Thursday, August 28, 2008

Conniving Kal K. Korff HIDES data to cover his tracks

I put up here a bit ago about Kal K. Korff haivng deleted a video showing him in front of a KMPG office where Kal said KPMG was in the process of auditing Kevin Randle's flying saucer work.

To no surprise Kal has DELETED all this data from his You Tube website and from his "critical thinkers" Internet website in what can only be an attempt to cover his tracks since it has come to light that this AUDIT NEVER EXISTED to begin with! How convenient that this information has now "vanished" and cannot be viewed by consumers. But not all is lost thanks to this Xzone radio show!

Posted on the Xzone blog is Kal's own announcement about the audit! Kal really stuffs his own foot in his mouth by saying he would make another announcement with KPMG about this fantasy audit! I'm sure Xzone will not erase this important data but I decided to copy and paste it here.

KPMG to Audit and Certify Kevin Randle's False Roswell Claims
March 14 2007: United Arab Emirates, -- Tel Aviv, Israel.
Sheik Khalid Mohammad, the gulf millionaire playboy who is one of the financial backers behind the new reality-based TV series "Secret Wars" which chronicles the real life activities of Captain Kal Korff of the Israeli-founded Special Secret Services (S3), has hired the firm of KPMG to begin an immediate forensic audit and investigation of UFO researcher Kevin Randle's numerous claims and writings about the purported Roswell "UFO" crash of 1947.
"Mr Kevin Randle has made very serious and completely false allegations against our main star, Mr. Captain Kal Korff. Such lies are also a libel and slander against all of us, especially myself as a financial investor. Since Mr. Randle claims he has 'the truth' and even had the ego large enough to name his book 'The TRUTH About the Roswell UFO Crash' I have decided to order a forensic investigation into Mr. Randles numerous statements and wild accusations." the Sheik said in remarks prepared in advance and communicated by his translator.
"The UFO field is in serious trouble. We will spare no expense to expose before the public and even bring to justice in the courts if necessary many of the lies and slanders and blood libels that are often and eagerly spread by many so-called 'experts' in this field who have the public and the media fooled concerning their intentions and their motivations.
"It is an honor to document all of this for the world to see. It is something that should have been done many years ago. Unless KPMG cannot finish their task on time, we plan to release this audit exposing Mr. Randle's very poor research in time for the 60th anniversary of the Roswell UFO anniversary exploitation festivals."
"Furthermore, we are now sending out hundreds of 'freeze' notices to TV networks, producers and the media. If they wish to now interview Mr. Randle about Roswell, at least they will now be forewarned. We are also doing the same with other UFO researchers concerning other cases. We will also reveal instances where it seems as if Mr. Randle just made up what can only be called lies, and manufactured his Roswell 'evidence.' We have the proof now, and have had it for years in fact."
"KMPG will be contacting Mr. Kevin Randle at the appropriate time. Mr. Randle will be asked to formerly cooperate with this credibility audit, or he will face very serious legal actions and consequences. We will be announcing with KPMG shortly which office of theirs will be granted centralized jurisdiction to proceed with their forensic audit against and of Mr. Kevin Randle."
"Finally, we would like to thank Mr. Paul Kimball of RedStarFilms in Canada for continuing to provide us with material that we can expose in front of the world. Until Mr. Kimball published Mr. Randle's legally troublesome comments and lies, therefore also incurring additional legal and credibility problems himself, we had no intention of dealing with Mr. Kevin Randle at all.
Randle's claims were first exposed last century by Captain Kal Korff, who has written the best-selling Roswell UFO expose of all time. Mr. Randle has even admitted that several of his favorite Roswell 'eyewitnesses' were liars, -- just like Korff proved last century, and showed in his book The Roswell UFO Crash: What They Don't Want You to Know.
"Our next announcement concerning Mr. Randle will be made in conjunction with KPMG."
Posted by xzonenation at 10:18 AM

I hope to be not the only one who sees right through this laughable bit about Kal's "Israeli" founded organization receiving funding from a Saudi! TO me this is just the most ludicrous thing ever. And didn't Sheik Khalid Mohammad behead terror victim Daniel Pearl and plan the 9-11 attacks? Hmmm I wonder if Kal just pulls these names out of that big stupid hat he has taken to recently.

Rack up another claim from Conniving Kal that has been shown to be FALSE.


Anonymous said...

Different Sheik. But "Mr. Captain Kal Korff"?? Make up your mind, Sheiki!! Either he is a MISTER, or he is a CAPTAIN.

This is all getting too crazy for me. I hope Kal is about to go to the supermarket, get naked, and start smashing melons over his head.

Anonymous said...

Does ANYONE have a copy of the KPMG audit video? I am currently in contact with over this issue and I need to show them the actual video!!!

F1 Racer

Anonymous said...

This announcement was made back in the day when Kal was pretending to be a captain but is now pretending to be a colonel.

