Saturday, July 12, 2008

Kalvin Korff is a HYPOCRITICAL DOLT and owes Kevin Randle a FULL and PUBLIC apology

You can count on poor, clueless Kalvin Korff to never let a good beating keep him down. After reading through some of the finer points brought up by a fellow named Kevin Randle, points clearly showing that statements made by Kalvin are FALSE, Kalvin wastes no time in launching a pitiful and extremely embarrassing series of rants against Kevin Randle. It really is like a kid getting beat up and running home to get daddy.

What I found alarming was watching Kalvin Korff start to come unraveled, clearly at his own frustration of being WRONG about his claims against Kevin Randle's book/books on flying saucers. Kalvin even uses the word bullshit when he gets upset. Kalvin manages, with a straight face, to say that this Kevin Randle youtube series has received an overwhelming response. I haven't laughed that hard in a while.

Kalvin has eleven youtube pieces about Kevin Randle up. Between those eleven youttube pieces, they have all been viewed a total seven-hundred fifty-four times. That comes out to about sixty-eight views each. That isn't even considered a fart by youtube standards. And kalvinhas only twelve subscribers to his youtube profile! I've already proved Kalvin's pathetic website isn't getting all the web-hits Kalvin claimed. Hell, the website is ranked 8,507,997 in the world by!

During Kalvin's rant he threatens that his washed-up "supermodel" sidekick is going to contact the Pentagon about Kevin Randle's flying saucer book! Kalvin, you're slopping desperation with each and every word! The Pentagon wouldn't give you or that ragged looking "supermodel" the time of day. You're both probably on some security watch list of nuts not allowed within a mile of the Pentagon. I'm not trying to be mean about Martina, the simple fact is that she certainly has seen better days.

The three youtube rants just delve into more of the same desperate tactics Kalvin tries to make it out as though he is the light of truth and all who oppose him are evil wrong-doers and they should all be publicly crucified.

Kalvin actually said that flying saucer people "are not who they pretend to be." I suppose this is on par with Kalvin PRETENDING to be an anti-terrorism expert and PRETENDING that Prometheus Books is still publishing his book.

Kalvin also keeps using this "avoidance" term. Kalvin, you seem to be avoiding issuing a number of apologies you owe to Kevin Randle who has without question proved you were WRONG and LYING about him and his work. When will the great Kalvin Korff do as he preaches? We're STILL waiting, Kalvin, you worthless hypocrite.

I truly believe Kalvin Korff is stalking Kevin Randle to a large degree here. kalvin is clearly fixated on this Kevin Randle fellow. Were I Kevin Randle, I would be concerned about kalvin Korff's obsession and report him to the police for my own safety. You just never know when the wheels are going to come flying off for good.


Anonymous said...

Korff uses others to have some kind of legitimacy. If you mention Kevin Randle, you of course must mention Kalvin Korff. Why? Because it's topical. Korff is his so called nemesis.

If Randle is Luke Skywalker, then Korff, is one of the faceless, nameless stormtroopers who couldn't hit anything if he tried.

BUT... If he were the stormtrooper that grazed skywalker, everyone would know his name.

Korff is a pathological liar whose family destroyed him as a child. His father was a raving racist lunatic, and his mother was obviously unloving. I see people like Korff all the time and I can tell you that they are not well.

They are not well because they feel they have to be more than they really are. Instead of being just another Expat in Czechoslovakia, because he ran away from being sued in the United States, he has to be many more things in order to gain approval from the people of the Czech Republic, and to continue to feed his ego.

His family is known in Oregon as being off, and Krazy Kal, is what they called him at the open air market. The man is certifiably nuts. Which is probably how he got the job he supposedly has, as a way of getting another crazy off the street.

Kal, you need to get some help buddy. Don't wait, just do it. That way you can be a human being, instead of just another loser.

Jimmy D said...

Fabulous website. Thanks you so much.

Anonymous said...

You are utter, utter scum, Korff...

Greg said...

The fact is that Kal K. Korf is JEALOUS of the accomplishments of Kevin Randle.

Kevin Randle:

1. Is a REAL soldier in a REAL military and is a REAL ranking officer.
2. Has worked in REAL military intelligence and was a military helicopter pilot.
3. Has engaged the enemy during WAR in a REAL firefight in Iraq, where Kal K. Korff claims he has been but hasn't provided a scrap of proof.
4. Has a DOCTORATE degree and THREE other degrees.
5. Has written and had published more books than Kal K. Korff ever will.
6. Has sold more books than Kal K. Korff ever could.
7. Has had one of his books turned into a movie.
8. Has appeared on more television specials and shows than Kal K. Korff ever will.
9. And Kevin randle has more honor, courage, and integrity in the tip of his pinkie than Kal K. Korff will ever have.
10. Is a REAL professional writer who didn;t get fired from a free newspaper.
11. And Kevin randle isn't a flaming lunatic like Kal K. Korff.

Kal K. Korff has NEVER served in the military, has only had 3 books published (one self-published), put out a lousy JFK video, has NO college or other ADVANCED degrees, and HAS NOT followed through on a mountain high pile of promises and "initiatives" as he likes to call them.

Kal K. Korff is simply JEALOUS of the PROFESSIONAL accomplishments of Kevin Randle. I suppose every star has to have a stalker.

DL said...

Go to Korff's website and you can see he posted all of his Kevin randle stuff so he couldincrease the amount of views! lol Hilariously desperate of Korff!

Anonymous said...

Let's see now - I've seen Episode 9 and 10 of the Randle 'series', but today Kal puts up Episode 8. Did I miss something, or does Kal even know how to count?

Bob Barbanes said...

For even more laughs, go to the episode entitled, "Sheriff Gil Gilbertson,"

Oh dear, what have we here? Krazy "Colonel" Kal in that silly cowboy hat ranting about some conspiracy in the shooting of his brother. Hmm, Roswell wasn't a huge government conspiracy but the shooting of a 39 year-old habitual criminal is? Oh yeah, that's consistent.

Kal comes off in this video as quite the lunatic! (Hey Bob, you mean as opposed to his other "UFOWatchcat" videos in which he is only moderately loony?) You just have shake your head and go, "The man's insane. Really."

Maybe it was his upbringing or something in his background that pushed him over the edge. But he's gone, that's for sure. It's sad. And in a way, it takes the fun out of mocking him. Okay, "some" of the fun. But let's have some anyway!

Hello sir, please come in and sit down. What can I do for you today?

"I'm Colonel Kal Korff, a colonel in the Israeli Special Secret Services."

Oh really? What organization is that? I happen to be an expert in real, para-, quasi- and pseudo-military organizations and I've never heard of if the ISSSSS.

"Well, it's secret. Even the Israelis don't know it exissssts."

Ah, I understand. However, can you tell us anything about it? Like...oh, how many other people are in it?

"No. Except that I used to be a Captain and recently got promoted to Colonel."

By whom? Who is your Commanding Officer?

"I can't tell you that. It's secret! Oh, and Colonel is higher than and outranks a Major, you know."

Yes...I see. No supermodels in the ISSS, eh? Bummer. Well, Colonel Korff, can you provide us with *any* illuminating information on the Israeli Special Secret Services...operations they've done that we might know about...circumcisions you've mitzvahs...anything that might give the organization the least little shred of credibility?

"No. As I told you, it's a secret. I'm not even allowed to speak its name out loud...d'oh!"

Well thank you, uhhh, Colonel (:::cough, cough:::) Korff. It was, uhhh, interesting meeting you. Come again! Nice hat, by the way.