Saturday, August 30, 2008

Conniving Kal growing DESPERATE!

It looks from my viewpoint that the final BREAKDOWN is starting for Kal K. Korff and the pressure of pretending and watching his fantasy world coming unraveled and his likely banning from the Xzone radio show it is all catching up with Conniving Kal.

Kal is becoming so DESPERATE he is having to go back in time for material now and it is because I think he has now realized that none of his threats, claims or lies are fooling or scaring anyone. I watched one of Conniving Kal's latest video farts and heard him refer to a visit at the U.S. embassy he had before made and some pictures Kal was getting all frothed up over having sent Royce Meyer III as some sort of proof.

I did some digging around and found these HILARIOUS pictures of Kal strutting around Prague! ahahahahahahaha This is some of funniest stuff I have ever seen about Conniving Kal!! Oh and be sure to call the pictures "video stills" or Communist Kal will call you a liar for calling them pictures! ahahahahaha Kal is OFF HIS ROCKER and is growing more and more DESPERATE as I'm sure he knows his world is quickly crumbling around him.

Conniving Kal is off on another video rant and says he is going back to the U.S. Embassy to turn over names and talk to embassy people. ahahahahahahahaha I don't think anybody in the U.S. embassy gives a flying fuck about flying saucers or any of your delusional rantings Kal. I found a reference where Conniving Kal said there were embassy people who were going to confirm all of his nonsense.

Go ahead and contact the embassy and ask about Kal K. Korff but be prepared to get a good laugh out of it all. And any moron can get a camera and film themself out in front of any building and say they are there for something. I could go down to any embassy office and film myslef walking in saying I'm having a secret meeting with a state official and can claim it to be about any topic I want like bigfoot, flying saucers, or Smurfs for that matter! I can show all these pictures and it doesn't prove a thing and my opinion is that only someone who is mentally insane would believe any such kind of proof offered. Just take a look at the old video with Conniving Kal standing out in front of the office of KPMG. You can't see the video anymore because Conniving Kal took it down so he could cover his tracks because it is clear Kal was LYING when he said there was an audit when KPMG knew noting about this audit and Kal couldn't produce his "as promised" audit results!

Conniving Kal really has a giant wet spot for Kevin Randle, David Beedny, Royce Meyer, Paul Kimball, Don Ecker and anyone who has called Conniving Kal out on his BULLSHIT. I know that David Beedny, Kevin Randle and Don Ecker have all left comments on this blog but I don't think Paul Kimball has dropped by or has Royce Meyerr III. If you are reading this blog please drop by and tell me what you think about Conniving Kal K. Korff! Your opinions matter and are always welcomed here! They all have some HILARIOUS stuff about Conniving Kal on their Internet websites that had me LAUGHING for hours and hours on end!!

I just wonder how much longer it will be before I'm hauled off for trial by Conninving Kal and dastardly super duper extra special secret service agents and thrown in a gulag. Or perhaps Conniving Kal is already planning the demise of us all with some top level government official.


Squonkamatic said...

Wasn't that picture supposedly taken from a hidden camera secreted in a flowerpot, or something ridiculous like that?

Bob in Florida said...

Must've been a tall flowerpot. That's Scott Ritter (former WMD inspector in Iraq) in the pic with KKK, in case anyone doesn't recognize him. Actually, according to RM3, Kal reported that, "...Ritter doesn't even know I helped lure him to Prague under the guise of paying him to come give a lecture."

WHAT?! I'm sure Ritter is super-pleased that he made a trip to Prague under such false pretenses and without the possibility of getting paid!

I guess KKK is on Ritter's shit-list now.

Kal's latest video is hilarious. We see him in front of a building, claiming that Royce is really gonna get it now! He's going into the embassy and we're really gonna see something! And...then...we see...nothing. Typical Kal: The big buildup; then the deflating letdown.

And hey, doesn't the Israeli/Saudi Special Super-Duper Secret Service have any physical fitness standards? Not even for their officers? Colonel Cuckoo sure looks, well, one of those guys who's spent waaaaay too much time in their parent's basement, not getting enough exercise. Kal makes Lazar look like Ah-nold Whatsisname. It's enough to make me almost pine for some views of a scrawny supermodel wannabe for a change. Almost.

Hey, where the hell *IS* Martina, anyways?

Oooh-oooh, hey again! Aren't we all happy that Kal survived whatever terrible deeds those nefarious "terrorists" were planning on doing to him if he appeared on Rob McConnell's radio show? (Couldn't they have just shot him when he was making that video on the steps with the statues of the naked men?)

Anonymous said...

Paul Kimball may (or may not) be on the scene here soon. He's been on tour lately.
In any case, the recent happenings with Kal Korff should provide him with some juicy material for his upcoming documentary on Mr. Korff!

Squonkamatic said...

Kal's latest video is hilarious. We see him in front of a building, claiming that Royce is really gonna get it now! He's going into the embassy and we're really gonna see something! And...then...we see...nothing. Typical Kal: The big buildup; then the deflating letdown.

I just made a post on another thread supposing my "theory" that the real reason he is at the embassy is probably related to his visa status with a September 1 deadline, and that the "terrorist threat" that is compelling him to seek a new domicile is really just that his lease is also ending on September 1 or that he's outright being evicted. In his two newspaper clipping rants you could see that the little $2.99 bookshelf behind him was in disarray, and indeed his last three videos were all filmed in locations other than his traditional apartment setting with the flags framing the picture.

I do believe that something is probably up with Colonel Cupcake, but it's something other than his SAPSTOE work, and he has a September 1 deadline to resolve it all. Still doesn't excuse blowing off Major Randle and his co-enabler Rob McConnell, but it's a more likely explanation than some sort of counter espionage work focusing on UFO frauds. You'd also think that if a SAPSTOE Colonel was going to an official meeting at the U.S. Embassy he'd be dressed a bit more formally than in a bootlegged Beatles t-shirt.


Brad said...

Steven, I do believe you have become quite the expert of Korff videos. I bet the enemies of S3 would pay top dollar for a video analyst (Senior, Level III!!!) such as yourself.

So, let's see who you need to get resumes tO:

UFO Frauds (Royce Meyers III, Dr. Kevin Randle, Paul Kimball, David Biedny, and any member of the Billy Meier group)
Cryptozoologists (Loren Coleman and Dr. Jeff Meldrum are his only current targets in that field)
and the Josephine (OR) County Sheriff's Department.

Oh, and maybe Al Qaeda, in case S3 ever gets back around to actually ferreting out any terrorists.

Brad Hudson
Dallas, Texas
Future Korff Lawsuit Target and banned commenter from secretxwars YouTube page.