I notice Kal is living sparsely these days and has to sell i-Pods to make money. What happened to his $25,000,000.00 Saudi sugar daddy?

Does anyone take Kal seriously? I hope not! How could anyone take such an obvious clown for anything but a joke?

Anonymous said...

Kal needs to let the "Sheik" know that, according to Kal, there is no "UFO Field"...

Man, how does he keep track of all the BS he spews???


Anonymous said...

Kal has deleted over a dozen YouTube videos that were put up between 3 months and 1 year ago. e.g., re: Paul Kimball, O.J. Simpson, KPMG audit, etc. The more recent ones are beginning to get hilarious, pathetic, but still hilarious if you don't take him serious. I sure don't.

Anonymous said...

I predict kal K. Korff will bail out of his debate with Kevin Randle tonight. kal doesn't have the balls to face Kevin.

Anonymous said...

To the readers of this Blog:

My name is Rob McConnell, the host and executive producer of The 'X' Zone. Tonight, Thursday, August 28th, 2008, Kal Korff was to be a guest on our show to debate Dr Kevin Randle in The Great Roswell Debate. At 8:16 pm, tonight an email was sent to me by Kal Korff, of which I have copied here, pulling out from tonight’s debate:

Hi Rob,

I just got to an email terminal, I regret to inform you that the debate MUST BE DELAYED.











Kevin Randle did come on the show, I did two hours with Kevin, who, I will go on the record as being a very professional, hardworking and dedicated UFO researcher.

Please feel free to contact me at

All the very best.

Ro McConnell,
The 'X' Zone Radio & TV Show.

Anonymous said...

As predicted Kal Korff chickened out of the debate. Kal you are a coward and have proved it to the whole world! For over a year Kal has been calling out Kevin Randle. Well, Kevin shows up on Kal's terms and Kal is a no show! From here on out the world should just ignore Kal Korff because he has no credibility and no courage. Not sure why Kal turned tail and ran from the debate but I suppose the excuse will be some sort of terrorist threat where Kal is sitting naked in his cramped apartment watching Czech subtitled re-runs of Keifer Sutherland in 24.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping us in the loop Rob! I very much appreciate knowing you are here watching all of this. If you happen here again Rob I would like to know why you have Kal on your show. I have listened to your show Rob and know you are an intelligent guy who must see through the abundant holes in many of Kal's stories and claims.

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

So where is this video??????? And what is with Korff asking Rob McConnell on how to proceed??????? I though Korff was in command of his unit???? Anyone else see how laughable and disturbing this all is???? Korff thinks Randle won't accept the terms of the debate. Randle accepts and the stage is set with no excuses left for Korff who has been relentless in calling Randle a coward and a traitor to his country. Debate time comes and Korff "suddenly" and conveniently can't do it due to "terrorism"?????

So now big bad "colonel" Korff of anti-terrorism fame who hunts down terrorists receives a single e-mail threat and is packing his shit and getting out of Prague????? Why am I sensing that Korff may be experiencing problems with his visa for living in Prague??? Anyone else pick up on this pattern of Korff living from place to place and then having to pack up and leave???? And what are the odds we will ever see this video Korff tells Rob McConnell about??? Hell, what are the chances any of this will ever be in the news?????


Rob McConnell as a responsible host of a radio program should grill Korff about this and demand evidence he can independently verify!

This excuse from Korff is the biggest crock of shit I have ever heard!

Anonymous said...

perhaps we'll get lucky and Kal has drawn the attention of real terrorists who believe his fantasies and plan on taking him out!

Anonymous said...

Terrorist threat? Against Colonel Cupcake? Are we sure that this "terrorist threat" wasn't coming from Czech immigration? Why isn't he asking his superiors or handlers at the Super Duper Secret Special Services how he should proceed, and instead relying on the advice of a radio show host? As for him "moving" it's awfully close to the first of the month, maybe his rent check from mom never showed and he's being evicted?

Mr. McConnell this is a serious question: Do you feel that Kal Korff is being 100% honest with you? Do you maybe get the inkling that something is going on here that doesn't pass the smell test? I don't doubt that he did send that email to you, but do you actually and honestly believe that a terrorist element in Prague is threatening Kal Korff over his efforts to expose Royce Meyers III for leaving Kal off his UFO Watchdog website's Hall of Fame? Or having the same size hat as Bigfoot or whatever other nonsense he seems obsessed by?

Here's another question: Do you endorse Kal Korff and his claims of being some sort of espionage agent developing & deploying NANOBOTS in the war on terror, and his continual harassment of people like Kevin Randle who actually do serve honorably in defense of our great country? Do you really believe all this stuff or are you just using Kal to conduct your business as a paranormal studies personality? And if so, are you aware that by all appearances Kal Korff is certifiably psychologically impaired and NEEDS HELP?? Can you justify the continued exploitation of this sick man or are you going to do the right thing by cutting him loose and wishing him the best?

