Saturday, August 2, 2008

Kalvin Korff CAUGHT AGAIN!!!

A lot of comments were made on this blog about Kalvin Korff saying he has a 219 IQ. Kalvin says he was administered IQ tests when he was younger and said he never claimed to have taken a magazine IQ test.

As with just about everything Kalvin says you have to take it with an entire salt shaker. I was pointed to some Internet websites so I thought I would check it out.

Sure enough it appears Kalvin DID INDEED claim that he had a "219 IQ" as per a test in a science magazine. I found out Kalvin is a regular on an Internet show called X Zone and has his laughable biography listed there. It also appears now that Kalvin is attempting to cover up this IQ claim.

I took this picture of this X Zone website listing Kalvin guest information. It is dated as "Wednesday June 11 2008" Now, my understanding is most f these shows ask their guest to send in their background information so I am going to assume this is what Kalvin did. This background information states without question "Armed with an IQ of 219, according to the Omni Magazine's World's Hardest IQ Test" Really the claim is made quite clear and this isn't open to interpretation as none is needed. There is no reading between the lines here as the message is perfectly clear in relaying to the reader that Kalvin claims to have a 219 IQ as per a magazine test.

If you look on the same Internet website I also found another ALTERED guest information bit for Kalvin dated later as "Thursday June 26 2008" and there is NO mention of Kalvin's self proclaimed genius.

If Kalvin did have this high of an IQ then why is he not in the Mega Society?


Anonymous said...

Call Robert Kiviat in Hollywood California. Call Stanton Friedman. BOTH of these men have stories about Kal worth telling.

Anonymous said...

why don't you post these stories here then if they are so good?

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff is going off on UFO watchdog again because Kal opened his big, fat mouth about his laughable IQ and was removed from UFO watchdog hall of fame as a result of Kal's overblown and unproven claims. get over it Kal you freak of a loser.

Anonymous said...

Marilyn vos Savant is also an honored member of The Prometheus Society. Her IQ was 218.
I checked their website and found no mention of a Kal Korff.


Anonymous said...

Kal K. Korff couldn't get out of a wet paper sack with a flamethrower. A 219 IQ? BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I'd ask Kal to prove it but we know that would just lead to more terrible web videos where he whines about everything and everyone but can't prove his claims.

Kal, you have the superior intellect of a mildly retarded puppy at best.

Anonymous said...

219 IQ my ass.

Anonymous said...

Check out

The "Colonel" has deleted the original (the one in which a sleeveless Kal looks like a hostage pleading for his life).

Anonymous said...

We really should make a point of downloading and saving Kal's videos. Then, when he deletes them - in a desperate attempt at damage limitation - we can reupload them.

You are filth, "Colonel".

Anonymous said...

I suppose kal could explain this all away by blaming on his "adjunct" or that cracked out "supermodel"

Anonymous said...


("Desperate Don Ecker - UFO WatchCat Episode 13 Preview”)

6:05: “I started out in law enforcement ...did make it up to the rank of lieutenant... I started out as a patrol officer, on patrol...”

I'm no Korff expert, but as far as I know, The Greatest Living American has never made this particular claim before...

Anonymous said...

Kal, we see you everyday. Perhaps you feel we all dislike you. Maybe ou feel the outcast and want to punish everyone you can because you think we've done something bad to you, or you like being in the position of viewing yourself as an outcast or the lone guy who fights against everyone.

You punish people for not liking or agreeing with you 100%, the never ending cycle of disdain. We in turn punish you by not liking you and pointing out the obvious flaws when you lash out.

There is a way to stop all those you encounter from cursing you, from wishing you ill, from criticizing you.

Find someone to give you a sincere hug. Your life won't get any better by trying to screw people you've never met by being an internet asshole. So just stop trying to antagonize people, stop publishing stuff in an effort to vent your rage, stop taking your life's aggression out on others because you feel a great injustice has been served to you. It's life, brother. This is how it is and it isn't going to change until you take that first step.

So go on, Kal, go get that hug and then get some help for yourself. Stop the hurting and the pain now. It'll be ok, Kal, it really is going to be ok.

B.Hudson said...

Hmmm, his "news" for 8/1/08 says he's filed suit against Royce Meyers III. I'm pretty sure Royce knows whether he's being sued or not.

What do you want to bet that the "suit" is actually a "metasuit" and can only be found if you know the original Hebrew...

