Monday, June 16, 2008

Kalvin Korff CAUGHT AGAIN manipulating website hits and MISLEADING CONSUMERS

Not surprisingly, Kalvin Korff has been CAUGHT once AGAIN MANIPULATING his website hits. Poor, dumb Kalvin has now posted his website hits at 46,961,902 and dares to attempt justifying this ludicrous number by posting "Statistics from ALL of our websites." For someone alleging to have an IQ in the 200 range, Kalvin really isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer, is he?

Not a single website Kalvin has is in the top 100,000 in the world. I know Kalvin is stupid, but does he truly believe the public this stupid? Let's examine website traffic rankings for Kalvin's websites.
  • is ranked at 5,157,545
  • is ranked at 5,157,545
  • is ranked at 5,157,545
  • is ranked at 17,948,712
  • is ranked as having no data
  • is ranked as having no data
  • is ranked at 25,387,214
  • is ranked at as having no data
  • is ranked as having no data
  • is ranked as having no data
  • is ranked as having no data
The first three websites listed for Kalvin are redirected to one main site and this accounts for the ranking number being the same for each, thus really only making it one ranking.

Let us examine some of the websites involving people Kalvin hates.
  • is ranked at 663,827
  • is ranked at 584,509
  • is ranked at 732,708
  • is ranked at 834,634
If we were to base a website hit number on these four websites through Kalvin's distorted logic, the number might be in the hundred-millions if not billions.

When will Kalvin learn? A fine example of what could be considered CONSUMER FRAUD by the person claiming to be a beacon of truth and justice. Kalvin should be prepared to be held to a higher standard and at this rate should be prepared for many, many more PUBLIC and PAINFUL lessons in ethics and honesty.

Now I'm prepared to see how quickly Kalvin erases this bit of data on his website, or what convenient excuse the ever disingenuous Kalvin K. Korff will treat the public to. Let me guess, Kalvin has a super dooper special secret website that only those in the intelligence community know about and this would account for forty-six million plus hits. Kalvin is a fool of the lowest order.


Anonymous said...

Update: is parked* is parked* is redirected** is redirected**

* to
** to

Anonymous said...

" is redirected." But wait - if you Google "" and "Martina Tycova", you get a fragment of a(now deleted webpage) that reads...: "Czech Journalist and Supermodel BUYS
- Czech Journalist Martina Tycova has bought and will be merging it with other Web sites dedicated to fighting against abuses of justice."

Go figure.

Semjase said...

Michael Horn's website not only gets more hits than Kal's, Michael Horn's website looks 1000 times better!