If something does happen to Kal or if he does do something to harm others or himself I would hate to be in the shoes of someone who maybe worked to bring that about by actively encouraging the dementia he is obviously suffering from. There is no Special Secret Services, he is not a colonel, there are no adoring crowds listening to his speeches in empty rooms and asking questions. It's all the fantasy of a sick, twisted mind and he needs help.


Anonymous said...

Kal Korff gets a terrorist threat and says he has a video he is sending to Rob McConnell who knows noting about a video. Next Kal says he has to move because of the threat. Then Kal posts on his website about his website getting hacked by a simple defacement crew which he labels as a terrorist organization while at the same time going on a rant about Randle and Meyers and about being removed from some UFO website hall of fame? Kal continues saying that this information is being sent to the police and Kevin randle will be contacted by the police?

I'm sure I'm not the only one scratching my head at this nonsense. It is clear the hackers were simple defacers, much like modern day wall graffiti artists and not some terrorist group out to get Kal. If real terrorists were out to get Kal why would they send an e-mail saying "we're going to get you!" ?? Surely no one including Kevin Randle and Rob McConnell are buying any of this ludicrous and outrageous excuse!

Kal is supposed to be some sort of terrorism 'expert' but can't tell the simple difference between defacing website hackers and real terrorists? You have got to be kidding me. Kal has really put his foot in his mouth this time around with this lame excuse and if this doesn't show once and for all how much of an idiot Kal truly is then nothing will.

I'm reeling from how absurd this all is. This is really some terribly painful and obviously imaginary stuff Kal is throwing out there at the expense of Kevin randle and Rob McConnell along with Rob's listeners.

I for one say Rob should ban Kal permanently from the X Zone and not allowing this fruitcake to pollute the airwaves with his nonsense nor should Kal be allowed free reign on the program to vilify people he doesn't like.

Pull the plug on him rob, just pull it for good and save yourself the trouble down the road because in Kal's wake there always casualties left at the expense of everyone else except Kal and he knows it.

Write Rob and ask for the plug to be pulled on Kal:

No one should tolerate this sort of sick nonsense and games and people shouldn't be subjected to it.

Anonymous said...

Well, that just about finishes it. There is no way that Rob McConnell can allow Kal back on the air after this.

Rob, I suggest you ask Kal for the name and phone number of a verifiable agent of either the FBI or CIA that you can call, yourself, and verify that there was a threat against Kal from terrorists. Not an e-mail from someone from S3, and not an e-mail from pretty much anyone. E-mail addresses are fairly easy to fake and I would not put it past Kal to create a bogus document and attempt to pass it off as real.

This debate has been promoted for quite some time and people were tuning in for it. Kal is now causing Rob to lose personal credibility, especially if Rob continues to allow Kal 1 hour a week on the show. It's funny that the supposed threat has been known about for a week, but Kal suddenly decides to tell everyone about it hours before the debate.

One other thing: the time difference from the Czech Republic is, what, 6 hours? Kal filmed his video in daylight leading me to believe Kal actually shot this much earlier and then WAITED to e-mail you telling you he would not be participating.

I don't mean to tell Mr. McConnell how to run his radio show, but it is apparent that further association with Kal Korff will do nothing but harm the X-Zone.

Summary? If Kal cannot provide independently verifiable evidence that this threat was real he should not be allowed back on the show. Seems simple enough to me.

Anonymous said...

If terrorists kill Kal Korff I will personally buy said terrorists as much food/entertainment as they want!

F1 Racer
Francis Underwood
Letna, Prague

Anonymous said...

The point still remains: how come Mr McConnell has allowed KKK to sound off for an hour each week and for several years about the various strands of his fantasy life (the Special Secret Services, his function as a "SAPSTOE", his promotion to Colonel, his anti-terrorist activities, his involvement in nanotechnology) as if it was all for real? The man clearly has zero journalistic standards.

Anonymous said...

Oh, man, it just gets better and better. Now he's posted USPS receipts of a package sent from Oregon to Prague, and since it was apparently held up for 19 days it's obviously been tampered with and it constitutes "proof". He's even dragged poor Vojtek Sedlacek into it by claiming the package was being sent to him. Has Kal never thought that international shipments get held up, especially if they contain electronics or anything that might have technological value.

Of course, he's on the run from Turkish terrorists but he still has time to post on his site.

I'm starting to think I need to take a week or 2 off from "Korff-Watch" just to regain my sanity.

Brad Hudson
Potential Kal Korff lawsuit target
Dallas, Texas

Anonymous said...

Dear Blog Members:

Thank you for your comments and your observations. I sincerely appreciate them. I have launched a research project that will take some time to complete, so I ask you all to be patient but we will get to the bottom of things and when we do, I will be sharing our findings not only with The 'X' Zone Nation but with this blog as well.

