invalidated, since it had been compromised (answers were available).


Florida Bob said...

Oh my God was that video funny! I mean I laughed out loud. "Signed, sealed, delivered!" I'm yours, Kal!

Brilliant stuff.

Anonymous said...

Kal's supposed IQ of 219 is a farce and he did indeed state it in his own bio.

Fromt he X-Zone nation blog:
01 am – 02 am Eastern / 10 pm – 11 pm Pacific
KAL KORFF - The War Is On With Secret Wars - Armed with an IQ of 219, according to the Omni Magazine's World's Hardest IQ Test; known worldwide for solving numerous mysteries, whether they are criminal, historical, scientific, or even "paranormal," - Kal Korff is an Author, Broadcaster, Columnist and Investigative Journalist known for his hard-hitting exposes and doing original research.

So I suppose that the radio hos tof that show is making false claims now too, eh? Kal just ate his own words, but this is nothing new.

Anonymous said...

There is also this

"SEGMENT 4: 01 am - 02 am Eastern / 10 pm - 11 pm Pacific
KAL KORFF - Kal's Korner LIVE from Prague in the Czech Republic - Armed with an IQ of 219, according to the Omni Magazine's World's Hardest IQ Test; "

So now who is the liar Kal? Surely your magnificent 219 IQ can deduce this? Ha-ha-ha.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Kal Korff is not a Mensa Member. You can call them and ask.

Anonymous said...

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