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Korff needs a hug since this blog goes. Here is a guy who has pissed so many people off that he deserves to be exposed as a shit.

But Korff needs love too. I'm sure his "supermodel" sidekick thinks his flying saucer business is somewhat hip, next to U2.

But there is new music too and Korff looks like a egotistical dork who has gone so far he has to reinvent himself, as a comic book hero.

To be honest I enjoy Korff. He makes good drama when the shield Eker has to use colorful language. This blog makes Korff!!!

I'm a mega Korff fan!

Anonymous said...

There are no lawsuits that Kal Korff is directly involved in. It's all smoke and bullshit. The only legal action taking place that is remotely directed to Kal Korff is his brother Kurtis Korff's lawsuit against the sheriff's officers who shot him in the head. Kurtis Korff is currently serving a 40 month long prison sentence after being convicted of attempted felony assault.

In order to sue someone you need to have 3 things: money, brains, and a lawyer. Kal Korff has none of these. And you need to have an actual reason to sue someone and you have to be a resident in the state you file the lawsuit.

How is Kal Korff who lives all the way in Prague suing anyone in the US? The simple answer is that Kal Korff isn't suing anyone.

This is Kal Korff's normal mode of operation: Someone pisses Kal Korff off, he bashes them in any manner possible, and then Kal Korff threatens to sue or claims he is suing.

Just take a look at the nonsense Kal Korff has done over the last few years. Kal said legal action was under way against Ray Santilli. kal said legal action was under way against Micheal Horn and Billy Meier. Kal said Bob Gimlin was going to be prosecuted for consumer fraud. Kal said he was going to sue and have David Biedny, Paul Kimball, and others sued and prosecuted. Kal said that legal action was going to happen in 24 hours against Royce Meeyers - this was a year ago. Do you want to know how many people Kal Korff has sued in the last 10 years? None. Zero. Zip.

This is Kal trying to play some third grade mind games with people so they think he has some sort of power over them. It worked on that idiot Loren Coleman when Kal said he was going to sue him. Loren took all the stuff down from his website about Kal Korff. So kal Korff succeeds once and figures he has nothing to lose by trying and everything to gain by bluffing people with his bullshit lawsuit threats.

When kal Korff says he's going to sue you can laugh it off and rest easy knowing nothing is going to happen.

Kal, I know you read this blog and these comments. Try growing up and getting a grip on whatever personal issues you have. Stop taking your anger out on others. Go actually do something "humanitarian" for once. Have you helped the homeless lately Kal? the under-privileged? The hungry? Old people? the only thing I see you do is focus your self hate on people you've used your warped thinking to judge.

Kal you can just stop it all now, apologize for your issues, and do something positive with your life instead of rotting your own brain over there in Prague. Stop taking your personal shit out on people you don't even or barely know. You'll be a better man for it.

We.Are.Kult.Of.Kal said...


I sent the "Colonel's" 'YS3' logo to a Hebrew forum of people for translation.

The response I got was:
First line: Israel
Second line: Secret Service Staff
Third line: Cannot be expressed, the name of the Almighty.

To explain the last line, in Jewish faith, the word for God cannot be printed. People either write "G-d" or give the lengthier description above.

So, I suspect, Kal had some native speaker (likely his sidekick, Avin) translate "Special Secret Services" and make it a bit more authentic for good-times sake.


p.s. I will make another video, but after I return from a month-long holiday. Keep this great blog going!

We.Are.Kult.Of.Kal said...

Quick follow-up from the Hebrew forum by another member:

"Yes, by the name and the logo- it looks really questionable."

Well, not like any of us needed to hear that, but ...

Kal, if you're reading this - you're not fooling anyone. Not us in Prague, not your former UFO peers, and lastly, not anyone in Israel.

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff a colonel? This is the funniest shit I've heard in a long time. I see the ever delusional and misguided Kal Korff is still wackier than ever and still trying to carve his place out in history. Kal is just absurd. Always has been, always will be.

Anonymous said...

Where are all the pictures of his Super Model Girlfriend Martina Tycova?

I have yet to see ONE super model in the world, who has not ONE picture of her on the web.

Jesus Christ, there's more pictures of ME on the net than she has, and I'm not even famous.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Kal has finally gone beserk. What in the H... is he talikng about in his latest website rant today? War with Iran?

Anonymous said...

They say some people who are insane have exceedingly high IQs. I think Kal is bat shit crazy but isn;t one of the high IQ types.