I would like to share with you an email that I received this morning from Philip Mantle, the UK UFOlogist, author and researcher who broke the Ray Santilli case with his smoking gun - the very same evidence that Kal claimed he was going to use in the Consumer Fraud Case against Santilli:

"To be honest with you Bob Kal is full of it. He has not fulfilled any of his promises to me and I don’t believe a word he says any more.

All the best,


Please do not hesitate to contact me directly at or

Again, my thanks to Dr Kevin Randle for coming on the show last night, and to Michael Horn the North American Representative for Billy Meier.

All the very best,

Rob McConnell,
The 'X' Zone Radio & TV Show

Anonymous said...

First off, I want to say while this UFO stuff is really of no concern of mine (Im more into crypto-zoology) I would believe Rob McConnell over Kal Korff any day of the week.

That said, I again BEG if ANYONE has a copy of the KPMG audit video Kal posted please let me know, I CAN sink Kal faster than the Georgian Navy if I can give the video to the person I am in contact with at KPMG.

F1 Racer
Francis Underwood

Anonymous said...

Dammit. We really should be downloading (and re-uploading when the "Colonel" deletes them) these rants.

Anonymous said...

"First off, I want to say while this UFO stuff is really of no concern of mine (Im more into crypto-zoology) I would believe Rob McConnell over Kal Korff any day of the week."
---sorry - Mr McConnell has for years allowed Kalvin to indulge in his fantasies without interjecting with so much as a single "er - come again?" I wouldn't give either of them the time of day, frankly; but at least Korff's excuse is that he's completely nuts.

David Biedny said...

Let's get a few things straight here - Rob McConnell is putting on a show of indignation, but the simple fact is that he's given Korff - a sad, delusional fruitcake - a platform from which to spew his crap, for years now, with no attempt to reign him in or call him on his nonsense. Korff has heavily trashed me, Royce, Kevin Randle, Paul Kimball and a few others on McConnell's show, and when Royce & I tried to get some accountability out of McConnell and the owners of the TalkStar Radio network, they just blew us off and did squat, nothing, nada. Given that McConnell has very little going for his show, he desperately needs ANY kind of controversy in order to provide a reason to tune in - he's a terrible interviewer, and that he considers himself an investigator is just laughable. He's known all along that Kal is a bullshitter, and he just lets it slide in order to provide "content" to his circus. He has allowed Korff to continually slander us for no reason, and has never given any of us a fair chance to respond to Korff's hateful accusations and rants.

So the small handful of people who read this blog should be well aware that without the longtime support of Rob McConnell and his "show", Korff would have absolutely NO ONE listening to his delusional fantasies - McConnell shoulders much of the blame for this situation. So just be aware of this, and take anything that comes from McConnell with a grain of salt.

And as for Korff, it's absolutely obvious that he's a sad little fart, and lives in a deeply delusional state, partially fed by McConnell's acceptance of his fantasies. We should bury both of them under a pile of horse manure, and let them rot in their own juices. There are true mysteries to be explored, and the X-Zone circus is the last place you'll hear intelligent, compelling conversations about any of the topics that interest so many of us. Let the folks at the TalkStar Radio network know about your feelings regarding McConnell and his enabling of Korff's delusional state and harmful rants. Here's the contact info or their CEO, pulled off their website:

Contact: Victor Ives, CEO & Head Cheese
Phone: (503)638-4839 PST


Anonymous said...

To Mr. Biedny:

As always - you rant you rave and yet - you know nothing. That is why I stopped listening to you, and I am being very liberal here when I say, "your show."

Maybe, Mr. Biedny, you should know that The 'X' Zone has been on the air since 1993, The 'X' Chronicles Newspaper has been publishing since 1993. They are an internationally syndicated show, using the internet as one of the many ways for people to listen. Rob McConnell has been used as a consultant in many television shows, including “Creepy Canada”, publishes, researchers, writes and even invented a game called, “The ‘X’ Game.” Rob’s broadcast career includes being executive producer for a major market radio station.

On The ‘X’ Zone, they allow people to talk - that's what talk radio is all about. It seems that you are jealous of what McConnell has accomplished - that you are probably not even able to dream such dreams.

How many stations is your show on and how many nights a week are you on for? How long has your show been "broadcasting?"

Please - grow up and mature.

Bravo 'X' Zone. I think contacting TalkStar us a great idea! Tell them what a great show The 'X' Zone is. Also, tell Rob - his email is

David Biedny said...

Rob - nice to hear from you, even though you're here under an alias!


David Biedny said...

And again, let's remember, McConnell has enabled a totally deranged person to have a public platform from which to spew lies, slander, delusions and harmful speech. That fact remains above all.


Anonymous said...

This blog is about Kal not X Zone not Rob...please, lets stick to the subject at hand.

F1 Racer

Anonymous said...

