Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The countless FAILURES of Kalvin Korff #4

Take a good look at the dork to the left. This is the face of a complete wanna' be in every terms. Kalvin Korff wants to be someone important. Kalvin Korff wants to be some sort of Jack Bauer type from the television series 24. Kalvin Korff wants people to believe that he is involved in anti terrorist work. Kalvin Korff wants people to believe he is a "colonel" and that his rank in what he has FINALLY confessed to being a private organization actually has some sort of meaning. the sad truth is that Kalvin Korff is a wanna' be who reads spy novels and mercenary magazines.

Kalvin so badly wants people to believe he is some sort of "in the field" anti terrorism agent that he claims his supposed book is being hailed as the definitive work on the subject of terrorism. Kalvin also has claimed on countless occasions that his book is being published "later this year."

What's odd about that is that Kalvin has been saying the SAME thing for over FOUR YEARS now! Kalvin even promised to show the world video of him sending his terrorism book off for publication to Prometheus Books.

What Kalvin OMITS from the public is the FACT that Prometheus Books IS NOT PUBLISHING THIS BOOK! This is first hand direct information from Prometheus Books. Yes, Kalvin, anyone can simply contact Prometheus Books and find this out because that is EXACTLY what I did.

And if Kalvin's book is supposedly the "definitive work" on the subject of terrorism, why is it that he can't get the book published? Surely another publisher would scoop such a prestigious books up were it being hailed as the "definitive work" on terrorism. I certainly would like to know who, aside from Kalvin and his washed up "supermodel" sidekick, is calling Kalvin's book "definitive". We can't expect Kalvin to tell us since he won't ADMIT that his book isn't being published.

Another FALSE claim on the part of Kalvin and further PROOF that Kalvin Korff is MISLEADING CONSUMERS with his FALSE CLAIMS. When can we expect the TRUTH Kalvin? Kalvin, you are NOT above ACCOUNTABILITY! come clean about it all while you still have time.


kal is osama bin laden's bitch said...

Kal Korff an anti terrorism expert? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! kal is a fucking dipshit and the ass end of a lot of jokes. Nobody takes Kal seriously for anything. Kal loves to hop on the wagon when issues become hot button. Kal has the credibility of a child molester arrested at a playground. Don;t take that fuckwit Kal Korff seriously for one second. Kal loves trying to intimidate people by threatening to sue them and expose them. kal is full of shit and doesn't have the balls or the money to follow through on his chicken shit threats.

A. Nonymous said...

I'm still trying to figure out Watchcat. He's "protecting consumers"? WTF is Royce selling that "consumers" need protection from?

I glory in how goofy this fucktard is. It's amazing. He can't actually believe anyone takes him seriously, right? I mean, he's got to know that the world is in on the joke at this point.

Or, maybe not.

Anonymous said...

If I were UFO Watchdog I'd sue Kal Korff's ass for libel and slander. UFO Watchdog is the farthest thing from a fraud and anyone paying attention knows that. Far as I can tell UFO Watchdog does all of this for free and doesn't sell anything. Shame on Kal Korff.