Monday, August 18, 2008

Paul Kimball to EXPOSE Kalvin Korff?

Not completely sure if this is a joke or not but you never know. One flying saucer person who also happens to be a film maker named Paul Kimball has been the target of Kalvin Korff's lunatic ravings for some time now from what I can see.

This Paul Kimball fellow was the one who EXPOSED Kalvin as a liar for claiming he was an "expert witness" in the O.J. Simpson civil lawsuit.

Now Paul Kimball says he is going to EXPOSE Kalvin Korff in an untitled documentary film. Kalvin has always wanted to be on real television so I suppose he might now get his wish instead of being limited to his stark raving babbling on

Whether this is a joke or not, if anyone could do this it would be Paul Kimball because of his background as a producer and director, unlike Kalvin who has only calimed to be working on such things.


Anonymous said...

It matters not whether this is a joke. The die has been cast for Kal. He will now be suspicious of anyone and everyone in Prague with a video camera. It just might be a super secret undercover agent for Redstar Films!

Philc said...

The following is a link to a discussion board which provides another first- hand example of Korff's inability to impress fellow skeptics. The following thread also demonstrates Korff's propensity to concoct mythical interactions with case researchers.

Anonymous said...

Please let this expose be real, and please let it be at least 3 hours long.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see a preview.

Brad said...

Oh, man, I may have to fly to Toronto (from Dallas) to see this when it debuts on Canadian TV. It will take forever for it to show up on American TV and this is going to be BOFFO!!!

OK, "boffo" may have been a bit much, but there's a good chance that this thing might be the greatest TV show ever!

And, yes, hyperbole is my specialty.


Anonymous said...

What's up with Korff's website? Is he into music now?

Anonymous said...

I have an idea.
Someone needs to do a Wikipedia entry on Kal.
I THINK it would pass the WP BIO criteria for inclusion, as Kal IS (however laughable) a published author and he has been on Larry King.

This would be a great way to expose Kal's lunacy, the entry could detail his supposed S3 thing, which would be totally open to ridicule. Plus, Kal would more than likely provoke an edit war to push HIS version of the entry onto everyone.

Kal was not in Wikipedia before, only mentions of him as references to other articles. Kal himself, however, has never had an entry. This would be a good time to expose Kal's lunacy to a bigger audience and would no doubt make Kal even more unbalanced.

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