I know little about UFOlogy and care even less. But it is undeniable that Mr McConnell has taken the "Colonel" entirely at his word for years, no matter how preposterous his claims about himself and other people. We are not talking probing, demanding, skeptical interview technique here.

Anonymous said...

Good to hear from you David. Interesting to find out you're a human being after all, I was under the impression you were some sort of evil menace from outer space, like Zorak from Space Ghost.

I agree that McConnell has been exploiting Kal Korff from day one and refer to him as Kalvin's "co-enabler"; without the platform of X-Zone there would be no way for Korff to get his fixes. I had also been somewhat troubled by McConnell's deliberately neutral tone when posting here about Kal, he is making a concerted effort to have his cake and eat it too, stir up a controversy but string on the intrigue factor. If I had an important scheduled meeting with a high-profile guest client, did a no-show and made up some horse shit about terrorists forcing me to move secretly (conveniently near the first of the month too: is Kal's landlord an Al Queda?) while finding time to make YouTube videos I'd be FIRED in half a breath and told to go pound road salt if I dared come crawling back.

Looks like Korff is still on the payroll, however, and as soon as he finds a new basement apartment he can afford without Martina's half of the rent & gets that broadband internet service installed I am sure that things will be back to normal. McConnell won't ashcan Korff, that's for sure, though I've been wrong before and would be delighted to find out otherwise.

David Biedny said...

My comments re: the X-Zone are totally relevant, in terms of addressing the reasons that Korff has had ANY kind of public voice in the last couple of years. McConnell has been his one and only enabler - that's a fact. Let's see him address this issue. Don't hold your breath.

McConnell has absolutely known the truth behind Korff, and it was funny to hear McConnell last night - he's a terrible liar. He's always known that Korff is delusional, he doesn't care, he's exploiting the guy for his show. Anyone with half a working brain can see this, it's not rocket science, and it's quite telling that the person who has posted here under the moniker "fan of the X-Zone" has attacked me, my credibility and my show - hey, I didn't mention my show, this person brought it up (who, BTW, is not McConnell, but here's a clue, his name is actually mentioned once in this thread, hey, mh, I know you're no technical wiz, but you SHOULD know that there are ways to see where the comment posts here originate from - and you've been busted, as usual).

Korff is a joke, and so is McConnell. Proof is in the pudding, as they say.


Anonymous said...

Oh goodness, I don't know when I've had such a laugh! Watching Korff's video where he's weaseling out of the debate with Kevin Randle, I mean. The image of the fatman, standing in front of those statues was just disturbing. And then, at 3:01 Korff turns and apparently fondles the genitals of the poor statue immediately to his left-rear. You almost expect the statue to turn his head and cough.

But seriously, I can't believe that KKK is now trying to change the terms of the debate. First it was just him and Randle. *Now* it's supposedly going to be a big spectacle, with numerous other parties involved. Sure, that way Korff won't have to face Kevin one-on-one. What a weasel.

And WHY couldn't he "appear" on McConnell's show? Just what was he afraid of? Why did he say that he had "no choice?" Couldn't he get to a telephone? After all, it's not like he had to be in a t.v. studio or actually travel to wherever The 'X' Zone takes place.

I wouldn't be surprised if Randle says "Screw you, you had your chance" to the December 7th-ish invitation, nor would I blame him.

The other thing about Korff's video was his use of the term "final solution" regarding Roswell - especially standing in front of obvious concentration camp prisoners. Korff is a master at using inappropriate phrases.

And did anyone notice that in one of his "I'll Shoot The Sheriff" videos he starts off by saying, "Hi, Martina." It's as if she is...well, somewhere else and he's sending a little video love note to her. Hey Kal, WHERE IS MARTINA??

Anonymous said...

If I were Rob McConnell, I'd consider that little maneuver by Korff to be a royal slap in the face.

Anonymous said...

Dear Blog:

Both Kevin Randle and I agree that there will be NO future debate on Roswell with Kal Korff.

Here is some of the information pertaining to the Israeli Special Secret Services, which through a confirmed member of the intelligence community claims is a division within the Mossad.

Our source said, “...first, no standing col. would appear on your show or any show for that matter....and, further, it would be like you stating "I’m in the witness protection program," a statement that cannot be verified.”

The following article was sent to us from him.

Workings of Israel's secret service exposed

From London Times, 2 August, 1996

THE operational structure of Mossad, Israel's secret intelligence service, which has always prided itself on weaving a cloak of impenetrable secrecy around its covert operations, has been disclosed by a British specialist journal.

The details of Mossad's "family tree" appear in Jane's Sentinel journal, which has published a special edition on the eastern Mediterranean. The Israeli defence establishment has already reacted with concern over revelations in the same publication about the Israeli Air Force, including the location of all its air bases.

The detailed focus on the air force and intelligence services is due to be published in Sentinel next week. Apart from studying the internal workings of Mossad, which is estimated to employ about 1,200 people, the journal looks at the rest of the Israeli intelligence community, including Shin Bet, the counter-espionage agency and internal security service.

Mossad, the Central Institute for Intelligence and Special Missions, is the equivalent of Britain's Secret Intelligence Service, or MI6. Israeli newspapers and broadcasting services are prohibited from writing about Mossad.

According to the journal, Mossad's largest operational branch is the Collections Department, responsible for intelligence-gathering operations abroad. The Collections Department is split into sections and includes separate "desks" covering different regions. Branch A is said to cover Spain, Egypt, Cyprus and Algeria. Branch C is reported to cover the Mossad stations in London, Paris and Marseilles.

The journal also says that Mossad has a clandestine operations command, known within the Israeli secret service as Metsada, which runs "small units of combatants who carry out actions abroad against those considered to be a threat to Israeli security". The journal says: "These missions have included assassinations and sabotage."

The Metsada unit is said to be answerable directly to the head of Mossad, who was recently named by the Israeli Government as Major-General Danny Yatom, 51. General Yatom, said to be nicknamed "The Prussian", replaced Shabtai Shavit who resigned earlier this year after nearly seven years as Mossad's head.

Other Mossad branches are listed as the Political Action and Liaison Department which deals with friendly foreign intelligence services, including the American CIA and Britain's MI6, and a special section called LAP (Lohamah Psichlogit) which covers psychological warfare.

The journal says that one of the most important of the support departments is the Research Department, which has 15 separate desks, including ones for the United States, Canada, Western Europe, the former Soviet Union, Libya, Syria and Iran. It says there is also a nuclear desk which specializes solely in nuclear developments around the world. Israel is known to be keeping a close watch on Iran's nuclear ambitions; Iran is said to be ten to 15 years away from a nuclear bomb.

Sentinel says Mossad's Research Department produces short daily reports and longer weekly summaries on all areas of interest.

Shin Bet, the internal service, is reported to have three operational departments and five support departments. The operational sections are listed as the Arab Affairs Department, which monitors suspected Arab subversives; the Non-Arab Affairs Department, which is involved in "the penetration of foreign intelligence services and diplomatic missions" in Israel; and the Protective Security Department, responsible for protecting national representatives and assets.

Requests have been sent to the Israeli Government and US State Department requesting authentication of the statements made by Kal pertaining to he alleged involvement with the Israeli Special Secret Services.

I will keep this blog informed of our findings.

Rob McConnell,
The 'X' Zone

Anonymous said...

Well, the State Department and Israel will tell you the same thing: it doesn't exist. Of course Kal is going to come back and say it's a PRIVATE organization so the government wouldn't know about it, the same as he's said since he was cornered as to why there is absolutely no footprint of this organization anywhere except on Kal's various blogs.

Look, Rob, I know you're a radio guy and that ratings are gold, and Kal probably does bring a few more guests to the party (tuning in to hear Kal's lies), but you sold sponsors on last night's show, promising them a debate. I bet those sponsors aren't too happy that Kal pulled a no show.

I've got no dog in any radio show fight, but Kal will drag you down with him if you let him, although I think once you find out the real truth you should have him on one final time, take some calls, and let the audience pick at his bones. Hey, George Noory made Tom Biscardi take shots from callers after his C2C Bigfoot hoax blew up in 2005. Why not send Kal out with a bang???

Brad Hudson
Dallas, TX

Anonymous said...

Mr. McConnell,

Why is Kal Korff listed as being a "bureau chief" for the X Zone Radio Show?

I think you are doing the right thing Mr. McConnell by not allowing another debate to happen. this is the second time Kal Korff as ducked a debate with Kevin Randle.

While I'm not really sure why it has taken you so long to realize Kal Korff is not what he claims, I commend you on taking action.

To be frank, were I any of the people Kal Korff has talked about on your radio program I would have filed a lawsuit a long time ago.

Please do not allow Kal Korff to drag you down into his pit with you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rob.

I don't know, that Jane's assessment sounds like a runaround -- if you can't nail them with the truth, baffle them with tons of extraneous information that really doesn't answer the question. Eventually the eyes glaze over and you just sort of conclude "whatever", though I do appreciate your taking the time to fill us in with what you're privy to.

And as Brad points out Colonel Cupcake has been actively and very publicly bragging about being a ranking officer in this civilian run "meta-organization" for over a year now. I also cannot fathom for the life of me why Israeli intel would feel a need to know anything about Royce Meyers III, UFO frauds, Oregon law enforcement officials, Bigfoot, etc, and commission a foreign national with a dubiously questionable background to such an appointment. Or did he just break out the newspaper clippings?

See, what we are saying is that it doesn't make any sense. Not only that but it seems like a convenient argument device to try and one-up Kevin Randle. I.E. He may just be a Major, but Kal is a Colonel. This SSS twaddle also conveniently arose at about the same time their feud went nuclear, and to tell the truth it is amongst the least outrageous of Korff's claims as of late. His videos are also creepy, disturbing, and indeed quite revealing of Korff's mindset, which seems to be that whatever he says should be taken at face value or you get a facefull of newspaper clippings -- as if those prove a god damn thing.

I grew up watching classic Star Trek and refer to it quite often when posed with what might be philosophical questions into the nature of man. One of my favorite Kirk-isms is that no matter how illogical it may be, intuition is as much of a command prerogative as cold, hard facts. One needs to learn to trust their feelings when making vital decisions as well as evaluating ascertainable data. The feeling we get from Korff is that he's lying, snowjobbing and making stuff up, and that very detailed precis you provide doesn't change my conclusion that he's BS'ing about this Special Secret Services claim.

The guy even fraudulently tried to pass off a web page hosted from a server in Prague as the "home website" of this Israeli run group. There may be vague data to suggest that he's perhaps on the level, but why the mystery? If he's so open about claiming to be a part of this organization that they themselves don't have a problem with it, how about a pay stub or something concrete like that? I also agree with the sentiment that anything transmitted by Korff himself over the internet is too easily faked, this "proof" needs to come from the organization itself. As long as they have been outed to the degree they have been by their SAPSTOE I don't see what the problem would be in having it confirmed in a more resolute manner than a jumbled pile of vagueries courtesy of another publication.

Then we would probably shut the hell up. Until that happens however my gut instinct is that he's lying to you in a deliberate and systematic nature that I at least would find very troubling. Good call on nixing any further debate possibilities though, he had his chance and he chose to play games. In my opinion nothing more needs to be said about the matter, and I hope you find further opportunities to have Major Randle on the show to discuss more of his research.


Anonymous said...

ALSO, just because there may be a "Special Secret Services" civilian run wing to the Mossad, that does not necessarily mean that Korff is actually a member of it. If there's no way to CONFIRM who may or may not be operatives than it's just a null-sum gain to demonstrate that the organization exists at all. Korff is apparently somewhat adept at gathering information and may have found out about this group via the same channels and decided that as long as nobody could prove he was really a part of it or not decided that he'd make the claim and see where it went. Which seems more likely: That an expatriate American living in Prague is really a foreign agent for a "secret" Israeli intelligence group, or that Korff may have stumbled onto some information that furthers his fantasy vision of himself as some sort of globetrotting specialist in UFO/paranormal frauds?

So proof of evidence isn't necessarily evidence of proof. Kal may think he is an operative of this group and the nature of his psychosis suggests that once he convinces himself of something it becomes a reality in his world view. He seems prone to fantasy and exaggeration so in my opinion the burden of proof is on himself to conclusively demonstrate that his claims are on the level. Let him swing the bat, and tell him to leave those stupid newspaper clippings at home. He's been carting them around for so long that the paper is yellowed and rotting away -- the world has seen enough of his newspaper clippings, how about some pay stubs from these organizations he claims to be in the service of?

Anonymous said...

Why waste the time on all of this asking Korff for evidence? It is clear that his claims are patently absurd. Phillip Mantle who was once aligned with Korff has even said Korff is full of shit and that Korff did not deliver on promises to Mantle.

I remember Korff saying Mantle was awarded the first publication of a book in Korff's ludicrous 500 book deal! Korff had *nothing* to do with that book getting published but Korff sure did try to take credit for it!

Rob, I agree that the plug needs to be pulled out on Korff. Your participation with Korff is putting you, your show, your media company, and your network at risk of being sued. I don;t think some moron like Korff is worth it, do you?

Anonymous said...

Anyway, the Jane's article says nothing about Korff's claimed organization, the "Special Secret Service". Korff has claimed that this organization is being funded by citizens of Saudi Arabia, one of Israel's oldest enemies. What sense does that make?

Kal even placed some rant from a supposed "Sheikh Khalid Mohammed" (a convenient name, don't you think, being that it so closely mirrors enemy of the US, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. This makes me think Kal didn't try very hard to make up a name). This rant is on YOUR BLOG, Rob!! You allowed Kal to publish unsubstantiated material from persons unknown to you on your own blog. Kal has used his platform on the X-Zone to take pot shots at whomever he pleases and, when one of his targets is scheduled to be on at the same time as him, Kal conveniently screams "terrorist threat" and hides in the corner. Of course, Kal has conveniently placed an announcement ion his site that you have already agreed to the new debate scheduled for December 7 when you, yourself, have stated here that there will be no debate. Call Kal on his nonsense, make him remove the article about the debate and print a retraction that he should not presume to speak for the X-Zone which he has done in this case.

It seems simple enough.

Anonymous said...

Oops. Looks like all Kal's sites are down for the moment.

A bit of hurried housekeeping I presume?? Like removing any trace of the post where you assured everyone that the "Great Debate" would be December 7 and even said ROB MCCONNELL AGREED WITH THIS AS WELL?? Now that you've seen Rob's statement that there is no debate I guess you needed to cover your tracks, huh, Kal??

It is nice to know we can always get a message to you through this blog...


Anonymous said...

Don't worry, there are plenty of copies of Kal's website. :)

Anonymous said...

So my question is this:

WHEN it is confirmed that Kal is lying, IS HE LEGALLY IN HOT WATER?

F1 Racer
aka Francis Underwood

Anonymous said...

Eh, I don't know. None of his various lies has been used by him to attain monetary gain. The only person who might have a case against Kal for fraud would be Vojtek Sedlacek if he based his hiring/partnership with Korff based in any way on Kal's claims. Other than that, several people might have a case against Kal for libel/slander (I used both because Kal has boyh spoken about his targets and written about them Kal is pretty careful, though, as he generally dances on the razor's edge of actually libeling/slandering someone.

With that in mind, I hope your work gets his ass deported out of Prague. I'm sure there are more than a few people in the USA who want Korff back in the States so they can sue him.

Anonymous said...

Legally in hot water?
You bet your nanobots he is!

And his 'no-show' on xzone was not illegal. It would have been though in a court of law, as with his little brother, it's known as 'failure to appear' which would result in a warrant for arrest.
Seems like that syndrome runs in the family!

Anonymous said...

By coincidence, I had some email with Stan Friedman yesterday. It originated out of something else, but I mentioned that I was going to debate his protege, Kal Korff, on the merits of Roswell.

Stan wrote back and said, "I hereby fully renounce Kal Korff. I helped him out about 30 years ago when I lived in Hayward and he as a youngster lived in nearby Union City. Hardly my protégé. He has been acting like an ass for many years."

I asked Stan for permission to post this and he gave it to me. So, we have from another source, something about Kal Korff.

I thought those here might be interested it in it.

As an aside, for the last couple of days, prior to the interview, my wife asked, repeatedly, what Rob McConnell and I were going to talk about for four hours. She knew that Korff would wimp out.

Kevin D. Randle

Anonymous said...

Kevin -

Stan is truly one of the good guys. Glad to know he is attempting to shed the taint of Korff. I'm sure Stan could blow enormous holes in many of Korff's fantasies of how accomplished he was when he was younger, but I'm pretty sure the statement above is probably the strongest words we'll ever hear from him.

Maybe you're wife can go on X-Zone soon to discuss her obvious ability to see into the future... ;)

Brad Hudson
Dallas, Texas

Anonymous said...

As Stan once told me, his opinion of Kal was 'he is amusing'.

Anonymous said...

When the walls come crumbling down
When the walls come tumbling down

Now you know that Korff reads this blog after his rants on his website and video.

I am quite sure Korff will now make up another "terrorist threat" so he can bow out of all this.

Has anyone else noticed the big hole in Korff saying evidence in his brother's shooting has been tampered with? Why in the hell is evidence for a case in the United States being shipped to Prague?

No attorney would ever allow and hard evidence in a client's case to leave the country. Any idiot with a website can post this information and there is absolutely no reason for any of this 'evidence' to be shipped to Prague to begin with!

Korff promised all the documents weeks ago and still hasn't delivered. And someon posted here that they are likely court documents readily available through a court records department.

Korff's recent video meltdowns and this pathetic and low grade drama stuff with a "terrorist threat" has cemented for me just how nuts Korff is! The guy is a stark raving lunatic!

I don't think there's anything else to be said about the crackpot. Korff has thoroughly discredited himself by disassembling himself through his video circus and the senseless claims on his website.

Okay, that's all I've got to say for now. I'm going to leave this in the toilet like bad takeout food. Wow. Nutty, nuts, nutso, nuttirific!

Anonymous said...

I will be back shortly with some updates and a surprise or two!

Anonymous said...

"Well, that just about finishes it. There is no way that Rob McConnell can allow Kal back on the air after this."

No way! Let Kal speak his drama. McConnell has got a winner here. This blog has become fun and it needs further joke material.

It would be 'fair and balanced,' though, to have McConnell seek the truth about Korff; instead of all the pretty flowers between these two.

Anonymous said...

Hey, it's not like Kal hasn't made up excuses to duck out before.

The folks at Claris who remember the whole 1 month he worked there in customer service as a temp (hard to develop hypercard when you're in the wrong department). I believe Kal's exit excuse was "Brain Cancer"...

We could only have been so lucky.

Brad Hudson
Dallas, Texas

Anonymous said...

I would like to see the newspaper clipping about Kal's "brain cancer" as I am sure the media worldwide went wild over this very important and historic event. At least that is what Kal Korff want-to-be media star would have us all believe.

Anonymous said...

I can believe Kal probably has an I>Q> of 219 if the decimal point is inserted in the proper place.